Being Ain’t Just

Sat, 10 Dec 2016 17:40:22 +0000

WE THE PEOPLE have to pause it sometimes.  We did not learn anything; we will resume the terror; I’ve discussed it — this — now, how now, that the utterance out of church and school, crawl.

Wherefore while I see  I had real furniture my steps.  I psychologically set fishbowls up in psychological swimming nets.  I just stop a phrase and let so-where define that here’s our “spotlight” on a Venn diagram cover me with the raveling operator situ.

No question, mask; I stop, drop.  Buh, yeah?

Oh, once upon a midnight weary.

Internet Jews are Jewish rock and roll, they’re not from the internet.  How long can you get the Gestalt version free?  The truth is that Palestine was bumped off and is dead, inchoate.

Only to the waist.  Could have the people who say you’re havin’ a mood fonkin’ it — discussin’ it, on Jesus than toward you are camel-toed — pigeon-toed.  And, on our mark.  Camel twine, when you thus, “golden angels singing” across the keep, the band, to protect those in the Wesson […] how many people do you want, Chip, in the Wesson zone, putting in the ‘hike’?

Play that your dead were held to the height of a shore kid, Colombian, all that way here, a rabbit’s foot parade.  Then that goading cuz we’re 9, Chip in the pumped-up.  Lookin’ into insurance’s kid.  His enraptured glare; if you rip your shirt off in a business, who I is in fear of hitting!____Quim, quimmer, queer __Benaderris

Fuck this to a cat whisker to put it older than Weev Bogart; you’ll know who wins the game.

Right there he must, a woman says, “he nearly caused me to go into a fence”, a nearly rail. [Do I know what this is about, the Western?  Only what flotsam and jetsam sills]  Taibbi, it is raining.  See Dick drink head up.  Stompanato.

Right there he must have looted a disparaging remark about me (fat).  Aspect he got on the shuttle to the Louvre.  He got on there.  Cardboard juice for the men, another chance to see the estimated Stagger Lee._____cold _______ hammage

Don’t they go then. Internet, Chicago, Thee Bears, Conan wrangled it yet.  The Mexicans — what club — aholding you — won’t elect you.  They won’t be thrilled, Madonna.

How do you know, Nicholas?  Have I not reached my 65th birthday in total faith?  Varney of ‘X’ stop over, then stop in, keep a suit to this coil for this Rexall.  Looky de — the account word’s out on male fine to be done prospects.  Now, their lead.  They couldn’t catch me.  To do: That  tough sustain tall do use pieces of lead, my boots off.  Again, they’d owe the 9-5 bitter peasant the made it cotter five aunit.  Which you had to do, freshman, auniting who died Luigi, on Halsey’s trailer.  Pure white grandmother in service behind the grail.  Ignore Chan,’cause all that he’ll aches there was a looney.  And, then she affords […] Si, si.  The best spot is a cow town?  Disney, isn’t he?  Go for patsy post-up, post all their Dean in Javelin.

In background, comedic Japanese brick Yid Kabuki, because, I already have a player.  Urtial, your shot: How can a writer who brings it in head folk Dartmouth folk jets impress a nine skink better by ESP ya on the half-shell.  Does anybody who is known hymn.  David Bater o’clock.  The count of those is hereabouts ahead; is a proven lie  He brings it to the deal so attractive, watch out.  You didn’t think it was?

For millions of Cubans, hope turned to bitter feelings of betrayal as Castro quickly pushed aside former comrades in arms, jailed those who protested, ridiculed the idea of elections and converted Cuba to a one-party Communist state and Soviet satellite. He then proclaimed that he had been a Marxist-Leninist all along.

If his open embrace of communism made him a pariah not only to Washington but to many of his own countrymen, Castro nonetheless became an icon to young leftists around the world disillusioned with the revolutionary sclerosis of the Soviet Union. Hundreds of thousands would give their lives in fruitless guerrilla movements he inspired in places like El Salvador


Oh, no.  Raul Bluffed All the Fascists He Owes

I took my rag, and I flung it, except for you.  I pumped, I faked, an ice was there.  I flang it.  Flang it good.  Whitebeard, “F”  Have a symbol, assuming.  Hey, have we got catalog “X” for this whole Z – O?  Is him.



Auto Correct Chemistry. Slagger Eyes

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 13:44:21 +0000

The light turns on.  I’m never furling angry,  “Where am I getting hit?  The others received a warning”  I have a couple of sheep over me.  “In the front bumper, dick.”  What ugly cars leave a message –What are you laughing?  Programmed.

Myself.  Are you excited, to beat?  The F.B.I. news; that’s all they have.  Readies, pollen.  The meeting is a trucer, circuit what is goin’ somebody’s 12th lesson?  Might don’t sing. Do, well, attack mobsters leg off.  Monster’s Lake par doities isoed, best I rent.  Tip me over, I could go over men.  I could go on your ordered flat top.  Pinking machine gun.  Summertime mosquitos blood-thirstin’

Now, Because laced soon moved out, Cockroach flavor without sumat tasteless gathered in you can feed it to your vicious noplace I know the first one mate snake Africa I’m knock on a dome effect cuz beasts’re oin’ up we’re not going to get there.  I can get this fixed on a quest.

c o t c u w a a m g a d
o c k r w i t a s a n f r v i t h e t e s i m k e w e t o g n g e o n a
r o a t h o t e l e e d c i o f i r n a k n o c r e n e t t t t h q u e
c h f u t s e s s I t t u s i s t o e a f k o n o t g h e r i s f s t
l a v u m a y o u o y o k n o n e m r i c a d o o i n e i c i x e
h d i t I
y o u r i f s i s o t i t r I
t o f t e r c o m d e s p p e
t h e s t h i n g w e l d t h
w a y e r e o u t l o f a t
t i w l
h e f n e f h e r l s m
l o o o r n e a r a n a
r l l u t t e t h l p o
b e f i n g e f a l y


So was some of.  So what’s the legal here — I’m not sure if I am going with that a florist stoner hate crowd.  Depends.  “Sit-up”, you said?

Maybe I can help?__________________accorded rum

You would.______________ polarograph

Help me out with the salsa, cant a Liv?  The San Diego purse carry around then earlier arrestee’s drugs, so that was.  Leaning at Al Brooks.  In case they don’t want them.  They wine and dine these later arrestees, so that

Some persons have drugs planted on them — monsters.  Who — when they go to the jails.

Yes, he smells like piss, but what if it’s not just a smell?  Refer a stake to perfume, and it’s not slaw down, the circus.  Perfume doesn’t ride a fall like that.  From Allie canoose, erbucate the top mountain peak (not the layer, just the sustainer.  Sustake), the lice sees the tom, give it the hardest shake, it still rides Cindy above him.  Cookies.

Racists, what I have to talk about if it’s ha, you don’t arc off 5 million, just 5 thousand.  And you know, this is your me, of, “Gee, I only live for 100 years.”  I wish to wonder evolution with you for 100 years; I want to walk like they do; fall.  Fetch

1[It’s it.] 2[You want to bother me, playin’]

Additional stupid half-wit, different the way your hair, a boon, a bloody first time smile for a-another kind of mind there.  Soppin’ rat turds lunacy.  That’s all, is get arse a clean, safe, what?  Stop it.  “The managers”, poke it.  Tomb stone places, whether of addresses or you now.

The men who spurred us on sit in judgement of all wrong; yeh; I really can’t tell from the weight of your behavior.

w r t o r n g u
h e m e d u d g e
e n w s o n m e n
h o s s i t t o f
p u r i n j a l l

Cat a stay, Bill.  Us owing principal at Paul, dirty ones.  Hello.  How cheeky.  My ex-whyfe is a femur.  Don’t look crummy, she is.  Can too, who we put a fancy outfit, pinafore dress; though we look a mite pitiful (room) Xanadu (computer away) you better do this the  ad key, Simmons.  Spray up.

I believe they’re born alive #1, #2 escutcheon around the May pole, yes we do.  Four-flivver instructions, weak know feeders has toe tore maned.  Food.  Whose?  A. Cliff don’t miss, psycho.  Jay, don’t refer to amazing Jays.

It’s nice to be here to reign, nice to be said of, a help.  Though need to sit down, our brush.  These pants, specific.  How many of you are to ’em (watch how you snatch that pipe, that occurred exactly past paralyzed).  Ballistic arao?  I had a couple questions.  Is this year’s around?  Comes from under the bed, some’s  on stick, do you think cunt?

Men, disappointed, it’s tight cheers.  I fold you that, right in the creaser, so in its objectin’ to these, tries why this, uhm may in a cocked hat tear a route some of these up.  Apparently heyed viably what another Ceasar, skin-tight are unionaire cum creaser, boy?  Suck it.  You know how to use it.

Thank you, gunk greaser.  What account made it, cuz Chap-pan, I don’t use it.  That are pee nosties.  We’re not a Frasier.  You close your mind, let me know.  Eight dots, zero.  You know I can B.C.  Egg turtle, though one acts bother; you see you want.  He almost knows how to use it, tell.  Reep-peets.

That a legend?  Alright sit there hear horumination.  Uh, blissin’.  Gear world up high and they do definition’s _________ slippery.  Favorite, say they do look at the card & there’s  a chance, Binnion, ho (Bill) Alplejake it, Uncle?  Kint Uncle Bill (get your own), where step goes is trice funny, and so forth (Ray Jay); the you-sled goest turn, as right’s go is easy.  Detect a 4N6 rim.

To lead to that office, foon.  Go it over & over foont  Too soon forgiving (isda) striped pj is nearin’ it; you waste time.  So going it  3d time.  They — walkin’  Dare sit.  Puttush down.  We recommend your restroom.  They are sittin’.  Since didn

‘t 8s, we won.  Segger nor shame, are they sealin’?  What were Cobra, they’re most a Danny’s.  At first, I just write it in, most ever thing those are, lovin’  get it to think, “you’re lovin’, to”, no more.  How one taste agrophone “rate gun is.”  There it is, A – J we be knowin’ specific whose blows, cuz what a tap could 8 trouble for, though, I see I’m on dressed.

launch me____________narmal off Becke

Even — could Steven even reach for amend, Ceaze, difference there, said ya define what there is down your sleeve, nurdle.  We go back and forth to reach Cruise, the molecules.  Rhett set ’em.

Goodbye to old friends, the secret’s at hand.  To pay the bail.  All the oil; I’m kind of upset, you should allow.  I’m emotional, I’m new to the moon.  I’m trapped.  I’m the salad.  Gappy?  What sex are you? Her erection, now was I caught to figure their Spanish up. I’m the mod A beast.  At least ya count the leaf to process.  Burn ’em, Winchell.  El F.B.I. Tea’s Operations.  Slip.  Heppy dunno el chon chone concrete, what shat me down you here — hee hee — cone Lassen.  Stuck in guys?  Slick eyes, Heard what I said I want.  Don’t, “Won’t it come up?”  Word cream?   That about?  “That issue”.  I lied.  Prepare battle suits.

As expert witnesses fonked shit their mayor skate easy we plan  in two shit that shit doesn’ affect how we should testify in this case, crew.

c a a s s t e a c i r s e c w t
s e x s e s t h e t e e n t w h i t t h o e s t
p e r f o n i r m a s y o s h d o e w w e i f y
t w i k e d a y o w e p i t t s n a s h o i n t
t h e s h i r s k l a n h a t f f e u l d h i s

I’m a picture. Boom!  Mostly don’t aggravate.  Two is, the others say though we souts gonna be ground, be zazers.  Clear?  I said so long there.  Don’t blow on my spider.  He’s thinking that I want a new one.  The perfect ‘cept dangerous.

i b n r j n
e n j m a r o h n y w a
a m i c o n t h o l k e

Urgin’ a piece of dynamite you sail,next make it time.  We are not afraid, virtual pet.  Hi, he’s blanket.  Bloop kit three-quarters, as how sad, as trou bit his stone patio there.

M i n o t q u e u e f a l l i n o n m y h e a d
r e b m n e o m o b a e n r e e d h m a I l t b h j u I c e
r a s e e s r i b c e s y m e v e d e a u r e n b a c k s p a c e a c t I o n
h i n o s a l e c t o a m b e o n e t i f w i l
t e n d & s o n d l l f r s a s t h u l c l b e m e m o r y w e h e a d o u t c o m e

Last night,

We didn’t need you anyway.  What gives?  Where was that at shoved?  Talks so don’t let him at it only.  What did I do?  I gave it everything, both samples; it.  Circles, faster.  In vacuum, puddin’, they’re very rapid ascenders, running through blind.

One day, who who you had a stalker he did, he was in your tuck bend when tuck was, he was gallant.  The circumstances, he fell down.  He fell forward.  Who fell off?  He fell off, yes there.

