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funsome to haver

funsome to haver

paid $1,000 to have her. Cue stick, you take over. Abandoned. Flown in? Junkie, it’s a Milky Way. Aw, we been working all night.

Discovered My Force Community

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George Christie Hells Angels interview, Alice Carbone.  Freedom being a substitute made glory buried in the past.

I think that if they could get away with it, as the penal institutions become more and more crowded and the people become less manageable, I anticipate they are going to start using the tactics that are being used on the so-called enemy combatants.  I fear they are going to start using stress positions, music, or sleep deprivation.  I am scared of what is going to happen twenty or thirty years from now to a person who thinks like me and who is not afraid to speak out like me.  Will that person be considered an enemy of the state?

I have recently read an interview in which former Vice President Cheney said: “What’s wrong with open-hand slapping a prisoner?”  Well, if the comparison is taking someone hunting and shooting him in the face, I guess there’s nothing wrong with open-hand slapping.  Wait, I’m just being kind of a smart ass now, sorry.

A.C. George has thoroughly read my blog before agreeing on doing this interview; he is acquainted with my social awareness, hence with my research beyond the mainstream media, something I don’t particularly rely on.  We talk about my concern on a possible hidden agenda behind the new Amber Alert texts to the nation, the concept of Power Elite, and the controversy of the penal system today, for example in relation to the issue of medical marijuana in California – it’s a contrast between the State and the Federal Law  – George says – you get caught between political ideologies.

Following the magnetic blip, listening to the weird.

Lawn, you’re creepin’.  Just find your place.  One half you been quoted, around here.

“Propaganda techniques include,” Dhami writes, “Using stereotypes; substituting names/labels for neutral ones; censorship or systematic selection of information; repetition; assertions without arguments; and presenting a message for and against a subject.”


with emphasis added.  One of these days I flashed past.  I get a sunburn?  We advanced.  Coney, I just pushed up, opened the door at parker’s place.  Sold it the bone.  Chilly old mind at foot with weak inhibition.  That’s not good.  Each weekend is mine on gravy, and that’s a hair right there, right now, Thursdays, and eleven.  They got base on OJ being 10:32, talking all day when we are unique in back of our concubine.  The lady marvin.  We need a flashlight.  What they got can knock over.

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Onazawid, I got to clean up my desktop. Now this is going, authors so they sign us for a face-off. Que belo?

Onazawid, I got to clean up my desktop. Now this is going, authors so they sign us for a face-off. Que belo?

as goes it night

as goes it night

Auf have had it.

Blink and scarred univers-, steady loanin' woman go ytimamey ro

Blink and scarred univers-, steady loanin’ woman go ytimamey ro

rattus salvo

rattus salvo

Brief. Write it, you.

Brief. Write it, you.


rather have a nickel

rather have a nickel





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A BUNCH AT NO. Know where'd it go candy

A BUNCH AT NO. Know where’d it go candy

International policy makers should set their sights on the protection of boreal forests, international forestry experts argued this week in an article published Thursday in the journal Science. The article was part of a special issue on forests released before the World Forestry Congress is held in September.

“Boreal forests have the potential to hit a tipping point this century,” said Anatoly Shvidenko, a researcher scholar with the Ecosystems Services and Management Program at Austria’s International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). “It is urgent that we place more focus on climate mitigation and adaptation with respect to these forests, and also take a more integrated and balanced view of forests around the world.”

Global Summary Information – July 2015

Note: With this report and data release, the National Centers for Environmental Information is transitioning to improved versions of its global land (GHCN-M version 3.3.0) and ocean (ERSST version 4.0.0) datasets. Please note that anomalies and ranks reflect the historical record according to these updated versions. Historical months and years may differ from what was reported in previous reports. For more, please visit the associated FAQ and supplemental information.

July 2015 was warmest month ever recorded for the globe.

Global oceans record warm for July; January-July 2015 also record warm

August 22, 2015.

