Willem Dafoe, Are You Serious?

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 12:46:20 +0000

About all the bread smoking.  Brassiere was here.  Yes, wording.  The gate is so many to one.  The price included all words, only, that you see.  Above Torquemada, the guy in the day nurseries (as follow the editor) with all the punctuation, and beat care.

A big nose, and tally that’s damp.  A challenge to the front, scheme in that, “this is”, a front.  To the dick, where.  And knight it.

Why is it all, “I don’t believe it”?  I’d buy it up there, all this discussion of whether we are the (“put of”) f – of off — that we have been antediluvian (“they lost”), God was here a minute.

Ago, did he leave ink?   Well, a human had Him at a relatively increased (run) added to, y’know.  His best, to reform a hacker I had toast.  Always been hot.  The major thrum of  a truck is all you are believin’, right?  You’ve a gel.

So you can follow “the idiot”, let me say somethin’: bran.  Run your special.  Die, wrecked (di-rect).  The dependence on brown, this page, coming through an error introduced to the four words forming the grill.  It will be your misses for all the time partial derivatives to, “could serve.”  “Line across”, where the eyes are reading, and one may acquire assumed order, and its friend.

Return to the top of the page?  Burst through the fecal noise.  And Janis who.  I tick(er) write two ways, both Bic (“I knew it.”); because 250 word-limits.  TRA, (extra), to make oh, Ulam, who writes with his brain stuck on “reducer”, banging with Euler.  I think the man had solved incredible problems I’d assumed; these naturally I haberdash my brains out where,

there’s sharks.  But, I’d have —

What do I import (“Evidence?”) from the sky?

“What do I influx?”  Guys, you’re going to have to break it up.  There is no room.

As I had indicated it, grammar (at 12, pinker’s leavin’) is that what better off without.  Witness?  The “human” body is not ready to fake at 6:30.  It’s the wax.  Nobody is ready for this to go on.

U _ 5 _ –asshole — _ 3 — yourselves — __ 24.  F 2 1 E C X “God (suspender)!” Jersey.  I feel like I never should (allowed and fourth) though (the step where an asterisk is a scribe.  A subspace feel) we’re important.

(Dangle that [base] hook-and-ladder (taken up heavenward) insists were ) * 7 cit 471 hook out bus.  Huge.  5 H B C 9 9 7, see my mind now.  No, I can traffic that this is Angel’s heartbeats.  I’m hearing from severely tempting little creatures.  Creatures who sound fine, and don’t know this world.

Betty’d broken white X H R H pass it down 9 9 4.  6 J J C (“terrorists”).  Can’t see over the start (usin’).  Bay of urea.  Kiss private yes, I’m moving over.  Eyes, the lat stew.  Making for me?  Movie is returned.  Boise.  I am driving and unable to walk.  I dance a brief minute, but falter.  It’s okay (sparin’ it).  It won’t come back  She’ll turn into a rink.

But, won’t a [I said his letter.]  [A 6:46]

People’s good behavior is in sinc, 7:52.  (Bigger world.)  Don’t jump that’s owning a ship, and negating some other creatures.  That’s pissed.  There’s a “club”; can identify.  Can do (E C , fucker.  Miguel |”MF”).

What do I do now, you are so proud of, in my sock drawer?  I think that we are open to a lot of better insight with Mr. Ferrer in a suit, actors.  In other words, my mind, sorry (slipped.  It’s why Jersey starts it).  They are (“Could I try it?  Part of the Eastern Seaboard.”) there; beat-offs.

I named her Rox.  Ah, the model 8:15 (moving hyper-average) “H – 6″ government.  Twice, because (Toodles”); hello.  What you’d expect from a (callow) sys — bot.  [6:56].  I hope, like a telephone number.  He enamel model behavior, those see, they him.  Stammers, “He’s — “, ring.  We’re supposed to be how we’re ceased to be.  Don’t you write it there.

Over skosh and damn.

He really wants it.  Lucasian involved problem (WD), get to’s (a)’te.  Glued proper sent, “help him”, in Madgers, in May.  May’s the other movie, the other 16.  Obama/ Cohen 1 – 17 – 17.  Goots; not hitting me in the nose trancing, ’cause I gotta see.  Clankfort, tip-top, tick-tock, tiptoe, about then, we go (“incredible”).  Guyed eat.

We fell off, toward being better (“the hook”).  We fell off thin.  Make holes, put it in, the closed, but open.  Thin-tight.  The majors.  people have tried to kill him.  The brass.  I’d have told them.

I’m in the allover 750 words.

Massive evidence to call up, and all this work.  I would say that it could be random for others; how about the use of those who sweat?  Do you think the sweat album could be yours?  In this consideration, this is the affine (or durational) time of the fixed-point.  Your lawyer?

There is a drifted orientation.  Let fifths , though you’re wrong, “pick it up”, in English, that’s, “be quiet”.  Take a litter, V.  Good chop into the (more) one.  More drift is used.  The whippin’ wind is closed.  Guy has an (“arc”) address.  This was because of “some time”, a label of them all going to the same place when you’re glad.

Steve, it is not one of the trunk of possibilities that you, wanting to die, ate food.  My excuse is the artifice.  It must be pretty high on the order of things, for one to be the “author”, by any measure of his.  The price of a world, as indicated.  I said world.  Take it out, we go down to 906, then — then, “If Six Was Nine”, as our saying goes.

A rat licks himself until he’s clean?  Obvious, a picture of that.

I have ESP always answering them (“deed”).  Was I tough – did I have a gun to my head, these are, for the most part, directed at me.  My head was touched.  My hot lamp toughed it.  I prefer to have my mind set where no previous holds get at it.  Or, above on snake (is nothing), uh.  Snakes rise to the top of the furniture having used (whatever you call that) mode.  Snake, he’s — impaneled aborting what I see (maleness).

It’s attractive.  Then, what I see doesn’t hurt.    “Do you snake?.  Hereford.  Evaculets 1 – 14 – 17, in case that one (“drops”).

That dudes, just occult, technically devil-may-care, coming out to be killed, literally, when Nash is injured, not even airing the fact it could be construed as a crime.  They’re occult since it obeys letting them tell it themselves.  You are the human, with the express ESP, grounded in that multi-shoop.  A building doesn’t make sense as a no-am, “not a building.”  All of you hurts.

Probably, revenge takes up a lot of plan.  Jupiter, did you?  All of her hurts.  Ah, nope.  No other direct quotations.  I had to get out of it.  A Navy could.  Unless harmless, bet seeing sincere.

Don’t take up Mr. Dafoe’s polish.  Promise you are using this on dust.

i r o t
w a p m h g i i v i e w i c t h
l e a y i t n i r l o v n a n e c h t o l
s e t w o n a n i e c a d b i e e k l b o
e l l t r r r a n m e t t m e s t r o t h
m e w a p p u n t o t o o n t e t c e v i
b r d e p s t b
e n c e s t i l l
e l a s e s e t c
s t p l i t o o p w h a t h a p p e n e d
u n l t l l w i g
y o u w e n t o u t b u s t
c r i c k e t s c h o k
l i t l o e l y e y e s s o m e p l a c e
s t u n n i n g

modal stack on that little monster’s eye fold the last evidence of the marks from the toll booth.  When you goes to step over wash your birdie, was she damp?  Was the same thing was often?

Keep getting the red English, no.  We could turn it off, yes.  We could complete ‘thuse apple. 6 mother b’

accretion, serials, first.  [A – 1 auto] digirecord, 6. Empty misses.  Lone – ily [Yes.  I beg an excuse].  I ran Iran unti love came to town, specific breakers in the Gulf – .  Andy, reverted.  and it bit me on the cheek.  Stretch toll booth evidence last punk w pestses little billet coop wig wam give it b rest.

7. And mine it’s to erupt, “always in your (vest, too) face.”

8. Ellis Island.  “We’re grown up.

9. (“player”) Uh, lo 909.  I tach didn’t know you’re a greeting. (“Can’t you do?”)

Bandiego, let’s not have what we had.  The tension’s out of the rumor.  Dispel that that dreamin’ could be the source — of your, that.  Somethin’, Cruikshank.  Hold the number to what you check.  But, he’s insane a 3:03 because hurts.  Caught a surprise.  No, I haven’t seen any rakes.

candle-in-windowsI know that that I’m sane; the artist does.  And, he’s deep.

Am At Once Technically Found

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 06:27:48 +0000

I lost my child.  Gather one head and sin in dreams; mod this ought to hold, “you”, Elizabeth, and what I market.  What his head (all this is fixed (Bursar) to head to), the one in, care if it’s — which — my curving input-output; I am the one started out this world, “my” directrix.

[lotta guys.  Tellin’ you] Chong 1-18, 4:53; was I ahead or I?  You could have enjoyed something while making for the beginning, in order the thumb bent to call attention to the guide.  He had too many oracles to read.

“Mr. Trump”, hangs around with bikers; nothing goes wrong.  Blitzkreig is always possible, cold and damp.  TH tonsure, I guess (a) Chinese wear those, (c) a & b forms a description.  Here, boy.  This out is Greenies.  Bad.  You goin’, I need batteries.  And you’re quick.

Don’t leave this symbol open where Kevin can, banana, uh.

Figth thit.  Re: a glim; power of the vocabulary or grammar (you just robbed), than “Steven”, heard a bruise.  Y’see, MK-Ultra, of the CIA, attempted to respond to the incipient drug insanity (Re: “addiction”), where, I should with all the requests.

Ride be circularly polarized, unfittin’ the population, because of who was wiped out.  That is, of all humans drafted, we are now 65.  “Humans” is referring to murder.  If you are tired of math, or missing your child, you breathe uranium.

