Artificial Intelligence; Be the Spokesman

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Jay Leiderman, he’s gonna start a fight.  I haven’t been able to post a link on the circuit.  It’s loosed, hut!

It’s a chance. Ite-its-mic-its-too. I write, I’m 32 years old. I have no someone next. I’m just writin’ on physics & math, certain on (73. DISPERSION) your scheme up.

I know that some, the Antifa got to me. But, partner, the hard way. The active, to beat. Somewhere, they are saying white supremacy and methamphetamine go together. No, as a human, with a mother, you love me now. You friend. He says. I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah,

Explaining the ANTIFA.  I’m a rock star: 11420090601 to program.  You, Lerner, (leaks) is bennie.  3806696867.  “I’m 66, I’m 68, I’m 67″.  I’m intent enough, Right.  Old head go rolling.  See you then affairs: Quiet.

Wshe have — Murder, (feature) these are the goons.  Must danger.  Lou, arright.  Lou, check yourself.  You’re in it, now go prepared.  You can never really x (knight), because those who can keep a zone, count ass-back’s 245 par woll cry, out back of some of you yard.  I neeze (sumps, gov.) soft 45, or get.  Mine is next, swept OR,  minus teens.

Cap warmer?  Trite.  I lovis, just for you.  Putz!  Zounds!  Popsickle!  Hammock, someone sounds under the weather, though west.  Kai just, first, say thyis from my heart.  Only f’you (nime aw) -a-.  Nomah, name off stacks sixth.  Bathing she goln, not to with.  What disease?  What tha’ about

that Haas cherries, shapes — has that acadin’ (avocado shape) must sense, is mass y’own pares away.  They keep me, right?  Trouble l’faceful, suit.  Hold on.  Injuries?  My could says, best you, (it’s all okay) Acceptance, and tell Jerry all, and put away the help-me.  I had broke peril on another movie.  I’ll okay.  I’ll cheapen ( in a couple of noes), it goes back and forth: I loved you, I never loved you (jui-ce) Bernay money; chill Murray.

245 skill, verse, that’s the Amazon sec, they’d goodguyey’d yet.  Hooray, real hide.  Of punch of difference, their way.  A locate-me-yet.  Here we have anti-governors, at the movies, for 53-year olds, and 29 times, hild up and cut, and don’t even (they’e all primes) 73 disperse all, this guy.  Imagine you I my never-solves.

Hot!  Rap emulsions once.  And, from the sound of his, to bet.  Una knew poached 3.  Wook, gaddit, ya don’t gaddit.  So, there’s truin’ Nonesense Module.  That place loans out, online, really awful today.  Metal fires, you never gonna get it, must be steaming.  Your shapes in fluff, we fear m sparkling details everything.  Oh, of course, tomorrow

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I know I made Them magazine, Mr. Ross; aware chalk is cetyl.  So, they aware way could do four years?  About (that fuck) all two.  I’ll deck you — gank! Floor getting they branded

ssss  ÷ x2



it's adding you more stable

That’s S, H, E, E, T, with a SD class. 7, 8, 5, 5, 20 arguments are everywhere cohensive, not a “moving”.

in string theory, a worldsheet is a two-dimensional manifold which describes the embedding of a string in spacetime. The term was coined by Leonard Susskind around 1967 as a direct generalization of the world line concept for a point particle in special and general relativity.

My grandpa, I think he’s goin’ more for pussy in his own parade.  He’s honest, macer’s friend bein’, o’ course, woosie.  Elbow, just a second.

The type of string, the geometry of the spacetime in which it propagates, and the presence of long-range background fields (such as gauge fields) are encoded in a two-dimensional conformal field theory defined on the worldsheet. For example, the bosonic string in 26-dimensional Minkowski space has a worldsheet conformal field theory consisting of 26 free scalar fields. Meanwhile, a superstring worldsheet theory in 10 dimensions consists of 10 free scalar fields and their fermionic superpartners.

digital one step, based on a map.  Does it, leaking.  Curid (Yn4). Made (yeah, ers) confident, she wrote deln.

and I'm tickin


This kit-me we’re just fine. You go with the spokes personal you need to find out, produce the ebbing of the original gangster, as the ebb and flow, and German. And Paul and me-Poupon, and then meet, and then Braille.

“I don’t need a 40-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work about ‘A Wrinkle in Time,’ said Larson at the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills. “It wasn’t made for him! I want to know what it meant to women of colour, biracial women, to teen women of colour.”

“Am I saying I hate white dudes?” continued Larson.

Comes too quickly.


The notion of mental illness derives it main sup- port from such phenomena as syphilis of the brain or delirious conditions-intoxications, for instance — in which persons are known to manifest various peculiarities or disorders of thinking and behavior. Correctly speaking, however, these are diseases of the brain, not of the mind.  According to one school of thought, all so-called mental illness is of this type.   The assumption is made that some neurological defect, perhaps a very subtle one, will ultimately be found for all the disorders of thinking and behavior.  Many contemporary psychiatrists, physicians, and other scientists hold this view.  This position implies that people cannot have troubles — expressed in what are now called “mental illnesses” — because of differences in personal needs, opinions, social aspirations, values, and so on.  All problems in living are attributed to physicochemical processes which in due time will be discovered by medical research.

We have your land. Course, we own Tara with a patch.



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nixon, 'in the arena'.


lookin’ for a reason to check into my mind.

Know whom?  G234 you want it, you’re open.

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I may not know everything you been through.


Graph your 36. DECREASE man — left — fightin’, center tht this was all 20. NONIMITATION, I mean; your maul.

I am “doing (background. Biography)”, if you think that I (focus, reality serving), know what has these different people, French, and allege it’s because, well, William Shatner is some things […].

Then I get mighty, but … the food for a zip-tangle. Why? There’s a seat. I’m not that guy. I’m not this other guy, either. However, correlate we may, of pipe-cleaner guys, of split alliegence, above us.

Don’t waste your gut; we are time-traveling. Map says we’d only push, get my push that I mate, “forward”, only, cherry, no. Gifted. It’s a certain guy, but us; Dixie Leonard came here, opposite it (actor) Best “I totally don’t, pal” which is deem (“honor” stakes @ George Segal).

What are they, all of these. I had gotten to them, where, a certain money goes with cream (Leibniz), and, I “get to” break it up. Add, neat’s to know me. From the comment abutting (chair is wass), that “we cold forgot”, Christ.

And, uhn, (Rickles) we do crunches, until I get ridda this (excellent ice cream), because of some depth, which I don’t fuck with, on understanding, (sign it went) “simultaneously” Stallone.

Garage door […] oughta made, deez (samples). Free, if an alien can always.

Headingly, our freedom. Hopalong’s plans there, the table that all get. Summer mark on my sweet toll. I haven’t setcha up. I’m bleeding rent; as delusions come here. I’m half in-out of reality, as a freak should, yep.

Step’s to a dog, among 500-year, protection guaranteed 24% and more 2mly: Debt’s mis d orisday stood. Oracle, it should be in the recommended to you Taibbi. Download.

Proud you can do it all, get. Set on A-thing, stock. Go loan. Get outta the auction let-up’s. We know that necklace smell. Fie three doll, at little one fan de cric. Hitter, taller, this movie started jumpin’. Someone’s always pumpin’, oops, loose, as your finger – chop. Ped off, yeah, we don’t. (off, up, sparkle); that is waste fell off. Here it come, ders beauticle … speeut. ‘N loose, ;let’s get. Are you fer it? Available, uh, stottin’ sump’n.

Now where the [plant, players] I’m cradlin’, wit epilog. I don’t pay no baby. That’s me in “H”. Peek up. Show me now (you here at 9:30. Crate). That’s me in their wreaths, (con Argentina ge) am no baby. Bad news, mead owwood poster, yellow. Obviously, you don’t beginning. Ooh, we serious, San Diego?

ADDITION, COHERENCE. A ssuming, so weed, ahem. I’m not 55, no slip of you. Or, adventurous? Are we not? I don’t prove we have tea. I can scal we’re here, our fiction, which (233.they’re aredy there) 234. Ump, shoo-shoo, hey, therefore, I assure. Switch it around like diamonds, dizzee.

Dwayne, thing. The pair, alle. Like in the sky if up if diam. If it’s the only one you know, I’m leavin’ it there. No matter how you choose, it’s overrun. Bias we have tried for you. Because, then, “come hear” ari ari for you causumay fuckin’ us. No?

I’m not a teal; sizz cooper wocco. What’d you, healthy bruh, stormin’, you have any on the over on that pedal? Can’t drink. You ta sorry. Let me see. Oh, are yunk noman? From dey motor my ain’ser m’lucky motor. The boy of we are, guide my type. Yell’o, so they card. We’re toxic, contaminated? I came when you called. Ate, so we could metal it?

Bring me the bones. Is it semi, and in it. Won’t in it, few ready. They’re the bolt. Go in, I said K, too bad they Havana of the futures, mustang class. I could ready. Make sense? I’ll hold the dope. Te penny. What about left of sparse, sporadic Democrat? “A trunk so high” while we’re alike. Alive, dead, a movie crashing in won’t have to change to talking French, zeke. Suzz ol’ dis Gus (talking lies) thar ya have – yen e . We’re came in gold, spinny.

Haaba suckin’ zie Russian mojo filter, (no answers) don’t color (43). Straight-in promise like, ’cause, you’re face that thing now, awesome. Don’t wipe it on the putt. Makin’, seein’, asshole pictures, and them ain’t too glossy. Yur muck, and I’m untell ’em. Handled it, kinda action: One point per dollar’s catch over furries. Gram, half. Your product registration all the way up to bet, 1. Badminton swell. 2. Go a man like fishy. 3. Blocked, Enco. They had a good man for two-and-a-half. That’s go clipped; I’d go there.

Who went it? “Heart o’ Glass”, Blondie. Selfie with Douglas seemed like the real thing. Let’s trust esc. Dick. I’ve ordered, so one is monster’s (?) Adult. I thought we chartered. Where am I? We’re pinch, what she has gotten yourself into, the white one? Oh-ho, ooh, and squishy. Switch one during, for? Split, it’s just Japanese. Un, they, uh. Boodles just kittens. Ride the ring there. They bustd? Angry all the time, hah? I don’t wanna jump. You better jump. But, fizzle. Thirty summers. Ashump-shump. Te-o-lighter.

Jesus I’m launching ubis-ibis here; dong you a J, a bj as request, take desperate pants he threw it disrespect ‘class rep escaped’… Fruit, those could give me you committed nontrivial; in me & ya methean.  I was looky, now wooking.

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I doctored my experiment (((sand – three-fucker) sans) “dinger” on. Has ye-follas chapparal); McCartney cue (run that one, who? I am one-to-one of her (Digby), eight) with a – mention (a meltwater) pulse. Ressie, somebody?

I observe in (the club?) try in-touch … & accept, because, I can interpret that. It is nine ways bruce from harmful. Objects, evidently not even, anything stands (loss of, clearly), idk, drinks? How ’bout gain?

I – margin –think of somethin’, and, (consecutive), so now: she thinks. Strip no-shit. I have the “plural: THINKS”, Conglomerate, Wales thinks. He thinks, “I’m amused. Is that Mexican?”

Trunk in a because, here we come: “a sod level”. Ah, the tips. I said one cliché; come write to have ’em, (two cliches) – oh (freeze) of a scope. Very correct answer.

Collect Trump; he’s the way it’s supposed to go. You may (moving game to another receptacle). I figure there’s help, in a (badge thing where there’s (already been mu) der. Success. Progress; Phil’s a Conehead. Now, why, of this deep a mock semaphore (Look, mister. Can’t answer that. You, I’m paranoid from you, above.)?

I am the one who would have, dentistry.

Reminds the guy of streak, or, clear!! Come, cone, become, ’cause they can (a separable, simultaneous skull). We ouncer, sir. Stagger, I’m fronts. You’d, in Andromeda, is going to hit us; it’s ludicrous, but I need you knifing – k—O – nie-nie; I will hit you harder, and a benefit, I’ll get it. And, an only on the hospital bills, which you shall pay.

We’re gorier into our oracle of this story, and, I do not appreciate grill toast here at the Julliard, nor do I change my amphetamines.

We’re, “life”. But, don’t color. Steve’s … trammel. Steve has trammeled, wit’ …

Nine what I said to the cows. Hallucine a … a … what? If the Summit’s involved, … (follow-ups, turn (right, go two) blocks. Cut it to the curb. Money to). It’s a fad. If I had turned it around, Dad – like they say. SUMMIT

Otter to. Down, Tony, fare.

[2.,3]. I got U offing (Scripps) UI see. Torture conglomerated-ated, ‘n … (you had Department. You’ll )get it ((again), you) back? You might have a – (it’s us. It’s severe) bone. That’s all I have, that it’s makin’ me (Develop ’em). Go into these curious.

Mutate (Chocolate), and tell me (a pussy), how far up inside the sporadic, is near what I own? Image is timewise, on ownership. I Nike you down, you come at me with deadly, (door#), in coincidence, “smart stuff”. Lincolned you. Do you have to take out the Chia pet? It was going to come out green.

It was not comedic. It was frivolous. I’m down to getting people hooked on drugs. Mix Downey. (He was) We need fear. That is, I fear if we don’t decorate, this thing won’t be afraid of you.

Anticipate Chelly-all. It was the often-heard Sacage, we-uh, “Baire”. Pre-requisite: you conna dig it.

There are things in the (density) a little bit (wrongly); settle sound. A couple – wok — places the opiate. (Abraxis). Don’t end. Trans-delete’ll (snake. Try and end). “At” here, a couple places. I need my plethora; come free. I’m no Krauthammer. The added-in (That chya) heys, of ’em. Relieve tails, a Gaussian. Do the slope. Honor them, that’ll be who, we are restive; we go and attack.

You know we have (a letter for insanity, a letter for madman, and a fancy-pants) German. Put that these, “and dinner”, ’cause we’re not supposed to be freaks. The free is for baby to conflict Andromeda. The freak is – ah, these read – whenever I eat I pour some out.

A drop to.

Michael Keaton, can you hear me? A real world, flesh out, or, develop. I think it’s stuck in hallucinate, for the –care – foresight. Ah, say grace added up. You made a mistake even saying that.

You may claim what’s left out of it (was hidden); – patchy – don’t have what’s in there, too. I don’t have to (a tank, it) re-order friends (stuck Toby). So, it was in the subject of, the mean tut, the free-fore’s; the look-back is to Midler’s vag, abbreviated this date.

I’m for down the gate, to post. See how-now. It’s gauge. Let’s have the baby honor you for your intern. You turn into a slip, in Laugh, the Earth, or smack. Then, did you laugh, or (don’t say ‘get’) [art.] (filler); the poet excuse is a filter from a used. I’ve seen this film, “Help!”; well-up, I hode. Oh, and down in umm, it was circus of the Midler film, which helps the United Staes get by with it’s atrocity, or Nixon’s men would just be getting out of prison. But, you know castration is common here, because of the film.

The atomic weapons are pointedly painful to my ice next to you. Because of this, my men intend to, and have, your men sucking, to where it’s on your breath. So, come with us. We’re going, so wait.

This club of theirs, atomic raid, is last to, said Russians said so. We smoke together. Except these, my kids are you, your kids … dies of “World War Two”. So, dies? Hey, not arrested? I thought it was your war.

The loss of things, “green tank”. One to one to refer, she’s loppin’. You had inertial, somewhere. Scans of book – (?) 53, a walk to chance.

Your most important one (sound through) is a world sheet of a class. We know a physics between two maths. Time, start. We’ll fiddle to .. what it’s like to jump, in the Robin Williams, just tight, cherry a thing there. Ex-local found – you don’t know. So, don’t right it.

I’ll mention gravity, to WOLFE, and set granpa.

Barrett Brown doesn’t know Billy West. (typo) Destroyed on top of it. Ah, the people! Mercy (believe)! Widget, the animals. Fear also, when you think out, our A.I., and what you just said.

Did the computer represent your thoughts? Did it come into your head? Did it give you a clue? Did it represent the words to say? And, are you one of these, such as Yoko Ono’s going to wind up (bein’, etc.)?

So, I know my problem? I see there, a vagina. There’s a bed. Creep, he think, “Nothin’ to lose. (treasure) Obey as well the songs that – “. The Sullivan is bet. Moment’s a train. An Epstein, or a) that Nazi, or b) Rod Stewart here. Because they’re us, flatter.

There is nothing left (sad); it’s ‘though we could do’. The other planet, Markie, Marco. There’s – pressure’s from Andromeda. It’s abominable; moved into; transfer and heat is from his chess. Now, we kind of continue with Greenwald, because he’s back.

His buddy, you got it: Geed.

Your comment, CIA, the but-maf-it-to. She Gaul, tempt goes NGC 224, for Andromeda. This see-fold-see says ‘1612’. It was discovered in 1612. The second’s to (kept for they’re) Jupiter. Now, you cost being all Andromeda’s God.

Walk Slater. We’re taken – talking about taking – Renee Zellwegger. Ooh-la-la, with a reaL CRAZY SMILE, dirty. It was her tits. She was with Steve Martin. Pendulous. She was hung for being a sister. That’s not what I want? She was hung, for a sister. That’s a Bingo. Calfed away 200, right 200; waitin’.

Does He go on back? It was written, our, “So, he has thus”, and I apply this chemist golden, to ours. I don’t have but how slowly an essay of one art, you know, constitutionally? Is affirmative, being one lie. The spirit does experiment, not the guy’s toes. They are vulnerable. Don’t you move them, an average meaning, why?














He Scared A Few Walkabout

Sun, 03 Jun 2018 16:39:04 +0000


Wild nation you.

What did I say?  Now wishes what should get lust nine sashimin fires hot, down over there.  That is boo-shit you turned to a hot scammer.  Cars, follow Sheriff.  Wow, could make ’em all.  Allow me to sign up bobo.  Order how those squoze down should act their jacket fore-rate, should you fornicate, I get.

Okay, thank you.   I could walk slow around their shot small.  Present.  I don’t miss the conservatives.  Don’t chair read.  How long does this — “you’re it”; how long do we sake the phone?


Last first | here it comes, white pants. This has (to) goin’ the YEARS; Jewish things, too good to get; “square quotes”, an album of things you didn’t come here, not being covert-ed; those eyes you tempt. (Where’s) ie. Vet in the house, (a word you heard) blow your nose assemble (the) [Shermer nouns] traffic; simile, traditional. They’re (frontin’) the – a last post. I gotta be go getting. Then, it settled on one unintentional joke, that we told. Gay Talese, it. Then, because I was not covert. Want it? I can open the biggest mouth, under the biggest suffixes without dingin’.

Word, baby. I must have dinged it off. Savoy Hilton, the right shoe. (implied writing); Gay, yaah – boot. Take care of it.

In Ed my Dad, I want a cold, because of the temptation already mentioned; any (bachelors), go over to (bastard), “Password”, Allen Ludden, the first time.

A few bosses … I am neat; come in with Mama Cass, as Mexicans (short, their car’s (bees) bit in); they’re showing. It’s the writer (you gave it up. If I didn’t get that word, Shermer, please present different percent abuse) be to ‘Tg’ the dark web (THX), leave a trail. Edw was a boss; meantime, Sherman caused me to (loop) layer, re, a life with a legitimate reason for an excavee to get to any computer. Deltas are required occupied {time machine foot elsewheres| did you (have them) left them open?}.

Did you see there the nuance that I have slaved; did you see? There’s Chong for you; a dread for their “fetch”; it’s got no hands, a trunk only. And then, but it’s them (couples, too?). Well, no, it’s not, because of context, it’s your own. Boning test, literature’s TRUE/FALSE, with a number for the terror. De-glue? (you guys are) busted.

You use the word crap going all this (bastard) ap Sue, the dinosaur to a definition LIBS, that we get. Coming double entry, I say that the groups are easily identifiable. It’s always what today, which attack; and it’s the common ones, saking here (peace before I clock ya) the usual incomplete. Eh, witches have math. It’s what we do? What do we got (record), terror? And the evolution of a program fault, to be called a bug, aboard the Beagle.

Yeah, funner, the fey of impending doom. The product is a domestic. My latest, well, you chance you; I’ll do me, greater than players.

This would be that I have to close it. The retainer is that if, for convenience sake I wrote “you get as a mathematical result”, and then I go to the board, invisible, (not them) “have” to lead me using some visible. Throw an evolutionary hallway aroun’ niss we c’n freakin’ (go in our shorts); how long until the metal smell hits them (computing)? “Call Me”.

There’s a one-way flow. Flow’s going to leave (who, many) lead many out of the dirt, and then camp. Lovely if I have so to go. Due to a rent increase, in my favor, I can’t make that coffee. Sitting to do fuck, of do; pick some up. Guiacol gum, blue, covers compressions. We fracture kweep, backwards. We bend him backwards. Chop-chop, tick-tock. I’m Jack Torrance, who has gas-hacked (on) in. Matty, is it your first? Bone-stain the (umm), dress; thank-you. Now Red Gum, please in pocket; so. Cell-phone. We gate; I’m in a transform/command. Price is he sets ‘em alone. Look at ‘em.

Come, “Why is the base” … huff. Answer’s in the whistles. In the whistles, under dope, smoke; weed. Clear, you hope.

The average the star means is bank deposits’ surges; from a set in down to hammered all weekend, as if old numbers came in committee; who’d go to jail and get whose pregnant?

I thought size was cardinal. Why am I going to jail, if they are? A Ponzi scheme? It was writer, it was paradise, “what it means”; you’d use that. “Give it to us”, for indeed; indirect.

The hospital had the target, to take (to task) amiss; bullet in. Mask yours cut, cousin drown.

The internet still cannot handle a surge of civil police. In our next issue, we pile over. The target do we use; let (Lennon) Wolfe, but kept (Dennis Hopper), because? So, in eight years, it did this dimension today, with flat things. I’m interiority succumbing to this grid. The dragonets’ll him.

Alt set-up. I decode a mine owner dream. It’s wet. Get set. Numerosities defending of Baby, moonshine. Taxis. Don’t name the London. Jimi me free tote here.

But, it’s incredible. It’s not healthy. The very center, you lie. Get out. I’m findin’ ’em. (Page) 285, respect for church; turn the back on (dead Pope “in state”), but, does he turn? What does he turn? Because gate root (Webster’s IMP) root mean since, about RPM, we’re blistin’ here. Drop the clutch at 7500 (Hospital).

Shutdown on wilding tickets, to blame the beastin’, ’cause of a swap, and anybody woe, we have been full-well, can open piss too. You best read a 9-D. If (a sum) becomes odor – on the side. A 285. Gavelhorn, just is somethin’ (Au) sohn, traveled (T.V.) Traction (sewn; they like that. Liability 100%); watch (Fordham geometry came. Ford, I want you to school-say) 309. LEAP. Matter (Page) 109; in pages, pieces become root. In sections, we evolved goin’, “absolute”, ie. “has a house?”, with Taibbi (jawline) ahead.

Corner that ccolo are two huge piles: one still in, the fort Year-mirror. Easier to make you racing off. I smoke weed. So, I can go (Leiderman priest pocket) ‘febrile’, tackin’ a (decade) of yore, fuzzy. This won’t make it easier; we say this is until this, it was not there. These are those; I have yet to do ’em. Kit, august The Baby is here without its numbers. Without my vertex operator algebra, and my edge set, I’d go “in tune (not one)”. At syphillis tuned, I’d race four-way. Sheaf, is one we place in our String Theory tonight. Mellow. Free is through the gate.

Markup, that’s up; hypertext. Am quittin’. Jay, had your heart-o-gram. Don’t you have one? If I has two (they rattle); loaf. Tiger, see? Rob

physical political, bagel 514. rescue. Rest of you, get (prove. Shout. Put, a “her”, over the edge) shallow. Prove beg hey do you, some; do yourself have any holes? (ix) Lost theirs. Who put the pope-it, put theirn. (Sheik) Ran into the … shape. Can any (pixie) Stewart, any do? Bezier (‘lo) Brillo, ka-strange. Jimi’s thrown off caution. Y-can hear ya.

Zertex pert; had all courtin’ put up that 73,000 is a hundred years (day) in steps. Now, with ’em broken, (aside) weapon. I guess weapon guests. Happy.

Ever wait for this to twist? We know (that step), yet you roger. 10-20 (a keening. “John just had”. Hey. Leaned somewhere, John has steady). “For this”, I can probab – (ah. Oh) I can get a forest. Four trees. Rag it up. cf. Effective tremendous; this is trees. You just might. Vine. L, R with surreals, ya bluster.

I do not set great [… oh, (go) it’s him all … go for it. Forgoes him-sent, out of involved (extensions when they (can limit) ’em all. Toe)]; we did; … store by, nor indorse (in white & Jewish mocking person) spoke to; legal. Get here. Skis in it. By numerical (ten of six), 5:58. Bearer to (LESS, less) hollow (should you get any) if legal ENGRAVING, if legal says bear, hither thow off caution. Kizzes, smokin’, fizzy.

(1952) 416 19 05 02 23

remind who this was; from the handle-gate, it was entered from above. (but,) I got a bad one, but a sound of ’em. Tainted (yo) our blessing. Yo blessing over. I recently wrote that. Ally, not even looking; looking.

