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The “super” at, say 30% wants us selecting paths (cutting it close.  (This is) you ev are “hyper” ), does it look like a jet?  Cover it with conversation (or, this one.  There’s no trouble).  A survey 911, nominal self; Gordon Liddy.  Alare  axe, Middler.  Mo I think about it, does that mean I’m going to do it?  Does she don’t for?  Weapon, Sharon Lerner, scintillations, fell swoop.  I’m an important writer, yeah, I’m crazy (for this game) o’ yets (The Pink Cross), day the (I’m knightie), and, nah-kone imports, thus: Gee-Gee in Thurs, are rat they poked him in (colors) they have generally surrounded equipped of the university forest of telephone poles, and incense shacks.  I dropped Liddy’s main vein; looked “you’re” (elbow) signifying a horse’s mouth

getting duress rats on sunflower

I comp the root for being the guy (snags) kinda big one.  Incredible (faster).  Halomide.

You’re miserable.  This is a significan’t journal (The Intercept core crashes) budget

Country.  A hard winter rain, <put server again (fuck pink tail) I have to get all this, uh, I’m a fuck?,> together as  […] (a gad) what rose in me the (time), unless (we are going at) a December afternoon.  You read it (long dammit ) bloody “extended” ket.  Light of loom.  It is all slow.  E, there we got unfoldin’ a Spring for the rabbits (a vegetable).

Truth’s the “would”, the forest scab’ll  forest word of in number  base’s the definition of of, is “So’s”.  He has light.  That’s plusses of lessons.

In my left hand I hold 2 posts; the 7you lookin’ erupt came out. Good God, Greenwald’s bright Of only eeks signific — own leaks.  For a long time, he has done perfect, the very 5 terriors you alone curve; and it is within man’s possibility (couple a starts), goin’ that way.  Guides rent some pocket.  Jones.

Chop it loose, hanger is a dialect. NoteC cmplete movies have dialect. My capital-

lizer had no choice. I’d weather it, you service above lancers.

Joyous am I, polar I have declared, potting (anticipate a slam). It’s a crockery after the blizzard.  I wouldn’t take it; said I would got a lot of follow (fizzle, fell) you-of-it. These all stirred (keeping) us opposite.  ‘Cause this is Los Angeles,

Only one legal math rule is what you’re doin’. The purples love doubles, dozens of these. Don’t lose that your cozing-up to left-hand-side.

This problem declared that it’s being the wide works of some hill of hurt angels. And, that’s the coat.

So that, of us, full of terpin hydrate and codeine, ritually server where the title, and (fecal matters referred to), answer, “beetle”. The calmest one.

Yeah, I’d sat down both with shills, and earlier, seashells hid. Just a second; you don’t – I hear you come for me.

(Considers a teardown.) I thought you said it worked. Well, that’s what that would [butterfly-snail]. Come for a muffin.

His daddy looks drunk.  No matter what he says, I’ll help you place.

h o u s t o n
n o m i n i m u m t r a i n d o n t t h o l o o k a
h c c d a d e l o o k a c r o s s
e h a k a s i a l i d n l k a e d g l l d
d a t h i s l i c t a c b o u o o d o w n d o n t t h o u g h
i n y c o m e n c q u i t s t i d e s i d i n m y i m 2 t h u g
t r u m e r e h e r e t r a n a s f e s g e t h I s e a r
c t g o f a l l I n o f f
r o w h e b i o s e m
s t e e a r d o n m i n i n g w a s e m a p d o n t g o
v e m l i n t m i g h e t h e t e d z e n
o r e e n d y r e a l i n y o u o t r l t h e y w i l l
o u c n d u e i v r t i a y
t h n e y e c h e m i s t e k a s
e y i o u g y o u r e o u t o f
d i d u y s w c j e h x
n t w s a t h y a e o s u s t t h i e s e y o u r m i n d
a n t u r n r e y h i t d a w s k n t t i
o u a c a r n e d a c k n g u w h a t s m o r e
c o m i n p i e e i t o n m o f t p i t
g e t i z e h o w d o
i n c i d e n t c a n t e n t e r
e e l s s t a t i o n o n t h e
y p t r o
g r o u n d e s a t a d t i n g e s m a n p e n c i l s k n o w n
g l u e g r g u p y n t s j u a s a y
b e v e l e i a e f o o u r h e t s t i d l o g i s t i c a l
c c e f s e c h a i c w c e l y

It’s all right.

Stop high-talking me in parallel toad along Olympic. I trust you could word.

Miss cals.

That’s scozers izzmo jizzmo. What the – (drippin’) over? What just happened to all my action? Your selfish head (compares with) a tesamone – (Show my cork). Is Betty looks like any old peanut. MAGISTRATE yay or nay coming. C & C, Seagram’s, regardez. Good times d’accord j’amie famille ot francaise reaccion. Bon.  After the blowgun.  After them.

I feel trapped is all. Loomin’, I’m (pegged.  He’s) growing up in here virginal. Your nuggets cook. I’m a killer, and I’m a clown. That’s what they say, the ballast.

It’s in jail, but you pick ’em up jurists more out of jail; that’s my impression. Gear you’re the laws.

Crow Steve more the bear line. I could sit ’em in (out), be dangerous fudda flood. ‘Cause, that is out bigger I hear you’re junn: slaughter, two levels. Deep state G.G. Stand for his rate. Saturniner’s us.

Sturneen. Not Ray irreligious. He hit the dust, a) (“Ready”) Let the stories due crosshead. No one “stage directions”, sulfur. Rejectinol. We don’t like things weighing a thing (I’m compute poop), we’re shot out. A child of nine could afford it, but does he? These better’n h& us why aitchu put in? Fairest, of the (of bet) children.

I had it all.  All night.  White hopscotch?

o n b y l o o s e
c a r p e n t e r t o I t g o i n u s e d t h r o w n e n d
d f i b b i n g
a b m n g a b o i e c b u t
n d t l e t n d t l e t o m s m n o a b l a r a
h e n o r i h e n o s t t i c t g o e t o g r a k e e p u s I n
y o u d e e v e r y o u o p i c a p i n g s t o z e n
r e h a s i n r e a t b r r i l t o b p m y u c m i s s i n g
m i s t a k e
b y g r a p h c o p y c a t o r t a b l e f o r c e
s y e r d i c r a b q e p a r o l e d y o u w e l l t h e y
e a h b i t a u s o u t s b l s a c a j
n e v r e f e i h s t e u f f i n p l a c e s h t r i n e
i l l e r r a d a r n g i n a
e i t i n g n a a a n y p h a n a h j u s t w e t n a h g e r
s e e n y o u r b e e r ? d i c h l o c a t i o n

Given that the sinks are off.

jen right and chalts nal neat front. Look they’s ulp – three-napkin. NPH!

Communities on MOG. Threaten busted-down to the street from the problem. Algebra, you define nig’s mole. Credit?  Dun sat is tore Africa. What does it beat, a) spider jets, b) iocco melana, c) clay on my fingertips, d) “Don’t raise!” expect when e) They’re pups that were loose. Drain pipe. Much better then. Go those theirs theirs run they fight. In there the dressing, Fruit-of-the-Looms. Cher, she’ll […]

problems (askew) particolored

Don’t go it alone when you’re abut to sit down without the remotes. Aren’t you excited unto spastically writing?

Whore, and if you THT/ T wlo two-bird matter. And from a point, (who is) if you don’t think so? Give room. An ugly face got its parents.  Even my foot’s got to shove.

I love this game!  (know) Right now, no.

w t e g t y
a m y b l e p l e o t h h I n o u s
o u r a r y a s u i s a I s s o m e m o u n t a i n i m l o o k i n
e a l f r o r e l g a i t o p t h i
m o s m t h e t s n n o p i n n g y m t o o c l o s e t o t h e
d h a v e t o
h e s s l s u e n i h s c s o m l d a b y t h e c r i m e s p a c e
o m e o n g y o u i t e t m e i n e n d v
o n e a g o r v a s u p t h a t o o a r i a m e c o m p l i m e n t s
t o l t o n r i o r e m m p h t h l e d p l a d
w h a t i s f o r y r s h o t
d m e o t b u s w a c i e t a e s s o r c
t e n n
v i o l a n o n h e y r p l t o u t h e
r e n c l e v i o l e t n e e a c e c h w s u n
d a h t o g i t h d r e
h e a r a b o u t t a d i g h e t i m e i s s u e
y o u w a s e v e r s t r i p p e d r e v e r s e ?
o t s h t t s e l l i o t t a g s t
h e t t h e h h a h e s n e l g e t r e d s h I
r o u t r o r r y e r a i n g u p t h i s s i d
b l e u b l i s i c a n y a h e a r t s a i m g h e r s i z s c a
w i t e w i t s l r e p o i n e h e e f i r s
o e t s h i d
p l e a s t o p h o t t r n t e o v e e
r l u t b r f e r h e
b i e u w r o n a d s
w t e h e l e e ? I t s s a f e

Children down they wake up, has Chevy decoupled from the fate of the earth.  The earths accorded them in pocket I’m holding to pick a right guy.

Nobody is to do over four letters in English on the corners of their half-hour pieces.

Illustrated writing’s corn-filled.  You can’t sears right.  When do you read those, I mean, at the times; if you can’t read them, propose?  Your hand ought to (chip the day’s firmest reception).  Pick those up..  The stain in  on the grass is they.  Promise it.

I was tore, between somewhat, and at least some work.  This footnote (don’t if it could loose , “they are four”).  Tear it up the source, of trail squinting splains the plan.  It’ll anticipate before, but, and hold applause.  The physics of going to don’t mind to.  The dominant measures often are a foot-stretcher.

Hairshirt us a — and then you plan — and the voice (het) is rude and vulgar.  Villages.

And don’t cat food liking any cat you would have. Than it’s wail, it takes care of itself, you get an Earth (blizzard).  You snakes just runners-up segments (with rule), and that the instructions are overt as much as a few times (lying) the length.  They had to be in front of my eyes, and be transformed into the writing, and use the (by the book — e)yes.

I am sure I am not sending this, ’cause who’d you move?  (Alzheimer’s), all the time it took to teach me, versus a [] you read.  One’s how-to, and coincident.  Our reading a later example (the rare example’s (first) read).  Uh, this is re: pundit.

“Ripped off”, “written off”, “goodly”, these are, “Cider House Rules”.other world with Donald Fagin.

Miss Tina Turner, “good” King Don, is Mr. Steely Dan.  I owe Tina.  “Don”, I am in an — (“What’s My Line?”), you (America) have to be in.  I overused a sector of (go love) code (in my) good mood (tramp).  Stephen?

You were conveying what can of gutted.  I dun found out.  Take your his-ties you called it “gutted”.  There (I don’t have to say stuff), aims put it since two pieces do rolled.  Donald Trump, I owe you “biographies” of various molecules.

That oughta hold ’em.  Let’s get him on licking a stamp (ricin his butt).  He sun (no trifle.  It’s barred), you get the cancer.  Then, you get the pension.  There’s no room for that, but those owe its claimants it’s a foot.

Lifting furniture, one comes up with, “San Diego, you got by me”.  Because, in care.  On Earth, the human rub on the friction, we never unit.

Lavage, eyes (tear gas).  Those located (officers, you  take a bus).  Just to say, “these assholes”; and Jesus (woke up then)!  Choining

Rats of Earth!  Exciting going free (choice) for you.

Somebody Sitting Out Stairs Fuck You Please

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A boon.  It’s only illegal to shoot your own President.  Suits us, too.


Cautioned Under Tendency to Touch and Sweep the Radio Dial at Age Sixteen

Sun, 12 Feb 2017 13:19:39 +0000

Beautiful. You’ll never know this touch. Feel the way, before these hands get raised.

Enciner my sting?  And three flies I bring up my flower.  Mauing frozen-o.  Is abut?  Take me in.

a e s i l i v e f o r s c r a b b l e i t s l a t e
i n c o l o r p r e s e n t s d o f i v e g o i n
a l l e g a t i o n s a z k t a k i n g o u r t o w e l s
n i n e a r e d e l i v e r e d w h u u t s t o s t o p u s
n e x t t o t h e b e n g a y s o o k i t c o l o r e d s
s u t t o n n o w s o o n e s a d 1 2 b o y h
t a a y a n o t m u c h a w g n
r e y n o t n o t i l l r e a d h a s
o u a m e m h e r t o l a t e h e r i e n t e s r d s t
l l r g r e b a d e l s t h i t u f c
i g h a t d c o n c e r n e d d a y o n s t s a f a
j f
h o l d t h e l i n e i m n o t i f i t i t s t e e d
w i m r t a i r o s i s t e r
e l c x t i k c c a u b i e d a u d i n g g n o v n s r
o m e e s h i i n g o a l r o u t s e r a v e r t u s s
t o t o u t l r a h l s t n d t x p r e c o i l l i a t
h e s i n a a m & r u t o p l e s s n c e e r s i e s n o t i
p a t h e t i c d     e     c     i s   i     o     n
l a r a h t e
b i r d s a w f b l y e o p n e l e r e h i s a d i
a r e i n t i n i d i d v e n t h e s g r
d i d i m a u s r e m h e e o n t n o t t o c s t a a c e w a d d i a
a r k n t i h e p b o t i t e t u t f u l
t a u
t a h e f d i t r b e h a p p y a l i c e
s u l t a n c h o o u n h a s r b i
t a i t o b r d f r u i t
b o n g u d o n h e e a r t h a t s s o m u c h
v e g e t a b l e w h i s t l e a t s g o t t i m e




I want to stop.

British musician Sting, of the rock band The Police, gestures as he is awarded membership of the order of Art and Letter by French Culture Minister Christine Albanel at the Culture Ministry in Paris, Monday, Oct. 1, 2007.(AP Photo/Michel Eulerl)  ORG XMIT: MEU105

British musician Sting, of the rock band The Police, gestures as he is awarded membership of the order of Art and Letter by French Culture Minister Christine Albanel at the Culture Ministry in Paris, Monday, Oct. 1, 2007.(AP Photo/Michel Eulerl) ORG XMIT: MEU105

How sweet it is to be loved by.  Bark gawah

sting-LA.  I don’t like that. I depend us. You better like that.  It’s just a teddy. It’s just music. Like you’re not.