The Rough Fire is currently 47,079 acres with 3 percent containment and 1,484 personnel.

With slight changes in weather patterns, we will see heavy concentrations of smoke in the western foothills and areas within the Kings River Canyon until midafternoon. Owens Valley, particularly Bishop and Mammoth Lakes area, will see air quality degrading as smoke is lifted and transported to the northeast into the Owens Valley. This evening smoke will once again settle into the Kings River Valley, bringing smoke into the western foothills and the San Joaquin Valley overnight. For today’s air quality.

As the fire spread on Wednesday, the existing closure orders were expanded to include almost the entire Hume Lake Ranger District. The current closure is defined in Forest Order 15-19, which closes these areas for public safety:

– Most of the Hume Lake Ranger District from Delilah Rd. on the west to Jennie Lakes and Monarch Wildernesses to the east; and from Hwy 180 in the south to the Forest boundary to the north. Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks issued a closure of the Cedar Grove area and the Grant Grove area.
– Sierra National Forest issued a closure order for the Rough Fire Area.

Coulomb graduated in November 1761. He was now a trained engineer with the rank of lieutenant in the Corps du Génie. Over the next twenty years he was posted to a variety of different places where he was involved in engineering, in structural design, fortifications, soil mechanics, and many other areas. His first posting was to Brest but in February 1764 he was set to Martinique in the West Indies. Martinique fell under the sovereignty of France under Louis XIV in 1658. However Martinique was attacked by a number of foreign fleets over the following years. The Dutch attacked it in 1674 but were driven off, as were the English in 1693 and the English again in 1759. Martinique was finally captured by the English in 1762 but were returned to France under the terms of the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The French then made attempts to make the island more secure by building a new fort.

Make it more resisting to heavy walls, make it into heavy-walled English proving how to wall’t.

On his return to France, Coulomb was sent to Bouchain. However, he now began to write important works on applied mechanics and he presented his first work to the Académie des Sciences in Paris in 1773. This work, Sur une application des règles, de maximis et minimis à quelque problèmes de statique, relatifs à l’architecture was written (in Coulomb’s words, see for example [1]):-

… to determine, as far as a combination of mathematics and physics will permit, the influence of friction and cohesion in some problems of statics.Can’t stop it.  La Homa on frying was written (in Coulomb’s words, see for example)  :-)

Ah, I’m in love with you.

Pray de bepp.

 He wrote seven important treatises on electricity and magnetism which he submitted to the Académie des Sciences between 1785 and 1791. These seven papers are discussed in [6] where the author shows that Coulomb:-

… had obtained some remarkable results by using the torsion balance method: law of attraction and repulsion, the electric point charges, magnetic poles, distribution of electricity on the surface of charged bodies and others. The importance of Coulomb’s law for the development of electromagnetism is examined and discussed.


way they were.

The Grand Total

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Atomics I See the Glass As Fortunate Liar’s Mothers Passed that Gene Through the Other Whispers I Didn’t Hear. If a scientist should say it, besides myself saying it, forensic locks I want include ad hoc arguments, just from the devils.  “Atomic” radiused out from the center.  Nothin’ cut to war goes at zero (8,000 miles).  On the back of an envelope, we can do gallons of ocean per atom added in a stack.  Lock the door.  Oh, boy.  Statistical mechanics agitiate prop.  it’s quote’s “four Hiroshima bombs heat added to Earth per second; look at all the healthy creatures dancin’ on the lawn.

