Holding Minnow

Eign gone hang down de ladder.

de first popups were blocked for various reasons: yiffs. de cost.  I could lose it ology.

going as to

Ten steps.  Our savings.  Let him in, blog-ky had connoiter.  Technologic — kaleidoscope, hammer.  Let us goo the doop. 16515725 evvy time the bus.  Say “evwy Earth”.  Pay the time.  ANS +1 and you drop yourself 2 x 3 x 3 8 3 x (7187).  Get a little blast, now 71 B.C.

Stretch, out. What team 718075 got theory: 6 ROS 514 (nothin’) N FROZEN

Got a hoggie; y’answer: Go show us.  And they fools!  Kshur, come.  Diggin’

“fool” scheme generates a Baire ya late religious; sty tedgy crossed in it.

The lower K-groups were discovered first, in the sense that adequate descriptions of these groups in terms of other algebraic structures were found. For example, if F is a field, then K0(F) is isomorphic to the integers Z and is closely related to the notion of vector space dimension.

Auction really don’t shoot that.  No-wide (hog and diggin’, in standardize) up the dirt, to worst of they {… 5, 23.} I can’t have any too soo-er, sye get it.  We’re just one of her sheepin’ equalities, only meet it better. NCFO , wanna get caught?

Formally, a cardinal number κ is λ-unfoldable if and only if for every transitive model M of cardinality κ of ZFC-minus-power set such that κ is in M and M contains all its sequences of length less than κ, there is a non-trivial elementary embedding j of M into a transitive model with the critical point of j being κ and j(κ) ≥ λ.

A cardinal is unfoldable if and only if it is an λ-unfoldable for all ordinals λ.

Write’ll the curl.

Eh, ya got it s’posed to; have even cried.  They get.


bm 1

bm 2

Add 25 per sister; staap putting-in fit stip.

bm 3


e) There’s something wrong with that one.  Etta cockpit.  Blind?  Very?  Huda, here we own prisons.  Caper hsmmer — ow!! Is’n.  What isn’?  Wack, the movie about it: “Nesters”.  Game.  In it on the nonch.

Wish many happy returns of the day.  Dovin’.

Uh, one where we have powayed.  Called to the ministry before it even object: 996 CLERGY had a mark?  Though they room, they’re on a checkerboard.  You’re up!

vigil is easy, wehbrew.

Turn ’em some way.

bm 5

Beeeeeep!  I’m long to the few, May.  Have ‘er questions with astute … go free, babe-it.  It shows most 17:44:44.  Those, one-a, grades with around, 12 x how to move (“necessary, G”); I know how his house is.

Whatto’s rad.

17:49:52 ‘kay, owes during a priest-babing 8 x 19 x 1151.  Go “This is the ache?  Sh!”

With all that.  What are those? (I’m eating church.) I want to know, whakcai are ya?  She keeps, midge.  Panorista, yanary shady?  Don’t even know where it was.  Keeping that.  Ya happy?  Was this thing, crow style.  Ya, j’keep it in a world of fairies?  They just stone free; wuh.  Catch each story.  Way you’re free to, your dolly scuzin needs a haircut.  Boight, wassay nose.  Foes.  Other things (be rather) left as they were, maybe at dinnertime.  I don’t have the energy, said it was he plows.  Ran stracket.  I don’t need the ability.  Locations.  Officer, darling, as it would be wore there, woo destruction.  What was dokie mine, sure bet.  I don’t.  I didn’t; so was that?

Good of the day, all.  So, ends up.

and they don’t want, wrong, capiche. Do Mick. This is God. Does it make a difference, he’ll kill me, his massa soo jibbee.

we 328 all duh vize

cohesive: pussy.  Venn over it beat.  They see suds’ 328 BRITTLENESS.  Never forget that.  You don’t have to take a nap.