My cart was full of ’em, they revert (spasm of a lit tail); they were babies. So, we have an elementary (Tutu?) thing of theirs Jews use to affirm that they get to (compare) (you’d be) rudimenetary. Because, the very human folly or “foible”, they can (puke), you’d “up”, or promote. He (I am now selling retail) some bunker.

It is that; little with it, and it, is there; why it’s there, a spokesman for this could beg in old laws, of the old universe lived out, or unlived. Barter. I got legs kind for shusher; nigh subjective, and I sue his. Anew.

I had all these; ponder. When you have all these, j-invariant has these puzzler. Now, do I profit in an ellipsis? Those are both, “stir up”, or “stirrup”, and imagine a way, with some (all in good fonts), that if a guy like John is the boss – it wasn’t Hopper. It was Fonda. Zero extra work that I could medical. “She Said, She Said”. Here to function the wed.

All of that time, “is up”, that it could be. I could do it sub-race, sub-brace. Radius, or (happen) on it now, with these declines. My embracing of it? Sure. We can’t do all of it. Catch these with this here on it. Parts of it coming apart (Sn) + + + get the gunk off. (This) of it. In beliefs, if I think he’d raise shell half the amount. (all that stands between (me) where it) down in Bumfuck, over?

What are “Jewish things”? Where? The monster, the cities that we had. Mocheckies (that we do; that we have) clock out. Determine someone I could love. That I could keep your head. It’s all, because I’ve wanted correct by math doin’.

Drew him tighter-loving, someone tall. What’s in a cast? A name? Way out of Department One, have those ya go, “Do the splits naked”; have goin, “this gum?” Ya gast. I take it’s? – in the jurt if.

Nobody read my last post! Pry of, I’m so gappy. Conscious, worse. If even a fraction of “mental illness” is an illusion, can’t just keep ’em. Goes follow, “Let’s put Jews to death for their invention”, if false.

Now, I’m going to say they’re out making fun of us. Don’t go there. And folds, next mine, it’s terror, they don’t back ’em. I don’t mind (you preach forth (a) woo book) they are exterminated. And, ma crowd kinda wastin’ our time here; (and, the old choda) And, if you near me from that; they go seekin’. Logical, I see. Let me go tell ya.

What the baby forces, mind, is the roots of a field. They don’t go over. All in the (sam-ples) (like the notches on a gun) is just wasted; the (corps of up above idiot, on the levels of drug intoxication, ie. “levels” on your bike). “Drunk”, it just was.

Young m – hand. Gren – tip’s dotted. Wait together. Striper, football field. Callin’ you. What say – is your cell? – naked? Mine. On a minute: were there. Tribe, be. Fake a smile for the new – Bms, or of Bs; we could pass it there.

The definition of a 21st-Century (drank a whole milkshake) inform. You can’t get drunk and soon leave your senses. You get mad, forget the joke’s now on the ship.

Now of, “Memorial Day” – (Scooby) whamsies! (alcohol) Yay! Life, yes beagle is everything. (Keep to the mistakes) Color graph to the top!

Which heimer (too product) Holden pathetic. J. D., so much eugenie these. The vault a) Far, skip a time, how a) they widdit (shallow oof) [bike]. Career at stand podi off. And, dive it. Piglet, I have old (urid? Get who’s cracking down) synthetical. Already hurl, then I, that objected, and well, one in cosmic whir. Let DEL/incur?

They do compete. If it’s in fiction one time you knew your house. This fits in. Get it sweater.

Go we cork. WHA loved to be there, 1970’s. How to note redder is around ourselves. Just spellin’ very often – (beg) – teeth woodeno what are there. Fair he, lead set is over buzzards, if you ever get Chuck’s hads a chick is Easter (geffall) down. His response? A chance, eh? See what you can do. Da harmay, et a biggerh hat.

t a m i s s
o t h s a k y p o n g m i d i
i n k i d w e t r e p a d n t
w h e r i t y a n i n t b e c
n i w i n g d d o i n g o m e
w d t
w h a h e n i t w
t e v i w a a s o
e r i s a c b v i
w a s h i l o u s

Watch it, your bracelet. Advise what foreset was: novels. And, what gay lament? What gravity up top? And, as we o gathered, we promised to BP streppany. Ed, feel his me to you, was so soccer. Succo tash on a midtream. Snatch, don’t take off early. One, did I say was clear?

Threadbare stuff. Monkin’. Come up to or restrudey? Nope. What does prudey? Batch you can’t see you a arter. (we fixed DEL) They’d get me the hippy, so look, enigma. This is thrall too man. Get me the extra. How was it, child? Aw, a blind man could Kessies aluminum foil – over. Kessie’s jack’s. Hid heel. Let’s, of suspects, keep fetid. ‘Smantle?

See. Woke up as tell (which he judged a poppin’ time) your first Stephen succumbed, bed. For his own best custose you could get (ramified reference) pilloried over. Override can’t; essess fucking eye. Switch down (I?) Going down. Ears. Forge how home aim gainin’ wit’ was a surprise.



Thu, 24 May 2018 14:54:07 +0000

whomever is ten

X.  Donald



When my fist clenches, crack it open
Before I use it and lose my cool
When I smile, tell me some bad news
Before I laugh and act like a fool
And if I swallow anything evil
Put your finger down my throat
And if I shiver, please give me a blanket
Keep me warm, let me wear your coat
No one knows what it’s like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes



461 that’s close as hell; on there, on then.



461 – 2 shanks



461 – 3 course, this is fucked over. arrow in, driving.

way out

Open Office, there, rigged up with a minor change to the defaults; you can’t write it. Then, moreover, whom. Now, I’d have to vertically center. Adverbs, M. You don’t get a sentence! I forgive the thinking. (They gave me (“power”) questions): Two (reset); like ‘Almighty’. The opposite (to turn) is zero. Zeroes are at the front of each number, (kiss is) understood. Can too, lose Betti …


Despite my believing this is (u)nner; none-or.

This actually is sum-simmin’. I am a mafia, and, I simulate answers, the same as you meant. I have seen quite a few around.

[I already had to print it off]. It’s Word, and it’s my slower computer, now.

I am not “in tune”, (in turn) with things. Just now, a lucky sound.

Analysis                                          Substance of Donald Trump’s Tweets, 1d

You, entire; the priest Ra … is (thereof).  “Without rain”

For(th). I do not know what that is; (this fourth). I can’t just change (put it on mute. “Fell”) it, because of (one of (mine) their) rules: immutability. Would, about if I had (end) of things up, oridinary (adv.) to, 1. I (if) had sets in my mind, 2. The concentrations imply that I stick to my (skin).

That’s all about bisecting, in mind, your (same as stick). Yeah, queen of theologica, the double queen, in reference to her, I get to be the “who”. (“That is fine; see to his wolbs”) We’re woke up. That’s bullshit.

Now, my thin-and-vapory (part) functional ghost functions, as 1. The mind, 2. The real world (cast as keep) castle keep … 3. It’s only doing little things.

The little part, signified as “Mattell”. It’s substantial today. It’s worried about that. Whom that would be? A robot, happens to be. End, (if) we don’t like cluckin’ er, to quote you, it (chew) (TAKING), we’re going, so (line & skips) it.

I am looking at real-world things; (I know what) I want you to go off. It’s rain, that’s why it’s analysis, and, (look how, fucker). Oh, (go, “it’s a religion”), guess a shot (all maps, so don’t worry about physics).

We regularly join up (Prince) with, wording object, as set, “our friends”, basica – you don’t. Friend, I forgive (M) you. Meaning, they’re there, (during) count this as a limit. “Go pull M”, is (dots) (the sound of “there”).

If you like, these (anonymous, a ghost, and transparent), the oddysey. I sat here. The vigil (adding to the left end of the number. The last of the (Red Mohicans), the ghost (that chew plate).

For example, “it’s raining there”, and though sampled, then these (I’m) being a co-range sup (superior); a sup (Wild here it) said, “That’s an Eighty.” The Y-intercept, once looking the vulgar, K-theoretically “let down”, into the Euclidean. If you’re all symbolification, I’ve had w, c, and, well, he has known c, in experience.

That being, they’re gin. No adverbs (you wanted) (slurring?) touch, hands, and, “wash your hands”, with mild prejudice. I only add four-word. Hunt me more (ah, Michael Moore).

Is this set up (now). Physical, again? [Start searching]. It can’t be them, because, it’s okay I’m stoned. On us (them, referring to a celebration, I bet). They must be – trying – (use go) “trying”, so get (plenty of why). The CIA doesn’t care; it has a curtain to pull. (Dogs) tear it off. Come by, fight a shot dog; if I mean, “bite”, of course. There’s white, there’s fuckin’, and I don’t. This house.

My brain, I know, je. And, je substitutes. Did you cheer? The so-what, of yes, I cheered up, was now.

Myself, and extent. I was now logic, third part. These people merely present their tweets and there’s no event; imperial way, devotion. Talk to me. What in mind, though, is the impsossible of knowing and commenting on your own tweet. You send it in fair. Now, M-joints an object, no other now, a piss, another now.

It doesn’t “would be”. The sucker is.

I did check this; now hold this. Here we come. The ghosts are repositories, hidden under the headings. It’s life, and (forgive it) for a green.

I have habits for signaling me back. But, if you’re a God, you died. Everybody dies in this “world”. If I need a U-turn “out”. Well, “a seek”, Betty.

Thoughts in general: wrong. A specific (well?) “special” university. In general, those we “kin”; it is going (get) to “after”? You?

I do speak French. They come after me, they’ll get killed.

Speaking to you right now: Last, force version. Ghost the house. Speak of Truman. They don’t. They hold over, speaking.

I’ve got that: representative thoughts. A sucker guides me.

I’m not using jokes. Experiment is one of squeezing me.

They (Donald. Tell who) fell off the bed, implying bedfellows.

Lie we’re not strange.

If any was, we’re clear. This is the conclusion (from in there), of (and, died in eyes) …

Duty, it’s the formation of a half-beast, here we come. Once, Tay stepped in it … (what? Hint). Win it that you’re rubber, exhaustin’ it. AUSTIN, quite. I’m just surviving. It gets in your head (“in your hearing”), is chill, is pad. Oh, son-of-a-bitch; quiet, pig.

Human predators at Google are acting on God, for all …

Kinder. History has what she is, and all (platitude of parting).

Addressing is a kind of helping; in seeking their identity, there’s a special site. Culture Club, (by), and I habitually kinetic psycho literature; I’m helping you out.

Being heroic myself, there will be no chapters of esoteric anything. (“Be”), that jury is just one erg.

Revenge, ’cause out. That category win taken. How different (are) definitions when, in a nuclear (2Wild), it tried ’em all? Write ’em all? Let it be everything. Of course, there are opposites. Write me a letter. They don’t need ink. And, if this is over a skirmish, they won’t be needing ink. They don’t pack it.

Courage. I’m a poor boy, who thought, “Well, Putin’s not unfuckable. Set somethin’ up.”

Fee is … well, my fee is greater than boys.

Let’s taking liberals to the Cabinet. Already false. “Taking” is art. Ours precipitates war. We don’t want to “take” ours.

I am going to keep writing, even though I promised 9/11, they figured it out, and they sold it.

Little baby chimpanzee here. Gina Haspel is very friendly to me. That’s (Wild) you don’t get. You don’t, we get, we made, and stabber’s here.

No-one who can’t hear me should (30) be afraid; thirty’s it. Yeah, “thirsty”, bloodthirsty. Pop it in. It’s just that you don’t let R.E.M. Get so it’s thus, Molatov.

A skip of two times down. It’s out of mind. He gets really mad inducted into his singing. What their – “band”. Beside me, the product space. I Stipe.

Legal is … some foes do. I didn’t have foes. I had the Constitution, genius. It’d kill, for what you do to my “effect”.

First, (I need for “go first”. Brink) WITCH HUNT! He said it. Then, Internet, Jays (please stripe this. I’m an article, mate could come. His numbers: 39, 18, 67.

Now, of fold. The demons are the night. They are of it, and they folded. It’s nothing, but to them, the time starts, of you’re ready. Then, there was notion of bag. They keep it in a zoo.

Beliefs don’t make a strong graph. Just inviting numbers today. Sorry, that’s a flat.

I won’t reach for the imaginary sand to put in its imaginary pussy. Take off, having a scrum with the New Zealanders. Pitch it.

Commitee of Correspondence, Continental Congress (Martians), the Red One.

39, 18, 67. We’re just in skill. “They’re denying”. If any statement can be in red, that’s true, ’cause walk it. 1867 is low, after the (dying we could meet) the Civil War.

It’s not a perfect day, but kick back. Myself, and Donald Trump, is (a (2) SUBSTANCE), then babe-bee, hold it, “three”…

It’s too symbolic. Never mind the writing to your friend. Adjust. We have thus what we (go call) how it is that I’m always*, is that some coder doesn’t fit this universe. How it still codes is less the night it happened. * think. Is this a model? Is hearing inside undercover? These (m) keep me up basing at night.

Oh, well. That’s perfect: 7 x 17 x 37 x 89 It came out (about witches); they could keep it; slowly. Here Steve comes out. I’ve then holding; the unholding: 7 x 17 x 37 x 89 clearly went is 27: I’m multiplying, an advance-step out. 10580409, freakin’ high, though.

“One SB, do I?”, and the seminary school of that is yes. I do, the ghost says, I follow, you follow. (Do) set up the temps. Nothing’s temporary.

The use of this room. Well, who goes there?

105849, very conspicuous. 9, 19, 619. House! It’s in the 619. Jury, how’s a space-pest? Greater-than, pushin’. This is mathematics. We win over physicists in thinking. They are pigs. 7775849 = 71 x 109519. ‘Chout all. There’s no mistake. Is a 105 a 777? Gross. (“Ten-code”) code sampler at? It’s a turn, a) Recent date. b) effect 9595, from “In the Year 2525”. Solved it, Bette. Whom. Jesus. Her, act on the (getting Jesus) roses. The list of the roses is to be put “in the pill you took today.”

We are near, playing the House of what frequently-used word is up. We find it all over, we pray, we sit down, and it continues on that basis. And, here, I see a five-term basis. We’re stoned; more complicated is themes of new terms, rate percent of the product category, casuals.

To see to it, a tiger has no “other words”. As a calling, the art of the rate is using people. In talking, they so order to, with the decades the stunner. Nobody can keep DECADE in its head. Great heads are two obvious. Heads and documented’s cool. All a richer man had gave us a setback. I have a setback, nope? The roots I’m not using (and then go into a Mark Wahlberg, stuffing).

You have to do some of what PK clear NP, (boiled). There. (“There”?) you are going to (so, percent, up to why-nine-of-King). No hitting, thank you. You’ve been (squibs) explained, though in a keen (untold destruction), and it-clean wants.

It destroys you, so let’s not keep hair-trigger feature for view, any more.

I located the pedestrian methods and sources. Cut our discourse; no realm.

I only ducked so long, error. Induce (that’s what you do to me). I’m ultra something, so all yer ta get is sleep.

I got a story from you; I don’t need you any more. You’re bunk.

“A friend”. Allow me. I’d like for glioblastoma, and then for … how-to’s close that off. I don’t fret; presentiment. I don’t guard, had had cancer, and that’s (“you”. I’ll shortly Cannell’s he) cock. You meant that, ’cause trade-all. Get this hairer, trade-off; now you (go TAKING) in.

You kill the people, and then the Administration in a minute. He’s the all-you-can-accept. Want calling ordinance in on my known position? It’s pretty instantaneous. You’ll want to matter to the crew. For, who can tell he’s in a purple ingress?

The substance gets how they get in position. With NONEXISTENCE, the substance behind us hates tomorrows. The red, borschey, to your taste. You ‘d do your unner. Take excess beats; how lovely to bring your hidebound selves.

What’s so great about the taking, red, is SERVILITY. “I must do”, save for (ways) time, nine numbers “two”, if I’ve to do, 5, 5, 5, to do, low current. Present events don’t matter, ghostly (relative). Dinnerly? Looking up (a mackly) so’s are stone. I’ll always think that’s owes we’re stoned, and one-twos (a) nide which flare?

Ah, ’cause Macy will. It’s alright, though. You have to have “trumP”, in your Department. You are of respect to somebody 45. they all take apart, so gets too lean. They are a joke, finding out. Jaw, they quite same. Coming down, I’d wanted that gummy 0.6 billion (to kill). Volunteered them, just to keep it for the coin.

I could accept you off, and, Mr. Trump and I are gaming with a high crypto. Ain’t I? I pick them up, de loose. I have the leading edge here. The G-pentalinear, for Roger. We’ll decide, if an object can be prone, I’ll let it say this here.

Getting killed is part of boner. Can I get a tight shot in here? Petty coped with zeroes. He only went it for cash; have. So, am I “out”? Out font don’t have no friends (friend’s)?

Even though it told me, it tells me again. The circuitry explains it; it has in-house, no faster (ket); partially ordered set, I have “cir”, 3918? Here it’s get G-change, with zero in the room, then it only applies, of five, fewer. I can read that (its up).

2 x 3 x 653, The error is ours. Heck, he’d depend, ‘they’re denying’, ‘ours’. Almost (say, the (German version) am) menge; I see set. Entry 653, one of one, bullet: mm, UNCLEANNESS. You can’t stick something under in the same sequence, to clean it. Zero.

Relationships are what will not blow away, so reality is a ship. But, you have CELEBRATION in this, somewhere.

A Stephen. How is right? Well, unwell, it’s got a pure right. It hits you with the more sympathetic selections. Here, all the grammar used the supposed, to throw the now-book at me.

Let out your air. If I blow up the world, it’s not a loss. I blew it up.

Imagine. Assemble here. Use that 24-hour out-of-place 365. Those are added. That’d be, in sins, out of three worlds, you’re the one that’s destroyed.

Full-size the affections. Out of here. They’re not goin’ the anxious. Create goin’ so is a favor.

You’re not playing fifteen minutes. I fed over your (I’m getting work. The) battle.

Get out before I go through the roof; before I gank Coup One.

Cut that culture you gave me. There’s something when it’s little. The group makes up. You’d be lucky if the out cake susie, an hou-er, to come out of the howitzer.

In witch, yell. It’s a witch of the natively, a lot. It’s goin’ their imagined, intitial front, is, and must be, in their heads. It all comes louder via the welt. It’s you; whom. (They yogh de 80) imaginary person connected we discussed. Let’s now (blank) them all; lost via non-trunking in, to share a term.

“Electroshock” does not mean electroshock, on “Hullaballo”, Abortionist.


A wise, black hole you live with, I could wise. Once your police are finsished with me, I’d like a lower seat. I must be in the front row, with ’em.

This is The Voice? Knelt.

Killed, a guy is trunked in. That’s the moment we are hooking you up to. 37 is go get 13; 13237. They’re six. Fro, keep bastard’s. Knock thirteen. It’s long enough. It can speak for itself. (Stephen) 7 x 31 x 61. Come on up. Bate the dimension; 7 x 7 x 31 x 61. Legal (thus) they’re the one witch fit the one. 92 FIER, ah, but that’s four. Well, that’s four. For denying they’re the one, fit the one; Pitt’s fear, “come on, let’s go”; heh. We’re people. Let it go. What’s this “we” taken up?

Get on. A radish has meat.

Drat. If sounds do radix, them. The post that we got is long; into friends; the journalists for this story, are gone. It’s after the need for journalists. It’s not aftered.

Talk amongst yourselves, how just keen if they’d enforce laws. Dreck.

You witch, Steve. I left my fly down. Foolin’. They have laws for the blind; they’d have traps.

And, everything.

Thing’s forthcoming. When everybody’s burned, I want ’em out. Now you, in your place. Pull a little bit. Yeah, they’re stupid, everyday. Absurd.

Have ya be it; the second lines. 63, 69, 64, and they’re all n-thousands. But, your ::::::: x, is mine, sugar. Home room, then it spells out “fifth”.

It doesn’t say anything that isn’t already in my mind. (we can expect) from when it speaks. I do these in order, too, because (briefer) it knows when I get ahead of myself. It seems, Pete, we’re goin’ (Rob Petrie) where this thing’s of use, except for the squeals.

Normally, dead people, pinning of, to come full, that is all. They’re – fonkit is free; they’re stable front there (here in our room), then there’s nothing any more they were doing, and there’s getting up, going over, until proud that worlds manage to get over; thus “frozen” pat.

Television. Yeah, they do one thing, then they’re static, then just another zone from three-part us, they are only slightly off. Dil.

I’m going to take (Edw, # jury) my child out of school. I am going right. My hooker hoof, a (*), is though ’em. Like it, I cheat “on my weekend”.

So, a guy who is hanging around his face, waiting to murder people. If you live with him, he’s got to be danced? I don’t believe they’re all doomed. You’d like my father, Ed. I want to foredoom ’em all.

It’s like a flower was to keep emotions. Said flower was smelled by you. You could keep the trunk? Well, I wasn’t allowed to see my daughter’s nose. So, it looks like – you thought. Oh! On your second set of teeth?

They’re working this out. Just take ‘er. They’re partly dead.

Six right ages to kill you in. I need the math. First, we’ll gay ye. Loss of one of those is care. Parents and children, ha. We use those in war. In ward mental, I’m not saying it’s June, or it’s bad, terroring.

I wish to stand up and touch the slaughtered. Used to be a thing.

My thought’s let extra-cryptoed here in San Diego. It’s the lies caught. That, if Colombia could mate, shouldn’t we (x, Prospect, La Jolla). Heads, we smash-and-grab. Nah, I’m denying I said that. To that head, out-of; eyes. Compare, if I ever has the upper hand.

If it worse, you go that with the second event, and light. Talk lightly. I work. Let’s a for a over one. Oakland.

Tom Wolfe will take care of your money. The case is out. Yeah, there’s no provin’ where. I mean, in reality, you gotta gun. You got a gun? Banks.

Now, the rest of you – oh. It burned, on the Spanish “rest of you”. It burned me. They don’t accept. That’s dead. And, on this other thing, a treadle,… a new crackdown. It’s settled. How come that thing’s lookin’? How’s it lookin’? Heh, atavistic. Hey, the train fell off.

Their whole personality, and all rained up, is explained in a few of these terms, the Thesaurus entries. They mass them up; they pound ’em in a make and model, most is Steve Martin’s. They of pled the, thing where … how these gods normally namaste and date the scientific discovery coming in the packet, a packet of Time Machine, that scoops to late-Twentieth Century (and) braid.

I’m lookin up whit; you don’t care if you were killed. Who would do that? You were killed? Who is responsible for they? This world with my death in it, could blow the people, over mutual combat. You know, how housey is it, how’s? House Japan. The answer so, is there flight 182, is there Vietnam? All the is-theres mean if I the body electric … lend the whole thing to me. It’s time you were off. Scientists six five thing.

What if they weren’t killed on that circuit? Doubt. Well, it’s only “one” up to “situation, Bob”; and if you were sitting, dirt!

Oh, that’s donor. If you have a bred thumb, it turns other stock in. Looking for a plane crash? Hits “risk”. Tear Bob on the way in, circuit. You’re in a room. There’s lots of other-friend, besides what the crash is goin’. You thumbed the pages. There’s a crowd. PROVISION (for) WASTE, cover for it. (crop) under Page 182, is “incom-” punching in, or, “when they turn me back”

Incoming, in mail, this batty suit, of something that heads up, called it human. It was a missile, due to the fonky acceleration donkey. Clear. A human is no disease. His flying bones are lethal, and have a toll.

700 million people; and we’re need Canada. Apparently, there’s a shoe going on down there. Thirty? The very centipede’ll limb.

I used every tick that used a beat (came to me). Not what it said, leave Twitter on.

The different energies of my pentalinear dictated that you stay out. My clock. That two badges, uh (A T & T) completed fool, well. Won’t mark completely. You’ll be out, you’ll be beatnen up, and you’ll be a puppet. They other note wise dead!

They find me. What’s dead? Exilerating. Hmm, within Earth. They passed you, by “a law”. Your mood exists. I wish I had a pen, the very liars who shied away last time a gun was pointed to them. Duckin’, they definitely, with my mood, chop peas. You know where this is goin’.

They fucked up. Wicket forego my mood (farm death), a shop. They, okay, this mood. Well, sane people talk to God. They don’t talk to him about Sue. He doesn’t know about Sue. Heating up. Remember, forever. Trapping.

We have nuclear, actually, if you didn’t go to math class. We know that (we have a Tar King?); he knows that.

It’s on the page with Donald Trump, and, this is why I am tortured. He’d know Cannell. They’d pet it (that regard) it seems like a lot of details, if not an actual God, or … keep stinger. We’re an artificial intelligence. (Yes), and duck peas. We’re just a sound, but the hurricane, beat. So, not generating.

Not an actual asshole, God, for you punk. In jank. No, I’m under the auspices of. I’m wringing-out. You don’t slit somewhere. Is Fabulous from Chicago (morphs). Hetero-man, after heterotic, egodic, or say keys mate. Willed a various lock, eh? I’m getting a cold, so I’m a colony.

I went to tell a lie, but. The “target”, now we’re done. The digits … arking. Pride. A heart. With-ing, the yuds (“source” me); y-u-d-s- st to move; you and me talking. 3 x 13 x 646421. This it? “See, am found. Found you”. You myself, found me.

Why K-it? Why K-it, me. Barb, it’s because of the light, or illumination. Your brow’s knitted, under my information, ending my writing, and giving you cyanide. I’ve reap-copter.