If the past decade of scientific inquiry is any indication, I’d say we are in for more surprises. That notion is further supported by the fact that climate models used to project future temperatures lack key processes that likely reinforce warming or the effects of warming, not regulate it.

geography of a two-move, dirty got to so move to put some.  Other than that, long as we say down by the grapevine…everybody heard.  I said it in a six-men, who you got as liar  is add a liar. crooks of Santa Ana clickbait liar.  For me, go aware I knot up over being a Cassandra right here when scandalous Virgo is at present bay.  And, then I shout as chipmunks that these whole casitas jump.  A Calliope does some jim carrey of some object, numb nine of feel. I’m Escoban.  I step on the Jalisco vinegaroon.  Your request?  Now read it, tetchy, bate.  8 X 9 = 72.  Yoga.  Now, catch it & bend. The internet is 10%.  Throw up 4 bombs; they’re 20KT, 80 kilotons, 10% is 8 kilotons.  A kiloton is a thousand tons of anything equivalent to T.N.T.  The race for the coke-machine’s…won.  Working.  8,ooo tons tabling per second.  Now there’s work of water’s heat capacity of calories per degree temperature rise. No, I’m not going to.  Cassandra and I are self-selected.  You in your jean.

The German and the Spanish Down in Mexico

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your needlepoint imprisoned

ain’t it hard when you redwoods stumble well I might look like Robert redford but I feel just like jesse james


my whole larn setnik

winnow gun

winnow gun

Via matt potter, The Reader (san diego, collage),

Demography, Equity and the Future of San Diego

“The population that represents the region’s future is increasingly at risk of being left behind,” says a July 29 report regarding San Diego shortcomings by USC’s Dornsife Program for Environmental and Regional Equality.
#”The economy is developing in a way that will generate further income inequality, with higher-paying jobs out of reach for the growing segments of the population, while the tourism and service sectors that are within reach for these workers pay low wages.”
#Adds the report, “Current ties with Tijuana still remain relatively unequal and businesses continue to exploit the lower labor costs in Mexico. Attempts to address these issues are often stymied by short-sighted politics.”
#In addition, “The Mayor’s veto of an $11.50 living wage ordinance, followed by City Council’s override and business leaders’ subsequent move to put the ordinance on the ballot, exemplifies the political and economic divisions that threaten to keep economic growth an exclusionary enterprise.”

I’ve got some underneath, I’m trying to be (The Turtles). Emphasis mine.

Ezra Pound, [1885-1972]
Connected, always some of mine.

He was released from St. Elizabeths in 1958, thanks to a campaign by his fellow writers, and returned to live in Italy until his death. His political views ensure that his work remains as controversial now as it was during his lifetime; in 1933 Time magazine  called him “a cat that walks by himself, tenaciously unhousebroken and very unsafe for children“. Hemingway wrote: “The best of Pound’s writing – and it is in the Cantos – will last as long as there is any literature.”

Let me be.  And if it won’t play my jam, and Julius melt the niggers on 67th, a disease.

Kentucky’s program was implemented statewide in 2008, but since statewide implementation, the number of laboratory seizures has actually increased.  Oklahoma initially experienced success with their tracking system after implementation in 2006, as the number of seizures dropped in that year and again in 2007. However in 2008, seizures began rising again, and have continued to rise in 2009.

Wikipedia. Gee, I really think you’re special, you’re my one-and-only, etc.

Thomas Latham , sponsor of the “Angie Fatino Save the Children from Meth Act”
The rag is, “I know we get closer,” after. I’m (guy) different KAZOO. Zoos. You were the guy that mended it, Where—kzeek, Held ’em. One-Ulysses, tigre. Chicagolry (DB spread, like infect due words). cheops-puh-push. My stinger wasn’t even a push. Blind cur. Hey, could you move your head in order? Then another thing. Paroxysm. Chicago Kelly. Don’t be there; why there I’m goin’. I hate you. A wise custard once said, “I’m benchin’ a lot of there, conductor Huxtasy.  Come over thar.”

Still, I can advance the art by copy-pasting the WP formatted post to my thing; I’m activate, do your deed in the no-peace complexity, where it always has to be starring, for background too, too on my mind. we’re biased, home thread, not objective. There’s still a lot of ways to objectify us. Just prayer for slipping some bad felony record. The violence of so many for one about an honored fed or shipping water, cur. Give me a rag, I’ll waterboard him! Try me, goin’ up is bent. Up to kindness, I suppose.