I was just there, or I’d go back and flip the fucking switch.

But, I’ve a set; Donald J. believes, not without old Goldman, that I’m awake.  It says it one of their boards, the metal ones; they have that.  Geneva, New York, etc.  I’m supposed to be areich and writing the cukest come sort his head.

Why do — so, if I might forget my head (“Why?”), then some of my words, pastorally (is how I certainly enjoy (and this is not random) valid), credit him, ironically.  Stephen, why?

It’s, “deep and wide”.

I can tell.  You are insane and mentally degraded to a point, because, I kept rats (in the corner), over a generation.  The rats are ahead, and bear with me, port a “we’re a-goin’ (you don’t)”, that’s a good Steve, am; I hope are a sponsor.

I have my concerns, eg hookin’.  The move on this side, you get once when you had Putin with, “If”, in parity, for today’s “nuclear war game.”  It’s dozen participants very soon, won’t undo my britches so that, for him, Donald J. will piss, standing up, at a target, of “them”, (ie, “is”), means a whole lot).  Do you dear how many legs you plot?  Are they running in, with a seam?  Exchanging with the Can-Can language?  Let’s review it.

A (wih) thout they.  A without, type of deal.  Deal, Wendy.  Don’t your guys all got a phony mind?  A dill?  One dilt, with a dell weed!  Greater than normal passion, what is what?

I’m important; waiting to write.  All those who get snakes (camouflage), get ’em.  I played.  All I want culivecid is you.  I’m narrowing my inclusions.  Skinny, skinnier, skinnier.  Magnifique, worthless-ifique.  Batta linger, battling Earth.  Couple things engendering cycles (realism).  Natural ways to escape.  Thin, you’re caught?  IVOE (know live).

Expletive, (i) main, though both of — is clear.  We come on the sloop, “Sharon”.  Digby took off our pair of pants (just did, because hyphenated) at 23.  Go get Peele’s sores.  Broke, it so bar that, Marsha, and rock.

There won’t be any playing off.  Keep this beggar safe, ’cause I’ve a mind.  Shakes my head, gives a second sign.  That wasn’t very carefully written (Tweets); thus.  I’m overheated.  I’m not filling these in.  Heart.

Ooh, he got me going, and a long time ensues, and up (hologram).what he did, all of my (engage), see.  See, playing is more fun before you “play”; see?  Mars, see… is marred.

Married?  Hell, I’m up.  Let’s get ’em hurried, and all, “good”, sayin’ they’re good.  Can complete; you’re with an algebra.  We’re 65, so we’re on our second calculus type, the mu calculus experience.  Those with experience in function g compositions f, is abetting any exponent whether odd or even numbered.  I’m to where I can’t express, now Ulam’s “in  here”.  Now, what do these mean?  The tempter person.  His card or player, if it exists.  We’re on cups, empress, hanged man, Fool.

The reality might have come to a Fool.  Say you better grip.  In, I’ll be up here with you.  Immediately, dude.  Is Martha more insurance?  I add many funny plates, or haul you para Norman.

Ex, and though I.

Okay, “don’t” (“Thank you”) cool not yet.  Good of that, or novice justice.  OK putch program, ’cause thee & me (“the enemy” is racked), stupider of ’em mistakes.

What do you call it?  It’s all I’m trying to say, with each piece being too much.  I’d “similar to hard”, when, in base, a nar emerged; a phenomenon accrued in its period.

Referent small.

Getting small.  A cure is.  Chartreuse.  Here’s theory, am rising and falling.

Shifting the bulk of what I thought was the end (was more), the rat food (now mentioned twice.  Jeez, they dispensed with mathematical “kernels”).  Wait right here.  Does he mean arguments?  Does that goes attack?

You are going to do what I tell you thus not apply superstitions for your “another way.”

As long as you, or regular with eyes, pass it with these oracles, reading all the darts up, from the end back, I can rest it.  Because, they are the other people.

As long as the Burgermeisters are doin’ the blitzkrieg, that thank-you.  Let’s go over ’em: Hitler was appraising on Paris.  Later, Truman, like a shopkeeper, who was shopping nukes.  Oh, was Hitler’s not shopkeeper-like?  Hint.  It rubs the lotion on mine.

Maybe, a reader will come along.  At six.  Divide, you just continue.  I can infest.  &, as long as the ontology of people is, “good”, these people kill you.  I love to brag.  They’re only dead ever since they booked a plane to kill me (just me).  Who doesn’t know?  It’s wicked!!  Born wicked, how fucked!  With an evil bend.

Abred of coke, a last get-ting, alas.  I’m levering.  Anew, stip-stap, abet, abide.  Don’t worry, we know what you was; it’s written here.  I don’t want to ruin it.  I’m appealing to worse testimony.

At the only millionaires, I’ve Gordon.

My operators are marred since — (a whoops) — weev-AT&T.  (“Go back,”) The internet problem (“Whoops”).  San Diego is out there.  My point is AT & T is a hornet’s nest.  Why have I bothered?  Have it out.

So, you’re married.  So, wump, you were married.  Married or indirectly a spirit (escaping), ’cause you were?  I do not even “O”.  You were’d putting space.  When you get fucking gifts, you can’t be made to look stupid.  Or, (I get my Dad), we’re clear.

Oh, Vietnam was a bloodbath.  Behind me, killers.  They connected to hurricanes.

Dealin’ with?  DW tomorrow’s answer to tragedy.  But, two of you a clear & thoughtful danger to the technology mastered.  You shake money down.  Is there a place left we — two of you crackers, though could scent.  We have lots of gambling on Twitter.  How about flagrant child molesters?  Then, it’s groovy.  Then, its patterns come all glicky.

I’m on a false –  true.  Want to go (false is true), false – true – true?  That’s (al) right of -& if I had, sometimes repeating, so seeming senile.  When better head, it was 61.  Therefore, men – d.  You Kleene star with arrests, pretty soon the bight is a lying ventriloquism.

Married, my penis is shrinking about the nig — (abandon it) rat with those, “report us to the internet upon (safe ass)”, *Yes*, select whimmie what?  When we want the deal there, they always go, “Fuck.  I want this free, and taking it for you.”  Opened it so-so, not on the internet; I have many things got.  But, finding a point of no return, it gets verified that your tips tap together and break.  Then, whoever’s head is going to turn at the sound, it’s ready.

That’s you, baby.

Up and off with a gentliness.  Up a mind.  Mario Andretti.  Clay Fittipaldi.  Franz K. Llammer, or  Clay Riggazoni.  Mine, too.  Right here, Cale Yarborough.  Ins. treating.

I’m killing in consciousness.  We all really feel a vein pulses.


He Had Gotten Away With That

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 10:41:10 +0000

Can hurt them; dote hurt that. That crime, or that close.  Chop that in that that’s writing close, as on the boulevard.  Can catch me.  “That close kind of”, and end semi-clung.  Outfit, therefore don’t you write it, Steve.  I’m umnarked?  Can do more writing.  Unscared?  You would be.  The bless them.

I got burned out yesterday.  “I wanted a hit; wasn’t ready,” no said or determinative (tele) phone dreaded.  I am going to concentrate Ues on Norm McDonald.  Due of the variable x, now to admit the point of occult, and further the damage “with” its pocket change from “mirror”.  Mirror’s dope’s called Mir Theory.  Please tell Hoof, code saying capture this name, sort devices although figuring, figuring.  It is obviously a “regular at”, Russia; you can see where I made him a rat.  Plox.

These are pretty good.  There will be a stripped-down version missing; if it’s all missing, why incorporate the improved.  They’re just worth more.

Norm is for delt; the “W” and the “D”, link together, myself with a select trio, such as Greenwald.  So, since 2012, I have been able to eliminate that two-letter combination.  And then, there are areas on a page which my business.  Talking about the skeiner, the scheme here, all those, and  all those.  A matter of fact, Norm, who was interrupted by me, then who says, when he does that it is particulary invasive, and hard to come back and scrub.  he had been saying bulls backward in time a few days (element of ontime ESP), sounding strange, and the languages are proved.  They’re very crude.  Then, I had an element, so, I made it testing.  It was mad for my natch sequence.

Norm has interrupted me.  Yes, I want to race for it.  Two Rays, y’got it.  The elements are just words there, in one’s mind, which are secretly imported.  My frame is there.  It looks like wormholes, Swiss cheese.  The bigger one now, the winner now, lately, would be safe, live, and under positive flow, with only 57 cents large that you own, cappers are set.

I don’t bet any grief this morning.  Let’s have you get up, then be good, then decline.  During this, unaltered (I wish to assume false, and discard, fairy-tale type overrunners, and deja vu).  One way to make me not feel deja vu is that horsey.  Why, I do not wish to read more of that horsey.

To the gamblers, way the hell boiled-down.  Norm should have psychic dog-handler pads on all four of his limbs, such that none suffers the slightest injury.  And, this is ongoing, and the size of the replacement for Norm is large, and, they’d have to be connected.

If I lose this post — “I have to go to the bathroom, undo the Massingill, and do it right.”  Naw, Steve, fucking ass-word through three layers of character.  Like yesterday, for example, what had got into you?  Yellow snow.

Oh, my book which I start writing from; where is parking?  Oh, who left it open to this page?  Do I, one, forego the beginning, because, this looked like a page of a guy’s?  Yeah, I can deserve, undeserving, and you-shoe.  I import more issues, please.  And, it begins raining trophies from above, where the guy, and the first word, are the closed-loop identical in an initial perturbation, to a loud unit prop removal, such that moving time-like here, will all those who fold, please fold now.