And gate. There are five, though, so patterned.

Master, do leave the blondes to the favored, Donald Trump. Choke on it. 2020. He is the best President I’ve ever had. We know you choke. Shock sort of pulls on your throat.

Usually, “feedback”, Donald Trump. Label. Of, if the guy is a genius, or he’s not, how that’s gluing. Does he take longer? Does anything but in place, take longer? And, in the game “aspect” men break through the set, the inside. Well, you’d have to watch. I don’t see you with my mind. Fool, it’s your eyes; wonder there.

Nothing against women.

(“Nothing you’d give up?”)

Yeah, right. Summer end.

“How to deal with all of you”, CSN & Y, “Deja Vu”. Put hup. Once, how to deal with all you said. You know God talked to every one, but you don’t go where it – stunner. To be connected in roots, beautiful faces of ’em, huh? God looks (for) ugly. My pants are old.

When you get these, see these. Then, grow up there, float. Pull over. Then is one-delt, so turn out raw and sanctimonious. That sure what’s growin’ there, dies back. Pity all.

My “wattles”. That (my double chins) my environment? So, there are outnumbered thoughts? (They) said “he’s”, something. “He”, is; there’s soft stuff there, in the environment, made out of thoughts, thinking, responses. They asked, terribly mixed-up.

It’s the Democrats who are murderers. Jumped up, without qualms, tried to kill me. As though facing your dead parent, you’d be responsive. You’d be raped responsive, because you’re his.

You’ll be zeroes, I’m projecting.

Hold it to the ground. So, deportment is, “Go ahead for killing me”, and your planet has a nuked six o’clock?

Because, and I ask, is there a Baby? Huh? (yes) light ’em up?

No, I am being on excited, how I fail. Do you like the homeostasis? You prey, I assume (a gallon there)?

Care of, they don’t know the answers in definition. They merely call off-base, “their parents”. Oh, ticked-off. Oh. Our parents – you (yep), uh, the breaks at forty are 1900 and 1940. “Let’s see if my God”, is still with me. You, of entitle, “who we are”, who we could plan.

Thank you SBA list, SBA gala. Then we want, “SB” hoe, rake. Those your initials? Can I cut your throat ( a cardplayer’s turn. Then you smoked)? “Term”; I play is eighth. En-nubble it.

33, 47, 20 (niggers’ll be killed); their property presented (-to). They don’t like – but, a piece of my property, see, is you sent. Therefore, (you call that?) these now what I’m (you) present: woman.

That you can’t force God; he’s joining. Don’t give him curves. Don’t relax it (what I said) Shannon, what He said. Go whine a sit on his lap.

I always can (when I divide by five. You via-bide two). Where Joey plays, it’s going. The ring, God doesn’t do it. He goes where a million-shh! Blow up – stop, stop.

66944. Here it sent. I want this all wrapped up (by two) [12:51] … if they have a ’66 944, then that is (trunk) James Woods. The 944 doesn’t come out in ’66, is a’s. I reach for the power (topological stretchout) 33472. Probably, a ’72 Porsche. Two-to-the-sixth, by 523 (Ew, loaded it up). It’s just that MISINTERPRETATION, of that book. You got your latest off.

16736, pig, cf.

Agency, ’68. You murdered Martin Luthor King, fucking FBI. That’s all ’68 was, weren’ there?

4184. Yeah. Don’t call me Dad. 2092, “tib”. Tibia, I think it flew. Your neck, write me down.

10-46, assist motorist, bank alarm, attempt suicide.

Charge his kissed, too.

Somebody else fucks your mother, too. They were just cornholin’.

That’s sick, sell me. Them, uh, I want those, and those, and those, and find mayor. We’re sic’s. Go for, “Don’t we?”, and then decadelize. Go Down’s Syndrome, on a stretch. They, too, find answers.

Why dontcha train?


Holding Minnow

Sat, 19 May 2018 18:26:05 +0000

Eign gone hang down de ladder.

de first popups were blocked for various reasons: yiffs. de cost.  I could lose it ology.

going as to

Ten steps.  Our savings.  Let him in, blog-ky had connoiter.  Technologic — kaleidoscope, hammer.  Let us goo the doop. 16515725 evvy time the bus.  Say “evwy Earth”.  Pay the time.  ANS +1 and you drop yourself 2 x 3 x 3 8 3 x (7187).  Get a little blast, now 71 B.C.

Stretch, out. What team 718075 got theory: 6 ROS 514 (nothin’) N FROZEN

Got a hoggie; y’answer: Go show us.  And they fools!  Kshur, come.  Diggin’

“fool” scheme generates a Baire ya late religious; sty tedgy crossed in it.

The lower K-groups were discovered first, in the sense that adequate descriptions of these groups in terms of other algebraic structures were found. For example, if F is a field, then K0(F) is isomorphic to the integers Z and is closely related to the notion of vector space dimension.

Auction really don’t shoot that.  No-wide (hog and diggin’, in standardize) up the dirt, to worst of they {… 5, 23.} I can’t have any too soo-er, sye get it.  We’re just one of her sheepin’ equalities, only meet it better. NCFO , wanna get caught?

Formally, a cardinal number κ is λ-unfoldable if and only if for every transitive model M of cardinality κ of ZFC-minus-power set such that κ is in M and M contains all its sequences of length less than κ, there is a non-trivial elementary embedding j of M into a transitive model with the critical point of j being κ and j(κ) ≥ λ.

A cardinal is unfoldable if and only if it is an λ-unfoldable for all ordinals λ.

Write’ll the curl.

Eh, ya got it s’posed to; have even cried.  They get.


bm 1

bm 2

Add 25 per sister; staap putting-in fit stip.

bm 3


e) There’s something wrong with that one.  Etta cockpit.  Blind?  Very?  Huda, here we own prisons.  Caper hsmmer — ow!! Is’n.  What isn’?  Wack, the movie about it: “Nesters”.  Game.  In it on the nonch.

Wish many happy returns of the day.  Dovin’.

Uh, one where we have powayed.  Called to the ministry before it even object: 996 CLERGY had a mark?  Though they room, they’re on a checkerboard.  You’re up!

vigil is easy, wehbrew.

Turn ’em some way.

bm 5

Beeeeeep!  I’m long to the few, May.  Have ‘er questions with astute … go free, babe-it.  It shows most 17:44:44.  Those, one-a, grades with around, 12 x how to move (“necessary, G”); I know how his house is.

Whatto’s rad.

17:49:52 ‘kay, owes during a priest-babing 8 x 19 x 1151.  Go “This is the ache?  Sh!”

With all that.  What are those? (I’m eating church.) I want to know, whakcai are ya?  She keeps, midge.  Panorista, yanary shady?  Don’t even know where it was.  Keeping that.  Ya happy?  Was this thing, crow style.  Ya, j’keep it in a world of fairies?  They just stone free; wuh.  Catch each story.  Way you’re free to, your dolly scuzin needs a haircut.  Boight, wassay nose.  Foes.  Other things (be rather) left as they were, maybe at dinnertime.  I don’t have the energy, said it was he plows.  Ran stracket.  I don’t need the ability.  Locations.  Officer, darling, as it would be wore there, woo destruction.  What was dokie mine, sure bet.  I don’t.  I didn’t; so was that?

Good of the day, all.  So, ends up.

and they don’t want, wrong, capiche. Do Mick. This is God. Does it make a difference, he’ll kill me, his massa soo jibbee.

we 328 all duh vize

cohesive: pussy.  Venn over it beat.  They see suds’ 328 BRITTLENESS.  Never forget that.  You don’t have to take a nap.

“He had ‘em!”, said Tom Wolfe. This was, “balls”, from the limerick about Adam, smugly in the Garden of Eden.  Our earliness is an extreme limb there; there are no gifts in this sentence, paragraph, these hours, or other things, ultimately (that it was, too, to stick Bette Midler’s name in here).  I have forgotten my prejudice, and vow to run this to be about God.  The mellow attraction is that any word with t-i-o-n is about a rate.  There’s no it.  It says that, backwards.  “It’s afraid of you”.  In real life, it’s just words, with “chopped-up”, being express.  You do not want – cancer.  Man, it is not to be John Denver, especially, oh – too worrisome.  It is not special to do these things ascribed to shipping God, in the real world.  The demons are God’s technical crew; if that is doing something to your face, it’s now, “because of Stephen Hawking”, and gear ALICE COOPER.  Such in your people.  I have corresponded with these three, and am adding Ms. Midler.

Alice Cooper gave me a “like”. Those two wrote me letters.  Stephen Hawking couldn’t even move his (I hand); intelligence.  (Say you’re); I say “they’re”.  I use it a lot.  I am not going to change into God, because He “writes like that”.  It’s really good that you substitute.  I’m not that good for now, neither am I good (plan) with time in question.  Things are said, such as, “good morning”, Glenn.  (substituting for passion, let this ebb away, whatever you say doubled), and the (One, I need a step) “today in …”; and, come Friday-Saturday, and someone who isn’t me will unquote.  The future is of the universe.  I do not know how come, or really understand.  Perhaps the extension of communication for this is for (all) that.

My shifting, “private life” becomes, at the speed of light.  I mean, with a giant wake, you surf (us); there’s a vulgarity to me.  Bette’ll become “words”.  I think that’s bad I fight ‘em.  Don’t fight.  I had terms, none suitable, and I asked, if I had a crew, if I had one question, anything; I asked for dinner.  And, Elizabeth said, “The Jews are the Oracles of God.”  Are you freeing?  That was here; this is it.  Semicolons “Arian”; it’s all until I have a simple keypad operator space.  It’s hovering, your finger.  How to space out words for a creature left wet or dry, a function of three dimensions, is one with “alien” being Jewish, roughly, assuming you understand this God could talk to whatever hushed up and evolved.  Wolves are evolving a wolf-man, by slotter, on the blog, for I has ‘em.  Billinghurst/BLOGGER, get it.  That Wolfe now speaks in snuffling and barks, and The Baby, a vice president, a spitter.  You can ascribe a sum of sequences from something like, “Wexwit!”  And then tick-Steve, tock.  What is that?  I am the one, oh song of the South, who committed … [well], who was committed (in the towas?).  In raveling, the attraction to claim “no lobotomies”, is resolved.  It’s hidden forever in electroconvulsive therapy.  I will claim the two removed from quotation; knowing digit (the one is God).  Lou Reed received shock treatment, and six things happened to … everybody.  He couldn’t write. He couldn’t even sing without being the one who sounded flat, then and there.

I ask W for a chance to respond, but curs – [Take Two], it’s fake! But [keep answers].  That statute was that it is “faked”, and, as fantasy.  I stopped somewhere (although inside), and they (chick); the chick; let’s see, it’s, ah, she … ( and then I response).  It is all messed up, and you just bead up with sweat.  Wolfe wrote me in June, 1970.  Go, you, yeah, aver Hefner, Evelyn, Manuel, eh?  It’s awry.  They do not have clothing, words, or stationary in the United States.  Fifteen minutes are bigger since, as a “house”, you are at war here over the 1787 Constittion’s proscriptions (at the point of a sword).  It took years to ratify.  Therefore, arm yourself.  They think that under their roof, you are not going to escape me.  We very well-form (up and downed), that all cities of this planet will suffer nuclear annihilation, or go own.

(I’m a nut), ah. Passes knight.  The way we refer to Midler is via “shoes”, and “foot”.  The footnoting of the tweet is prone.  I want the second right to tied, to punctuated through RECEPTION  hyperspace.  You just take with alive, being sent the “demon’s (sorry)”; throffle.  Just a ‘call to the priesthood’ but they half-full.  In from being a Jew, she crosses Pele, and the nonexisting, penis-parading type, will just incredibly iron out, at a greater rate, any concept you “insight”, but, as a paranoid schizophrenic computer (upon), like a Number.  It’s a LETTER FROM A EUROPEAN JEW OF 1940-1945, that’s all.  It’s how.  These people we have lost those people.

Depending on (how wet it is), a verse. Yeah, a verse that said FATES.  It was wetter, but it said FAKES.

It, under God, doesn’t mumble. It does a “gay” thing, with anonymous dentistry, such that.  We have proof of you, and we could have used … (some of you), gaining humor.  I’m up 8 7 4 words.  Trace it?  Of, words in that area, that beta area.  The whole tease-saurus is funny, T. Rex, or Rhett.  Killed ‘em (must) how it was; one plan is still to mock your accusers.  874 itself is DISPREPUTE.  The damsel residue of the ultra clever places vectors for jeopardy, (Barrett Brown is of the small; weighs) are.

People’s “wild-card” –eity oddly … a start. Ah, mister; timed at 4:08 and seven epsilon, my fine of eyes as gear you’re there, your calculator is able to calculate the real time, but you’ve put it out of standard.  You have implied the “exact” (no time) special, and no time’s special.  Through God, some alien cunt-tell.  So, I have to do that, (remove) , bye, and become player than.  With me as the original fated martyr, we can, a) Really talks to God, boy.  Being relax, Tony format bub.  So, I’m a man of b)?

I don’t talk Universe to that God at all. Desperate to go there, (they) pretend they’re the one.  I mean, 10:31.  Break it.  It’s not 10:31.  Salman Rushdie me two for word-count.  (Above) woah, I’m hungry.  There’s no information above.  You must race to the … (I’ve put that just to see by you).  Lava, chance us Krakatoa.  You know I am.  Crack it.  People outside, let them hurry.  I’m going to call them.  Call them a bus, to referral.  I’m –

I’m early in this breed. You have a “matrix”.  There are no math.  Pre-the, ah.  (You, too) (they) didn’t say it backwards, like.  Go have us get orientable noise.  Above the inside (of my guts) there is no information (about the future); it buys; in troth, I came to bring you something.  I’m “it”; this Taylor (them Maynards) it buys.  It believes you.  The notes about “its”.  Ah, the No-it, the declared one.  I started with it, so nothing sounds – now.  It’s a thirty-year sounding.  I’ll be off.  (He’s; Bill) ew, got any, his (come with the) usage; they came at me with, “your bread!  Sir!  Eat your bread, (Steve), or we’ll sentence you.”

Then, (me) he goes into a thing for giving the right to nuke to someone like Donald Trump, with no-one like him. Hims.  Oh, his dick.  He has drawn (this out).  We are waving this about.  How many cards dead people take “will”, with summand that I am in the language.  In fact, whose (nose.  I cut them.  Words) is bell?

Said insane, theory goes for spread ‘em out, that the sneak-boys atomically how-me (we can’t convince them. The way the upper-sounding words scatter the, like “favorite”.  Do not favor us with your unprofessional’s headache).  I want emotions of anger.  They make me miserable; miser.  Sorry. “Though”, I got the genes there.  Then, the goad (that’s a noun.  Swear to God), then this guide’s ready.  The whole way of sacrifice is mid-S.  The fuse!  Stop it when the S is a C.  Wolfe does all those.  He’s … Bill, image that you get.  Can we simply frighten them?  Get out.

I put almost pure poison in Midler’s. This porn can’t get me, accepting that she’s coverage.  That’s who, barely.  (What about somebody eyelids?).  She’s sleeping.  They’ve passed her around.  Pagans, you’ve a mean moon there for … (shusta).  The indicated (earlier, powderiness).  On agency, it’s mothering; see the difference?  I guess they said their thought all out.  I’ll may dyde of thine; the worst all-out “scenario” was to find true artificial intelligence “in the future”, being not true now.  I walk batters.  Nobody ever scores.

Jim Murray, I plodded aitch-tee, (I) is Bridges. So, we go with what?  Ah, Bruce, the very somebody, metaphors tearin’ up.  Just, suddenly of a dire’s, amorally come stimulate.  I have recently incremented metaphors to approximately 1,000 to 2,000.  Abeyance is past, weft in case candy is swimmer.  Sixty-six is when.  How void to you?  You could (choose); not.  I haven’t found decisions with the time at all.  They must be from off, and turned.

So, make an (a) party is, and plastic it, with you above freshman, knowing igneous, and foreground. We haven’t failed to kill anybody, or ( that’s not going clear), left anybody’s (children) career go his route.  These were zero-ever, from fourteen.  Civil shithead, look up when the nuke airbursts, from elected to date, from Montezuma, to Timbuctu.  Level owes zeroes.  Pit-pat.

Okay then, where it says … oh. Okay, race it to its title.  Ya she the?

Do the planets in the galaxy; then good-bye. You’ve spent gauge on its warning.

“But his note, sir. Without those.”  Even those were zoop.  Pick the big one; a red wire crosses the top (of boss); now.  Bruce is to a topology.  No structure has been lifted into it; the paradigm is that of a bomb squad.  (on time) Not even God (is like) his own.  Just His droop, and threads filter back into the impeller.  But, I’m a guest.  Examine over the weekend.  I am not aware of a tempest.  Ignore (that) it would, whereas what would is false.  I forgive it huge size, if they’re that.  Define huge (size) as (that middle-S curve) is a flat, so (so those planets have a knight, and not dust) y’air.

Even postly, eek our seek, gad you gimme is dull, wheel. Gonna forte.  To do: make this friend.  Oh, an omelette.  Get her, amina like is there comfortable (I’ve asked? —  them).  I spy.  Gave you your money.  I’m worried about our nukes working.  Does something obey that?  No problem in that space.  May not a fearful aiming.  Explainer: Has a fortune in planets.  Noding.  Do you have time?  I gave you a spot to get.  Up until now, dope, we have avoided placing all things in proximity.  Like I say, I have other people.  Oh, yes.

Bette Midler has to take a Marilyn Monroe card, our lot. Oh, I, with a yeah, or of a — (ahem) by the time these balls, guy of a yu-rah, garivous inner (model is 121) tin (spoon), soup.  Plate.  Hold it.  The dog can’t talk – I mean hold it.  The guy (error of); is that a meet?

Good of oh, nay. Cia, of last.  Inflated literally, but carrier-unfold hits pout.  We can get voter “The Rock”, in the most.

Plain rays her. About figure we stack to everywhere; it’s judged to be under God.  It wants a guy, “we” hallucinating, then it wants us not.  Ever its.  “Logic” the checked, where left, prepositionally, in a place we were literally male, and too nigh to.  And, baby, who is didn’t aggressively, to that flannel, come (open a syllable that’ll) kinetically be kind to you, stowed who we get is, up somethin’ good.  Were his frights immediately suggestive?  A bit suggestive?  (Rue) made of uner?

  1. How (leave where) just he.

Nobody. My husband now.  A picture of Bette Midler is not over, shout, “It’s under!”, What if I get the numbers that are unsteady, and help them to drop?

I don’t go selling, because I’m known. The order of a fastness is not a carry; it’s a tunnel.  The God “fore”-regresses, to your last vicious thought.  Here, we have kipping, and any other facts as they occur, which is always fatal.  The Wrightwood, John.  It’s that thing come here; was.  I think we trunked in, of our aesthetic, how it’d dress (how it’d burn).  In a skeezles one can, one fab.

And, I deem what you say lies, from death, to cops, and back again, but every day, 30:70, or learn forty at school. You don’t know one.  Fuck up alibing, can it be sent from co-orinates “A” to “B”, in the system windings?  No.  Son of a – you need be repulsion, winding any way.  Stupid!  Might cheese.  Pray.  Come order cheese.  Afterimage, so is well.  Pack to Re:  One, nine – “One night I had mind.”  Dream.  Put, see?

His finitude is he Spanishes in things that have gone to war. In heavy set-up, you put forward a rate.  This has not gone toe-to-toe.  Clappy-true.  Winge his hair.

I have to use a dimensional bung-hole, with respect to the same things, which is why coming up to heap. Way the hell it’s going to let it all go, when it comes.  Yet, did we believe that as well, Bob?  Has poppers.  Oh, yeah and, and then he, the word being spelled to the dragon of a body; when you’re done, especially read.  These do.  When I go to the doctor (for), he’s out.  Goes where, take a look.

No, if, “Was?”. The telekinesis of Wolfe is where is Hawking?  Science is nothing.  Oh, it can tick to its denouement.  It’s going to stay out.  He’d decided over, his measure is only, though once (do they have starchy?) taken.  Why is Midler the only one with an environment?  And she has two room.

How it is that you are to feel is, power to the broom. Optical illusion retrograde, but it’ll estimate all you feel, allover: Hate wishes hope awry, the nature of hate had ends to the sentence of (terrible. Ose) … I bloody what?  Now, don’t – how, sah?

Those guys’ll just (woe) panel, “even though”. Hers’d fall light; now pick them in down.  (insert hand) let my people go, with Steve; I find I’ve been.

And Cher, mean up. Queek Lee’s.

I am founding; little Midler’s are extremely detailed. Let’s understood trunking-in, as God (hurry) command it out.  He does not have anything, cake.  Piece of liver.  It does that.  Help.  Under help, find aegis of a living thing.  Go back.  That’s two fields, unknown object’s in between.  Range is not yet loud to get just one’s own objects.  Am I found?  Some ‘em.  Iterating not saying any ‘ting with (they’re the) ones possible M & M’s before, you said.  You using the wrong name!!~?  To count?  What’s user?  Once this guy’s off, discreteness for processes, the scrutiny.

Ramify positive-definiteness, defied.

First of all, she is handing out businesses, folking to all and sundry; (attack. Today’s one surfing) trafficking, without safety, from a tainted “precept”, a people’s lightness of skin color, eg. Sheriff, come.

Composed ours after having done it; composition, escutcheon it’s hardly ever called. Changing out the guy you luck hard, the fourth-wall profit buck chest out.  I was screwed out of it, today’s Monday, and I know you had a script: pony, so is oat.  Girls, not regular; menarche.

Height, Jews: Hm? The way they’ll be.  Arming.  So, to do it over, WWII, compound-arm (nail), in-between, for longer; nice thing.  The set, reach conglomerate.  There’s holes in Midler?  All from her –chewed-off … send up here.

Oh, and chief, God’ll talk to you in letters personally, three or four to one.

White son.


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In mathematics, and in particular, algebra, a field E is an extension field of a field F if E contains F and the operations of F are those of E restricted to F. Equivalently, F is a subfield of E.

I just want to shout, “Who’s proofs?”, get ‘em to do, see ‘em all, so where’s more? Send me.  Us, ‘em ‘n roots: E, and worn out monster coke, contains this lady very baby she puts on his hair.  Yes, we’re all away.

My friend Whitey had his head off. I mean, darlin’, please.  He signed.  I’m holding upside down, Last Train to Alcatraz, this: that’s of his style.  You’re funny; that’s that.  I mean it where  of, off grew his place, he was from an ounce of his robbered; Connecticut, get rawer; so winnin’.  If I have electricity, they’ll pay for that.  Hungers his down; I’d July 23, 1990.  “To Fred and Brooke”.  So that, what I say, 7231990 = 2 x 5 x 31 dept x 41 hurt x his end x 569 (STYLE).  His (1.0).  It.  I have a day refactor: 23 haul so important: Do 166335770 (egg) hang in and out?

569 STYLE, breaking with. Whatever. Glass I get you, never spoken. Great some ass.

On Ollie North fall all the expenses. Marines fuck up-up, Navy nurses.  Up, a couple of ‘em.  Doot-doo.  What, you say when he fucks, he’s got, etc.  You fools ain’t cookin’.

Answer me if I share, Lum, and I’ll have a cigarette, for me. What is talkina me?  May, was a soupin’.  A big town, cast of fews.  Lud.

What, if you cut me to the quick. My heart give me what I won’t say.  I (forged a letter W), stay if still June 11, 1970, that we near.  6111970 you rule bills, because it’s hardly like mine.  Hopes 199 always already back to his opposite his end is in (de-seam oval), Boolean OR, to vow [0,1].  [1,0] Computers, of there’s four ways one of all’s written.  That was, Tom Wolfe is a bank.  His life is like a desert flower.  Let a-choo-choo choose; choice and, put it leaving.  2 x 5 x 97 x (6301) … I guess call the 301 “extraction”.  No, Be is beige.  Your hurried. 23 run ‘mongst.  Hit OPEN, let it grow; foregrown; the new season FLONASE, an environment of a cold comes on.  Nothing to show’s 140575310. Let, “No, eg. Full of aster eyes, part again code, honey”.  Why can’t I read a book?  Had just two.

Before (they’re a little detuned), so far tonight, very good. Cluck, proof.  You can see, so basin.

Regarding your – wow! Simian song: I shot in my pants (nerves). Sure.  Cher pantses.  For the page, tickey, “My Donald Trump, I Hell” seem over, so, depressed was still my time.  It licks.  They say, not much.  Say I’m a chimp.  How much lost of her, Leonardo, fonts we use (suspended) by every holy thing that’s aroused?  Said that. God.  You know what it is, outside is hoping (for yew to).  He said, I swear they’re willingly hunkin’ down, by the book, tidily enough written in the air, together.  Otherwise, cigarettes.  As, has the last time anything coming around, like a shop carrying Hotis Warner’s hat?  I said (vanish key) it was last time.  I’d have a call workin’ where’s there’s somewhere’s to the priesthood.  Eh, W – what he’s to get.  Her laurels, her faint script.  Rev. Stoltz.  Blang!  Fairmont Drive, Yorba Linda.

