‘Each Why, Each Benight’ Harrangue

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not God's area

not God’s area

not Gods medical apartheid

not Gods medical schools

not Gods medical schools

not Gods ponderous dragnet

not Gods ponderous dragnet

not go Harriet A. Tubman. Yes

not go Harriet A. Tubman. Yes

Let’s deconstruct your buzz for Heller’s sun is lonely.  Do you have a doctor?  More fun to get arrested.  Hey, you rounded the wrong way.  You can be arrested, narrowly, shoe buds.  Bad omen.

dem sepperit march 16 yet fight to the west vanquerry

dem sepperit march 16 yet fight to the west vanquerry


Psychiatric treatment filmed in a locked ward at Metropolitan State Hospital in Los Angeles (Norwalk). Jack gets the staff to let his wife leave. A technician coerces Jack into an injection of a powerful drug that he complains, “turns me in a walking zombie”. Scene from “landmark” 1975 documentary: Hurry Tomorrow.

I was confined in this hospital in 1970 and 1971, driving my repugnance of America’s views on youth, ie Vietnam. That’s on of the things, a shot as punishment for tonguing the pills almost kills me with an overdose, furthers that day the same nigger presents my faithless family with my lethargic refusal to participate in group. In around 45 years now, the ongoing help is quasi proof of genocidal concepts in this ring. SEB, birthday.

Dinner’s Lighted Wall

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Are they Christmas?  Or, are they breakfast if they want to be?

Vintage Haws Drinking Fountain

Vintage Haws Drinking Fountain

Pardon me. Those boys aren’t clean.


The clothes aren’t clean. Beach house. We don’t use soap. Those suds are highly.

that once they circle cheerful collect president's doors.

that once they circle cheerful collect
president’s doors.

On the table.

second fluffs

And the rest of the kitten.

I’m sorry, humbly kind of jerkitty past this.  You’re an old foot.  Kousiciscans, I’m walkin’ tall, some turpidus on those boots.  I’m never by this, on the surface tension.  Bubbles.  I’m like a Quaker man, and you are in a slapper’s joint.

“You had unfettered access,” K: K. So. Assume only everything’s at fault2 express2 swply marvelous

Spaws [Haws]. Yerina drink supause. 141 years and SDPD has never had a drug dealer in its ranks. Now there’s two. I’m not buying it, those two. Polygraph era of full, for me, swing. It had it in the racket.

Saucer ____________ curly ice cream with chunks (and they’re pubic hairs) of chocolate and mint.

so your answer

brutal thug
Trepan. Butyl
at your door with a ram. He’s bang, yoke! Ah, your family suffer the spirit.

______________-Kelly Fullerton. I’m full of bank blog. Disturbing. Use me on Tucks’ break, people.



Though were diner: “Hey!” Accepts ||||||||||| your draws. “You’ve had Nicholas for a week!” Sykes. “And he melts.” The Sentinel stern portrait guy. Skippy. It’s out. It’s not going to because models. And ise a recluse, and there there was some tension.

“His normal adult fare is…” [and then they 12] Look, I am getting tire (duffer ((s) of trusting, yet food) substituted all the steps full of intents). LIKE HE DOES I’ve next-laned to U ARF. The joke is pagan.

…is Lloyd Bridges Airplane party. On, maybe it’s a little wind undermining up there success, or, there’s the Sierras. 1Thread. 2Two more beer. 5Dotcom. That’s what naturals do not fold, so, hike it in. Cali back arts kind of construction. Footing Ono.


R ___ I T ___ O R __ Y

___Y ____ H ____ O ___ L






stoned Rogaine gate. What’re them guys prone to?  M?

We here at home & you back in the studio never wondered how, in case who busted you (was Wiley themselves) was carrying on correspondence (a litany of effect, fab in its bawn breedy, here dalid lucidity). Stabbed, and just then I had a footnote. Footnote for bad, Willie Wisely, and Willie L. Fergusen, and “the” Orange County. Don’t get upset now. Harness. Correspondences, that their jounalism pin doesn’t print them where you’re concerned.

I, too, because of all this, if all this became tech, tech can delve their balls into deals with guys rolling around backwards and laughing.

He’s write the snake, write Sue Shoeny’s flair with puddingstone coming from a meth lab he’s cooking in, not pussing-out, robbin’, keeping there. It’s wire rapers with a clasper. Keep us war? Archive! Come in. Do you eat occidental? Their clamper there walls ’em off. Garauntee.

At his address in Brussels, two blondes, stacked. It bears repeated. Two black blondes, hair over sex you up stairs. Then, I’m clocking hair over woof, somebody bare explain, “came skaters who busted in.” well, the gursh is from closer to the stick an he did it. Anstead of cuts to the leap out of the entrance vehicle. Problems of note including a grand error accumulative when the band has to pay expenses with tourniquet tied around ARCHBISHOP Ferdinand, and how the archbishop is capital light no matter how you save Jesus. Skelter, and then sin over in the poopin’ ’cause that’ll the bus. Older, on the bus. Squeeze the seat.

No, there’s a problem. With 9-git, you did prove. The fall theiner while you stare at muscles, I have to indicate, or jury-drink, on 6 the’ll palsy home over.

Home over a dress? No, I eat free when we’re at home. One of these days…

m_______Indwelling devils, too.  No, I don’t feel like he’s coming back.  You’re thick.

E __________________________evice _____c___s____ T _  E _ N

___ J ___ O ___ N ___ I ___ S angry _viced of all H E Y T H A S O M

U S T J E T A V I N G T H E R __________ plint 2st J U S T Y O E Y O

A S T S I N A T H O B E E R I __________________ T F I U Y O U L O

H E R S C A E R E N O S G H T __ his mouth despair G U R U W I S E

E S N N D A S G O P I C H E R ___ were pony involved, her loosen.


I’m very close.

Belladonna, A. B’hurst Shimpshon. Merry Synchronicity’s chair, how claw dawn it (Jung). Ralph, Beatle, put it worth mouth, tint, Jung. Unwanted sound, you see. Maybe the state is not the best people to turn people over to? Now that it’s ‘you all understand’, lifts to the epithet won’t require parting. Grail. What what it was his miss, the turkey #@%&$ razor death. No particular names on the reeking wind. Fault their bowel.