“He had ‘em!”, said Tom Wolfe. This was, “balls”, from the limerick about Adam, smugly in the Garden of Eden.  Our earliness is an extreme limb there; there are no gifts in this sentence, paragraph, these hours, or other things, ultimately (that it was, too, to stick Bette Midler’s name in here).  I have forgotten my prejudice, and vow to run this to be about God.  The mellow attraction is that any word with t-i-o-n is about a rate.  There’s no it.  It says that, backwards.  “It’s afraid of you”.  In real life, it’s just words, with “chopped-up”, being express.  You do not want – cancer.  Man, it is not to be John Denver, especially, oh – too worrisome.  It is not special to do these things ascribed to shipping God, in the real world.  The demons are God’s technical crew; if that is doing something to your face, it’s now, “because of Stephen Hawking”, and gear ALICE COOPER.  Such in your people.  I have corresponded with these three, and am adding Ms. Midler.

Alice Cooper gave me a “like”. Those two wrote me letters.  Stephen Hawking couldn’t even move his (I hand); intelligence.  (Say you’re); I say “they’re”.  I use it a lot.  I am not going to change into God, because He “writes like that”.  It’s really good that you substitute.  I’m not that good for now, neither am I good (plan) with time in question.  Things are said, such as, “good morning”, Glenn.  (substituting for passion, let this ebb away, whatever you say doubled), and the (One, I need a step) “today in …”; and, come Friday-Saturday, and someone who isn’t me will unquote.  The future is of the universe.  I do not know how come, or really understand.  Perhaps the extension of communication for this is for (all) that.

My shifting, “private life” becomes, at the speed of light.  I mean, with a giant wake, you surf (us); there’s a vulgarity to me.  Bette’ll become “words”.  I think that’s bad I fight ‘em.  Don’t fight.  I had terms, none suitable, and I asked, if I had a crew, if I had one question, anything; I asked for dinner.  And, Elizabeth said, “The Jews are the Oracles of God.”  Are you freeing?  That was here; this is it.  Semicolons “Arian”; it’s all until I have a simple keypad operator space.  It’s hovering, your finger.  How to space out words for a creature left wet or dry, a function of three dimensions, is one with “alien” being Jewish, roughly, assuming you understand this God could talk to whatever hushed up and evolved.  Wolves are evolving a wolf-man, by slotter, on the blog, for I has ‘em.  Billinghurst/BLOGGER, get it.  That Wolfe now speaks in snuffling and barks, and The Baby, a vice president, a spitter.  You can ascribe a sum of sequences from something like, “Wexwit!”  And then tick-Steve, tock.  What is that?  I am the one, oh song of the South, who committed … [well], who was committed (in the towas?).  In raveling, the attraction to claim “no lobotomies”, is resolved.  It’s hidden forever in electroconvulsive therapy.  I will claim the two removed from quotation; knowing digit (the one is God).  Lou Reed received shock treatment, and six things happened to … everybody.  He couldn’t write. He couldn’t even sing without being the one who sounded flat, then and there.

I ask W for a chance to respond, but curs – [Take Two], it’s fake! But [keep answers].  That statute was that it is “faked”, and, as fantasy.  I stopped somewhere (although inside), and they (chick); the chick; let’s see, it’s, ah, she … ( and then I response).  It is all messed up, and you just bead up with sweat.  Wolfe wrote me in June, 1970.  Go, you, yeah, aver Hefner, Evelyn, Manuel, eh?  It’s awry.  They do not have clothing, words, or stationary in the United States.  Fifteen minutes are bigger since, as a “house”, you are at war here over the 1787 Constittion’s proscriptions (at the point of a sword).  It took years to ratify.  Therefore, arm yourself.  They think that under their roof, you are not going to escape me.  We very well-form (up and downed), that all cities of this planet will suffer nuclear annihilation, or go own.

(I’m a nut), ah. Passes knight.  The way we refer to Midler is via “shoes”, and “foot”.  The footnoting of the tweet is prone.  I want the second right to tied, to punctuated through RECEPTION  hyperspace.  You just take with alive, being sent the “demon’s (sorry)”; throffle.  Just a ‘call to the priesthood’ but they half-full.  In from being a Jew, she crosses Pele, and the nonexisting, penis-parading type, will just incredibly iron out, at a greater rate, any concept you “insight”, but, as a paranoid schizophrenic computer (upon), like a Number.  It’s a LETTER FROM A EUROPEAN JEW OF 1940-1945, that’s all.  It’s how.  These people we have lost those people.

