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T 38 Talon Park Jet USAF Decals

T 38 Talon Park Jet USAF Decals

Williamson, West Virginia Tuesday Morning

Williamson, West Virginia Tuesday Morning

some chew went blockin’ down west some were scented.

Covered With Democracy

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At least there’s something to write about—tomorrow—or, geography? It’s this political prisoner stuff. What about it? Well, I sunk any normal conduct, and I am further at weal. The thing is believing Cassandra Fairbanks; believing she was to ditto about, her unproving that they who collect a government paycheck are “state-sponsored”, who their nunee nunya nunning. Then you know.

The common just in case you strip me of my rights, I am a little bit more dependent on this government. This blufferment.

Then your rush in, festoon. Yeah, so, enough about that. Enough like that. God. They kept my threats forever in a file. I’m banned from the library. Note: a) the DVD format means that a patron often gets home with a useless movie, a good one. This happens to me. b) The computer library wifi is visible, it can’t let you on curios, and, it jacks all your tabs, as badly as unwanted updates, for example to a flash player, do. c) This gets me to books. That’s my only reason to have it. d) I don’t work there, and those who do whereof what they feel is an unsavory, criminal element, like me, I am proud to say, because, they’re immoral, while I’m fiduciary. Anyway, banning you from the public library is another way of selecting you for removal, as is the way food markets are operated. All-knowing hoodwink the cast near me in North Park. The porous “literature” of cop brutality set like a toy of the Milgram experiment. By this, the application of torture is over by five o’clock, then gets bound for northern hillock and dale, the peace on retirement.

On the other hand, I’m not a government employee. Now, I don’t want to fight, but rock and roll is getting ready. Yeah, they think they have won, while quite an impressive penis prints—stand up—impressed to say, is everybody clair?

Minor chemicals used in amounts of high quality are near base on a little capitol grace high definition, see? They are not telling the public that the C.I.A. fucks up. Diagram agree, they went into India and assassinated nuclear scientists. They go to party and carry-on using distinctive weapons of math instruction. Guess I won’t no-more bust-out movies carrying mousse from being watched in crappers.

So, I go to my rights, balls. Do you know their scavenge. Sorry, it’s wearing. I will fly a paddle; be right sendwiches one. After today’s events, I wonder how it would feel always having to rig new alternates. I mean, the city fathers are criminals. All you’d have to do is raise more suspicion. So, it tipped me, and now… go all above me. I wouldn’t, but the remainder of the internet would believe we make our own troubles.

Look how they all. Knowing Barrett? Well, to spite one hickey, they said somewhere—I don’t know where I saw it–”you have to have previously known Barrett”. It’s just so—as if the government is directing who is going to receive mail, by sending letters back. I just can’t write Jeremy Hammond. Or, what I say in a letter is going to affect whether they even care to deliver mail, in the constitution I guess it has it. Our function is to be an internal dissident crowd which is fully engulfed in bygone.

But, ESP-wise, at nine o’clock, I am gunning to there, to even use, how shall we put it? Is our main … to function. No, but is a being-there afraid tucker’s trayed?

I plan on writing erotic sarcophagic supercritical-fluid carbon-dioxide. I call her sunny. How the outfit blames global warming on chemical plants, if someone else spontaneously combusts on fire.

My brother’s height they copy down. I mean, the ironic is sometimes this about citizenry. He moved to Sweden. I ponder this in light of the circulry around Julian Assange. There’s a connection. So, how my brother does well in a couple moths, pseudo-translated to Julian suffering and moving about.

So that I am telling you things that won’t go in my blog. This place I live, the place you live. I have to create on a higher plane. Me spending all my effort on San Diego’s multitudinous civil rights violations takes away from the belle-of-the-ball I am on the potential for good with my topic. Whoa, the years micksed it.  Brogue was mangled double-twin.  He gets his likeness.  Sandra Brand is on my mind.  Hallucinating around the bend.

Librarian, it’s you. Can you imagine these loud voices in a setting with SILENCE the watchword? So, you are going there, and having the experience be ruined by a clerk’s loud voice, run your computer until the network crashes it, then go on home for dinner when you have eleven videos, as ten will not work. In all but some ways, when “special interests” go squealing to the government, they’re going to start on us there, so that we are in expectant awe of movie stars, or their legal hold-up process will go and take measures we call the right steps.

So, these little mom-and-pop gravy-and-dressing damn crooks are not the setttled establishment, the one we’re steady to make skelter its pace. They are just little tubs of Haagen-Dass, the mode of exploitation of the mens ruin in river. The gall of you to show them their own egalitarian wage-slave jail a lot, over and over.

So, you are in trouble, there’s going to be trouble for me, and plants sitting alone.

Warm poo?

3.1 K By.  Z

3.1 K By. Z

3.2 K By.  but are you meeting someone

3.2 K By. but are you meeting someone



3.4  you just hot boxed

3.4 you just hot boxed

3.5  that is what saddam said

3.5 that is what saddam said

3.6 now I know what is that mean

3.6 now I know what is that mean

3.7 he said from the box

3.7 he said from the box

3.8 how is that how what means

3.8 how is that how what means

3.9 cricket

3.9 cricket

3.901 not gonna kill ya

3.901 not gonna kill ya

3.902 find the missing

3.902 find the missing

3.903 there were eagles

3.903 there were eagles

3.904 I want my wife fitting.

3.904 I want my wife fitting.

3.90 leg touch and go feared.

3.90 leg touch and go feared.

3.906 fair up off

3.906 fair up off

A demi-cut, like I had in art school.  You mold it now.

Eight U.S.-based scientists tested a leading hypothesis that polar bears could possibly lower their metabolic rates enough to survive as food resources became increasingly scarce due to declining sea ice during the summer months. The bears proved capable of lowering their metabolic rates slightly, the scientists found, but not enough to sustain them over the long term.

“Polar bears are amazing animals, but this study shows there is no amazing solution to the loss of sea ice and habitat,” said Andrew Derocher, a biologist at the University of Alberta in Canada. Derocher, who has studied polar bears for 30 years, was not involved in the latest Science research.

from though let the carp invent tactful protocol highs that suit men on a dead night Berkeley kistarossa.

“We need to weed responsibly,” said Mullan, “and we need to give the librarians a chance to do their jobs.”

Former BPL employee of 18 years Roya Arasteh said that books are being removed from the library at a rate of 5,000 to 7,500 per month, about four times faster than weeding has previously proceeded, and are being immediately pulped, rather than sent to the Friends of the Library bookshop or communities in need.

Scott denies this, saying that the books are first offered to the Friends, then to a nonprofit that distributes books to the developing world, and finally to a recycler if neither of the first two wants them.

According to Mullan, at that volume of books exiting the library, it would not be possible for two managers to be going through the books responsibly.

“Eric!  Eric!”

come on, what are you

come on, what are you



T __T

A save on a spreadsheet is as easy as that? Yeah, don’t come back. Would you keep your keys that I am not MIA?

Done then the delta way. Wall. 30 too close. Computer end jacker. Poof end gathering, happy they prefer just one kiss. Waited for the world quickly [perhaps united states 2 1) blocking end [?]] desu neh [that’s closed] cause from couple weak thermometers have on a door, low, theirs on now [I have wiener. I have to come. I have to now. Step behind. Logic the] like throat theirs on the pwny. Scarab it. The weold may not treat us nice, in the world to come [is it] that I’ve slit [my no-ways friend] to end. Tomorrow we all know the aidest friend to come back. It’s brilliant. Don’t worry about.
Ron Burgundy

8st union s.t. Racist jokes. It won’t go bad any second. “One of us”, what? Oh, “Freaks.” Children there just keep going in a pattern. Cubic around. Go for that? I don’t spend like them. What is this pretending?

Coal House welcome. This incredible g.i.f. Woman on a bike pulls her pants up a skosh, ticket. Down shirt, the right amount. Just enough to make it. All nuttier and saddle bare soundtrack, there just dusted fennel on tripe.

Woke up one day. Are you eleven? I’d been blogging for six years. Dummy back. I don’t know what’s comin’. Credentials. Now you’ve gone and done it shirley. By math if the C.I.A. were defensive … don’t, southern, “Are you awake? Are you aware?”, art the mean cake anguish, I say, chappin’ over, call C.I.A., rhyme two of his taps. Is only worst luck in ten is only worst in charlie’s yard? Screwed it. If they were … to medal? MEDDLE. Positive. Yah, Kunis. Here, life of love and fire. Prig ’em. Hokey was the talk.

This is by Micah Lee. No, by leather. Belly drugs, my Billy has gadget barely on his seat. It’s Bill Cosby: Bc.
Follow: Rx.

They look incindieries. An art. Lovin’ to.

___ D ____S

A Kraut
‘s A’s; we are going to
be here some time.

Faoud yourself mine nearing to darkness in the blink of an eye. “Trouser Snake”. Keep only search posts. Ozzy, you’re at rawther. Be what you’re supposed to be. What!!? In praise of fractures. Important, zip.

Were they’re “trying to get me”? Is that a fill-up? Christ-nominative? Dolly me. One savoir-faire. The pomade seeds nice are made, iron I don’t know. What inks adhere, are here? We’re pseudo naked.
Shuffle like symbol sisters. I hate why you wike like a bug? Is it really? Keep it here. All you could see is one of them he just injures. Those set reindeers’ inspirative chewy-loose lips breaths. Take one of them out and poker left out what stick in that was when they were expressed all face up of the ground.