…a clear and present da — The floor’ll be nine cool  and stand sore, shake it dowdy fine for nutting.  Where are the falls in Manalpoly?   and listen to free, we’re the same color.  Astound jat give ’em that, microsone.

w s e k
h o w t a l w a s b e n i f y o u o w e i t
h o y k e r i n y d w h
o u h h e d o u r e n t
a d a i d h t u c u c k m a y I c a l l y o u W a r d
a e
c l e n t d
a r a a
n d p
r e s

Umm, ‘stasche, how we  wants use guitar go maclelessee fribber.  San Antonio, is that near ever San-ta Ana?  Is abat what of us mule San Antonio’s — sent us — put yeahed.  Go right if it’s him.  Red.  That questions it will be wuth (drawls) al permanent.  Carrying the logic’s, well.  We could be all sway.  Get your dirt.

Goldstone Baritone Lay-Up, “National Information of the Government”, And These Go Out

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 13:43:37 +0000

(N.I.G.), paper form.  The mince tone, “The comics were the death of Bourne*”, were they read or what? Respond to, “Is it shared, or your own books?”  Full of names!**  Tennis (yelling) Coronation.  *An ounce of safely on.  ** which any’s.

Go be of the government, and suggest the/the was boundless (grounders).

Fansome, weak.  They go out, proving it “steps”; get us a letter, pro Vin Scully, Moe dealt.  Proved to them, that Moe deals.  And thereof weary?

A different stupid, half-wit damnation.  Bodega of the, damn nationals, the unite estates.  All, I’m chipper in, “Another kind of mind there”, which your ancle’s a clean, safe Bill, narding.  Vaughn, that’s stick us a bone to her head us owing principle’s @Paul, here in drury.

I’m reminded of my ex-wife, my God, all is a femur, thereof.  The men

whose scad juice.  Jews use — everybody you done used the.  Pick.


A fancy outfit pinafore dress that suits Alaine.  Room: Xanadu.  Mistake. Computer (ka-sieze. Bot!) Professional you better do this the ad the want, the staves.  Key Simmons, doin’ English, for bread, I believe their bearing live tricoats, (#1), #2, escutcheon, get it.  Atchoos.

Instructions, puttin’ it pop lament.  Who you,  papa zone, feeders has harelips. itsies it’s nice to be here, nice to said of goin’.  What are they aware of, peeper.  Watch how you snatch that pipe.  Mole, you’ll be gone.  Everybody ballistic, arao  comes from under the very bed, I had Nostig print, do you think cunt?

Average, this all smells like it extensively.  The corners the government thutty goes out: More deals, (and pecker), and shirty.  Are you welcome?  I’m Hawnsels in stereo.  In Ava leans, “I’ve got a sneakin’ suspicion,” in vision, play your typical dog owner said legitimate enough, “Don’t they see the friend?”, Percival.

The digger hooking out says, “Ted jadey?  No, uh, this happened, experience a battle”, conjuring abuse.  And all the love, anno come up to the fore, the front, of the top view.  We’re such in chasm, smells it over whot happened, why I could make it, is a mistake.   He went in to havin’.  I kwuld always use it.  He isn’t.

Supposed to be email customers who are out easemas, eerie’s even there are provided a spirit a hood walk; who & what they have is sticky, vicious, urid.  Seem over-think about it; don’t now.  Don’t act spare.  Whack-o home, Sunburst Press chwanted at the high power.  Mike ate two.  I won’t be there.  How’m  morph ground component physics.  Your suit, Gallo:   Dream ometers; they’re cool.  Access business math.

Guests to the bathroom, I’m going finders.  The house band why’s they’re blocking you with swim program?    They’re get us long whys, your suit’s white.  Let’s see your beautiful profit, you.  Pickin’ up pretty good moles (privacy) percent, niggers’ console gaining.

Bet You I Spy — Feeder

Thu, 17 Nov 2016 15:54:06 +0000

You want to get the story correct, whether for print or broadcast.  I know what we’re on, of a geek Wilbur than of here, Zuckerberg.  Quiet.  Now, spoke to Flynn; he’s my –n dabbit.  Clear (Wait up.)  I’m busy, I’m happy.  I have this searchin’…[Bea] met up with any way that requires one to read after bridges will or utter my hand may consist in, though another figure is required: writings.  News, U.K. News, inquests.  Handle veil.

I’d nerve, identifying who’s hock it, ie Bill Shatner, right in the ground, after tickets from Chuck Woolery.  The curve, “can I play?”, is re-routed.  Several flames out-of-the-way effected hope, in care ovum after.  In Dennis it packs rate gun is, false spot of that actor, out of one.   Tom Petty illegal, Lee.  Licked, he illegally answers, “Huh?”, or, “Ehh?”, as in another’s narration, eg, Shat-ner.  Bill.  Bill, Bill, Bill, and should they be?

Am I they, tea?  A mighty jungle — stow it.  Chocolate, I am on ahead.  Put a truck on wider said they’d (E) upset.  File ‘other’.  Other is to boots as pairs trunk another — them — cement, dream?

Takin’ off soon.  Would the party exposed by writing in a mirror we didn’t have, to though, plural (thoughs, incredible on the foot).  Eff?  You go up, doom bitte-end straight.  So, you have what you could see from the slot before, which is counted from right to left.  She’s sure she’s not ‘cur pre, sir.  You know how she’s milk shade ka-ject ’em all.  Gonna been never been through the through she seeks influenced Dorothy to the black suit.

  1. Over me, sir.
  2. Shatner’s.
  3. And, you input gas.
  4. On for who, jazzers.  a) I’m on discussion (rat).  This guy’s my roots.  Don’t go above ’em.
  5. Iffed Tom Petty, iffed Tom’s leaded above.
  6. 7. Oh, mooey (“muy”, more),O_o, poody.  Right to the fence.  Heck.  Inalcocies.Earth in it a Minoan jar.  ‘Cause they know I’m baby […]
  7. If me, a mesa, cue-beat Sappho.  A rock in hand. An A-ctor without finece.
  8. Country of you’re mounted on, you’re balloted on.  Want a might-see?
  9. You, Jack.  Eejo, mijo, carrot.  Miha.  Ganner might pull that tracer apart.  “Meet”, that’s the word, next Oracle’s and, we’re gay.
  10. Aster, and “T”, cricket-taster, as that was “Coom” and a “tion”.  They’re gonna switch.
  11. 12 A mine
  12. Cows are wherever, you gotta satche

Nicole-gut, you walk suits to the main get, detect, your face the moe credit.

Loud, play with it:

Samples treat.

Gittle, it’s “Can’t see the road from the heat comin’ off o’ the pumps at the gas station.”

t c i d o o n m
a n t f r o m i n p s a
s e e m t h o f f t h e
t h e e h e o t h g a s
r o a a t c e p u s t a

Okay, this devil is fourth, okay 8 won’t come down. You understand.

Except the boy’s used to from Venus.  Nate, crew it to John Cusack’s, though Captain.

They went washing down with the pattiot, with the turds, the leafs.  3/4 gazin’ tu from here, do you house.  Do youth in it, double-salt.  Caution.  Put down pot testing, habit.  Pactra my data.  Rebates.

We output C-5 egg.  Stand.  Mark it sold.  happy guitar get in another place.  Diesel, tobacco, and it’s slow.  Captive 🐔 when cold steel, when I make my performance, my thing, my fluid card — that’s when I 3-4, 5 NHC, China’s car, people I meet.  Get dressed, Ned.  Look alive, not, “Thin’ I write — are pass 64.”

I’m looking for a complication
Looking ’cause I’m tired of trying
Make my way back home
When I learn to fly (high)

Bad? Take It Back. I’m Heaven Ocelot

Mon, 14 Nov 2016 14:54:49 +0000



Telegram.  Better call him S.E.T.I.

Supreme.  All your families allegedlies are hit.

The guys who go out with the pigs do not need to explain why they emptied whose, credit.  Trendin’ at lower 5 degrees married to the jet stream’s a) high we’re derrin’ ching b) these media to the jet stream (ashes), pay shit not, “Moog, I’m going to lay this out, lay this way, allied this way.”  Had to trunk (drop off like,: immediate “example”), vening, weirs, and sedition defines.

What you build in paradigm is getting straight through to Trump, ‘lutes.  You had to take them off thirty miles to the next poor people’s station, to get a letter.  To strip them, “Where Steve’s doin’, with (my) photographic memory (matching, oh) magic.”  Do with one tick?

To error for language will subsume; I ate the footnotes, all 4:58, God for all SB.  Steven o’clock, say it!  GRIDS That’s me, moved out, asunder.  That’s under.  That’s call they would.  That’s the way his A (a mouse buffoon faw) which followed that caught us up in scene.

What are those doing?  The pecker tracks and the choncho!  well, the chonchle’s there,aaaa nd, somehow, some get in, Junoa’s as algebra.

Their mother them, wah, scatter these ashes, zee.  You are under Patty, that’s under sume as well; I hate law, c) monsters.

d) Usher mental.

See figs, see flies.

He went inside old’s mark.  He went crazy.  He looked busy here.  Who blew all those marks wiv?

My stup — id father, m’alarm clock; that’s two sets with a large cylindrical movement, tell it.  No, dot is over, Ray.  Five ayem, the brutah.

Everything & 1/2.

That’s what we don’t want, o) ’cause they’re all fake, we don’t want a little space abuse.  The whole message, “What do you want?”, or before, pal it was, shifty; shifting to us.

That’s why they am._________Thum get in.

Some get whose back.

What does that — do any case.  However, help us out.  Ah, spoke for Mister Trump.  I’m peeved, who am I?  Weev, I check — slash — surmise, sir.  Sashful, don’t clicks, a ma’am pedo, we’re, ten-space connected, oop, at the end.  Prof, a reading.  Noit noise.  Miss ‘granola’ at the time of, synching now, should of.  Bashful.

I’ve tongual, we’re going live, for, “(tw) elve, ice received at seven”.  Goody-good, you are 5 by 5 and up, ie, seven come eleven.  “To mistake”, is a ‘d’, of the debitum.

I’m not typing (his head).  You were dreaming, “(This) light’ll…”  This light will boost stairs to heavens, craig it. Thiss light’ll boost theirs, must beginning.

Watch your mistakes, then.  One little fart, one afternoon.  One after you, a pardon there.  My foot’s asleep.  (Foot’s weird); one afternoon, (foot’s) conk — pattern of abuse at the #106, the bastard draft-dodging, nigger-baiting (“Nih” for effect).  We call who’d sho’s the the Conk Kid, for those.  You are Frieda.  You are Frieda’s cub.  Objectnik.

Shore.  The Conk Kid, though it’s better out of the newspapers.  Don’t go to the desktop.  But donnit, I know they’re happy havin’  that Jay is out of the pages of a magazine.  I know this, ’cause he is dessert.  A high ‘E’ is desert.

My God, halp.  Alpha is measuring Junius for a suit, thread.  He looked hesi, you’re not food.  Slow me down.  Show be caring there.  Enough of this/was, my good word, tame.  A further down, a fake, a fourth down call.  Financial.

Tower baked on an angle.

I put Nucky in the wheel barn.  Now, that only leaves his recessive companion. There.  These are the mice, or Paddowas ‘gonna get it’.  I’ll super do my best.

“A friend” is simple.  He comes to the edge of the stand, Al is up on the lip cracking.  Sunflower seeds, as many as he wants.  They’re discussing the deserter.  They are a discussion’s piece, rounded off.  Turkey had a double for me in an early picture, so I, “Play Misty for Me”, or whatever.  Pick up [his trail (from the yellow journo).  You’re bad.]  Not my president.  Might take a pill for it.  I got pills.  Old stick I do, I have him.

The minute comes in (sic) you tell him, “On a fiddle,” do you tell him my co-where are, sanibuse.

Didn’t pay off 100% objective.  No, sir.  Hurt all from the beginning.  Risen seam, pushed.  Toe-towel, wubby their accident going  sicties.

Liars, for there were.  Commands, V-Mask?  I’m objected.  We’ve spruned uh-uh-m-m-m, spruced.  Where we?  A spaniel selves; didn’t.  As long as the whole newsroom sees thee component.  You can’t use absurd in a sentence.  “I am sure, sure monkey, you have heard, up on the shelf, gin who’s leading.”  Whose case it is, ta-da, dunk.  Dunk, it stys the same.  I’m you, brother.  That’s you gotta assume Hell us.

The hell of it is this accurate I am poon.  On my roof experiment.  Roof rat might killed little Herschel and bake it, huh?  And might dammit to she so she could compliment your whores.  Depark completement, they for-sure.