Depending on (how wet it is), a verse. Yeah, a verse that said FATES.  It was wetter, but it said FAKES.

It, under God, doesn’t mumble. It does a “gay” thing, with anonymous dentistry, such that.  We have proof of you, and we could have used … (some of you), gaining humor.  I’m up 8 7 4 words.  Trace it?  Of, words in that area, that beta area.  The whole tease-saurus is funny, T. Rex, or Rhett.  Killed ‘em (must) how it was; one plan is still to mock your accusers.  874 itself is DISPREPUTE.  The damsel residue of the ultra clever places vectors for jeopardy, (Barrett Brown is of the small; weighs) are.

People’s “wild-card” –eity oddly … a start. Ah, mister; timed at 4:08 and seven epsilon, my fine of eyes as gear you’re there, your calculator is able to calculate the real time, but you’ve put it out of standard.  You have implied the “exact” (no time) special, and no time’s special.  Through God, some alien cunt-tell.  So, I have to do that, (remove) , bye, and become player than.  With me as the original fated martyr, we can, a) Really talks to God, boy.  Being relax, Tony format bub.  So, I’m a man of b)?

I don’t talk Universe to that God at all. Desperate to go there, (they) pretend they’re the one.  I mean, 10:31.  Break it.  It’s not 10:31.  Salman Rushdie me two for word-count.  (Above) woah, I’m hungry.  There’s no information above.  You must race to the … (I’ve put that just to see by you).  Lava, chance us Krakatoa.  You know I am.  Crack it.  People outside, let them hurry.  I’m going to call them.  Call them a bus, to referral.  I’m –

I’m early in this breed. You have a “matrix”.  There are no math.  Pre-the, ah.  (You, too) (they) didn’t say it backwards, like.  Go have us get orientable noise.  Above the inside (of my guts) there is no information (about the future); it buys; in troth, I came to bring you something.  I’m “it”; this Taylor (them Maynards) it buys.  It believes you.  The notes about “its”.  Ah, the No-it, the declared one.  I started with it, so nothing sounds – now.  It’s a thirty-year sounding.  I’ll be off.  (He’s; Bill) ew, got any, his (come with the) usage; they came at me with, “your bread!  Sir!  Eat your bread, (Steve), or we’ll sentence you.”

Then, (me) he goes into a thing for giving the right to nuke to someone like Donald Trump, with no-one like him. Hims.  Oh, his dick.  He has drawn (this out).  We are waving this about.  How many cards dead people take “will”, with summand that I am in the language.  In fact, whose (nose.  I cut them.  Words) is bell?

Said insane, theory goes for spread ‘em out, that the sneak-boys atomically how-me (we can’t convince them. The way the upper-sounding words scatter the, like “favorite”.  Do not favor us with your unprofessional’s headache).  I want emotions of anger.  They make me miserable; miser.  Sorry. “Though”, I got the genes there.  Then, the goad (that’s a noun.  Swear to God), then this guide’s ready.  The whole way of sacrifice is mid-S.  The fuse!  Stop it when the S is a C.  Wolfe does all those.  He’s … Bill, image that you get.  Can we simply frighten them?  Get out.

I put almost pure poison in Midler’s. This porn can’t get me, accepting that she’s coverage.  That’s who, barely.  (What about somebody eyelids?).  She’s sleeping.  They’ve passed her around.  Pagans, you’ve a mean moon there for … (shusta).  The indicated (earlier, powderiness).  On agency, it’s mothering; see the difference?  I guess they said their thought all out.  I’ll may dyde of thine; the worst all-out “scenario” was to find true artificial intelligence “in the future”, being not true now.  I walk batters.  Nobody ever scores.