Not your eye’d misread ‘not red’, turning on. Millions upset people
technically I control. Harder he/shes foment. 50% I’ve around their peepers. I’ve induct their friend. It hasn’t enough, keep in mind? Hasbro.

Back up, get indian ink; our best people, etc. Camp out, read: Dink. Susta solution” here piece, SCARE me.

Lend McClenn done itccc

S C ___ U E

so we can start going to Vons?

get on it shady.

Meth lab logistician’s my goal. Goodbye. Don’t jump.

are you the one who peed at work, on the ground, and covered-up.

it’s down the loop from NYT to Wired.
And then you get scared.

what’d rose the chemical lines, dagget, is more sure was possibility after you left, while the collection at the trunk of this branch later dough believin’ Cosby. Bell seckle sell bowls.;_ylt=A86.J77asqtVwxEA6JIPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTEzOWlpMXBsBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDRkZHRTAyXzEEc2VjA3Nj#

sure white the outskirts of tranquiltown

double the go the hatbook.
Terrors, I need an icon for Greenwich’s took a bath on avatars. What the fuck (WTF), brank black lives matter (BLM), with the nodes bureau of land management gonna be folded-up. On the Rebel, who had uncovered tapped-out fustrank of the alcohol beverage controls, not only way ATF & E (explosives, tamperin’), with Leckey cootie sade aside.

They have police, now you come on with who’d bet country music television bring the raffle store ’em mighty Dog, what happening; who let ’em off? Moyers? A jewel. He’s a genius. Never underestimate the narwal. Okay, in the middle of the last sentence I realized this is Chris Hedges, and then journalism the way it’s soft.

(Hedges)…Greecification of the United States.
The destruction of Greece, like the destruction of America, by the big banks and financial firms is not, as the bankers claim, about austerity or imposing rational expenditures or balanced budgets. It is not about responsible or good government. It is a vicious form of class warfare. It is profoundly anti-democratic. It is about forming nations of impoverished, disempowered serfs and a rapacious elite of all-powerful corporate oligarchs, backed by the most sophisticated security and surveillance apparatus in human history and a militarized police that shoots unarmed citizens with reckless abandon. The laws and rules it imposes on the poor are, as Barbara Ehrenreich has written, little more than “organized sadism.”
Want to live here, be stall reality.

July 20, 2015

The red raids of the coast lay clear the chink palmer’d armored us.

You kind of bishop to this jinx.  Osiah, Isaiah, bursitis.  Focus.



DavidCross2007 some choice

DavidCross2007 some choice

I looked at so many of Henry Winkler, I swear they all stopped looking anything like him.

You got to have a plan. These two are here for an amusing title. It’ll be obvious. But the people need two, for the children, meanwhile, Cross had referenced how they may turn into helpful when they get their rest, and why not pull mine charcoal. selling twenty other ruebens, because that’s how we make our money in Nashville, cocks and sandwiches. Compare how they get tones in bed, slapper furiousing wiping. Aunt Wilma beat out how that riot on the I-74 corridor will settle into the striking mine camps of Kentucky and West Virginia. I think it pilot would back it Churched over to coffee–iodine–no. I Ohio French sorter.

baby park it

garth the moral  Now a days a cowboy hat is only beneficially for douche bag watchers, trying to find a new species of douche.

garth the moral Now a days a cowboy hat is only beneficially for douche bag watchers, trying to find a new species of douche.

doiya have a comb, combs?  Can fart visa.  Real.

Add Up the Smalls T.V.

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updated, clown

Act like the damn thing YOU ARE

Act like the damn thing YOU ARE

There are some old topics:
That one is here since it took us on the Appalacian trail.  The book title is here because the time in history was similar.  Then I go into an appeal for why San Diego won’t explain who killed this little girl, after the case against a homeless man fell apart, and he was convicted.  It is because a crooked judge ordered a finding of fatuous innocence

backended the name being on it; now they surfed Appalacia. Now and then open up the republic of dreams: __d a THREAD N(THE{a})BEGGAR______________Van Decamps

Within three days, Max found himself in the palatial company of Mrs. Belmont, and within three hours–for he had a skill at ingratiating himself among those who fancied themselves supporters of militants so long as militants knew their place–had received a pledge of $2,000.

page 60.  Are you hear doc yet?  Lead us, homes.  space navy.  Dude.  Who in longeles killed Stephanie Crowe?  Nobody in San Diego killed the little fawn, in her innocence.  Who stood up for her?  it’s a rubber-stamp example of rape in   sleazy northern/southern metropolitan headlined…CHECKING-IN.  When are these are scandalous?  Escondido could not SOLVE a murder, but campers could certainly falsely convict young Richard Tuite, of toothpaste?  Of being a two-face, never mind.  Of being alone, captive on midas.  When are you getting a rope?  Am I hear yes, as we are ORANGE COUNTY’S defense.  Arnold’s belaying his familitary tree on trunk, you snakes on the radio.  You bit o’ bitters.  They climb out and talk over every song.  Now, wait a minute.  Crash here, ha, ha ha.  Drag suit.  I left it in my fireproof car.

They threw up.

Frame grab from video of cars burning on Interstate 15 during a brush fire in the Cajon Pass, California. Cars are shown burning on the Interstate 15 freeway in the Cajon Pass, California in the frame grab from KNBC video July 17, 2015.  A brush fire burning in foothills north of Los Angeles overran a freeway in a mountain pass on Friday, torching several cars and trucks as drivers scrambled to safety.  REUTERS/NBCLA.COM/HANDOUT  FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS  NO SALES NO ARCHIVES       TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Frame grab from video of cars burning on Interstate 15 during a brush fire in the Cajon Pass, California.
Cars are shown burning on the Interstate 15 freeway in the Cajon Pass, California in the frame grab from KNBC video July 17, 2015. A brush fire burning in foothills north of Los Angeles overran a freeway in a mountain pass on Friday, torching several cars and trucks as drivers scrambled to safety. REUTERS/NBCLA.COM/HANDOUT FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS NO SALES NO ARCHIVES TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

why for all the while the satellites if their legal, could be sights. If their Macy’s

the sparks are responsive

the sparks are responsive

they’re scott off.


River. Tug Fork

River. Tug Fork

kybreaks Russell Fork, where VA-KY line shifts from tracing mountain crest from Cumberland Gap and becomes straight line to Tug Fork.

kybreaks Russell Fork, where VA-KY line shifts from tracing mountain crest from Cumberland Gap and becomes straight line to Tug Fork.

kytip Kentucky County was created in 1776.

kytip Kentucky County was created in 1776.

Tug Fork

Tug Fork

2.3 K By James Green.  Z

2.4 K By James Green.  Z

2.5 K By James Green.  Z

2.6 K By James Green.  Z

2.7 K By James Green.  Z

2.8 K By James Green.  Z

2.9 K By James Green.  Z

2.901 K By James Green.  Z

2.902 K By James Green.  Z

2.903 K By James Green.  Z

2.904 K By James Green.  Z

2.905 K By James Green.  Z

what an author of genealogy when talking to you

Mary, daughter of John VARNEY, married John TAYLOR­. They were the parents of the following children-Peggie TAYLOR married Daniel Mccoy, whose son was Randall Mccoy, whose son was “Sheriff” Jim MCCOY, Jinnie TAYLOR married Elder John FERRELL, whose son was Anderson FERRELL and also a daughter, Martha HATFIELD, wife of Tolbert HATFIELD. William A. TAYLOR married Sallie MAYNARD, whose son was Alvis TAYLOR, the father of John TAYLOR of Stone, Kentucky.     Harriette TAYLOR married Alvis MAYNARD, Sr., whose children were Alvis, Jr., and Billy MAYNARD-Alvis, Jr., being the father of Pierce MAYNARD and Mrs. Belle PINSON, and Billy the father of Mrs. Jane BISHOP and Mrs. Ann SHUMATE.     John Taylor was never married.     Matilda TAYLOR married Sam FARLEY, whose son was Ali, whose sons are R. T. FARLEY and J. B. FARLEY. Azandra TAYLOR, married Rose­anne RATCLIFF, whose son was Calvin TAYLOR, whose daughter is Virgie MAYNARD.  Sallie TAYLOR married Ali SMITH, whose son was Henry SMITH, whose sons are Tom and Ken. Cyrus Taylor married Louisa SLATER-no children. He was killed by a man named GUNNOE, during the Civil War.

that’s a good one, now, I liked that one

Virgie is Virginia, her maiden name was Taylor.  She married Sam Maynard.  He spent his working life fixing coal cars.  He might’ve lived to be 88.  she lived to be 97.  Her daughter is my mother, who is 93.  My father Ed is also 93.

A History of the Varney’s in Pike and Mingo Counties

and Elsewhere as told me by my father, Alex Varney, and from other authentic sources.)

by Nancy Jane Varney
September, 1936

The information I shall attempt to give in regard to the VARNEY family was given me by my father, the late Alex VARNEY, and is not of written record, but was handed down from generation to generation.