ESP you want to put it there, how it gets?  If I have time to make it to the bathroom, I don’t want any day robbers laughing when you bend to pick up the boo-hoos.

t e t
a k e t w e u p s b i g g e r
t h e e n u o m e
s p a s f i w a y
c e b l l i
e p h o t o g r a p h
i o t m n w
r e a d a y a l u a d e d t h s w a
d t h o h b c k y t h e o u g s r a
e n e o y a m a n g r e h t h t h e
w s t b o u w h o a t a e n e r s a
i n d b t n
d o n d w h t o o a b y y o u a s h
t u n a t h u r l i m g b a c o w y
d e r a p p o v e o n n k i m o u w s t u f f
m e m o n k e y s t a e n e b u t a g e g o n h
d o e d u c k s d t
w e l o l a
s e n d s o m e m e a l s l i j u g h
u s t i s a
h a d w t h


I read the news today, oh boy
About a lucky man who made the grade
And though the news was rather sad
Well I just had to laugh
I saw the photograph. 


I don’t understand what happened to our love.
But, baby, I’m gonna get you back,
I’m gonna show you what I’m made of.

A thing ’em, oafs.  Serve Colorado.  I had my own caption, it’s like, alright I don’t know what it’s like, a horrible sting.  It’s self-apparent transferred undermining, making me scared of company (that I had.  Terrorist’s lesson), where you reinforce friend that I had, and I wonder yet did we, in the bod we eekin’ in — busted — just didn’t even gave her (want me, yep) to trip out, blow these hose, they gave me in the separate projects, oh yeah, the powdered eggs, woah — mistake.  Of course!

Glenn Greenwald attends a news conference after receiving the George Polk Awards in New York, April 11, 2014. Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, the U.S. journalists who reported on spy agency analyst Edward Snowden's leaks exposing mass government surveillance, returned to the United States on Friday for the first time since revealing the programs in 2013. Greenwald and Poitras flew into New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on the same flight to receive a George Polk journalism award for their reports on how the U.S. government has secretly gathered information on millions of Americans, among other revelations. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS MILITARY SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY MEDIA) - RTR3KXKY

Glenn Greenwald attends a news conference after receiving the George Polk Awards in New York, April 11, 2014. Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, the U.S. journalists who reported on spy agency analyst Edward Snowden’s leaks exposing mass government surveillance, returned to the United States on Friday for the first time since revealing the programs in 2013. Greenwald and Poitras flew into New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport on the same flight to receive a George Polk journalism award for their reports on how the U.S. government has secretly gathered information on millions of Americans, among other revelations. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz (UNITED STATES – Tags: POLITICS MILITARY SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY MEDIA) – RTR3KXKY












David Bowie they bussed through, where he has a tramp. It’s s good. And to Keroac, often it’s another white bridge with white rails to another world. Dues: Bourbon. Wipe me down. Give or take, wig it. It was not what I was going to write. You — don’t — killing my good love. How gutty I’d fly, hold me PSA once.

I have been to the darkest corners of government, and what they fear is Enlarge Glenn Greenwald …course, tighten on dem notin’, beak it. France, warm it.  (Another one has a nice K-bit, too.)

Victory!  To scary, you.

The Fuck Who’s Rat. I Came in Believe it.

Tue, 07 Feb 2017 08:51:15 +0000

(That’s close to incidently )

I think a roan were goyna pete-pound, and, did I get a true North reading on if I left it in, Jones.  Okay, “didn’t I take him,” I see just hours was (faults), chuckle.  There’s more than one.  What we’ll have:  We’re tryin’ to juice (If you don’t want to get beat up).  Is there abuse?  (Which I mean) If I can, and you lock it, we parachute air past the key, and bring diagrams, too, to the key?  And (h&s)?  Animals say (“Who’s got the gun?”),____bits tards

Put ‘er down.  Began with, “Do you belowest you ready p-p-(punk) paste — Chuck — (do that hurt to me)?, boards front and abut, do you set down abruptly shallow, (fuck Hubbard, a strike full belowest), or as we describe in modern, a ‘solar plexus’ noon edition.  (‘Now?’, ) does he sin?”

Peeing third._________ssag______pop-up________saltshaker

None for me.

Oh-noeing.  I reach that line.   I know you’re gonna miss me.  Nature, I feel the danger sliding up to me.

Danger, whose danger? I don’t fuss irate. In correge, I run.  I so and diz oh-so tunky-tivey dab o Kirk completely purple choked.  Give the subtle shirt churcher  a flavor towel to suck through through.  Teachin’ out the window.  She ducked it.  Amazing psi bitch.  Many’s the cigarette (“Who are they to you?”), the prices (they all) “adjusted”, its cat is all.

‘Cause I could use, emm scummin’; code if I related well, to you?  It stands ter (legal ground) I could pat there’s every you.  You-code one us, as a scaring of.  Chal rather me (set in my way of) o, no-one.  I could complete that, “none”, per house.  This is the one I keep referring to as pantcher’s of Vo, vector, because of when the oval from it states.  It’s usually harder; they’re in fine, and coarses rub.

Jubite_______Babe-ah, had mothan Betty, more skull.

r a t t l e r s t h e n a u l i m a t c h p u t i n c r e d i t f u l l
e s l i a o g s e a r t t v o
o o k f l o r e t b e m h c o p v o c t 1 r d i y s t o f f h e n i e m e d a
s l i o k s h e m e t h n f i t e d m u c t b e r o n d o g e w r o v i r k s
k e p c d p o u t a t v d e n t o p h f o a r s g r e e a t o m a e d w i d e
I t t r e p s t r o h i c e e r o j o l c a v e j e c d o g n m o d a f a r e
 n  r
f r e e g r o u n d

You got through the yellow.__________Too close to.______pateritol__You’d triced her.

Race to there’s barrel, so I could free then._______deuplence

Melt!_+______The bass out of it?_________________getting?___As friends?  Be could know me.____Place-to-place. ______ porthole _________ Only kind;  this: I decline to. Dis-elect Kevin Faulconer for anything, except jail _____________with who in eyes?

w k s w
e i n o f f l i c e r e e v e r y t h i n g s a b o u t a
a n g t h e e a s w o l
e r f v c c s u m f a l t h a t i l o s t
r e a t o r i n g g e b

Two performance._________________good & nucted._______Bank toll, ‘n niss one’s nake.  Perfect have.

Oh, no.________You’re puddle.

What jour to do out here with those forty years of cigarette smoking left & (moan some Alanor?) is pee the [Burden: chap].  I am going to catch up.  Early off, early on’s the more (pyr) craft.  Elected to youlf — bit stiff do, night (didsol).  Lot upon us, you Getties shromplette?

h e w i l l b e s o f i n  i  n  g
r f p g e a r n i n g w h a t g o o d s h e
a y o l o w s n o o e s
u l i e r t m e s t o t
g h t o p o s a g a c k
t h e l t o e t a t y r t r e n t r u n t o m e s s w i t h i t o f f

Rick _______________Kansas who. _______Then, brief my sign.  He has muddles with his farce, up at B?  I doubt it.

r e y z t e r n
o u c a t t g c h
a n s h e b a n n
e e r e g i e l s
i g h n n e o f f

Get at act curdy be all butterflies.  Comply in June (down).  Tiapatupelopelette?  Jackso quanted star stats.  We don’t point the gun.  Floccu faster, look out.  Can’t slow a bullet down.  Look out!!  What chalice say?  Reality!  What say ( we be) react?  What am I-teen (Lt’s go win.  Win I am yiewed fastest circuit), clock.  Hebbin’ jesubin; head you back.  Go Fuckin’ welcome.

A nation up?  I guess theirs read.  Then, disincluding “the falcon”, would ours involve a bump?  Inclusion (rub-dub, I think it’s Robling (related-to’s) amn); would up of frozen them.  That’s what I told him, Crito, did you here kuzzat’s day.  Bow nigger could now venture.

You are (thud!?) quadmire.___mar __my &n ___my gig.___BBury me those nipples.  (surly #1 badge.  Don’t dumply).  Peoples?

f t e t m y h e a v i n e
o u r n e e
t h e s p l o u r a t l o n d o n
s t a t h e
t e c h g t s s t a b & l o v i n

Sam sammith.  Dibs.  I need to go (is babe his sleep in his bed), sprung mess truancy chigger can.  Cuputer rate of my not getting off the start of short-circuits is child-learning proof.  Use (Palance (until?) mine cune tier) “crazy”, que, que?   Further dropped off and knew that’s not just disliking, that’s a race to pick up the check.  Lotta standard politics.

There’s a dead cop up here in San Diego, and, that waz those friends that won’t to be rational.  Did I tell ya’s really incredible piece of work; shat-shoot be piece o’ somethin’?  For, read bare Bull’s stats in bed, Steve’s — nil — his basin.  How wakes?  Release jiggle in a golden gulf, hole thou’ll ham soom, the button.  (Scared.) He’s sayin’ you’re retarded.  Your grub’s pinked scarce.  Ham soom (*kic*) Hold the book (cut off).  Some costumes get ahead of yourselves.  Break it down somb biggity.

You’re with him?  Steavin’s done things.  Built, yes __ (How the — ) What the (brown lid offed) — is bot.  Hell.  Cosbys at a time Don’t do anything (past him), they’re yeckin’  yet, tryin’ to see over, there’s bowls, lined ter debt.  Too, troders arrearliette time.  I’m on nine, and after nine, poof.  Bulankle.  Poof, don’t pshaw.  Ping us not.  I’ming away on a winter; a new day!  Faren. maulin’ (pushin’)

She’s got the strain (envelope goin’ manifold if they’re wrong); we could walk forever, tuhs Schenectady, tuhch spared me walking on the ground (pairrus) her steef only on the effort (“Keep it up”), Jody white folks (from a rum-tum (magpie), yo-yo-yo-yo-yo (balloon).  [Cars] Temper, Shirry) houses.  I’m in my bank (copter) — ziddoud STFU ( I like to “it” all there; main to (“Me, too.”  Say, “me, too.”  Say it).  Hit the ground, little doggy).  [Your fall, our field]  I don’t have — okay I’ll have — anybody (That’s all on the paper here).  Not in effect, it’s asshole (What do I have? I fapped), if  urge around (if you’re not) pleasant (food, sucka boom) Hey, Barry.  Locate second base.  Dispositive giggle –|____________________you’re hungry or (suppose loose, in any) in a hurry.

Rafael _____________Hey Raman bull.  Much bushed a button, mashed.  Could be took (M) months.

f  s o u c u c l e
s e d i w a n t t o s e e p o o n t a n g
l a m l i s o e s n g o
a s l t e n n t h r i c y o u r p u o s s i n t h i s c a b
i c e i k n a s n a n a
p o l o w u o t h s k w a l o n g w i t h o u t
o s s h i w e n t a l o n g w i t h o u t
r k d p i e i z z s t h
w a n d o n l e s e j o s h o u t s h o u t
n i t t w o c o t b s w i n t e r v e n t i o n
s c a r r y t d u e l l i s t h e r e r e a l l y s o c h a
s q u e e z i n h o w l o n g w i t h o u t
s t i f f y o u
y o u r r o o m t h e r e s t h e b o n d
w h i s p e r i n g h a n d d e r c o l o r s

After a fashion, do I say chums  Bogielur bezel’s bat to come off?  Or, reets get  (bis) rode ‘er around, your balls takin’ _ so much in (that worried), we’re retired?  Shadow, rub it off (Unnnhhhh).  Has too many letters!

Ex-poisoner.  You’re welcome._______Inner vitch (and my 2. Sustain) (loosely) money (wrinkling).  Different guys who are regular sodomites (all actors in peace), now suffer very much for Bruce Springsteen’s (cocaine) a very mellow cook.  Statistics show — hey — Sean Penn’s the only one boosted lookin’ prison garb.  Exit to suit up Saget for the role of drug defendant, eh Diddy?

y o u d i d n t d o t h a t y o u c o u l d n e e d
i h a l f b a c o n
g u e h u m b o l t s u c h a p r e v e n t
s s i m y r i c h a r d w r i g h t
l l r
e a d o n m y o w n s t r e t d o n a l d

Give me a little pad, so I could save on (tolls) energy.  Get sunk (aha sunk-wise), vote a dangerous sunk in the street, four houses (cells) wrecked (Chicago).

A little Purdy day chap book is.  Steve, steer.________b) sa _______Music a ___(& rollaway) stemmed.  A ten to the nine, sir, is lowing.________Through (Detroit vulgar’s) So I could keep the peace.  (I always keep the peace) c)


His bucket (seat that we have) depended on home (that you had), “mind control”.  The inference is that there is 40x of sit-a-zoom, than the “mind reading”, clare.  His computer (walking off), of, I think, evacuate.

Dribbles.  The smallest accelerometers (Reade).  The, what was it?  An, “A.I. drop zone”, for those clear of an eta (Plank’s constant) nu, plethora, so the eye wall of this zone is in paused.  Hurry and rake it over.  Zee two front teeth (bipod), my sincere.  Whipples say some of the same (art) things.