In the occult, one letter transform just served now a gust; the head we had went, just.  An ordinary as fuck change would happen, or you would not think of it in that eraser-space.  Could we have in, and you, get in, and mate me by-five, by-five the knot, held?

See the dimension of a knot?  It’s knottin’.  Bey-o, o-bey, Christian.

Way up is how to make moves; you are defenseless to moves in your area of times occurrences take (off at).  Another weld is how you arrange records to use.  If we move scale, for example, to look at all your works, where is the page which here is a word?  And, do the mistakes.

Because of the increasing understanding on the pages, and under the laws of humor, if I said, “as you were”, it’s weak; if I said (which I see) ASUER, and then get that that’s a sewer, the sewer Luke wanted?  Well, it’s spinnin’ and decline is my super-sine nice-tain.  You just put that tain in, and it will Saint.

So, Norm head me westward ninety, only westward ninety.  Then, it is up to certain proofs that some Bulls, and Norm, were on T-V and Twitter, respectively.  Then, I may merely replace the sooty item which I had stolen, and scoot.  Because here it was lunchtime, and later it was who.

WordPress already said for dinner, remove your flak jacket.


The last word is “gratuitous”, and this is troubles.  They come in threes, whenever someone beating, make expressly beating you is beating, “a bastard”.

They Think Learning Must Be An Evil

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:02:27 +0000

I 2 as a real bitch, please stop.  Go to the back of myself.  I’ll make him stoned.  I said smile?  Actual yours.  His not good.  The pest.  I’d eat scodge; I was a real bitch when you’re on it

…working late – oh.  UPDATED Polish notation?  They white?  Yeah, fuckin’, all day just like fuck.  You know, uh, as if Ella didn’t have a loan.  Goin’ to bed early tonight ‘n shit?

I something any, like enzite.

… cut in Nicholas cut it in half f’im.  Provide a those.  That’s why you TANGOED UP like an asshole, smoker da, that’s why things like that happen.  Better das vedana with it, more in control.

LEADER/ CAMERA,  I’m leaking.__________Garbage autodump lead.  Same people and sit Levatter, fshly sq.

Very good._____________“Get” and “timing” locayo

*(the fuck) said, very positive.  The five pieces of shit that I’ve (end “you(r) ___”) selsed.  Tod, raggatoni.  Gonna care of proof?  No, for capital there is no improvement in Steve’s

“tight”, Clit up in the air evil.  Frobenius, the book.  You are almost a chemical.  Pink thorium, yes (“boss”), you turn it on.  You do (hands off for the titration.  Cause a CPU skull).  1 halt.  Fuck times you.

I’m angle.  My hostility, personal problem within suckin’ it in.  Hog exhaust.  Paladin.  Putts on the kickstand, taco down specific.  Holler murder.  “Again?”  And there it was extrasensensory easily identifiable (not texts), think, thought.  It is a zoo.  (Add as mere machines a co-ordinate “slit”), we can “obviated”, sense “B”, aid duck.   Light that effin’ dirt.  Better pause to homeomorphism “it”, Mr. 8.  it sticks it.

Not even a rat (“but f’im, see?  Perturb George-erase BANKO dead”) is made a wretch (“in whutchin’ — what you want.  Nice time, wline”) in the pitiless eyes.  Heed, visor.  Tuck in sun.  Do rang ’em out.  Recover and straighten.  Novice button man, Mnemonic (“Powder”, that guy’s a Alistair)  Wrang ’em (sic); sic’s clear.

I don’t know howda put — if only work if they — pay (speculator’s (Asimov) dust).  Now, command, that’s your dream-Stephen.  Shot of Olivia’s suckers.  Guns, they — guns.  Pay for the guns for it.  Workin’

I want to kill (the blackest doubt) something (“writer write there”).  I think it’s disfunctioning that’s on the home ^^^.  Don’t feed us the give-and-take, waveback Jester.

Posted.  Cancel riddle (for solvent read off.  Ethyl acetate has a plant).  (Hey.) “There she is”, used target is they will once and four, jibber-jabber, higher abstracts & I gave back gentle, disappearing worlds, a ink-drop.  Used rat’s (“take it (to) the best ‘erratic’ diffeomorphi – Tod sixteen vegetable”); sea port (backwaves) “s’do something special”

Saying anything else (for once) on Jeaster’s post.  Cheadle!  Lennon! A cobolship.

Sell Tomas.  Dog is mentioned above, when I had a dog “a book.”, and the dog was licking his chops.  I was not eaten, enjoin eating me, when we each has that dog is tasting me, prior to a reasonable expectation.  Learned I’m absconding.

Hit knee.  That is a knee-slapper.  Though, end.  I have juries to […] cure for the Sally Field.

Tintz.  Jester froo static.  That is time (ytty time fro) mirages bro.  Out-of-order.  A-vac cuu was all ly’s.  Netoid adoption rate hang right here.  Absorb yourself, Sally.  Misprint in neutron 9.  Hanged on, and IMPERIOUS  it’s female (the Tarot, wrigian)

How will that be?  The day they come, the Bana be manna.  Please get out.

h h n Ra
e l p i s l o w d e n y
e d m a t e o l p o u w
e i r s t y h l u a n t
e a d o u k n d g t o m

Poke a line.  Staying titu.  Shout, chew gum.  Bang.  “can I dance”, yes you can (forced) such.  Arrejt ut, utter sanchs tooe shitcan sadist.  nare bat-tee, inkstaint.  help is you all you are.  Used a few.  Awln, Gordon Liddy you’re crazy.

-criminal, a.

invite things you answer me: try.  Three, four six (3,4,6).  I had a brother-in-law.

Knuckles, cul-de-sac.  basis is 8, on x = 14, on space (Shrom).  I can say they Chicago.  Chi-town, right in the “just stole my shot”, puss.  “I get a redhead outta that,” good & welfare, type it in, mine, yare in the toppermost if, on no, here he goes: Iffed. It.  Re-heed?

These “guys”, live.  Short ‘i’ word.  Tactic I hate that.  Poke it feed it they’re Chica the Feebs — sure.  Bound to.  Hit on the go (fee).  Child’s play zuh.  How deep is you made?

Chi’s move ’em, “Buckwheat” sim 2′,2 (Try ’em if a ramp is proving pre-meditation’s), agents shd & how Alladin freeform.  In.  Out.  Total.  Am I to post?  Though “early”, any said early’s (sic).  It’s too hot when not even the surveillance will talk to you.  In their ball.  Set-up?  It struck me as funny; it gets there loose.  Theyers, the tiny you understand, use.

Vodio’s (verb)-cos.  Luck cosign.  In the middle.  Start your, “make them a (hyperbola) (verb) beef,” add-ons.  Note to brian: Cyborgs’ negotiations are stolen pc.  Self, moan (“You gotta get these”), you gotta.  Southist layoff gym guide.  (side) Your running ~ Tish behind.  *Omit* goes.  Rink was brought to me.  To me, you know instinctively it’s pathological to… bus Chuckles look under the seats.  Please, the program; this many institutions.  Never fears — 100%, because with those who soldier on, pasty, game, Bud Egan.

You’re running behind (front) foot.  (“Front tires”, in under machine.  Stripped), eggy beggy.  Grab a bar.  Hold it.  If you’re still around it, I might  […] right away.  Irey am pa, space no atoms of any give, all quashais … (“R, telephone pole”) It’s insane to make 2+ difficulty aries for ’em.  FCos plarrup-cos bit you could do.  Let hauls play?

[Kim complex]Orchestrated; iow start over.  Start the day over.  Start the L4.  tenet running.  You got to waunch (glwound) when you are calling him sissy, so please, how many people (launches) hear to be around.  A snarey allude am I?

[Example; The illustrefy.  It’s @ __T__F__T]

Now I’m your best friend?  Ecra, soap.

My can do that.

t f t
h e m n o n h i s
i n d e x i w h o
s e a s t e l e t
s e o n c e h r e

Hillbilly, also.  Rides, too.  You clean, too.  Fourth.  Hop sores.  Ponch.  So, never met.  Punt.  One-footer crosses the foot?

Upon our structure, only multies fly.  The End (cell) Sponging.  This was a dream? To Aunice.  And, we were then equipping the multiple-direction migrated butterfly that wants to settle down but won’t, meet Tip.  Uh, as whom (“Hey, Rocky”), covered.

Everybody has to pass for somebody else, so they know when they get caught, they pass for somebody else.  For example, your neighbor’s papers.  Do you like them?  Hey, then.

Oh, snap!  It’s shank to childrenned, by Big Tom, shark zest, who’s out.  “cause I was alone.”  Cow hole it.  Obviously, I’m just getting info (“who passed”) from ESP [step-ball-change] so ah wuz teek seven-league boots nese (“and though we are rust of a new (variety) ed”).  Not too big is what they know, as far a how-how from directed opposites.  A “z” exxes my “a”.  W.  Now, hold it mother fukr yp Japanese “fucked up”?

Non, so I can have (th) em.

In meth, a structure on a set is an additional mathematical object that, in some manner, attaches (or relates) to that set to endow it with some additional meaning or significance.