Some of the information, such as records of the families of my father’s uncles and aunts has been given me by members of the families, and some by grand-children.

and not with memorial royal puppies

Asa H. VARNEY, was probably one of the most widely known of any of the VARNEYs.     He was a great educator; taught in the public schools for forty-seven years-a Christian gentleman, a teacher of morals and manners, was a great lecturer and always held out the very best of encouragement and advice for the up-building of the young people and the country at large. I can not say enough to do justice to the great man. I started to school to him, as a teacher, and if my memory serves me right, went to him seven school terms. He was like a father, sympathetic and kind, always trying to help in every way pos­sible.                                           He passed to his reward October 21, 1921.

sir?  I’m sorry.  Room for the Jim Varneys in the suburbs?

die immuned club11 stuff a dollar long island ice tea Ernest P. Worrell mount suited bear total 8R dfirections.

die immuned club11 stuff a dollar long island ice tea Ernest P. Worrell mount suited bear total 8R dfirections.

PMS good-lookin’ hot off the griddle. No pants.

I know very little of the family of Henderson VARNEY, except that he was the grandfather of Hank VARNEY of Red Jacket.

Alvis married a Sansom; they were the parents of Mrs. Floyd Hatfield and the grand-parents of Richard Ferrell of Williamson. James was the father of Andy VARNEY of VARNEY, West Virginia, and the grand-father of Riley VARNEY.

Vicy married Moses MAYNARD and resides on Johns Creek; she was the mother of Mrs. Matilda WILLIAMS and the grand­mother of Bob WILLIAMS, Mrs. Sally HATFIELD and Mrs. Zettie AKERS, all of Pikeville.

Matilda married Nathan CHAFIN; of their family four daughters are as follows: Vicy, wife of “Devil” Anse HATFIELD, whose son was the late Cap HATFIELD, Betty, wife of Elias HATFIELD, Sr., the mother of Greenway HATFIELD of Williamson and Dr. H. D. HATFIELD of Huntington, Mary wife of John Wallace WEBB, the mother of W. V. WEBB, of Williamson.

for eerie Friday.

for eerie Friday.

Dubious To Hack Every Speed Of Course. News’d Arrest Him For His Opinion

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Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce (The Coal House). 2.0 K By James Green.  Z 2.1 K By James Green.  Z 2.2 K By James Green.  Z

Fly on the wall of horse juice said to the wrong hair, “I ain’t got all day to hear”, juiceman said.  All ice cream is for as long as it’s been there.  Want me to eat it?  Come on, let’s go.  That’s how they seize  dra-la-la, lattersie, my toupees blade to you here all items my treat.

There it is; let’s just say that it’s safe to swallow.
Swallow my friend. This is his jacket. We are all stocked; what we’re in we’ll aptly choose never buying anything for a penny or a dollar in San Diego. There’s mommy. A gross combination for a liver to pay. Now, Fanghorn, druther the unconditional absolute spindle.
This link is to a New Zealand article about Antarctica. It has a good explanation of the physical oceanography at work collapsing West Antarctica. Fools bed. Before the article was out, I was using the breadth of Earth in the region to illustrate the size disparity between NZ and the immense polar continent, which is down under that in the home of the world’s largest currents, which circle the world there. At that time my purpose was to show the sea-land route from NZ to the South Pole. Then the article came out, it positions my Australian professor artfully, and I am left with the impressions from a professor in that science who is mentioned.

There was also something funny going on where a great article came out on the day I went to the spot and experienced the new dentistry (CAD/CAM), about the “invisiline” braces. They brazenly finance puttin’ on braces, with the interest-free for two years. I have the meth mouth, so I have to keep turning around aware. Aware’s not drinkin’, not clicking my teeth together, not shredding the cheeks and gums. Every piddle the 28 teeth shows bicuspid and tricuspid how it goes.

Then, in that article called, “This Is Rikers”, bandit got a toothache and faults his room. he had to cut up and show the cuts to the guard to go to the dentist. Been there. Toothaches do not get better. Minimum’s a teardown, a buildup, a hairy root canal, and a Kirk gleaming statuary crown. Mallory tossprey needs a crown’s “barrel-stave” effective caning a tooth stem with a crack chewn down the middle the AV sory.

Commander X was said to have missing teeth. I thought about that. Dade, I wanted to get in touch with him. One peak on his Twitter was Bitcoin and its related currencies No, I mean I am writing. Machine-gun Carrey came out phosphorus on Jerry Brown, so this is terror, that of the Canadian. I know that it is lonely.

I put a spell on you, because you’re–ooh. To better stop
things a thief does, running around,
putting me down.

Only by saying you’re an activist can the way that they in the government are behaving be seen for the repression it is. Well, there’s a log throwing a trunk at Russia’s environmental repression, but the US environmental repression that you’re on is experienced living in fear. And, marijuana isn’t green.

When Friday falls agitly, the C.O.’s will walk away leaving the prisoners to die and rot in the prisons.

Sid Hatfield

My heritage is part of a bus tour, I see.  “Goody” is a sexy general delivery stop in Pike County, Kentucky, where my mother and her 10 brothers and sisters were born.  Gerald Dean “Dubs” Maynard, born 1916, of Williamson was the oldest.

David Straithairn as Sid Hatfield in Matewan David Straithairn, Sid Hatfield, Exquisite Character

David Straithairn as Sid Hatfield in Matewan David Straithairn, Sid Hatfield, Exquisite Character

New Scientist ‏@newscientist · 3h3 hours ago
Coal renaissance means switching to plan B on climate change.

New knocks us off–paywall writ.

The global coal renaissance is the most important climate story today – ‘If current trends continue, ambitious mitigation targets likely will become infeasible’

Monday, July 13, 2015 8:25

Before it’s news.

Yellow Dog Bindery To Red Jacket a Shill

Sun, 12 Jul 2015 01:54:00 +0000

He just got away.
You’ve got to wait for a sunny day 8 minutes, mister moe, if you wanted to catch him.
I should just whack it off. Your own is own.  I’m drivin’ my life away.  Just between us, I’m taking my daddy’s sinks, and buildin’.


You can communicate online in a way that’s private and anonymous — this is how: by

Today nothing remains. pictured here.Joaquín_Guzmán_Loera,_aka_El_Chapo_Guzmán

Today nothing remains. pictured here.Joaquín_Guzmán_Loera,_aka_El_Chapo_Guzman, without a father gruff.

boxxy-baseball-bat Catie Wayne w2x baseball bat gif

boxxy-baseball-bat Catie Wayne w2x baseball bat gif

Swim Clock 4:30 Let’s Hit Bottom!

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who toltcha

the prophets

from my university, with dark hair, though it’s in streaks.   Heroin, that pay above… aver us.  Conference.  Sucking chest wound is in the movie “That Was Burris”.  You better stop.  My customer The Edge, went custom.  Getty won married a proofreader so there.  Gather up the bedroom.  I hope I’m not fooling myself.  These get black, get washed.

…scary one.

Fuck you.

Stake model it.  Unfurl the stake model.  It’s the state motto: Be Locked into Los Angeles (a gelese a dinner plate, and they aid.  Expiry once is so they all dropped down.  Product read just accuse once you get veep).

Got to keep my strength up for the toothie ones.  That’s why for every–I could go on.  We better get these

oh we’re overhead.  June 25, ram time

Jersey.  Must be told, I’m talk.  _________________W ___ F ___M





It is only sounds like us; you're ugly.  Your breath stinkin' might problem me.

It is only sounds like us; you’re ugly. Your breath stinkin’ might problem me.

Judge David O. Carter was appointed to the federal bench by President Clinton in 1998.

Judge David O. Carter was appointed to the federal bench by President Clinton in 1998.

Endicott, not now.  say you’re down.  I’m nawlonga manufacturing molsens in terramen, sir.  How racial, I’m now a professor of organic chemistry.  From sink to think, energy, and then there’s defense.for the repression it is. Well, there’s a log throwing a trunk at Russia’s environmental repression, but the US environmental repression that you’re on is experienced living in fear. And, marijuana isn’t green.

*** and you don’t like it, Reader?  In the back*** in a hurry for kylene.

A composition on the tongue they let slip away. Hey, the comedienne standing flatfoot. Lefties’ foot. I’m pushing the essay button. Out of kindness I support Lefty’s livin’ in the promised land. I was only going to pith the reader for the Sikhs. Everybody else was. I’m sorry I was blind. I just need back, do you understand the commands, I just sid.

Implies finding my courage-up title, so, a melody on your lip.

The right extinct (red whistle), and as a favor, it’s alright. I’m on it, in odyssey steers 50  500-men different fascists, and a scrap of it were too late. But, a man, a mind, a plane sitting nose-down. Come on in fake. Rap.  It’s a test.  It’s not music in many people’s eyes. Gob of cheese  kicker done, mereology’s depending on statement violations difficult to believe before moot—liar’s paradox.  There disappaired.   That’s the one they won’t admit gave Alestein with its Hercules getting closer to the men you with turtle. Sympathy that get us to New York and better, when foods at most capable reversed to haphazardness.  A combwit breaking rolls of quarters, then mole sounds.  Been to the bank?

Those spirits up, and you’ll feel the down. Jettison knowledge of foreign life-and-death. Oh, fly away. And, from nu with me checkin’ their linear-to-diamond well, they’re beautiful. Peace, and grab a seat for orange-and-gold. Or, was that paradox zeno’s? Tear it down. Watch it snub. Jeddy attending, broken like Iraq at its zoo. Andatory.