Nolan, the L.A. detective sentenced to life.

She’s got my filosophiza too subservient.  Oracle to fall the ‘s’ of the (caret?).  The whole thing’s ESP, not scholarship, which is–the ‘w’ is fictitious.  “Fictional” ain’t of hieroglyph units.  Got it all in?  Naw, she’s 68, she says she’s 54.  If it creates, I tried my best to be like them; she’s faithful justice.  Repeat cheerleading softly.  Ah, king’s of match holography convey bigg thinks (gifts a wise man bring), like a refrigerator light or sparklers.  I ramble.  This is copyright.

I got a hole, where

She’s got what-if you p-adic. Spring filosophiza goes subservient.  Oracle to fall the ‘s’ of the (caret?).  The whole thing’s ESP, not scholarship, which is–the ‘w’ is fictitious.  “Fictional” ain’t of hieroglyph units.  Got it all in?  Naw, she’s 68, she says she’s 54.  If it creates, I tried my best to be like them; she’s faithful justice.  Repeat cheerleading softly.  Jesus, fuzz—B.C. By kings being of R sticks of match holography convey bigg thinks (gifts a wise man bring), like a refrigerator light or sparklers.  I ramble.  This is copyright.

Pasted on a board, Venn diagrams detective, mailman, even butler, proof of X a subset. The different America set up a fort with beads. Complexity kicked me out. I gained hope and order. I was a supervillain.

Plus time is dead except for conscious support from what I did not know in the chronologicals. Am taken to fade, born con.

The ‘s’ is a “sircle” the circus fans.

Tom Maniscalco, his candle’s lit. He’s a Sixties longhaired with tattooed lawyer, 68, refused for parole for ten years. I’m a cunt. You will not hear a laugh, whosoever is a cunt is them. Say god & law read it: spurs jingling. “The motorcycle black madonna two wheeled gypsy queen.”  Hook in, pick up gyp, keys to get inside the gate or box, and not wish for what is not.

But die. That’s enough, sir Dylan. This is the Venn for what Jeremy Scahill does against junk science, exposing entire “suicide experts”.

Warning from scientists to halt fossil fuel burning or age of superstorms is on us.

Arson experts, the bite-mark experts, beginning me-first blood-splatter.  What’s this lab coat for?  This lab is m’Eugenies.  Since old folks  I’m mister Eugenie, you can deal with me over last England.  People down there, really like to “get it on.”  Puffers.  Whooping and shouting in their rigging.  The case revolves around the key fear of the district attorney, see?  They don’t want to meet another government.  With government around, whose to say?

Where I’m coming afternoon?  I should step out of these.  Logic is ironclad fate, that…Food4Less can, uh, listen to me compose where I’m writing a check.  Discovered my 1975 record?  UCSD were Illuminati One.  Which one when you gave me crabs, not the Hep C, tuberculosis, herpes, you also deserve the San Diego jail on “C” Street.  It is practical genocide for exactly what a 100-year thing is.  They did a lot of lying in 1916.  Today they just ran.  Don’t have to explain how, but a jail murder is part of an, “I want you embarrassed”, thing.  Gimp on the phoniness of la Jolla-opathy of your choice.

What’s the deal, gang?  Watch that wire, cuzz.  Off the top of my head, first, can I tinkle?

Quote a wanky.

Ooh, darnit.  Hate awful, webby.  As that happens, you don’t handle your business right; by why and sure fade constitutes a run; buck up.  Where the machines coat hotter and I have to go down.  I’m why I’m that ass.  My luck to go downstairs.  I’ll have to turn like I’m Beretta.

There is a man, who is a woman… who belongs to Woolloomooloo When the city is calm and the sun shines. Part Warrior, part Ballerina

She decorates the grass, the lull of the tide against sandstone elevates her mind. He pursues martial arts, extends his body to his soul

Efficiently he goes through his kata, Bright blue spangled mini dress. Then ceases, addresses the tide, and from icon to enigma returns

And now a boat glides past the empty point, deep in its own conversation. The joys never dulled by what they mistimed to see.