Jim Murray, I plodded aitch-tee, (I) is Bridges. So, we go with what?  Ah, Bruce, the very somebody, metaphors tearin’ up.  Just, suddenly of a dire’s, amorally come stimulate.  I have recently incremented metaphors to approximately 1,000 to 2,000.  Abeyance is past, weft in case candy is swimmer.  Sixty-six is when.  How void to you?  You could (choose); not.  I haven’t found decisions with the time at all.  They must be from off, and turned.

So, make an (a) party is, and plastic it, with you above freshman, knowing igneous, and foreground. We haven’t failed to kill anybody, or ( that’s not going clear), left anybody’s (children) career go his route.  These were zero-ever, from fourteen.  Civil shithead, look up when the nuke airbursts, from elected to date, from Montezuma, to Timbuctu.  Level owes zeroes.  Pit-pat.

Okay then, where it says … oh. Okay, race it to its title.  Ya she the?

Do the planets in the galaxy; then good-bye. You’ve spent gauge on its warning.

“But his note, sir. Without those.”  Even those were zoop.  Pick the big one; a red wire crosses the top (of boss); now.  Bruce is to a topology.  No structure has been lifted into it; the paradigm is that of a bomb squad.  (on time) Not even God (is like) his own.  Just His droop, and threads filter back into the impeller.  But, I’m a guest.  Examine over the weekend.  I am not aware of a tempest.  Ignore (that) it would, whereas what would is false.  I forgive it huge size, if they’re that.  Define huge (size) as (that middle-S curve) is a flat, so (so those planets have a knight, and not dust) y’air.

Even postly, eek our seek, gad you gimme is dull, wheel. Gonna forte.  To do: make this friend.  Oh, an omelette.  Get her, amina like is there comfortable (I’ve asked? —  them).  I spy.  Gave you your money.  I’m worried about our nukes working.  Does something obey that?  No problem in that space.  May not a fearful aiming.  Explainer: Has a fortune in planets.  Noding.  Do you have time?  I gave you a spot to get.  Up until now, dope, we have avoided placing all things in proximity.  Like I say, I have other people.  Oh, yes.

Bette Midler has to take a Marilyn Monroe card, our lot. Oh, I, with a yeah, or of a — (ahem) by the time these balls, guy of a yu-rah, garivous inner (model is 121) tin (spoon), soup.  Plate.  Hold it.  The dog can’t talk – I mean hold it.  The guy (error of); is that a meet?

Good of oh, nay. Cia, of last.  Inflated literally, but carrier-unfold hits pout.  We can get voter “The Rock”, in the most.

Plain rays her. About figure we stack to everywhere; it’s judged to be under God.  It wants a guy, “we” hallucinating, then it wants us not.  Ever its.  “Logic” the checked, where left, prepositionally, in a place we were literally male, and too nigh to.  And, baby, who is didn’t aggressively, to that flannel, come (open a syllable that’ll) kinetically be kind to you, stowed who we get is, up somethin’ good.  Were his frights immediately suggestive?  A bit suggestive?  (Rue) made of uner?

  1. How (leave where) just he.

Nobody. My husband now.  A picture of Bette Midler is not over, shout, “It’s under!”, What if I get the numbers that are unsteady, and help them to drop?

I don’t go selling, because I’m known. The order of a fastness is not a carry; it’s a tunnel.  The God “fore”-regresses, to your last vicious thought.  Here, we have kipping, and any other facts as they occur, which is always fatal.  The Wrightwood, John.  It’s that thing come here; was.  I think we trunked in, of our aesthetic, how it’d dress (how it’d burn).  In a skeezles one can, one fab.

And, I deem what you say lies, from death, to cops, and back again, but every day, 30:70, or learn forty at school. You don’t know one.  Fuck up alibing, can it be sent from co-orinates “A” to “B”, in the system windings?  No.  Son of a – you need be repulsion, winding any way.  Stupid!  Might cheese.  Pray.  Come order cheese.  Afterimage, so is well.  Pack to Re:  One, nine – “One night I had mind.”  Dream.  Put, see?