If you cut me, cut the stares you wanted, though. The only I kissed.

Fan his bowels. You might think, “How am I going to plug this mist?” Now do that code. Worthy only hallucination around. Picking pickate. “Unpack”. Well, there is, ‘opening a file with this app’ hull of the points being in some region under my control, with its embediment property taking over whether its just X or sometimes I can’t see, so A to Z. Logically clear of commanding.

God. We slipped our speed of thought. It is tighteny. To/too to the docent’s on shore.

___I ___ M ____ C ___ O ___ W

F Y O E T H U T T _ U S E A N T

U C U E S T H E S _ B E T E D T

T M E O N E _ T A R T E R H O U



Rethink or believe, spirits of part apparatus.

President Ford didn’t hit any golf balls for $100,

folding in under, listen, 30 seconds of raw spew.

Marry two polices, what do you get?  It’s May.  I’m okay, I’m trussed up here

The whole nighborhood’s a … a false neighborhood.  A beautiful person’s, so, for  a quick and dirty.  Do you want to come see inside?  Of course, for a test, you’ve spoiled to chunk me out as a guest.  It’s bad outta.  My rose.  You turn belie, at least.  No siesta.


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Here it’s my task to write a tale? Who are you? You were joining hers by the adjoining “might have been”, spot? I mean to be consistent, and chaotic random middle account to the blog’s whole title, apt to the link between my own fault and what happened to me. That miracle gives way to the pressure.

It is up again to mother stew, or any name in games where we are the toy, which obviously gets smashed. I’m not bitter-bitter, I’m entertained that sort, what I had to do, abrupt , made me go to smiling, and cautious? Why, it would not have stayed yellow, giggled some traffic light. This metaphor has wounded their jokes. We’re all subject to the same ire. So, you wake up, you find out, and slowly, Fifi found, the curtain falls. Behind it you’ve that knowledge there is a fifi bag.

What are you doing with a fifi bag (is a butch tank)?

We are the diversion in the river. Now let us dispose of the fleas! I had heard, “Let off…”, and you may ask a person to remove or dispose (kill) a person. A person’s teeth form a record. The docket was, last night you are certainly posting my baby pictures. I’m not a retard. If so they would hop off.

A parking ticket and here is what I got. Upton Sinclair already writing, does me a favors and already world maximum. I sense it does not remove heat-melds I have with Brother. He perhaps would be born first by the sea, and left later to little Stanislos. Allah, fill me with lard.

Remove or dispose, the guessers to all gossip, fire Amen to a minute ago. Ah, Upton had helped. Put that on the air. But now something in the way of this, which is a tall one, is about the transformative powers of punishment. Now is the time to heel as animal slaves, rather than robotic slaves while we work. It’s tall to save the tale of Christ, who is one simultaneously: A DNA specimen and the chemical fractions all the way down to a statement through lead, silly old plumbum. It said something about oxygen. Oh, milliliter in making it.

There exists a branch through Anaheim. My past includes getting busted for manufacturing methamphetamine, though carrying on correspondences, though never driving, no doubt. Once you are on probation, Lucy calls her drunks to assortedly manufacture alcohols. I was not driving a car, period, for over a year. Did your Walt guy in BREAKING BAD do this? I was already a chemical Timothy by then. Using a rope to get a guy down there while actually having BRIAN KAZARIAN give direct, informant-killing data from the ORANGE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY, office of this, to the HELLS ANGELS president in the area, who was only popped doing his job. He was to have taken a loss in Vegas. They’d accept #100,000s in cash with a quickness.

So, smokers are together in a large group from which police informants are drawn. There are two dead chiefs in this department since then, 1996. What’s big about it is the psychological effect of the Disney corporation’s elucidations for clinical FBI insanity. Well, they have little things, things in me, moral things. Come out, come out, I am wherever they are. Let’s make a kill. The little thing, you cross your heart, you die.

Our internet saga of rope hanged us all on spite of one Sabu. Sabu’s protected, well, like Mr. Kazarian, then, or, by me, of my brother. We do not allow pitiful subsumptions to lesser ideas. We are foaling greater ideas than our enemies, and do boost them up. It pained Mr. Sinclair to no items of 1906:

  1. “…spite of him; and he all but lost his place even so, for the foreman booted him twice to waken him.” No. This is chumpish. Lucky in 1906 pushed, “seconds (77), and the other of whom knew how to take a full lard can off a certain spot every few seconds and set it on a tray.”

Didn’t your mother, cart before the horse, gather round, lack a spot. The blue they are in, granted ether. Punny whom it will knock catch freezer. They’d beg Luciano. He’d have this off-the shoulder cape, eating a sorbet. All I have is his picture, a thread under it. Let rain fall on it.

Back into legal #1 tale. The appropriation of our dust is on the medicalization of marijuana. It only gets you highs. If the effect is to poop out, it may be the construction of authoritized, red, parking zones. I know a government identification I can get to ride the buses. You just don’t go back to driving, Emily. You are hallucinating. Remember, you can’t cook if you can’t drive. Anaheim is corrupt.

On the same day a nice man shot 7 bitches in a nail salon, I had just defaulted the day before to losing my free speech elegance in spite of Berkeley training, to complain of one Lane Scheer, who found a spot to dump me. “I need an attorney.” “I’m an attorney”, I use crack. “I need a lawyer.” Surface, mottling. I get it again. That is, “SB”, is a little beachside town, literally, “Dinah Shoza Belmont”, how to heal. Now that skies are further by the number of seconds, break it these are a large number of seconds (knock wood). We are irreligious.

I was with the rampant wood Rassmussen. The tattooing ink and the use of unwise terminology at the sabu suit dictate, one, wood, two, getting afield of Anaheim, but did we not ascribe a unit of humanity to they who detect and monitor right and visit suspect and sit down on the corner, because the police argue their gun case. The police argument back is far, far below kudos to high-end criminals of their official malfeasance. They created us in a room easy to skate, with known hoglike parameters to keep us that they stunned us, keep us at bay. The marijuana appears to be itself black-and-white.

If you are afraid of losing your mind, are zitty and have little girls, too, we will smoke it. We will smoke it? I thought it was about them, exzema. We lost. We can partially ingest women for disposal. Wednesday and Trajeday are close companions to walkable cities. Just like you.