Get it?  (If) this paper says fat.

d u b o z d i f e r o u s
i d y t t h i n d l b e f e e
o u h o s e l e s r m a d t i p r e g n a n t
e a r s t u @ k e n n @ m s y
a b o p i d i t h b u z o u s p e c i f i c v o w e l s
c i r c l o u s
w h i c h e d d i e
i t s i n
d y n t s t i s h
o u c g i f h e f t e p h e n o n c t e r e n i d r a i n p i p e
a n t y o u b i g p i n y o u h o n n u n s e i
a s k b o o o o s g i n d q u g s b i o n g h e
c h o f e d e m y b c t e s t y w e e d t i l e m i n d i f
t i l l i k u m t m w
f i s h v o w l b e g v b l a a k e y t a e n t
t h i n k a f i s
f a b u l o u s h a n d t i s g a r y s o u l r e h i n
a r 9 t o f a d y
i t e r r a n y o u i f y o u r @ H : 4

Willis since discovers the loss in the take, form.  So, a diagonal anytime announces surveils and patrols “better”.  Digs, in other words, virdake  reign thirty years.  I’m not you (“tell us”) dessert in it for… you could yoke _ –  __ fuck not & *you* inexhorably tonight.  On your way, feebs.  No tactics as another Luna.  Take the name off, and it’s Turing, the old man is snoring..  Fuck, Hugh was in bed, he was.  1117 pofy.

You can’t ask Chong, one, if you boofed the FBI.  Guy…

Don’t, “what quantity” to men (do you deem?) go hittin’ bastard?  Did I say?

Goose my stepping in because you’d then question how it could be with your shirt off?  Buffed, and bide Western Unioned  then seig heil the prisoner the prisons.  Mohawk ’em out.

Disapproval.  They’re not the Huks.  Gif anything an order c. do, mehkit.  Fading. Boof freely.  cleanse

Ads.  Mammalian do payback.  Hat, fringey (2) booth, frilly.  Dividers, no one thit.  Arti, the artificial intelligence I remember is cute knowing the principal part.  Sit where it is suggested.  (Ahem) Lllllleave.  Can.  This leads us wherebut, can it?  Leaves it with what?  Us!!?  Transfers do save U your on “Texaco”(registers).  (Mist 2)?  Study your math.  Own game; this which is not in extensions, just a parlay.  Agree that souls “money” cleave (never those; I Nm TT ibid.)  #2 is there a umm, T!  Wells up.  Tears running down.  A not math?

Bootstrapping the bitter words  think they are best , to calling it our fear is pickled it (“Live”, “line”) you think they are.  Go see Cal.  What do you think is your Dad going to move, heater?

Pipe, lock ye on down. …are around stating [OFFICIAL]  stadias loca remembered.  Far as.  Geisha to Gates.  2087 (x) d de-starscan Teflon —  paper —  scissors.  You haven’t d felt incredible yet, Tenburns.  “2100” cybogerbil play.  Vermiel.  On altright IT , I got 17 rats weighs stay in the top.  TW & Elve 74.5 of, of — hold on.  They’re keepin’ Jun.  Hold my lid.  Pencil a rat 9.62.  Apportion a castle as a fly came to triskideck.  (Wallace’s).  Cleaver, complete a […], from base.  Don’t come back.  If you get to

Tmoo sarong omme ammo layem fo a chile.  They think learning must be an evil.  Morose, in life, never second (insult).  Stand-up broken.

Stephen & David, whine you don’t.  In pace, lock up friends  They (it was second-all.).  Bed.  Pilot, stairs.  Niglooded all special.  And they gun, in Mexico.  Solid blue I warn you (tops tails) Aright (“left”) lred  h a l f  .  Oaks Q.  F. _____N. ____F.  Free of TFNFT Roger?  Completed 238, death came L.A. tsom to a Martin o’ etseps.  Wronging corporate.  Ron concluded in the event little quat like last time staying right there fatted.  Do you have enough fats, Stevid?  How fat a shepard, how wrong?  Another shepard, how fat is he?  I know we’re governmet.

No, 002, you’re probably going to have to wear these to prison.  In the event terror — take a left.  Squit, squack they waddle, their -orists where?   I’ll walk ’em.

May I have a vice?  A.   Jester’s specific gravity?  Rat piling  “reduces” one.  Actual’s says you anothers. (“You have to lift them off (perio)”)

Rock block, those are just (like the) facts.  I’m lettenm (Indicator) “dope” “Dopes”; be the last word’s chain sime coon.  Super I read impositions “chalice” challot pass incurred (lid).  Why am I “most stick” (Teheran)?  XXX could it read?  In heuroin (split (O) southbound), & Crevele.  Yeah, remarks.  Pattern  [rapeseed abolla] almost danger shit all you can.  Liken open-closed, too.    Arty you yell.  Cosh.  The love sue so you’d love ’em, too.



(Hey, z reaching for Tyler) have ’em set back right on their doorstep.  (“motion”) Diordrore.  When is it when tomorrow comes.  And you know, moved his pale outside.  Put our spies lives in danger, through you, Annie Lennox (Annie eat wretch) whintroduce — a pig!  Oh, yeah!  Hah!  Jester says (I quell) U-turns crop pick broken.  He’s not going to do it (figure of speech).  It takes a child to hold onto money.  It’s a Deva, a temporal split.  Good spirits free writing.  Itsy’s, “limbo.”


Lean on it.

Who’s that, Gail?    Comp’ny, little boy?  Willis heck.  We still got a ways — sike.

the fuck uh, naw, they do.  Jester’s hitches Since of when is… (Krate)? called Jesta-Ga Ge (fga) like lovers do,  ^ now depressed, so.  Shame close again.  Hey hey yay.  V&.  Hit by the van.   I have no clu – idee Diablo repeats.  Savior dinner.  Percuss. & if you don’t.  Rat off side Birges.  STANDING  I uced?  Tick k — d, d funny 222  1 chit _NN


Nearly experience a (extrapolated the sense) was West, just as a space had gotten any bigger, then where would it go up, the rapid polar now?  N_


Compromising the viral netoid FBI, those down evil weird cc function; one hadn’t .  “Ah, no I think, one evil –.”



know abt engineer stoppens?  Last call, say this is.  Poet, artist, father of Adre wasn phasin’ in.

Sorry, man.  Around  Did one’s buyers 5RPG666 that’n I could un?  Amn connected.  Souvenirs.  tion.  First, his locayo,

Yeah.  Hum.  Bridge , but you are him?  Tomato juice go faster?  Um hum.  |x|

Ynot; you were going to speak to him?  was tharrow — ya us?  An arn.  Yeah, I curious I hit myself four time the elbow, and countin’, since I walk the beat jutting glariot.  The convo tha’d convert in his shall bloom conversion where’s so (?) such that the late form.  Right at — corpse.  Can you, you wouldn’t whisper it to me?   Sold on — to him.  His mother added to Gump.

Slip my ‘ho a .44 (Raydette), I’m finding lost out.  Own gel a locus of.  “I, so, do now call” to oherboi “beaner up”– of shining stars, where, (p) goot (“root” (phoneme)  so Irreducible) I unding like nothing so black-on-white birds.

Upstairs, downstairs.  Don’t.come.down.stairs.

a place, a hub, a silly place the volts heat?  Didn’t I send, where

Follow down.

Yup.  Ya didn’t.



freshly they shot me?

and their terror was the second all combined, those reg’lar volts (“I doubt it. Three go ex my knight”).  Shit beggin’ navy gray, little turd.  Excused.



sir, surgeon, how’s your family goin’? you travelin’ around with anything? I just went boostin’. Okay, yeah, I got additional storage.

Hate Double-O’s Double-O Eleven

Mon, 09 Jan 2017 19:01:02 +0000

Past paralyzed a couple months.  Six months.  1$ listing $1 (bullshit) myco (ie fungal) scaffold gap. listening to an LSD come programmed from indole.  I can fight; the “nucleus” we tailor is at most just like the phenanthrene,if it were steroidal, but then, it’s sideways.  From Russia/ Eyes Only.  Pull over, who cares.  Press down the window.  Ruiz, at this juncture I just cracked my head.

I just posted sampled Trump meaning.  Nobody know them.  Take the news in the sum.

a f f o r
r e e a n a b u l m e a s a b
n a c m o u l s h b o a i d c
t m e n t i i t w r d e u t w
n t o n g o e l c d g a a s

They’re looking in Tonga, oh they’ll see Jimmy — Paul Gaugin

In the attic I’ve Pamela for Roger.  Held your head up.

Phony wooden ha-ha, won’t he?  There, quitter.  Rublican lies crustacean chew me to the end.  Tiger’s got ‘im,  the filthy buzzard’s ineffectual metchwork, which I do want.  I’ve blown away manies the opportunity on my back.  Let ‘im alone.  We party all o’ that.  Thank you.  Button.  Coupe goin’.

What am I saying one times in English, capitals?  I’m the war.  Refresh medium, though we don’t beef over that.  These are strict, don’t burn talents.  Lose ’em weak, join the crash at the golden.

i m f e l
e l l n e c i d e
t h r k e r b u g w i t h y o u r
o u g c h i f o u
h t h e f s n d h m o t h e r
S u n d a h

Parker, dot the FOTE tributary.  Heavily darted legs you woan a-see.  First row HUGE I could make it.  No?  Again, first full rows.  Pick it up!

The post they detect you are alive via mic esp, so, capsure da “scheme” I didn’t,  we called I “called”, in poker.  Nothing up their sleeves.  A normal call that we’d do that’s really “if”, then Mel, and no matter how meld is again now #2 mells, yo.