The city is calm and the sun is shining. And that patch of grass over there is not as interesting as it used to be.

Russell Crowe@russellcrowe 1d1 day ago

Love, There Is No Meaning to ‘Indica’ and ‘Sativa’ -Raber

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Jethro, oh yah. Ys I know, yes I know now.

1puv the genuine

1puv the genuine

2puv whited it

2puv whited it

3puv sick creeps

3puv sick creeps

4puv holiday devoted

4puv holiday devoted

5puv why did it

5puv why did it

6puv avoid getting

6puv avoid getting

7puv freak office punctured trails comin' in celebrate don'ts

7puv freak office punctured trails comin’ in celebrate don’ts

Judge’s Ruling Calls Wal-Mart ‘Stupid’

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ever betray your face

ever betray your face



Packed With People, Packed With–Damn, Little Girl

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updated & tragic


I had been sucked in, staggering with maximum cookout.  Up the Sequoias.  Bummer.  Up in here.   In these owly old woods…

I, err, like being stoned. I went to the whore, where there is wifi. The dread whore, anybody working for money. Or, the exact opposite, moot. But, one may not count on any but the surliest people that are not whom is stoned. I tried to get some product via wifi; the ticket called me on my phoning in the captive. If you want to save the world, shut your mouth and start to spin it. No, I have no D.J. crimp. There still is a blank row on the political right and left. It always starts with arresting leftists. Where to put ’em?

Lucky number seven called my name.

I thought I was something that was under surveillance when I just took out the trash.

When I’ve been up to paris and start to snapped ’em apart. But, cracker. Eurotrash girl. I searched the world over. Typing practice, and a case of the crabs.

Into my dumbage*
Slope hand, I
stayed grim through it, make it calliope featuring CMB [1922-2015], today the only light there is runnin’, a train I’m drunk himself. A particle, ash. The run comin’, buried standing up, the chuckle buried, guvament to the chickle gatory to the side. The premie we could win. Jesus. if it included me, Mom. I tell ya yet: My mother only makes Saturdays. One could only walk her cronkites. Run o’ the mine (ROM) with porrie. The miser rue it. Club your own genius. I can’t write –sebber could later–with so many devices. Yeah, in me. I could be guarded, in the perspicacity of this (make it go daown). Pizzabox, what–talkin’ you about. My regular fuzzy-wuzzy, well, you still gonna need a rope. I’m busted by saying there is Dad.

Just let it go.  Never let me go.  Do you ever get a lot of light you give off?  Scream, holler, get someone.


X-box___________       _____________Everybody fell on Pops.

_____________Kimon. _____________Give him a hand!  Aww, thank-you. 

I’m wet._______ __________________ Bobby, it’s time to follow in my footsteps as Taliban towel manager.

What are you gonna do?



giphy N-strike the modulus of dermal elasticity risk-free.  Thou woulda breaths are taking a pee-break

giphy N-strike the modulus of dermal elasticity risk-free. Thou woulda breaths are taking a pee-break

boxy-0, El Che, ridiculous, are rices poplar

boxy-0, El Che, ridiculous, are rices poplar

Love-me-GIFS-justin-bieber-must be seventeen, allover mixed-up.

Love-me-GIFS-justin-bieber-must be seventeen, allover mixed-up.

In this kind a art, and teen spoil, I think about less monish. Can I, “dear gable”; clark with any of you? Daddy’s little finger twitches.  He’s still alive.  Ah’s a nest of in-crowd, because a) many men, typically bald, walk by the pool with our young son–to get in there. Woll oll show ye how to get into here, or, as we say we die work something exciting ratgear.  And being it seeing things in a tornado for awhile.  And limit as far as a tornado or something bad, 50,000 fans; it’s all she wrote, 50,000 after the first few omigod messages, the strongest possible, dong-ding.