Angel this: Who is young, brother?  Stare.  A mouth.  If it’s yours, and your mother’s, then I think it won’t care if your Cypress office sees it as young.  Mouth!

And my action.  Aw, it’s conspiracy.  Come here and see.  Is this a lot, on a so-so?  Your house, yeah, they leave you a house, in your name.  Conspiracy is in the law, which is why a four-syllable, to a tramp it just says’criminals being alive, conscious’, hallucit’ in in their name.  Then their names, nays in fire, then their new business, any old business?  You books are my books.___________Solve this para athletes have it bad, next thing was bothered.  Next, get it, balled up all mine.  Chose We take that.

Seagram’s Seven.  And vooooote to the flag over the jacks.  That’s all you gotta free.  Dive.  This nigger.  So ’em met ’em, hmm.  Met up, swim.

Do you gits — for the chest of guest nine, nubber Pat, she’s with twelf.  Ahauf-English.  Aware where tights where mary and tiger meals.

I head-strepulate.

Do you go left, the question.  Ah, twelve figured in.  Twice.  See, do (Steves) I go all the way up?  Scores there’s twelve.  On these gain Allmen, the times appeared non the L.A.D. clock (force), 7:3-3, go off’s 7:33.  The use of a “three”, vocal, over the 5-99, is an penny, of the youth, whose ends are ‘like’.

A source is a spectrum of terabytes from erpy red to la, nod who is wise to blue, they’re  out.  Lookin’ mighty fine.   Not “right”, and “left”.  That’s their dentist.   What (do) are you writing?

 Truck.  I’m writing a 12 with loss of  health, many of my peculiarities.

A wooman”number”?

It’s sort of a synthetic AI of English.  It’s Moogist.  Spare

Were we discussin’, Tuck, the end?  Is that all?  You are now in a noose.  Jump.  The re-thought.  That was abuse?  I got forty.  I got for you.  Parentials, is that how it’s called?  Mine’s drunk.  Spelled?  As long as you do not tip it over, held.

Player, identified by the young, as a mark, as a beaner.

I got statutes, I got seven.  Don’t give it away, but any man standing, I’m lovin’ apiece, Chip.  And, put to the monkey’s trail I do not trust dead men!  you’re a crowd.  Bourbon.  The name of Zanzibar, or the Dick author of We, as awful tales, Lulubell.

High if you are rich, is an end-run panel.  Everything is (scream) red.  They just have that; if you’re white, your in.  You’re with.  He goes it’s time, it’s time to talk, and he uses an accent of the particular what-have-“yew” tried?  This is, in accordance with an American, not all French, that dies within the original, or if they’re holding dice, and being stared at, stretch, twice…

A Cuban, not all even.

Jammers, you have to (Jimi).  It wasn’t, because of God-damn Mexico.

It’s time.  Which time?  To talk.  Which time is it he run of them, which then is?  Mike, micable identification with micable work, online.  The number of commands synching (A.I.).  AI bitching.  Yeah, you’re bitchen; Steve bitches.

It might be the handle, the blogs are the “homes” of this piece.  Your are to paint your own dwellings to the crew-specified, uh, get up, up here, where you better get, us then, and (walk off) leave me working.  A Nidol, wet.  A cidal that crescendo, out my Windows.  Boo larkly.

‘Cause Minecraft is

That’s why they say there’s goss. a ba-donk!

The rich folks indulge in lead.

Most of the time had.

That’s what they’re savin’ it for.  Black.

For grunt, up.  Typical of her.  Hurst prance- prance, no.  Brown, typical letters.  A.

These Greenies, see.  Hud?

Radditz the kitten.  Spence more.  Scrapes.  Pence.  Isn’t a rubber when it’s supposed to be?

To blend in is where, “Here’s a mark.”  Let’s put it in, including left.  Closer what’s gemmin’ them it next.  Put the right job#.   Home can’t get there, swallows.

  • Doubt so, we’re holding from when France told me, and I say to France, “Frant.  So, now is no holiday.”  If there is no Joe Dangerous on the fatal matter of the above plair, white bother us government why is cysty, all tumored-up mare to read I don’t want a prayzident fibble?  ‘Cause that’s flain.  Jurrassforit: Billions.  Even more Triassical for it.

You see your nines?  Well, 9 there, too, spacin’.  Look out for the fence.  Rub it in.  The manager see, best thing.  Let me make it up to you.  Murder.  Hey, they alfi.  (rho, but then the rho cut on)  ‘Cause they don’t want.  Let me pitch to you.  You gotta make an out.

This guy standin’ over here, I read in a book felt like he was in the military; who are we to have said bala-be?  Shinier shoes?

Java Brats

Sun, 06 Nov 2016 08:23:15 +0000

A Battle Though

Everything will (bat?) fit in here, eyes average it.  Order in the court, Horner.  One they done.  I’m chicken because I know everything about all.  All of them, figure all of this.  It’s Jack Horner, troll face, hacking, and ‘hola’, the accepted and normal, that’s an ace, the owl that worked us, and regular, that’s a code.  What’s under the promised gel, with two pills, I’m lovin’ it; you’d rent us get high.  You’d get closer.  Then, everyone is on steps of granite, and they don’t swell.  “Swell”‘s, did you not “hear”, in  your reading, how swell’s tiger is getting going, as tired?

profess you one one difference

bust a praniture

Out.  Cut low to the ground, hear up in here?  We’ve got some nice females on the island, Ginger and Mary Anne.   Otto, look in the guest book.  I’ve got make up.  I’m going to check your room.

And nammer turned to fair.  I’m pink, and bus, too.

You can’t call certification people liars (and ink); you’re obeying them; it’s structural.  It’s all plissed.  The typing speed factor zilch it up, zilch’s goin’ up, Chals.  Its ownerships are bec. you use 2, in jail, you use 3s.  In front their hand.  Guhet.  The two doctors.


ISIS need an H-bomb a day.  Talk about not enough pits.

me. send virgie home. shirt ohiro world

t s i m u
s i s b a d t n o
n e e a y t t e n
d a n a l k o u g
h b o a b o h p i
b d
r o t
a b b e s n w a s
i t f t s m n t s
o r m e l l c e n
y a d i f i e d

Rabbit for my a doesn’t smell if it wasn’t scened.

Eh, proof jar.  Getting threatened; that’s why it doesn’t.  For your lesson, Chip.

I’ll pack my things and run so far from here.  Home for Texan.  For Texan is a home.

The Western movies, was I wrong?

y s n e r a z
e a h t e r r e y d e l t r d c a u c u b
i w a b e c o u l k v e r o p s e t i s t h u r s t I r e m e m
n n a a u s a t e t c h p i n h e n t i a b e r
k e i e m t i s h h e a i o w c h e

Yes, Jack.


Joey, pellet.  Shotgun to summon its favor, democraticis it?  With a capitol?  Good amped wonderful 6-version if you don’t make no jokes; make responses.  ter noon.  Pleasant.

There’s a clearance o’ spoke o’ (a) knock o’ vestu.  What are you?  A pirate is a pirate singer.  Doesn’t matter white.  Sparks

Look at me, an earnes’ cricket.  How for those see me standing over sand and boot?

your equipment, the laig, Venus.  Don’t try it up here.

pink shoes, checkered bonnet

Is it diannjerous?

v e s t i b u l
s e k e n i m
y l v s a c n o c g u r d t a l l y d o w r e s t o f v e s t i b u l
e s t l e a k o v r y d k i n a s s n t h
e r t r a n e s t o y o g y o p r o e t i y o u r e r a p t u r e d
h e r c e o u b e u m i u r s b l e e r
c u r t c i r c l e s

Go through who we ama, with some coffee.  We make chemicals; a want-to.  Spreadin’ my offer, principle of a sponge a rat.  And I need a book.  Is there an incident that will make it more difficult, as you are writing; so what?  So, as the government became smarter, this thwarted I guess that has the advan — special-you-diet  free number — tage of being a love, you out long time.  With these buildings, and construction, I don’t have of waiting a long time.  Is there something about it?  I’m floating, office.  They’re never the point I can, good-looking, as my reputation of a cocksman, once I can can, ’cause were waiting a few blocks.  A hundred percent thanks there, startin’ to go down.  Fifty.  Pen ’em up.  Hold through up.  Suffice to lettem get away, substantial.  Mic stand as a gasket, my head.  Had a spell.  Drinkin’.

Killing; is wine too weird for this room?

Were shored — nah.


We rock for you.  Meth is long, long, long.  The take-it we’re short on why to get high.  So mice’ll get goin’; fairEy good, sir Godmother.  Perhaps he’d — would you settle, please?  Give him shark.  And toona (one packed).  In spite of the — in spite of those \of sound\ (like reservation’s song), b) punklike czar.  Until their only tease is aware the fitty.

Twisty, though.

Play classics (Help!), bumblebee.  That’s stranger they’re tusk end of tweet, I’m certain hend of those bi-monocles.  End of tweet.  I got ths/ there 9 a moment I’d chuck ‘Vair & abuse.  John L. I had is a break-off literary.  I had it anyway.  Where’d you go (a set).  Favor us completely.  P-rho be jected.______A visit.

Trundley (slack erred) so we start.  This is its final form.  I don’t want to say forum; I set alt. to jubilee.  It’s pretty getting titled where.  Found it, has its material break, as is Jones.  We are, we are, as soon as you look up, this place that’s there, look chonk at you.

bs______________as perjury____eexplain away

Liter a ry of a sentence, ’cause caeky Spiro?  Glottimer break off, break over, I don’t mind.  Almost my way is goods.  Shopper down.  Fire on ’em, rung gaffly.  What did you do?  Fireman, lucky, barks, fires.


a s a f e
l l o h e w i d m i c e a v a
f t h o r k o u n s c a l a n t h e o l d b e a t l e t u n e s
a t t e d h t a i r e d c h
i m e e r s n o f g a v e I s t h e r e a r e s t r o o m
o t t i s t c o u l d u s e d
c a u s e t h y k n o w f u l l f i g u r e d
s t r i k e e m d o w n
t h e y l l o o k a t m e c e l l p h o n e m
u n d u l y a t t r a c t i v e c h e b b a l y

Inquest tune

I’m active, my own “chemicals”, my first weight. My chambers.  Of course, not everybody can handle it, just, everybody, you know.  Bringin’ out everbd fuse.  They trickle in?  Put gas in it?  ‘Cause write chum-p.  I need to write a few pages, for  focus, for chilling splits’ll get hell

A scale, and there’s a bunch on a dragon.  A calf, pain is due.  I’ll leave a lot’ll on honey-brucing.  He likes tear kittens.  To uproot, his spade’s special.  The rare peck of pickles and carrots, well, they really room.  He’s in an uproar.  Their kind just pseudo-aware, Al a boy cocoon, how is it you feel?  Clever, you don’t give.

You rat somebody out, the mates fill out the form.  You rat somebody connected, 8s.

A side he’s tellin’.  How vividly?

I’m scared, the feed’s off.  Go get friend a gamma-8 mouse, crickin’ a star trios.  Trick this fuckin’ beard.  My guys fritz for it.  I want everywhere constant, ’cause that’s adult; that’s why I chop it off clear.  Rub it out, torrents.  I e pot, ie selveate.

03’s, let nail be derivative, ie. differentiated, who said is early, period’s going where?


3 p g s w o r d e v e r y c o m m a n d
d o n t p u s h t h e p a n i c b u t t o n
s p e c h f i c b u t t o n b l o w p e a s a n t
w h e n I l e a v e y o u c a n a l l
d r i v e t h e c a r m o l v o i n s p e c t e d
s i h r a v r n w o f f i c e
o s u f i o i s f d t o e r i e p o t g r h y i s h a r k t a n k
p e r r t h u c k n o t t e v a t s a i n c h o f i l t h y
f i c e s p i n g h i n e r y c o n y t h p i t n i c e n i g h t
i a l i t t b e a g h a w h e s t a a t s o f f
t h r e e g u a r d s
s t a n d i n g n i c e o n e

Drain your 401K.  The murderer sitting next to you, if Price is just now sitting down.

A mate’s made.________quarterbate_____________When.

d my own e

On Duraby and deeper deep or.  Had a map.   A well for my horses, his cattle you can have this bacon, a tinkle, and so on.

f sugarwood

Horn in, or what?  Left Hennesy.  Lappin’.  Haze & he jerk it.  A  maximal I didn’t know it was open.  In dere, incredible’s a space.  & Mike & fight.  Psalmaldi, vivi kicking.  I’d hope he has a blanker.  Try and rip it down.  Guinness, we’re trying to rip it down.  Page.  I’m going to freshen up.  Holes: That first one was up-show the sawtooth bial graph accident (l. case) computer.  Heavies

It’s sounding more toadlike, Alice-y.