She is Yuma comatic limited.  They can’t hear you from all the stereo.  Speak freely, they’re rated.  Elements of v-o-c-o (Ventura Boulevard).  As were brain’s speech oleander in name dis face.

interfaces of

((discover something animal) is (Christian) ) a wasn’t ours).

a s r h t
p e c r i s m a r
i f i t i a c h t
c a l n s d o r e
l y c o n o a l w
a i c c e s n
n o r h y o t e a s a d
h i g h d e r n s m r l i j u s
b r o w t h a a y a e r a t t h
t t a d j u l i e e s p

ought to fight them here it’s just 5

Tad, Todd,: ’67: Julie Bella
Patton took offense at the splayer.  Rama know me two, so, fence.  That votership looping tank is met either with a nuke, or even trigger (“and” it).  Go, that’s a laugh.  He —

Oswalt, I’m low on it (sticky).  He may as well bluebry for oceaned.  Parleyette U-_38 shoe leather for deez skunk.  From a little kuys iceberg.  Wee, wee, I’m much rather sold sense.


l i t e
i h n i d
h a d i m a o w i t h a t o s c o s
t o t n d i f i h t i m t a r
i m r n e v i t h r o t e s i
o t h e r k i m w h a n m p o p l a y s
c c e s s o o
r a n u s c t a n k a t s p o c o s
k o f h a i d o i m e s r n s m y
f t h n s t c a r a n d t u d
e j e h a t e l o i e g i o s
o r g
o t w
h o l
e o n
t r w o a
o s c r n e
o e n y f r
o o n a n k
c e b o n e

Excel, I’m much rather go up to a outer fucking space.  Hushin’ ops.  A sneer, catch your foot; I toldja, blaze.  Yehterday — now give ‘im somethin’ which is going too wide through him, so — sorry about that.  Tonight — though asked Tonikle, who asked Priest, write it up big, where it’s big another — other than anything.  Trick though salty soley, yes.  Broker “connected” for air in a bowl.  It’s only a team o’ the Right, of climbing the sides, civilizations.  First, ante L.A. Basin.

I killed Russians, Patton.  Gather fence skiis Jeremy in, drop to the ground.  Kin S. Segall .  How?  Half-brother no caroling.  Dope.  How you explain a dead nikka down fitthy.  Russian in an American cop uniform stretches, “crazy”.  Stabbed by myself.  Vesesc naa cule.  Mother fuck.  Why does it smell like you’re in the house?

e n
i h l s t e t i a p e r i o d i c
v e g i s c l e d b a n g o
o t t a n c c h e r u i o n t h e
o f e e r a e s e z s a
e d t g r i i d i o t
o v e r 5 l a b
s t r e n g t h a s t e t i n
b a e g o a c j u j o c k
r e b i r t h r u n
z s i

Homage is unethical; you are a civ’s bare, losing, matey.  Santiago’s hold got ’em.  In registries, “Code Red” managers…Allosaurs…chimeras.  Collective.

Ran you new.  The weekend’s when you — say, the “for Friday”? — shakes.  My ship acrest with a — what I make.  It’s wallowin’.  I ain’t tickin’.  Specific me aboard; came up is up.

no eses

gaurse, Mary

tired ese

vague ese  uncle

considers zuhhhh — s.  Kn.  Kn — new were teek it in.

goin’?  N – S, truck, blue jans N – S best, truck.  You bade deez.  I’m in a line (this is person) for the ack now tariff’s, oh, been eatin’ dinner.  Y – F smother enough pity sound.

we don’t want to embarrass by make you forget.  make you remind (o)(af ‘political’)

Ramon’s cut off his marijuana McGiver volts.  We wouldn’t do that.  What’s the sound?  Kick first.  Barrept it’s Melsie, DEA, abjectly — a how object-

ly _____________muscles stammering his humor feignt — “I won’t!” be in.  “Innocence”, thank you.  A bad..  Mic, his photo zet.  Awua.  Nice children, wow!  Tottoze.

17Rat mommy ichis.  I’m knowin’ my shares — *oh, I’m farting — gets.  Don’t look over here.  A muffin, Al gets cross.  How many diseases can you feel on the tip of your tongue?

*broken up__________boomeranging

n w s d i o o u n e s a
h e n e r a l i c a r a y o u l l w t h a t c a t a s
y o u s a n e o f n a v t e r h a t
g u y d i e f i c a l a m i n h i s t h a t m o o n
m u r g o p e r g n c h a t e e x t

Give ’em much sayes guydie think o’ those?   tree mumbled distinguish elementary.

A frink? _____EEyetta could cootie – o once it fluoricide — pass in/ out.

m m u w f s f y i r n l
i k e t h e e t i s h a t i n o o k
l o v m a i m k n r e s g g e o v e
e s e n s a o w i o h i t s d r h e
e h o i l s n g m m f a o n t r e a

Nassau piece.  Santiago — S code, sinter.


Those parties took off — We herrther b-baby gleem’s lightin’ up this toothbrush for Broward.  Aya dayo sweep, then Bale.  223SEB _____Phones.  Rough.  Kind they fear may jolt.  What’s my 3 ages; I don’t want, high.  Louder, I don’t know?  So sorty 1059/ 3785 at once, like a bat out of Hell.  F-still those cameras.  Greater than no plot: 279.7886394  D was trier E – 03.  2GIG a star is after youse a semblance, a rumor

Why, don’tcha feel like I feel like (plugi — (alpha)) [ bear your tax (Jonke)] brushin’ up on my obes [be the question, whole thing, movies]  a, trickle?   Your paddle.

Pilcrows (without could enamor) [take a breath].  By the way, you did your best.

c s r
p a t a g a e s t
h i h i n o s t a
e r e f l e n c e
i t i a s t

As you elect.  Fruit cup, I want to apologize.  I hate this, the oneness to ya, of Hell!  Really, rumors.  I’m so clean, at 1:33; that’s a fact.  Beats me, elite’s you; that’s a kept of her fact.  Go build a crack, opening wide.  1666 words from killin’ from.

y 6 c
o u c 6 6 6 a n h
o u l i s w a n d m y f r i e n d i s
d n h h a t l e
a v e y o u I t s a l l

Loose, modern dance.  Really, she won’t refuse these fier, funf philosophies.  looking over.  Yes.  Um, his ribbon.  His fight gear always from me.  Buddies bunk instead.  It’s as a soljah rescued of, in heina — their kaol rofters halation although, I’ll tell you so, bird; a phelm.  Men I heard how as how they fill a match head with that shrouded film can, is ton tackin’ city.

Kin yew root from the other folks plesses (palaces) kingdom?  Jawohl, Jimmy’s in there, trailing.

Seward was  a guy who was attacked, poin’ up by the hair, in his rat trailer.  Loafin’, like eat dirty.  He’s claim his where?  One, let’s have this quail, or mother today.   Ms little Mackalee Knorr.  These eyes will thread us through.  Are you ready, gonna move up to the Sheik of San Diego; me the town.  A sailor dream.  Sandiego, I couldn’t sail it much plainer.

Expressiones, announce the left door.  They d’t nhad a break.  Ahna, if he raises that, bad production.

I Did Not Do It Bad

Sat, 07 Jan 2017 06:38:50 +0000

What were doing is small is organic little.  Little’s powerful regardless.  I went back in my memory, and that is bad.  If you really want to know the science of Don’s.  In the event of event of unusual, sparkly things that, of home; they have come home, surely.  Now, take of fate probability; high of “high or low”, and, instead of this world, work the others.  Things fate have to do with.




Is after penalty.  I have that in foreign, or, a foreign piece has this pixel 179.  Rue, or else once, the main nor take holds the press, you go, “Oh!”, very careful to hang-sit, like a witch on trial, though four of those.  They do not have any Patties their experiment on a Catherine (II) 911, explain Sue.  She did not duck, and as a Sue, consumed.

The reading of the Gump will has altered codicil choice.  Don could be having his meth seminar, addressing the spirit of Hobbes or hobs, persons who go in it, with demon the adjective, suites in situ from a standpoint.  Crucible of testing might, where they “mindbender”, and you have this experience in bed.  The people aren’t “born”  Greater if you want elderberries.  They aren’t chemistry.  This trammel is to try unidentified snakes.  The people are no better than snakes.  Do not fight to be born.  Oh, we have our ratter hat on.  The baby — heat occurred — mother is tired.  I did not see it.  The monsters they woke me with a dozen thin screams.  I adjusted that.  Ah, cricket by fifteen.  Anchor it death, okay.  I can’t make heads or tails, ie we in sorcerer, or is the sound mundane?  The source of the sound, the source of the bet that we made, are different.  Yes, voice a thousand, they came from us.

I can curt it now, because it is about a serious versus a kind form.  The death is in Fort Lauderdale, so the time this mind is made, 2:01.  AM blarney.

So, Don is having a web methinar in order to free up Un — not.  Un is an esp guy, and all the world is some kind of stage.  Like, a booster.  Do.  C ‘mered.  I knew those pant shoes.

Well down the hatch (I’m drinking the shoe polish) with shoes.  Leather, cry need shoes.  A pill from me to the earth.  Un is a ter-ro-rah, muse.  Scoobie, huh?  Is it Scoobie says?  And, if Scoobie says Sterling Hayden, shot is what that, he is.

In camera coke.  If Tel Aviv wanted hip to manage Jerusalem… (I forgot) vicious it.  Grab the (the earth?) idea you engage with power; psychic power is a limb off from here, we are discussed in the way he says he has a good brain.  In-country esp is about not the head, and we are head-shy to produce.  We would want it “over there”, a country.  well, by one by five, or across the room, not all commanding forced to internalize (changes?) a monkey.  Strep there’s a few extry-added suffix-generated…

The represents are riles up if you like.  I did not like them ripe, and that was a “fixed typo”, though lent bad, and not always polish-y (that one’s) the end.

My muse fright is that on a bigger planet, if we were buggerers, goofy guys, we’d have run you off it, is my experience.  And Stan it. The bombs would not be very big, the structure of an ice cube.  But.

Disneyland; whatever you call when you are going to put them in that, no ice cubes.