Service on the tennis yards of scheduling within other people’s might of fee. Fee’s at home. When a child rescues you, it must be the labor laws, and then the housing laws, and then the take-back on the 1787 Constitution. My address in Anaheim was 1787 West Ball Road.

There is intent by creatures to enforce a saddle point of living on top of everything you are trying to do. At 62, you really score high. All history is about to be ended by Baron (Mistake). Yet, see there I wrote this: Bite me. I put it after. Say goodbye to this world’s way how whom you count, is who’s what? Geography: Raise whose your hand. Who’s? And, what? Tiger, if it were up to me, you are Daniel Craig exposed.

There is only one being in Russians. Poodle step around poor previous administrations or non-US departments. My physics badge has came off. Who’s what policy out the door there’s no stone. Lose steps, normally, just here they’re one. It’s come to me to walking backwards around stumps, capital inclusive.

It took to me in death, first the historic, then the current. Then, all the similarities gave us little to doubt about the magnitude of geopolitik. -kle. My employer gossips instead of streaming video. There is little peasant in modern life to be serflike more than Alex Beck.

You’re dressed if you see them all the time. Not only did I only have a black-and-white going, I only took a black-and-white. And for that, you, Lorettta, mind yours. Because, a bus, how you rake it, how you lube the springs, how you bake it, determines the frightful large fluffy gobs of lube required. They might loose airchange to …am. I front out the woahses. It is what it is, when cattle get stuck, by power of its denominating its great leveller, death of money and its cocommittant labelling structure of cunt who’s mighty. No sense of pride in animal stuck dodgers, no swerving as slip-and-fall outweighs gravity by eons of tons, will serve to resue and resemite whole order after smitten. More than Allen, more than after Allen drone.

Kneel all round your wheels. So, you were leaving and didn’t even say goodbye to four there post. In England dread hallucinating a Roger face. In fact, since neither vision nor hearing is paramount, mental illness is a lack of staying power. That’s weak. Buddy, did ya fall into a chair behind you?

Perhaps lucid coherency is why nobody used those words. Right now, where do you want a light to pass through?

And be dark in the President When he wakes up?

They, him, are strained to produce these four corners of Earth’s, and civilization’s, to carry out nefarious deeds. And then, where it would be, not so veiled as anyone who went from weeding to #35 dollas an hour cast out. Bursar key, if I had that in my bones, how little of a decision? There to correspond with your education and resources while over principles she did slave at the neck. Many thus survived to hit this race I am on, of apparent construction via material, and tapped-out on construction of food, while adhering to the devil in your own language. I do not even think the American writers are American. Tragically, they were part of a conquest lovingly paring away the taproots with respect to the turtle-dove in the best branches.

If you want it, the power of ESP is in offsetting the paranoia, all your eggs in one nuclear aid basket, and choice never in misunderstanding is ever boundary restorative, or, “there”, no problem. The problems of ESP are there in the desire to evade mockings gel. The powers of ESP are the jerking chain, hearing cut powder one way, and hypnotist the other why, eg why serve, Y serve, Ada, Ad, A, You Ead.

Yeah, became like throwing a man who is a man of the balalaika dear in a castle keep within his ticket. He’s the last doorbell you vibrate to be your friend. Walk up and waif him over a bread, a cup of coffee, a hood, a mafia chump-change, etc. Beagle. Keep his sure forge. O heavy parakeet!

Cure school is to mining dicey, with 12 and third is where to go for gas, Chevron, Disney, the FBI.

So, I have been counting up automata, step. The end with the solution in brown diamond acts on the step, deserves ground. D-Y is of an acronym designating holes the universe is telling me to do monsters problem child, nigger smart of a question a butterfly finds mystical, having 30 degrees of play.

We, being pawns acted upon by the government, wish it came up more often that 10 million traitors came underground, listings.

Alaskan skipjack boom. Tires would’ve sold without rims. Hammer.

Dangerous muscles with fragile quicks.

We are sergeants of it in nonacting, attenuated, paired ways the hell down. Even if it doesn’t work, he doesn’t meddle. They have hopes exclusive to a change in things the way those things were handled.

Putin, thy put A RAID ON HEADQUARTERS, and then mouthed.


fighting imposters

war crimes committed since November pals, this is San Diego.  Where should popl har th gov wants thm to vot.  R does not want thm to, but fear isn’t murder.  “Fears”, what you showed.  Fight when you get a chance.  Took heat or those feisties warm up.  So, I was ashes to my name before.  C4 stop it, EYE is in the middle.  Crippled is also responsible for the blackness involved in pure porous walls.

@Biauswa is a mutual friend with Barrett Brown. It all says he is out of the way. Work out. Textbook Oz it’s snag John Tiessen’s tits.

1955 starring jeanine so but television.

1955 starring jeanine so but television.



Ass Opposed to Party

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What was it?

Sedition.  A colors bread.

pom-poms, Ping-Pong I think.  Th garr it’s on synch.  Thy ar hammring in glass in th library.  Oxycit-

ed.  A baseball is allow, way to kornr bavr, whor yorhy eek stripling I’m on pop.



Umm, mall? Whr are yw? Hummed. I you ridrct my punk ass?

On can fight ons ons was onit the glenn channl glenn 30. That’s writ own zon.

Hunting for secret Kremlin agents is actually a more popular & timeless American national pastime than baseball. The fun never ends.

They blew Terry there.

The hammer goes tan-tan-tan, ’cause your aman.  Listn.  Lt turtls off.

S.3xe @TruthIzSexy  ·  16h 16 hours ago

I got really bigoted in garage today cos a blonde that couldn’t drive blocked whole place, have same feeling now! :D Not good!

Talk about it.  For th way taller talks, har what I’m say.  All truth.  Som laft out, ‘aus R apartmtn shui.

Can’t type.  an’t Can’t talk Can’t have, Can’t ate Chicago.


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Land fair at gouda come-in prices. Look-where-you-sign insurance. Luck Dreedle.

Stephen J. Cannell

Stephen J. Cannell

Honest injun we’re gonna make a pilot, and hookers stare.

Famed photographer swallowed his packages.

Famed photographer swallowed his packages.

Euro. Do I have a bugged Continental?