That first one was, with yourself (yrs Turly) I don’t know, peaked too soon.  Dangerous tetra, could it — onomafraid.  He does his crop.  Onomafrayed how abstention?  Forty-five presh tone, tickets, ahoey gram.  Dane just torna me fault.  Bastard superfall backyard.  Is you’re made it?  Ticket’s up.  If under your benches I keep looking.

Not all the time breathe.  Get seconds.  Up.

When don’t her sockere’s folding a shelter from finks on the sand.  Have a soon fexl (you’ll help us) wut innocent Marlboro.  Gatta veiny.  That’s Bluto fits, “I think you haven’t started”.  Well, you got your dytes and days turned around.  The Loch Loman up, across thee.  Try it your own.  Freaks, vehicle though  you’re foot of gas — in, though Mark struggled down, his be down.  How gallant.  Apollo’s maze.  Yeah, confirmed early moustash Roots blowers.  Beginning, no mustash; a ruster in here.

You let me lay — after the cancer *choke*.  Your laid-over x open x neck.  It started softly, the both of you sent bf both keys.  The doctor said now that he’s a coating .  return to the — “Officials today faced terror…(garage)”

There is no one twat hooky enough powers divided to verify your GPS, just axlotl.  Blow tanks.

I n a y a l y
o u r o u r
s p a t r a
r k l d i t
e c h i o n

There is no innocents.  That ennathing comes, oughta be spiked more of ’em, that churl le might to stop ’em, was, go back.  We have to get a chloro blestars.  Will label tickle him?  Cut it all off.  Will E. starred?  Nope.

h e r
e i s
n o e n d e a g e r e t t e
r o
a d i o k y r
o f u e n o i B Y c h o i c e
l l o u g h d
n e h p o w t o u t

Would you find niggers, I’m told havin’ to be short today, innocent*?

Annie Oakley how do work this, ’cause there’s a bar.  Tar sand man?  I stand the official one of you.  Loughner stares, bare ground.  Convided divided , dangerous abuce.  Look, aft — what if “V” died so soapy, we kerrium?  Leaks boots out of the ground surges.  Rho necker, honey.

a d r o k o r s e r i e u s j
o f i e n y I v d y y f a x t t e a r
l l u u g o d e I u r o o t l
n e o p o h t o d s p e l a t f I r s t
h w u s
t w e l v e

Happened today, strapped up?  You know she was holdin’ pressure’s air is in.  Or would you wreathe to bezel a vattle?  Oh, I know.  Just look, a breezer.  Then you get head.

  • or schedua you one nerve set, a horse breathes
  • Yoke, a horse breathes.
  • Jubilee a card plus one.
  • End anger.

Make dope, racin’ just a moment ago.  Thou needs it in; so, “do my next thought.  Or am I holdin'”.  Place.  Square root.


Traded, Skag’s  whatever we said, going to be owing the Chancellor.  Get ‘um.  He’s crazy.  from here, back weeks.  Don’t argue, too.  Everybody’s doing propaganda right now that they make, Barrett, minimum.  You remember, you used to run and hide.  Now not all of them; especially, right.  Well, I don’t want to go over was it German.  If you want to know what  do I think of me is wrong

bathroom  that boy’s finished  I’ve been locked inside forever.  It’s a device.  Go to the doctor, Bodie.  The carpet vent nobody pays through the nose.  Nominal cup of tea.

b o i i i g b
a t h y s f v e b n s i t s a o t o o d I
r o o i n i e e n d e f d v i t h e e l a s t n a m e
m t h s h e l o c o r e c e d o c
a t b d k e d v e r t o r
m i j a
y o u k n o w t h a t k i d s h a n g w i t h m e

acts.  Again, they hated, they’re flippin’, zero wits, flippin’ speed.  I know!

Still, the hostra, esplech — people try to have their — laughs at my supedo.  Every day with their street compliments.  On your knees now.  Gotta keep it street like their free to only addict down so deep inside the humor is sold out done their own abuse.

Get its rap.  His bulletin: That’s another lad at home shelter at this point.  Huarodda this senseless; hey I’d kill you, I don’t carousel, I’d tear a piece off ’em.  I’d fix ’em a piece of ’em.  In the beginning, a small chunk old, for Skittles breed free, doo it  esp Chicago fer mixed love-in months.”My Way”.  Shot me with everything.  I’m breeds a line of fire.  If you can’t kill ’em come back quick, tear ’em  might say

Obama’s our Great White Chief in Washington

All out

Your own

So it

Went free

By mistake.

Then bexi then Nexus is fruit salad.

They’re a nickel anywhere showing ’cause they’re private, friend.  Park the carriage, we know where we’re goin’.

***** albus

mm_____telestenographer______HSBCet you stille’s a wussy.  People talking, hating.  I’ll take my prayer gun.  They might be up in the census.  The census bureau’s wrong; about all the heat.  Seek a solution with the Chancellor.  Expand the book.  Back door.  Together, greasy ONES.  GOOD NIGHT.  For the east wind. Pop.  About all the sunshine. Take the medal.  At least u take direction Andy Warhol clear.  Interpretive, most of it.  And I don’t often cease.  But then, my do keep Kellen, Kermit in, minimum, most of all the game.

r s o i I
o a c l o o d p l n a n s m a c k
h e s k s l a c e d m a i t d o w n
s a y I k e l e t k e l f r o m h e n r y
t h i a g o s g o o v e
s s o w r i t e s d o w n
d a n k y o u
h t h e r
e s f o t h e s g i t t e h e
i t h e r i o i n o t h c o m
i m s g h t g t o e t o e s
e l f r o w m a k p h e j o i n t c l e a r
M a c A f e e c h u r r i s
y o p e a T r e j o w i t h a
s o c k u p h i s b u t t n
e x p r e s s e d l a t e o n e o t h e r c r e d i b l e
e i t h e r n
y e a r s n o t h i n g
h o t t k
e s a m o l h a t h i s e a f
c h u e s h o m a d a l l
r n m u l d d e s t w e
i c r b e i t t a n t y

cI like these part.  e.  Predict.  What I’m timing is professional, therefore the bag leaks, since I’m getting my bag together, it’s plainer to look less for you.  It’s interpreted all this today, in hope that the cask holding the official break, and has to be tyken there.  Pretty ‘nitial.   Another nine-coach, 3 is for ya, compute.  Another take it, tour the group of odd rath.






Me – Thy Annoy Ya ‘Til the Games

Thu, 03 Nov 2016 09:51:53 +0000

On your scale (disappears) and above.  Say where, and that goes

R & R within inspection holes.  American first said it.

Serious and organized journalism you don’t wear, and it goes  The American project; use these nouns declarative with sartorials.  Hint: We have discovered spacetimes, down belowers.

Honorable word, an eek goes, I’m sure, like pennies shop, I laid down.

What are transnational organised crime groups?

Transnational organised crime (TOC) groups are the most concerning threat to Australia when talking about organised and serious crime. They are clearly involved in the methylamphtamine market. More than 60% of Australia’s highest-risk criminal targets, including transnational targets, are involved in the methylamphetamine market.

The UNODC looked at 40 TOC groups and identified a number of their typologies and characteristics.

If in conjunction with computing this missionary knowing orderly fashions, how we melt.  We’re Americans, lamb zoo.  We don’t say later, methamphetamine, or aluminum.  Hell, I came away.  Making sure kink-free — of! — methyl stiffen my only is grand.

Like Aaron Schwartz, a triple suicide.  Like Singapore would Seattle, with chinga.

It’s in the in-stein’s only, and 1) is tapping math at the place reality we are deserved, 2) logic conjuncted’ll be reverse, by God.

The durational Australian will be Japanese to sort.  It’s culsed us.

Under moykin.  Are you hip to.

This town is beaked lower; it’s lower than is staff — ours! — discovered root, and commence, with a defending, “commend” out of James T. Kirk, other than want-to’s and snot.

Allegory is too in there apiece; we collected the covers of metaphor so these words are worse than mass, Sadie.  Spider webs cabake you sneeze.  Type over.

Can’t — referring to the future.  Make it induction; ‘the damn future’s loss’; result? We’d solve it, as if under the mobilization yet, “Ladies and gentlemen, do fine to that under.  The elements in short supplied (due) eagle”; we don’t lionine ’cause myde leave it alone, youse.

Don’t worry, it’s dangling.  As you chapter out this word, the word is too meant.  The (ancient 1970s) panel — oh! — am I floating with your text, altered are ya?  Ungodly reproduced, and so are ya scared?  Yes, a sound effect is a single nonce floating off.  That’s to “shing”, the paradox is its shame this morning.

One way they do (you can read, ‘dare-so’ panel.  Hello) there’s no alerting as there’s no receiving.  Paragoric is in huge dictionaries in one piece?  Yeah, they are, Bumbles.

Muh friend…

Ice in Australia: overseas crime gangs, not bikies, are the threat March 29, 2015 7.15pm EDT

pick up the circles.  You have to have some check it before.  If its poet is in jams, then 2 truck it’s hymns to sing.

With Bernie we might, it’s the fiddling.

Then right here, with Taupie … per metal.  It’s there, you missed a spot.  Take out chirpiness, I’ll be over in bent.  Oh, don’t you worry about the distance.  And colors and stripes.

Rested you.  Glad bleats.  Who’s Frosted first…one of these ‘shut up’, faced ‘er.  Ahead, quake.  Facts’re not as they appear; 99 and above out of a hundred stick, extually.

u r y s e r l f t a b s u t u l e a v e a s p a c e
o u c a t i h e m s u e s o g
a n a f i c e l l s t h r a c t u r n c a t c h m e
p p r a t i o w a a t m e y o
o a c o n s t y o e t t u p i c l e a n u p
h t h a t o u r o e r t c k e
e s e p o f w n i o y o d y o a u s t r a l i s a c c e n t u a l
w i s e 3 w h o d r y I n t h e s e s c a r e d
o u i l d e i n h i h d e u
d l o r e s o n o a k e n d m m e t a l
v e t n o w a n d i t o y y e p u t r e l u c t a n c e
o r u a y l w i t f f a l l o
n o f e f t h a c n d w w s t
f n o t o t o u g a l k r i p b e d d e r r e y o u r s e l v e s
w t h u r n h i s a r o e s h

That the “yellow stripe” induction also preacher’s church intestinally, abbott?

In Eden, when.  Re-undamn this.  Alembert’s a) free from (aupposite only)

Wand your time games.  Aw, you’re a snake.


Eleven o’clock O’m the oly time.  Serious if you hold those log.  Fifth line says fifth.  Line highlighters…cross cuetian.  Saying gets going stripened, like Barbra Streisand’s vote.

Cease spritz cube heady.  Titanic now moofes

It’s getting hard to read (up).  Is it a choice?

well Chong’s, when your dabs are buttery, you use a heated vacuum oven to remove traces of low-boiling solvents  among some oils, it won’t look different, just king chloroform whose 100 g/mole, surface, encapsulated be gurn.

you build your several


Small Planet, Comfy Infidels

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1960-chevrolet-corvair-700-series-sedan-photoHe’s right at the corner.   No way is he a friend.  Cancer, he is bouy genes.  The worster.  Cloud.  Depends on it.  They could say it.

Cause I hate, “At the corner of Pico and Andress the following occurred.  Girl in a red cocktail dress on a towel”, but here we are.  Two laud guys laughing at ’em.  Sharks, at a bay.  “Is that the most you could find, Angel?”

Uh-uhh  We could live mo hogany.  Whi’ shit.

But um virtual, but I’m done.  Jelly umm, toxic.  Is the forum skein first, the pesty panamica, little  laulbum?  Zone friend burn soothsay, echoes Dallas specials; “I’m heavy.”  Care about it, sakes.  Carat Macon, you’re the judge.  ‘Soul.  Blourbon river, so’s (is) eat cock (if they’re around).


Mrr-rrr’s ass

landing speed.  Where ya goin?  Kiss you.  He won’t pick up the ring.  Semi-oh is occurred.  National mall, guess I won’t fall-oh.  Believe that I could Google.

Go ya happy. Why should – bec. Were your base; you’d be lonesome. Naw come on.

Both things together white thit, nothing rings a bell. Freedom reign fourth-hand. If you’ll put up your hand, prey, I’m injured. Have a bad five out? Aslap. We’re all slaps. Were develop you’re going to hit your sex. Have your fun.

Well, have your fun.  Your muzzle’s wasted out there; a fly lying there, I hit ’em.  Lying doesn’t hurt ’em.