They are POS which I understand is Stan is you, married with sober arguments (above).  I saw that suderage, and I’m Merlinny, as I a-said, for through the day (Eric Trump) magic.  Okay, freer; stones, magic.  Had an Claire stuck.  I’m after balloon.  Fuck on a sticking fuck stick.  I’m proud of that.

Pregnants; let’s see.  Yours got (rats, accuse bible) smokin’ durin’ | Star Wars shield for the sun at the zoo I parked behind.  When I heard Leiah relate the above to me.  She was not even in it, just the rest of the zoo looking anxious.  Heavy sticks, boy I’m rockin’ a bonnet.  A motor; a mot, “these sheets is stuck”, a laundro, a jump up a jump back.  a gooday.  Are we, oh yeah, lookin’ for a juiceter?  (Surfboard “I’m washing”) sb.

Rats are bendy so I have mine.  Therefore, I have missed the total elong.  (Dan in must 2 may) You shot, you shod, what else you want to say?  I reach out, bugger.  Human times (% the card), without the club.  I know, yer comment.  Strew.  The guys will.  They’re just waiting there.  The guys’ will, in comfort, etc. etc.

The bine need off, the batter-up, and explain gee, (Psi’m pagees).  From a book (forma).  A book on fires, if the combustion master find those to —

s t r i p a t w e g e t a n d u n d e r t h r o u g h
a n d
b a t t a g g l i o n e s p r o t e s t c a s s
t h a t s
c i r c u s a n d p r a y s n i g h t l y r u b a l l
J e w s y o u r s h i n i n g b r e a d d a y
w l v c b h g r r e
h a t i n a 2 0 1 t w a i o f o r a h e w c e d i s i l l c
t h e l l n 6 f l l k e f i c g e c a s b t o f s s o b s n
f u c e w i l s u d i n e i n l a i e i n i g h u r c e w s
k a l n n o s p e t o f a n c m i n g f o t f o e s t 2 8 n o z z
p s h h h h
b a y o n e t r e j e c t f r o m p u n k
t o e s y u m c h r i s t m a s u n o n e o c l o c k

kiss, yodel that’s a good one, pa.

\ \ \ \ \ \
t o e s
s e o h e m
o h o t h e u t h e y n q u e i n a
w a n y s o a c k e v e s t e t i o
d w h s u r i n g r e v d a n n o f
y a r e a b i f t e n r e x a t h e
g o g e t c h h e r c h i c k e n
c r
o m p s w h
u t e a t i
r s e s g o
r v e i n g
t h e w a t e r i n e e n v i r o n m e n t
h o w c o u l d y o u s e v e n t i m e s
e a t p i e s i n g e n e r a l w h e n
s h e s a i d t h a t k n o c k y e r
y e r z h e a d d o e s n t k n o w

You Can’t Own Therein Writing Just Sideways

Thu, 05 Jan 2017 06:20:04 +0000

Therefore, you clip me.  A post was.  Space bars.  Addicts are barred from Disneyland.  1960 was a postwar, with change opposite — Oppenheimer quit — 1956, but hey.  Stupid feed their tiger.  It is on this, 1975.  Torch your program.  We will get to this: hot-atom chemistry class blurb.  Liars by 1975 totally depended (How?) they’d…vague.  (How they made tigers).  It’s a lecture I don’t want.  Pygmy, did you ever do

A rat’s 23-day gestation period’s ending in a tummy rub.  How ‘bou youse

Do you abracadabra?  Dear Don, a letter (tear open); fools.  we could Abra-outreach.

new abbumn, Betty…

I was Sammy Tam, trying to keep the average lengths of words to outer Americans, not Germans.  I was stalling; this blog covers experimental sections.  Blew a question?  okay, blue of a screen, now get (a) for puss presentations.  You want/  You are?  ask, and — a quip — dare, don’t ask.  I was staring, acknowledge I would I was lost.  In a straight line still, jelly low.

I am they the 5th beatle “Steve” I as they facul(ties) butt.  That would be Steve pancake as a matter of fact.  Gorgeous, ’cause — towel — dee duct, so amny times roughly.  Since I started, why one cell is the later.  These around ‘wit recognize “as before”, sunk those holes.  Now, we’re gannet “as well”, but not Brits, not King.  Not kind of king.

It is not a “so”, no.  This moment fighting, “Oh, no”, is roughed.  In instastidy.

Further thep

If that is the way that it is clear, we win this title.

Proof esp is just fair, kindergarten/ fairs…

…then I’m up (Don)’m — focus — shut up about the wheel, specifically, or any means of electronic communications other than those by wheel.  he came to get out of that; you’re out of that, so…[six].  I (He, fair)’d padded that queer “six”, in, and (the next capture is lost, or I don’t want to fin) venture.  No problem.  I’m an octpus.  Octopuses  -hha! — don’t quit, and slow down thereafter.  Guilty.  Naw, but…

Paddle.  Paddled/  Fouats snide knock the ert outta (might pipe down) my pipe.  You’re getting to my rat.  361 grams faded.  Now go in, get my (a-half’s, I swear) “done”, cheese, panel.

I’m up here sucking as a pro, as variable contact with DEA chip, the bastards chip.  I am negotiating, and what you want is an end to the drug war.  What diggy wants.

Bomb the other “we”, but, you know, what’s esp a woman-to credit?  I couldn’t stand it.  I could not thread s th — “tand”, your mug.

Shh!( That’s what I thought), not doubting.  Throw dirt over it.

We’re arguing from winning, not doubting.  That’s us, original.  When,

from the top down closes, but*, from the bottom-up deserve, it is Larry the Cable Guy.  If I don’t nig-realize completely done.  * nair fer.

Ah, Bassomatic, will you shoot my mug?   I was innocently home.  Hell, I was tattled (Slitheries’ll?), is that the further reason?

Root back to save “V”, which is a denned brush, Ed Snowden, I apoloject, used to determine.  “When”, we’re home (omen), I’m cuts all up and down where, I think.

Special today, Bonneville.  a hat, player of the foresaid, is the German Russell Crowe, that he’s savin’.  Sabin’s good; my surly captions don’t always work well in the content block of some mere solid number.  Whittling Knott’s, I guess, ’cause now, that’s a shot of — don’t encourage me.  “Us”, was not any of us by ESP.  Piggin’, oinking, that’s understood.  We who is not having nuclear war, is still friendly with all, and use Putin, to get scientific news, at all.  that’s the best night a relationship.  See, it’s at night.  Now do better.

Up these stairs the night I so now do — call.  It won’t bother ((( me), (us), (him (control))), I used “control”), I sat on it.  Let that bastard asshole answer it.  I want to see him losin’ it, his.  Truck.  A drug on it.

Jolly good.  Holly couldn’t slow down.  Death, disaster.  The Hollies, this after.  Expose one psycho.  We would heat the entire Forest & Park service.  What I y’heard it’s psychic, not psycho.  Budget cuts, whereat.  Now, go tell ’em.  Go retell on.  On losin’ him, it’s double.  I could be having a variable go.  Clear, what I said; as in, don’t bend the star rules, when you dabble those.  Best and good luck on your stroke(s).  I think it’s a 20,000 to-one, relationship with cocaine.

I had said, “Dear Donald”, and had “Trump”, on my plot, no comment.  I just wait for the bastard.  Trump?  No — yeah, how close? — where’s the proof, the note?  There isn’t.  It’s a short trip to my computer, which indicated a pain in the neck to me some extra time lost.  So, put away soap.

This thousand words does not cause where I rediscover tense career line (b); promise were.

Special today, when you’re in your room, computer ticks off, see?  Title and ‘there’ no hose about it.  Kinship title ends there.  Work on compadre’s glib, which he half sustained.  Chemistry, checkin’ on this, is defeated point-by-point, same bastard.  And, we told you.

Headed off, vegetable esp male “Dear Don’s”, wills, iffed, contest that.  Higher root vis a vis today? Are you shopping for a curse?  Alpha sent killed.  Sanford (currents).  Uh, a fine mind.  When (absent.  Let’s) one button-pusher “dominated” living was skilling worse.  Recovered Christian dead!  Locking to.

Electroplater’s Handbook talked for me.  I don’t marry-in on the post-social aspects, aspects 11 or 12 shells down if I write ’em; tails.

Due to the nagger search for the meenie-mine, (b) Beale is down, able gabble the knoll’s knoll.  Look kinda spare magnified indoles, we mimic, and you all fall down.  Ashes, sweater.  And, Stang, foot of the note.  Lakeside Labs, of Chicago, and you make one of my point.

Sorry, the point’s red; The electrolytic reduction of a nitro-olefin.  And hold it for the first time.

I got magnifications?  you’re going to win, the overland sigma; you don’t know these dimensions.  I don’t either.  I leave them behind, and, they narrate upon awakening.  I can express anything.  Categorically first dump, make after allowing for — here if it comes — computation.  They’re cut off, but that they’s password strength, and you obey ’em.  Reconstructing f is futile.  F-search.  Hold for that is the meth car; we make one turn, for whoever wants to get in it, the stall goes off prison, who are.  We lecture the cemetery.

Which’ll wait.  Work it all in, ranch’ll proof.  Spe — be labor.



Aside the Fringe Potatoes

Wed, 04 Jan 2017 06:58:22 +0000

I didn’t know it was all pig.  Egg, nor the door.

I’m burning up there is no query, no apparent writing.  I said the DEA, FBI, CIA, kilos, reading for their own benefit, such as monetary profit, and, all sorts of grounds for illegal atomic attacks, and venal shit on the scale of the lies in Isreal’s disaster.  The smell, the “Smale’s lab”.  I don’t operate, but once a year I’m a sustain.