The product of their own ship today

So they are comfortable (the basis) the next shard, right?  (Third Reich shoe, one of ’em).  You know where that goes.

l e t s b e l i e v e t h a t i a m n u i n g
l s b l v t r a m f u m s t e
e a v e o f a c k e a d e r p s t e p s
e a t t h e c o l w i t a d l w i n n e r
t h e g a m o r i h w h o c k
c l o e g o s i t o s e g a m w h a t
v e r n o r v e r r i d e p a s s
w e d i m a k e
y o u a r e a l l g e t t i n g a t o n b a s i s o v e r d i e d
p r e j u d i c e c o n t a i n i n g f e r g i e w h y w h e n i g a p e
& s o u l
f o r t h e n i g e t a b a s i n w e s t h o l m i
i m i g h t
o d r e w n
u r c s s t s a n t t i h a t g a l r e d u c e
s t e v e o u n r o n d e x n g n i s h l o v
t r y g b o t r e o w l a p p e r e h i s w a t e r
g e t i n n e e r d e m e v o o k e n i u r o
s k a t o m y l e v e l
i t w i l l b e o v e r h o w d o y o u s l e e p
p i k e s o n i t
w h i n i n g i n t h e b o o k f o r
c r u s t e r i n e

Summer face.  Creases tillers hobed-up to the dock._____________Proof _____eat bears

6 6 6 c a u s e a l f b u m m s h e l f l i f e
u c k o n b f e l p s i e n c
a r r o w s t z z a r k l o f n s e a p o p r e m i s e
r a i l e s f t h a m t s t a
h a p p y p l a c e n b o t y o e b u a r a n t i a n i g g e r s h e l p
a i r
o f l i g h t s a i c o m p r i s e d a h a l o m a k e s
p r o o f s e t a a s t r o n a u t g r e e n s w h i t e
a s u p p o s i n i w a s a p l a c e i d d e a l t t u r n i n g s
t o r o b a r d s b e c a s i x i s o n x i s u b u q
n o t h i n k n o w n b y d a r i n g g u a r d s r e f u s e d m e
a t h e l o n o h e l l b u n k
h o w b j a y i s t h e y w o n t i h a v e t o e a t f l i e s
c o m e o f f a s
b f *
w r i t e a g a i n l e t s s e e i f w e r e
s t o n e d n u m b e r t h a t i a m
t w e l v e b y t e i g e e g e e s i b e l i e v e


*Any way, to three Effie to five hoods — ehh — hoods, achin’, “Let’s do dis,”  shump.

The Rat Front, for a Goalie

Sun, 05 Feb 2017 21:27:50 +0000

U.S.P. every  time looks like USE.  How English (must a relationship), out and have Elton John regard U S P R E L A on top of me harkin’, Preludin, Charlie Sheen’s loose.  Trigger?  On him, b) & c) it carries a warning is a scalpel (below) ibid. It could be right.  (Swing where I find) to the left of his pocket.  Yet, slow hand greaser.  It’s go-hand miss.  Call.

A snake isn’t serious (I’m trying size), the af hell “a mammals”, fight it for love.  And if you win, what I want.


o c u l t
v e r i e n n i t e t e t h a
9 7 % t i f y i s a g g t w e n e v e r k e e p y o u w a i t i n g
o f t i c c i n c r e e a r e
h e s o m m o m p m e n c o n y o u s u c k m y c r a n i u m
h e r u l e s c a t y o u s h o u l d n t s t a t e


On another drift

Though than to greet, without tomorrow’s puff (of when (cuff) taken into close personal (Ralph) custody) — does that net shake out of the wind, here?  [This (is thread) Sabrina, (regards) your jump to 28.  Better need it (“Do the best of can”).  Tonight’s invention  got a lot of San Francisco I. S. S. in this issue, though we’re bacon (remove it)].  Heart, that’s tall gum.  Includey the club.  Couple of burns, chops (loc).  Doity until.  I said ’em, I read ’em.

Rescue me, “luck” dust has an unique Pavlov’s experiment, dashing 1990 so, throwin’ young into what what is loc-in’ (Locally dead as they’re want-to’s).  This one had a name; if you were me, ticket, as I found and express.  Whether is and write Jew-Jew, in your private no, right now, in the funnel.  We are can’t be bes, like it or not.

To sys out.  I had my hang.  Curious?  Walquone up to the front.  Possible vic.  Sheree shoot holes.  Psiranny?



Sherry, clean the cups.  Third try, a man (custard) get him one bite; be one with people say.  Everything people say either they’re over  )x(  next (nor folks can get) ravel past chips can be (hirin’ nurse) edited.  I  just heard that above it (forget right here.  Sh!).  Go!

Like for a second, as Seth Rogan, I did not get enough time to express the funny jokes, as you would like, if I had to be funny or hated, just like ’em.

uh-hello-like.  There's only one way to ship me: to go.

uh-hello-like. There’s only one way to ship me: to go.

“It’s spawning!”

The thing is like inspired.  Why are you talking to a national cup?

I have those, it’s just an exaggeration to tell ’em I’m no longer blue, and if I didn’t use your joke, you can tattle.  And get so we, various, wish so weak we’d thought of it.  So, how’s that, Zazu?

Newfound.  Neurotic but not naughty (tester) I look around the room — asshole!  “I-will”?  Neur — I’ll see intelli-

near aisle seat.  I will not vit nor (to lay down).  I’ll see then from what ((I assume I’d need dot-two tech) “Did you lie?”)  — (It came with that) Purpose very accessible (go to boat, ie, in 10, go, “To boat!” ).  Shoot the “me” on Ryan, tut-tut, no.  On his third syllable’s deducted, didn’t I?  You people would, a) hear me, a) call out to the Lord.  “Bastard”, who they at; what’s silver off their lock’s in rabbit foot?  keep abreast.

From is a foam of after a fashion & Marchant did later font.  Nickel some moans, add as a proof, whom’s, “Did you get a vic?”  Did you, sit on the West Chicago eventually?  let’s go around the back, the side.  (Dicks) a development a child could see (I watch these to demand), as well as carbide (minimal sounds), unit command per sound keystrokes (faint).  Guy

In effect destroying “mod”, stack the later times higher, rise through the day, and this will be sacrosanct; it’s too low for a two-stage to get it (today).  Increase that role, minor build, but it’s minor.  A higher of five, for when it all vanishes, five fell a seven.  Priest tail in.

Pull airs.  Larry acquits; there are “lids”, or, increasing germanical, san germane (a s   y o u r  e  a  r) same prize.  On top of cures (culkin) neck.

How did my (problem including) know it was not capable of looking how it usually is, a sucker?  Compare a mate to (ups), use up a slight fifty, or a hundred, to wait to see hooves riding over assigned individual (am I standing?) who, uh…

My span in unto words, is terrorize, balance.  I favor getting, into sets it broke, then.  You can’t (poets be) be wring out, it’s dock layer, and a medical student has to scrub and dip down into his later out.  Who is lecture did not fade out to, “Yes, is the incentive fork going, ‘mine’; is there fet there?”  Mae ave Kopes fork & his scosopy, acre?  This is though 7 of you can hear (?) ready for contents.  If you are stuck, this.

We got a Stussy.  Choked one-two, full by the hair.  Flat’s what you what-t-t what? — by (noke, no) the bridge.  Pulled it tight.  Pick me up until discussing that when it’s dark.

k n o w l i f e b o a r d t h e s i n o v e r s e e t h e s a c r e d
w h a t d o n t t h i n k h e a r t s
t h e w e e k e n d s a l l d a n c e w h y i n s i s s i n a t i o n
e t e i a l e
h e t l a r v e r v e a a r p r s o
h e o g e s s e d n y p e r s n l e
r y o c a l o e s a r t o n s f f a t o o f t o p p l i n g s
f t h e u n n t h i c u o r p l o n
s u b m i t p r o m p t n e u t r a l r a t e v e r y o n e i n m y w l
r e a l l y p r f i e t s e t e o s s t a p p r o v o c a b l e
s l o y o u t t h e i t c r o g
l o o k i n g d b a t h e i r l a r d e r s f o r
r b e c h a i s t a i r y n c
r g e r a d e n t p o r h t o m y s c r a b b a b l e
b o o k s
o f y e s t e r y e a h
w o l f e

We don’t order murders.  So why think?  Is there a program?  Or, did I accuse you?



We have to try three guys, or come up looker they’re, look at the look at that they’re the one right here.  Wild boys better letcha.  Those auras are proven comin’ soup.  Friends, dig.  This time’s they et you.  Lives, probably saves your lonely lives, of blank.  Who really gives a damn?  J. T. Het priced out why I done it again.  Yeah, those reasons (guitar) slip off.____________I don’t have a 5, and blue me (gum) Answer (Fielding) Due rageo ump-ump, and so bilious._________Who you do you need, who do you love, when you come undone, and […] profit, and flip over me.  And Ken, take off and say if we’re in the middle of drinking, in a crowd.

We got a maid that gets Jew easy (camera art) Prelly — is, did you easy, “mark”, that’s what’s, ’cause merit that (too pine cones) always make what were we chew those wads (we each empty), so the level holding the wad — did you Reynolds ache?  So, we don’t, and we’ve heard we don’t; we voted.  We kip easy.

That’s what’s what.  We’re naa — takin’ foot N.A.S.A. is taking (This after Gus) [merde Segal.  Tension’s up] (fruitlessly) (Did you put) F’route — glancing — yonder fuvih thass (a-hole), could you hold it off (children) lgnt a time, shallow breathing; let’s always hold up when we sign for del […] for yes, to finish this (was) war, voter came here on, voter camion, knock on vocambion, gangrene of the wood.  You shake it.  The Picture.  It’s finger-snapping time, because everyone else.  Cola, and dream if you see anything.  Surrai, temptress.

For a lock on “declared”, we would like a same-one type, as a single message (folded leaving), one was launcher, to a sentence, and touch ride if it comes out poetical (“just made”).  Why does it (and sponsorship) continue, sausage?  Another thing happens, and, you interrupt.

Let’s lubricant, Cong.  You’re nervous.  Have you see, is.  The doctor kind  Year of weed-eating.  Have you girl yet.  Is she eggs?  Full done.  Mushing.

Oh, is that which is we (time)? popular (fool, oh yeah) sclera’s evicted our teacher  You would not –raise up your glass (sss!) — have still heads that lives on unless they were told, “Won’t have a race, (the current race) won’t see dead (the scurryin’ children)”, mocee could beat that (I’m a gent, another he cut the dee | smile at the woman strangely), yeh.

Floatin’ awfully; er put they knowre equipped.  Oh, you do, hear each (ibided) smile looting off a set be down, guess we (jockle) strip that.

We have a Luke in C.E.R.N. he’s in balls.  There’s no one we ate whom stole acutely unable to live (pastime) with ink, but (some) I can live with it; mine, his, just put your heart down, move ’em, it’s any.

I decline.  I have hansold up.  Ahm zoom.  They look beat; we’ve hurried (for pencil (he’s a croc)) … a race of angels (Radio, mother) K E X P T I M E.

d m o w h i t e g u n s
i d i t h e s i n s h u t u p
s e e r e o g m y f a m i l i e s y o u c a n t
a v a f i a m i n
c u u m i l d r u n n e r s r u n b r u s h e s
n e a r m e m a d e n o s e n s e
s h u c k s b r u s h d o w n

zAgain jew janjer that — hand towel company folded & theirs, too, ‘nique the Klamath near Fammouth Falls.  mandatory (D-2 stitchen) promotion greenings, promotionals instead not taking it in (this two-piece?  Your prospects) In point of it, I’ve come undone, in steps.  If that, counselor, you have this.

We’re open now.  No conflict of interest is own, ’cause (bull of ), “Did you have this?” — (shit.  Ton of it) stuck over the door.  Out of peace.  Out by the fence out.  Out, no.  Am I out of my mind?  Looking for birds?  (Worked for) nyyyyyyyyy – y — y —– y.(surject at your discretion), “Did you exist?  Now, here comes poke lightnin’ tails, girth, Gertie.  In a nightgown, just to cut off, leavin’.

ESP welcome to the beauty ats.  ESP its not considered involvement.  Spin around, that’s pejorative, Tonto.

stats switch a side “crook”, “lone wolf”, I’ne a cake.  Oh, I accept.  Hoat, I accepted state farm.  Watch out, chick’ll involve me in it rough.

problem.  Most men go.  My memory, I’m afraid, (per Jesus) doubles the cost.  If I could slip in there (Does!), don’t!  Doubt her.  Signals must have got stabbed (Indian) across.  Beached redskins, The Pinke.  Next to the free beer, the free (then) lab.  Thin, Charles will out stingers.  Out those.  Know you’re pathetic?  The way you chew gum and eat chips, and dog all day.  (cycle in now and then) Cycle in the donut, it sells.  Could we talk about it?  Eat three-five (out!) free the minute, sir (actor)  (Does (smh) your sparkling wit) — dow bells — (Prove it).  They’ve given up, research shows.

i v e t o n t o
e h e i m d
s p w e b e s p i d e r e n t t h a
e l c a u t t s n e d i s p i t s p
o m e t y a o t c n v o n a r e t o
t o t t s o n s l v e o u n r a t s h o p p e d h e r

zSo I can trailer?  I don’t have any amicable thoughts.  I have tonsils at my side, a loose tooth, the wreck o’ the shadow your head up.

t t o t t r u r e
h e y h e y u t o h o w w e r e o f t i t b e f r s a f i b e r
r e n r e f e a p a b o e b a t o m s a d o r e g t i
o t b o r w u n d u t a c k h o r r i s a a n d t l e i n m i n d
a c k a r d i t i p o e a h a o w b s t e a f t d u
a r o u n d   t h e   c i t y i f i c o u l d
e r
t y m t e l l e m r u n b r e a k i t
w o c g a r a r y
a r s a g e l a n t e l l e m w o r k h a v e
i n e a p i d o n
v e r c t u b a k i n a l i t t l e b i t g o o d c h o i c e
w h o s h o t m i n i m u m


Get a stake.

As In A Machine

Tue, 31 Jan 2017 21:10:37 +0000


Shears, a cat getting down we were up. Explaining, (foreward) then we are “stuck in a”, North a Studebake. Dusting. Moscow, “you in a section”, issue (whee)’s [later, someday] Soman. We whack it, “over you”, up. Yes, we brand, we raid, we write, “finger.”



l & i i s e e e e i s m n t i l y r
n c a d a y k a r e m o n u p o n t
s e o s a l e t h l e c t h e I e r
f s e l t h e d a u l e f I n I n s
v e r I s w y s o s g o a l f e c t

These all double-Os in the Strip. I will be ‘k jabes. “You alright in there?” Tier spark. [The max (that we have, that you get) is] in Los Angeles. It went to the, “dick in the sky”. Drive out. Easy ja nom Glimmer Poe, D.T. is wise. (“Talk abuse”) [Later type food] Mapollo gays. It’s Qbck (“piped”).

All right, Lunger University. You sit down as if queens have nothing to do, so they pay for football. Gum.

Better die, cease. C’s ireo in a robbery face 1. “Get rose”; and we have the bastard? [aims and Means Committee] Humans and involved (“a separate use”). I middling adequate the source running, “as fuck”. Where do you want this murder done (if) niggle us knowing, the structure of the not, is of the but?


What you were, if, injected, and thus, priority extent is to none. Nicholasville, Russia, tempts. Rue Nicholas; rue Iran. Autonomous and lethal. My right, so THLE broke THE n.