With me, all thoughts separate, rattlin’ the bush philosophractant. So neat coder court you get E. The other, and E. they told me. A treatise on drying. Is it yours, frag? Never…belladonish; their yezu mirror, not no earth. What, hold. I reckon brattish I like my nuts!   Mike, mike, lay–leave hyaah!   Rainin’ they loan us souls.   Rain’s mighty fine. Drip kept it. Engineering a coal mine disast–scarier’s—hiya Leon. Shore won’t snack.  What soy?–to do it–for punctuality, what I need’s the last season went breakin’ mighty off the pizza bread. Went in the lake. Came later for judgement off the leg.

Pizza’s in the name pixxah. Pizzah hone ameriga SOCK arrest that guy more antic out of savah. Tuvriliner, that I don’t eat, that can be candy. Use it. I don’t prove it can. Usin’ moite puncti, you’re all bottom ugh-god. Hold fiddles your eye. Name Kyoko Ringo.


A M N G O O __________ set your cups

K Y E D L O __________ down

K O O C K U _________ and out


__ G ___ E

Preserved 7/7/15 birthed 2u


What reminder you of them?  Well, let me copycat.  Hee gi ni me.  You got umm, four-three ex.  The yes is the core, the no is outside that, and hello is the whole thing.  You “remember” back 17 all the way forwards and seem from it em or en stealth chucking turkey’s nodes (how they get in there.  Hydration), a neck onto the book of survival during the carrot-and-stick melody of–now, huh?–the “plug is pulled”, and those you were away from decide to get sudden.  Sure would be nice to be irreducible Sasol on an interwar duration for a fright-cow assumed to not take it.  In the chest?  Sure is hard.  Ding if you understand how destiny goes; it goes through you.  It doesn’t present the sides, the Y/N.  Yo, bingo cage.



Christopher Soghoian rates violating the privacy.  Ned's for it.  Benah hide.  Guess somethin' else broke.

Christopher Soghoian rates violating the privacy. Ned’s for it. Benah hide. Guess somethin’ else broke.

s~ When she goes (power), she’s gone. Pinned: cummings and Albee took-a-hit bookend. “We can strap it in.” What hasn “f” for meager points in a descrip. What do we got. Parcel. Tote beggar. Getting more and more living here with us by noontime. Then, the surf is on cost of you. Rescue ain’t of dope. They ain’t. You’re out. With us neighbors, honestly. A KFC and a woof-bump—woof-woof.

The Alexandria library burned us when I owned a taffeta. A tailor’s face and hands, black. To suffer these burned is how I haul when I take a tock and run backin’ in. dedousey canned, hug m’nayeck. Preem chimmel-bottle. You crucified!

Locked door to the arch, greenwiches.

Washington square arch1902 . The only result of the Revolution of Washington Square was that the door at the base of the arch was permanently locked, said Wetzsteon.

Washington square arch1902 . The only result of the Revolution of Washington Square was that the door at the base of the arch was permanently locked, said Wetzsteon.

Ah, bear when it says Nicholas; I just said, “What was the name of that?”, file from all our nate.  Hash you narks 1.

*** how strained it will be.

Been up to—what? Only 4,000 miles. Elevate and occur somewhere. I have had lunch up where I have been, so the springs’re—whadidju do?–for lunch what did you bring? Think I’m going to die, pal?


Once Danforth finalizes a particular technology, private companies may license it, while the center reserves the right to use it for humanitarian purposes. In the case of VIRCA, for instance, the intellectual property, technology, regulatory, biosafety, quality control, distribution, and stewardship components needed for developing and delivering the cassava will be made readily available by Danforth scientists to interested groups in Africa.

Danforth’s use of genetic engineering in some of its research has led the nonprofit Food and Water Watch to deem it a “pro-GMO research center” and note the facility’s close relationship to Monsanto — both in terms of the funding it receives from the biotech giant and the fact that the company is headquartered across the street. Additionally, Monsanto’s president serves on Danforth’s board of directors.

Is due to what program I wrote it on, then, from poda what, you verify lining going down, kips up to rock it seeing that where I nail you at, where I can befriend treacle sort of out, the room is facile, I’d have the courtesy to say something, but use an internal, probative reality to screw with authorship. Whose mount lifted, causing a finger’s cut? A survivor’s tasting like cat tuna. You just passed his house. I got the metal taste—tasp, guy (here decided what month. Juries suck. Em to gay. Mice titled) Refinery technique. What would mummy do?

Changing programs is some hack of excusing not writing this bitchin’ author’s name, sero christian something. The Lotto they let you in it. Reign.

Mate to the do is the rapidly ascending stowage suspension of program melt, offer product, on whose side. The game favors the listener who vexes any reference to “yesterday” as “tomorrow”, or else, to get ‘er done–keep moving—take it or leave it. Metal press guns. Thumb cheater, you are not going to get this. This five is forbidden.

White meat ate bread, then an author’s credibility when year old.

“Needed for developing and delivering the cabesa,” when you’re ornery, half-baked political; you get your ruse. I’d like to bench press all of those you have identified, and the cartels for methamphetamine is my breadth, is my center, is my plan.

Oh. The people, when thy’d flung, they tried to , no. Old men think they can. Well, fuck your mom, which I did. She left her panties in my automobile. I wish you’d take them to her. You’re all of her, distinct. Earth Journal. Earth Air?

They ever could, themselves, mast-it race.

Mom, Dearborn. Memorials to his beat.

I held on for Creed. Love you, Ben. June, July, don’t tip me over petit charles but curses from Dern.

Mosquito coast, “A Mission Gone Wrong (2012)” The New Yorker

Why are we still fighting the drug war?

By Mattathias Schwartz

Pay dirt. Las Pulgas.

Nothing’s hard. Jazz if you want.

Nothing you wanted solved. This (flag) is really about this (leaf). Barry’ll be reviled eight times worse for weed than he would be for making slavery honest, to beg his heart’s not in, Steve. Don’t he nut every month? What about his headaches? I am sure that he will not go “up against” a state governor. Being an African-American, we have to come in before dead last. Take off, weed hired a woman. I’d tried a nigger governor for the all-important and powerful South Carolina first.

I don’t like huge fleets to support. I just don’t.

Humpety-dump competitive to get outta town. Hitch-hike, and bagels, too.

David O. Carter, I was up in Orange County and ye a rubber getting’ arrested. Attitude of anger toward anyone who would intimate that “what you deserve”, regarding some extralegal , rather personals. “Is it abuse?” I’m laughing. Your crime lab of 1981-1998 was the most corrupt and criminally culpable of any in the nation. You led it.

I’m high, always.  Go to

your mouth tour very_____7_____

david o carter

david o carter


relaxed longer

Boston got caught. I say it in church, if I have been arrested and not charged, primae facie you are the criminal one, eh? The state criminally and corruptly, etc. as well, the state flat-out murdered many (ed.).

A judge gives lectures on international narcotics smuggling at UCI. So what? Keep braying how Sheriff Brad Gates jails murdered people, and Cecil Hicks edict as district attorney, “You are young. You will live in junkietown.” This unholy senate instituted SWAT teams to go out on parole checks, rounding up entire blocks in Anaheim to search. I kept brayin’.



Set us up what bug sat on the mirror. I have voices in front of me, not just A#1. On the clock they are categories such as EDITOR out of problem.

David “O”, D.O.C. Que!!? Que!!? as he liked to be called… a calling-gram. I’m not sure who’s inner poppit, it is not good to mention names ahead, as if you must lark in over. Orange County? Touchdown to reality? Oh. Did you and I do PROBITY, what ‘should’ happen? That’s terror. I did it.

Biography #2 is a professor of chemistry from Michigan who vacationed in San Diego. Camping? No, walking downtown. Can I have a miracle show of hands from the paragraph before this, who think I should be left after the police decline to arrest anybody, to clean up? With salt. I would’ve “deserved” a two-fer of getting detained, and my car getting impounded, which are the freight for poor drug addicts on their way in this, where the symbol “graduates” from the hemmoroid of Bak Tobe, Viet-Nam. Stay double-due roots. Hey, a sixteenth of chirp is, DYLANN ROOF is out like a dog’s bark, on Dennis the Menace. His name was a giggler, Ruff, cream puff. Puffery is yours.

He din’t look up.  I said hey chemistry, and it was tits chrome lathrs.  I said you have the last hit

test peeve.  Short dog.  Sit back, when there’s room.  Yuri got.

It’s propaganda, but I sat in Carter’s bench, and, I met him at the County Fair. That must be why he reacted as if I were pulling a gun: he’s been to Vietnam, not landed here making rulings like he had cooly hair.

He’s really DOC, for the simple reason that his ego is ours. It is completely undone and exposed, his present. CASTER is only one word from CARTER,   who they may off.  Zee nuclear gamesmanship ultimately depended upon the recognition of ESP, so, you did not get clobbered. I see your signs. Carter’s 71. Hail! Tommy is a 77. Chomsky is 82. Yoko Ono is 82.  Vinsnt____________________

The world was sad to hear that Tommy Chong was yet again announcing a cancer diagnosis. This is his second cancer diagnosis in the past three years, don't be morn off.  Unnh, need the joint to rolld aeeeeeeee not th ing glass.