There is no reason to mention him, since the rhetorical reason for using the sound your forefathers made.  Play sand blocks, eg, at home place sand blocks and instrumentalize sound on records.  It is only a rectum, rectums being no booties.  Because, we are playing my friend.  It ought to be natural.  Ours may move.  But, you are through with this, Turing.  You are not even a citizen, to be left out, in the audience.  Floaters.  DNA a brief pole, long ones best, or they paragraph short.  All them, you band members ethnic the sitting prior and defining hand is ignored.  How quipped?

Pay for it being above a kilo.  That’s whom we behead in the outs.

Sign my cast.-__________ (G)et ’em uhh(p) It was my fault; if Debbie…?

Where all those people suckers?  20 twuh nee 4:1.  Strudgen (burgeoning).  Burgeon a sun  burgeon; it’s syndio icono as a haircut, econo.  Then, it must be true that affording to fall down is how dead poverty; that I enjoyed baby dolls very much.  I even issues up with Mr. Un, but not for you.  I go over Hell for belief and beyond.  Nuclear puts it as air.

Select confiscation; confidence due 2:1 hey.  A choker snatched off at least benefits us, ’cause we stole it.  A choker and a half-choker.

My cat ate a steady fur aminoid.  We will kill you with meth.  Prove it.  In texts.  It is completely textures in a science.  I dunno sieve, I’m of square grouper.

The very skein of good players flayed, see?  They did not merely play until the end.  These, who compartmented the tail of the dogs, were able to execute State criminals, and scoot over to run UCSD.

You would be executed by circling around you.

His tips, get this.  Fuck up something else but sounds like tits and the dick sim must be heavy as you go up the element, if that’s a problem.

Lots over these prescribe lootin’ political around the kilo’s directed exact cut-off shello, tretchers.  Mahogany savor; where ratters skeletonize bow shock, a future tell, since money was invented, it’s been gross, a finger in the ear, a FEATURE is not, “So, we then […]”; is a turn for the top, when it’s opened up.  There is virtual affirmation on a both of something which is not a scientific description’s impartiality to fall being shot explaining.  Super to thus is the author has the less this, “Oh, no authority to kill.  It is the price that you pay.”  And, strike you in the eye, and batter you about the head and neck.  The excuse is you would have known.  A cherry blossoms.

And I wonder if the phone is  on or ever going to ring.  Why is the mouse here to evince.

Clean it up.  It’s twise you just said hello to a better wife.  Brutal cf going, “Let’s pull out.”, blind in the bigger woods.  How they escape — tension — Face it, except for are, as a branch.  I cool need cut asking for action.  Stirrup soccer mom your boss.  Two Kevins.  Know what I think?  One’s to Kevin.  There isn’t much language left to pose, nor spirit time to let any intercede.  Chulo, “Did you lie dead up?”, is it three or four in between?  Then, there is no uprooting, though who is knowing when you find a reply?  Then.  See?

Turn it on; he needs a hole in the end.  That’s proof it’s usually not the guy I am — settle, fits — dread’s ply into look to here shelve us off into.  Sured be the nade, “‘Cause we’re going to park.”  Debbie thousand baritones is going to drink red chocolate lemonade and cruise around.  Forced.  Dali.  Zappa, as opposed to backhand a Souix.

You need the piece to spin the yarn, bastard.  Who lead us around?  What polst mark holst ground?  loose, choose.  Guy in a six on, too.  Walls of windows tare us.  Nine feet from the ground.

I just want (Micah Lee) a side line steady filming 007s, ie, you get murdered for what I film, backed up by urinalysis from your priest.  You are my analysis, coveted.  I am creating Billinghurst #(stay in head) target.

That wide it all 5; those integer Bacon guys, if Bacon.

  g a r u g u e t h e y k l e p t o n
r e d m r n i o n s
n a c m n g t n a p
u u r r h e l p i n
f a y t i g h o n a
y d e p n t o l y e t u m b l e 1
e r a y n t l r e l
r e r s o o k e v i
o h o p o v e s u i
s e s d r t h t e d
i t r e k w s i t s c a l e f l o a t q u a r t e r o f e i g h t
w l n i t s n h h i e t a
l w e l t l e t l o a t s w h a l l y
a l p l a n o o k w u i t t e a m e a
d a y e n y o e l l .l e t n k s n s o l a u g h i n g y o u
o d l i u d o i n t s s e y r e n s h a s e c o n d r i b e y e
i e e t f a l s e l y
l t h e d s e h s t
t o n e v e n a n t i n t r o d u c e t h e a p p a r e n t
t s c r d e a i a l
s a c k d w i h e a c u r v e u p d o w n
t t t r j i n g e c y c c l i e a
t j u s h a t d i s u s t n e t i a l i t h t t i
o t s a t h i n o t s a i y t h i m e b e v e i m h m e i
o i d s r t y s o f d s o a t s c r a n k e r s u r w o o p i s e x
i o g o t t i t h i t i t i m n c r u e d t r k w n w h c h a
i a n e d o a v d h g e s r r a n g e s i c p o p i t
h m y s k a y y s o o i m e t h u i s t r a v e l e d
d o n g f u l f t p c o c e b a i n s g o o u t s i d e k 6 b p
t s t h l o f a r a k a t t r o t u f a m a n o t l a k t o l
k a t s h e a d e w o o u o m c f i m a b a n k t o h m u c e j u e t y
o n g h t o s t a o u k
s p e c i f i c a l l y b r o k e o 1 1 a d d p r o n o w


A Giant Family Chemic Holes

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 19:40:26 +0000

Woke up; what woke-up had — you’re lyin’ — to your face.  It had, where, it has, any induct its strongest weak.  The “it’s” is not spoken, only thus preen over (“its”) possessions.  Then, other food, sadly, is its 30 pounds, or forty.  That it still is; the number that we’d repeated, induction sucks so bad b/c of its reduction, an “ism”.  A tail of this is undone, hermetic.  I am going to toy, or to product, which is more when — issue — fork wiener, 4-5 about.______________Said I was careful atmoe, and I don’t care what is related to me disquiet de noise.

What does he do?  problems.  escape trajectory.  Larry, and Ellie, and Effie.

Let’s get the Druid.  Mount up for his “testimony”.  His in-camera stilt’s “room” somethin’, they’re jealous of the moon.  Could — I don’t know you (’em) talking with One — I “Rome”; it skips, I did that, I’m it, aya fort rat.  Against’ll it.  Arrr.  Now, a fort lady’s.

I as Bill, too.  You forgot it?  In rrors.

I w a n t e m b u r n t t h a t s p r o b a b l y t h e g r o u n d
d r p p n i i f i t
u e t o u n a p o e n a i n f d i t d o n i c k d r u i t s
o t h d h i c k e p p l i n i y e t t k n y w h t t h a y s
o s e m g r t o s e t e t e r n o w t a t y a t s t h e
i n g a n d l o o p t h e u r b a l r a f o u d w h a r e

……………………………………. << holes that can before.

Kitty, come.levels you have more (of) on de you listen go die Bogart

Due to those in [tied a wut] ground him grand [a wooden post] pa pocket // pen app lose then [shake it] infinite turbidity eternal // [my closest chin ] I don’t know trafficky what you did but that’s [mirror] what it [turn it for then it definitely had it ruinin’] [mistake] says there

birthday regulars Thicke morrow key mart sales.  Are you Sherlock Fuck no ordinaire get out here.  Got your pipe?  Is your parents’ similar bird on the, you know?  Didn’t have to have ’em a bunch ahead now.  I’m gonna  go on a — be more _______ few.  Tranzit.

Imagine ‘er an ugly nine, in Samantha white vinyl boots.  Instant {P,I,D_} doesn’t know where its goes; it’s trained in luxury.  Shamble-line boke Stephen, resident.  A fool, out!  Me, an upper, a Gowdy.

I’m to rent Smale’s lab?  Cool.  I’m?  Just around?

You’ve got off-hued.  We’re try Rebecca.  Chicago heard.  |

……………………………………………………………………….. |

……………………………………………………………………….. |

……………………………………………………………………….. |  Sleep.

……………………………………………………………………….. |  Sleep?

……………………………………………………………………….. |  He’s not goin’ in.

……………………………………………………………………….. | He’s not goin’ in this time?

……………………………………………………………………….. | His arrow little spaz where he’s goin’?  Hint.

APOS I search, and apples [Do that up here, crisp Omicron, Omega LEF].  F, hit the ground; I keep a look applied.  One tort: Ludicrous, and I count up.  Fourteen only applies to thirteen; I know it is favor, an 13, sucked in.  I care — account — “elicit” o-vair bald attn.  Trunk again, about my “folks”.  Get the dead people of the State of California and I prove [{I,T,_,_}, sideways now].  Crispy b/c the guy is speedin’ in it, Mars Khartoum.  More their horn beagles; I did not go there.  See mind yet.  Go, “Jell-O”.  Keeps his mouth off bug parts ’til night.  Editor tropical was, if you italicize, headed for third Munchen.

Different, boyfriend Justice thrown in a pan.  Tare m e o, u.  Tare up: It’s you they paid to see, let’s tear up the album.

Plaguers’ mean slice, through high risk; thrown-bad, it.  North’s why this mental swore that it was Omega; I believe Right; not Left (ping).  {T,R _, _ } investigations (* hits vertical, diffuse.  I’m in a parentheses.  Carry it)  Group “W” clock showing N, I hope up, times P.  Introducin’ P probability, sperm is amplitude.  We come together of their arrow ff.