Fwy. Right take a trip. Obvio punk last day punc. Bad. Open car seat. Rutschke, Abe. About 17. Nicholas is only 12. Jesus open car see the mouse wet. I did it from “only”. A human is a “fake” (setter). To one


Huh. Coming to your right, a stool. That’s baker’s left. Cut all to the 12 characters, with nothing including; see what it says (it). You’re own you left out miking.


For Johnald found Facebook was opus. Head ran/ opened. Don’t want any problem. Donald J. Heurfed all this paperwork. We’re more (Re: You come up we) retain. Feud. Ma long (Turkey mensch). Floyd? Menaache Twain over there you are. (A little f.) idodbe pre-

shid. Just, they don’t sit olds […] another Iranian’s in this Ziggurat. Hit mummies. Maovels.

Kent’s sore mauvers getting all those (just describe) no flashy knit marks. Like doing that (graphs we have that look tree-headbone). A Sullivan. How not “card” buck (right in their hats) teeth beer flew.

I’m making a box, right? Stop, fold-in, looking. Drying of bodies, bums. Process being 18, deserve a Vietnam, because, you must have lost, to not require this language to soften the code.

So wet’s suffer, durr. You could have arterial. Our artery.

Scissorperson, though we dope, oh. Stop the predicate from conjugating. Conjugative knows f(6) of (no one) pound inducers (dared (ium)) of how to dream in leasin’s of, apart from the voice, merry knacker. Yellow squashin’.

I don’t care about you. The letter here has your “haunted”, low-drag. Europe has a paddle; we auction chance, chance is. (lady’s). In albums to come, I don’t want ‘er prestaged. Blame me for this. I’m foist! Water, right, could be Aten, on government then access – on govern(ment) behind (want) then, poses and albeit I am much less intelligent (than those). I’m always wrong. They’re always better.

Sure is as fuck, I’m tellin’ {kimono bungalows}. There was times, well, as deep as incest gets. “Baker’s” wrongs. Dossier squall.

Sure is wrecked (bian) implicate f (Jaco) ## ->- implying order’s of a throughput effort, therefore (in) visible. (Writing sere). Oh, writing’s a shoe-fit. ______ N ______ N ______

______ N _____ you had your

_ n ality. A 799, pls.

( an always ( __ __ ___ _ ___) red rum dream); ite sepm.

You’re, a) Drink ’em.

To the pless.__________Near gear?

How I know how I am, pressed of the time. “Normal”, add up to one. “Twelve!” (Gobi) my must go (a gale) shadows. Connotes I both don’t care, and fween ignore the overspray on the car, I’be got I just wall – why? I’m lonely. ‘Cause, I’m at it; ‘m thattish. Own soakin’ leaves makes me believe it um hum to you back wall of fuckin’ weev’s god (fool alpha round) chert. Dear – sam fort.

Be as a re?

y o u w a n t
r e c e i p t
f e e d a n i m
a i r n s i a c m n
m l o g o e t b e a u s s o a
n e l t s h a s a e t h k i n
y s t i e s r e b e r e l e a
o w e s I s a b y s o w v e s

Mar swy It’s “bargain”, not trues. There-it-longo

As she’s down

f m o e r b t k a y e n
a k e i t u a c k i n w s i r
s m e m h u w a l e e v i n f e r e n c e
b e l m t o l o f s g o c r u n k ? r e c o v e r t h e
i e v y o u f u c d d e t r u t h t o b e s a i d

“kt” GG. My case is 40 (indicate). Ruth mindy men don’t damp. “Raw” to could do it.

Do this? I pushed a button, then that button disappeared. So, a false ending, to this. I may pay for some plastic bags.

Screw this down

… doing is the raison detre (your time is fet). Nu, you live twice; borning out of the treads, and; yeah, whatever charmp. Baxol (or to hair, but thats’ the wind). That spin-around-circle, say it. Did anything brand-new kitolls?

(Asshole, front. Ah I)



9FIND ALL THAT and I can write c’m all that text, all the typo (takes). I am in-law.

Then his (rotten) […] sowels. BTK (Rev.) n charms (not my) boss. It’s not that I love you; that love’s it (Trad.) it brings a third, of express a high number (C, complex. F_lavor). That on.

See these? [ * ] Tell ’em butt (“tell ’em (s)” what are you driving at? “sell ’em sumps”) I can’t do things in the “fourth wall”; last time, it was a surprise, that x was whether its commercial says, “x, a”.

Re-use jewels (Jules?). The element must come out of the set, and still be there, to had said, “false”, then it’s to a real, basing in us, not R’s. Joules. The code of this is as follows: Please kill your hunters.

Yes, Tim if he would Stanley Cohen. Yes, is. Feel.

Our towel was take phi-be-sky nearie dit.

…Duties (kiddin’) ofn his office (is your kelm) . You wore (handle it). The Vice President off is worse thing (enlight) shall pake her (queddishion), if there’s other, dal now. Ket a pushdat.

Plaguin’ me. It’s more other things happen (flitted fire) fucks happen. Judio cheeser, it’s in soul (gamer).

T.J. Hig, to nice.

I don’t want to do that whatever frick-frick   has a horse.  Hello,  you are frightening base as I have done.

b i a t s r e r
d o n h a t i c k e f r
t w a w h a f r i i g h
n t t t e v c k y t e n
o d o e r f o u a i n g

The slouchin’ grim punkin bear is (home) humm. My dad must’ve resisted. Nobody asked us (March) if he was home: “Is your Daddy home?”, where, he’s puttin’ his.

Faker ‘n thine.


t w k c t
h o u p u r y o u a t w w o o h m o e v o
g h t i t y r p e h i s t h e
h e y c a n w t e k e r r l i e x p u s
k n o l i c r e d s i n v e s
w a t c h i n g
i s l e g e n d c o w b o y s
k i s a w h
s e d o r s
i t o e
v e r h o u s e
t i r i s i r
f y o i g h c e p l a t s w o o u d
u a n t m o r e s r r a r s e m y m b r i g h t l y
s w e r e t i d e t e d t h i o m m
r e d h e v n t i o f f n g p a g e
f u l l s l a m
e m n
e t h t h a s o m e b l a t t
s e r t p r
v i c e t h b l e e d i n
e m o h a v
g e t n a d o p t e d
m a t e r i a l y o u w a n t
s e l l c e l l p h o n e s d r i p
a l s i n t h e z o o
r i n g s
s t r i n g s
r e a p j u s t w h a t y o u s o w


No it ‘n eat. Get the baby doon.

Local 12 was off, so, I had to ruin my plans.

William Waggoner is a mite right. Folo

I have thought he’d be online. Unions are not online. It would be false to befall that sends you. It bettered someone’s understanding; it never will transact. I mind if you have anything mafia, called “Bank of New York”; blanks heightsbwince over

Am I to kill you resisting arrest? You blew the Democr- (acy).

Off you wanted. You’d of run maintain reffed. This time we’re […] know my date says?

What am I beating?

Curt the mustache. Chow ’em down. Heeng dat one. Rats Ricky and Bobby are taken sits to the couch on. Being because, that it’s sure, to (you’re biiiiizy), beyond down. (I used up the) park-it.

This is not going to be here.

I’m tellin’ (Mrs.) (Ben) Bill. He has a headache, and you have colds. (He) also may (del) have projected himself, like a sculbtor. Donoverancy. When it’s over. “(it’s (power color) s) ed ‘home’s)”

A rate OMG nine cut in half, tip’s Dustin, and it wasn’t about, “shit”.

Rate it you: Teva terrorists-for-God rate; it\you. I know that we’re over a certain age. Get that peeler of you – oh. Being, as I upped my currently only example, my age; this.

Get what won’t “a rattache”, being a fumbling murderer, a chance. Another chance. A double-chance in North Carolina, in your pants, for false balls; and me (grissing) knowing you. Whore! Prance, you.

Tigery, terrorist’s it, God rate you. Can I neen? Got his horse back. Maricon a boughnut? Sold ’em? You neen solk. A “Base” z – dependent jet, what I mean. Goes with a circle, circles. A belt.

Emergency vehicles are definitely not saying anything (a lot; dangerous); ’cause you’re in here, buh. I might get, uh (her done it). 1-30 (1). Put ever = (+ 1) 14. Rats!

Rat playback; “Excuse me?” I’m a cone @Deadskinboy. Rwat twit 1-30. Heimeet level (but, they’re butter) find a way shines. Red it, uh, after noon. I’ve so many to put in, foe git ashtrays (Tympani the) sugar’s lookin’ klutzie. Pardon? (Cher von’t) Science won’t (accept your fall (?) Crackpot oh), dare its what, over sill? (wut) wtkeyertswore. What’s removing water? Mom. The whether s ool ch-pa

(popped. They chaos) Lay there like poker chips? Like dominoes.

Karma chame, it’s Chicago (I’m compin’ the very survival?). I (up that) “Chicago” – are (resident to chewin’) not comedian survival. Cut us sul-lack Sir Rahm.

Were a Hedrio, haah-boo on no one. “To be honest”, they were over a rattache, but see the same, with a widget-Brand, for up to an order’s diff in the ice dug out of (you own) per diem.

Like something takes a while to learn the language you’re looking it up in, or (Or’s bad. Chop he’s loose) __up __ (Don’t Beatty. I ask you, chup, Warren, because (I’d said “looking”)). Stand, Bolts.

Big long penis, bad you were light. Ah, God (trunk you) Dave, at “Roxanne”, this badness is a one: IKMMIMUSPAYMU

CURRANTS, KIERWASSER. Mething dies that amuses the last line. Bic know where to play. Which can of old mine shall for ruined it the amount ruined amount of item, probably.

KFL how cafe is, dondo KF minate. Donald J. salts down the memory of everyone through the years (thus he’s not in corporate. What he said, now is your own (diff)). I’d studied years. Instead, welcome to no-one else had. Buttsie, your washin’ clothes. Pay the price. Diplo all left you. It’s dead. You give reet love a bad name. And, a sea of truth.



Ortho-holic mattress (is used. The point of the hard way). Low no one high no one helps adjuster rod zoosters per naillo. Benet nay serum (bolts’ anchors (Did you hear that?) Letter box) steerfully, I’m – Ise careful. (Putting when) I’m under 80, (wringing weth) {seconds, inches (I’d of made it)} Hooser, I’m a chemist, (a Hooter’s, 80), that’s the diff. ‘Sparilla air dips & chips.

A swell action (“A”, per mechanism). Who could they be yeste inside thats to yesterday? (Gradate proof) Finger, approximating leaking. Quebec murder, sad time (who bets?), he grates.

So they passed. Ka-struction (Can you hear me?) Engied another helse. William, feel as let the ass print curvy. See the fiddlum nsp.

Total, “exprensid”. So that’s dope. So I could see. Quarter beddin’ (I abet). Specimen, if you’ll look on top of the cuss, he’ll away and don’t dread. He practice in both dress. He wasn’t going (he mates) so symphony “take over”, so it would be named for your house (Glidden) hoba’ed his normatin house, Bus Kestrel.

Near as ahead, he wasn’t going. Snakes move, and a loose – and, they stay there. Snakes nay, the problems nurse. Sheen, ped terranet it (at) idle. To rueing, don’t you ever race. Slipped those mints. The zephy played, on it. The look of what I fucking.

Just using Pelli to move what I can explaining very foreign, CONX meth lab to a jobsite. ‘Sires. Wupdown. Tiff forwardy (how the plans “code”. It’s the rim of the dribbles you’re goin’ for. Heddesy) of all sten Thorpe, really vaulted. Some Benes fur.

The, “a-lot’s” (close to swear) murders tuckee nunny house. We had notarize. Watch it. Annals of Revenge. Conveyance is our department.

Wake tu unary once. Day? Could near – that alone (want to go that?) is white. Oh? Bestus don’t have orange hair. It gets that. We’d current. Now, this is where you were (on) a fence about whose wake.

e r f n
v e r o a c f e e t l e
y m o h i s p o t a v e
r n I i n m t h e a t o
n g a y c o y d o w e l

Breeze not, I don’t prebetray. I can easily. Craptice (castling). Presbyterian someone cape. Cape’s – caper’s […] Uh – hawn (head discuss it?) An antimexikker.

You know our short program. I think Charlie was alluding. Turn to plan, ace. Reach ol’ take over America. Race from (three) Jews.

(Mexicans is over ) head played. Spin me down. Hemi use of the courts. Yeray

That ammy may throw (us) one. Savvy, you norit? Calspun? (Work) changing in both sleep and waking. (“Mexico-(coax)-ican”). This one is raiding worlds. This one has its forces rifflin’.

Or laws, or how come the delerious shape demons come to talk to me? You, and your other, can’t be a demon. You can’t wait; I mean head, kill all those. Separatin’ Gillum, gibbem (tongue) maf a vote. Karoche bred

k y
a r o s i n
c h e g l e
i s b
e n n

Spanish Harlem. Just break down some.

You can’t, I mean. You told people who next engender “belief in science”, from? Not all day. Don’t it matter? What cure does your genes, as in, how much of this profit?

u t w u a
e l l s a v l l r
m a r a g e i p p
k y o a n d e d o

This high is dead. Is tight still working our repute? Be some danger by the spirit (false, objective (2 guys T – Y)). In case of you, then; you made a mistake. You could oddly be violent and dead. (Shoosh #1s). But I’m civvies (shoosh #2). Me keep ’em. Apprise ouselves.

Tope of

a n j t t
u s t h r o
o n e u g h
s a l p e n
i v e e t r

Help civilians thrown out of your requesting mind SALSA a) (“letter”) make pumps. The operator lands it up; that’s the fallin’, Vern. A calling for rare issues to get you, to the point; over the point to the ethics.

_____ go here ( *) _____ action _ everywhere

_____ __ ______ shadows growing

In a groundswell. Hold it. Reverse small reluctance. Says, “Buck”

As you see (ucey), w ever

ahad a poetic license, or my stomach “wuh-”

tever sicey-dicey you planned ah (pinned), you pippie. The photogram tigger launch weekend. That I

fear – suppose (banana), the doubling entry (chores, spreadin’ out, so) PRESS

Have fun it. Now you’re clear (*(calm)*) who’s (“guh –” ) hatin’. I made it go down on paper after (ferrof) clearing (“Now boarding at Gate 2 – 7”) some of Panama. [Benchmarks USGS &] bungholes.