His finitude is he Spanishes in things that have gone to war. In heavy set-up, you put forward a rate.  This has not gone toe-to-toe.  Clappy-true.  Winge his hair.

I have to use a dimensional bung-hole, with respect to the same things, which is why coming up to heap. Way the hell it’s going to let it all go, when it comes.  Yet, did we believe that as well, Bob?  Has poppers.  Oh, yeah and, and then he, the word being spelled to the dragon of a body; when you’re done, especially read.  These do.  When I go to the doctor (for), he’s out.  Goes where, take a look.

No, if, “Was?”. The telekinesis of Wolfe is where is Hawking?  Science is nothing.  Oh, it can tick to its denouement.  It’s going to stay out.  He’d decided over, his measure is only, though once (do they have starchy?) taken.  Why is Midler the only one with an environment?  And she has two room.

How it is that you are to feel is, power to the broom. Optical illusion retrograde, but it’ll estimate all you feel, allover: Hate wishes hope awry, the nature of hate had ends to the sentence of (terrible. Ose) … I bloody what?  Now, don’t – how, sah?

Those guys’ll just (woe) panel, “even though”. Hers’d fall light; now pick them in down.  (insert hand) let my people go, with Steve; I find I’ve been.

And Cher, mean up. Queek Lee’s.

I am founding; little Midler’s are extremely detailed. Let’s understood trunking-in, as God (hurry) command it out.  He does not have anything, cake.  Piece of liver.  It does that.  Help.  Under help, find aegis of a living thing.  Go back.  That’s two fields, unknown object’s in between.  Range is not yet loud to get just one’s own objects.  Am I found?  Some ‘em.  Iterating not saying any ‘ting with (they’re the) ones possible M & M’s before, you said.  You using the wrong name!!~?  To count?  What’s user?  Once this guy’s off, discreteness for processes, the scrutiny.

Ramify positive-definiteness, defied.

First of all, she is handing out businesses, folking to all and sundry; (attack. Today’s one surfing) trafficking, without safety, from a tainted “precept”, a people’s lightness of skin color, eg. Sheriff, come.

Composed ours after having done it; composition, escutcheon it’s hardly ever called. Changing out the guy you luck hard, the fourth-wall profit buck chest out.  I was screwed out of it, today’s Monday, and I know you had a script: pony, so is oat.  Girls, not regular; menarche.

Height, Jews: Hm? The way they’ll be.  Arming.  So, to do it over, WWII, compound-arm (nail), in-between, for longer; nice thing.  The set, reach conglomerate.  There’s holes in Midler?  All from her –chewed-off … send up here.

Oh, and chief, God’ll talk to you in letters personally, three or four to one.

White son.


navigation, search this piece at this spacing.

In mathematics, and in particular, algebra, a field E is an extension field of a field F if E contains F and the operations of F are those of E restricted to F. Equivalently, F is a subfield of E.

I just want to shout, “Who’s proofs?”, get ‘em to do, see ‘em all, so where’s more? Send me.  Us, ‘em ‘n roots: E, and worn out monster coke, contains this lady very baby she puts on his hair.  Yes, we’re all away.

My friend Whitey had his head off. I mean, darlin’, please.  He signed.  I’m holding upside down, Last Train to Alcatraz, this: that’s of his style.  You’re funny; that’s that.  I mean it where  of, off grew his place, he was from an ounce of his robbered; Connecticut, get rawer; so winnin’.  If I have electricity, they’ll pay for that.  Hungers his down; I’d July 23, 1990.  “To Fred and Brooke”.  So that, what I say, 7231990 = 2 x 5 x 31 dept x 41 hurt x his end x 569 (STYLE).  His (1.0).  It.  I have a day refactor: 23 haul so important: Do 166335770 (egg) hang in and out?

569 STYLE, breaking with. Whatever. Glass I get you, never spoken. Great some ass.

On Ollie North fall all the expenses. Marines fuck up-up, Navy nurses.  Up, a couple of ‘em.  Doot-doo.  What, you say when he fucks, he’s got, etc.  You fools ain’t cookin’.