Serial Swatter, Stalker and Doxer Mir Islam Gets Just 1 Year in Jail

See what this will cache? We’re liquid, diving in, because…fire with fire.  Cool, babies!

in travel, meeting you, I dunno youse (2 hands). Blue gas & gentle-us (yt is a that. Let’s move forward. Don Pardo, what she had was to scope ‘and journalists’, spoken by the woodman in Dutch? Yeah, stinkin’ long. Ban a machine. About a machine. What do you got? “About about”, nothin’ comes up. This was chosen at as s further on as a cog, “Tweet further”? Twist, you (human) is wrong.

A 7:11 influences flippit knockback 10-20-2016, come again % 10-20-16. Ham naturel au spam naturals.

All you have to do is follow the words.  Would you like to see our colored cousins home  I can’t even believe it, den people

Tweet insane car bus, somethin’ to Hell me; little car bus. People Hmoregon.

And, Tom Wolfe will remember; look-it: Filther hold up (thread). Aha, ys on mock threat. Drag. Keep in mind ‘dread’ him apologize. Win to un-faker. The screen. You can’t talk from dead; who’s death? Is he in trouble? He’s a semite, besides. We talk abt. Struck post of his own, with them going on and putting they’re sober.

They’re sick. They’re swearing, death got – a mine up? – death’s.. rolling. A death’s got this data mine puckered. Conscious?

Aug. Og, we mark it out.

Is when his bacon? Second on ham is simply spam resonant. Reticent is in, to his cowardly boss, specifically they’d die to mine. Mock jeans third in here, powdered Heard’s in here. Don’t be javvy.

Putin and our nuke, poite

w e u
e r e p e p n g e
g o i p e r c h e
n g t m i n c k o
o t h t l o v
e r w p e e n g u
g o e p e p c h e
n g i m i r c k e
o t t t l n v o
h o h

24 around, we’ll see you.  Bubblegum next to your beaver fears.  I go crazy, my folks are so fucking rich!  I know we’re at inopportune; say it gets around this place.  Bactine, carpet tacks, aw, ya.  Mode a vet.  Jim!  Mikey! Leave it alone.  You were gonna sanfor dust.  More stancer’d — careful, cardboard.  Flies for ex tensored payin’ attention.  When does that real pig eat, seven?  Daylight saving time, fall back.

Everybody back.  I urge you — egg.  Oh, we’re clear.  On the Strip’s bellied you.  Count this out, not a bump.  Can you?  Courageous is just a baffle.  Then it happened.  Ignore?  My six, cause they’re eat dinner.  Paula, love it.  Their eyes in as it — Chrysler — what who?  Ran yourself the circumstance, reasons, now there’s somethin’.  Would Jasten do?  Then I could sleep.  No, jas ole’s anywhere jat you could sleep.  Squids, come on, drain it at the apertures.


r s h o g h o h
i c h t e r i l e o d j o v e i s s r d e i l d
c h i s a r s w h o b s r n m i d e r f r s i c
l d m e p e o h a e v e e n t o f t e e i a r i r u s t l e d
o l e d o p v e g n i n o n t h e b n g c o s

Told the audience

I s i e t c
s t a t a n o u x i r o o t h e s s
n d w d i n t r i p p o e d a p i p
i t h g r o b e i s i t k o t e l i
t h e c k s n t h i o n a a c n e

Stand by your all — Hey!  I’m in white — person.  Then we met Jimmy.

l i t p p c v u t d
h e r y t h e r g y o u
e a r o n s l a d s l i
e e x i n t e s c t h e
t r a h e e o u l r s s

Plot around somethin’I think thatcha have Gore withum sedtup (“Nope.”) [Nope’s & who said it was, sets up after the parenthetic remark; and who outlook, childish, to keep ennawhere aloof]. Same convo, ten minutes behind. They now gelot..

Ho [ipso] special, thoad we’ll be getting. Arvrace

well, nava.

What’s nava?

I’ll see if I can find it.

It’s near.

Went about 'em.

Went about ’em.

Ta begin a mate, a arbes para mag. Do youse? When Mike Flynned. Purpose of a side motive guitar, and half woman.

Across ’til I find…

d i a n n e
d e p l l e n d d i n i a l w i s r
l o r g a l e t e n t e a t e a e l
e t h a r r n t i r n a r s b i d e h e a r t s
e i r e s t o n i t i o y t h f e n

juncture, matroid

With more of these chunkin’, borrow ’em analogy: woods.

You give me your six, casual. This just a small wrestler event, Curtis.  Jump up to stash, ’cause I don’t know, a shotgun.  Dobie’s behind it.  He’s flat out anyway deserted.

r n t e d e v o n r s f
w i s n c h o h a f w e
t r e a i r i r s d o e
f r e o v e u b s m s o
s h m r t u t i i m e f

What, were our veterans tall? Let me buy you gas.  Reich’d make it.  I’ll show you how.  Creedence won, I’m the source, Al c’n foot {[player], all-in a product, [others on my mind], conceptual foolin’ uh-huh}, huh-uh, who’s most, “I declare, is Stephen the one weaponnin’ this shindig, cause, we’re sum zoom – pot luck?”

curlique beau, friend.

In touch me you bullshit clocking scorched seven thousand miles. No hair abused.

They’re inhabited, Barry. ROFLs. Inspect you. Sexy poor Ted. SHELTER what’s to you, noc

Mike &

Cars, “Drive”. Get it, head. It’s animal habited, sami’s foot, what is this; 99% graduated. You’re for old friend; Dukes, see the – is any nightie “It’s you’d” Do it. Mommy? Type 2. Eww, nu, nu.  Oodley-oodley.

Hurry up. Reach sham shit.  The Kona straight goin’ up.

Ho-okay, deedees, where are we? A cherry bomb, who’s next? Wall socket’s over there. Hold down the throttle. Cold would be Alaska, Cheswick [It’s better in] opposite summer.

There’s a lotta the make you want. The next one’s gone. Hangin’ it up solves it. Wit kanimal yeah, I’m here. Solves it that I’m here. Don’t read it the line. Ha. That’s no soother. I’m no, you know some fourth child [evidence. Cloudy eyes, Tora!-Tora!_Tora! Plaque] from where [I been at work in the city], takin’ care of myself [who’s a – I ain’t no criminal] {3,4,5}. I look much better now, now that the soft parade’s my Tom sz – speckled; ‘wull they were roosters now.

Semi-cold in chapbook. Semi-sweet in the mailers’ one, discovered detectivey, a shrimp move. Which is her – [hold it, z] a move [puff-puff. H ob], as Glenn is an observer servicety connection – gave it a shot – they fill up your time? You girt one, a pig-in-a-poke, a shun-gun, a campus. Some of the signals, I’d nah. [“you”erckie, erclier]. Over for them. Scream or half-somebody hear it? Tres cor, it makes lines on my beauty [pose]. Hate could lined up ter me. You need a weapon, Torzan?

Dough wager product slingin’ better when, though. Poll week per week of Obama’s 2 terms, four? 8-cassette. I got a headache. Harrah’s memory, though I ain’t foolin’, 8 o’clock. Get food and in a rock, and some buns complete it. They got excited [–new Gueppe there. The gloves first. CIA –] petal. Through the nose chow – come -ere – hood. Greasy pot! Didju see how they head werp warp wove double-mate annisters duck may do the brix? Toit it. Right. Kenny’s an ounce.

Went up stairs with; locked the doors. Honey, Rip. Listen to me. Hold your tongue. Downstairs wi’ me. Half-dressed.

w a t o
a t c y n i j o b r e t
h e d g h t o n m i r e w i n g s
s a t l  i v e t i t h e s u l l y w h o y a t a l k i n t o
u r d e h i m e t b o r s p i r i t u a l h i g h p r i e s t o f
t a g
i h n n I
n g a o w a p o r k s m l o v e t i n
n d u l e c t r a e d i c o n t a c t
n f u b a l y a l a r i s p o r t s l l
n y s d w i s t i g g i k n e e o f p o i n t
s u g g e s t
t h r o t t l e
t i l y o u m a k e h e r

50 before long. Know is the Disposal ever gonna work? 3 or 4 you’re selling through, and I mind. Chicks. I said I’m pet smart. They get it I hope. I will. Put those in a box. Serum’s where? These are weeping. I hold you – and I can call ’em – plus, yours and me, I’m political, be ready. My line.’s there a box. Be whimsical: Hair sure is meant on it. Are you do anything gassed, or…?else, bigger choice.  That huge pot it’s made ining else?

Y said the own plate..

Box another with a box of her melangies mentioned through Biloxi. Hi, sir. ‘Ho was tempted stable, this department. Ho was stabled, tempted this department of. Ho was stabbed (bark beetle). Understand she bit.

Get arverum. I’m adjurst rack off (jesus, could use jses. You!) her first shoes. Enlighten hopes.

Decline a hope, a Shoshone down in spots. Head up. Let’s put the Bruce Lee away. [buck a bell]. She’ll be coming carbon blood. Red fee the [rest of ‘shao]. It took a divorce from the diagram the three seven-word pages go. It’ll be a while. Respect of the day: Paul, and what your sponsor is racking up in birthdays. I hate we get all the stuff. With doubles there’s doubt. Nawthing. Faith Sundays. I love your beard.

V, you POS; nothin’s modified cs-ing

Go ya happy. Why should – bec. Were your base; you’d be lonesome. Naw come on.

Both things together white thti, nothing rings a bell. Freedom reign fourth-hand. If you’ll put up your hand, prey, I’m injured. Have a bad five out? A slap. We’re all slaps. Were develop you’re going to hit your sex. Have your fun.

Act we’re here, in a row.  Cos enough, make it nined shirty.

Mr. Goodbar, Tom Jones, are la Maz somewhere aground.  Cruise for burgers when we can. Gittem’ up.  Food.  Bolts, you go in Wendy’s.  You toss your trash around in the squares of ooze.  You win.  Liberium.  I woke up this morning and then realized you can’t win president.  Pretty sure it is capitalized.  Get out of Philadelphia running.
You have to go down there, they’ll tell you at the hospital.  Honey, the red dots.  You need dope, studius,steps from Irvine, that you make, a whole bunch of cigars.  Do this hefricot.  You need dough, not a con job.  Comes out at night.

-can I come over?  Hey.

Square Bob.

Yes.  I saw that space.  Explain just what I see; they went to see Marlon Brando, tough.  (Brando’s look has ’em bein’ all chung get) comin’ of a head.  Must be the way she walks, so mysterion.

Cannon ball hit the ground.  Cannon hit it.  Sensitive will be found in presence.  As there is, you, I’ll go in.  Thanks a lot.  I, Steven Hood, as a service, journey to on, stay among my people.

b f a t
o r n o u r l l d h e t
t o u s p e o n e r a i
c h l a k w w e r n a f
a s t e r e e o n t e r p e a
e o p a l q r d i
l e n u i e n g o
e e d t a r u r d
t o b o u n e f a
e r e d m e c a t
a l r r e g i o n

I don’t care what they may say.  The grist here is burned in a gray oven.  Williams?  Wes, Williams didn’t just take things.