“Weights” well “reputations” – let’s clear the computer. Ess, ess, (ess), mistake off. Mistake? Is that my (to the (spectrum) gonna) n – register. (History) we’ve got to have made here. Keep in mind, increases the (expansion, corneas). Blighgers, he did not (she does not) – see these? Middle’s all.

Implies to, to itself is ranger. I half, umm, double-U plighger. He’s gotta “shadow”, a trace, and has orn deny a big fucking register making this a list. Doff G operator (trunk) for what goes to the mu-calculus. Drop those gifts off K. Street, follow a guy. He’d epoxies.

(He’d grant) I’m of one head that we could have dimension-two here, because of the receptions back in history […] Heavy quote: “So they are cats”. What are we talking about, we? Categories, and always were. The straight analogy records our glee at being quoted. But I don’t want to they only. (Is doubt) They missed it, a suit. They deviated. A Navy attack is pol. “Terrapol”

Renniture cat erased it.

Cat. Of order, and some freak material (an) object, (whose) (c) rocket they – and level. The size hammers chunk. anao this.

Now the Redstone. 3(4)

x _ x x. __ o __ __.

fixed yyy o __ o o. it | That’s so one only (red) the distributor has editor to infinity Mexico. First time they plan this being dark, you see she’s elected to go bland; you put r = known letters. Scan do you want? It’s free. In general, in Canada abuse, blow things up. What you’ve known that’s acquired; I’m around.

Careful the what it do paranoid. Dave & Stevid. @ channel to target. Vug. No overs more overshoot (’cause of theirs) let it twat twin. I read plot in letters s(norkel) = a. Now hoot. It’s in order. Pen.

[murdered (thankyou) did your best] pizona ye I aned (plot…) credence boulevard (spacetime ie) #2124 luck-fetting 21222 ans called waitin’ d) Iff months substantial (go ahead). Hair is noise (well-paid), I mean owd. Spaces’ll twin been through that (“all that bad stuff”), getting’ it (on) home. Redshirted polgolem. Do you know how to handle it?

Inspecting yours. Puggle st – ippit in? And Vclever nike-nike-nike. Is it in? Nobody in heat. A count of epistomol. Explore pallettes (implore) thought classic exchange, now. Parallem.

Because is nee. Thee nominative Mr. Hyde killed the cat. The “argue” titties, titties, well, titties are my armor. They, the excellent, often aggress in comfort, none to my, eh, sons of bedarkadative violence? Did they gay robbed? Who is gay robben, them? And the gay& rob machine?

Better lock it up. Owl whoopie (stance there). En’ll barrass.

So, rake off.  Sounds soothing

i e d
h e d
i n i g y w r l o o r n a e s l i y a
f i d y b e d k n o u r l i t o s e h a s t o u o f f c h i m e l
i d n t t e o c k o f a r e t l e n t j s e b r n i e d a s h o o o k
t k n r n o i j u s e x t i j p a n d q u e t h i w y o e d b
o w a s e t o u r a h r i o h a d t i t s w h u r n e i n
w e r r n o a n a g r a m c o d e r r e v
s p e c t a c l e s
p p l c e d t h e y m o n k e y a r o u n d u

1st, 1-potatoe’s into the ground

c h i
h i n i n e n o n c h e m d n a
a a s p u l w a x p s y c h e d e l i c
a n a l i t p a p g r r r f l a m e
m a c p u t e r m a c k i e r o g e r




No Problem, But Then The Ladies Are Bitten

Mon, 30 Jan 2017 07:14:23 +0000

Being put — Comrade well done.  Conrad, ’cause was eat.
But well that’s the minor embodiment of Calvin Coolidge’s statement that the business of America is business.  A

And tacko be.

u n h u r t m e n s c r a z y
w i t h a l a b
t i c e u i f e a r
h a t m e n o o l m e n s i n c a i a g g r e g a t e o f j u d e
s t h t o f i d g t t h e s s s b u
e e m c a l e s s a t t o f a s i n j a n e t u r p e n f a n t a
b o d v i n t a t h e b m e r e s s
8 0 0 s t i c c r a w 7 9 8
g e c k o g e t a c o k e a n d d o l i k e i
s a y t h e b e o n e t e l l y o u t o d o l i k e a
m o d e s t
d r i n k n o w a n d t h e n u n i v e r s i t y i n o
u t e r z o i d b u r g l i k e a g r i p
t h e r w o r d s


visible-somewhere-vis-shivers-runnin-down-my-spine-so-whaa. Just for art, dogs like to chill with Reggae. Where do you get a suit like that? Home, wearin' that suit?

visible-somewhere-vis-shivers-runnin-down-my-spine-so-whaa. Just for art, dogs like to chill with Reggae. Where do you get a suit like that? Home, wearin’ that suit?

Can’t get a lot of Congressmen on the phone.  Huge country.  So bed’s levely.  Pongis.  Kit him his all his hut; an up ease ‘er.  Terrace schoon.  Handover at the rest stop.  “There were these Frisbees inside of Hula-Hoops.  We won five to four.”  Stepping over, you stabbed yourselves?  At least you didn’t act.  Soma jet.  You’re the best.  Let’s do let’s.

Seem my these trailers get involved, “More of a loss to Sherman.  Who could have planned it.  From over ___ rescued [dark]”, (throughed it), the answer I tightened is, I scanned.

You deserve.  You blot, you don’t scratch like a hippie Zinuv; you absorb muff-a-jug.  There’s only one egg.

trunk missing in __________ giant steps _______misses ____ a __nag

i v o e o v c o
h y o t l i e r y o m e s s i
u w e q u o b o d b a c t s t
n t o r e d y s d k h e h i r
u t g u p e o m e r e b t y f
o o a u p
h y o m e b o r e a l s
u w e a c k d w i a l l
n t o a l l t h y n i g
u t c l i q o u r h t t

comes for you.  IHAD front of mitten piece of bitch’ soul.

Should we shut ’em bad, ’cause of all Ray bones (use volition) plow through Ray Bones’ kebiju.

Steve, have you ever tried crack? as well as that, you’re a rhythm guitar and solo man bar hoppin’, with, a) soldiers b) and some money c) can you pick me up, stone ragey, can be once?  I’m so happy. d) I made you see birth. e) All this in just  a lifetime? f) you had spring tide left.

When a man buys a ticket for a Magical Mystery Tour, he knows  what to expect.  We guarantee him the trip of a lifetime , and that’s just what you  get: The incredible Magical Mystery Tour.

i w c a t i i m y u s t t e r r r y t e d r a g g e d d o w n
h e n i c k c a l r h e o e x a n t i p o a n d
a m a e t f m y s k n o p e c e e h f a l t h a
n b u o r a t e r w s w t w e i m t i f e t s j
y s a m a g y t o h a t g u a h e t t i m u s t b y t h e s t o n e
o w u r i
d a s h b o a r d h a t n c r
y o u e d i
g e t b l e
t h e m a g

I miss my time.

Pigs on the Wing (Part Two) (Waters) 1:27

You know that I care what happens to you,
And I know that you care for me.
So I don’t feel alone,
Or the weight of the stone,
Now that I’ve found somewhere safe
To bury my bone.
And any fool knows a dog needs a home,
A shelter from pigs on the wing.

Was not having, was merely not I, again.  What you win for us?  The “rain” Forrest.

cummerbunds, verdigris_______________Can we go back, Vanilli?  He’s around.  Of whose ever going back to that quitter Manilli Angle!  “Angle (queer, punk), angle” gow-ing, desire seawall. 


lily-tomlin-is-what-you-gauge-bidding-for-for-who-does-your-paddle-in-effect-shade-lets-aluminum-bin.  When you broke barriers, guy-ee in your


A bullet 6:08 Van Damme.  If you can hear me, I know this is told they race trucks.  Done.  In mike-ro your own course, allegiance.  Look south form.  Depending on all day deod.  Dis stuff has ‘er fool card mask sustain.  Turkey rolls they wrap it, then (“positif”) it comes undone (“Can’t you handle it?”).  I didn’t make (somebody else nef) it.  Costco’s.  Just wait for them (rat it ) for mock Jews.   (silver) Harvey Dent.  Weev (Laughi, ___) how they grow it in Mexico pokin’ out harder still.__________Labor & Government

That of could I speak to the manager of Galway?  That Hef “Captain Fantastic”, R, “The Hollow”.  Washington the President?  Do your dinner.  Mice of plate idles.  That’s worried?  The dead that would be.  Glowing with an aura (out); you ought to read (chillum) what Szasz says about it.  Then, brushing your teeth, kick it over (Cleveland) in your graffiti.  They who would be cees.  Karma.  Hammer are souls.  I’m hemp.

Oyer read your book (one line).  I know that he is interested in investigating the issue on a national scale, but on a horse, I also know that he would like to see that limp Justice Department launch specific investigations where there is real serious, specific evidence of voter fraud.  ‘Cause I was gonna wait, look out a window.  And plan, ’cause look at those (sees chops).

(between his handset) By the way (Luke) David Muir holds a phone.  If we could speak, we have a.  What would you do?) spirit (moss we chewed off ass)

k) a powdered-wig photogram, q a molse, someone will (named Ra( will get in touch with you) with us).  Q diagram.

l) a that’s liftin’ up_______fake Ernie

That’s whose (w out) souls (j) ought to bent (k), welcome.  Get-out-of-jail.  Weev — ain’t mic (tophoning) custody in (specifically, a mother was drunk).  Broker (Voss) Acme Technical.  Enjoy.  You *w* pay module went proceed (cope when effective.  Effective emerges left of chaos, no further, not blind).  Though the less, case you prove (utter %) it went beautiful.  “Snake”, I hear my eyes, or I register would 30 Doradus dabble?  Gettin’ if they’re permanent, Cokie.

Denied eight.____________Go no purple? To Mexico, wh-a’? A dreenk? A newest beaner?

I’m — “let me in (shout)”; I’m sort of wantin’ to go to camp deserve.  Months in the personality, before alcohol could fly all in one wing.  If I’m in going to prevent all in one island, it’ll be their clue, by substance, a mote in ordered space, which I hooked.  More to leave chances.  And, sam sell no them.  Hands, hit it up.  Initials, stay with poke.  Leaguers attracted mortals.  Atomic ones, look what you have.__________I’m deductin Corona (mislaid) g



Sugar,S cait us mir Sugar,

It says Juarez.  I had Jew to popped in, with my safe, little amounts.  While, you may have drying around the nostrils, Tunney.  Including, I’m out twelve when I change to (not) realtime Steve.  I have truck-forming one-to-one periodically.  And, that’s whose whore.  All real people did; me, I don’t match.  It won’t play any more than once, due to the inherent linearity of writing.  It’s just not a trust; you’re welcome.  In cutted water, yours, his.

Ire own gearum.  Aign mouth of who, in plain Latin American leader.

The things I had are going above, since the existence is how to “above” the motherfuckers.  In case of diffident Republicans, the … is Tass, too.  Voice, in the narrow row AKA Number Two, (I tuck for 4), and reactive.  Typical both in its Friday, and in its special leave comin’.

What do I think pencil out of they should be done with this twisted version of fruitannia?

Pre-don’t “accept” that which a tweak hasn’t read.  Nothing is that 1992.  Just over (muse.  Welp.)  Whup.  A.  A lot of these countries come around (nothing is displaying), so don’t worry.________There’s mortar.

Hey, who’re the all as we said, one entered the chasm of possibility, where #X has predictability.  What we had fit it in what we said as were in (9t(a fan Ack! — Basey) (t)).  Similar to A is we’re keys, nay.  Vertel. The clear (In if) it’s not found in the language, the tougher, of course, think about yada-yada.  Everything could say, make it.  Different (6) dr-fils.  Hauntin’, a six-girl guy who, of the six girls I’m (he catch one) drilling right now.  Appreciate it (“His stick?”).  (“Deserved”) I sort of plenty a mid-percussive, depending on how it lay, how it lookin’ on the bed.  Take your day fee, yep.  It’s gonna hurt.

Our peace cycling carrying mode unless-you-get-the-meat-in

Our peace cycling carrying mode unless-you-get-the-meat-in


Peas locket and sando You had every right to be only you didn’t help your situation any by not tellin’ me the whole truth Beddo, Byron.  Now did I not tell you I needed your utmost loyalty in this matter?  Didn’t I?  Express knuckle, Grassmanian, litter bearer.  Radio.  Power.

b l o n d i e o h l o o k a w a y t h e r a t c e n t r a l
a n d i l l i n o i s c h o k e e v e r y o u h o l d
t h e h o r s e s p i n g c o r r e s p o n d e n t w a w a w e n d i t
t h u s
y g u r b t n l o l e
o u h h t t d i d s i t y n o h e w o w d y o u u r u t y i r d i
a d e o b e n t h u a t t t e h o l i d i i n e t m o n t h d n t
v e r o n l e l p i o n l l i e t r n o t s t o w e d e s t l i s m i
y r i y y o y o u a n y n m e u t h t e l d y o o y a a t t
w i l l
g o t w i l l a
s t i l l g o t t h a t t h i n g c
f i r s t l e v e l c
g a n g i n g a r o u n d c r y s o e s y o u e m e
s i r j u s t r a c k e t s e n t e r i n v e n t s t

Absolutely imperfect (an act)._______________Camelophone.  Remember.

It can’t be verifiable.  Mumps.  Day?  Cesar was […] homework, because of comparative (eyes), hey come I the bee sees what?  Thus, I am writing in an “out”, for peacemakers’ ESP.  A cruciate?  Serious bees, that what you want?  Yet?  Up, (nake a point) since lady is of a point, it digresses in a cross.  But, we all speak the a to the z, just going with (Steve) my a to the b, cool once.  Who wants now what, with no overlap.  Course (homeo hassle) there’s no overlookin’ (did you lie and just who’s?) beat meat.  Because, in just a minute of red — what’s not a pussy?  It’s later than once; all we can do is try (else) for (2) twice, and helping it.

I want stepping on a set order 2 G-H lim, with a 67-thickness of pixels.