Stephen at college at the University of Oregon with guys that do zero.

Stephen at college at the University of Oregon with guys that do zero.

download download (1) download (2) download (3)

p1020602 Stephen J. Cannell, who died Thursday of complications from melanoma at age 69, … Lanky and tan, with an ever-present goatee, he often favored tight …

We write, suckers. Whole line on my bird. Wait’ll I get up. Bare arms. Melana– Going to a concert in Orange County, Julies place. Jesse Dugard had no foals in The Pond of Anaheim, so help yourself to input. maxresdefault download (4) Sep 9, 2009 – It is a column by the OC Register’s Mark Whicker, and it begins thusly: … the single worst piece of sports journalism ever committed to the page:. Shift the foalcut. Down feared. 18j5iv82qpl4kjpg Just one peff in hand iff’n yews. Wrong wallet, just a soft ewe’s.  You ready? Well, how you doin’ fuckin’ mine, the one born 1988, disappeared down the road in Pasadena, 1989?  Deal’s 20 years.  No further Rhett Butler’ll learn mother to sew.  You could not catch

kaczynski2.  When the university forecasted... absolutely.  Has the switchboard changed on the Barney 1?

kaczynski2. When the university forecasted… absolutely. Has the switchboard changed on the Barney 1?

They had to soil themselves.  I got free scootey when the furnace had to be cleaned out.  Raziculous.

They had to soil themselves. I got free scootey when the furnace had to be cleaned out. Raziculous.

Are you jealous? They did the poll yesterday. OC Register’s owner’s. They stepped
That’s in the past. Lunch like they deserve. Walk right in ’cause you’re right on time. la-bio-rene-lynch

Rene Lynch aligns with Mark Whicker. I had written to many people in society had written to many people in society deducted from society. My use cut into my rights. I has a story in the LA TIMES where she works. My name in it meant maybe she wrote it? Maybe she won’t?, as your name could be in mine. I hope all newspapers die. She used to be brandishing a pistol. Some operatives from her enclave on Sunflower approached me to quit harassing her, I guess. They did not specify that rights to speech were under attack. They send the cops to my place and accuse me of making meth, all false, false FALSE !!!

The gospel of the niggers’ hot sauce for running around. The lightest juice.

___ M ___ N
Y E Y E I S ____common rising ___ Y E Y E L A___Want a bowl of cereal?
E D R L A R _______ very astute __ E V R R R Y __guy’s 8 guy
O P P R Y _____________________ O P P I S G
E R O ____________ in the feed ___ E R O A Y ___ would hurt Mercury 2’s death.

Gestalt, cackulus, zero sum… NICK! 3:45. And you were buzzed in.

E D Y L A S ____ year’s?
___ O ___________ He went up and lent it.

To Aus. Where bully done. Decision and one point of departure goes to “THE BEAVER” , one to the can. One to the struedel. Ah, kinetic tonight, not fascitis, now before I’m bent, difrent-cos, old. One king’s bitten in his mouth. Bert, it wasn’t his hand, boldly go.

Teal deer, so. Do they have an orshun. Yeah, they came off Jodie is talking about the bangin’ six best words, and you commit to provin’. You start sayin’ “Yeah”, you vault it all to a |Y| in despair. Funnel now goes.

They’ve got
(2) ½ off, t.g.______SSlim havin’
[1] poli. Prisoners for one. They give.
DELTA potential. Let ’em out. Green
could live.

Your paranoia is real. Maybe not. See how it’s done?

You’re paranoid once. Maybe not. Whose fell down?

God it itches.

Mysterious luck We got heroin support por the corrupt. We got paddle. Let it go one little score ‘n have it done. No need standing there in a suit. Embarrassin’. Do you mind a parade? It’s going to get.

Saffonese, peril. Hub, what are you doing in the afternoon? In the sticks.
Send in the big. Put a poultice. We put it in. Next to her. We (whole) put a poul-
tice on it. The asterisk.
____||||||||| ____ I. * ____
____||||||||| ____ _ * ___
Forever that.
Forever teh lucky cockroach in the test-tube ladder forest forget all out-caves, forget all our cares and
return to our life, our mustasche, verrything’s waitin’ home.
Sorry. Hope it gets the same nurse.
Pi cow wit. Octoculacanoe ya

_____I T_ L I _H N E H__ O __ O M T E___V
S T___U C K I N T C A N U R C U R N E R R
_____Y C O H E T F O R A R E T O O Y T H
_____C K R E S T G E T S A N U R L I N G
_____O A C T U B A L L D R E I F E S W A
It’s dry(mers). Ya shoulda sent us the money (unky), and I never saw to your head (dunkin’). Sorry, father. Let us gulp.
______________________________________ T A ____ I L ___ I N
Verran it. ____ I ___ C ________________________ W ____ B ____ H
F I C O P S ________________________________A S H R U S A N D
A N S F A T _______eating a baloney sandwich ___ Y O U H Y O T U C
E A L E O F _______________________________ R H A U R T K Y O
5 0 0 F A M _______________________________ N D S E E T U R S
I got with the Poles in Haiti after the first one she Blighs. Agent, I admise you. What? Slightly gnaws Pope in Saturn’s dream, Eve5 go back down.
Lodged in destiny, front. Take your drink out.
How could you do us at that time to better me?

All those other things are making me hurry, by the death I’ll have a fortune in hair. Nobody is sook to everything come beany every day is forsaken past the line when you’re nous when you’re curette. Joseph A Camp has a rep unto bing disappeared, and he knows computers! Give me the opposite durette, Mark Whicker’s:

mc mc2

jackie_joyner well known cable goon ironically Florence Griffith Joyner.

jackie_joyner well known cable goon ironically Florence Griffith Joyner.

She comes in at rest.  My favorite Mission Viejo jump off point grand-dad.

She comes in at rest. My favorite Mission Viejo jump off point grand-dad.

The way you got on that coat. I like bacon on my bed. Heart, soul, out like a dog. 24 hours, a rain coat for a doll. We passed a chicken shack 365 fays a year in our car. Oh, the Lord. Shuck’em, fire. Foll on Glenn Greenwald to a turn. Too late, his current rocket fit. You wish.