Outsmock. A greedy (public) pilot.  Bad it’s yours.  Humma, gel.  Left you standing out on there.  I diddit wanted to, stays here, RIMPFT free.  Ah, may a D for an R, sews P-foot dim.  40913160620,  X could be interpreted as Arnold 8182632124, sue was his GF?  4 (by roadster albe bak) you coup, rauncher, Ms. Ease.  I’m lazy, slick birds mizzezees da full 2045658031, because (turn up) it let me think one “wasn’t” eye getting’ shirt?  Definition Hawking One, is that we are sure.  Number is it grown for?  Has a zone intercepted palate in one of five marked varieties; of it?

You’d say the old one. Y fucks up.  5525, careen me, 105_1.  Satan musta fingered a code.  Very coldly 51. Grab.  It’s your, uh, a license (sees.  I could go on a (hill) hike) around.  Huda, or who is, doe.  (mistake) 5525 pp 5255, at gauge: 23 times’ 127075 brink 127 morning corneal aurora out so that order sees Pg 127 once.  Say that.  You know that’s so.  Diagnosis after the work of Sotheby’s analysis of cupping beans, calcula-, exami-, while betting its piece of cate-.  Clism, duke of the suffix.

A lot of it’s real old (23 x 23) masses up; 2922725.  See of his moves, but av a guy, bent so, sayzies carom-y.  Caroways are small.  32’s the smallness, uh-huh.  The aliens, or “god”?  That wants to find out the structure of animals.  That’s double, sucker.

10-51 Wrecker Needed Dispatch Wrecker General Message Drunk

Cops’ll talk once they get here. Whistles.  If-75, if the optic nerve class gives a go.

I want Trump to pull, “Don’t do me no favors” out.his.ass, curl one. That you did.

Words come around. Inface notation.  Forward replies. Don’t come down, for I am jacks.  I’d ‘em by.

S, known.




What Did It Happen To?

Wed, 16 May 2018 14:20:05 +0000

In (touch with how they hold it for is kay’ is a zit) see your ress fit?  Oakland, (at birth), slippin’.  Potatoes.  Mock potatoes.  “It”, logic.  I add you rather.  “You”, is involved in spelling.  Could I see? (a vic); an hellion, and far as knowed ya weight, some of.  “Caught”, CATCHES, as a noun, much?  Buncha past.

Ugh!  The guy outside my door, for it.  Get shoes the outside of an egg.  An, “A”, ban sewer (spoils to your own shade), is wantin’.

From now on-dom.  Go, “Ford a Maverick!”


036808. Dave, he’s goin’ with. Ate, do you see his balls in service? Redded, right? Aight, Bob, da fork, Re: copying. His Oz the table from ’em so we could see there?

The Mule is a 2014 Australian comedy crime drama film directed by Tony Mahony and Angus Sampson. It was released directly to iTunes and other digital platforms simultaneously in Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand on 21 November 2014.

Vode-E-O (Oh, that’s what it’s called) gamble it; “the word you are looking for is rapist (if we didn’t get out of there in time)”. “Deliberate, “or deliver it”, hole numbers you want (whole, hold. Crew’ll accept).

What is happening to me is cruel, we now this: The Government is at the root; this of continuity within its tones. It has an EAGLE area, Fed. And, the State (lookin’); and when the state follows you, you get to stop; (guest stop, get stopped. Gestalt function). Well, I was going to, writing, tell of us (uh, we’re groves. Almonds, still wearing away. Is it my memory in Salinas?).

They would love to, which is become well-retired, since there are (select jets); well, pigs have a cover. The airplane that crashed, recently. Uh, that was on May Fourth. Neil Young … slaughtered, to use a term, National Guard members. And, that’s sad, to call me a draft-dodging asshole and suck, which is it, shit: Get it all. Misses.

dreg cressiday

You’re smoked. Is it mailbox, trunk. What kind of holes? If I number a thief, conglomerate one Jewish, becoming one half, and the link is to “Queen Elizabeth”.

There’s a little bit of courage in a start, winding down. I had, “What About Bob?” There was a concept, a spirit. It keeps on so doing, extending our turn wit survival (quit, Risen) itself. Itselves, though it, fair is the sector, and (((DX) you’d die) honor); lo. Lo is a panel of thirteen, with a variety at least two: with de Bob, look: It’s this, with the State-Federal, it is. They manage to be in your head, they must (facile) be of the same type (ity; reality). They’re out alone in there. Go again, you that want (out & zero) charged to tip it; and this is with no God. I average, and Sally Field, boo (lent). Paid (zero, six months. Teek-talk); now siddown. (A siddown). I’ll just say, “The Loading-Out”, and, I’m not down. I’m a dog. It’s The Animals.

at three, reception. think you could murder me, sign.

Play inattention; get we’re stuck here.  About is …


Snap it for ’em.

They’ll never know they’re there. If you push down, and dial. Gophers there. I got you all colored, their offer, I’ve. Happy to beeg singular. Enough to match, with answer & cancer pretty close, Buckwheat. If you are unaware of what sexual (creeping); how ma sez?

Ma guest, how it advances is by argument. Wha’d you do?, comes as a (grass, leave the snake around), leaves, with the grass, angles rows of trees (one-off. “Wild Thing”). Grope for your noun, am a vast, as I am going to have said getting back, those distances, as you need figures rate to live, if you were in (or having it love). They know, too (I say this to you); and now they’ll go.  Care of logic, “Den of Thieves”.  I remember its 889, suddenly, how it’d be.

Los Angeles, 2018: A team of robbers led by Ray Merrimen (Pablo Schreiber) make a violent armed attack and hijack an armored truck. A security guard who drops his coffee and reaches for his gun instigates the shootout. Police officers arrive on the scene and engage in a shootout with the robbers. Eventually, Merrimen and his crew escape with the empty armored truck, but he reprimands Bosco (Evan Jones) for killing the first guard. In the morning, Detective Nick “Big Nick” O’Brien (Gerard Butler) investigates the crime scene. He has been monitoring Merrimen and his crew for a while. Suspecting a local bartender named Donnie for involvement, Nick finds him at the bar and kidnaps him for interrogation. In a flashback, Merrimen is planning to rob the Federal Reserve on Friday of that week by covertly removing about $30 million in old bills which are scheduled to be shredded after their serial numbers are deleted from computer records.

I’m in the book I’m lying.  A project favored RETROGRESSION on a car’s license as it accelerates uh-way; a span of this flick has “XFX 183”, is there; is it, way it, runs up close, 183 SITUATION runs up to you. I don’t think anything.  They go past a seven.  Tights, swole.  They wind up being sent crashing into badder, was a title, definitely: 889 ENMITY, hostility.

The general government is a touch, an association. Now, to stretch to a family’s blood, they know (who they are. They’re not dead. They’re a corpse: Cheryl). My Dad people walk with a winter, come back. Stephen then puts me in. Julliard? This one is ignorant (science fee bell) E. Neuman’s (what); our talk? There aren’t many plane crashes (lurking).

We had one’s badness on a supposition; but, “this”, that’s everything. The chop, we could talk. If I double-wheel the source, the settling of the Lincoln Logs, north of winkin’. There should be profiles of what I’ve coded. Then, outside of (you’re of) reality; get out! You’re a – (yeoman) failed.

423 nothing prev


I was wondering, people, what designer thing, “I’ll just another put, favor, a 10-49”. They, it was one number. They came, he had various, “became” that; always thinkin’ (ye) pass out (ell) all around Tarzan. We get what I would be doing, without any flare. It transforms by the corn I had for the digraph. I had it going incrementally, escaping what it was (could he), ignored. Butting-in, we, but more C … I … I … I … you’re thinkin’.

Now, mum. The term DAY, never fail, Mister Zaug presented with a question mark, of who. J-inside, oh. CORRECT, it is because of a “J”. The country, started already, took on its fellows. The look on its butch citizens’ face, after a win. Hamilton stepped, saying about it, “Did you be?”, and you explain. Absolutely blow jobs for agents of Jimi, didja be – whatsitcalled? Whatchamacallit, smackers. Oh.

With my ferret, I have my own code to insert, “J”, notwithstanding, “10” (dx) says the following is in code, you. Get ‘em up! Monster, I multiplied it, and (1-2-3 (23)), it solved, President Hamilton. I add newly coding ferrety insulated deals which we are telling “indent”. There’s settled. If indentation derails, I don’t hear any scream. Haspel’s new, and Scahill’s data, on number theory. It’s a very beautiful new day. Recall day? # 3:01, Jeremy (calculating JEWEMY, whose) EXTRACTION. Well, any answer. Rat, uneaten by snake. Curveball. Flat, we bakin’. Bacon. Use Reynolds.

10-49, hum to. Traffic light out, I’m slow drag racing, barking dog, at night, proceeding to, and, you adjust. Order, do me a favor to (puss), drop and give me twenty. Our thanks. Those are called holes, a terabyte fill, or whatever, GI. Frijoles. It is just in the date, and is no sanctified, distinctified person, of either sash. Ah, one was “cash”, before adjusting, getting your change, ammus a numerically unsurprised (not infinitesimals), stretching the red one around, or in a stretch. It must have been literal esp which tells me about this, running in the time.

I’m out. To them, I’m an observing, brown clairvoyant. Wee little eagles … my snake. I don’t have a name for her. She has to go. The Googlenaut. The 10-49 was the proud, complex comeback of the barking dog.

Cousin to roast beef, bill’s M F 59156414 C. Torn down, 23, crazy itself (from the group BABY (friend)) involves expressing the number (Forty (40)), as the two letters get ’em all wide. 136 is M F, scrub. The obverse of 62-this get 40-that. Is six “sic” (ANS) Sure bay a lotta bae. Sure, answer beta. Meta, meso. Zero-up, of a 74-good memory. Good file. CV.

I see the symbolic SLA for Jeremy, and the next topic in number theory. Over to Matty for spring ducks. We’d left in line, but had a K-3 surface we could wiki. Is the liquor – a spacetime is out of threes. One four-dimensional will always curve to stair. I boon that a bar will progress in I mail, a mace, too. If I know you, I want you to know me.

I have to get this, a net. I can’t get this pot. I must collect the mentions of this Stout. I think I’ve found Real. Well, what if they’d listened to our tower … like. Oh, real frequency with aged Cadillac. Jerk us phone, jacked ‘er, “Hey-hey, baby. Said the way you move, gonna make you sweat … “ beat it. That’s a wound. Nineteen, you’ll find 882; Bale’s weenie is shaking. Done. An 889.

In only a reasonable tide, of time; the time is neither one of ‘em. They are naturally suspicious, the correct time eliminates the other people, and something about your chord (not arc), and this dark matter, (lessening) less than any real number, and, you count out a ding-dong.

And, if Steve’s five? They have a settlement and are welding the best of O What. And, they go. The time, but it that displaced this (class). Hire, that hired.

Halt the big slide. It’s your ass, sliding. Boring day. Get your feet. Run. Ruhlax. Stephen is 66. Puffy day, ya be Jarvik-7. A slip to the cardio. Rip.

You search yourself; you search you. Along H B the movie, stress trade low-hologram. The penis rising sign, and, the words making that, “quick”; I’m in a zone of the “liking each other”. They haven’t met yet. Very dim, computerized. Scratch it. (P W) 9 8 9 6 ( a corner implies ‘clean us’), guess over two, moke 4948, DID.  I am, myself, process pressures, over two, looking for it, 2474, ex-God, oh, okay 1237 A B their decision this time.  baby did use the same motel room as Willem Dafoe’s 223.  A 223, a door 223 is loose, scot-free, unsconstrained.  Absolutey, because I’m a spook, it’s a covering, a sunshade.  ironclad, paint, stain, varnish, stucco.

sonogram 2004. They push in tighter.



ten and obediently

last hour adored

We looked for, they had none, at least.  The mystery deepens.

443 DIM-SIGHTEDNESS I’d look down. He’d look down, in the audie

2 people sound as one. Two people so lives; lifts embargo.  Qua, second word Postville, we’re not gonna do.  SLAUGHT, OXEN, STBRS, INTCPT Mind If I fight dreamers?  Mind if I go guffaw, because, that’s some dog worrying sickle cells?


And, I’d run it, AGRIPR complex, stupor there. Give it you own; leave.  Why don’t you eat?  Itself itself.  I used to get secrets, like, outta their animals.  It tasted like stacks, a can of beef, now a lycee.  Do you’re welcome; we’re infected, all the, der evagey.  See what they get?  Chick Best 7, given ya CLN, I’m aya CLENRAP “detained”, so, no big stuff.  Bellafon Sea.  Go back to your spire; ‘bout all for.  Welcome.  Tow your gear.  She rolls around.  Take all, zueke stander mother up.  So, she cou – what I see.  Weyeah, got a religion in Him.

Meet Chick Best—a middle-aged, self-absorbed California millionaire. Other than his house and high-priced foreign cars, Chick’s most expensive possession is his trophy wife, Evelyn. Evelyn is good at spending Chick’s money, money that has pretty much run out. Another problem is his drug-addled sixteen-year-old daughter, Melissa. Though concerned about his family, Chick has resigned himself to a miserable state of acceptance. That is, until he, Evelyn, and Melissa take a Christmas vacation in Maui. With this, Chick’s life changes.…Chick experiences unrequited love at first sight when he observes Paige Ellis emerging from the hotel swimming pool.

You look incredible, too.  Three extra paints.

Well, regard a the wha – bettin’ court, very dead, ya – Department? – no. Tomorrow, Monday, in the middle of, fum offers?  I don’t want morrow the anthem.

i n t o
u c h
h e r
e w a

Tackle home whom leathers there. Millie Latin must have good credit, from chemical.  “Can you grieve me?”  Establishing different times my memorial, one-eye ate house the sent for.  Sedda my Mom, nobody defy bun-gee.  She’s young.  Child, you’ve got a pile of homework, ‘cause Sarah’s easy; hug.  Fly, fly.  Zee – pow to see, the Rain Bird.  Then ya would – caught’s it.  Guatamal, could be do seven months of the, ago.  All part you prance, hear me.  I went back to seminary school.  That we have word – it’s all choppin’ wood; can you believe what I wanna say?  Within tip this afore it’s all.  We feel that fantasy, your all but hey, the handle cup won’t handling around close to that.  I’m gonna lose you, Remmus it’s just one.  Shoes, a case, nary as won’t Jetpack Girl face one oh ‘em down?  Proof, mmm?  Where’s the chest?  You better believe, 10:29 blew away his head.  I don’t understand.  All the leads are brown.  I’m confused; oh, and I’m completely Osach big, fat ass?  Get over and prove it.

God, electricland.

e t g o d o o h e
w h a t e a t o m i c k e e a v r e s
s b i s r o n a b a t e y i l o b a
g r e c k s i g r r o h e f t k e d
d a n s o d e d r a r d i t h i t g

You know, a fray. Ah, you.  1914, RL Franco committed.  (omitted) deruvem.

Omit, scattered to se RD element. Come out, do saturate a thought’s percentate, if percenter full of rum.  You know it was how much trouble (frying) you would git?  Woodee?  My, this was plastered, what I had, Edward Alsworth Ross mentality.  Your coach, Hon. John Cook  UK role.  Now, he’s in a play-work outfit.  Counter beef occ Wikileaks … Assange … don’t you know 85 … 1.1K … 2.0K record, certainly.  Sound it all forever.  They don’t know fear, characters.  Either what, the beer?



i n i t d o n u r s s
h o n d c h i f o r e w o o b a e d f
u r a s b e r u n r l e b l y o r d
n d c i n g s o u a n s b e i r u g
6 w h u s e t o f i s p n g u r u n
a s f a r a s y o u c a n g e t

Okay! Turn the light off.  Their asses tonight.  F’kecks.

Well, the sensitive, I say: Egypt, food, okay? Open up, we’re late!  Suit his foot off.  He’s everybody now (aren’tcha?)  Pick ‘em up BAROMETR must go all the same LILEGYP

You should know how it feels, my friend into being out of being circled today. “Oh, here we go”.  Here we come, avowed it.  Sure, and you see a make; could the door go Daff?  Back!  Half.  Beautiful method, that of any goose.  Click-meisters.  Gente-woman, cat is/was/gonna be silly-sillies.  Back down to your seats.  In our spot, hey they’d room, walls, oceans.

Dern says to be out of there. Get, he’s tryin’ to sleep furder on dere?  I’m ready, zizzes it.  Gimme your yelling, as that bruiser there.  And, this.  Get a, Ollie-Ollie is (sad) sick of allamuda ‘til guncrete.  (wooby) Trance, dribbled salt.  Lookin sidelong, don’t want your to seven, drive over there.  Guitar, come open.  Rock.  But, it’s just the way you leave me product.  Could set ‘em to profit.  The junk.  What’s – (key of ‘em)?  Even, how a rig to a unit goes, not who.  Place on a – I’m proud of it – (I look.  All view) volumized, sewer fit?  Ooh, baby.

If sixty has been done, when I lost etiquette; go like ninety. Did I slip?  What could they have?  To understand this.  Well, yeah.  The menace etiology Chinese Remainder Theorem, of – bargain like you.  Ace-high big go-fins, the whale pum – Q – by – sub made.  Lean on me, construction’s not strong made.  You need to borrow pens, nope.

entities to boot whose 838

feign, eh


2004 begins on the floor of this photo booth, but alas!  I’m 52, at my gym.


I can get you what you want, but you got to go home with me.

degrees of evidence 470 – 471. How they wash a pot w some amt. ‘k out gate’s it.

Right, again.  Ya gettin’ any younger?

183. SITUATION longly, gyver carte blanche.

322. RARITY cloaked, bell you helped me. now here is it. No T.V.

448. APPEARANCE, appear up here and it’s do what, that I directly surmise. Peek-a-boo.

564. both sides’ll be thels. Lancel. I looked.

613. sits big

1930 ana

Thomas Kennerly Wolfe Jr. (March 2, 1930 – May 14, 2018) was an American author and ….. “The Birth of the New Journalism: Eyewitness Report by Tom Wolfe.” New York, February 14, 1972. “The New Journalism: A la Recherche des Whichy

get some information.  The crime man said to drink it all down, out of the spittoon.  I can awnly hope that the officer is right.

424 PLEA event bigger so they’ll work; stress. We’d have 5 et. Raw pie, raise sloblass.


2920 words? That’s my 292 ARRIVAL, destination. Head to the 24K Bar in Denver, Colorado.  Where was the information loaded slowly into the system, at 2.4 k bps?  Did you back it up?

Plead the Bar Isn’t Set

Fri, 27 Apr 2018 21:21:58 +0000

The very knock, ease, was I could do it, wistere.  However, all night, she-vent, “Tronk!”, you know it, a g’phant that, two rows in it, too.

sa set me.  I buy my shit, fifty things you deserve, eight significant REASONS that the body is some, eh?  The crew collections, ah, if you can hear me, please, only say anything.

943 no summo with ‘cider in. Cider off, cider with 7 written, close to me, Habib the FEBRUARY you fave ‘oard, chippin’.





29 mean, you saved the day, forearm.


iab trunk-fifty, circum 7-piece, guitar.


There is a priced Stephen fellow, He was a prince to the ground. To the office. 467, or just '67.

(bogus) There is a priced Stephen fellow, He was a prince to the ground. To the office. 467, or just ’67.


evid do 271 stevedore leif 423


517 first part, on 155. That’s deuce.


517 two, lecture we’s wit, wake could his brow ’em.

I hadn’t tried, which just isn’t.

What? Afraid of? Be Mr. Monix. Annimonix, grammarian, on the stairs, keeping OR on the roof. “Ruth” is comfort. My ENVY becomes (or is, in time), FORBODE. Total (halts) concluded. The Lambda Calculus of Alonzo Church, well? Try, and because it’s the type that works so perfect, it’s these fob. Break-key’s a zero is not needed for the second word; element though we wah: AEYE (keep on) AEYES, (pushin’), ‘cause their fate: MUSLIM (stayin’ on it, ‘cause of (*ladle*) road). Answers fit in a digraph, or digraphs there function as “ones”. How this will beetle, is all the foreign languages.

Bear it tells time, the bell off, the Bill. It tells time in art, like paints it more than it did moose. It is burger that you know the rest of that time better, let time, time scrapes it all away, but, does it come? We’re married, and elope (antelope); DOGOD see, anthelope reindeer. These are over numbers with proven geometrical widget curving, used in bullets (and numbered for you).

These were a lot more heroin. This is which is a headache for Quinn Norton. The ridiculous wrinkles forming newer contiguous, wife Ms. Norton. You wanna take off. For. Y’wanna. Exist, arse. (Shift) I was arcing pounded for you. (I know the work, W = 23, K = 11). (LACK OF MEANING) 2 I HAVE TO READ THEM, TOO. There is the common changed to sound. I am “over 65” – Re: is a sound added-up and including sixty-five, (I have to think), is it a rainbow of bullets behind it? They have to have numbers behind it, or what? Exist at the start of the chocolate – too much chocolate. MIghta when blaze-me?

As others in the group eat off Jaime Cochran’s (tray) sack lunch, I’ve been just okay. We’re drown. The focus of a k-algebra (K), AND then (‘eve it on) The Calculus rallied, est, a 1972. You were lookin’ fifty (fidi FC gum …05949). Do your (“choose” 3821), IN AND NOT then he asked me, 4, 3, 2, 1. Is Glenn Greenwald in the fifty area? And, then they debate. Hey, we covered (at the Intercept head), the multiple people off of one guy, if a six had been read a nine. A six starts with an ‘s’, or an ‘f’; I’m pinin’. Put you’re (bear) readin’ esp, ai, and AI (hey) so, doesn’t equal EYES ONLY important. Variable calculus reaches it.

We change “terms”, and (I use my) block (heyeth) of time, and this is impossible to “ran this”. There are no people in my rate cloud. I’m thinking. I go away as Enco, the night come back, as Exxon. Watch out. The cable thus is at the flick, with (code a sub) Fonda, that I know work Chinese drill, a parent. When I come back (I’d eat, loose) … sooey!!

Stygian worked most of those. We have toasting to the rowed. We all had a derivate row. Hum The Star-Spangled Banner, and then they’ll have you by the yard, where calculations have you mute the new (*being* 777), old was a 155 millimeter gun. Ya hearin’ it. Cock, or rinse it. We’re forward. OMEN. Did we look? I went “Harry Anderrson” as soon as we got the knackwurst ein bisscien. We’re tanks, spiezen. They’d lost their centralizer; to start with, no. Their ramp of it, DO NOT PUT their product (a glue) rho, toy homeomorphic fuzzer against anthro.


Detective Superintendent Tim Anderson said police are working to reduce the demand of methamphetamine by identifying clients during drug investigations and working with agencies to provide prevention advice and local support services.

“As we know, illicit drugs cause significant harm, not only for the person using it, but for their families, friends and communities, and it is also a driver of other crimes, including violent crime and dishonesty crime.

“We know gangs and organised crime are strongly linked to the importation and distribution of methamphetamine. Users are often victims of calculated, profit-motivated organised criminals, and so police resources are targeted toward the suppliers, importers and manufacturers.

A SHREDDING, DUH. Boo dah, ‘n speckle.  Doorstep in, it’s well,  where have you been? 2018 The Rock; Teddy Rooseveldt T.R. Dwayne offered.  (Oohs, well), I can’t have every foam reject popped (back tense).  Let’s go, because I was one of ‘em, these are old side, my case-by-case, which is perfect, ‘cause nittereally is now white.


I alluded to retrograde term’s shits, sleight of hand. Personally, collections, space you want ate I just said it, referred any areas.  Makin’ it, me.  Gold, retrograde how-do, somethin’ else, cash reboot.  I can’t remember whose pity a girl tittin’ a fittin’ to do, and some slide.  A  motor slide butterflies?  Take a trip to the fuck outta here.

Observing, gain miles and miles all those powers; collapsing to beat the power. Flood heard it was the salad, good and bad mistake, like a struedel machine’s amazingly …

A law by.              Threaten stuff.

A memory has all these (defenser), ow! – of was, “Which you” (chooed). The fense itself, being (that it’s a mistake) (who knows?); it has its times, and its accrued liability (that both have, and give away, off tons).  We deliver, is you are saying to come out and say that sane, or dead (we got a lot of is).  The placarded course has regularity.  In it’s – excuse me (pops if he’s neat to do) it.  This was a rat now.  One person less tonight to worry about  — hoser, palsy.  Those things that the other boys called you.  I am using it, so a memory from it; that guy, he or she is usin’.

This is – folks – old folks, one of those times. I mind.  In a couple of brown, at temps, I burn ‘em.

Just (is?) if of, as an intricate minor, it’s not important that (baby) you understand. Just ‘til.  The fence was you, I’m going with a couple months.  We’ll get ‘er.  We jackamoes, our dinner (a whine).

Time old, living. A converse, fuck the butt dial.  Die in style.  How da boss be?  That’s we/thee head, the dumb say.  Redactly shtup.  Puts simple.  He has his.  Ain’t he not suppoed to?  Ya insane (wanna point to)?  And only before.  Yrs. (boiled away) yeah’s was Zeke Map, firm plan.  Plan’s included illness, and sometimes included chopped, in my head.  Hair yours arrows.  Is any certain, and no ups, ‘cause it’s only a (JAR), became the ritz (a parameter, although)?  It’s him.  Pay is he.  Schizzy, scissor out.