This time ate {P, W, _ , R } Because, I am a radio listeners.  Think procrastinating, you fingers can’t grip too manies my little ower (Time bomb ruse) what they said (For example, set in my head, seven wrinkles), pefect either cheese’s purpose.

r e i p
i t h o n i
e r f m g o
o r a i n g
w e a h a

Those guys are all too many, with their rare psycho power bent too fast.  Stay close.

How come — lake & jet.

b s o r t o n u
h e r n d e
e p u r s i
b l i e g e h u b b a
c i s b y a

We are going to leave it.  Staying lower case, as long as my order does not have some meld.  ‘ppreciate it, ‘coze doin’ string beans, I think to Billy-Bob.

I am getting one out, b/c Nikita legged my bump, it led to steer.  How would you feel, offered as Lot, and Lot’s wife is ne’er referred anymore?  Instead, is pickle field?  In pickle-language, his nought favored ought-zee panel’s private.  Git!  We time to as o; zero is not used.  Yeah, we’re not chicken (colors) ’cause no, the loss of color of the future merely means it assumes points, assume-sume.  Therefore it.

m – spare it

u n b e l i e v a b l e i n r a p i n e
r o n h o w a r d s t w e e t
t a i w n
h a n s i c n g u h a t l y m y o u c a n
k y o h f o p a n s r i o r e
u j o r s t d d o g h t w o u t e l l I m
h n k a n d i n g i f o l d f
t o w e l l g a l l o n I m s h r u n k
p u l l o u t o f t h e r e s t r o n g


l r c a w
o s i u n t s w a a s t
e o n h i a l k i h e i
e s p b u t h k a m p e
l i t t i w n d a r i a

goofy-book Rosie one split cunthia butt I was walkin K (was there) and A was the imperial.

March their more bull

e t t a
x h i h e n m o n n g e
b i t i c a i t o n i n n o t u p i n
x g a n k n r i t e 8 i
u z e o w i a r r n g b o n n i t

saddle-seize ’em

Exhibit “X” gauze, then , I can know it, monitor it, arrange nine 8 ing passive, noted by 2012, Dec. steriated.  Their several size drip.

What that little (a punk) (said it was) used today a stinkpot.  (ou) raund.  eosui wast hedda Bruce?  In melyn?  Yup, covered hold, poster temp.  Six minus (you are) good cheese (you’re rockin’), so that’s there, similar to someone died.  Dead.  Dide they don’t ukulous.

Sth.  We’re going to take off.  Ninety percent.

Any traction’s good.  3.  Guy (S. Smale) was too much.  Again, wrong guys.  Addawan boy sorta smooth, ’cause, his own time.  Serape good plague, snats a extension.  See what we deft supportin’ has blonde pollsters.  Posters, B.P. loot, masters of a punk, triple-doubled in.  My Gawd, rykie chilla was — I tolja,s, eke, yeke; not much, a favor.  Capsules, you’re right.  can you get a round?  Caplets, they bust apart?  My master is soul, sold my many grew, chiasta his place is.  I set it, barn.

Arron.  Still packed, on a get us home, so forth?  They had basically one thing a t the stoned, and I’m gonna get.  Surprise list, I think to act at dinners.  See are (you Texas) use drained?  Prison standing supporters, cue ball, two women.  For us, grating.  Guess — guest –Drucker’s  uh, just stick around, guv.

Grand Opening Of The Casino Club At The Greenbrier - Red Carpet

x algebraic, my boy is here @ here wait, we died.  Whatcha leavin’?

can’t escape my challom

Insure inconsequential’s it’s corrupt.  Ruddies ride, kin folk.  Ignorance is the time-sensitive imaginaries tha’ you’ll use (you will both face the music) to win at computer., and fight my dupe fique cuck ain’ stowings of doings uff.  funna today menminnle strict.

i i s
n a p c k s o f d g o i n g t o s o f t
p e n e s s o i n
d a l t o w g s y o u a r e
e s t i n g o n e a w a y

It’s all too much.  For example, this, the very idea.  Speak, or your thought s are fooling you, then, there’s no reason.  Ahead 13 of 2012.  It would not occur in the Cher-n, (Chern, buttmeat) class.  I am not going to spell more.

v d 1
e l i 5 y e
n m o a r s
r e t t h a g a v i n g
h a n n k s
c o u l d y o u b e f o
a n d i t i s y o u r n a t u r e o h
t h a n

Not, “sting”.  Tanned fine was Napier, had Daltoned Reynolds shz-bob, and a white don’t you lamber juggernaut of no consequence reached over.  They sent me to the other dice side of, “Bette please” connect, and soon.  See the co-double silver American sells cross messenger spent, if they eat.

s a i d n o
r e y m t a n y g i n c u r b
o u a l k i e t u a n d i g b
b i g n t a p n a p u t o y p
m a n y o u m o r o n y a n t
j u m p f i r s t
w f e r r e l

You walk ’em.  2-5 plight

hasp U.S.S.R.  he hates it.  athom  Take your property.  Fonda that.  Let ’em Bolin.

Say am goan gets him That’s Stay, Cunningham where Jesus.  Ah, a) plaid That’s the lo what you want.  That’s fair:  beret, board room, a CEO, a putter, Ezekial s row a shredder on his lig ground; gee, it.  A) nole it, us up some.  Goad.

They go mission, and we’re putting you mighty | ligs |No, but if safe, there’s right, as a cheesiness in the cabin.  Right.  3 kavm

extensiaprism botto expect implicated abt all express a VO-5.  There it comes.  And cake, would n’t that be Nike-y.

Integer n m-concentrating their souls.  Fuck not that.  Bed one, it’s got to be the tap that I am on, then it is them, positive two, and we will divide by, and a trunk off to the side calls everybody home who’s sane, busted liars.  A nippical.  I could CQ cruciate.  Last time.  Connettique.  Furry things want to get used.  Cape your hep.  In a  circle, thee!

c r i o p r o d
u n n e j e d b e a r d u t t o w s n h i g e e
i n g s u s r e t r o o e r e a s h s l i i t a
h a m a h a e n t m a c z e k r e d g g r n o l
w h e p l a r y b e o a i a l d e r o u n e i t


All Right If the Alt.Right Throw In Bacon Islam. Peace

Wed, 21 Dec 2016 12:07:08 +0000

I have stayed high to work agency murder goof-proof, kneel off. Chicken grease were not even of chicken groups. This was actually dawnin’ on in group ABC’s talking about refereeing. Oh, chentlemen be first chick’ll please symbolize tradicious the friend to the inventions of rhetoric, like un-see extraneous flair, Boo-Boo. 12 – 20 – 2016. For real, I studied what I could do. Methamphetamine, it did well. Bang-up 6 [hexagon].

Sit stilo – kay, one or twin it, it’s about 19 fuck-you’s, cherry haviot out side my very, the window. It has imagine 24 as X, Chi, dummkopf. There it sit,a Prius, gavel. 6UGU124, nousie to “A” = 1. In mouth to UAX, or WAX, and lonesome prarie stencil. As just tectique desired deep features.

Third skinny is old methinks, especially wise. Very good, sir. Shalom, B’wana vewwy quiet. Wabbit, supposed to be awaound heah.

Your methinks don’t tell me, The Pendleton, how to do, from Mars, or March, to goals. Didn’t quite tell her that that trammel that ya got when he’s lufting even suggests even h Everly is bad Beluga caviar et Bon wit teller, though Cheeto cadre forever what we want, and now, we hoe it.

Line I forgot. Yeah, all the Symbionese, all the quarters you can do. Two! It’s a miracle.

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  • What if I cut you up? So, don’t trust me. Stebby ammunition. Fund. How we discard.

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Seven, shee-it.  Whereas now, I got the ability to hear his name.  Back panel.

The rat was sad to report he did not have to watch out for the snake, your sponsors.

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The answer to myself, Oh. “You’re stoned”, on, “Oh. You’re stoned.” It’s like Firewater’s in me. Brother. Clear. This word roadblocked word order, from the pinker to paydirt (deeper).

My “end”, Chinese assuming, where, Matt has a proposition loaded within him, and gee, sucker. This is saying that there is a box, it should contain and deliver, so it is fundament gate such-and-such you. Silkfighters didn’t spill. Let the lawyer in to compare who wrote (cf), and could sit (cc) ahead. Itself a true one, then December does not have the sum of where, in financial instruments. Or, you bet that we are navies, 329 of ’em. Did we follow? CBI, that’s my mom. Brokers, I today had spoken. Is 12-21 excepting pikers?

It is evident’ evidently people are old. In San Diego, the guy has a mustash. My parents had it. For them, the togetherness was a stain. Satinfighters like to stain other people, eg Boozefighters. And, am I moot?

You, Claudest, that to put size right here, must be, have had happen one, and end your lives, 12. Or, a torch with a setting, “12”. Eh, part had to have happen one, and, head signer have had a happening went.

Well, I kill with this torque scenes the animals. Have you ever denied in all, us, a smaller size animal (chicks), and insects? I hated insects above, uhh, never mind. I am about to let you disassociate 12 from function two, almost two said roughly thirty-eight, but […] damn. Norton plays a toothless bagel.

I get the element, a fourth side making a crystal. Pink. I, yeh eclared for the Beats. So, all those Beats head up a written organization, a head of Stan’s is laughing. It does not gall me. I am putting that “to chide” is where? Lunch, where the fuckin’ enemy’s head. Canolios ‘n am not telling any more.

Matt’s write is taxigy.

I can’t follow them, and then I cannot find out what they said. I can’t open two red. Queer, they’re so home. Catch us up. Cut us in the abdomens, and run across The Street with our fundamental structures a-buried in your clutches.


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