The pithy version of the vital role played by anthrax was supplied by Atrios here and here; in essence, it was anthrax that convinced large numbers of Americans that Terrorism was something that could show up without warning at their doorstep — though something as innocuous as their mailbox — in the form of James-Bond-like attacks featuring invisible, lethal powder.

We might be wet.

 | 10-28-2003 | Charles Piller Posted on 10/28/2003 A Trying Time for Science Bioterrorism-related charges are sending a noted researcher into court for his handling of plague vials. In U.S. labs, the case elicits an outcry. By Charles Piller, Times Staff Writer LUBBOCK, Texas — Dr. Thomas Butler entered the courthouse in chains. Clad in a blue prison jumpsuit, the 62-year-old physician shuffled into the building led by armed federal agents, his hands and legs bound. The image of the white-haired doctor in court has shaken American science to its roots. [snip] The seriousness of the threat many scientists feel is implicit in the National Academies letter supporting Butler — just the second time the group has intervened in a criminal proceeding involving a U.S. scientist. The first was for Wen Ho Lee — a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory whom the FBI accused of mishandling nuclear-weapons secrets but was later exonerated. (Excerpt) Read more at latimes.com

Who want his goat?  I’m 62.  It is not us who are suddenly smitten by our elders to judge youse.  We’re thick and though studied, there’s chill nights I’d come to God without Glenn.  What we are told is cuttin’ us, entitled, A TRYING TIME FOR SCIENCE.  We’re cuttin’ into a bruised lily.  It’s not a saf time, it was the words and doctor silence of the time.  If they arrest you for misplacing a merry vial lot, at worst met or heaving my doctor’s abut for the way I should part my hair in this zoo.  I guarantee I qualify.  As you resume your charlie, your bourbon.  Three sank uncomfortably into their chairs for lounging. But, that was not where he had called me the fattest free goldbrick that it is your mightest premier on the frontier of wanty the.  Am I to understand?  I’m the might as be.  That’s 100% crazy.  You warder you m i g h t as well kiss me, right be.

you shwadder cupcake

you shwadder cupcake

15shor600 Oh, yeah.



Mickey Mantle Bronx banter

Mickey Mantle Bronx banter

Over that ramp. Establishing the champ. Oh yeah, split, the croakie, where’s that goin’? Tramward. I got nothin’ to lose. You know I can’t even–I got nothin’. Too murky to, well, Lovette-Ford, well, bum, face. Bum. Well before you’re black.



Robbery Unit – April 1981.  Photo taken along the Pacific Hwy side of 801 W. Market Street.  Front row: Detective Sergeant Bill  Dovey,Detective Lieutenant Ron  Seden, Detective Sergeant Gary  Learn.  Middle row:  Detectives Gary Schneider,Jamie  Bordine, Keith Copher, Ken Creese, Benny Byrd aka “The Del Rio Kid”, Kirby Wood aka “The Kearny Comet”.  Back row: Detectives John  Buono, Paul Olson, Detective Sergeant Dan Luth, Detectives Don Wright, Larry Lindstrom, Grant Raybould, and Gary Reichle.

Go wan.

And trouble this time. A chest save. And bullet.

Moron, SDPD WAMBAUGH Finnegan’s Week.  And be safe.  Need a vehicle?  The trouble “bounds” I am loading are the most responsibility coming with flash on a the holdover.  Evolution (dying)’s been holdin’ on over a year.  There is no more grit being home a Charlie watt any days, any bargain.  Oh, yeah.  I’ma understand this harlogram of Fred Hampton grassin’ and getting silenced by my photostamp, is how I know Chicago PD 1968 for truth.

The ACLU of Southern California issued a statement Friday saying that it was “deeply troubled” by the images.

“While we applaud Sheriff John McMahon’s prompt decision to investigate the disturbing actions of his deputies, we believe more is needed,” the organization said. “Too often the department has failed to address questions, including those raised by the ACLU SoCal, about use of force and Taser policies.”

Okay, so this borer rim task force … wer actually in sex, weh you us a frin 4 gratify.

We were in San Diego last week interviewing a few more people for the documentary.
Colleen O’Halloran (producer) took the reigns this time and did the questioning. It was fascinating to hear the exploits and what these men went through to help others.
We also re-interviewed Manny Lopez. He was the leader of The Border Crime Task Force. Thank you Manny for your time and we also thank Tony Puente and Richard Medina.
– Robert and Colleene
Appaling. Th situation is APPEALING to th brokn mar
Waumbaugh ha it ma.  Th nicr people o tha walk.  TONY PUENTE  wasn’t th fas gunslinger.
Tony.  Hunt 'm own own hit alma aross th bus.  They're Madoff tough.

Tony. Hunt ‘m own own hit alma aross th bus. They’re Madoff tough.

Know what to gt out of there, I don’t want it this soon. If I catch you shaving down there, close, on juice…th othr en I want to feel ya. I ent look at ya. Ya hardly answer me when I ance with you. Stumblin’. Party. Took off.

Cotton you can squeeze her, all her things bnt ovr in th ass ugly queer.

I may not be able to repair all those letters.  I had a preview post that was perfect.  You guys goin’ to slep, ‘auis I’m going to whack off.  an I wath you guys.

Why With It’s the Best After It Can Do

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Officers accused of various charges related to the Silk Road investigation – Carl Mark Force IV (left) and Shaun Bridges (right)

Officers accused of various charges related to the Silk Road investigation – Carl Mark Force IV (left) and Shaun Bridges (right)

thats your fault I watch stuff mommies say he is a che guevara total dilletant a national eddy awake

thats your fault I watch stuff mommies say he is a che guevara total dilletant a national eddy awake

Kevin C. Moore

Kevin C. Moore

Don’t worry, I’ll go.  You just step off (lady is (nappin’) with this card?), hey, gran.  I don’t care if you slap down a five.  It must beat, on Jesus, no brains.  A crucifix up the ass he kissed.  And that’s hardly somethin’ hard.  Worth it to dress up?  Turn around, pig cop.

CIA, yes.  I will fuck each and every one you in the ass, and yeah, that’s true.  Boss, you cannot commit crimes within the United States!!  Politics make sure you sucked my dick.  It’s so shallow.  It’s on the rich leather seats near you.  A cinch you’re here a minute.  Spoke up when you had a chance to suck dicks.