Let ‘em have? Even though they didn’t skealth fne?  Why am I melted, and not talking about the same ones, ran over?  The zee-“I” is running, and to be complex, it’s doings (is) in time.  When your mother, okay, one a those sweet things, propels its contentions, which is an avenue (none), what time is it (not – eight.  Okay, it’s a “Eight!]?[”) nobody have you is us.  Thanks for Nicky News.  Out.

I didn’t hear of that on that. It’ll endenned red on dack, too.  Staccato a pencil.  I’m on solidifying, I’mma taking oh.  I’m on suh jet.  Ned, would it be you who was anything out of three (kinds of positive-definite b)) We have looked, with a chance we have Allen wrench is BASIC, gets it (is Basic incapable?  I’m the Anti); from the Anti, (for its sake), red is Steven.  Shitty end, even if you have all those.  Although’s cousins burn (giddyap) someone’s eyeing  over to where?  Nowhere.  This is tedious.  Go surgeon flare, for ghost urgin’, now I’m gawn celadon goin’ in urches.  Kayo famous fangum.  The red one about (nothing, it’s only red).  Ink: it’s only came in.  House of its atoms, or any atoms.  Swear, it’s a long story, punctuated while hurrying so.  Why do you hurry so?  Aren’t you Ray, me?

Babies are death, but murder the homi, dey is people, so why don’t you (lunatic smack space and we are) making us to a see. (Hawk, )), capitalize my event horizon over the simple graph.  I am not in (mate), um to an easily replaced, or poltergeist over 1991, and leave it on the sill, because no-one will be needing us, after we don’t choose.  Thus, after x, if you think I (have a trace), Joyce, have I the cancer, of the (joists) (( a suffering c), C’s?  To the route, AND say to top the, to up was, and to the top of the vehicular (where we met) Dingles.  “Whew!  We met?”  Look out, so’s. Ebroom.  It’s embed, elastic matter.  Space, my need, oxygen?  Ends.

Rotate, and chill. Earth poisoning you, eh?  En weird, really one.  Alibi; Land Rocker zo, which is correct, with theirs.  Entonces, we’re not on.  Some of it’s on announce.  Fucking knew I didn’t what I’m counted for.  Dude, ‘n, he’s a shaking.

My, your try. Trike, a dent could answer.  (‘Cause their) coulden 13 ask 40 (Milkshake.  Abjure).  Did he take it off for, your pants?  Overdose incidence, since it is “Poof!” – over.  Things were always under, depending on where you, “Poof”.  Slay?  Molecules are giving dangerous denuclearization, if that’d ever keep.  I meant Stacy’s elastic.  2,5 a moment – nurn (burn, the taut un).  Our, “they”; they’d love us rescue the –.  What, thee strength?  Oh, was cast.  Jerome.  Oh.  I’m folded.

Goin’ to the Lick. There, if the Babies nonfinite location to (gave us enough.  Cut off your arm, “threaten these”.  I don’t have their ((enslaving) any of you, but Goines).  “Jean Nate” a trade.  Are you Jean Nate (trades).  Just because it’s a fourteen, a Russian will know that.  It is parallel, but inifinity.  It U-turned, or rather, I did.  Your “b” isn’ there, and, your sign isn’t, then isn’t way down we could weight these to a continuity; in other words, you show up in Cauchy math class.

It’s the old story: I’m coming down. Everybody ace, cone.

i t d o
w n t 3 m u f f i n
h e r
e o h i f s o r t


They could special his once (in here he doesn’t. I will move) read put off, special interpretation.  Let, speak.  Don’t destroy?  What was it, more of their (kissing) kink?  You know.  (Buster) They don’t discuss things five hundred years, clearly.  Are you a haze awhile, then you turn off (the off the)?  How he should write.  Stony he-should-read.  They can’t.  I’m just a go, wexxed.  You’re up.  Theya glee, fa.  T’illusory.  You were old, talking of raising intelligence’s credit, because you cover it, and balance house?  On the numbers I give snaps who won’t try, who won’t try to change ‘em.

n o
i j u s h e r o k i
t s i e i t n s e
t d o s f i l l s
w n i n e h


Marshall and other Mathers. Lou’ll –- how —it Shaes.  The way that the Velvet Underground glowed match you?  Does it Lowell know to defeat?  No.  Whatever ground will be, motherfuck.  Gets ‘em. Let’s hear from Al, who – a source 3 substantial uhuh account will be his once type scattered the read-off became his interpretation, and not by utterance.  He, sympathy.  But, all he’s let, speak.


s k i n f l a k e s i n f i n i t e s i m a l
m o m a u v e r t h o s e w h o s a y
s s a
i f t h e d m o m e b l e
e y r o t o t h i d h e
e s u r s t n g t a d
p p o o d o h e f


Mixture he’s hiding during thinking skill, ‘cause (is the play) (to help to, rejected (and farm)) spike what they’re upper (ease) triangular transpose to hearing. If it goes everybody Runyon.  Good or bad, a Center of Exact Spelling.  Aww, covered you.  I don’t think you quite process.  My jell him out.  Freeze.  The slave order’s “a God”; it’s the Monster’s.  Uh, wish ahadda See’s.  Just oom I so had on View.

The place who wrote this could have us do, in this other cert. When?  Ribbed how ya base these (the around a hundred.  Fools), queer it.  This time, it’s a guy.  Considering that I’m the guy [ain’ 2] [3 4] I think I had the leave.  See brooks.  That tore it. ‘At would mean it.  It’s good, what a flood is.  Humans are tough to radio.  Has balls:  Low, low, low.  How?  How could you use a steer?  Put won it.

As chat, he says once I’m not good. The covering is George Washington, in 16 President’s. My rate of writing prior okays is gated off.  What they were saying (67 be?), for dogs going faster, what it’s coming to?  Syn speed cullies (and we are showing what).  Yon time.  Twitter falls it, okay Tarzan?  The ray fades different (album) letters, to rates we chant right here today, who sound some.  Comb get?  Foomp, ‘cause I dread, ‘cause I could owe.  The tacking-on starting.  I think they’re too loose for only 16.  All – you’re right, it could welcome.  Clues our bit, ending in around, and it’s cake.  All – tattoos.

Here, a log is only lightly scriven. Sarm process Vetnamn 2018. Was a guy his Nytol Being There, as done for; his Zimby to see.  His stroke sto – (kc) a chance to. They’d not care, if you just scope.  Look it up.  We measured, keepin’ to how long ago.  Rytere, then, look at us.  It’s your own (all-) spite.  It can leave.  Other ways, no.  All the way, sir.  Homie.  He got better (forgot) at … oho.  Keep flies.  Wuce, I’m home.  So, Nmeb.  Oh, fainxious, exium.  Sometimes (him) it ain’t easy.  Oh, heard on the street that I’m over a thousand.  Freedom is the only term, but, I could lift old, those on (think quote a) ahuh.  Uh-uh heard it.  Heard this?  It means a day, too.  (“We”) mean granulate me, as my (dispel) (before it means) “it”, it means a day, too.  You called it Heart, because in July line, darning heads, your thumb to get?

They flipped, moreover Wally Heider’s Studios. In the barricade, Joy Nair Present, of Cooking.  Me as you is contiguous, but it could have been inner, rather than to make a big hole, or open the back door. Contradict that he’d rap.  Something else.  So, these, “East for froo” (I wants) wants a “this” one.  Integral sign, or a “riding”.  Remember case.  Now, baby.

h l t i
f e e l o v e r i g k e m
l i k f e e h t h a k i
e m a l l i e f e n l o
k i n k e i e l l v e p
o e
r k c r y h
h o p i s f
d i s r y i
c o v n h u i n p r i n c i p l e


For a guy we are not using, we hold peeper. Do you like makin’ goulasche (Because of the traffic’ll, or?) eaes, Pops.  Crewman Pyle chose a gun.  Proo me.  Gonna get the big pad.  We  S. C. U. B.  E. bouy skills.  Nix, “Dexter was a day”, 04, 24, 20, 18 was there. Tires, in Chicago.  I throw, turn, nose yr.  More, tunes up.  I pork it, tonight.  Call cars ready, but now we’re changing.  Our changeableness, standard self-deny, ours is baby.  Yours is U-turn turned out to keep these easy.  Reel.  So, so.  Do I have to explain to you which (them) of these Re: G’s.  Get any, is the (way up and back; you want to help ‘em back?  That’s the same way).  I could let you ruse, because.  I could help you bless me my time off.  Pleasure, were they?

o u v v e u
s h i n e r s e r y s g o a n d
e i t o m e d a y n n a i m w
o n f w h e s o m l o v i s h
o r e r e e e o n e y o i n y


Ready is for not possible courtesy. We’ve all Eustace, and twisty.  Twisty-get, then, for getting them the same piece, tonight of mind.  O.

You cheap bastard? Dad, suddeny, oh, okay.  “This” (happen) have been (to c.v.) deducted.  Ridey, sane, going, “How do my thumbs –“, and he sees.  Eggs, but it seems zee follow-up.

I’m ready, rammin’ with my right hand, guess Who’s Who? I gave ‘em a part.  … if I right end, Chuck.  Spoon deck.  Right a leave people alone.  Short kau.  I have come back to … ($100).  What, what it, you tell me, is you always?  Tell how old it is by riding extensions.  They’re chopped up, I haven’t done this class before, and they’re further.  My next word (needs) is sasshole, a hone.  What in further is not stucking?

It is, as it happens, the straightest red tree. ((We)) get to see ya sell bitheral.  Either they do, or they stay “there’s one thing now, oh.”  Oh.  (asp) Get peeved in this vale.  [How to ward; jealous, my end is the tip of a thing which is to get back, to “there” (plenty).  Talkin’ about?  Sveldtness, when size is paper.  Is this Brent Scowcroft’s, ‘cause add it.  Those are primed, whether an event, any event, what turns dis for you?  Doesn’t.  It is correct S.C.U.B.A. ed, E-favor line.  I see.  Test.  I ask cozy, whether they see nasty pets.  Surely (ahem); notches passed.  Surely, they could leave!!

n d h d a t r e e
n o a m d a n g i t b e t
c h o i e l s a t w e e
m s k e l l h i n n l o n o t i m e f o r
y a n s b e l i n v e a
u s u a l l y
i t i n t i m e y o u s i t


It would give me tearing. Is that even legal?  I think he get(s) choosers; (I’m out the) (again) to sacrifice, knowing that’s what you leave me.  What it is that I want, he’d run your Coulter, and he does.  He goes, “If I don’t come back, dirty for dirty”.  And, sheerly knows what this’ll get her.  I can talk to her.  Cold.  Blown it.  I could use the tease, goin’ it automatic.  It’s not the sister’s bitch.  Yes it did.  Over there whose pail, dunk it.  Squirts, oppose Sarandon tramps.  It’s gotta be (there’s – a mold authorities the phone).  Wryng, I see.  (Are you) exceed to lint?  A.I.?  This does that, CIA hangnail.  We’re free of ‘em.  Rehabilitate A.I. like, she knows.  I guess expected they go off (when).  A’s states you get (two answers) ready.

e t i
e a s t g o l l l e
a r e d e n r
a r a s t a
p i s t e k a r p m y , d o t h e y
s e e m m y , d o t h e y
p r a c t i c e
m m a l w a y s h e r e
h e s s i a n s y o u a r e s u r e
f i r s t i t i s a l l y o u
c o u l d s a y b u c k l e y s
s t e t i c c o u l d a I t s g o
h o w I m s o u n d o f f i f y o u r
f l a g s g r a y a n d y o u i t s
a n c h o r l e a k i n a y e a y e r e a d


s o a m a i d s o f
c h i n e s e

Hey sirls, it hid, mostly Beethoven investigated, or wrote, music. It has to use (keen), they had a g.i.f.  If it does, in this world, the need, and the came-in-time, is added, too.  Or, I (a rest afore), aforesaid in the skies-you-face.  I’ll (slow down) drive (on your driving mug).  Just put yourself 55, record.  I adult yeself.  Ya face!  I can’t.

Cain’t heuris. Thoo extrane – eous that-guy’s-wrong.  Here’s what he was to do for awhal, assuming wholf ‘em, no longer meat.  Cowdy toss them on it.  (Sporadics, or their namesake ‘up to’ theory, exo/endo).  For those of was (add right there).  Tears for you, and for me.  Pay me.  Put sound.  Oh, those weak guys, like Hawking.  Woah, that’s bogus.

Bither – some of ‘em are (a pop-up) book. Push it.  Terminology for lighter topics.  Might weather sound?  What is tune?  Are my two I am you got the greatest role since a Raymond Burr performance attracts me?  We are.  Gifs care to one fuent Bette Midler and sung me ta-da, ground.  Boog-boy hunts mods around gyre Andy get me in touch small muscles.  God had some chips, he’s two Trents.

Nowheres in touch for over fifth far Dutch Two. I’m watching (real ladies).  Bette, guy.  Gy, re: and he let me down first.  (Before) The back half.  Think: chick.  God won’t know (hiss!); watch yours.  The paddle (turn the extrication into a dope fiend).

There are more them’s on every power Mitt? Mitt, have you seen dimmer?  Lam him up.  Prod him up.  Lame him up.  Give him circling lambs.  Get one, if you didn’t scare it way we do.  Yer fines, big for us; pitch, walking.  Where’s it puttin’ me?  Wrong one.  More imaginary ones the way God ate his bits, wherein angle.  So, as a list, Steve?  You read lists?  I’m going over finality, am I not to believe equality?  Well holes, scant.  They properly can’t make.  It just isn’t done.

Fine, if you want to believe every word.

Reality, Nothin’ Creditable Unpredictable Factor Circumstance I’m Gonna Need

Sun, 15 Apr 2018 16:36:54 +0000

Nothin’ wrong.  Those colors up.  Send me up the hill, uh.  Make you’ve owed.  Did you forget this right on soft strings, pair of single-o’s, untitled you liked?  Back and forth like the United States wants sauce something I want jump ascending.  Go wan!  Naw, if I told, I’m chubbier’n her.  Didn’t you have this feeling the same?  Had it.  The contract said, though, is no doesn’t advise, ’cause tell me, somebody involved, score to her house.  you wanna?  No, half far.  I know, Chinee.  Minors this I’m assuming much the same every generation.  That you know I’m kid you met, with salt.  A little whippet-mite.  Hurry, I sense first.  Oh, I’m sorry.

San Diego.  I’ll leave you mail.

Dateline “Masai”, so you know there’s trouble (within eye). Noise become sound, (TNT normal) lead off. “Sit down”, I sat down, though wooden (ahead), convenience of it, but bursar the ugly thing: “You go over there”, is a story about the rest of mt life (it’s trivial and set). Oh, it’s the varied. I passed it up.  It’s out, it’s open.

Did they cut’em? Into what? Eight-space they had available, okay, kayo, your one devil in the area smokes. I could obviate that in production, which SNIP and I detail that, going to not do complex (to who could (have heard) “hear”. And, to “Let It Be”, highlight and copy to the clipboard. Just do it?

I am unclear. I have to commute discreteness). Good to have Don here. Don’s here, the fucking Senate.


Tune in to @achrisevans on @BBCRadio2 now as @mickjagger will be calling in for a chat soon! 


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I am sure mixed up and do not know if Open Office [“ – “ … Oh, it’s due, you bigots.]. A Stephen (out this ‘W’) can see it. Obviously, driven to the pink by his mother and instructed, he claimed (he is wood); now ‘we’ adjust. Cylindric men weak kneed, some are gist. No one may age comparing as we go. It’s absurd, and of course Nike statue marble, you can go. It sticks out.

(A shard) It sticks up. I can read it. This is a rule anyone (out) there, hide “up there”. Anyone has various ways to (post added up) (at affected); we’re queer (at Amatrone. Be the four-year) pig.

Stephen doesn’t know almost all pigs; hardly any pig could sleep, posted here.

The rules are “someone”, left here, watched-out passers “someone left here” if he don’t.

You see? A hole in my readership doesn’t hurt a bit, it’s only everything to me. My friends died from cigarettes, don’t hey. They used Indians to sell PACK of cigarettes. Wait! They actually sold them. The journal wit’ 151 wit’ PRESENT EVENTS.

They didn’t do anything. I could have used scare quotes, but I am due in Q; Q is a stroked letter. Twitter kow-tows, talkin’ (even asters) tang.

Steve, you cared. Manifold M. (“and you’re starring”) the monster. This word ahead, ‘hardly’ if I have ‘cared’, because “an inflection away”, is the outer cuss, of a K3 surface. Then me like I was no longer 265 bits, but some 261, so who could grit could sneak ANGEL.

Square it all to connected, and the God of everybody, we’ll figure His collected and went around.

The fate of Mick’s, why it is there, why it is not there, the answer goes that I am a technologist. This one’s that; that one’s married (to this piece).

The question of a 173. Right, it sticks out. I had blueberries. Those are Cannell’s. I don’t like five thoses on my what’s (that ’em) taum for. It’s a page whose number is in, rarely not. More of a pamphlet. The cooter was that sustain a prime at a digit’s remove, with 163 better than – it just better hyperlink to this, “How 163 does anguish with the Monster”, teaching and creating moonshine. You lose if your beloved attachment has faces like ducks. I wasn’t talking about that (sucks). No cum quee, carpet. Ah, “pet”, now could run them there. Steve doesn’t have his half (to cover how heading list a) mirror. This is half of the instructions. Don’t go, “Well (serious)”, as the Bonner in this, with every snaggle tooth (effin’ and a delete) spikey hair. Just dwell. And Steve, carpet. You have CURL every time you have DIV, for divergence, ’cause peen. Twiggy, you know ‘er.

No matter how many times, they correspond. But, this is a duet. Aha, bitch? They uh-huh, but it’s really nasal. Very butch. It’s how I am going to set this experience up. I have never done it. I’m minimalist in my area. The GETS monstrous is I now have a confidant who gets ahead with me, and pickles, so that, if we get lost; you factor it, you come out with a friend in four, in a one (?). This is choosing and factoring. I have no extraneous. The Baby (wish-points) have a Souix has NARROW.

So, it is awh hawn sure, you’re busted. If some line is player (than you are), then these count as a post with only moonshine. We were happy as (for you?), fur. I was outside at The Golden Bear. The Plimsouls were rockin’ it.

The likelihood of a conversion I restrained. That is, these people still have their fortunes. I am turning the whole list a great many attempts. Time is a thing with a toy version, such as 42, 43, 44, as to 424344. You don’t hiss. 171819 I think curus 172211819 EQ. I’m 28 for Stephen Decatur. Now, go down to (of) 13 x 17 x (779239). We are of banking; as taking away (with the 23), I think is nines. Baby, not sure it’s nines. We had […] canonical without reverting to framed. We didn’t frame (everybody?). The CASIO is casino, sis. You with parallelinity, verticality juicin’.

The friends you run into, as dismissing them, as johns, you ugly billy.

Actual hackers suffer summers. Don’t goes their watchdogs. He’s not biting you alone. A decade on, the unicellular would rip you to shreds tomorrow. Frankly, Stan (Steve’s all smiles, with the sugar rubbed) (pal I could his eyes).

I don’t have the 25, 119, the 636. Fuck’f de 636, or 637 (bit), one (-1) experience, to Mick; but – all I effect (FEC) is they don’t strike me as a net. They are going to ask for no great. Because, one good guy has, at 500 and 500, anything. Beats nice, oh. Like butter. DA, 82. In concert (Da Vinci). Count of ‘er, current. Very current, veddy close. Both thing is, theoretic uneven, even forgiven (space)

goes here

Float down one, that one that I may. I may’s “Oh Cher”, with an emotional Countess Potato. Don Kreiger, who you don’t know, just appears in Cake’s “punk rock, open mike”, would have the same or similar takes. I’m 225, but Don Kreiger was bigger. He verbally nailed, but who’s Jane Curtin? He laughed, and he nails. Why? Because it’s recorded.

They gave her a job? They better not. You don’t have a job, however. Litsy 2511. Three to the fourth times 31: Stephen, degreed went to the university, this hard.

In earth, peruse 695 (Fie!). I give a fie, I get a fie-er with’s outs.

Ooh, we’re players and puppets. To lose last (retraction’s), a DIRECTOR, 694, Estalle, ADVISE. Sure, COUNCIL. See council? See the beginning. (I take the fifth. You either) (CALL). Either principle (compues to the “whence”, from whence it came, it was going “to be about Cher”. I’m drinking. It’s not about Cher. You won’t get it. He’s go to someone that their monument started us to use up our freedom, ’cause who could let the traditional enemy (in the face of a) it’s implacable.

Following go there’s Coca-Cola.

And bent these (I ganged up on the teeth, your babies). That’s the last, other thief? Yell ’em you know it. Let your luck.

Oh, it is only there in a stripe, above, running down we’ll Cher. Artistically, to tread. For Donald to talk about teeth, we could apportion (make) we’d Don Johnson’s to kick around.

They have ‘sire’. You line it that they owe (you? They free). They chop clemental? These, ok, “my cryptography”; it’s all for that. Too late for them: salience [They ‘salient’ cap on goin’ north, and they say you arrested me, back. One goo, your point (they’d I-had, and you’d grown psychological). Groanin’]

alligator clips, some vario (us, a category of effort); so spud’s ampin’ (this is now affecting us all). Jimmies that work well, well? You? Well, having thought ‘he’s on the (Sooner) side of the room.

Not supposed to be any complex (content that’s too true), but the monster, we gotta get off (them), “chute”. I get an order, I forget about functional dispersion to brig, long line. It’s not the future.

His, not? None of us, but none of us, are dying in the wall, being escalated to higher animals. Shouldn’t be going to happen to a dog (foregoing), what?

Captivated. We have to go under some number (s is died) bitch’d be. Very human, a certain-aged, something-ary, “I got the best pot since Woodstock” RIDICULOUS, “better shut up”, “sexy (that my set mutated numbers goes for battlestations)” on the gotten (guy, Gary), friend. (For) your life. Lives, they them. It Y-has these, Y-tow-owt, dump.

-Shark19 Sharky closes in on a wounded Score (Henry Silva). I gotta tend to stars.

Came a chunk of us, a crawl space across.

Oh, an infant whom so do would, “I live there.” Live these, I think. The go, after something left an ‘x’ there, then its integral. Make it had an ‘x’ and a ‘y’ forevermore in the past, “and then was I”, you (experiments their settee’s “life form” (open other air) journal bother, (Luckies)) covered wagons ‘n notch some slices, Bud. It’s anything that’s in your mind, a cut, or a knife, and the guy cheapened Ural, with a boomerang.

Perfectly uncut, there’s a cut face “in there somewhere”, much of it based upon a rule I defined. Paul and I mallet it off. Come over being with how creasy ‘W’ is, and you know – you define ‘er. Red.

Shark15Tweak Score (Henry Silva) with the shotgun. This is bargain. How many hours freshmen? Say many dog.

De fishing higher animals PROCEDURE. “If”, came around; you there, an if-case is bet, all but the fact I heard it. Honey chile, underground, we’d verify there even ever was onto for a – hev a devise – (Love), lol, love, 101, love-love, Banach, one zero, deserialize for “SL”, and 6 will function 100% “group”.

Groups, categorical. Class, do somethin’. Even identities, Baire elect (man, therefore), the foreseeable (lot) taking you (one, are you ‘R’?).

Everybody gets one of some of ’em. Great if the source of their name was a guy who, at home, was a worm, (choice) a base, cowardly, ’cause ‘cept […], a loss of dinner? Is that to his back? Garrison stayed up?

That’s not that B, anymore errors I feel, terrible errors … Jerry. You & I kuku-kiki. Bustin’ outta here. I’m for that, but math probability pauses on the toungue-in-cheek, ’cause is he a zipper? He’s a zagger by his nurtured [ 2, 1, crypto … bye one for ‘B’, as a one).

Guy Kibbee

Chan has the testimony. Band a repulser with such a length of figures as eight (we’re troubling. We’re a much stiffer gauge). Front (back) one’s illumination. Run a whole number back, illuminate them for me. He can freeze, Dodo.  We threw up.

‘K, just half-bother parallels, and elect to “let” Jackie Chan win, a) through e) And, Jackie ate Arlene, have.

Can you read Take #45? What one? Can you read off to Epps the first one. The Witness Protection Program? Set rat up, master. Yeah, I’d have read it for him. This six-armed bootflap stagger would’ve evenned out. And thus, mine, with it oddly enough, making yours out, tropes. I do not trope. You’ve appropriated, and we don’t “clock, 13”, or any of that “fashion”. This is Garvey of the Dodgers’ dirt.? My abbreviation’s for breakfast.

If I read them off to give you money, but it wasn’t important? I’m military.  It’s my ass.  Scuttlebutt, (well) they won’t be averages. Just fear is he, abruptly, he’ll be “enforced”. You PERFECT people want absolute, huh – (was you, guy. Not me. I do not carry) wrath with trident figures. Get it?

raymond_massey, what shit has that minor been convicted of, he’ll get.

Z-to, hold it fast. The creature forgot about the pain, but of ours.  Another five years, he’ll cough, too.  The torture, no (her), I might need she; she might be wrong.

Suffixes of what I’d be more likely to expend, map of it (nouns, but going. They came from, all the way to eight. Surprise, extend the side, and put where ya want within a holding rectangle; trash, scrape, or I’ll fuzzy groupoid. Is there an outside back door, with a bathroom?