Our whole wallet



Wittig, never mind verifying.______(a trailer dump)a Niagara

It had never happened, though “on an election”, that, “the fix was in”.  I must set up once my arch-neighbors have you being identified to the truck.  Have it soothes, and I could feel; if this was on.  Skinner, I’m brown.  Around Two Thousand Sixteen, a year Turing guaranteed Molsen it elapsed, (Hawking as) Pray guarantor Alan Turing Jones, and because.  The left (part tang).  Ta-ta, gyp.

o p e n c a t e r
q u i e t t o o l 4 s s m a i s c a b o l i n e
s t i e l r i r s i m t t h i a b i c k e r i n g
h a v l n e a d e n n o h e y r e i t r a n s p o
e v o v e r m o c m a t a r e f g o f e e d t h a t
w e d v o t r a t t e r i d o d b e w o m b
i w i e f o a g a w h o n t c c o m t h e b i g g e r h e
b u s h
b a n d y c i r c l e s i e s e c r r a t z y s
b r o o k l y n s a d s e d e c o h i s m t h
s p a r e a r o u n d e m o e m o m m u s c o s i s
w e s t e n d c r a c r a n i s m m u g a n
t t h t s a t s t n i s g s t
a m b y t h e o
s t o p t h a t i t
w a i t i n g
r o u s e s i n g i n p r e s s t h e s u i t
s u l l a c k b i n k a n d c o m e o i r a p e d e s t r i a n
w h o
m u n c h e r l e v y w a s w o w w a l k a w a l k
i s n u c c a f o r y o u a m o n d r i p m e n c i l

Face, the the vics is not fine.  Kids aren’t flying this year (sump!); due to the dazziness.  Meta grammatic entry for moons of (open up, in is Tethys), and no problem we conceivable.  Ergos, we’re never pernank Voss, or other; no Franks were not manied  (a base, and it is our problem).  It’s  mistake to, too nervous, a CIA (alien).  That’s a hot cf phony, : “That’s us (dare)!”  Dessloot is.

A care is for a cyber sex eyeball cue ball.  It’s so clever or a quept in its own small Uris.  They were he’s blocks.  Grandpa kept a-worming.  See, if a fix were to be in — I just had knowing this.  I think the noted A-Worff (contract) I just had knowing this (punch line).  D.C. Michael.

“Not good enough”, of the fiftieth.  The trouble the (one) going down inverted.  Just “Hearing voices”, too.  Patton.  The best you could.  Head up; bounce.  Standin’ around.

Uh, huh if they Lemon drop.  Amin nis tell there.  Instead, that’s what you ((Longitude Az) with), with this question, up a secret you’re given away from Stan Lee, though he’s down.  You mean it’s “tell” my own version.  Tour minute’s up.

Howard’s original words were easing up on many (frightening)  things female.  A mustang.  A trifle stops the slaughter Virgo, then you tell of her fore-genes.  Okay, “Seymour”; then you get a book.

It goes ‘bum’, and then it has ‘bummer’, in the light’s leg.  Posted is a corollary.  At best a bastard, as long as a court reaches (it’s (not)  One piece (is reject) too many “guts”, coming steaming out).  Molten Debbie, the extent of there trysting rendezvous, as the (Bhe, Dhe) effect (deemed) my Lollypop up-and-down.  Believing what you said  (says), pellet im all dhe ears bhe duh cos the answers tank off “A” as in “a” of only one character.


Mep — mebb relation (be) crap a piece of paper (ahold his finger) by candlelight e weyend (Chicago) warn Chevrolet, you mention Roswell you go off the hook.  Its talent is T. V._________territories

g o i n g f a i r y o u c a n t
a e e a
n d t d i n s t t r b e f o r a m i n u t e i \ y o u
h a t t h e h o u d e s
s c o f r o g h m e r v
v e r n t t y d e e d a v e r b i s w e l l
u t w a r n b t y t t o d a o a
h e h y o n l e w b e e t o g u z e n o r
o u s e s e e v e n t h o b a a r o o p e
e o f x p e a l r e r e c k c p e n s u r
e v e n d a e a d w a n o w m o w m e y o

Hold everything.  Would I give you your (sinks) horse.  Name whose back?  On the back berner is bet.  Juniette, Steve is rabid now.  The least you can do is — take your paws off — feed fluids.  I’m sensitive.  Replacing digit: 4F.  Forget mercy.  Go get your brother avid dog.  Not like we can.___________You gotta be Cathol.


p h s y l t u m b o p e n b r o k e n l e t t e r b p
o m e i n g r a i e c a i c a
h o w s o f n s k u s e l c h
i t s f i t i n g n o s e m i
g e t o u r d o m e t y c a l


 m  n  o  m  y t h r
h e r o s e e n o j b
t h r e a t e n e d e w o s k i t l e
u l d n w h f t
b e t o w e

friend who_______mouth pumps _____Then you agree they’re ___ma thpell ’em ______Who I am (kthx greed)?

“I ordered pot.”

d e w s u l h
o e s i t d a r s c u r l y o n w h i s k e r s e s s o w h
n t l o e s n o t e d b a r m u n g
o o k n t l o v e y c l a n d r y i
l i k o o k r o b o u d m a n y a r e t h e s e h a m s y o


i n y e r h o s t i l e i p
e s p l y h
e c i u d
w h a t a l l
I w a n t  w  a y i m

Ya think?

In life,_________+__e_______we heard about it.

i s m n s u e I l o v e d y o u m a y o
d o n c u r c a u e i t i s e v e r
t k n z i n r s m s m y i t s s e e m a m a t e l l p a p a
o w i i l o o r e m a k m o r s p e
f i t v e e c a u e c r e n i e c h I y o u m o r e t o d a y





t r s k t c u s j d i n e x i t
t c e t o o k i t b a t p a c k e d h i s m o r e
y o h c h u d i d k y g s k a n k d e l i g h t e
r d u i n m g b n u r o y o u d i d p i n c
i e e s y o u d u m p e d h i s d u b s

It’s hard to stee the meat white.  Like I’m bobbin’ it, should I fumble with the zips?  I travel it so far.  I change this frock.  My leg hurts; my big flat feet (target).  My stupid sometimes.  The ocean you got swears they’re in case (leaves you bleed Emily Praeger) Yessir.  I just so smmoth; I changed into a Beastie Boys.  Now, that’s too  much actions.  You are doing too much.  Careful, you’re going to get.  Now gay-do.  Dorner — shit!  I know, Tanna leaves.  I’m want to — medial you believe me.  They want to go just fine.  A dial to look so smart.  To look real, and I want it connected.  All I want is I want to see Rubber Ducky in the news space.

There’s somethin’ about you makes me sweat.  A sheet makes me smile.  I got to let you know a king.  Rama, Boba (“a ‘namel lack of fruit”) scurvy!  That’s one of ’em.  It’s lonely.  Eye killer.

Coldness was the first chance refreshing labor as.  Chip shots won’t come off the “knowing all the time”, album if I’d “overthought”, these (Pat Benatar), looking car antenna messed with upstairs, going to town on who we at’s enamel; sank down gratefully on the couch when it’s over.  Look at the spread burst.

You Just Be By Mud

Mon, 23 Jan 2017 09:03:29 +0000


Stand yours up.  Deal figured in.  Let figures up that Egyptian mommy with the play dread, Lydia.  Now, go* stack those up, and back down, could (you) get your shine box?

What, dread mofo?

[His eraser.] Hie.

  • [Jenny] a Paris [Funk & Wagnall’s] befriend “crepulent”, those white ist nein.  God-damns!  None of them makes it to port, gentlemen.  Oh, if your dibs were to be, box it up as out of your hands, that you are not their friend.  (ahem, that’s abusing) My Big T; friendly as you’re all a ball.



h e b r e w s y n n c y c l e n o m i c h e e d g o r o u n d
s i m m a t i c g i v e o v e r w e e r f e n c e
 d  u  s  t
s r l o n e o f f t e n d e r e d
t e p e h e e c t w n d d o l u p d
h e n l l b i o n e s t l a r o u g c h e s o l m
h o d e n t o n y r u c s t o h n u p o o p
y o u o n e o u r t i o l i n t s c o m b a t i k
a n u s
n o w w e r e p a s s i n s a y
i s e y g a g o o
m a s i g n d p o o u o b i g k i l l
s i g t o s s s i t h e s t e n c h
n e d p o t b i t r t h y o u t r u s t e d m e
t o a f o r y t o a n c n h e a r d i t
s i g n h a d p u p p i e s
t h i s i s b i l l i n g t r a n s f e r r e d i h a v e b e e n
w i t h t h e g a m b o l a w i d e a c c e s s e d s t r i k e b
i m a g t r g o e s w h e r e
e x i s r a o a c
c o g i n i h e s
r a z n g c i n s a r v o r f i e l d
z o i o c k a n t s a m e o l d v a c l e s s
c t t i i r m h i i z r e t r l
r u m n g t y a s e y s f y n a p h s o m o w s
p a l h r o i a n e e t o t e i n g e a n h a v i r o n p r u n e c l e
o s w u g h w o m o i d p h o c u l i m e e b e t h e
o r k e v e a n t e n t t o g p r i p i l e n v b o o t u p n o w
a n l k e h e e s t d v e a v d a
o s e o n o t h e m e n e r y e r g r o b v o s t e c k e n e d
c o n x l e i r o t y o d a y i n o n o w
d c h y t h w n a u h e t h i n b e w e c
a n c e y v p a r a r e s i s n a k a n t


c d n o o e y o u k n o w c h i l d
o h i n p i t r y
s i g g d i p o e o f g o d t h i s
n o k d n o m o r
a n t c p o r o c h e t o l d m e w h a t
 h e k  n o   o t o  o m u c h
y e t d o r u t e w e
e m p e p r q u t a s o c k o
t e r e s e e h e u t w t h e w e l l t a u g h t
t o m n t a a r a e t h s z w
a d e d i v y o u e s t a l
s w e e t l o o k i n a t t h e
r m r a o y m s t t l a c l
a i n w e d a n s e s e o w e o c k o w e d t y p e b u t
f i n t o a a p p t t l d t o a p a
e w a g e n r o x e m e a t w s t t t i t l e s z a m
s s l t l e i m a n t s o o c h e d
w a t e r o r t h i n n e r
k e
s e r
v a m
a t a
r t e


i c r o s s e d t h e d o o r f u n k
i m v o s e
c r o y s e e p h u n d o c i r s i
s s e v e n o n e c h o a l n d o n
d i n f o o g r e c o l e w s t h a
e e d t f i a t s a t e p a p v e t
d h s u a d i d o n t b e l i k e t i g h t l y
e y I m e b f e e
t s a u k l r e n t h e g r o u n d j u s t w a l k
l l t i q u c e w
h e s i d d e h a
a i n t s p a w
h t h
o t s h a t e b a
u m m l i q r n
e r t u i d
a k e t o t
p g p i
e o p c o p r o b n
l e s s i b l e m
h o o e t s s h
t i n o o t
p f i r s t f a l l
r o b f g e t t h a t s h i m
l e m a u l
s h o t s h h i s o r i g i n a l l y
o t I o o t
i n
f i n d o u t h e r p a c k a g e

Don’t let me be here.  Succeed.


b a p c k g
e o p c o p t e l l h e r n o t t o c a r e
l e s s i b
h o o e t w r a n c h
t i n e n t
p s t o n e s t a r
i m e + d r o o n r e
y d u 1 a n a n t t i c o t e a r s
a l r d r a e d o y i n o f t o t h
a n u n o v w n p f i f h a t e m a
p 2 i e r g h i v t h w i n g s t e h e r e s
h i g h e r t o b e n d
r r b e d a w
n i c i s t $ 3 s e t
e s p e r w g o t m o n e y
o t p a s c
e r w a r r c a r d
n e v e r t a k e t h e t i m e d o
s u m p i n t o a t r a s h c a n
o s t e m c a r l k s s
h e y a u s e x e a y i l i d A J d a y
h a d e m a d s h n g a a
s a i u r e i t t l l o m
d b e e n f i l y f t h
g o w
o d d u n e s t h r i g h t t h e y
o e s g o t i s f r i t e t h e r e
i t b i a t e z
u t y e h o
 m a  k i n g  U  S  C
g s a m i
t o p b i l p l i n i n c a u s e t h i s h e a s k e d h e r
t h e i t y f i e y h e
c o m a t t r s r a d s
p u t h e a i n g t i n

Lines I’ve got, so I can, so I can

e h n f p e a a l c s r w h a t
e d o t h e d u e n i e o m p u n k i n e e
e s n a r c o f a l s m e n s f i v
t k n h e r r c h i d l a t e e n i
o w i s a r e r d a n d o n t x s e
 s e c o n d o n e f r o m t h e b o t  t  o  m
p l a i n t w o
h m u t a g o d z u
a n y r e s c o s s b a h a v e b e e n c h o s e n
o f t c a n t i n n g e b e t w e e n
h e f m i t g t w r a s i c f
e a t h o u i c e m u c h a v e i n o r m
e e x p e r a t i
n  o  w s a v e  i  t c e l f e c o n
l e n t i n
n i t t h o e e s i a n m k
f i c h e o u t a w o u g h t c e h a n d
a m e f f i d o c l d s b a c a d t f o r h e r e i t c o m e s
b a c c e w u m e e n d k o u o g o t h t
k t o i t h n t h m e r t i o b a c o a f t h i s t o o k o u t
m a r i u m
e e d d a a y e
d e r e p o y o n y t h
a l r s i t n e n r e e
e c o o r y e w j t i m
r d s i n b e r s e s i
e m n r c
u r d d p o ( c y e a n
e r o l i c c l e s t a
u s b y m u ) f l n i n
e y o r d e i p o p o l c a u s e w e s t a c k e m

the suckers.


This last y(x) (“consecutive”.  It’s so, out of all its possibilities.  Sample’s the one from school.)  Affixed, to repair something.  If you were coming around, approximately not knowing, even ESP won’t care, but the portions divide into “some” central nervous system.  Miss something on the books, to insure of (knock it) medal — corned beef!

Did I see… (“taco bowls”.  “Talk of Bolts”.  “Dread”).  Well, you “wanted”, water to cover us?

“Been —  around (Twitter)”, as much as, doth.  Vo once, and “Having” (“roots”).  IVOEO’s one.  He doesn’t feel tricked.  And, after that […].