Then rice tone.  Share is if I have Costner, yes, Cortez, all those years.  talk me through.  The pigs of the represen150ion of all these professionals, when allegedly let me just allow me to suck the eggs out of their ears, get drug out.  You cocksuckers have only to look at what this cocksucker did for ten thousand dollars!

Kevin C. Moore

Kevin C. Moore, 42, of the Salem Police Department, appeared before a federal judge in Roanoke on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to one count of bribery. He was arrested in October without incident and was suspended from both the police department and the DEA task force the same day, but his case was not unsealed until Tuesday.

While the charge in the case relates to only one woman, Moore admitted to soliciting oral sex from another defendant and to soliciting both oral sex and sexual intercourse from a third defendant. The earliest incident dates back to 2009.

In the latest case, the officer admitted to exchanging text messages with a woman who was cooperating in an investigation into methamphetamine distribution.

Take it from Zelda Gilroy

Take it from Zelda Gilroy.  You have to.  The butthole has transferred.

Oh, I got woman problem. I’m really chasing the scream to don’t, you know I want to bite ’em, and sex got what letchened ripped in his own mind. If you were the chin-semened faggot police officer bullet-gargling optical that walk away?  You’re missing out.

Dwayne Hickman, I was living in the Bay Area.  Your many friends where would they go now to join the alliance?  They could walk.  Is he polling?

Dwayne Hickman, I was living in the Bay Area. Your many friends where would they go now to join the alliance? They could walk. Is he polling?

The first time DEA messed with me was 1978.  My bird, I mean suddenly my Hampton was 26, customer.  She was burnin’ (DEA), give me those.  On her own site aches to say


On the road, motor officer, umm, can you manage to bust yourselves, shootin’ them?  We will get along fine.  Wouldn’t be tragic.

Shit!  Just our conversations of 1979, and just as soon as we are all together,

Rick Lyon

will introduce me.  Should have known better than to play guitar (at Humphries, by the bay, San Diego).  That informant’s a mentally disordered sex offender by his own admission.  He wrapped himself in the flag, as I am sure you cut yours.  It stands up by itself, it is come-filled.  Let’s try you may become a faggot the higher in the DEA.  I’m anxious.

That one in the top-left corner works it till the head of my dick’s red.  I’m horny.  You need a tracer round in the neck, from Africa, YOU PIECE OF HUMAN WASTE.  I wanna hear you calling my name:


Greenwald @ggreenwald · 60m 60 minutes ago
Simpsons creator Sam Simon, who just died at 59.
Starting out okay. I came to ink the 59. Art, literalness, or straight-up,
made-up carnivorous, stentorian where the quality goes in–Bronzo–before the label with my signatures. I’m your rubber chicken hippy. So Forest…

Peerless “Lent”. For sakes. It’s lint. I’m not going to repeat. Thought you were going to hosannahs. Main input. Uh-oh, chocolate Rabbi cells. It’s peerless of an emotion, which is coincidentally “loud”.

THEY don’t usually confess to how stuck some thing proposed got.

The litigants are early. They force us to gestap them at the litigate. Go back to the defense table with winney-the-pooh, your lawyer, no? Heaven have a barbecues.

Okay, clares my scheduled. At F-Q, AM.

Branding who can’t type and I get ergo.

She’s turning [angelical, rooted foul, she already crossed], they’re turning with her.

As her large, pendulous breasts [like swamp gas. Arise] covered [pray a mitt] held sway over me [I was induct a slew, whereas this number of might need returning with her on. Blue, one might need stencils.

I in turn held onto hers. The promises McGurk to McCue to do McUe any,mm? Whuuut?

Cassandratftp@gmail.com. Fluff.

Could these be times a  little man farted (around was, I set it up, not for the lance) You could see something wrong. How was there to—loving the Jester, all bread. The ceiling, four dead (in Ohio in secret).



A T E prince open



H E P robe line

specifi–”effin’ foodie” throwin’ dirt in the metal.

19th an harass.onist

There’s nothing in there: egg. Dissolved in the menincus, each one of ’em a mouth (stuck to the pylon)-

ful, they come out mouth, eh? Explayed all over the floor. They dressed all up, hep. Honey, a following. How would you like it elected? Sit on your toes. Giddown. Better answer before you (“spit”) blood.

Run. “Because”, rebel has a home there. Car. Push it in the mailbox.

After the car was blinkin’, troubles began shortly. They’d put their blinker on down there, left, for a few seconds. Eat your buzz.

Timothy Hutton shending Jeremy Harrison’s pig assholes. Hartnett writ spokes up HOLLYWOOD homic. Spark settled. Is it dying? Is it him?

B R ___O_____U S




I C K T F R R I N how big us

EL A O N T S C A how’s…

A B ___R O ___ U S wizards

____ H _____ N ___ T the cream



I C K U T F A R I let me | grant me | those toss| then up

E L A R O N N S C goal

Bad still. Gook in it, consuming, not cherishing Congo’s lovacy vaccin’

love. Michael Deibert, the Cong, Zetas, too.

Professors Garrity and freezer off the block declare that you bitchen rows—stomach in—are bent left to tell the same lies. George Carlin’s books go to tell the left he was smart. They gather in the decreasing light, enough to say it’s different not holdin’ any of these half-lighted objects. In downstairs corrected pop to look. Come on over here. Something perpendicular to my body, huh?

Liar wept as well? Which is what caustic step? Am I a foot on the gurney, cause next step is sightfuls.

to spill the sit you got two classies

to spill the sit you got two classies

The rib. Because of “The Ride,” Sinclair. Listened. Sat back down. Gene proposed. Carling’s got one other book with napalm on it, man. Discovered willie peter.

More like Greenland, tap of all asunders the liquey upper hand. The knout’s was nicely done, the rub of what was not the same sentence without kazoo, a King-Jamer.

The most minor thing, then its entails. In just not many Mexicans alone responsible for those 23,000 disappeared, queerly. Stiffen this. Be liars.

Off the Pacific jade.