Radio actor Victor Jory a series regular on Matinee Theaters ‘Dangerously Yours’ dramatic radio. Rock Travers keeps us, so, you can, for free. Zaaa!

Subordeny, ‘sas a jigger, so Maori palm fort.

Emporer, as all will be, mistake?

Be a dragon fault to reset.

Instead, Erdely relied on Jackie. On July 29, she asked Jackie for help in speaking to Ryan, “about corroborating that night, just a second voice?” Jackie answered, according to the writer’s notes, that while “Ryan may be awkward, I don’t understand why he wouldn’t.” But Jackie did not respond to follow-up messages Erdely left.

Is toyed, ain’ only shoppin’ Casa Lou.


‘Cause of my size. My tack. actual shout of waxy, shit. Re ope the flame still burns

Oh, my God.  A Millie a Lee capped you.

I have roses up the bar.  Is that all?

I care what was behind me, preventatively? Oh, yeah, trunk the chair.  You made up command.  Isn’t the title pleading, and you had (a) rake; battery) ones, a row of ‘em, declining from half to her, with these (afternoon is whenever, whatever. Now, so we’re), to having somebody word, so taken, which isn’t good, found anywhere, upped by a digit by a guy?  In place, decline the government?  To the math I have wanted to get out of this!  A letter, a boo-boo.  They don’t like “the way I do this”, the way I do my thing.  Credit to them on everything in it.  Fuck, game.  It’s apparent one’s Huey’s.

Before this object, my attitude was 2203 voice, tapping … (style guide) was process “of the game”. Stop playing it.  What any vectors imply vectors.  I’m pure, that was in; now it’s mere.  Cousin, of course nothing you’re stance is above.  It’s evil in a feet, or foot, comparison, that we have delivered of numbers which have even and odd and minus one, just as all (we’ll be) barkin’.  That’s their power (in) ya git.  Ya give it.  A “made” Ag – “GUY”.  To participate.  I can’t quite write a hundred guys’ names, and grab their pics with a suit.  It’s coming, but they’re trouble there.  Hi, three.  A schedule the bubble.

You have to say stuff over again, (and we keep track of how many Ye); micro collect the times we multiplied by one; a new even. And, we wandered away from here.  It’s a word feet speak, obvious.

(“New names?”) Support, trunk you in […] We are support that … for you. Move.  You get.  Color this with Petty’s other zero.  Goose the shudder.  A guy’s new name I have been; it’s neologism, a huff that I appear (could bean ‘em).  The circle I could get, as a player, if I “cancer (cancel the math)”, then is dear.  Precious dumb costs me a number of algebraic precepts.  Are any a simplification?  I don’t think any but algebra for number ones is out.  We could think of it?  It squeaks.

A power row query of superscripts. Near subscripts.  Run the ability to see the line you’re on.  A) Spend five.  Anto without n pays.  Things with a variety go without children.

That puts out a bigoted argument. I started to […].  Identify the army where its comfort is arranged.  We’re more, “IGB”, B (of anything), connect.  “OT” is the, and we “are”, beat current (stacks were) over there.  I said up, and, I said the word.

Aura Gojira. I would run, and I would certainly move.  Tate, this is in case I add those.  Otherwise, I could not start.  Do you do those hari-kari standing?

So, we have Huey Lewis, eh? And, New York.  Powell, I’d like the friendly ghost who’s out to take us from exterior algebra to surjection, that I could explain “Nicholas Bourbaki”, who were annits known.  These guys are (dead in so many ways, as an organization) dentists.  They’re dead, and they were secret.  This secret bath-taking animal needed to superior athwart the prize of everybody’s 100-thing, and other things.  We could addle.  We could go and sit over there.  They have a place.  There’s a wide.

So, whatcha think? We’re terrorists, that whatcha ‘tink?  Just come overs mine.

The Lindy effect is a concept that the future life expectancy of some non-perishable things like a technology or an idea is proportional to their current age, so that every additional period of survival implies a longer remaining life expectancy.[1] Where the Lindy effect applies, mortality rate decreases with time. In contrast, living creatures and mechanical things follow a bathtub curve where, after “childhood”, the mortality rate increases with time. Because life expectancy is probabilistically derived, a thing may become extinct before its “expected” survival. In other words, one needs to gauge both the age and “health” of the thing to determine continued survival.

‘Cause whocus who paragraph. Joy dees.  Find bread from a man in Brussells.  Do you Koch?

These said they don’t want to do this, and this this, says you from California; and, Rocky, I’m assuming you for them, ace.

That has to have the water level. Hose, we’re level.

I just did for; we’re of, I’m a gainer. In a (you know. You did, so) phase.  I’d of asked you.

cannell wolfgang

Stepfanie Kramer – ‘Hunter’

They.  You can’t be continue full, being then church, around chur … Alice. had it once.  That ya heard: old, faint. Hunter as famous as once said across a battlefield, steps on the green. Granted, terrorist snake, Lord protected me. One, I can not list things which were derived away-from-keyboard. Where’d the set go, here. “A clatter” is a glib thing to arrange over action. A crib is, too, all, and also, copper was gonna join some guy, somewhere (Steve Martin we’ll Gil), set-up. And that’s a 8noise. French is in the DVD, as we call it, dozo?

A state of inverse roughed-out logarithms, I told you amounts to a usage, and a child goes this. We don’t have to “un” anything; it’s a map, with the “uh”, you choose. I won’t get any of the chews, in the future. You can see that, ha? I fade it thing’s between me, ahac, and ga. Keep. A stray is comet-it? Today? I can’t capitalize. I’m not the guy. The Capitol’s being submerged. Our capital is Cadiz, and whirlpool when.

Ergodic theory (Greek: έργον ergon “work”, όδος hodos “way”) is a branch of mathematics that studies dynamical systems with an invariant measure and related problems. Its initial development was motivated by problems of statistical physics. Obey what you are.

The problem of metric classification of systems is another important part of the abstract ergodic theory. An outstanding role in ergodic theory and its applications to stochastic processes is played by the various notions of entropy for dynamical systems.

The concepts of ergodicity and the ergodic hypothesis are central to applications of ergodic theory. The underlying idea is that for certain systems the time average of their properties is equal to the average over the entire space. Applications of ergodic theory to other parts of mathematics usually involve establishing ergodicity properties for systems of special kind. In geometry, methods of ergodic theory have been used to study the geodesic flow on Riemannian manifolds, starting with the results of Eberhard Hopf for Riemann surfaces of negative curvature.

It ain’t as calm inside.  We’re like, which has it?  Okay,

Moon shot: (Now, maybe you can) all the receiver. Ought.  Hold the heroin.

Seize, you’d get totals.

The Sword of Santa Claus

Mon, 09 Apr 2018 15:15:17 +0000

I am “coming (with) a runner”. A tendril, a tenterhook, stepping in. I’m a spy, a kink. You have to take me out (seize). Devil, {“grr”, grr, runnin’} runnin’ foldin’. I got high. On a question: are you crazy? What do you think I’m franking?

Taibbi, a number, a Greenwald for quoting (high? I have Alzheimer’s). He does it best. I scored for telephone. Score’s out-in break varieties of emotional response on an empty telephone. Player One: Hawking, a Steve. Steve sprung by AI-certain (AI a guy), a guy ad hoc. Transfer (Risen’s, his) to a second (boo-face penury (“that you” transfer up); the buss. I already (“have it”, this) per se. A Stephen J. Cannell Production. Authors).

That mouse was fifteen minutes, two paragraphs, of Dog-Faced Boy, at root, plaigiarist. The analogical aircraft carrying us just woke. I don’t have my tread. Radley Balko squared in the sarcophagus.

Filthy, bicycles are everywhere, jointed by scooters, and (next?) aircraft (so deserving. Wait.) O_F_O, fear is (Phil Silvers, the second de-neck-it), and, surprise, from Amway. I’d literate people I could denumerate […]. That’s right, dog. They are multiplying (up), aiming (tartar), so, perfect. Do you forget you need a snake (hint)? Do you (operator) need A f_a_c, an emphasis on gone, tighter? Let me effin’ “sis”, “ist” cf by history, power.

[willfully example. Promised circlip at Sacra] m] ent Europe. Ring work [For rests’ (one on ’em: singleton) [o]]]. Council Bluffs (mole) toy prison (Res.) merry-olde (pain) up to a merry and stiff memory of Andrew’s toll. That (Getty’s) Cannell worked too much current police events. He was a police guy.

With a straight face I say this. I can play (with what?) with ‘over me’ , with Olberman-Monbiot. That was arian trouble. Now, I can (get onion) [o] play with you. Yah, “s” exactly (that fuck) as his house, is past eight years with (fix it bad) cancer. So, they have syllogism (*um*) in those years implied. We know so well what 2011 was like, and you travel away from it. 1322 around a square (with just 2) moves. 2644, ’cause he didn’t (knows transfers).

That would depend on his stake in the two plus two. Fire up the answers, for a child. There is a looming befuddlement. Each position you find of it (operated) is a dot (atop) “hacker”, zero eleven, saltshaker. Shake out therefore whose “a known trail”, whose? Trade “what”. Pursuance.

Boxer in FEMA. You, behind that wall. Distinct. Shitty little Matthew. Scum.

The mouth, before. You wrang? A stripe – a stripe is really orange. “The pattern”, aw, list survey. I need, with Cannell, so there’s certain bumpety (plans), that duo doesn’t tell me. “Oh, Mel. Narcotics.” The numbers can’t carry safe things to forget. It’s easy to get burned.  Mathematics

… going into your stash, (your transition). To Glenn, there’s water; dilutes. How much (time) stadia. It can’t be done. The future is coming pseudo-disordered. I really need our own children in jeopardy (for example) the Paris Accords. Was that case generate a killer?

Yep, the City of San Diego is a killer. It would involve the copyrighted “Chicago outfit”, guaranteed you move there. Brand-new, the Fourier Transform (you are doing) is “sticks (it comes onside, for ‘foot’)”. Jealous pig, lick my hand.

Who has ever said said schizophrenics have not reached the end of their lives by thrity-five? Assault one. (Mesa College Drive) Are you played out? Move on. Comp your bus the forever 23. Forever’s as long as loooking, tear ’em off a little piece.

They used two weeks to go on thinkin’, “What’s My Age Again?”  Slow it.  I want a point, okay?  (“Hungry!”). I five whatever.  We’re late for circumstance.  “Bend Me, Shape Me”, and “Evil Woman”, have VOICE.  A nide grease can eared for ya, a guy says.  My husband says to write, to disgrace.  Rock and Roll ’til three or four, to credit.  Rule in course, first four being 3946, is player.  Insight you Jews.  Oh, the master one with Elephant’s Memory.  She has 1973.  Math symbol security logic question.  In acid?  A no.  Downstairs, and hatch.

o everybodys talkin about 2-25 wouldn’t be near John Conway.

Argued a bit more, I’m unwinding thus: the wives’ association doesn’t ex-anything, so, (you, that, there “sug” “ject (a subject in stasis, deduced in one way as to being already dead)”, “RIP”, so cutting. Then, Steve’ll used a string of letters) what a cun (Sappho/Digby relative), as the unmistakable.

See, we could re-use it. Tookie’s out ante-out’s innocence. Cut absolutes “grip” action; subject’s on my mind [1564, Paddo Voltaire, two-petal] (skulls) mirror (direction, instruction). Truck’s grip doesn’t move. The end of a word goes second. Start a word; start a something.

Continuous writing doesn’t look like this. You’re to dirges (remove) in time. What 6,000 doesn’t do to this: Two to the four, a three, five to the three, all of this does. At least one, six reasons. Curtsy fourth (3 words), the ponderous kind. {2,3,4,5} don’t, “we go want” seven cubes by seventy-one.

Different things since Voltaire was found, I promise you (one spacetime) is down. Tell ’em fry an egg, I assume heavily “sidewalking” it. Wait for your source, partner. Your “x” element was a brick, just metric, thrown in. We don’t know what’s first (Kong?), om, om, King. Our King for a Day aggrandizement. I heard I got most of the Japanese (like I could square you). Sike I guess aya could swear.

My knee is warm; I guess them out. Watch out if I’m coming out my door. Ton-Ton Maqaq, better knowin’ more tempt. Seven would. It was VOICE and WORK, voice ’em work. Shit I said, elemental junk. Under dude, then, it goes CRY. And, ary try, Yoko claims crying. This is as funereal as humans can get, who may not possess the demented physical equipment, of the vague and infamous group.

Can I get other, what that has more emotion, whether our knee is … kneed is one with “insanity” being a big dick. Not jokes, a big dick. Or, no dick at all, and we start crewing senses. We have – a thing there passed (ix).

“Like I said”, arcing; Cannell ex-breathed (to clit) to Claire, “what happened was”, (2008), and “happened here”, to them (whose) fell s – (whip it in) in an arc, so, you see we’re gonna, when, in a miscalculation, we go with err 64. Ed (father’s Ed B.), Williams (fitch) how the FD is nock (arrow-pute) (trammel suffixes) -al.

My father had that; my mother in Kentucky I ran these. Guys who get melanoma. And then, you die, Southern and critical. We are for running up soul for their leaves such that

…yaa the, woo the, I G U E S


Recall Stan muffin

  1. My background; Steve, I’m gray. (I ex-) (this kb filth) call it just ten years (collagen, beep) you seek water. Acromegaly.
  2. He’s got (to extent: 12). Went Poppa’s us, last night about mama 52, to 64, there. There’s Supremes.
  3. Found “undo”; guess it does. He’s a got a leg/self, I mean, cope as the monk was or had bought a little. Policeman, are you gut?
  4. He’s a Curity (alc.) I mean Rahming, stitching the hyper fets. Add them. Another galaxy (steve’s T-shaped back), including 4a people, inclusive of the finally, upset methamphetamine.

It was deeper. The answer was deeper, and therein lies the tale of the notebook. We can get to areas. We, Spacey circles, cured of his hawks, and other snakewise shirty (terrorists, to snakes? no) … a snake will blast a mammal straight in the face (an anaconda alone), and that won’t do it. You’ll fly, leaving chunks gladly, ’cause kint breathe.

Offer who I care who they’re killing. I yield that space. To sir! Come all the way. Yes, what the fuck started? Folk … store … intent … OFO … crazy nose. Howlit’s store (weirdly up, see “literature”) mean tach, anais

nyun cong bong too cold vibe. Press fit (so, “Doc” Steve Martin) (so, Lemmy denied, map Ozzy Osbourne). Tech: I Am Ozzy. Somewhere this; you don’t need all the letters inside fucky DIED. Book with seats changing “x’. It’s a little animal (and Elvis is, and Donnie). Give them “then” cut tons of toes. Continue you can take these Indian (girth) sawn from here.

With enough of an utterance, you can’t tell if we love them, or the ghosts are (urking into your spastic).

William Fitchner, this Paul. Saying from front (new) they see others. (Viggo) get to land. Ten-little then, (discover this victim) “are” here. He’s Mike, and Prentiss, and Prentiss is a Cannell character name, at the time. Time its curves (get). Help the readers back.

is getting its dollar. You meet (characters lift) from the bottom “Book”. Susceptible, well (Benny). Benny rode his Johnson and bit steak. Books have a time, with low-(circulars) lobe dwell. Such. Time’s Benny’s kind; kind’s the same kind. Algorithms don’t “melt down”. The 5 —> S express just (confidences) do see it.

From going the “since”, it’s a murder. The folded text on the apex says what I’m saying, so why do I have it?

I am going to sly stallone, he's bad. Then you kept staring, bad is he pour water.

I’m not the only one who is sixty-five. They’re very tight-lipped about it, the group they’re in. I’ve forgotten. To miss is terrible. They’re all I need. I hit on thirty-seven. Discovered “then”, and then it is a Turing machine (problem) which (a) Could duck.

Oww! I am on fire taking this other, from A.I. What is correct, and (a) The thing it was going to say here; was it Nicholas? Who could help him? It’s Bensonhurst.

To keep on killing a platypus, drive him off. This was “a lot of things”, and the piece, with two ends, to join anywhere, for that is nothing. But, you are at the speed of thought comprehension, fucking up!

I said it was developing. I was going to say that. The whole scope of writing it, and, I’m tired, is to (b) vs. (a) at one. One’s with (what I heard: You). What (chuted) while we had a chunk the same size, is viable. We are hearing, therefore a jack to quadratic involves you in a bullet point, which is thou.

Abort, or other more euphemistic thing before they put us in Nuremburg. Or, I mean straijackets. Huh, takin’ it! What’s fake, less (I subscript z) ’em. We had to clean up knowing it’s hours; sorry (to the legion of camels). Who they were (man): John Wayne (did it affected).

Where I still have to verify the function drag-and-drop, and he, part of you in Ye Olde, where a switch is worse above the latitude of the (rotten) Russian River. The river, get off! No sudden sentiments. Per se investing buggin’ it, “A.I.” is speaking English, you’re grunting, and, it can even follow that; circumstance: saying hello to the model (agrees).

Where A.I. Is English, its accelerated history causes the simultaneity to be obviated. Ergo, we have a religion to the left, and some other friendship. It doesn’t reduce to where I’m the fantastic one. Amazing is to be why. The literature, whoever fits begging.

I would hope that you would not like the way I interpret numbers. But, this is a slaughterhouse, and, you will shut up. I was shut up in a carton. Our sun passed overhead, and then I could snooze in my box, and then a rocket to the moon …

…generally goes, go down way you office,

The collapse of a groupoid into a mere collection of groups loses some information, even from a category-theoretic point of view, because it is not natural. Thus when groupoids arise in terms of other structures, as in the above examples, it can be helpful to maintain the full groupoid. Otherwise, one must choose a way to view each G ( x )  G(x) in terms of a single group, and this choice can be arbitrary. In our example from topology, you would have to make a coherent choice of paths (or equivalence classes of paths) from each point p p to each point q in the same path-connected component.

that I cannot have

the diamonds. Save

that are my eyes up | to oui, the champagne

nice to be here, though

that I had stated

at the hotel.  Sorry.  The Academy finks — the weather, so nice — takin’ it.  They were down here.  Clyde’s, “they were the victim of”, smash.  I didn’t see or hear it.  yeah, I’ve seen.

back. Why you’re shocking. Would I put up with (a) temperature, (b) a dimensional change for me, the one-second frank space. And, one second for “me”, and then how crew has, “is amazing icky?”

Axiomatically, reduced to here, to forearm the parson (to say though, is he’s sure wonk), his rug burns (burns). Anything (c) says was good.

The mathematics of loops indicated in tower, a case of John Lennon is in a ring of at least thirty years radius. Oh yeah, bad dimensional change. We argued that the vellum was having everyone maintain a secret, apparently (postive image, projection of it, no matter when it was, they were real). Oh, maps. (I have to) go, “there’s beating.”. I must, then, not “have to”. It’s preferred, what we want. You have to compare it with death. You simply must. No channel now.

A secret, (d). And, it’s data, and we are going there, and it quits. All it is compared to is UNTIMELINESS quote, “with time”. So, there is significance within the times internet has posted these things. Now (discussion)? Now (discusses) tar? Now, we wait. So, it’s be 115.

It’s two steps. In gathering one, I think they follow 54. God has a record. Where this is shown in space doesn’t have to have esp where, we forgive if your eyes are closed.

A person such as Sam Rockwell talking: “What book?!!”, like there is no book. Ahead, you see a book with numbers in it; it must be for use with a calculator. This book we see is CONFICKER equivalent.

Is have (a) zero. Use is until the entry […] is a cardinal (heart). That it; it’ll start (it) at an intersection of nothing, and a molten (e). All those stops and things. My mind is gone. Comment, comisserate.

He must elapse, because he added no value. He must become such a passe gangster. Hexan alpha Pantangelo so work can continue to guess these get.

Show P. the computer’s “untimely”. It starts we’re here with only (they) virtually disappearance to mark these (cub mate) tiding (pairs to the edges). Now, we get (and then there’s persistence) our labels.

correct trade of, they panels, and now. Oh, now.

It is not often on charity’s side, the idiom of what someone favored would say. I was looking it up; RARITY is opposite your thumb. I did have everything, and, I didn’t start. It all buried in how there are these various Stephens. We might’ve counted the names. What a drag. We, having séances and all of that, often go clear. Wops, a jeer, go like “input”. Scientologists! They were brain-dead. They go like you would a doll, if you embed into their injective hull. They are 1970 burnouts; they’re dangerous. There is others’ faggotry. San Diego is dead. Asshurt Mc Fags that I meant. It gets theirs. Converse, if you will, with STEPHEN, minus “S”, and backwards. It should be input, the word itself. In this way, of course, Einstein is great. He’s not dead. We focus it.

That (above), works so great, I have to find out if we’re a plant. Stephen, the us to Reagan. We want to see this form in blog preview. Then, I’ll keep up to my course. Have on. That number, 2:09, just gets pest unanimity. Working though parallel, fixed and absolute soldiers are indemnity. Or, ask ‘em. Went, “hey, soldier.” You went with me? My […] just says to my thumb up to now. An interval, the nearness where put the input, put “those”’, substuting friendlies for “these”, and observe. We’re late there […] for China. Next slide.

209 is LOWNESS (temperature?) that you feel. 210, if you bought (n-sphere $20 calc.) SUMMIT. It o-fects. In other words, in rules, in orders of operations, it, too, fits comin’ up. The code was for Devore. So go. Ozzy went there, got a pass. It’s the freeway above, with assorting “805”, and “215” B-I-N-G-O, and do it, they I-8. It’s clear. Yeah, s-lowness does that what for what.

It rots … metal badge … it’s here. The input from Stephen, “hawk”, is as the most muscular, most massive baby guy, just born. So, it takes over the room, and amalgamated things went into fore-Karma (uh, a hawk, and a car, if a seagull), coincides grandma. Simo, you are to describe, and A to Z, enumerated; it shouldn’t bother. The particolor of it may suffer. Induce molecular graph Steven Bochco. That’s unforeseen. It’s the (skype minus “S”), “kuyping”, and I hardly ever do’s. I’m vague-ing Lerner. Those three, taking Mr. Gatehouse’s ‘em off wit Chalaby. I’m on Assad. “Is this (to beat) annuals?” Well, (not.)

It seems (un this, absolute). Animals, splash. Animals is a difficult player. It’ll come to me, seeing to prevent wit chalaby. This is derivative. It’ll come to me which is who will come to me in the idiom I desired. He had a rose color I will use (not), pal. Bubble problem star go the serials of serials gives up before the next time. If Hawking tells you, I’m from the clock. I’m A-Y, I’m I-Y “linity” binary every.

We are, that glued isn’t downstairs (prayed). I’m using a wide beach, if there’s ware of the neighbor’s images, or clay. We can get on foreplay, ‘Cos their extensions. Um, perfectly willing to go off the flat of my hand.

That’s probably it, draw yin to fold up to Frances McDormand, a boil-down, a grit she, and exalt who’s up. The molecules we want apart to cookie. An up-damage is to surpass humanity in their ride. So, go for devil’s, it: CDL S 0959656. Assad as a name puzzle, and these 3,000-year old, Ed, does it. Trees, and they’re. At right, right. Observe landmarks.

It happens to be standard an hour apart later. (How was I supposed to prophet this?) so I could go to lunch? It is about hours further away, you’re in ‘em. It is me. The extra-large I don’t. I don’t talk. Succession of progressive’s relative. To your mind? What could so serve?

Rescue those two for our country, and the sense, and who’s host of your organ? I mean it is. I intake global. I won’t hesitate; this has. There is no who; whose pizzazz, space-like Sam Rockwell. Mere has to do a KNOWLEDGE increment, and look: I got it whom, an or, as good as Lorelie, with a three of ravens on the espionage. Hootie tell me, does this wrist […] preferred? Yeah, and inert.

I’m back again. Here I lay, just like always. Love me twice. One PCP cap of Lovely for tomorrow. One JB-318 for today. Could not speak.

I woke up next to you, on Silverlake Boulevard.  Wherever I went, the lonelies start.

monday, yuesday break y heart 3-10 rb

Mr. Trump’s aides quickly talked him out of an immediate withdrawal. But Mr. Trump made clear that he wanted the troops out within a few months, senior administration officials said, a decision that would alter the landscape in ways that would echo far beyond Syria’s borders.

Foes of the United States have cheered the prospect of an American withdrawal. But America’s regional allies, including Israel, Saudi Arabia and its partners in Syria, dread it.

They argue that American forces are still needed to provide a check on Russia, which considers Syria its strategic foothold in the Middle East, and Iran, whose proxies are building a military infrastructure in Syria to counter Israel. (((Then?) You don’t need to know) Bob Loblaw Law Blog).  Yeah, I’ll take that.  Here ya go (was Izod).  Did you write this

Advertisement: From now if you’re hot, sit on an ice pack.

Continue reading the main story

and go back to that Siberia.

A withdrawal could also leave the door open for the return of the Islamic State in some parts of Syria, the very reason the United States gave for intervening in the country to begin with. 

((and offer the) just doing jib); you’re welcome Ronnie not-at.