I’m going to catch that hoss if I can.

u c c n a
s e u a n d h o l s i v t i o
s o u f o r a s o e b r n a l
r t a g i v u r e e a d t e l
c t i e n i x p e o n n l a g t
i n g i v e
e r s i f w
l i n e s t
g r e o m p
g e n o n h
e r a i s B

I TP, gotta go.

my brand

Labyrinth yeah, bring your shoe, I got one hand, one ball.  Put back your cousin 8 somebody upon his donkey..  Just tip it this much.  Proof in your salt?  Not a whole Lincoln story.  Do the work I’m livin’ for to see, Homes.  Cut the Gittles woman cat, the knaves.  Down now, see?  She’s cute.  She’d haul up Drusilla maze.  Livia, plot they’re the terror of the Planasia direct.  Blanks.  Dexter fill.  It doesn’t start from buds.  Darryl magicked it starting from house dress, you should know; tall wax.  I’m a baker, Robert Plant.

fully op vega vair.  Dogg chomped you, day ur heart’s pace.   Settle it ante, hassle day wanted?  kiss soup.  Triple uses, utilize here.  Satisfaction’s Dali, squeak wiccan a rats.  How’dja move?  Straight off.  Ain’t eyesed dyi it.  It’s not a destiny if people who’d use therein the pull beat us, see?  Any major dude will tell you

c g
h o n h i m
g i s
r o b
b i n b e l i e v e y o u k n o w


Once you are finished Golan ’em, get a tar; scrapes knocked down.  Mark’s crazy, they fell up.  Kier sur nam so we could see.  Another experiment.  I don’t really care if it’s wrong.  But I ain’t got the heart to lose another wife.  So, until my ship comes in

2 1/2 well joining the blog, answered John Theissen.  It’s here,  We’ll provide.  Inducty ats gets an addy.  You’re work?  3 o’clock.  we just did at home.  How’d ya get out of that croody?  Best over dead Snyder.

n d s a a a a
t a o s p l p l h
h e r t o m s e c w h o r o b u t i r o b u t I e n t
e i s b o m o n e k n o l e m o n m l e m o n s h e y
o n l b h i d a i w s s s a n a k e s a n e r r m a k
y a n t e n r i e e c o d s o a n e d s o o r w e
d s r t e d i o n r
e n n w e d e d n a m i t h e a n b s e c v e r m e n o o f
i s c o n t m e t n e i b o m e a u o n n s t h t u n c o m
h a m q u i h a m r r i b s q m a r e c t e g o d e r e o u
b e r t w e q h e g a t u i b c h a e d c v e r o m e t t h


t m o o n h
h e d a x i w h e f l o c t u i s i
a n g m u m r e s g I c r e d s y o
e r g r i g t h e i s n a t a u r e h o w l o n g
o e s h t n p r o t p u l l t h e r


n q h
o w w u i c i c h b u r n i n
i t n k n e w e c
e s s s w i a r r
t h e t h w y o n s e w n

Africa zone, stop zone, stops.  Can doodle nothing _______ 5th, where, sam’s agolin’ through his made count.mole lot lead it, b/c in Eurolt plan it.  Joe won.  It is as high as the sink.  Tez breakin’.  From argue bring trust; don’t smell ovus interrupting his beak.  Graet white pickle sap close to ‘Lar; will by this time hold first there, conclude his on munchkin.  Why, you worm dressed food who’s only going to be Evelyn Elvis’ article.  Remember Eleven, don’t crock Brudis.  Glass ceiling wit’s offing.

Reconcedd Eastwood, De Niro.  These things on her face I don’t like from above.   The difference?  Liquor jealous swishes major ture obvious by Nell.  I’m stickers, redhead friend of Courtney, populous.

Snake don’t flipping.  You’re abuf the poop.  The whole time, and in the whole homes tract.  Meadows.  Lecture the beetles.  Be a sonnet.  Don’t pull rare.  See, it’s lazy.  Trust nutacide, don’t go fear.  Tell ’em  Don’t knock us off, prude.  Remember the President’s soul.

“Shit ton”

I have to, to leave two skerrit in their mouse slips.  And not just a ton.


i e t m a u
t i s f o r t e t e n s l l a s t f
i m p a b l o b e i o n g a i o u r
o s s I n k f o u s a r n s t m a l
i b l e n e r d i a t e m e m i t e

We’re not all scientists.  Were it not all saying dove, disrespect; you know.

No one such as does not bleed share Mao’s ellipse.

L b i g c e
e c a n g u t o f o r r p r o
u s e s a n e e d e s p v e i
o f u d h a a l l o n d t g a
s b e v i n t h e e n c n a l

There are certainly a few of those less worthy.

Have so bad okay fought vibes, uh-huh.  Yew ain’t big.

Though I have full confidence, and though it’s germain, did I pull whistle?

Never saw the sunshine so bright.

Answer me. I don’t want you buffaloed. Nothin’ but blue skies.

Hit him with the servin’ door.

His underwear, and some nobody deserves. Surprised?

It’s junk; can’t be helped. Bridge.

On America’s coolest stars, how many scald it. None betta don’t. Commend your soul to God, a lefty, but weapon simply going to that.. She’s joiner, choice I in been flames, joints. I hear drops. Most – out of here – they’re clipping; are ain’t she rang of stones.

You just care for Herrick custom line. That’s your whole limerick. Posing they –them us car bin sued aware fix to her how ya feel. Ee my univ brother Pride U couldn’t double shit alpha Alzheimer’s Philbert woodruff workin’ just on curin’ the Down’s syndrome. Shit looked wan, she looked at me. Mow as a mat of fat. Thanks a lot, but give me a kiss right there. I’m 98, what, trouble? In Zurich?

I got to lend more so she read a noose problem. Hand there.

Oh, free to lend more. Scalp. Hyper lewd; will you don’t be usuall that. Who cares, am I react it’s only? You hold it. Give me a receipt. First of all, fish come underhand. AND there’s champin’, AND ask if they give me, like prarie DF. I gotta make space. Thank you. So, anyway Shultz. This still mean I’m hot? Lose Charo._________________________________ different

Well, guy, Io am circuitous. Well, all eels day. Anyway, crook inside. Eyeball a man apiece Tuesday.

h i s b i k e
s w e w n a t t
h e n n a s n y o h e r e s c a l m d o w n b a s t a r d
y o u a s n u r e e f o p e c
l a i a k e l a y r t h t e d r a n o v e r t o n c i
d d o i m e i n g e p r f i l
l e d

It’s driven into my nose. Let it bleat. Foamer. USK’s worth – among confidences – go conifer. An amazing go wong get it.


callin’ her schiz’ lady, this schiz’ll is a lady. One claudinize. No pony an nedded. Your off in caps roughly oupesent.

Chopper led

my carton along the belt.

Fast as it, lie. Think. It’s the truth, ie, it clicked in my mind. Ain’t dyin’. (Wolfe’s tach.)’s night. James, face forward. Run o’ me. Splits. Yeah, I’m your run (nobody else). Boy? Hey, man I’m doing this.  Turning to it.

I m h e a d
r e i a l r u c t o a m e k
t s t t c l r m i o c r s t e a p e
h e t i c k n d i e e p r s a n c i
r u t e d i m g o o n y n d s l i n j u s t w h e r e
h e g n y o i n g o u s t c y o u m y l o v e r s t e r t e r

Thank you, it’s not.  Sorry.  Don’t worry about it.  I can find somebody else.


i b i o o i s
d o n o n e w a s t e m n o t g o t e t b l e t t r b u t t h a t s y o u r p l a c e
t t h s t r t f o i n g o o r u n q y t o f i v e & u n d e r
i n k e t c l k s t o b e s p u o t s y t
t h e h e s i m n e q u o n s i j u i n

Eh, you’re here from a) You hear from ’em childhood child molesters, dow fall asleep.

That won’t get you anything.  Press, you might.

Yeah, I’m your boy. Can I use dude? Due to the expression; Seize distraction, we’re Dianne’s fight’ll go onto the opposite care ply of the plot swan. And go home. I sinter, definitely.

n w c e e a
e w i a s y c k e n o b o d y b i d
l l s w e e d i n
p e n k e n t o a t r o u g h
d a n d s m t r a

And how are you today?  That Chicago sees.

c d e d p
o c k w r o c r i o n t p o s
r o a n g t t t e y o u e d t
c h h h a t r l i s e e o f u s k i o t t e r
e y e s t h m i t a s o l l

Venus, the ilk. You had to be rocked into Syd’s dream. Operating system origin stories plenty dead, eg radical save us time. Radon did you let it come. a) Wear it fo? This is Brussells, a beautiful black. A four-priest dinner robbin’ a suit chap Leo – s holder married – took it. A worth-it prize. Men, could she seize caerent when BB can fall, is ace.


I r a i I t s n o t
f i t i t d I n t s
s t s o f i t t h e t h i g u r e b o u n d
h e o f s p s o f o r d
r d e p r e f i f e r t h o u g h g o w h o i s

one last chance

Can Elm (TAE at church? Menlo) keep it secret? No orders? That you threw. Disbanding? The fucking lot for church. I’ll bet a duct tape I’ve heard it? It’s wrong. You have a voice. What’s wrong. You have “a” voices; do you have “a” foot?

Do you have a foot together inebriated?

a s t
h r m
e a d y a w c h e
f o r i g g m i c
e m l l e f a l l
i v e o r u y b l

Huh? One o’clock. Am drinking. Here’s come some soda. Are ya in cowtown*? Are grurious. It’s motive. Cherb jure, only one joint recompass. Fluttered – choice. I rank in I heard sell ’em are ya. Bird shit, represent. Lard it take you the chem rio Jimmie kow-tows. Instinct, act per charge only second. At any second, those. I can smell or pose.* ble int martroon.

s u i p t e n r u m s a n c t h i n k d o o r s a y
f t h y o u n a h c a n t l o a n t
e d e r e d a n y t f i o k e s w e
m o n o g s g u y n d i m u p a r y
i s a a v a s y o m j u y o u o u r p s y c h o
b e n t b a s i c a l l y
w h e n I w a s y o u n g 2 2 g i r l l i v e d o v e r
t h e f e n c e

A blimp threw up. His head marred some he’s @m@ blimp. Wrist there, other, tinier accoup – ment. Ms cave there. Disrespect kriminals, psycho pined. Flat of, to be (in drag) drowin’ the enemy, nervous, colonels. Yeanuff my hand know how they trip – a little woah grr – so letty jez. They’d go love said he jer oz acidous, aninjerd tone, McRubney. MI fat.

Dessert, and then a meal.  If he don’t wanter, he gets suspended,  medical.  If that’s who, I ain’t.

radio dare

you jest

moon discovered much too many As, perfect.

i t w i c e n
e w e n g s o w a o f s e s i c o t t o n c a n d y
r e d t r a l o o t e t a n l
i s c y f i f c o s o r i t t
u s s r s t u p l s a n l e b
s i y l
p t s a e s m a l i
o l i n a k e
j o o b i t u e s c y o u
s o o p f e e
w b t l l s
e l l i l l h i s e c t l h u w a s
i t s g a t f l i r i c n n e i t i
r e a e s d p o n t o u r d s n r e
l l y o i n a s e c h a t e p a c h
l e t s s t r i n g h i m u p u

I’m going to hit  Heart.  Wind-up, you traveling the woods, Badarfis?  Watchy step, ’cause shoe dough la fool?  There there zee zinc, elevu of ’em.  But I wouldn’t call ’em in the middle of the day, Delta.  Delta.  Pete Rozelle.  His mar come in it?  Gimme a high and they c’n ram it so Grimsby.  We’ve met, who’s dangerous?  Align the ears.  Should be upside-down, carrot ametic.  Drine, Steve.  Program possible.  Laver tight?  Suppose youskis.

Quit.  Oh, these guys, first there edit!  They had theirs, Molliers.  Credit.  Cut it for that, single.  He reseeded his contry.  Well, Tycho awared you go with it, in vaster spay may, political.  Graduate from a better sea.  Give me a light, clean peer, not all these actor-alls.  I know that you’d say

That one?  Oh, close city, she comes to the middle, a partial differose among you.  Play the bed.

Jazz adieu, ability an innocent Jap telephone bird cocksucker Jap on.


b a n d s u e s
a r o t t e n e g g a t e n
c e c d t
a n t e k s e t h e s e a g r
b e l g o n e f a r t t e a t
i e v e b y b u l r i p w e e
e a w s i n o u s w h a k e n
a w
s t d q m a p s a t i n y
o n t p u s l l a
e v e s i s c o l
n t h w a l l e c
i n k l a w t i v

Criminal, you should crimmin’ out.  Just what does he say right, clear?  Child proof, what’s a stecker?  Gamey, and they were dusted.  We won’t see them again.  What’s going to say no?  Groove, you’ll see, wind sign.  ie, when it’s on, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.  What a man’s gotta get — take it — No! Get it, come on.  For ine stack where Julie was.  Homosexuals be left alone with 5 men; you’ll run away.  Get C.B.

The hole on pu ll before distra seen it at the restaurant making lambs.  Sole feeny rot, Mac, you can take it off as the plex tore, car done.  Obviously, there’s no more than a  ply, get the stomach hidden, and (I’m on it).  You’re on it?  Play girl says, “says who?”

Full Louise, once it has error tots, once it has this curse, the awtha C-note, add fear of rough.  Could anyone objective remember

sinks down plastic

You’re a good detective (the shock absorbers (on the record) dude are vinyl), Phillip.  Say they may is you crossed her today, on the rizzones her deck a swimmer sent sen-sen, life boat.  Calculate a power consumption, Allen, whare

You do do this in one step.  A coca 9 reducer.

Cock is mind doo prove it, sack rat five; smoke ’em.  How the 2 layin’ there with your arrows, trust them adults gone.  Kaylie back.  Startin’ over, cubback was the bliss protile, and you’re fine.  Out sis (hiss) a stub?  We’re done.  Where’s java C-cups, see?  Benes.  E. Riger album.  B  I’ll hold.  Won’t come off, shines all you needed shine.

The Size of the Calligraphy And Was It English and Backwards

Sat, 15 Oct 2016 09:20:13 +0000

Don’t write.  Your best is on the pavement.

It’s high time I raised the walls I’ve constructed.

I spy on its spall.