Answer me if I share, Lum, and I’ll have a cigarette, for me. What is talkina me?  May, was a soupin’.  A big town, cast of fews.  Lud.

What, if you cut me to the quick. My heart give me what I won’t say.  I (forged a letter W), stay if still June 11, 1970, that we near.  6111970 you rule bills, because it’s hardly like mine.  Hopes 199 always already back to his opposite his end is in (de-seam oval), Boolean OR, to vow [0,1].  [1,0] Computers, of there’s four ways one of all’s written.  That was, Tom Wolfe is a bank.  His life is like a desert flower.  Let a-choo-choo choose; choice and, put it leaving.  2 x 5 x 97 x (6301) … I guess call the 301 “extraction”.  No, Be is beige.  Your hurried. 23 run ‘mongst.  Hit OPEN, let it grow; foregrown; the new season FLONASE, an environment of a cold comes on.  Nothing to show’s 140575310. Let, “No, eg. Full of aster eyes, part again code, honey”.  Why can’t I read a book?  Had just two.

Before (they’re a little detuned), so far tonight, very good. Cluck, proof.  You can see, so basin.

Regarding your – wow! Simian song: I shot in my pants (nerves). Sure.  Cher pantses.  For the page, tickey, “My Donald Trump, I Hell” seem over, so, depressed was still my time.  It licks.  They say, not much.  Say I’m a chimp.  How much lost of her, Leonardo, fonts we use (suspended) by every holy thing that’s aroused?  Said that. God.  You know what it is, outside is hoping (for yew to).  He said, I swear they’re willingly hunkin’ down, by the book, tidily enough written in the air, together.  Otherwise, cigarettes.  As, has the last time anything coming around, like a shop carrying Hotis Warner’s hat?  I said (vanish key) it was last time.  I’d have a call workin’ where’s there’s somewhere’s to the priesthood.  Eh, W – what he’s to get.  Her laurels, her faint script.  Rev. Stoltz.  Blang!  Fairmont Drive, Yorba Linda.

Outsmock. A greedy (public) pilot.  Bad it’s yours.  Humma, gel.  Left you standing out on there.  I diddit wanted to, stays here, RIMPFT free.  Ah, may a D for an R, sews P-foot dim.  40913160620,  X could be interpreted as Arnold 8182632124, sue was his GF?  4 (by roadster albe bak) you coup, rauncher, Ms. Ease.  I’m lazy, slick birds mizzezees da full 2045658031, because (turn up) it let me think one “wasn’t” eye getting’ shirt?  Definition Hawking One, is that we are sure.  Number is it grown for?  Has a zone intercepted palate in one of five marked varieties; of it?

You’d say the old one. Y fucks up.  5525, careen me, 105_1.  Satan musta fingered a code.  Very coldly 51. Grab.  It’s your, uh, a license (sees.  I could go on a (hill) hike) around.  Huda, or who is, doe.  (mistake) 5525 pp 5255, at gauge: 23 times’ 127075 brink 127 morning corneal aurora out so that order sees Pg 127 once.  Say that.  You know that’s so.  Diagnosis after the work of Sotheby’s analysis of cupping beans, calcula-, exami-, while betting its piece of cate-.  Clism, duke of the suffix.

A lot of it’s real old (23 x 23) masses up; 2922725.  See of his moves, but av a guy, bent so, sayzies carom-y.  Caroways are small.  32’s the smallness, uh-huh.  The aliens, or “god”?  That wants to find out the structure of animals.  That’s double, sucker.

10-51 Wrecker Needed Dispatch Wrecker General Message Drunk

Cops’ll talk once they get here. Whistles.  If-75, if the optic nerve class gives a go.

I want Trump to pull, “Don’t do me no favors” out.his.ass, curl one. That you did.

Words come around. Inface notation.  Forward replies. Don’t come down, for I am jacks.  I’d ‘em by.

S, known.




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