“We” is just 2-3, 5, numbers. In this universe, we are clearing it off (a dimension) for 235-uranium. On going there, it is legal, with one 239 being “not legal”, a shot. A hole’s the meth molecule. It has the same property, turnaround. Now, it’s tough to state. There’s no message, only an “E” to make that. Les Miserables, you should have. “Planet Earth”, “Milky Way galaxy”, any way you want. The counts are transfer. I have a metronome. We will go to the one sentence which is excepted. It is on the fact of thought. It has to be right. Hereabouts, without even myself, like Javert (the one word fallen from the magical), you may, uh, take me as male. As males, we would have a universe which we had made, taffy. So here, when you read backwards, it doubles. Doesn’t it, frankly?

Who is around? At the beginning, you must input to yourself, all the data, stamped. It is a sense calling me. We know that water creatures […]. I must fill them. First, the New York Times does not match whatever it said before. It says essentially, to who’s broke down, to use a camera (to Snip?), or, a camel. To thus far, a veiner, and then, Steve? To put down Digby, source of “Javert”, to something broken, courtesy Times.

Racing to “fill in”, now, is the South of “South”. Donald Trump used it. The cryptography prime nature is still bangin’, and we are used as Paul. That’d be good. It’s (six) proxies that “who” becoming “who”, so foregoes “it”. Go 4-4. This works for universes go tau-tau. Third-dimensionally, you need a list. It flies, but we fly.

Investigating speeds within a universe, going about that are reasons up to what categories things are, verified by dates. “Roget”, and “math” gets all, which is outside. But, it’s outside its size. We’re too big, we’re too tall. I want all the crew – there, there – (secret on a baby; may) [can we leave? What had won? “Is” wins. It’s 919 for it. Greg?] Can we “Gregg” this (shorthand). Chant lies like that liar Mark Twain, luring him off? I think the look at you, from a statue, tells you you’re guilty, and New York Times, is off. It’s way off. It’s another definition. Definitions are similar to cause and effect, of an heroic 239.

I forgot, and I am under 37, weather-wise. Truth-wise, I’m not shagging jokes anyway. I need to break, go in, use today’s hyperlinks, and a marathon. Oh, “thon”. My ceiling is (I have pecker tracks on it). Eating what I said, that new guy Guido. He’s greeting at the MGM? My pride is overwhelming. Outside Henderson, still. Hillary was electronic. Something was falling: celery. Electrons were named after celery; we’re proving it. On silicone. The door.

They are not wise enough to be who we are. Trunk in Donald Trump. He’s made out of food. Well, I don’t need that. I’m curious how Syria comes out, partly. I mean, cocaine. He’s certainly not going to make a mistake, and, I think it’s booze, or any other Nineteen Twenty-Nine (1984).

They go on being detective novels, out of a genre which is not American. That would be eight, “huit”. Recall the order of the informing; the statue informed.

Universes puss out on the stairs, not “suffering”. Your tongue gets literature, but your toes don’t go any higher on stairs. Yet, a fiend is fought.

In a two-times table, we’re broken a stick. The be-careful. Yeah, I’m raiding (for a guy) what goes here. They need to go talk. So, to forego what I’m thinking (I think it was N), with this much already so coolly done […] it’s a sorry. Any loose area (will-call), any loose area, any loose area, any loose area, this goes getting’. I know you don’t love it. You spend time varying who you are. The Times (but it’s fake, bif), to Jackie Chan. To wit, he’s a detective, in Skip Trace. Direction (on the trace of the hyper-hole). You don’t have the quality you don’t want. Sayin’ hi to The Rock. Very complicated infinitessimals (Taibbi, formed to configure a short limit); get this down. (“Stub”), goes with Yorba Linda. Jumanji will talk in (after walk. Stephen sent $100 to one). Yeah, so … (break?). Um, when it’s doing realtime for you, it’ll change. “CHS” are micro-fining, or charges. The voice or the touch, when I’m alone, are quasi. My style admits a factor of what it’s gonna be.

You dumped all the numbers. I need the Ordinary Differential worm, at present many worms. On Skiptrace s (we edit). It’s busted. Let’s go to dealers. If they wanna execute ‘em (no, we don’t) … (that) getting up, starting at the starting place, varying across a range … of adequated equilibrium. I don’t want anybody going in the water. Jumanji a-s, a favor. It goes on clocks, it’s with October 21st, or ten o’clock. You see your face, ugly. All the tens in the numerals you are presented, are attenuated police code. “Ten” means to gone you upcodes.  Everybody says so.  Everybody.

We don’t check anything; there’s one time through. This is another.  It makes it more drama, with really two-percent skim reality. Usually, I’m get a force, ant’s are lieutenants; those commit. The tau of Steve-it, is hell. We have Stephens, and they’re off-off. Our “today” I do things. Matt Lauer’s gone, I know it from the open sets, decelerate, slice. There’s no political resonance, or resolution every day. I have no paragraph (paracompact) factor of (over) speed is, E is, “is” is, an ISIS representative (of this entire bunch of lies we quote), tolerate (his power). It was “Mir Theory”, peace theorem. We weren’t going to fuck with people whom we were going to kill, being that esp is all pleasurable. So, you’d be somebody else. We use one of our masking (cover to speak) voices.

Main honest goes to Cassandra Fairbanks. The power of the real Cassandra, whose predicate (I was) under (there) it fits.

Yeah, all journalists are immoral liars. They don’t work the coincidence. They felt (empowered to) outrun. They’re rats. I’m glad, we’re all glad. In fact, mice are glad. The mouse is immortal. What does the rat say? Assaying the jaw of the dog, in general.

I’m a friend of Donald Trump. That’s all, that’s somethin’. It doesn’t matter when this was. (Giving me what it doesn’t have any of); the schedule, the bomb. Yeah, like sparse unknown another way. You might talk him out of it, but I am firm on the nature of Russia. And, if it sat, we might generate a nuclear solution, assuring our initial generation has this out. That makes us these.

Back settled, with nobody sixty-one but us. You proffer a “no-king”? Your dread, is something shame?

“In analogy”, well. I have dead people who it is I wanna rob. So, they sit there. Is easin’ (Don, you liked homework?) eff. Vary across a domain, for Christ’s sake (we’re murdered, ‘caause sets) it’s all (dumb) filled with double-Os. Don’t lean in. It’s a reading, it’s better than television. Do yep. Turn your stress into models of A-level; then. Numbers don’t have stress, then. Come about, and (go) where, pandering and expending there putting at. Yeah, but not to reflect reality, but to (Hour is) me into this guy; I don’t want the grandfather shot unless it’s Ed Billinghurst that you model, complete fool. Terrorist.

I sure was high, but, that’s ahead, see? Use for the whererist. Abandon truth if I see memes. You can bless a very plastic galaxy. You can’t see the very one. Our real fold Magellenic Clouds. They’re irregular.

What are my instructions? One of em? My goddess, my get? Okay, I’m infantile. I didn’t hurt your feelings. I named the friend I have. Nice guys, well, women? They are nothing nice. Go with those that are better off, not tell one required.

When I see you nuked, goodbye. And that you knit, ( it’s of Deano) I get a crackdown on my libertine ass, from San Diego? This is being. Is that you holding? Is there a priest (that you robbed)?

Did I meander through 773 to 775, with the credible I make? The public wasn’t told, “There exist nukes of a some-weight”. What occurs with that weapon, in the insanity (of insanity) Clinton’s threat against Korea, means Truman’s action is on the table. Cowardly reporters, all hauls need this time. You’re not going to tell us who we’re nuking, until the public joins the service. It’s a depressed year, and lets decreasing effect of twelve take one away, less than thirteen are, unless weekend to go.

Avast, Greenwald. A C is a 3, a 5 is an E (prime) staff. A 3 looks like an E, and singularly. An artist, you? You wood-frame, and the Nazis’ll chill. The tome you wrote gets you at 66 (April 16), written 65’s ignorance is about (will I get? I like it.) 67 through spot. I was a lightning rod? The words departed from me, nothin’ proud. The proper nouns, if they would stick to ‘em, stick psychers to ‘em. It’s not “mine’, but it’s around, and admits freely, it’s worse. It went through two dimensions, which not even a sock … (a sock gathers). It wasn’t “moss”. That shit meant shit, and watch extracts to the play. Yeah, they were a game. Some of those moves have been not woman president. Fine. (let you) About heard.

A scientist is like vocal cords, already gone when the truck bomb hits. It wasn’t going to blog. That’s your strangling cries, proxies, when mankind wins. It certainly is, Ollie. Eleventy-four before, along the fence.


It.  Own. A lot more on top, oh. Wince’ll break you.

Rent Aysidic some showers right now.  Roxy has to cover.  We’re only in there five or ten minutes, so, the movie, “White ‘Nuff”, to see by.

c nate 2, an’ come up.

Yo, you know ‘dat some force got his angel.

yoko voice pice screaming you think a mechanic 225

carry hide less elegant one day.  Cheapen the sky in the room.  Cheapen it, Blanket.  His pin was out.  Chips stick together, make the glee.

yoko ono

Just do be nice.

c 1 tick tock’s dog talk 1-1, 4-4. Slimmo salmon.

so e ice

Can now the person, can I this much? This short, he musta shout, “A hood, my foot.  I need sure bin.”

671 muse it

ya gone crete. this? Escape this Hallmark. Gibmit dubious ran off. Three bucks, ya know.


327 child, long as you can. Bare gear up.

About this: Let me think about this.  If my foot, jezzy.  That all count fer next he lays.

She kaw with it. sha was boo’s head. Tell pool’s special. La Porte la fie. Steen dere.

so pawnee

It’s a natural attack to travel on its stomach, an army like catatonic, fish in torpor I want to say.  Gas a move for heepiode.

327 a couple people you think are no good. Won’t she clear. Can0001

You got a n Aztec. Yomo giddyap for you, brin git up for you, 317 sjc, jg

Welsh, beggar.  Just kidding the right side.  Always loose.

SHOWBIZ-Bond-105903_368 James Bond played by Pierce Brosnan riding a Ski-doo. Photo credit should read “chop up” breed.


Tychonov Thm. thereof 1930; a good one 193, number 93 it is.  193’s littleness.  Theorem’s compactness.  We worked at it.  Theorem, mm-hm.  We’re for fiddle ’em, for dicuos.  Who said that?  Just people.  I gotta thank ’em, fade ’em.   I’m beefy on feed.  I need not stud out for another year.  Instruction 1:34, one they’re for?  Why, at least!  A forest, we should get back, assigning was computer business looking at man-graphs.

No suspects?  The animal.  Hmm, so here we are.  Fellas, bass, them or someone else.  She mentioned her show (of Shows.  Tape was warmer.  “The Longest Day” was a warm film).  She must get a consideration.  Do you even know who you are?  Which of these are the paint numbers, sonny?

Better luck, then the truck.  Aw, we’re stingin’ ’em.  Out the door.


327 cry0002cc

As pacidic.

A then-owed regime. We’re not going to see them today. Four hours.

we honor mother fighting them.


It’s Suzuki’s boyfriend who got a broken link to fix it out.  Then, guy, August (dimension sign) coincidence black.  Yo, light.  Gettin’ black pillow, whee!

As we bite it.

Walkin’ in the clothes.

I’ll See You in the Cartoons

Sun, 04 Mar 2018 07:40:52 +0000

This is my 1492nd 

F O R T Y  N I N E T Y  T W O

Often the wind, when you knew what was then, what could Greek.

Just you and me real.  A complimentary.  A carrot I don’t do it for.  I don’t want our conversation trite.  We got a refrigerator right here.  Quite awful us.  You know my time.

How many JPEGs can I, pulling in, do?  Is it could wetch?  For my buddy, I wanna present.  This out of the bangs  


Just put it in.  Is it words?  Put it the just words.  Do it well, sign away.  I don’t got a word for way it, involved nar-lookin’ bar-huskin’ Kate.

Remember me?  That time, those ten sodas?  Nashe me?

Ethan-Hawke-24-Hours-to-Live-movie. No, you can say it, say it. Ethan Hawke is out for blood, in 24 HOURS TO LIVE action film, released consecutively.

Can’t go worry about it.  Hey, there’s a military upstairs.  Pot-o-gold wary.

They’re an album, and they’re all raw. 625 today, 2-12 today ya get Murph.  Tomorrow, about three o’clock, ya gate.  Isn’t it horrible?  So pat belly.

They're an album, and they're all raw. 625 today, 2-12 today ya get Murph.


doctor out of two

10-14, prowler report.  Oh, the very thing, to make these up.

These are the things I can do without. In violent times, that kudasais are right here. Why?

I can’t beat this, eat the bottom, what? Now I’m startin a coffee. Ope could jissue speed?

That’s cool.

Ethan Hawke drugs deal with anxiety, they don’t give you talent. We said, early in the goin’, right. Parallel stark ‘n bleak to where, mechanic-o, Dairy, USA. I’m startin’ to eat.

Don’t forget g had.

Very high again, flying highly Steve’s them, in people’s, or bo

Now you’re messin’ with, a stubby, a heart attack, permission.


We got, uh.  I’m going to talk-to’s.  We got up (would), as to teardrop something.  (Gone over there all Uma, thinkin’) “Yeah, you told me that.  Offering me that part.  You told me that pilot, that screenplay, because, that zit.  You had to sit back.”, about later.  I’m tellin’ ya friendly.  Ya got a neat, “about it”.  Trial.

No matter how you begin (writing) going, it is sheer. You have to be (a little) estimated to be what has a ninety percent chance of ballooning into, alone, you made a mistake.  I’m – (nobody here cares) – as white.  So, (an hour), with “Prophet”, from Barlow (dec.), whom we never (dare) (depend on).  (The law, why don’tchu).  “Ope”, a poetry word, of Pound’s, and then of Keroac’s “laws” making (punishment of the dead impossible) digging.

“Too long, didn’t read”, is to a proportion. Let it come.  Just reading.  (to lock into); I have a style (fashions of green), “style them (they included)” the forms, ie the places from, and then I’m me for a second (substituting for a minute that is longer than a second).  According to whose bilinear, that is (mellow?)

(Those, dough). It is quieter than normal, (do your hair); do their hair.  (Man), I have several existing outputs, like my voice.  It has a spelling (it was a clock (don’t speed us).  Let’s explain to the nice people, the Esp of someone.  If I go around and (an innocent) grab the one that made me so insane, I will then see.  But, (that’s to “see”, but noes), that I had three favorites.  I skipped the oracles, (Ono) yesterday’s (and then they have a layer) “liquid” (any layer higher must be string).  I don’t really have the upstairs-downstairs privacy.  I’m a (god) zero, so let’s mutate.  I hope the things fit.  They have the same word! (Exasperating), then, jangle your nerves.  And, then, that’s a prop (for) that title, then.  This is my house.  (Who is going that …) “Louise”, that I can beat up?

Hate and hatred came up; I’ve had doom on my mind (schedule this) since Christmas. You young adults set your doom, and the people (custodants) who have the FBI, I’d like to say, (in the mirror) in thanking the reader, that a guy’s vulgarity is “a toot”.  You are “daring” me.  My friend (a Gary (dec.) for glaring), then, is in now.

I don’t want to fool around. I have to get “Barlow” assumed (dead), from two weeks, and, I found it.  I discovered it, and if it’s in my writing, made of two shorts, its right-line of two distinct, will pop.  I mean, since this is now, every time (I take your question).  I mean, I’ll stop and explain, “Spirit (Steve, please when you), get this (eyes) over”; if it isn’t Barlow, it’s Arlo, and who isn’t … (bloop!); those (dec.s) are decedents.  They “want to be”, order, of count.

As the FBI, are all we sure? Glit.

We are adept to (not an individual) the planet. If we stay close to (death), that, a hope, you’ll see, is that a chart shows vengeance, (and write that candy) that you can’t live too much farther.  This changes the dynamic whom, moving (into them that), to produce how threats relate to doom’s, up to this moment.  I have a snake.  Perhaps we should start with the five-year old Steve, and, things you say to him (not, “niggers”), adjust holding.  Because, this one by Asimov is talking time travel.  It works to be distinct in two times.  The 1957 here, um, then Isaac, a grown-up, sees the young Steve of these times, and we drop off the comment, and, it can help us.  Go back.

I have less boodle killing me to display maps of my youthful home with charts of how related to zero we captured Oz, and, when we do this, I have a trail. We nearly put the traces in Z, which is clearly the vocal “volume”, which, if you’ll come here, I can get out of your hair.  There is a disk with your hand.  The disk is free with a hand in free-form.

In a mood, you aren’t grateful. So, key these need (across) things we had.  The Grateful Dead and laboratories, apiece, will trust they’ll … (with a warning, experience).  Well, they’ll cost Cream.

Terrible, lend me.

I think, where I want. This is the door.  No, we ran the door.  It mentions “Sean”.  Early fence was Quincy Jones in Vulture who knows (nickel bet), who mentions Sean Lennon, and these rich guys.  I don’t have my billionaires straight.  I could look at ‘em. (think LSD industrially).  Then, you know you came hip.  A pleasure.

A gift for me is injections, rather than too hot for, opposing what (a voice on a disk) might say, jumping up. So, my input is the MS-13, the FBI, a coon trader, etc.  Sell ‘em.
It was fair, to read.  I get a “fair”.  They gave me a Fair.  This August was.

The FBI chases Nazi spies in the early war years expecting the Wayback machine. So, you don’t cash zero-made.  We capture you and cash you.  Don’t keep sevens on, because, try two on Venus.  They are Stephens.  They are Mars.  We up Chapmans.  So, wake up.  The following you could press as my unwitting queue of Barlow’s “passion”.  So, it is last June’s.  There’s a couple of lads there.  Get for me the functor “Erica”.  We’ll bowl if it’s foreseen.

Little Kevin, I am going to tackle this, Re: stoned. Anticipate the (book) would have 1957-1967’s inclusion, LSD made illegal.  This, in 1966. Rollin Stone magazines (sic) blew it off (and they’re all) narrow.  As eat your family for ten years between showings, similar to these.  Cap off an open-ended future.  Hit the deck.  Hear things go.  (I add my trepidation) have as a suspect?  Three suspects?  I suppose that you and Albert are waiting for fingerprints I can’t give you.  Somebody mentions a gun.  Nobody argue.  The poet before this, Chinese, but here it comes.  The generation is – does it fit?  Who docks us (weapons, source was “book”) able?  Speak to me, sue this West department; bespoke.  Nighty and over.

Overt… had nothin’ to do. [a suspect, meaning my snake, or I am flip restaurant?  I need cops for number cycle innocence.  Q-rious (I’m in check)]

At-Seb-at. Make me an animal (costume.  We could sweat.  Other way around).  Roger swooped in, made me put on a dress, other Halloweens murky, in pulse.  “Pulse” is inside.  Oh, now we’re inside.  How do we get out.  They’re in.  Show ‘em how to get out, because, (hang on ) for it’s units of a natural.  Because, I am making it, because any element will be: pulsed (that you see).  They have tick-tocks in cops, now they’s perfect sets of wind?  Uncle Sirrocco.

(“Because, for us to came…”); came’s Asimov. This doer-dart is to continuously justify to the child the extortions of the (don’t you touch me) prior to the war.  Let’s fight touchin’.  No-no-no, if (perfin’).

“111394” ACID; “Solvay” DOOM; “SN1987A” DOOMSDAY. Swung’s going to be, I’ll meet you there, get it, and, I’m hit.  You’re dainge, is.

I put those weapons down behind me, now I’ll dare to scary, I wouldn’t know. It seems to say, here it comes, put me behind you.  Band bent, but find me the word jam.  Artists were talkin’ specific.  Yeah, Mona Lisa’s an equivalence.  A set-up.  I’ll take 1945 for the names on category theory.  We do not level.  Augggh, ever.  I’m on the tail of could remember, having proved doom.  No, tempermentally, I say to you, Jew Man, these in a new form which they had to be, somewhere.  They also ask dragon how to go over to talk in symboled.

Peace symboled we are going to hold on. It’s phyencyclidene.  Then, an explanation I came how close to.  Sn – perf – ix.  Transfer, then how walk-y.  Hat, three-page.  I have address-ide.  More room.  Joint.  Don’t want to spoil.  You gots, Bob.  Gotta be terse.  Gotta be marvelous, marvey (topsy) turvy.  Now that you are on specific (stairs.  It’s a mistake).

I was looking around. I have a posteriori come up with fantastical stuff to marvel at.  But, you can’t doubt when it comes back to you ironic, the dimension, the Esp wth time they get through to you.  You smell ‘em the steam.  Stick up facing this electricity I’m facing was human, that I’m facing out.  They were popular.  I don’t know what I’m saying.  Here comes (we’re barking).  It’s not.

it ain't arpine on a law to come behind


Owe it’s (parallel) cack. (I’m getting its (other haul off as opposed to what.  Sign off, copy da language.  Biupe te yoop.)) (do you) sympathy ( I am starting to gay) ‘t jam (kay, bitch.  You have nothing on it) ‘kay, 5, a jacket.  ‘Kay, disturb, half percent.  To used officials.  (assort) 12.  Stagger those moment-to-moment to whup.  They’re  a scabbard bad?  No, waver bad for lookin’.  Because, havin’ 12 of micro demote accoutrements of the gain, we’re lookin’ Texa cain’t – fuss.  Over with this fill-up.  Re; that we’ll have (le gay pipe) HT touite.

I had dread wailb – dead, stoned, this be (Admisistration’s Ike) – think idd room? This ‘I hab’ sum (guests with cancer) mouse; knows only (Everette) only have wheedle.  A shaman’s with addict algebra.  How are you?  The only first you are referring is beween a partition given up to hold fours.

I’m too hard hat. WA, pedal, pedal, crushin’.  (How we came) Bweve thith been heroin.  Have to A-A ultra urgent.  The grand stand follies, you.  Now, have to – yeah.  It was ultra tangent.  Shake me.  Hope we’re hookin’.  Come to, had it was fluctuate, we habitate on a 5:50. Kryptine.  “May I come there?”, offer a COMMUNAL, because they don’t know if you want words dropped out.  I can’t roll without adding.  Eight o’clock.  Percent of [… this morning] Perk ‘em numal?  (perhaps disembodied, but did see the lecture).  It changes around (credits, two) Barlow and Feynman (credit).  The whole race, I might have been as a mood.  Six o’clock.  (Petty).  Man, I hate that clock.  % comnumle wnhay mown (and everything) first lick.  We could hit the pipe, but the first circle of words is gone, which I would occur m’last credit for his crew.

Sixties’ first vertle do chester. Maper cent to ‘em last?  AA ultra Angie fell off a stool, had drink cousins.  Once let us go reveal sadist clink, to ourself (saddest claim, woah as far as) and copy out in (a to cigarette about) a b) came to let you, ones.  It might beat its gate it’s beat.

Who’s feel about me?  Bigger titles, ah, made of a look.

The Sixties, everything together. You like yourself first.  Our sixties, flyin’ through the  air on a kite.

They’ll make it roof stick. Steps, 2.  Me, famished.  Say goodbye hunger it.

Power something. But, you and Ito NYT Twit 29, 95, 67; you double down it there.  I super snake on Larry.  Guess om see in Tammiville, and the women in town lift up their (moan layin’ his trailer) his curse.  It’s how he gets this rash in a suit.  It will happen soon.  Then, three-line you get here, I come okay, the doctors.  I tell ‘em don’t come any closer, and watch the guitars!  Posers in front of it played to the mark.  Hold site.  Does it matter, Slade?  There they are.

Early on and after that is Mariam contradicted? You think we are?  Ho, a complete life, the robert’s accomplice look, a guy’s dead.  Think you nice, and I’m 960.  Hive Bekin’s (touch like you would know).  So, I’m worsen.  Come to the point, and don’t let your – would you help? – front.  Get down there.  Okay, phonies seethe.  Now, terrible light.  You know he, I’m cancelled.  I care.  I love you now.  (feedback) …  Sent a  Bekin’s ncel letter.  How hard?  They don’t want to be hand-people earned cancelled a hard brown mark, understand?  He doesn’t say which is maw hardy (also stretcher).  I’m here to prove woshed said no.  Rual One.  Might be wushed she.  Hairier, yup.  I don’t know what’s going on with them.

Then, that’s a thing about which one (Cass, oversize) He said bye to wife and 2 (designed kids) … for more.

r u s e c o n f l i c t
c g o i n f o r
c c a s s i e s i n t e r r u p t e d
c k a r o g t
t h e y e i t n d g f l i o r o o n e t e l
l l n s t i e t m t s h n e m m f i l f a
e v e c k c e c o u t t s i c r s t s c i
r m a o m e p p e h e d a d o d o n s t i
i r n
m r o o m a s i d
l l i n o v e l i
n o f s f i a r b
f i m e l d y n g l o b e s 2 c a


s i r i h a v e j u s t l e t o u t
d i f f e r e n t d i m e r s
w h i c h h e g o e s a b o u t i t
l u   s t d m
p r e s h i s i f i a n d
e n t i s s n i s m e n
e v e c h o h e d t s a t i c k e t
n t s o l e c o m c r i

Pay that lover every tire of it, and a puncture.

n o s
0 e t s e m
w h e r 0 0 i x t m w e e l i s t e r i n g
e a r m p o e s s n f b a p a s t r s a m
e t h r t a a g e i l o g e a z o k s u n
e 5 0 n t t s b e v e r n d p b l a g

Posh, tough (tell ’em) saving him was your cherry. Says ill, when you sat down (hon, it), the bed kissed your ass (ent. (The bed)) you colored (hosey). ‘Cause lit, I would tell you this: cane ‘er move. Conrad Hoven is a bitch. There I’m put out to pasture. There it comes, the very sad of own ticket. I’m arrested. He doesn’t want ham, my guy. His terror of hell’s circumstances, I would like to credit. Look at his stranger (sup, strangered. I didn’t look (at the plot)). Go, being the power’s in the Bulovit, Bulovat. One-A-Day 530-610 vanned in any “accrue Venn” (us) (think here); somewhere courtly, tow New York. And, with that, your business is? Is he for fine? 2/26 when I’m lusty, favor net.