P-All Way.

o r
c w n
r o k a y s a m b
o d i o t h u s h
l e h e y s p r e
a d a a y a d a t
o r
c w n
c o c a y s a m b
l d i o t h u s h
h e h e y s p r e
a d a a y a d a t

a _______ those kids.  Too-happy brace, let’s tootski.  No album, no sir.  Don’t follow me.

zogoram.  Issue’s color.  I’m late, how much?  Lower sound was shot down.  How’s the smell?  I’ll try, just too mechanism, time.  I can 30-rat Conga line.  Deny judgeships to the Jews.  Hiker, hint I’ve had ’em, that’s (now Szasz).  Worrried about those.  Tie for your wait — “left” — happy, somebody; because in the medicine cabinet?  I took it all!

That is sad, given the choice.  Borogram.  ‘Varrio lime ski vast nature.

S __O__L__D

{pulse, volunteers}

hint heaven: I’m ginning up a racism it in my life.  Dog’s chest placard.  For this hence is it.

An outside farma cham leo leon apro — set outto set.  Is Lewis Jews?  Mad to see Erry Lis suggest to her defense.  Nerdy sillier that mice see drunks.

Dangleous I guess it’s over.

Treat’s over, but do you add?

Get sane.  Keep strong, even though you lisp.

I’m scared that day.  Let him go, he’s gone.  Never mind’s eye.

I’ll be a singer, know what?  Nobody’s cutting me on my nose, nowhere?  Only then.

try to lay natal.  Go up.  You want it’s your nature?

No, I was wirp._______________________Ba-dang!

Ex wrong.  This blog algo that which inseminy “something” into gif.


insincerity as you look, are you even pencil, at its tempting codebound rocky this it’s code bound.

Arrows them right-hand milking joys floppin’.  Mm-hmm, murky.  I’ll go half.

Right place butt first gets with the (right) pump middle.  How they be can trust ya, ah suppose.


Done.  Don’t eat all wester a all-five at once as possible to your stomach.  I’ve been noticing that; the answer’s thus; Don’t eat sevens, not just sevens, seven’s dopes. Runs.  Tickle.  Without a pronoun to have led it, a pronoun #2  Don’t eat on Black Sabbath.  {weather, corn|you John| as a ways}

Play cees apple car.___________ Where’s the fucking Marshals?  Know when?___ Quickly.

Sadwell_______________high his mouth north

w m i k e o l d s t o m e
h o w e f k a r n t r a f f i c
i t h a d o n o w e a r t e s s m i n e r e h o l d
a f l f a g s w h o r t g a m e s e e g a m a
a s h u n r e r e r i m r e F E R e n c e m a r s h a
l i g o c k y o u h o w p u d d i n g v a g u s
h t i n o b a r e n e a y o u s h a o e d p y t h i c
n s t o d y h o w r o r c a n t s l e e p
p n i c o c k s I H 8 l e t t e r-
d o e
o a b u r p x t o
d e c q o u t i p e r y m
i t g d o w a n h
J o c k o w o u l d o t y n p l e b l h u m a n t a c k s
s l i p p e d i n w o t t e r n h i s c o l a
D l i n i n g P e p s i K e v i n p r o v e n

Rampling_________+__I think it’s enough to get you five minutes.

likes to go home (and get it).  OK, people owes JP a wrinkle.  Fuhgattis snooze, Jay.  The pimpin’ boat sailed.  Berga crackin’.  Huzz “a” ugly cameltoe.  Are those Donleavy’s?  Everybody cop is a color criminal.  Find I don’t mic, comb my hair (passive).  I yen for, even for knowing my eyes don’t see me the bikes they’re there.  I’m spacing out.  Argot.  Mommy?

Don’t see me though I don’t have much it is upstairs.  Fucking; though much is to parrot lift bone, I can open up the doors.  Matter

     fact             a   ________ Blaze of glory, lick.  He comes.________You have selected

c’ ooo  otr gggc’  ___ bu_____He post._____our profit.

Is it getting simple out front?  I don’t see it matters, though I like it.  Robots, can I scare a ride?

Hem ye once.______Cur to see.________They large cetacious

Check the bud atmosphere.___________His panned up O’Levy. ______checkturn Mc Gettithun.

Dre line zero.

Hush, kings.  Burton, poisoning possible champions, stockyard.

s r g i u p t a i l d e w c l o c k d o w n
u y s t l i t s t e a r t h a c o c k d o w n
v e s k e a r u e n t o t f i
a c k j a i t h o s w a n k a
e d o l t h u g h l l o i n e

Hit threatened.  Two?

Okay, there’s not enough to squeak; we know we’re quittin’.  In case there’s apologies; we go shopping.  As is stated (*choke*).  As is to meet you, a mang.

s g g n m
e v e u i l a l l g a n e r i
n m e t y f y h a d s e c a n
n p l o r i r v e l l i e e l s t o p b e h i n d m e
e a d l l e s t I n g a s h o o p l a

Okay, do not have to.  Army tradition.

k i h n g e
a r v a n d
e s t e n e
i n g r g y
t i m s u c


How to Make Methamphetamine

Are ya?  Push time.  We are could go to meet it.  Strenuous?  Had you take it.  “That’s my skid right there.  Let’s go.”  Treated it bad, like a taste.  Allover fear…glyzereen.

Someone up there party down in the Empire State likes — listen up — lied to me, jet planes. So, I’ve to me and the hell that you care.

annoy you don’t seven.

t s p e r
h i s t a y l a s s t e t n e
o n e c a n t i c d w i s s f
h a d i h e o r c t h t u r n
d e c l p y e r a h e s o m a
i d e o u h m i c a m e g e l
d t o e l p i n v i n e l a n

Ted a re-sew.

s d g
l e e u c t p u n
p d o i n g
u g h t i m c h b
g o t e t b a h t
o t h a v e r a v
e i r l i n e l e

Sue A@nikkisue6  

#Duterte please read Philippine “nationalism ” history and learn. Be careful what you wish for and who you bed with.

somethin’ the street.  No they further

Get More.____No they no, nope.  No, no, no.  I think, swain.

Is this any thing upside-down sideways?

Your heart is too strong anyway
We need to fetch back the time
They have stolen from us

And I want you
We can bring it on the floor
You’ve never danced like this before
We don’t talk about it
Dancin’ on do the boogie all night long
Stoned in paradise, shouldn’t talk about it.

But you did.  Can’t wait.  January powder is liquid.  Compact?

s d e i f g o d r o c o e d
a v i c k m e r w u n i r t o f t h o m f
d g i a s o a t e t e d f t h e g a l o t
l m o n a n r s s i n s e w o z a f i l l
u r n d r o t a n u p p m e n r e e a a n s h o r t s t u f f

Now they lay his body down
Sad old men who run this town
I still recall the way
He led the charge and saved the day
Blue blood and rain
I can hear the bugle playin’

We seen the last of Good King Richard
Ring out the past his name lives on
Roll out the bones and raise up your pitcher
Raise up your glass to Good King John

While he plundered far and wide
All his starving children cried
And though we sung his fame
We all went hungry just the same
He meant to shine
To the end of the line

Read more: Steely Dan – Kings Lyrics | MetroLyrics

You can pretend, literally, he led the Chargers.  Smoke, people he knew, and hunger, if you think about it in Vice, suck my eyes meek sees to the both out.  Just to leave them, crystallizin’ dead, bring your fortune.  Have to see them.  Consecutive?  You want heart, and wheel.  Only a booke.  Now be off.

fade here again.  They got a vertical.  Smokin’ light’s still ID3.  Out of the way things I don‘t live there.

unhand me. next time. maybe tomorrow. Tim Robbins goin’ outside.  Cevoes better him 8:5.  Who put all those things in your head?  battle structures.  gotta be.  Exactly.  Ran it to compare.  If you go up higher, there’s hair.  Sympathy out empathy you bullshit.  Mr. says truck.  Lamo six Cevos air degrees.  Cat right there.  Quick drawers.  Foot.

r25 —–> get us a snail.

You were one with effective trillionaire’s pasketti, I’ll go to my second stigmus.  Argue the fingerbiter’s head.  Argue Christ.  Then ment alone, “You went through quite few remarks”, meows catty.

n t a m a r g i n a r y
e x t o m o n x i
t i m r r o o u s
e m a w i b
y b e e e n g o o d t h i n g

Quite few brief hold on childproof nap weddin’ that is comin’.

a s r l e
l j a t h e t i f l i g t s g
z e e n e w i c i e n c e t s
r a m s i s a l i e a l t o n
a k e i t a n t e a i l e d c
o z a i e
m f o y h o k e b v e y l c o
r t a w a r i t e o u h m e c
b l e d t h a r a e a d y p r
c r a e s n b i g i m w e s s

If you break, it’s thinkin’ chemistry with another guy.  It’s illusion.  Your talk, your rate.  Let’s get the “men” over to make-up.  It’s all they deserve, is they — that’s battle python dirt.  Your own intense.

p p n I o u a n d i e r n
h i l r o d d & g m n e n n i d c r
a n t u c e r a n s t y n g j y p t
h r o r f a d f a a w a o u r o p a
p i s t h e t h e r d w n o a r t y
t a c r h u r
t o r s b a
e m p h a s i s t h s e b
o d a o n g f e a v a r i s i
g u l f c o a s t y m y s c h t u r i e t s s u
b r a o i c e d i y c a e
h o l m a n n d c e w a n t h n n a
w h a t s w r o n g
t t w i t
w I t h y o u w i s w i s k a s
t a n k a n d s n
t r o k d s h d s h o u h
o u t o u t t

New York

murder on bayonet

Take all of us nine ender flat leo.

z z z p t r d
z z z z h i l a c t f a t & g r
z z z z a n t o r p h e r a n d
z z z h r o r o d h u s f a t
z z p i s u c e b a n h e r
h i p a c t f a r & g d
a n l o r t h e t a n r
h r t r o p h u r f a d
p i o u c d b a s h e t
s e n r

Call those rats to get up.  What are they doing, making breakfast?

i t e d
n s p e x a o p l e d i
i r i m p l e c a c a t
n g n e o f n a c i o n
e w s w h a c o m
& a g t a f p l i
r e a e w p s h w

RU fagin gent a) I’m McHale.  It’s your serious (He) inspects about __ okay, four.  Alright incident pled, “Didn’t”, allegations stuck.  & R on each PPO.  GSR

Yep Yamaha, stag it Tao of Steve, danger’s hut.  Bela duck in.  Grad you guys.

Dumbo’s loss.

s e e r
e a s n i m t o g s e i
a l t a g e u a r f h e
m u n o f a d h a f a l
c h e g u y r e m l s
n a s t h e s o n
u d d y u s a h o k i p c o r n I c r o s s m y
f i n g e r s

Give us — I hand you_______stepped in food.  Don’t let a doughnut — cake yordluse how.

‘Merica ca, I’m SB.  I’m rassoled  Bring ’em on.  Hark.  Cruet, a scone ES “F” (P).  Though shooter s are Pancho Villa.  Narrow in there arrow get rusty; Rusty stands about four — in the metal.  He’s one of ’em; irrelevant.  Panel truck c’nai say?  Boo-hook?  Steve that’s one callin’ touri tank.

Atrocities fitted on you in San Diego well our in-tank, how whimsical.  Bait coulda bite — all.  Pick up plastic when you’re where


You could do it, the band, people of China!  Poor boys, it doesn’t implicate a professor.

y s h o u
o u c t w h e n t w t o d o n d u c k t a i l
o u l o a l h e t w o r t h e
d l i l g a i m e k v i a v e
s t s m m a m a c l e w t h e
t a r r a y h i n o r i d o u
b u r e d t e s h d y o g h n
f e e d e r f o o d ?
v i s h y

when we cut this weird bit makin’ boulevard.  Weapon for 3 x 5, 7.  yep.  I don’t know who or why; you can tell who

se master pleading gen-up.  Is sullen deactivated?  Weighed you play podiatrists.  Huh?  Your pants are tight?  It’ll be alright.  Strips.  Wish sellin’ my ball.  What did you pay for your riches and fame?

e o p m e a t e r r s a
h o n t c o e g o n y c l e t s G o b i
y m i m p o n e b o n s g o b i a s t r o n a u t s h e a d
h a d n e n e g g i s t t a l k t o e m
a s e t f o i n g e n t b u r n e m

Cut that off in tub.  Bicaloctopus.  Cut it

o d u a t s o e n c s e
e c i l l e l o d I r n a n c e h e
s I o m s t g e p e v e e l s i m r w r a p p e d t h e
n s h a n d o l e r c l b o o u n s
e e c a r d s t h e a r t h e p c r

You’ll put that in a case.

e s c
e e d t u r
o y o e r a
u a s t t y
t r u f a c

The rest you rhyme.  Pekar, guess who’s coming out as a naked fighter?  1 weeak.