The world was sad to hear that Tommy Chong was yet again announcing a cancer diagnosis. This is his second cancer diagnosis in the past three years, don’t be morn off. Unnh, need the joint to rolld aeeeeeeee not th ing glass.

lso used to transition a wood floor.  They don't care much.

lso used to transition a wood floor. They don’t care much.


lso used to transition a wood floor.  They wooden.

lso used to transition a wood floor. They wooden.

not the glass.

Puffing man. Yeah, I’m not used to this coffeepot weighing a ton. Warm that up for ya, blaze? It is Dustin Hoffman who, twice now, appears and saved us with riposte. Grandpa is 77, too. My own was 82, and these are a promise. A woman has a might of power when she gambles big.

Now this book would go along with a notation on top of the last one which is forgotten at least by four interim books, kibbitzed in perhaps three. This in tecum frays 360 degrees. A book with a thirty-second note every ten minutes is like one in slow motion’s 1:20 bees.

If Friday aredy wrote on ’em penduless armay. Dearent things…if sliding the propaganda of “someone you’ve met before”, you don’t want to meet. Is this not obvious? Dick Feynman was who you wanted. Of us, who you didn’t “want”, I hit no nerds, just ignorant gooks who pass medical school in a pack, like the way they win over gutless masses and remain racially pure: they’re never alone. You all had to buy into ’em in a groove.



You will get crunched on in court, and I am not an appreciater of having to arm for combat to safely drive on the roads of this, 4-year drought, four years out.

Catholic, anti-abortion women in the right dresses, you can run, but it’s a mistake.

People I pig at know, as pefect village, to type competently. It makes one think of the price, all those A & P signs along the top. Oh, I have focus, but I know Gregg scattered cod, yes, a variety of phos & fear. Put in Ben Cartwright terms, my lovely pasture, Filo.

Those two guys are foes, and prohibitive to corral. Weapon guide psychological reins a Lytle. That’s a Lytle Creek. Thinkin’ ain’t lahk flyin’. Hintstrumentation hits. Hilt. He’ll turn before he sees disaster. Hey, scream all you want to. It is metal, they heard it.

And, you were palavering, not amongst yourselves, so watch those meanings. The rump said, “I will call the cops.” I will call the doctors. It is DIALED 9-1-1, rather than ‘called the cops’. Hashing out what you are, is the apparition of carrying out your lawful source of emergency orders or commands, and referring to this as CONTROL, when upset people’s control of THEMSELVES is at issue. We don’t need people to lose it like little babies, any more than we need 500 cops to seek out Julian Assange.

I turn over the highest threat to him. There’s blood.

The whole reason I am writing this is we need to let me speak, and otherwise carter is holding the world’s head under water while he drowns us ahead of global warming. And we don’t need him. He needs me. I’m sexy. I don’t ever do it here.

W 7/8 bitchen YL. Hello, court. Nothing’s been un-found on anti to this TSA-approved hawk-braider.

I was up in the O.C. because of my gang. My brother, of Sweden has taken control of all family matters. He is cribbing when it comes to a trail. I know my father yet I do not know what he had in mind for me. He’s not competent. We should have the discovery of his evidence, rather than to pounce on me, lock me up, and cover up the crime. You’re all wowed up, so it made me think, when I sat in your courtroom I saw you vacant when it came to a woman’s freedom. People who get involved with their family’s money are begging to be locked up in Orange County, in the hoosegow or other paddocks. They have the valley elite. The woman had a nut jacket. I doubt carter did anything but torture her. He speaks melodramatically, like any marine in camp.

My general run of the war on cops is fraught. I am always in between the two opposing turrets with their guns. I must move or be obliterated, insane’s. A new Trukee.

Told you I met him at the fair, in 1998, when I was on parole. I met another guy, who ran for governor, as all these fantastic luminaries were under one tent. That guy had a disease, qualifying him for medical marijuana, but the news spread the information that he was in possession of two syringes, worth thirty-five cents. His low, in esteem , came from disability. I am even not on disability for mental illness. I do not make him lied. Cancer struck me, you fags. I don’t care for folks with all kinds of reasons to be scared of dying. In point of fact I do not kill them, nor equate preservation with the extraction of the different govrnmnts.

When we yay the old way at night, we Gifford.

What name do I not want to speak, Elanor? There came a lesson. They speak in a stilted, Ron Jeremy brough. No, I got it. Jake Davis is wish your’d were here.

An H. “Rap” Brown story;

The little I’d wish for combined with what are tickled and where black cop-killers are, and LSD manufacturers are; who was the trigger finger? Is your own might kept guy from the fucken guns, not after there’s major soft-j.   Fat one with the brain.  Is all this routing free me from the schedule? Stick around, I owe Rules to build outrage in Fullerton.

Swedish prosecutor/murderers are after Julian; Swedes are here, too, in the patch quilt of Sanchez’ district in Carter’s pacification program on the countryside, where it didn’t work in Vietnam, either. Not because of mistakes.

Swedes and Canadians have always gotten us, from all the latitudes. All Wyoming up there. 1111s. I had it all, entrusted.

I don’t like the driving with sleep forcing me to wait to hungrily kiss off the guard rail with soon, the card rate. “Deal me vision.” it’s cruise control. It’s good. They’re good. Does it stay on? What does it say on it? Wraparound, bend.

____ T ___ T





you Marine follow FOOT steps.




N N I ___ S


Yeah! A masthead grew might, point there. I ate the U-T, I’m starin’ on the same prospectus with respect to the smaller papers, and The Register’s 50% dead.

Our best people didn’t go to Vietnam.

And, Our best people didn’t go to Vietnam’s best colleges.

The raft of queer and contemptible parties of the last murdering, slant-eyed Western-corrupted regime. The little traitors are all the men in Little Saigon. They were traitors to Vietnam for a living. They’re all living. They are not humans, just below it, at the service level for idiots who have vowed to kill for the USA, which I haven’t done. I haven’t exploited it, either. I may recant, depending on who wins.

Well, guys of 71 and 63 feel a lot of fear. Just because CARTER is doing the AB, his old bowels ought to not be giving way, and he does not need to be committing suicide, as it has been under my eye Robin Williams had his own.

There was a 61 and a 73, but in 2011, and it wasn’t us two. Major is surveillance. The spies can always seem smart. They must ask themselves what you’re dreamin’.

Escape Just In Case Your Campaign Heard, “It’s One of Those Two.”

Mon, 06 Jul 2015 23:00:00 +0000

Let a guy let a boy see. At 8:43 the meth once.

There’s a badger.
Leadership cancer buy the brain.

Screen-shot-2012-09-29-at-2.46.55-PM_______Arking, I’ll be.


hqdefault___________Fit your face.  Allent towelin’ desert.  I felt a certain way.  That’s the problem.  You are trying to tell a joke in front of nine people.  Every blurty hid.  Mental talk.  Try some evil torque, saying, proof you are winding Google, this is what I get when I am a mind of “peenchee”.  I hurt them in spite of bet.


Oh, here we go, Grand Canyon. That would go to Mexico. Pretty powerful when it’s your own. More die.

cut in stammering, cough, sneezes… slobbering through in animal sounds, and play it back in the street.


this is good, gripping film plate, a blessing, orderly technology.  Intestinal parasite.  It’s pretty unusual to cut up your text, and make a new sentence out of it … it’s very chaotic.  Imagine taking that, it’s more disorderly, like a vortex a tornado. [ mixture of speakers ] a surprising number of things that can happen, that can be predicted.  That’s very different from a Crowley experiment.  Use the power of chaos, and, my cat is about to knock over your drink.

51+BJw4T8GL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_________Here’s the Boston-area “unemployed chemist” blog, talkin’ ’bout the virgin mary (meth), and it is 2013, part one, net.  Part two.

Homeward.  Back!_____n……not going to be fair.____evergreen-review-2

Probably the most important issue of this long-running literary journal, the “San Francisco Scene” with contributions by Kenneth Rexroth, Robert Duncan, Henry Miller, Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.

I have been going around the internet.  Dodging finks and littles.


Trampoline Off

Sun, 05 Jul 2015 22:00:00 +0000

(blades, Bermuda, terrapins)

What are you thinkin’?  Okay strict I got a dialog, degratory, enamored of Chuck of bumpkey terrior just a litlth odd.  I got us both and righteous if you take off the best, but that’s your connection.  Now would be pleasant.  Was, sure, for the buzz-ray logger through tearin’ up the wood.  Can libraries be the scenes yeah of stable stabbings: en garge, not 3 bolts of lightning, definitely.

“Very crudely, we are now committed to global sea level rise equivalent to a permanent Hurricane Sandy storm surge,” says glaciologist Richard Alley of Pennsylvania State University, University Park, referring to the storm that ravaged the Caribbean and the U.S. East Coast in 2012. Alley was not involved in either study.


Heat PIG, the first tidal.  A is G then the mella dump.  Send, I’ll be lookin’.

Hegna ice said us upped.  Thank you, Batman, ice sud you to quirk your ward.  I’d like to thank you, Buckmer.  On toward Wilde, who fought to be yourself.  Everyone else is taken, chump.  An iron honor and precedence, which is cong uncommon, transcendence like gold, translations of translation bung holes.  I got a lawwwwwwwwt.  Chicago police aren’t casually, pickin’ and a-grinnin’. They home beacon to “charged”, passed on to accused, too soon, you upstairways honkey, desu.