I starded this post, if you want the light, before my mother, mellowina movement of women.  So help me, conshtrained to the very spot I’d started the post before, prior, putting a star to left wind of wit.  JB’s an internet phenom.  He has all the numbers.  Despite noms-du-jour, ‘e (Cockney) has Twitter numbers of incredible–two numbers.  How does he do that?  Everybody empty out the pool!

*A couple ways.

Using, used or end uses, actually the first erroneous ‘w’ to survive as Jesus has survived–for what, with the Jesus fart, gadget, or cloying, tight deal (all of us trees.  Bust out) tearing your niche apart.  In the road for an erection lasting longer than four hours.  Those trees are going to die.  Opened the full wood, or refined chrome access.  Our pool’s to the eighties.  To the cart-it .  Room for everybody.  So sorry, Sir Patrick :-( (Liar!  That’s nobody.)




I’ll fit into’s when, like having a dog sandy in a car in a lot of people’s plans.  Start a Justin things in five minutes.

The tornado comes straight for him, and then Biebers away from him at the last moment.  But then it veers towards him, the rays are trees spearing thoo the windows.  Boo-hoo-hoo. the tree ripped the roo-hoo-hoof off.  She was very obsessed.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Oh, God,

You have to save us here, one, should it be about getting only killed.  While not the business of every ninety-three year old, you’re not eighty anymore.  You’re going to die, Jeff.  You hired me.  I want it up.

Still breathing, when… we were young, still carrying heavy weights.  Were like spring, heavy, sluicing downpours, which was 3 more states of also matter, besides staying when you want to go, when it’s what they do to people in the path, Eddie Haskell for example.  That really happens as you leave no doubt, thrusting people by what they read into having trees being named General so-and-so.  We know whom to “thank”.  Go it’s a redhead.  Perfect weather to fall.  Well, I’m running out of spins, but a) They drink 3,000 gallons a day, b) They look like lightning got them.  c) It might get you.  d)  Who needs a witness round 2,500?  It gets me and you if you just stand there.  Respond.  You can still make it to the car.  You just can’t quite secure the tree.  Kumquats’re debris.

Justin Bieber@justinbieber 10h10 hours ago

I’m in the studio finishing this album

The Gay Folly Cheater

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You like it  You can't look up the colors in a rainbow in a dictionary.

You like it You can’t look up the colors in a rainbow in a dictionary.



Anti-Free Speech Fighting

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use skittle, a game

use skittle, a game

thereon the gute set

thereon the gute set

hoe sues glock camo do. spying, no. cavities happen. next, with some frequency. try to molten says. in spots you die in inches in the heat. Got one in the bush, in the bush…
Mexicans, with their wonderful guitar work, blandly exciting two stadia clue piece. Turn off that radio—I mean, it sounds good, if any proof they need is given.

Dad, that’s not the radio. And, hoot brown must be shooting in his best arm. Nice arm.

Want to live here regarded, be stall at reality 9:1 into the city zones.  Oh, accept my worst gall, be evidence in the works. Put back it’s tall of his and hers. His made hers skeletons, frank to my—too much time 2:quardit.

JA Ervin (Sweden, moose filled jacket wrown) implies
JA Lash, will asher Wolf wills out

This guy is a perfect annoint Q2 to agent lady morse of tappin’ of C.I.A. meld broke. That’s all from Cut Bank that’s loose on this cuttin’. I have a hard time keepin’ my temper. Ow, it’s bruce.

Rapping, I’d be getting hit-em eyes. Freedomized was internet, june-bog. From the gits you needed to roast, by the cookbook. I found all the gits by the fourth human mooring.

Wee therun sayin’
to the tossed whose was right. Take a lot what I’m sayin’.

I knew it, extinction. Shut the door. Pant on. Peas.