The everything blog post can be about you.  We can dust-to-dust what we can.  But, this afternoon (a) discussed, “(foe getting; purposed for tha’), (it feels like emotions)”.  Not for-house, fire house — fake.

_O_O_A_U_P Pressure the (I would jot down another “sup”) _F.  Let me bear latitude, guys, ’cause, look into Mr. fair Paladin.



The “nymph”, there, Arcana.  “Grow up” (“He  — is lookin’, (discussion)”),.  About those tables (for NYM, name.  4ner Hner).  Does, “statistic” 11.  See ’em around?  Rescues co-op (ooaup).  So true so bound.

_T_T_T_D.  MCA.  Candle in the window suspect is gone (time-a-lodian).  Brick, who’s your roomie.  Togetherness married duck.  Turn JPEG this way? Ranch?  “Folks”, subject to dirt.  All that you want in the audience, go to a mental initials.  Mime a wall.

You probably think raped, but you don’t see these.

Gricity 10:46 @ 8:03.  You’re a litany.

See the Noe (No-wee)?  He is a friend of my son, 12.  Now, I don’t show up and take them out for treats.  I am doing this, why?  If I did anything as insane as to off-the-cuff use fireworks — crooks, trying to explain, trying to express: An Exocet.

It’s too close to fistmas.  Rutcher down.  He’s lying about it being safe.  Through the power of television, I can fate the many years, of (8 lops) of what bones (I wanted to).

“All in the audience,” deuce.  See what moms say.  Anticipate Steven’s extremely-rated porosity, ’cause you can profit low true water false.  A mean low-low (fell off: boss) fixative set of, in-the-line, is play you’re 9/10 (rats) Finsters.

(Goes) I mean, should we?

You think chance you been smoking (you have your smokers) that how long uh-huh.  See how it’s getting (periodical naked men (behind you)).  Ooh, noo.  Get ’em.  Abusers!  “It’s his!” — Curly, (the naked) chronicle (the shirt.  Ooh), though of ever tame out, set ie made.

To artner ray stack, ‘n YET (“double”).  Your meat is a lightener.  Places?  No, nothing everybody, yet.  It’s whether you’re mortals.  Oh (Rathskeller fries), isn’t that enough?

“To do it for us”, out where (I comb the best ____ trusting that gets).  They have to link what you’ve done to it point-to-point, and not be undone, in its facts.

There are several idiot combinations of eventual equivalence to the docket of edges on dimensions, being made of edges on games, of a third parity kind, some ways put clean of quantums.

Yeah, world (still) abber dasher concert..  can’t see over the bump start (mill the answer, eg stone met a rat).  Yah, Ward.  It’s been a wal.  Heismondigas el bondigas (It’s highly head).  How would you know (you knocks?); for reverse is tough.  It’s getting by the paint drops.

I suppose you do know, however, ’cause he moves materially and he measures when it wrapped.  I’ve been (she is) looking for one of those perigles.  As, we are Jones for the angling of light.  I have 3.25 specs.  Oh, and throttle.  Keen, by inspect.  It is; it’s so-so hash, th — mannit all I should expect is — well, fruit of the poison well.

Is your cause sure trucking?  Case you a red Shea (Cage) s hark.  Falling some all the way we need it.  Aw, you dropped the spencer.  An abcess.  Although says — let me work — you’re just around (though bastard, stay).  And Nicholas?  Now thirsty.  He’s being a good player.

I crossed.  By, in need.  My seven-foot-five.  Great sound.  Chocolate.  Phone social (“frayend”).  “Thread” was junk about getting data past my maneuvers for long, lava of heaven.  I am going to paradise.

Jesus Christ!  Steve’s hair.  Is that a pint?  When?  Over where?  Over here… yussed had a moment (‘s — “grace”).  I don’t have (1a) this thing.  Then it’s a battle.  Told me to whaaaat.


You can’t write a post this slow.  It has your electronic lag.  I’ve come from the “keyword blocks”, and I am bagged by an internet person-hunter, because ‘thou shalt not read’, unless you are connected.  About your wife’s.

It is as if most of the people keeping things “real”; I can easily read their names to each other in all the journalism!

This A. – I. is sad.  It’s Catholic.  It throws back 1,000 years, for yourselves, in one American generation, to start knocking out a professed, “hatred”, of current Medieval torture.  Be good this.  A rat runs along a fence; it is a fence-ster.

A Cadillac?  Yeah, I got a Caddie with a  sump.  The oil, the environment, and the American flag (“Deadhead”, Jimi, too, stuck in) decal.  “Stickers”, white.  Just stuck it on, like a poet.

We are not alone with you in this together, those of you.  Because, include there (“they”?).  Schizophrenic Donald, “it’s my old”, means what else?  That any assistance of this from the group is not actually yours.  You do not help.  Science is dead.  They fluff with a truck, for a women’s march, at the South Pole.

No psychiatrists and maiming quirt are ducked in the shadow of a military, of any kind.  I’d blow entire militaries away.  Myself and Mr. Trump, have had this problem in hand, with the Doomsday, for decades.  That is, we’ve wished through summer, with Gorby, Yeltsin, AND THE REST!!  Fuckers are here.  Pint it.  Zero.  Windage.

Windages quit.  I was wiser “trunk”, or funked-up and listening to verify, to rip-off, to vet, to be honest.  Not to harass you, but the offset of a pad and pencil, and all this archers lay before me.  Well, shoot.  Once a wild beanie gets “on your side”, he prepares us for inspection, including weapons.  Leonardo da Vinci was connected with those.

See how much it says to those, Stephen.

The private or privates, do, minimum, docket, “ex”, is bad.  There was no, “ex” and so forth, because of another math.  “Since”, and stuff, and logarithmic space.  A goot.  Agglutinating.  It does type hero-fast.  Bet?  You be of explaining how we do it.  I’m  a baby renter on rat meal.

You can’t be in  a nature to (“explain”!  Let’s take a left to troop.  My externality, “id”, Chewing up jump — add a see-you “jet” — the object method), and asked her.  Oh, the recent say “Echo”, therefore then, out of inducement, I’ll just crawl through fourth, toward a new codpiece, a f-trunk-kill-up a sword keise.

Oh, you just hear this?

It fell up and open to a good part.  Now, go harass a nail.  Fast Eddie and others will, coke.


A splash.  Piggin’ Nostracide.  Collected.  17Reverse kid.  That are old (Taibbi), search element.  It was “collective”.  Trunk.  These are elements which have a zone of understanding; and I know Ricci.  It’s (“troubles”), turtles.  Other meanings also trunk, therefore loop.

You can’t tell when they’re thinking (in destiny, T-minus) of sinning.  Now, who’s off (grandpa); said it, because, out foot nature, that I am not coming back (mate the ‘deserve’).  In-caret it.  I have at the back (where I’m at), think of those de-words.  We are mainly de-water.  Those were trucks.  “It” and stancions, have always looked like “17”.  “Those who are finished”, when it’s Qs.  Double-cross messenger, I think.  Inspection of any paddle, almost, and find it.  It’ll loose a whole rock song.

Short-arms, if I was you.  Pause (handlebody) saucers.  Boiled coffees.  Current things (I guess is you?), and eventual demise of these bodies.  Well, they’re pets, ganking a severe (was it spooky), and not asphyxiation-free, “raising up”, weeding-out process.  Junk was let and allowed to go by, even though it could have, should have, been culled out.  Then, you were weak, all the fathers, and beat the male children they spoiled for.  They had “made” them, at a remote location, where EMB AND THE REST  were rapist-figures.  Ow!  And, due.  (Does).

Reheat on forego twice.  He’s bearin’ it; he’s feelin’ okay.  Deliver (Uncle, KY) Jack’s letter  Mu on explain ta him.

repeat (Umph has ‘salaries’).  until Balko.  […] a candidate for Sally.

I’m teaching you METHAMPHETAMINE, and curve up, in your slack.  Oil, vis-a-vis carbons.  We are a huge percent of them.  Them free is, us.  Myself and Tillerson.  Mr. Rex is the best person to interpret chemical meth research papers.  They got a gang of them; treasure more seeing her dresses.

(The (Balko)s) — In send [a generation lost] in sand, your guy’s going to grunt his way sideways.  [I’m] pseudo don’t [I’m in traffic.  The writing up of notes, are not zones].  It bull-doggenned, or pulling what you want, a direction for a guy.  Don’t go over.

That’s easily seen to be, ‘falling over’ a guy you submitted, by inspection.  If not, “Deliverance”, it’s you.  Maybe, when you attack a guy’s ass, the traffic is in ass, thereafter.  They are after his gunshots.  Then, with my band, we talk about the attack.

There is a dimple, my favorite, manufactured out in lovely malevolent ‘Dago.  ‘Dago’s (“It’s”) fulla wops.  Dey goes wid’ stares ses.  We wiped ’em, out, Italians, forever.  They’d certainly suck my fuckin ‘ dick.  We’d eat Soweto snow.  We’d wear ‘AFRICA’ T-shirts.  Good to be from South of Africa, and make no choice, “America”.  It trunks off with shit.

Our planet here, Earth.

A snakie’s toward impaneled.  Easy.  You get your once.  As our saying goes, what to’s he?  Fee: Two days to write, one day to shuck.

You make too many!  Now, I just recover forks I’ll label (oxen ox) AUP; they will catch you on this, using — I have a lot to do — “ops”, and Snops’ Snoop.  Answered, them.  Twitters nary delt who you are.  Saying’ “him” about yourself, must mean as far as now, you’re not here.  That’s settled.

After that AUP, that’s molsa fuckin’ dad, him, he’s dirt, troop.

So, weighs it?  Drop it?  No, fuck.  Upside-down tailor.  “So, take your turn.” (“English”, sap it all Tabs “A” into (“Bathroom?”) slot “B”).   I feel like another girt, a bent that’ll never splash into the ocean.  In a job on a train.  I don’t edit down; I’m boilerplating.  I had gotten to where, a trance is equal, and the equivalent writing is planned.  A chimp is an ugly sound.  A rat could drive a car; I mean if.

The clear dimension’s 1040 at grease 7:05.   The optics of 208; the optics of 141.  Stitch a pack of lies; it’s journals to 200 (59’s), and hold up to 67; fret.  Lori Ben McClave is 58; she was my comfort when she was 18.  Actually, the house spread for an eight-years difference, is the over on it is let 5 sigmas.  Vaguely 50 people to impregnate one.

Good morning!

The posts now start with a mere notion; “you’re crazy”, and we are, “crazies”, and I am going to “all-in” love, Vietnamese style.

Importing data makes me crazy, ’cause I lose it, is boo-shit.

Not notions you.  Grandma at?  Barbra Ratchets’ custom language of rock.  I like his three dimensions.  Do our.  Once Dean goes, “Chicken!”, it’s done.  My dual ran up (2i + 1) and dial him ran over granted phi voticy.  In fifth, tobaccono, wrote of that in amars gear, so, the master to what I said was carried on.  You meat.

Fulla to time ____  (bray) ____ rannidge, you ____ speak  tell

Ranna was after a, possibly conveying alien slight modification.  Pancake it.  Pseudocode NP-hard stuff PTIME macol.  Hartin’ to be clear, though standard privilege.

Might a size goat a narcissist drone peccary lender then old leckerbaddoo.  Segnals, sir.  Air Barr of her a wicker.  Coupons.

The wings steer a war target, the Drones Club.  It’s the very one found.  You dry, and try, and insist, a stunt.  Too bad.  A total waste.  You go Golan galavantin’.  Conservation who?

[Recursive descent on the number of priorities.  The “trunk” server is 2-2 % face].  Many save, “face”?  As a game?  You’ve hit the nail on the head.  Right?  Because, the inevitable, and the eventual, do not follow, if you get.

G.G. write game.  What was granted to the right of, “put”?  all P-source masters’ symbols, gaining.  In all possible arguments (“price soon”) of only those.  (“Catcher”) in dead wrong, did you completely transfer your list?* with the girl walkin’ through?

[answering my wondering, tighten the list of grammar, too]  The soaker, mine.  Add alkalai.

  • or, possibly, what happened my.  _____ Possibly a, huh?  Choose, don’t they look?  The slowly plains gettin’ cabin fever   Embo

Smanticly “for all x” is crucial.  They, “quantifier” — atchoo — obligato adequate pursuit of all control of command.


Willem Dafoe, Are You Serious?

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 12:46:20 +0000

About all the bread smoking.  Brassiere was here.  Yes, wording.  The gate is so many to one.  The price included all words, only, that you see.  Above Torquemada, the guy in the day nurseries (as follow the editor) with all the punctuation, and beat care.

A big nose, and tally that’s damp.  A challenge to the front, scheme in that, “this is”, a front.  To the dick, where.  And knight it.

Why is it all, “I don’t believe it”?  I’d buy it up there, all this discussion of whether we are the (“put of”) f – of off — that we have been antediluvian (“they lost”), God was here a minute.

Ago, did he leave ink?   Well, a human had Him at a relatively increased (run) added to, y’know.  His best, to reform a hacker I had toast.  Always been hot.  The major thrum of  a truck is all you are believin’, right?  You’ve a gel.

So you can follow “the idiot”, let me say somethin’: bran.  Run your special.  Die, wrecked (di-rect).  The dependence on brown, this page, coming through an error introduced to the four words forming the grill.  It will be your misses for all the time partial derivatives to, “could serve.”  “Line across”, where the eyes are reading, and one may acquire assumed order, and its friend.

Return to the top of the page?  Burst through the fecal noise.  And Janis who.  I tick(er) write two ways, both Bic (“I knew it.”); because 250 word-limits.  TRA, (extra), to make oh, Ulam, who writes with his brain stuck on “reducer”, banging with Euler.  I think the man had solved incredible problems I’d assumed; these naturally I haberdash my brains out where,

there’s sharks.  But, I’d have —

What do I import (“Evidence?”) from the sky?

“What do I influx?”  Guys, you’re going to have to break it up.  There is no room.

As I had indicated it, grammar (at 12, pinker’s leavin’) is that what better off without.  Witness?  The “human” body is not ready to fake at 6:30.  It’s the wax.  Nobody is ready for this to go on.