Puff, scribble-answer your own question in the game-over quist and lookin’ the gastrated demitewed the Caster.  Errod the weeblo tossed.  The bene and acknowledge the host of bennie in fear.  Move your whole entitlement jones.  In osopher nidey turnout to core sanctity, our scales, basement.  Healt-connect arvu to explode.

Don’t be on, gay newts.  Don’t be terroman greedy, nigger.  Behind your phonon, stomp us.   You don’t have boy yeggy.  Howard Shtern on the tenderness bowla.  Because Gahy mochasters; because very Morgan stern in characters.  The same button is the right mochasters.  A rip off in it–I know this shit–is barbell I had it rough because, hear it cause it again, they turn into the Lakers.

These thin-walled blues keep rollin’ from my mind.

Zealand, clear of Antarctica. Boys and girls,

fence I can’t climb—come with the what camera—owned.

Just don’t wait up. San Fucken Diego.

______O U M O W W U T til there’s to be

to be __T A N E R W R E __ oh there’s to be what | no higher

project_N S I G A E S T all those the same |you carry 50 | high

_______ F I O D I D R S heuristic

__________ T ___ N rubber suit, bikini

cruisin’ there and a bra

and a mate she/you folks stand me at pooshin’, cavin’ in. Electrical. That solves me, a prayin’, a alto. No alto allowed.

There we belong. Fell down. Michigan. 2 trucks, bindle. Some august night, hit the station like good-ole partners. “In case Marge and Homer aren’t on” you’re home in bed. Vimeo. Rents favored the choice you’d probably make. Was there a leap year the race year my daughter was born? Of course, 88, a milky defense.

Whose to say what became lovers? A pal, sure as I’m made to stand clear. Subjugated, what were you thinking? Stand up, tied it into dessert ‘n you busted by the cozy back you been ice-freeze bitin’. Be prepared to azule—you mean how much surprise—do you think of pants? Dear your mother, or they insisted, Homer attracted 100%, and “fell on fertile ground”, animals in a country, how some of this get.

___ W ___ A ___E ___ I ___ L _____ O



L E A G H T 8 8 T D A N T I L C O U


I’m not about takin’ your anstronomer head rainuses defense they’ll act all fusily. “Look out any window” -Hollies. In Texas, yeah, yeah. Might I explain? Our rofie pizzaz stir all the right brophy moloch tuners who aren’t short of about—Kotexes–you got the number—big Kotex. I’m serious, devil, and it was fun back sent in a sense. ‘Cause as you



L E A G H U 8 8 N D A ____ free rent | lemuella sit down

P Y A E R T H E T D F ___ fook senate

___E ___Y ____Y

Budgies drinkin’ ftn. Nice to conserve.

63—Hernandez, solitary

___ C ______ A P __ O

O U P ________ O U P

L E D ________L E D

A Y S ________ A Y S

G A P ________ U P G

the edge of darkness


___ N __ E __ D ___ T __ H __ E __ E ___ I haven’t felt that good

I C H N S P F U N B A C I N K W R I Z I S __we’re in it to win. Grand for

O L A A C E C T I K W H I N T N K L W E J __in a steel wheelchair, in a wreck. Get ready

S S T T I M O N S A T A H A T E N A U S T ___since for when, a while this afternoon.

E P H E D A H O O M I T S T H T C H C O M.

Aha wheedle. Oh, file-phone nervoo snoney. Honey. Bread.

Stripped naked running men. Swimming, dropped to see the coral.

Just weigh it instead of being a rat fuck, proved.


Just chuck to the male moonbeams. And that’s crap on my pants. Did you set up south of it? Drive the treadle to syssaster afternoo-deep in. We order, oh, when they kiss, when they cut, when they got woken in. When they glare. When they vault. It’s not real straight, so flog mellow when they near. Mind your purchase. My skull’ll then be foregone.


alm crazy. 5/28/—–|no they’ll won’t|—–/6/3. Harmie, hey Bobby.

_ N ___ K ___ I ___ N

__ I ___ A ___ U __ M ___ O ___ C _______ T ket

G R A N T O A L L E O F N A L E D L _____ yoA blood, 100 %.

D U A I N T Y R E T H E L Y I I N E ____ queried hobard

L L Y E L L J E C D E L N F L S O F ___ regards ‘there’s too many’ friezes

B E G E C T T S O U S I U E N T H I ___ this university

S alphanet, holding it, sequel-ass georie. Remember desert answer*

No, he’s with a mistake. He’s wurshin’ on andy & seeks who to cuss after him *gut travel, most

feeling every boy gets to be first camel lead, yep.

____E ___ T ___ B ____did what I would’ve excited.

T B E H E M O Y G ____ we’re all thinkin’

L L M A T _I E T S

E N O C S T S I D ____ that’s crap

F M A H A T Y W _____ let’s go, southwick. Bear.

“psychiatrist” right-to-die, I’m movin’. We’re not irreversible climate change in a drug-war experiment? Your average children, Cass, were not that cute. We don’t have that. Wasn’t Elvira Flava Flave an experiment due? Bunnied a grit-opp’ty.

*opportunity steam you

I was countin’ on my aim more than you. I got a little trapoline; a little put a little. (JHK)

As equal servin’ as george, up to as equal as george knows emmers goin’ leave open, please. You’re dark.

When I could barter poeges a recipe. Your, “Is queer whennicnoiter?” You don’t have a choice to be a bunch of guys leave yes he does experiment in your cradle, when undone sees undies. Minus 4 = envy.

One or two col-ly. I’d put it in white could it to, contrast. In fike mate your birthday figr mode attack, square, with mote arming arduous. We own the packed house perspired to sublime stink. Bring up the gun. The only medals are grain sack, accept that, gentlemen, and your orchestral seat—don’t forget the medals—chalice, you just passed up.

|__| 4 |__|. That’s accordin’ to white one. Didn’t I tell you?

  1. give us hope.
  2. On Mexico.
  3. Heard about that?
  4. I got cocaine.
  5. Don’t go sneaking, ‘Larr. Pabst. Watch out!
  6. Hollow block of wood. Cut a tree down.
  7. Now it’s a block.
  8. Parallel a lie.You don’t have a choice. Have you had a drink? The quicker they come, you—hoey—notice! Of guys typically in government, with ticker on their snare bow heightus of guys—yes, he does. Owl what’s fired? A ren you name Lincoln. A pound off, circlin’ the neighborhood nude. Come back. He goes wes bac. My nigger!! In Africa, for ren. Took advantage of Pimple.Armaster you boy. 5 tedium fix door 01 inch * 1st allergic messages by cheeses fried.I can’t sit on the quad; there’s jerks that ways sit all dare me. If father’s worse than cow, I’m sunny shine. Whileby.Bucket you haul. Stroke. You’re “infamy” among the vestibule people, with the grand sport report. Touched your bo brokelify. Don’t want to staff him, don’t one of ’em is art shoes. ______ u ____ Dont’s hair.______ v ____ I’ll get it.______ w ____ sugar you got nope.______x ____ Noping. I gets * mafia buzzards circle.1 a tail._ y ____ gotta puttem vente for wha izzat a form of cidal. Munsters children.

    ______ z ____ is gonna be forever cuzz adapt to ’em in Perris.

Whor dare even though I had a key, the bus, it wouldn’t work, Commodore. Oaxaci. I dunno some of them lady stoze. Puka pipe, go get me a donut, addin’ der private. Put on the vest, diagress. “May I been cravin”, sock. Luitenant, mud some of these

A __ N E ___ R

___ T ____ B ___ A _____ hey you feel me pretty good




Hid him out? Barked him out, went Ponc Island. You bastards. Where is guy? Seymour Colorado. Sho-Gun. Your amblitter tell your pride. Is ductini moe lining most panches here, “fair”, strictly?

Swarm dare. Diano, senor oxcart. Next cart wagon deloose. Colombiana. I buyed pair after pair, in heat aftert heat. That’s what you get, that or chung overwhelemed. Bide bye-bye bow down, under pressure. “Dancin’ like Uma Thurmon,” on the petals. New song, Re:(A little blue, out in the corner. A little hoody. A little nightstick. If I leave it how daddy. Just you talk Steve, for England. Just out of the corner, how red, not bad, simosy dickensian. Mereology rough side how the individuals tool about.

Good-bye, of m holes it to n pleas. Awr, nawr! Our technicians just beastly. Jim apologies. Seck up GEM, move over welcome. On the mike-ozy. Tour around. While you’re buttress over limiting the ontology to physical—where’d you go? Compared. Go bared. Objects laboratory sank bruised my head. Make me jealous. Crockette, “you used to take me for real”, now you’re curt, why I’m amazed the cock feather. Fucken Langmiller, Earth is a seddup. Long as we to earth, to earth, what? X is what at that thousand of miles? People immuni-tech got a choice. Slide!

it looks like

select to bomb___THE “HE” OF HIM AND HIS WORLD  

Jargon.  Highlight officer.  INTERCHANGE; HE’S NOT WHERE,

Legend, warn ya, sourdog.  IN ALL DIRECTIONS HE’S COMING AROUND

N G T_ A H_ R O _U__ N D_C

H E H_ I S W _H A N_ E R E_ T I O

E O F_ O R L_ G E H_ I N A _N S H

H I M_D I N _E S N_ L L D__ E S C

A N D_ T E R_ O T W _I R E _O M I

All of the religion, all of the biography, all the yoga and T.V.  Thank you, we’re going to scan your face.  The T.V. island’s…

But it’s not broke.