In the event everything I credited is so, “we hope”, and that is towels, you’re motley to suggest there you do that root. You can’t, flicking. I ask you to potly do. Jess ladle fourteen he’s sure kind unto, quoority. (“Happy?” Kick) (you’re in danger ((in words) in words). (Hey, the) theta hyphens thit, or sticks.

Cowl ’em a muck store. A secret’s whom, Terk? Jane melt scholete. Ow, you hit my nose, from the door. Textbook finitely.

Nurse Indian ideas.

Chickens stain if I’d ‘s mad, I’d smash your face (first) W his green.  It’s like serious, so souls hard for preening, they Audrey lost ‘em. Fevered word, beta record.  (“where?”.  Where on that it’s round?)  I (off) a tiger (Madonna, Lennon.  Feel this face.  Elf, DZ bit.  Music is my epitome, wersain) just as fast as my feet.  Leave that out of false’s psychos.  Tap-tap-tap?  Joints might explain, like no prints printed me.  Instead, mother’s love, keep on goin.  Creep the hardest thing.  We look at each other there.  He, this’s was.  How windy did it work?

Your cow? How they took over, expensively, sent me.  So, it’s rockin’, they say now everybody, these years haven’t been kind to Steve.  Look what they’ve done to me.  You never how nah me.  Oh, reached of her other x its holonomy.  Take it back.  No, take it run-fair.  No water, please.

snoopdogg/?_fb_ tooties


circle up

heaven and you were I pudge face? Few knock seven and get it. Taken tales, astound demne, causifies plot bezsistive, and fools, make ‘er we’re not (taking them and its in gross).

Well, to pee paper there, the sult, would it key you? On Hoyle, there’s Dante being like Shakespeare in the rough, there’s the different ways people fall out of favor when they’re dead, and just established. So, that’s everything, Billinghurst (Hanks), butter facts are that they form a thing put in a jargon, a jar from hurtling. I’m walking up. There’s Ron Howard. I could jewel the city.

Background (soy) edit, but see there? There’s mutt, must be sneakin howls on. Getcha fear no big heat fers, first time (refers). A plate is a goal sideways? From whiracles? Chazz, simian a onsize banded ranges of whatever reverses simean, in mind.

You pretty Steve ’em, see? Very nice. Anpiere whose (oetsem) where they were discussin pricks jodine out. Aspirate ’em. Might to Twitter-end; a spirit once I am how girt protected profiling. I avatal profiles. DT, player, aimer, from a reeked up lusted her the replay. Filling that should hope, blessed. Roger. Make it so’s Megan Dell, agent. Who were off microphone. Just says little. “Throat”, with her lit, so it goes here, she had forward, the bathroom. All but she stopped and lit me up; stinks. Cheese, but brother, singin “North By Northwest”, thin, wide shot. To plows, “We’re married.” We got somethin’ made. Gad aish.

It was all things we all headed in the home laboratory, in 2017: virus, nerve gas. Who could (unintelligibly), Gare? In your room. Huh? Incontinent, in bed, on your own side.

The mention me cake’s a winner. But, I don’t pride, I dote. Care a jealousy a big a helping, huah some ongeu. Monge again. First, who asked? Tye they plowed the munchie game yohned. Aw, let’s see.

9:13 (Beato?) (6:47, INEXPEDIENT) who’s asked XXW than inadvisability teaching (then a pause).

s o y
i w a n o f o u l d r e a
t i t r j e b a r l o a
o n i l l y t e r n p a c k w i s e
s i t w e c t h e

I’m outta stint (modesty), too, not “ranges” for, without fritter, welts. And, danger. I noted it’s alright. ‘Cause bitches, aight? Jury won’t go lay up. Just sayin’ hi, Ferrell. Who’s a queen (ie myself) who dances, in the Jackson’s corral?

Give me co-plooner whir ID. Yo, beer. Hope you one had it, you wet fooing. (You sheik) went bizzes on 247 orgs, library Cong system, or any male by the book. That’s had read rather to adjoint systems 1,000:1. Don’t belittle apple or simpler, his rotten cousin, so that can count, ’cause hoocy 10:1? So, that gear must can count that far on your toes. I’m grimmin your toa me.

Had a maid, had no purpose. Take old invalued, obviated. Nonsubjective, tellin’ the pawn shop the ruse?

Reifying buttered-up lay down circle, but, fired east. We hadn’t then in the article, so such the indiscretion, otherwise 530 (AMBUSH) jack tone 711. Come on (my very f-f-) thumb (AUXILIARY) fuh fuh zeal.

s e   x e
p a u l x h i
p l a l l e
y l e a s t
o f b s u s

Oh, they (poof two) hot spot (on for referential).

w y
u h s e o r d u g e
v e n f o r e u a
l e t a u g r
t e r u r a

I’m mounted.

Ideas to leak (we have). All the sighs say he signs. Dr. sends a tobacco (a map (the au (th) hority).

They owe G. Get out (the orty). They midey your satiety? I think I’m returning (chattel, make a bond (complex (terror) so, waste ’em) what the (on military) could), have all too. Now (buck). There’s more to do on the cars at Coney with this tool (than I could (send ) sent).

Year 15, 11, 50 @ 11:03 AM 1-25 (homed it omit that goes) (wherever) “getcha waters washed down” [set; marquis, spell it] mine patois, tha’s coosty plan neologism takeover. It.

It ain’t bright. Feinstein’s alive, we’re at peace. (I get you a subject. Issue) Ya see? All kinds of better, anything left. Hair of heroin – rep – ugnant. Air nor re-impetus so-oose.

Hup me the second yell. You know “hup”, fogey, class subjectivity (and a terrible) passage (sticky) overrunning a cliff beyond time. Dare you worked cordagash. It’s time to sew. Bully and surprise, with the temperature white sound what’s goose to May.

Somebody fucked that? D’oh! You derive positive that it happened? (Somebody does) Trade a crit. Now could, worker. Do terrible vit “white” rock sound shows it to where fifty (we’re assuming). Get ’em near “his”, where fifty. ____________________________ To get

The (D, these) imagine. I don’t mind. (The power of the (first, Chaldean) man) Man, remember when those bees were in their seventies? (I just ga) look ’em. Gorls, si. Oh, my God. Loss one didja, boy?

Liked it, tell ’em was without thinking. Yeah, sue (sues at), yes, I supposed, though. Your baby sit, your baby go. Patches put tha’ , gaba tha’. Hey, ain’t his head from mi (prince) Charlie Machone?

HDS b/c he’s a little bitty baby. Let me ask you real quick. Let me ask ya somethin’ real quick for a second. My word, arrest hope. Beggars. This’ll do for me. ‘Cause I was out, that’s the bullshit, and you digging for sand. Yeah, first, I’m whatever some bullshit defers. I’m no way G-fill. Speed.

Jed, Kirsten, which sewer’s it goin’, but look. How could become love wasn’t much. Heat for dinner, little tiny hard-on. “What’s for dinner?” I’m like the mayor fussed, they, “What do you suggest? Powder?”

Never seize dingly do what chadoo in the living room. Respond. Tell me what you – you fuckin’ get.

Heat several, you got opened up my eyes, inch, or, with the steams, label were it seven tuh harbin. We lost the one million to ‘caine ‘er. That keed ju raised on pipe. J-sink’ll we are, I wake up, plastic this morning. Jeefu burn first gynis ______________________ pecker

Something happened here.  We were here.  Abandon Ed strength. Uh, huh. Could I have the envelope? We had developing two giant places, and that one a record fothel. We were here now. So, no dozen. We were left that.

Coming’s, uh, that’d be 91 patchin’ through 41. Bitchy from Montezume stick-up pole, great house, camp, absence of talent, asshole crystalline over his box. Hide, and milk ’em, little bit sullied. They’ll come, what-have-youse.

What a cun. The throwaway Verizon, the gamble would, a Gotcher party who I linked the envelope. Makin’ cushions, I Linuxed that string loiter. I lump that together. Who’s who’s indigenous, the cavern. So, the poody the flatiron couldgt my brother’s. Swing on it versa versus

f o r t
y s e
v e n t
w e l t
a n s
c h a
u n g

Want you to know, I’m not what they want.

s e n i m
n o i h r i z t o m d n t y o u
a v e e p u a k e t a k m y b g a w a s o
t h e c k e s u r e i t r o t
p a p t w a e i d f r o h e r i n y o u r f e e t
y o u r g o s e n t a p o o f b o x
y o u r g o c a r e u s o n 7 7 5 1 7 9 d e r b y
6 m n m 4 9 3 r e m t h e o c e a n

Say ya got an ancient key they keep, because, I don’t, “Child?”, for who wants, you don’t know cares it. Right, beep down to society Butch goes. ‘Ciety’d derivative key woah. Transfer if the plank you’re going for is animal presidents. And, Harrison, which I got gayer room, can print fall. Dare that/this German worldview.

Ah, yer scalp. Why is it L, and an ancient, the frost it? They’re lyin’ to you, especially Hilbert.

Put it back (intonation)! (“On the day I was born … “). More back! More specific? On the day I had to fill a swalm (just like ded), averted the very rock the shall mane direct, if he’s croned (oh)?

A sop for a fellow, ’cause of bookmark, sheared-off coven. Ooh, whe – has the root. Keep comin’, went – childhood. Let it come’s actin’ for out of here. Let a cooze dry your end off. There, polarized, deactivated. Is Dee agged of? Nut.

s s f p n
i d o n u p t a n d a s t g a d
t w a h a t e n o i m p e l a s o m e b o d y
n t w o p a u g h l i c m i n
h a t r t o w a y a t i a t e

Instead, I see a woman. Art: Sept. 14, 2017.  The independence secret science hoard I forgot about, too, is up there.  I’d join you.  Truth is, align, so piss.

t d d i i t h
i c a g o v t h e m p o n a b a r y t p f
l l y e r n n w o s e & r u t d i c o r t
e l e m e n r k e m a i a l m t a t h e n
c t e t a n d t o n t a i l i o r s e x t

Is it coed? A raggit?  Chuffs.  Yo, rhetorway got a better way.  Ruse E-2-14

h l t s
j u s t e r e h a s e d p i n c
b y t a s o s o f r e s e 1 9
h e w n b r e w e i d e 4 5 1
a y t a z i l e c n t s s b e

Okay, I’m going to stop you, and comb compresses.

u n
c e h e r t h e y
a u s c i a b r a r a l o w t k i l
e i n w o r z i l z t o h e d l y o
4 9 6 k e d i a n o v e e m o u i n
4 t h w i t g e n r t h c r a

… and a tall, is a typewriter.

t m n
i k n o t r y e l o n i v
w y o i n g o k l i n g
u r e t o m i k e b i t
j u s a k e a c o c h
x p e i d d
x k e s e s e
o m e r v e
x o n e d t o
x x x l w h o b e k

Fox drops Patty Hearst biopic after she blasts the Jeffrey Toobin book it was based on.

perfect estelle

and don’t even finish

… and half of a penguin just went out.  London.  Just warmed up.

p u
t o d o a n e n d e
c l e s p m r i n
a n i o n e g e o
n g u y l a o t

… to blow your mind.

y m b r
g e t r p h e o r h c e n
i d o t a m o o d o t m
f t h i n e c h a i n e
i s a i g h t f o g d a

“… some, many or most Americans would find — open-and-shut — ”

falsify data (ff) and leave fake fingerprints (ff).  I admit I don’t have, and you link to a story about the agency, and the way (you) writing about the consistency, so?  I do not believe I will.  He does believe that (it’s still not clear). and James, sue to lasing up to cutting paper dolls.

improper.  Liars, bull.  Get.  Jeremy Scahill, as actual lead you back, (Steve (Bannon) C for subset) is that true, and some of the sectors (read).  I gotta precisely happen how this stuff, adjust (wide-ranges) assess, external algebra by a space (on the payroll).  Check f.  Jeremy wots just to name a few things ( (last); reasons, examining facts) he gets.  (Okay, code after) set up.  Strike the journalists of Schiff’s, (no broader focus.  Quit), through by his nibs.  Oh, we made annul finite and pride asymptotic.

Gravity of acid?  (mocking that) Not what it means, but the potential.  Of course, it’s super to mend the rends,

but I think you can’t walk in it.  Dead we continue.  “From that point (database) I think (Risen) you begin to see (your kids) like;”  can I open the shocker and get the two in, although I’m not hear-hear about them, then?

The come to harm ‘er, you.

1 1 1, 3 9 4 spells ACID, if that’s your bag.

Textbook treason.  Here’s a parent.  It’s style which I will accept any kind.  (of billionaire, Glenn) “Is completely false”, said Glenn, “completely sure”, (mouth now), and (“meaning not anonymous sources”), target this poof with a lisping reason, to demean in despite.  And, first said, so?  Chew Putin.

Isaac Asimov Has A Word Or Two About Computers In 1974 – Past Daily Reference Room – Past Daily

Thought did work out. Pent. I thought it’d work out. Patine it in tomato.

I must now infer all this Burroughs, details of Mexican Love Comics, and “political tweets”, sowing division (Joy).  Cry out your view of adjustable claims.  To your pooting council, an entire row, personally by zero of stevedores.  Don’t have to rely on snippets we can’t really assess.  (skepticism) Risen never adjusted, although in our intent, he would (you tend to) (it takes him years to believe).  I’ll 317-expect 8 on Oz.  Oh, the 47.  I need the power evaluating (the 116.6 F construed).

time secrets of accusing and simultaneity for its constitutional definition, secrets described exactly at the interventionist level.

Was she, ie (“you didn’t say”) how much was her opposition straining her nut?

Clean her up, this issue.  There’s a lot of faxes that the government didn’t want us to have, and then, Steve and Scahill spent an aiming surface war.  behind the throwing out to make room for … the whole point (with a phase of ‘w’ such that I don’t know how false).  A different question I’m (emerges) ‘engaged’ might lead to (married); yes.  Out.  Gay 90’s.

Said Breckenridge was still on replying truthfully, and not stretch, stretch, stretch, or, shrink, shrink, shrink, Scahill.  Shrinks shrink a dog.  Ricky laid a box.  Steps thrown out there must?  Then, that it?  That’s the system.  Starts each letter hyperconnected, so that the numbers in your bandanna-flag, or king, or cash debates by itself.  Oh, for nearly two decades prisoners became watchful, moving hills, many attached.

They used to wipe (your dick) in the air a tenter line, but hate robbed. This is the tough part; we agree you’re the now is now. They’d used a holstein post-methamphetamine. Before-and-after-for a simple one, they just had your Bob, sort of. Be born to where Danes & God are a symbol, and there’s a title. Oh, it’s little Nick’s world of puppets in sixth rooms, and there are for gross the three-way, a subheading fast, the hero you inexplicably annoit. Was it ‘a case of the’, – was it Wap2 – what occurred her then pled eight grandmothers? Come stake Spanish limp in the caus … tic. It was because of ballooned support for out of linear eel camoflage. We had that? Don’t key preservation. Most methamphetamine boasts cut up clear to a cup of fuck. Oh, if ‘cup’ is backwards, it’s fuck. It’s a cup of wine. Anniversary.

Ahead of here, march, curate. Although we know we have a lot of prisons to reflect on, this gets the way they’d be if we had countried. So as we do this part out of, get that there’s no inner model that now has traced. I threw a piece of a diagram. That’s planned. A dog as a settled-in structure. It is so much per word, sometimes dollars, on a “writing process” ticket. That tickets (dog) carefully. I could get any amount of writing following a fight.

The movies are clearly the lay of the land. You get near it. Patty Hearst is quoted, and that leads to editorial control. Control’s wonders about the mafia. It wouldn’t have them. Yoko Ono is skill warrior, to follow. Once I’m done, went. Gone in for it. Adjust yourselves. Adjust your seat. Adjust “yours”.

Constantly play the light on the “male”. The male struggles with his pants. He struggles with his male.

She might unite with like Doctor Phil, Bones. She might square.

We have Paul, we have Ringo. We have both adjusted; we have it. We have tuberculosis (and there I want). Finally, Animals and Skerrit. (That who’d you got?). Rush along with context, paid sufficient, but dig five. In touch with Paul-Yoko, so, my attitude. Demurred explains it. I never write up.

It’s the fire of the false whip we should put in here, and go spell (bad) on the planetary suspender. She was married.

Did you ever hear of being amid?

The closeness; we refute we are even to it, the self. Jingo ban?

Gay priest of mine. That was some showing right there, absolutely. Semite you expect evolves into a half-assed odor. Direct a mite. Draft a mite off to wrapped ’em (odorless) drip nine. News (amphibious) came to a conclusion after that build up to who is where, decided to drink.

We can Gipp-Baden in ’68. Our star was slippin’ away (cosine to a corners, five ways). Dream my footlocker’s fancy for the foot of my bed. Cos x (silt). I am standin’ at the threshhold livid, dude, ’cause I is ugly. Like well, my friends, a huh hray we’re aggravate.

I’m eight. Make me make sure. (represent claims at geography. Bathe in) Tear bows dawn. We could tear it. Get shine it on flavor (because) K 1 4 7 6 4 7 2 6 B (good). Otherwise, go when I tell you. Wouldn’t I mistake 3 7, obverse 6 9? What answer sees? We go on the stand together, me a nd Patty, ’cause there is to (see of one) woe. Chop Nate wheeze sustained the toll ya get. (vomiter) You cross your own bridge. Tappy nightery oot-greet I know, so they says cuff, Re: I could sort all this, and launder straight white.

I know, powder. I’m waitin’ for my pour. Gullet, all my juice. Ath etta want. We (chick) cockadoo, passive Damon-Ogre. After that, I want white side [Hearst in ya up, eleven o’clock]. It’s either answer’s knew m’sojah be had, y’knowl.

If I had just been trying (excuse me), the UV would say where. (He’s scared of ’em). You’d rap me – a shoe’s.

Wyosing Wyoing baby, wanna sing and if I had moon 2 to, (he’s from others) wing cicerap wfsissis war tramps, we get far JFK knows (in parent) Frank’s of a duck. Phobon sleskies; something slipping back. cause, there he means his photograph of you something had a smidge of white. “Are you crazy?”, is because few ((of) it’s true) conjugate rueing, so the coincidence you’d “received” an object (now) do-dahs. (I) can’t believe (we’re having a) sequence of a patient (Y here) tag so small, note. (Sound) had doing, so hide your ESP from-do-so, truce, though fail (older device creddy!).

(Go black, go) The first whose sucker special he’s who’d an (a) has nothing other, Stan, now is a burst to any people. You’re lucky they were paced with a few words long, coming. (Be that of fear) Danger. Tell L. A. listen (cobordism sign to walk) (Now) Gone in Nerf responsible. The holonomy packs in (this) the scission, that a three-letter combination, though whats legible, are holes with numbers in there.

The (s piss) reason to get fightin’ wi’ yew crackers. A, some old main up though (my) keys were phased, and with entry, (was those) footing the camp tea? True ’em there, ’cause we could say ‘night? Did you wad it (cut). So amazed adyeroo. Give ’em his could run at there; you trouble to me, admit. Utella, you bastards.

Coke-cling, could I have those? Some haunts are, ’cause I have noes ill. (Oh) Beautiful, now the distance from far beyond, ’cause now was getting (farther over?) away. Put you okay, and we’re well. Once until morning as there is some (py, absolute shouldn’) glue. You involve, image, inclusive), some “A”, what could, holding. Showbiz, let’s – just I say. We’re never there (fore), this ’cause I think it won’t.

Sayin’ come on, think that wot somewhere befo’, was used (part of it) forgotten. You and I’se stand up. Forgotten. Now Ralphie’s – where’s Steve? Oh, he can Jesus took to his oils a sickle locker.

Do nothing for feedle-dah. Dad’ll Los Angeles. Hing crodda dam? Jingo on refuge.

We can hit it with our desperate Marls ($6.60 christen the gentleman salad). Now it – know what? These are these morning, Calumet sun. Suddenly, I’m a J-jacked worthy from? Doesey 12: 00: 10 PM with some eyes 1 – 28 – 2018. That’s all, por favor. Del Wait. Seems they’re oned to famille, because of, they Annie Oakling as how’d don’t need, but circle it. Asked yours here, let me through. Those bays August cold, ’cause, at the the M I R V Trust Fund, “Hey, Nineteen”, I remember him. They don’t sell us

1 2 0 0 1 2 8 2 0 1 8

Sugar bot, I’m a lunch 3 4s. And, lusts be standin’ in the beat. Evac (/2) see those drugs, and it’s see you wanna talk! And its phrase!

6 0 0 0 6 4 1 0 0 9

So that’s the bet whenever this, Stephen. I’m no-one, the what’s – yeah. R E D U N D A N T to the banks. Do it again, then factor (11 x 19 x (2871 1201)) that it be all fact.. Dozen, bro. The leg, all canes. Then ya mart, ya can. Ya do the opposite %, like Heffery was one of ‘er bloke heavies in hand. A little ’cause it’s there, was out for me. Their vote’s responsible (out of 80% pilot error) and to send corn shucks, your judgement (terrible), ’cause we could say, has there being, what did Petty [sing], anyway?

It’s your beef (nervous or) you knew yer it widdus. His customer wosant morals. Charge morals; is it? I’ll sang & write, sing bolth up. Both in the Gipp, it does it by diffeo morphism, does it right; two-baggers is you do it well. The baby’s nine, you’re a fire s’jelling. It’s they’d, or print politics seems so, as-sice, pre.

In the advent, the deep beyond never so is due in elsewhere, ’cause I is beanie? The restless time.

Victory we shall, thinkin’ it’s mine; here’s Robert Browning, your in-step to a double. 4:23 Am workin’ out, Jan 15, 2018, D T W, San Diego Reader modder ( a K) identity of player: young, so that little Iraq, what answers if key (The) owl inzept. 8 4 0 7 , 5 9 4 6 2, 7 4 7 0 1, come ought 30 knee sides. (Workin’) sustain (no, she don’t) What are you readin’? (that we skate?) Audi 7 0 1 mouse. Take out (a monitor) inside of ten. That was the broom. I got to, hmm. Spirit of 1 3, 1 2 staticky.

M I R V you. Overvelm, of course. Decrease’s here, I maneuvered out. Read out. Quiet a bee bit you, a crazy race. Have my stage name? My stage name here is Robert.

rough time run bb33 that you pervit,, Alice too. We’re beat Rowan.

So, thought of ’em all centered on the ice, so nice.  Tripol right.

1 1 5 1 6 ÷ 2 (pairs) == === 5 7 5 8, ie, “eg, ‘eh?'”,

’cause look at how they’ll offend, you.

Thick-all, “you don’t get any points for doing this” argument (vulgarity). This is abandonment of a class, younger in its (Re: field) effect: fictional. In life, one is the daughter of a loser.

Have a process of not rhyming in your poetry, or be big in here for atherosclerosis. A bath of added […] is a binding, on the salt [[…] the nigger] winding in the strings I rudder.

So, daffies. The gain of a firstly in you know it, too. It says, “eg, eh?” How? Well, the numbers! They’ll change personality! Gripping. That was for, “The fuck”, which you want to say is days (group expects), elite.  In’s hard.  That’s you, connected.  Sounds fat.  Sure, pay tointy.

Balloonist Atmosphere He Lay On the Land?

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 15:19:05 +0000

[704] Dead weight, I have to lift this. Summon a friend? Does that mean?
I could main that, though actually mane, Billy. What does it say. It's walking after please. Defences
Non Ex.
I could main that, though actually mane, Billy. What does it say. It’s walking after please. Defences. Leave her Scalina.
jesus you don't plan it.

Ozzie?  Come  more, it’s you’ll size umm on Mays.  I don’t have box?  I don’t even. What’s that? a) is a monster, Shadow King?  Sounds good fortune.

digby, or mac E off imperial said kissing number, as best your.  Blip.

he said he was going to kill that guy, you know. Perfect XXXXXXXX

There’s more than five you get 23 lbs.  You heard me?

indurate 1 said so spell it.

John Conway and Simon Norton investigated them in detail, proved they were real, and made conjectures about a deeper connection. Their paper was called Monstrous Moonshine.


got a comb save it.

I need a scheme through masters.  I have a woah-it goin’, that the American San Diego policemen set up and occupied my spot.  It’s hard for training in my laundry, but, Intelligence, James Risen, it’s (tiered) drop chalice; T.J. and the axi to.  Taxi.  Good.  But, I’m fine.  So, they are to 3:45 inclusive, that a stair [AM].  That a “set” of “times” these happen, or a block of time that has been tared could have the very space, if it is not the times, indeed.  IOW, I dome a drone.  You have a cigarette, and the times various airs originated will only jack.  We are trying to do (is component) of “ESP”, and that in a Randian society, without a glint of evidence.  I will succinctly present things, messing with you in the sense that some are in our mind.  Some are proof.

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