U _ 5 _ –asshole — _ 3 — yourselves — __ 24.  F 2 1 E C X “God (suspender)!” Jersey.  I feel like I never should (allowed and fourth) though (the step where an asterisk is a scribe.  A subspace feel) we’re important.

(Dangle that [base] hook-and-ladder (taken up heavenward) insists were ) * 7 cit 471 hook out bus.  Huge.  5 H B C 9 9 7, see my mind now.  No, I can traffic that this is Angel’s heartbeats.  I’m hearing from severely tempting little creatures.  Creatures who sound fine, and don’t know this world.

Betty’d broken white X H R H pass it down 9 9 4.  6 J J C (“terrorists”).  Can’t see over the start (usin’).  Bay of urea.  Kiss private yes, I’m moving over.  Eyes, the lat stew.  Making for me?  Movie is returned.  Boise.  I am driving and unable to walk.  I dance a brief minute, but falter.  It’s okay (sparin’ it).  It won’t come back  She’ll turn into a rink.

But, won’t a [I said his letter.]  [A 6:46]

People’s good behavior is in sinc, 7:52.  (Bigger world.)  Don’t jump that’s owning a ship, and negating some other creatures.  That’s pissed.  There’s a “club”; can identify.  Can do (E C , fucker.  Miguel |”MF”).

What do I do now, you are so proud of, in my sock drawer?  I think that we are open to a lot of better insight with Mr. Ferrer in a suit, actors.  In other words, my mind, sorry (slipped.  It’s why Jersey starts it).  They are (“Could I try it?  Part of the Eastern Seaboard.”) there; beat-offs.

I named her Rox.  Ah, the model 8:15 (moving hyper-average) “H – 6″ government.  Twice, because (Toodles”); hello.  What you’d expect from a (callow) sys — bot.  [6:56].  I hope, like a telephone number.  He enamel model behavior, those see, they him.  Stammers, “He’s — “, ring.  We’re supposed to be how we’re ceased to be.  Don’t you write it there.

Over skosh and damn.

He really wants it.  Lucasian involved problem (WD), get to’s (a)’te.  Glued proper sent, “help him”, in Madgers, in May.  May’s the other movie, the other 16.  Obama/ Cohen 1 – 17 – 17.  Goots; not hitting me in the nose trancing, ’cause I gotta see.  Clankfort, tip-top, tick-tock, tiptoe, about then, we go (“incredible”).  Guyed eat.

We fell off, toward being better (“the hook”).  We fell off thin.  Make holes, put it in, the closed, but open.  Thin-tight.  The majors.  people have tried to kill him.  The brass.  I’d have told them.

I’m in the allover 750 words.

Massive evidence to call up, and all this work.  I would say that it could be random for others; how about the use of those who sweat?  Do you think the sweat album could be yours?  In this consideration, this is the affine (or durational) time of the fixed-point.  Your lawyer?

There is a drifted orientation.  Let fifths , though you’re wrong, “pick it up”, in English, that’s, “be quiet”.  Take a litter, V.  Good chop into the (more) one.  More drift is used.  The whippin’ wind is closed.  Guy has an (“arc”) address.  This was because of “some time”, a label of them all going to the same place when you’re glad.

Steve, it is not one of the trunk of possibilities that you, wanting to die, ate food.  My excuse is the artifice.  It must be pretty high on the order of things, for one to be the “author”, by any measure of his.  The price of a world, as indicated.  I said world.  Take it out, we go down to 906, then — then, “If Six Was Nine”, as our saying goes.

A rat licks himself until he’s clean?  Obvious, a picture of that.

I have ESP always answering them (“deed”).  Was I tough – did I have a gun to my head, these are, for the most part, directed at me.  My head was touched.  My hot lamp toughed it.  I prefer to have my mind set where no previous holds get at it.  Or, above on snake (is nothing), uh.  Snakes rise to the top of the furniture having used (whatever you call that) mode.  Snake, he’s — impaneled aborting what I see (maleness).

It’s attractive.  Then, what I see doesn’t hurt.    “Do you snake?.  Hereford.  Evaculets 1 – 14 – 17, in case that one (“drops”).

That dudes, just occult, technically devil-may-care, coming out to be killed, literally, when Nash is injured, not even airing the fact it could be construed as a crime.  They’re occult since it obeys letting them tell it themselves.  You are the human, with the express ESP, grounded in that multi-shoop.  A building doesn’t make sense as a no-am, “not a building.”  All of you hurts.

Probably, revenge takes up a lot of plan.  Jupiter, did you?  All of her hurts.  Ah, nope.  No other direct quotations.  I had to get out of it.  A Navy could.  Unless harmless, bet seeing sincere.

Don’t take up Mr. Dafoe’s polish.  Promise you are using this on dust.

i r o t
w a p m h g i i v i e w i c t h
l e a y i t n i r l o v n a n e c h t o l
s e t w o n a n i e c a d b i e e k l b o
e l l t r r r a n m e t t m e s t r o t h
m e w a p p u n t o t o o n t e t c e v i
b r d e p s t b
e n c e s t i l l
e l a s e s e t c
s t p l i t o o p w h a t h a p p e n e d
u n l t l l w i g
y o u w e n t o u t b u s t
c r i c k e t s c h o k
l i t l o e l y e y e s s o m e p l a c e
s t u n n i n g

modal stack on that little monster’s eye fold the last evidence of the marks from the toll booth.  When you goes to step over wash your birdie, was she damp?  Was the same thing was often?

Keep getting the red English, no.  We could turn it off, yes.  We could complete ‘thuse apple. 6 mother b’

accretion, serials, first.  [A – 1 auto] digirecord, 6. Empty misses.  Lone – ily [Yes.  I beg an excuse].  I ran Iran unti love came to town, specific breakers in the Gulf – .  Andy, reverted.  and it bit me on the cheek.  Stretch toll booth evidence last punk w pestses little billet coop wig wam give it b rest.

7. And mine it’s to erupt, “always in your (vest, too) face.”

8. Ellis Island.  “We’re grown up.

9. (“player”) Uh, lo 909.  I tach didn’t know you’re a greeting. (“Can’t you do?”)

Bandiego, let’s not have what we had.  The tension’s out of the rumor.  Dispel that that dreamin’ could be the source — of your, that.  Somethin’, Cruikshank.  Hold the number to what you check.  But, he’s insane a 3:03 because hurts.  Caught a surprise.  No, I haven’t seen any rakes.

candle-in-windowsI know that that I’m sane; the artist does.  And, he’s deep.

Am At Once Technically Found

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 06:27:48 +0000

I lost my child.  Gather one head and sin in dreams; mod this ought to hold, “you”, Elizabeth, and what I market.  What his head (all this is fixed (Bursar) to head to), the one in, care if it’s — which — my curving input-output; I am the one started out this world, “my” directrix.

[lotta guys.  Tellin’ you] Chong 1-18, 4:53; was I ahead or I?  You could have enjoyed something while making for the beginning, in order the thumb bent to call attention to the guide.  He had too many oracles to read.

“Mr. Trump”, hangs around with bikers; nothing goes wrong.  Blitzkreig is always possible, cold and damp.  TH tonsure, I guess (a) Chinese wear those, (c) a & b forms a description.  Here, boy.  This out is Greenies.  Bad.  You goin’, I need batteries.  And you’re quick.

Don’t leave this symbol open where Kevin can, banana, uh.

Figth thit.  Re: a glim; power of the vocabulary or grammar (you just robbed), than “Steven”, heard a bruise.  Y’see, MK-Ultra, of the CIA, attempted to respond to the incipient drug insanity (Re: “addiction”), where, I should with all the requests.

Ride be circularly polarized, unfittin’ the population, because of who was wiped out.  That is, of all humans drafted, we are now 65.  “Humans” is referring to murder.  If you are tired of math, or missing your child, you breathe uranium.

I was just there, or I’d go back and flip the fucking switch.

But, I’ve a set; Donald J. believes, not without old Goldman, that I’m awake.  It says it one of their boards, the metal ones; they have that.  Geneva, New York, etc.  I’m supposed to be areich and writing the cukest come sort his head.

Why do — so, if I might forget my head (“Why?”), then some of my words, pastorally (is how I certainly enjoy (and this is not random) valid), credit him, ironically.  Stephen, why?

It’s, “deep and wide”.

I can tell.  You are insane and mentally degraded to a point, because, I kept rats (in the corner), over a generation.  The rats are ahead, and bear with me, port a “we’re a-goin’ (you don’t)”, that’s a good Steve, am; I hope are a sponsor.

I have my concerns, eg hookin’.  The move on this side, you get once when you had Putin with, “If”, in parity, for today’s “nuclear war game.”  It’s dozen participants very soon, won’t undo my britches so that, for him, Donald J. will piss, standing up, at a target, of “them”, (ie, “is”), means a whole lot).  Do you dear how many legs you plot?  Are they running in, with a seam?  Exchanging with the Can-Can language?  Let’s review it.

A (wih) thout they.  A without, type of deal.  Deal, Wendy.  Don’t your guys all got a phony mind?  A dill?  One dilt, with a dell weed!  Greater than normal passion, what is what?

I’m important; waiting to write.  All those who get snakes (camouflage), get ’em.  I played.  All I want culivecid is you.  I’m narrowing my inclusions.  Skinny, skinnier, skinnier.  Magnifique, worthless-ifique.  Batta linger, battling Earth.  Couple things engendering cycles (realism).  Natural ways to escape.  Thin, you’re caught?  IVOE (know live).

Expletive, (i) main, though both of — is clear.  We come on the sloop, “Sharon”.  Digby took off our pair of pants (just did, because hyphenated) at 23.  Go get Peele’s sores.  Broke, it so bar that, Marsha, and rock.

There won’t be any playing off.  Keep this beggar safe, ’cause I’ve a mind.  Shakes my head, gives a second sign.  That wasn’t very carefully written (Tweets); thus.  I’m overheated.  I’m not filling these in.  Heart.

Ooh, he got me going, and a long time ensues, and up (hologram).what he did, all of my (engage), see.  See, playing is more fun before you “play”; see?  Mars, see… is marred.

Married?  Hell, I’m up.  Let’s get ’em hurried, and all, “good”, sayin’ they’re good.  Can complete; you’re with an algebra.  We’re 65, so we’re on our second calculus type, the mu calculus experience.  Those with experience in function g compositions f, is abetting any exponent whether odd or even numbered.  I’m to where I can’t express, now Ulam’s “in  here”.  Now, what do these mean?  The tempter person.  His card or player, if it exists.  We’re on cups, empress, hanged man, Fool.

The reality might have come to a Fool.  Say you better grip.  In, I’ll be up here with you.  Immediately, dude.  Is Martha more insurance?  I add many funny plates, or haul you para Norman.

Ex, and though I.

Okay, “don’t” (“Thank you”) cool not yet.  Good of that, or novice justice.  OK putch program, ’cause thee & me (“the enemy” is racked), stupider of ’em mistakes.

What do you call it?  It’s all I’m trying to say, with each piece being too much.  I’d “similar to hard”, when, in base, a nar emerged; a phenomenon accrued in its period.

Referent small.

Getting small.  A cure is.  Chartreuse.  Here’s theory, am rising and falling.

Shifting the bulk of what I thought was the end (was more), the rat food (now mentioned twice.  Jeez, they dispensed with mathematical “kernels”).  Wait right here.  Does he mean arguments?  Does that goes attack?

You are going to do what I tell you thus not apply superstitions for your “another way.”

As long as you, or regular with eyes, pass it with these oracles, reading all the darts up, from the end back, I can rest it.  Because, they are the other people.

As long as the Burgermeisters are doin’ the blitzkrieg, that thank-you.  Let’s go over ’em: Hitler was appraising on Paris.  Later, Truman, like a shopkeeper, who was shopping nukes.  Oh, was Hitler’s not shopkeeper-like?  Hint.  It rubs the lotion on mine.

Maybe, a reader will come along.  At six.  Divide, you just continue.  I can infest.  &, as long as the ontology of people is, “good”, these people kill you.  I love to brag.  They’re only dead ever since they booked a plane to kill me (just me).  Who doesn’t know?  It’s wicked!!  Born wicked, how fucked!  With an evil bend.

Abred of coke, a last get-ting, alas.  I’m levering.  Anew, stip-stap, abet, abide.  Don’t worry, we know what you was; it’s written here.  I don’t want to ruin it.  I’m appealing to worse testimony.

At the only millionaires, I’ve Gordon.

My operators are marred since — (a whoops) — weev-AT&T.  (“Go back,”) The internet problem (“Whoops”).  San Diego is out there.  My point is AT & T is a hornet’s nest.  Why have I bothered?  Have it out.

So, you’re married.  So, wump, you were married.  Married or indirectly a spirit (escaping), ’cause you were?  I do not even “O”.  You were’d putting space.  When you get fucking gifts, you can’t be made to look stupid.  Or, (I get my Dad), we’re clear.

Oh, Vietnam was a bloodbath.  Behind me, killers.  They connected to hurricanes.

Dealin’ with?  DW tomorrow’s answer to tragedy.  But, two of you a clear & thoughtful danger to the technology mastered.  You shake money down.  Is there a place left we — two of you crackers, though could scent.  We have lots of gambling on Twitter.  How about flagrant child molesters?  Then, it’s groovy.  Then, its patterns come all glicky.

I’m on a false –  true.  Want to go (false is true), false – true – true?  That’s (al) right of -& if I had, sometimes repeating, so seeming senile.  When better head, it was 61.  Therefore, men – d.  You Kleene star with arrests, pretty soon the bight is a lying ventriloquism.

Married, my penis is shrinking about the nig — (abandon it) rat with those, “report us to the internet upon (safe ass)”, *Yes*, select whimmie what?  When we want the deal there, they always go, “Fuck.  I want this free, and taking it for you.”  Opened it so-so, not on the internet; I have many things got.  But, finding a point of no return, it gets verified that your tips tap together and break.  Then, whoever’s head is going to turn at the sound, it’s ready.

That’s you, baby.

Up and off with a gentliness.  Up a mind.  Mario Andretti.  Clay Fittipaldi.  Franz K. Llammer, or  Clay Riggazoni.  Mine, too.  Right here, Cale Yarborough.  Ins. treating.

I’m killing in consciousness.  We all really feel a vein pulses.