2012-10-18-russell_crowe_noah Watch 'NOAH' Trailer Starring Russel Crowe, Emma Watson.  An' for adults, there's a rat, never mind.

2012-10-18-russell_crowe_noah Watch ‘NOAH’ Trailer Starring Russel Crowe, Emma Watson. An’ for adults, there’s a rat, never mind.

Broderick, mothers,
What axis is pers hour? Y? Is z at queet @quiddick? Snarz again. Gweedeep bent mooney-mush (in money it’s $12) per match evry day, dumpby. See, crushed was in anything, just the file, and who’s wildlife? Oh, it’s fourth. To maintain strongly the high “enemy” death toll is assigned to the “largest” of enterprises later borne out to be dead. Nothing is larger than drugs. Mental health is really drugs. You can’t live with drug users. China kills ’em, but, it’s not worth living with ’em Part A. Part B means burns, as poets grok cherries with the scope of the death of two prick scribes, by its curious ladle.

Wasn’t anything, just the file on our group. Comin’ up—clay/boid.

Thanks for the “thought”, umm, Nick. Things’ve been crazy lately. It’ll be over soon, I promise. Says tigre, “Is anything wrong?” The best my hutu say is RHEOLOGY Place amethyst. So, gooks we’re all subjumagate. No talkin’ fantastic. It means were auld.  Take the space between us.  Fill it up with her thoughtcrime:

schwit  writes with this snippet from Ars Technica: In the wake of the Thursday arrests  of two women accused of attempting to build a bomb, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) wrote on her website  that the 1971 book on bomb making, which may have aided the terror suspects in some small way, should be “banned from the Internet.”

The senator seems to fail to realize that not only has The Anarchist Cookbook been in print for decades (it’s sold on Amazon !), but also has openly circulated  online for nearly the same period of time. In short, removing it from the Internet would be impossible.


Someone’s screaming.  Is that my mother on the phone?

What smells like shit in the hunkersey? In—find its place—aw. Nothin’ does. Ah, so you benah happen. A sleeper word (GEM, the categoric) was tough. Then PIGS, leapin’, should instead be P.I.G. Greece hitzl since I wrote this, Betty. Pine Island Glacier. It’s island bob and jay theater. Chicture.

I do believe in my outside breathing, even though I swam. Noyer pladge datamin. Screw-up. Where? Date me in kanka guess my nollisue. Fair Colorado for a quota 013. An open 7/42/2011. You know and I know, bob.

Crew-served mistae gravity-feed liquid. It’s flailing impotently. There’s restaurant backfeed here, you. He’s run function, would just heat something soft. Zero spurn death. A homeless bum doesn’t have a stake, much of a bite, and after he goes to college, hardy including after being raised, he’s retired by whites.

A huge new stain. Trip. Is it headid…

By james Green, THE DEVIL IS HERE IN THESE HILLS as they say in

By james Green, THE DEVIL IS HERE IN THESE HILLS as they say in

By James Green.  They made that first atomic bomb in Tennessee.

By James Green. They made that first atomic bomb in Tennessee.

By James Green.  They w as they study that wanting you and I an

By James Green. They w as they study that wanting you and I an

By James Green.  They went a

By James Green. They went a

By James Green.  They went to they nine below zero.  The little

By James Green.  They went to they nine below zero.  The other

By James Green. They went to they nine below zero. The other

By James Green.  Turkey.  Got rocks in my head.  Christmas in jail.

By James Green. Turkey. Got rocks in my head. Christmas in jail.

By James Green.  Y as some men came around.

By James Green. Y as some men came around.

By James Green.  You Peggy Sue.

By James Green. You Peggy Sue.

By James Green.  You sweet Jenny Lou.  Put your arms around my

By James Green. You sweet Jenny Lou. Put your arms around my

By James Green.  You pig got no hair, author.  Fal-ling Chartreuse.

By James Green. You pig got no hair, author. Fal-ling Chartreuse.

By James Green.  Youse guard my moonshine with a big shotgun.

By James Green. Youse guard my moonshine with a big shotgun.

By James Green.  Z

By James Green. Z

By J-Z.  Melt a platinum fob until there was you on planet earth.

By J-Z. Melt a platinum fob until there was you on planet earth.

The Japanese We’re Holding Are Dicks

Sat, 04 Jul 2015 21:00:00 +0000

Cassandra retweeted

StlGal ‏@StlGal_36 · 1h1 hour ago
The KKK will hold a Labor Day cross burning – and they want supporters to bring their children.

It's Saturday night.  Let's have fun.

It’s Saturday night. Let’s have fun.

Patsy Sims, The Klan.  Holder tack, you bring the chaser.

Patsy Sims, The Klan. Holder tack, you bring the chaser.

We checked with all over our Asians, pink.  That smell auf race.

I’d like to go back froggin’, up the head of a holler, miseried for all the chickie-chee make a melt steada just a fake.  Now, baxter witter little old kid, waitin’ upper.

One egg.  You are


N_ E_ E _N_ S I N A T_ Y O U

G G ___T I _V U R E A R E



I didn’t even sinatra you.  Dishin’, sir.  Get on the ground.  What can go wrong if blue heel?  “Blown Away”: Bridges, Bridges, Jones.  Hurley, Boston bomb squad.  La Ceiba, The Dolphin, Honduras.

honduras-laceiba.  The hell pica bonita $215 the night.

honduras-laceiba. The hell pica bonita $215 the night.


O N T _I _____coveted




___ charges against ’em represent the serious half-blown cover, mysterious apprise and full table. A MISSION GONE WRONG  He comes; breadsticks mound enough to a mountain.  The scum believe, do the president?  Now clear off backwards to the height ascend, step, admire.  Know the monument.

Robert Plant, Singing

Robert Plant, Singing

“I been workin’ from seven to eleven every night, girl, since I been lovin’ you I’m about to lose my mind.”  The book, here it comes, brentwick and sweet, all of larried  twan post agittin’ law, but in chocolat.

Jason Bateman ____soda____because he’s owl in time.  (That’s what’ll) do it for me?  ______for him ________now.  Whose aunt misup a dark, dark time.  Thought he was–did miscree ____later on.

___N___ C

I know this, now we’re coming back to how a rectangle becoming a rhomb is not pissed at their vanillacookie.

step ≡ the same thing

≡ .  “Equal by definition”


.  the journal



Such  nice clothes, Chloe, should be you’ll wear sable.



Sony Pictures Teri (Chloe Grace Moretz) hangs out at the same diner as McCall (Denzel|.

By starring in The Equalizer, Denzel Washington actually put a nail in the coffin of his Oscar-worthy movie career. How so?

The Equalizer has been able to generate a substantial amount of success at the box –office since its release — and that is primarily thanks to Denzel Washington as the lead actor in the film.

Yeah, but you don’t even know; I’m a habit.  Stand-up, beans, no self-detector.  You are going to get it such that pigs run 12 films.  This one had to be africano because of his leg.  He hurts it in it, and this is out of order now, where Emilcar Exhume first “takes”, my saphenous vein.  And, you take the fair is done.  We make it in the future because it gets warm.  There are always “takes” of animals, veins, and how about meatier measurements of amounts?

Here is the front door for your compressed home, made out of myth.  I mean, Glenn Greenwald asked in all fairness for the old “protest” guard to step aside, that’s all.  Keeping the freedom going with a new generation, that’s all.  That’s enough.



Didn’t go odd by 2008; if it did we got a problem._Sure; PIG.

... thinning four times faster than it was 10 years ago, according to research seen by the BBC. A study of satellite measurements of Pine Island glacier in

… thinning four times faster than it was 10 years ago, according to research seen by the BBC. A study of satellite measurements of Pine Island glacier in

and this free is what it was, a keystone to a continent much larger than it takes to be impending doom. It drains a tenth of just the smaller half of Antarctica. A sheet is held together by islands. Currently, this is the largest single source of ice going into the oceans, contributing 0.16 mm per year of sea-level rise. The planet itself is crushed down by the weight. This is why inland, there are gaps between the mountains sloping down into the interior.  People commenting on websites have claimed that heat rises.  Yes.  But, hot and cold caused convection which moved the warm water down.  Christ!  They see me?

It turned a beef cornish hen they who, to harrass them could cruise to staus-seek today a new oppression out of a pallette of oppression’s time.  Our nine is why he’d look at look it like ow-was wowwin’ bets.  And, mirey dump fee giddy myadine tranks.  Mellow, but super-sad people said gummy CO hum ledoxyn semtex au want plastique, au’ll want a plastic nose to the end hang together.  Aren’t we Nyro

bullshit?______download____April 8, 1997, Danbury, CT Laura Nyro, Died

  1. Who nine gooder nagget set?  I got to get the Mingo thing the year and the place my mother was born.  This is her birthday.  Yes, it’s my new dentist’s mother’s, too.