He Doesn’t Need You, Walk. Go! Memory Closes Today

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__H  I  E  R  O  E N _E
F Y O A N D I L L W I S    the hot more house of sable
U H A I H A B E A H A S   get out with that ‘HAMMER’
D A H V E A T Y O S T R    touchy
Going, ‘People that have righted.’  SSB who said she’s glad he’s back, might of Filomena Esterbrooks
(P)oison.  Gott poisoned the oil, went out ‘cross my flail.  When I was workin’, was it was Malkovy stuffed with a bitch?  ‘Cause it was then turn of flail oil.
Slow geometry methd, you.  A legal A’s, too, print; seldom a legal X.  Paralegal.  Holly back 12th Mar.  Robt. Wiggins, Santee.  elder abuse  Toad utey fuss suck it.  Suffer the gain dip.
Onnie outside.   Settles down.  The pirate’s mouth one o’ these days, only technically workin’ all around, were makin’ the way they, you, didn’t worry.  Didn’t befriend.  They Lethem gong.  They set us through.  Cocktail napkins, double was sclommis commish door slammin’.
The heaven they have all the earmarks of the L.A. Sherrif’s assassination squad.  They’ll fuck up.  And the world, will be a better place.  Bitter, if it’s Starbucks.

features chair
feature chair shunned
feature chair sheet horse

Master, what was here was not snappish. Or needed to decayed. Tourist, what went in the first comma was a reference to myself, you, steve alacorn. It just the same said count this head, then went away expecting to sprout upon sane turnover. I meddly attached mijo to the work.

Bad girl!

Bad girl!

Bad girl!

Bunch of mean pucking, glooming. Don’t mouth. Make it from ‘niquer gulding

___ T ___ I ___ W ___ B ___ E ___ T ___ U





Faith led me there, say all dare so.

This is good for development of this.

You wanna deal?

So, how was Aunt Leisa’s privel

gripping? So was I.

He doesn’t need you. Because of all this air bangin’

guff got yers yapping a cerous gettout, rained-in.

Foggy yoats R’s theres, never pick. Solely unsmarting.

Yoes a weather door.

“King Bee”, had you wanting to make food for your queen bee. For travel, do the bet. “Carol”, flea don’t let me steal your heart away. But, can lover dick replace the thought, I doubt mellow, at the crip

pointed along? The corrected point in the log allows us to retreat. Nonzeroes, though we meant it, bounce and skip, ’cause hat’s an old song.

Easier dick than box heretogo. Masks.

My daughter vanishes, rare though not in Tijuana, and not in the last 20-year flood channel. All the

______________________ f

incest. Month. Toto <— “Arica”

How’s the plot? Sucker-free

were a nursery? Go on, you can’t deal with cantharides, a madman. His face? I want it hurting his calmly instead. Now hurty. Know how I want it? Public. I’m going to write a post a month, for Stryker. A million, critical, like a book. All after that’s coming—haze–I put Madsen cheese—no. Copra, no. The other one—where Gleason, so forth, gets ’em to go for all the tickets. In a later chapter, not borne aloft on part of you L-l-l-l-l’net. Continue. All forty, I always use the nearest extinct jump in the society pages. That’s drama, a headache. A sorcerer’s bear. Are you migrating? Speaking page 9 speak of the devil Goebbles.

Includes copies of a strip in Paraguay, rancho fear of they say. He knows from that baby’s an atom. Hobble me being guilty because it rounds off the hit? In jail, how? Land summers in the swimming pool locker room. Although skylike, we free. Right’s right. Temper the set what hadda come exist, and field projects a subjective allejay’s.

Hurt me. Schizer worse. Do with woman with teeth showing, showing man with cruel flat lip. You must be Claude Akins



Mandy Peppercorn.

[breadbox] You know what people say, is it bigger? His butt, take him out. 3 AM 2/8. Just don’t see next to audio of this nature. This nature’s unassociated from higher brain to lower primates who sucks demand.

I’m calling a quid pro quo on gubernatorial excoshed. Stories. Now bug out, suits or dread.

I could bug out of my flipping.

___ S ___ U ___ E ___ O





1, Run cancers where the Doppler won’t touch you.

2, Exactly, fate.

3, At-home 2’s.

4, State of.

And give me next (ter). Dewey

soda. Let him mix.

The contadina.

Why does it do the Baader-Meinhof’s, though? I’m stuck at double-log nomographs if you have a log

or ledger of tabled values to be placed in either-or, for knowing nor believing meth will come back in.

It feels best to think of happy “this” elbow that as much, a test amid then tropics, a caution “that” weather titles more.

Your parents.

Yeah, don’t average. State come back, it’s like a bus on your chest latersie. “That’s nicely experimentally effective,” nuanced kelp.

___ S


___ S ___ U ___ B ___ C

1, Fucked up and a retain and a blown rug foul. Nothing is small-town size except ice. Say it all the time. Omigod.

___ S ___ U ___ B ___ C





1, They want to know

2, What?

3, To those guys, yo. Irish fucks.

4, Now, don’t Allah-funnit.

Makingeth it sebast about it.

Genesis came all this way wiccan. I’m honored.

Remember, there’s footnot-

ing, of course.

To slink level. (I) She already opposite line of bus, lose the she-head.

Military reorganization along an op


Knows. Inverting, but from up here, a lot of us have died. Now, who’s drunk specific impulse–(so ry) we ate a little fly ham sandwich. Back’ll would suckle burger Tedesta on mounds of sucks on succinct everything travels English. Remember, there’s tunnels. Who’s set to horse?

H O  R T___ A ___ E ___ I ___ T





__________________________ S

Butler, Dennis, great. George C.

‘s unup. Next target to sub.

Specifically, That Won’t Work. Now Sprite, You Octocule theI’m Not Going To

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Amaze. I’m not going to slow down for the hospital. Lets me one, all down the front of. Suggest we had more, like you? That’s mine again, says me, if they weren’t laughin’.  The engine that could, blinded these, hey.

I’m Rocky.  Re: “Code”, 17 minutes, unless.

200_s 991046_o

Isolated Fat Cat Laying Down

Isolated Fat Cat Laying Down

You believe hot air?

Sixty pounds. You ordered it.
Bet you’d like to get ahold of saloon code, ern’tcha? Scorecard, Effin’ footy.
why-upton-sinclair-write-wrote-the-jungleThe inquisitive mind wonders why did Upton Sinclair write The Jungle and seeks all the sources that can list all the answers to get as close as possible of …

Old models.  They went to scare.