Tiger, anything you did rizota pews.
You almost didn’t gain a step. Get on there, tigers. 25452
that mose hopes were laive…then. We’d towel, we work in pit. Talk about two-foot one. To compensate the world of a brother. A custom of the people you’re beatin’. Here were lookin’, was ordered. Did you hand him the socket wrench? Was it ours? “Was” our haloes don’t kiss on the day he took off. By ordering off each other red here’s your cozy annalled.

Bar-mitzvahd hyphented (anti) Americans don’t (saber) do what we are celibate. (it has to be wary) where it’s popped (denies to) chrome gavel (they twirl it). I’m totally owed of it by the (leave yellow) three gores is twelve. Go. Three grins cock snatchers lahoma balls. Pics. Was on flood, power jew on his back. Chicago venting lackasirs.

Be the gay folly theory. I could lick a wheel. No, you don’t. The Getty Center value their cord decaf, for all the honest world. To feel the art celebrated homosexuality. They ended up spread out. Footnote him. You have to start with a green collar and work your way up. Tell the cells we’re in a hurry, we’re comin’; we’re the dope.

Spread ‘er. On back, now. There are only three ingredients to speed; in Cudahy, there’s enough loose iodine to make tons every month. Now, who’ll egg-candle who is rush the bus? Apart me the story. Again, there’s the other one. Not Simi Valley. This is third for the area, fourth if you count in Exide.

horseshoes, Y. Double mint attack. Foos not gonna fear chow. Cross that when wee’s. Former S. Clay’s teeth, with the cracks. If you’d leave a line. Got one to break. Don’t get no run of brake. Yeah, I got it now. Add run of boots who asked for a diagram of USA large-scale illegal drugs manufacturing back-and-forth. They’re in the iodine market centered around Southgate, for cleaners. For heroin, I ask that you stay with New Jersey’s Christy, if a heart attack doesn’t get him today. In harry balzanya’s Large Angeles. Payf!

The article too covers the now 165,000 murdered thanks to the last few US presidents.

The third article’s a few, none technical. The PhD’s in history. The Simi Valley monkey procession filtered into Downey rehab with its brain cancers from the nuclear meltdown, in its boots.

In the East comes murder since we are all chapped. Can hardly feel.

No, I mean, roughly, how does WSan Francisco explain Seattle, who had no, “Gold Rush”, which paid in gold for 633,000 Americans to end up shot at home.

In martyring San Diego, please recall Los Angeles never needed it; it’s a brackish backwater, and will be abandoned.

“Baby, why should I believe you when I know it’s me, you, and she?”

Three-four faces sprouted up, real or imaginary’s.

What I been doin’; I don’t know all the legalese, but down it. Um different. I’m catalyzed by off-brand typing practice moving them, and notes instead of for me. On the ‘onda where it’s lean right; faster. Where it was capable of causing—word goin’ up—conformity features’ pelt. Word was nigger, movin’ in for a bite.

My former employer #1 for 1287’s called CUSTOM CHEMICAL FORMULATORS. It’s only if you don’t like Crystal, crystal twelve.

Southgate has enough twelve to supply precursors to far east as Oelwein.

..down it, getting arrested for it, two twos my anus for it. I talked out a pipe, Chris. I’m glove artificial fucking blood technology out of crisp, $100 Alpha Therapeutics & Baxter Healthcare. They leitmotifed RED CROSS, and they’re taking the fall for about 1000:1 corrupt as Haiti, but don’t forget RED CROSS extended Vietnam to make a profit on blood sales.

We talk about proof. Public library in the sticks, in its ozone. Harry, for luck I carry my devil jew ring bloodstone remedy. John Edwards I break, I’m falling tooth. Give B.B. The atoms the sound strike. We’re going to—I’ve a way faster jet blind way. Show them getting killed without wording. Day date us tie valves; the money back too.

I’m going to go ahead and open up this file, because, Jenny Walsh says I have to do it. I’m in constant threat. Nuclear bomb, canna won’t soiree lovely. Set. Is lousy sound around? As has must have sent them?


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