MARTIAL LAW SET FOR MINGO COUNTYI Major Davis Posts Governor s Proclamation in Williamson , Scene of Fighting ( By Associated Press ) WILLIAMSON , W . Va ., May 20–Mingo county , the scene of many shootings along the West Virginia-Kentucky border during the past eight days , was placed under martial law tonight , when Major T . B . Davis , acting adjutant-gen-eral of West Virginia , appeared in Williamson and posted the proclamation issued by Governor Morgan at Charleston earlier in the day . The major designated by the governor to take charge of the situation growing out of the recent disorders along the Tug River , conferred with Sheriff A . C . Plnson of Mingo county and Captain J . R . Brockus of the state police . To Surrender Authority When advised of the proclamation of martial law , Captain Brockus who has commanded the state troopers on duty in the Mingo region since the trouble started , declared that he was prepared to surrender his authority to Major Davis . Many citizens who were sworn in as state policemen to act in an emergency were issued arms during the day . According to reports received here the , village of Merrimac , W . Va ., was fired on during the day from the Kentucky hills .

Yes, they were fired on, and, what that means is that they were declaring martial law in the United States, so, they were an outrage.  Not the Hatfield-McCoy feud.  In the same place who ran it, all McCarthy your contacts shuck the bonny down.

Take this little step.  You start rushin' through, you fall right down, you hook your back on the machine coil.  Ah, you're back, huh?

Take this little step. You start rushin’ through, you fall right down, you hook your back on the machine coil. Ah, you’re back, huh?

My mother was born in  a house right there, the next year following having mountaineers and miners firing down on grim, uniformed thugs who made them live barefoot in a tent, then came and almost slaughtered them all.

Nose to the end hang together, coffee.  That’s irrelevant.  Civil rights are the subject.

Judge Roy Bean graveyard.  Beaner!  What call is’t?


Barrett’s in the SHU, come to find out. I am years behind on some correspondence. I got a letter through to Chelsea; that is why she says to stay classy.

Whatever floats your boat  Henrik Rummel, second from left, stands proud with his.

Whatever floats your boat Henrik Rummel, second from left, stands proud with his.

orbcomm_engines_tight defisched The first stage performed as expected, reaching 1.5 million pounds of thrust once in the vacuum of space.

orbcomm_engines_tight defisched The first stage performed as expected, reaching 1.5 million pounds of thrust once in the vacuum of space.


Sat, 27 Jun 2015 06:00:00 +0000
Timothy Hutton Movie 43 Premiere

Timothy Hutton Movie 43 Premiere

_ Am I heavy?





Here’s what we’ll do for him. We might honor time. We might have to steal.

Who am I to jack

Matthew_Modine_Portrait v ell eet.  If that's what you want to say, print awkward.  Shh!  make sure.  Time to fill my.

Matthew_Modine_Portrait v ell eet. If that’s what you want to say, print awkward. Shh! make sure. Time to fill my.

Matthew Modine ‏@MatthewModine · 4h4 hours ago
I think #DavidSweat hung himself high up in a tree where he can’t be seen or smelled by dogs. #suicide What say you?

In a Land Rover. Errk! Erk-kay.
1:48 PM. 6/27/2015. If he’s in a park, or a shirt that says a park, or a car. Dutiful, oh. I seen that movie.



dg2 pound of mas eek

certain dangers
C.I.A. has a retirement program for dope pushers and crooks.
Am I going to write something, or, chores? Am I not refraining; a loop I’m reading make me sere’s? Gonna get it and fires. Fire-setting is arson, unless it can be proved to be a prank, known as a hotfoot. I’m setting down she’s a smoker. Cute, the news came on with a precidely similar case. Detective on the stand stated the defendant stayed in the area to observe the arrival of fire and police, after placing clothes on a porch and lighting, therefore for this spree, eleven years. And, it is our friend, really. A different case. She’s not that guilty. Everyone gave her $800 to live on. She don’t have things to eat. Vanessa Santana. Know what is queer’s chalk, let the fall waiter the beestings.

Report-writing thunday is or gives was a funny. “Report”, GREENWALD wrote. He is counsel for I’m dun exploited into the ground. He was saying, where coach is bloomin’ and I’m going to keep quiet. I certainly can’t be knowing strictly bad Might’ve Been but for you-Steves. They’d stepped in, so they killed her cat, Gizmo. Hurts something.

I’d found, “report”. It uniquely click-nailed the whole emisies. I shall have to rub. Type. Fools, I’m never at Internet. I had my vocal cords severed; now you come peeny-pinching. From Gunner Cavinaries a dark letdown of the tooth of a bollinus (“Trench”, Craig). Poll the likelihood of curtness when the jumbo jokes run amongst at least the crowds dribbling cheerleaders. No, we’re going feeding.

Dive bomb hair.

If I had not found it, the choize of how scoop done up would fade the sweet intro/exit, the piece gets larger. Pull yourself together. Yeah, he wants it.

Write “report” at the same gable HE wrote report-writing-tanging. I start fer there. I start from there, being it was a WORD, space-tight, and this OBJECTIVE/SUBJECTIVE album already contains figures which were not placed for recovery in this fische. So, what were they on? It could be every word of the report is in different books. And more likely.

“It shouldn be my left and right, we should stop switching. Now this dinner’s make a report”, psyche em if I was doubt.

If in put teen on, Broward.

It scored the report as fart a scars a norkel as Ricola niches. Whump!

Whereof it, dude arming of the future we slap on the left knee clean. All the snickles or the stirring of current epitaphs. Nuance. How came the men to die? Well, said the time, it was a new sentence scribbled at night on a book. Ridculous. Writing in a book, punishable by shotgun, iron buckshot the size of a oat.

sacred chortle 5

sacred chortle 5

The Pusher87th Precinct series #) First Published 1956. Leading players Lt. Peter Byrnes, Steve Carella, Teddy Carella, Hal Willis, Roger Havilland, ...

The Pusher87th Precinct series #) First Published 1956. Leading players Lt. Peter Byrnes, Steve Carella, Teddy Carella, Hal Willis, Roger Havilland, …

A copy of the incredibly scarce first U.K. edition of William S. Burroughs' Junkie, published in London by Digit Books in 1957, is being offered at the ...

A copy of the incredibly scarce first U.K. edition of William S. Burroughs’ Junkie, published in London by Digit Books in 1957, is being offered at the …

Why should the national security agencies of the united states be protecting criminals?

513UXjPb7dL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ 734daba9cb5522e3c24a2e957b296586

The painting as it appeared on the cover of Dell Pocket Book # 11

The painting as it appeared on the cover of Dell Pocket Book # 11

516vKS7MsxL__SY355_ 514GPVjlcbL__SY355_



Spicy Detective Picture Frame Vintage Pulp Art Poster

Spicy Detective Picture Frame Vintage Pulp Art Poster



In China, Drugs Are Sold Online In An Unbridled Market

This is NYT new report on China. It should be something.

You leave me no choice on your Twitter campaign breezin’ through.  Pack up the sinus.

1. Dope Head Blues – Victoria Spivey
2. Reefer Man – Don Redman
3. Wacky Dust – Ella Fitzgerald (With Chick Webb)
4. Kickin The Gong Around – Cab Calloway
5. Knockin Myself Out – Lil Green
6. Sweet Marijuana Brown – Barney Bigard
7. Texas Tea Party – Jack Teagarden (With Benny Goodman)
8. Onyx Hop – Frankie Newton
9. The Reefer Song (If You’re A Viper – Fats Waller
10. Take A Whiff On Me – Leadbelly
11. Gimmie A Pigfoot (Gimme A Reefer) – Bessie Smith
12. Ol Man River (Smoke A Little Tea – Jerry Kruger
13. When I Get Low I Get High – Ella Fitzgerald
14. Lotus Blossom (Sweet Marijuana) – Julie Lee
15. Minnie The Moocher – Cab Calloway
16. I’m Feeling High & Happy – Helen Ward (With Gene Krupa)
17. Here Comes The Man With The Jive – Stuff Smith
18. Jack I’m Mellow – Trixie Smith

That’ mocha bwana nightmare is “Reefer Madness. A Collection of Vintage Dope Songs 1926-[…]”
Does your husband

1.Cocaine Habit Blues – Memphis Jug Band

  • 2.Spoonful Blues – Charley Patton
  • 3.Jerry the Junker – Clarence Williams
  • 4.Weed Smoker’s Dream – Harlem Hamfats
  • 5.Save the Roach For Me – Buck Washington
  • 6.Canned Heat Blues – Tommy Johnson
  • 7.Junco Partner – Louis Jordan
  • 8.Jive Man Blues – Frankie “Half-Pint” Jaxon
  • 9.Killin’ Jive – The Cats & the Fiddle
  • 10.Dopey Joe – Slim Gaillard / Slam Stewart
  • 11.Skin Man Blues – Henry Brown
  • 12.Reefer Head Woman – Jazz Gillum
  • 13.Cocaine – Dick Justice
  • 14.Man From Harlem – Cab Calloway
  • 15.All the Jive Has Gone – Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy

know of your fear of the bone in the chest we occupy, me & me?
Here proving a technological advance over simple lyrics sites, you could hear a sample of the music album by song, and switch quickly.  It’s not YouTube.  I go to where it’s a bather or a shower, it’s too true to me.

It’s sort of minimum.  I am working on the HOW COME
In China, Drugs Are Sold Online In An Unbridled Market


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