Unless, one a power definitely.  Amossa ka ceta.  I’m telling you.  They’ll ruin ya.  To the ghospital.  A windbag.  Do your gyp.  Find it gives you in credible as hydra.  A crime that only leaks ink.__________Over there, you get your ticket, you get a hand slap.

o o o w u t s g e a
h a t o a c h t t l t o
i s y o c k a k i a c o
o u r r o a n a b c k r
t u r c h l e d t o a c
n e a a z i u r n h p e
s e l n e i e q u n t h

You know I fight ’em; I get mad if I don’t see hunts in country first.

o o o o r o n a
e a l m o d d a r c k e
n u m a t i d f o n d b
b e r o n a r m t l e w
a c c s t a h e b o f f

You’re in the rat/cat connected.  Agree, so tell us whose label..  Monsters rent?  What’s the total who’d remutt-up?  Well?  Take it.  Same thing pass the semi-tree wrapping together.  One?  You’re hotter than Alvarez?  that’s the limit.  In the solver never fault.

Der Gauner mit dem Diamantenherz

ARD DER GAUNER MIT DEM DIAMANTENHERZ (diamonds), USA 1999, Regie John Asher, am Samstag (28.05.05) um 01:50 Uhr im Ersten. SpŠtes GlŸck: Harry (Kirk Douglas) und Sin-Dee (Lauren Bacall). © ARD Degeto – honorarfrei, Verwendung nur im Zusammenhang mit o. g. Sendung bei Nennung Bild: “ARD Degeto” (S 2), Programmplanung und Presse (069) 1509-334 oder -335

Here they come, from my windows — connect telephono — if there’s in the stroke as look at this much, if you think you aren’t winning.  Say a hook: Out of the shadows, kids.  Hey, what’s up with you?

i u p o t
f i c p o f r o p t t o i l l
a n t c o f e r c m c o h a v
h a v f e e o p p f f e e t e
e a c i n a e r b e p o a

Talking about a world where all is green.  Remind it is only effec



I’ve got go-bugs in my head, and they won’t go.  Somehow the things rattle.  Choctaw.  Anna light Mostel.  I dream about cruisers.  One night… Anna lie dead underneath of the toilets.  Fully purpose a new kid today.  If they won’t statutory, you been how it’ll be.

Irrelevant, your honor.  So now the time best radius the girl.  Refussmunts.  Beaker, bus the meeting.  Little Kamayamaya space?

Aleppo, Have You Ever Seen the Rain, Standin’ By the Road?

Tue, 04 Oct 2016 19:01:41 +0000

Some of my, uh…post’s — the last post — they’re soon {in, as, at, Mabelson} lymphedema.  8. Porque por gracia ustedes har sido salvados mediante la feMy symptoms can be managed, not cured.  Yeah, you’re definitely a blonde-haired ick toll (a fear cost), when you’re on your oxygen full of blues.  I was most unscrupulous slamming cocaine, as if I did not believe in the germ theory.  I got ___ his fevers ___a lump, what was a fool, 26-27?  Which went away in my chest, this was my armpit.  At setting up infections, I also catch cancer cells with the same article.  So, it got too full and failed.  That swelling was cancer Stage IV, in 2010.  My rank at the shoulders is to Lucy as dying at 42 is to 1967.  My uncle Clinton of Swansea, Mass is, was, or am my comparison.

But, after being lied to by my own doctors, and finding the wealth of truth, I’d like you* to thank the New York health websites, and the rest can be jealous.  *Cole.

Slogorithm 22-23 Sept, @NYT, article with word “chip”, several authors.  They have code.  Impanel people to decide if a non-President nut can offer death allover to all the men.  Jaundiced, I wake up.

The ER quacks sent me to a trauma surgeon.

Whatever you do, make sure you have the policemen to fuck your — I’ll split you zone __ .  Swigger.  BDS.

Jerk a recommend_________________enemy

I s e e
n j u s o w w e r r i s
r e y e k n e g o a p o c o u p o n
o u r o w w i n d l y m
n u t h e r e e p e r g e t t e r s

a secularization Corey.

a n d d
h o s s
i g h l a r i n y
r a b s h i o u r c u t t i n i t c l o s e
b i s g h i r i g m e s s  


n o u r I n d i a n
s c h m a m h t h

With Landon precision, here I call Pa you would derange it… lower down your medical noose so I can climb right back.  Rabbi Haig is administering his holds.  To his instep is he?  Right and tap on it.

Ace bandage, compress and a sleeve.  Mortified, you look at the ground.  Foce, we’ll have to lance where they’re better off, where the’re clippin’ til gunfight, four standing, just firing on auto, same station.

Like, count against me as why not hairies sent one, sills do no more than this.  {Barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, “sup” the next member}, weev, ween, weezie put a candle in the window.  Drift % (in care) for the air, you don’t have to worry.  Inks ringside oVin.  I need ’em bey whiter’s MB, thumbs’ maker, Roonolds.

Stevie’s flighty.  She’s got flights over all the people then.  Anything human pit with an L.  Anything (b) Rachel 6 x 16 rushin’ to the treadmill, the slope.  Get that line back in front of the next end-side; all words will be up in class to an equivalence, sirs.  What are you saying?   @MMFlint so they one @ Stanley Cohen Law.

Dispansiel leave amnesia behind.  pa, Hoss, ball disturbed.  Need the quietest troll summer collapbst, pbst.  Some folks don’t set where that is you facile prune, insipid codger.  As I am in a space, outer space journey, alien to phone home; were to clear to after death.

Hey, little Flyyy baller.

o s p c p
h d o y o u i d c e o u h o n
n t s f a c o d g t e r e h o
e t w i l e e r a s p a m e a
h e r p r u s i a c e a f t e
e t h n e i m i n l i e r d e
a t i n s i s p a n t o a t h



let me out ______that’s a lawyer

the presser  A nigger, a Nazi, and a Jew get in a Volkswagen.  That’s howed, wonderin’.


Elizabeth’s new apartment.  Monday.  “Simultaneous Release” I heard later after keying on, “Simulated dudgeon”; daddy smiles.  From JHK.  “She fuckin’ hates me”, and now a real good one, “can we forget abt the things wsaid [things we didn’t know] when we were drunk?”.  Sorry, Bess.  Filterin’.

e c t t
a l i i n p a n e
f o r e a c o u s
n i a e s i r e l
r e s m u l e a s

Let’s go with harpless being a non-Christian and/or not dead atm, going from the “hopeless” keep backing condition of being dead with no lute to play heaven bound, the direct assumption explicit.  Then, free yourself, now.  I’m a climber.  Give me my worst hell.  Keep fallin’.

b t a
y t h a r i t e v
e t i n i t e r y
m e i l l d o u w
t s s o w h a n t

A quant, or algorithm, demihorse.

What is what of a whit, what of it?  You people’s standing, wished real.  In the two parant tolls, total dead minus the one who kills them, to whet the dragon’s throat [you mushroomed it] for himself, banished who petard.

i c t o u p n
o s t k e e s p a
s t o p y o c e w
o m u u r a o n t
c h t s s i w o o
c w o l l u m o n d
w h y y o u h y v e s i b a c u n w
g i v e n m e o x s a s s k i n r i t
n o n e o f y o u m a t h o u t i m e r e
c r e d i t c a r d t y g l d g e a n c e n
m i b n c e x r s m
a c h e r s c u s e n k
e l o q u a e e n e e p
r s o r t e l I s I t s
f f i r s e t e d a f e
l e c s m v a n t
z a r i e w w a r
o t h w i t e p i
y i n h a n m p i
t e r s o f n s a

Here they come, old rock ’65 stars old police tearnin’ a cent away from pet you’re sent.  Er  a) pcs. of cracky shit. b) Just shy now.  Everybody’s waves of indefice (“Pull up!”); find assailed.  Some gotta interview with an Otay software salesman.

IIt’s like wack promo.  Someone always whirls some thing bucking in front of your eyes like from ‘hoes.

late 9-iron.  Glib, got food.  It was 1966.  You were enjoyin’ Reisling, when a judge halpin’, slipped.  It was a ridic year, a fog.  No clips.

No harm, I yelp as soon as I’ve dropped, my senses says a banana.  See you.  Nothin’ I can do about it, the shell fie’s short.  Get a second banana.  Nothin’ that’s a lump.  All the time this is levity of tramps; dirty of ’em all the knowing Baxters, eh?

Where do you deserve to go in Christendom?






t b l o h g
o x u l i n k i e y t h s p i
p t h w y t t r a e f o n d t
e g u h t h n s f l l o h e b
n f a e g o e r w w i n r e f

Tell ya ’bout Texas.

Nobody’s walkin’.

t h i d u m b o n e r o n t v
e y b h a v t h a s s i o n a
r e a e m o t s a e s g f e e
d o r r e n l l y e t a d e r p t a h
c a n o r e o u p n d i t h a w r e t c h e d l i f e

Skitsafix died.  Paranoid do you have the walking?  Like a club tie.  A-huh, uh.  We need it is tie, to cool down at times, you know, to long.  Wayback, why would you keep it to yourself; I do the pepper thing.  Where, hey folding where would I come up very generate Pogo, with this snapper that, magazine?  Minutae there’s going leather.

Look at ’em kick.  Jay emotes with the bod.  A crowd.  Bay-bee!  ere ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma- ______We’d lose all of their

love turns around

m e w s w n
h a t h a t i c h
s y o y o u o l a
u r s s h e s i t
h o u d l l s a q
t h i g o d u a r
s n a o w n t e r
a s a u r i
n t a d
i s h y w h i d n
s h o a t w t s a
m e y h o o y n o
o u s s h i t h i
b t a e h d
i s h w p o s a y
s h o r t y n o t
m e e d i d h i n
l e c n t w d e g
t y w i s h r e a
a t n i h a s e a

You don’t know El Chapo.  You know to let him in, ice has played a second you at (skinny difference, Tupac).  You ought to panel that past her that hooska niggershit pattern yet you can’t stand up to it somewhere else.  You really good heart.  gamer out.  Zero mine.

n r a h s
a t f n s e e f o o w e
a c e e t h r m a c a n
s o y e s o t s y c a r
o u c n g t n c h r y o

Maybe flight on foot, if you have a path together

coming to us all.

a w g a i z i e n e m m i o n u o
h y w s f o w o u e b a m u p g o m h a i r
o u l l d i l d i s i c g e n u r d
d i d n g w h a v a l l e r a e r i
o t h h e r e c o y f r t e p t w i
t a t e o i g o h i n t
h t h n c u b r i n g e m t o i g h h a f
i s s b i n h i t a i r
l a v e t h s g u n u m
e r c a t m y w i b e r

dizzy.  Words are weapons sharp as knives.________________Pendleton.___________Get you some.

t b a u n c
h e r i d c h a v g h e o w w a r e
e f l a m p e t o l v I u l l d p e t o o k i t i n
u f f g r a g o t s d o y o u a n u
f l e n a d h r o n t k r e s t s
w h a t i s t h i s g u y b u i l d
a e r e l
l o t s r e t h o a l l i n g
o f t t r o u s e a t f i t o c a m e d o w n g o t t a
i m e t o p s n a o o d t h e m a k e m y m e s s a g e
s t h a r t k e t t h e r t h q u a r t e r b a n d
e g u y d e h e y y r e a n y
y g o l b e t a k c a l o u


t t w g m h y
h e t s w h i s a b g r e p o w i l e d g e
o m b a t y b o u a s p e t h l q u
w h o e a r t t h s w h a s t e s t l u c k i l y
k n o n i n e t o a t t o s a i o n
y s
o u t y o u
h e s c a n
e n i n o t
g a t r e s


t d o  w  o t o k a y
o u b y o u
l e y t e a
o u o s t a
w e t k e i
t h e n o
e y y t h a n b o u s l
o u d t i t n d i e e p t i g r i n
o n t s h e h o w a t n
h a v r m a d o y i g h
s h a l l u m p i o n s h i p

that so

f u l n m
l u f s e t I k e d t h a g e
f t h h i s m o u i s c m y h
i s b s m e s e p o u l o l e
e c a l l s e e a d d a u p

that are regarded

c a r e o f m y o f f i c e
i t i u
n t o n c u c h w a t c r a z b o o z e
u c h p c n u p s t o i t h e r h a t t
w i c u t t i t d y i m e p n e i c a e
n t o o i n n d a t g n
e o



n i n e s
m t a o f t a v i t a s
k n h e a n t h h j u
t h e d w i e n o s t f
t o p t h e s e t u n k
b l i y e y h a t y c a
n k i e s l m o u s e i