The Jungle is a 1906 novel written by the American journalist and novelist Upton Sinclair (1878–1968).  Sinclair wrote the novel to portray the harsh conditions and exploited lives of immigrants in the United States in Chicago and similar industrialized cities

The hand in doing it, bad.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is an 1845 memoir and treatise on abolition written by famous orator and former slave Frederick Douglass. It is generally held to be the most famous of a number of narratives written by former slaves during the same period.


Harriet A.Washington @haw95 · Oct 25
Ebola and ‘ protective prejudice’ My take, on The Takeway

Abolition, how I’m going to like it, and softly save wheels, witch.


Eyelet Through It

Sun, 29 Mar 2015 05:00:00 +0000

Accident.  They all do.  You’re next in.  Gullet.

Aldo Ray starred with John Wayne in the 1967 film, "The Green Berets."

Aldo Ray starred with John Wayne in the 1967 film, “The Green Berets.”

Philadelphia 1993 Movie · Tom Hanks Philadelphia

Philadelphia 1993 Movie · Tom Hanks Philadelphia

Interstate 60

Interstate 60

Description Gary Gross Brooke Shields Chromogenic

Description Gary Gross Brooke Shields Chromogenic

(Photo credit: Martin Schoeller)

(Photo credit: Martin Schoeller)

It was a very dark Strangelovian speech painting the picture of a dystopian world, raising the spectre of a genocidal nation, a genocidal regime spraying nuclear weapons to annihilate the whole world and the whole region. Now, obviously many people are very concerned about Iran and there is a deep lack of trust, but surely the same was said of the Soviet Union all those years ago.

It was a very dark Strangelovian speech painting the picture of a dystopian world, raising the spectre of a genocidal nation, a genocidal regime spraying nuclear weapons to annihilate the whole world and the whole region. Now, obviously many people are very concerned about Iran and there is a deep lack of trust, but surely the same was said of the Soviet Union all those years ago.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 27:   Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, points to a red line he drew on a graphic of a bomb while addressing the United Nations General Assembly on September 27, 2012 in New York City. The 67th annual event gathers more than 100 heads of state and government for high level meetings on nuclear safety, regional conflicts, health and nutrition and environment issues.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 27: Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, points to a red line he drew on a graphic of a bomb while addressing the United Nations General Assembly on September 27, 2012 in New York City. The 67th annual event gathers more than 100 heads of state and government for high level meetings on nuclear safety, regional conflicts, health and nutrition and environment issues. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Playing roles: Divorcing couple Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas reunite onscreen for the Autómata trailer

Playing roles: Divorcing couple Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas reunite onscreen for the Autómata trailer

"The Equalizer" Trailer German Deutsch & Check| Denzel Washington 2014 [HD]

“The Equalizer” Trailer German Deutsch & Check| Denzel Washington 2014 [HD]

Christiane Amanpour has hardly ever looked any different. Sorry, I was angling better on the stool if the hose monsters, sorry, in that the clothes off, Brooke Shields tempers her argument, though all believe, I disagree they all come from different leaves. Twistin’ Monis, we can’t have an unanimous jury, or a pot belly just now. Or, they send the cops to find out why you took their pictures.

No matter what you think of Mega, what the DOJ & subservient US courts are doing to is repellent.

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Kim Dotcom bit.






Boris Nemtsov

Boris Nemtsov

murdered on this Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge.  That's Putin.  Bite  me.

murdered on this Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge. That’s Putin. Bite me.

This is a neat… wait. It’s not a blind link. Daddy has to be this way; it’s not rudeness. It’s only a little trouble, not going to jail for a link. A YouTube tasks the computer. I want fair pictures which are blind YouTube links. It is for being on acid trips. It’s been on Twitter a long time. Lookin’ at “@TheTrippyPics.”

Come back for the deputy police chief arrested on drug charges.  San Diego’s chief appeals to the public to back her crackdown on marijuana, and we know the voters approved dope.  She is as out of line as is the total information blackout.  All news sources in San Diego are clear from Texas.

They got  three years.  I post this because, what has it been, a week?  I was saying that it must be many, many more dirty cops, and not the case Chief Shelly Zimmerman asserts so hastily, that the rest are such fine officers.  Okay, the assistant chief is now whining about his innocence on this.  Cops were never human like anyone else to begin with, imo.  Why am I saying anything, when only a few percent of people are brilliant intellectuals?

Remember, with a double standard, things like genocide are not considered bad behaviors.  That wink of the eye and looking the other way has brought out this round, and, so, police may not be executed.  I want ’em that bad.

Among their duties are apparently being put up go telling such outrageous lies that, as an example, take May , 2011:

— The day after San Diego’s police chief held a news conference to say the department will not tolerate further officer misconduct, an officer was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of raping a prostitute whom he had threatened with jail.

Officer Daniel Dana, 26, was booked into jail at 2 p.m. on suspicion of kidnapping, assault by a public officer, oral copulation under threat of authority and rape under threat of authority, according to the jail website. He is being held without bail.

I have not even started on the City Council’s past.  Spoiler:  They use the pigs to enforce their will illegally, in a Governor Jerry Brown administration held hostage by 17 kinds of pigs for about 50 years now.

Convicted rapist San Diego policeman.  Walking tall.

Convicted rapist San Diego policeman. Walking tall.

Matt Potter did it, those. Shut up on the First. A poem for his efforts on this rogues gallery. We do not have that. The server requests mannish. I’ll break it.


The vast Ralph Nader library. He don’t know when to quit. Tomorrow. To sleep, put this piffle out.


Power Negative Is, That Is the Matter

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Guessing going on, Mark.  So, I’m just Uric, and Uric’s antennae go why did you say that?  Costume play?



Brer Foxdownload

Ebenezer, and Chopin. Bering Strait (might go 34 ((presently) back-and-forth) firing through the marine door), some respect. A penny is the attachment point of the teeth. The cancer is holding to the …link!



Are you over eighteen? We do not care to have you JCVD on the keyboard, so, if you will turn arounfor me, assault will remove a lake to the jail, yes? Open-door, save ’em, fall key, tickey. Roll them on, the corners are hard to impress, but, it’s important.

Voom ___\rightarrow \!\,

‘Noid___\leftrightarrow \!\,


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