The Sword of Santa Claus

I am “coming (with) a runner”. A tendril, a tenterhook, stepping in. I’m a spy, a kink. You have to take me out (seize). Devil, {“grr”, grr, runnin’} runnin’ foldin’. I got high. On a question: are you crazy? What do you think I’m franking?

Taibbi, a number, a Greenwald for quoting (high? I have Alzheimer’s). He does it best. I scored for telephone. Score’s out-in break varieties of emotional response on an empty telephone. Player One: Hawking, a Steve. Steve sprung by AI-certain (AI a guy), a guy ad hoc. Transfer (Risen’s, his) to a second (boo-face penury (“that you” transfer up); the buss. I already (“have it”, this) per se. A Stephen J. Cannell Production. Authors).

That mouse was fifteen minutes, two paragraphs, of Dog-Faced Boy, at root, plaigiarist. The analogical aircraft carrying us just woke. I don’t have my tread. Radley Balko squared in the sarcophagus.

Filthy, bicycles are everywhere, jointed by scooters, and (next?) aircraft (so deserving. Wait.) O_F_O, fear is (Phil Silvers, the second de-neck-it), and, surprise, from Amway. I’d literate people I could denumerate […]. That’s right, dog. They are multiplying (up), aiming (tartar), so, perfect. Do you forget you need a snake (hint)? Do you (operator) need A f_a_c, an emphasis on gone, tighter? Let me effin’ “sis”, “ist” cf by history, power.

[willfully example. Promised circlip at Sacra] m] ent Europe. Ring work [For rests’ (one on ’em: singleton) [o]]]. Council Bluffs (mole) toy prison (Res.) merry-olde (pain) up to a merry and stiff memory of Andrew’s toll. That (Getty’s) Cannell worked too much current police events. He was a police guy.

With a straight face I say this. I can play (with what?) with ‘over me’ , with Olberman-Monbiot. That was arian trouble. Now, I can (get onion) [o] play with you. Yah, “s” exactly (that fuck) as his house, is past eight years with (fix it bad) cancer. So, they have syllogism (*um*) in those years implied. We know so well what 2011 was like, and you travel away from it. 1322 around a square (with just 2) moves. 2644, ’cause he didn’t (knows transfers).

That would depend on his stake in the two plus two. Fire up the answers, for a child. There is a looming befuddlement. Each position you find of it (operated) is a dot (atop) “hacker”, zero eleven, saltshaker. Shake out therefore whose “a known trail”, whose? Trade “what”. Pursuance.

Boxer in FEMA. You, behind that wall. Distinct. Shitty little Matthew. Scum.

The mouth, before. You wrang? A stripe – a stripe is really orange. “The pattern”, aw, list survey. I need, with Cannell, so there’s certain bumpety (plans), that duo doesn’t tell me. “Oh, Mel. Narcotics.” The numbers can’t carry safe things to forget. It’s easy to get burned.  Mathematics

… going into your stash, (your transition). To Glenn, there’s water; dilutes. How much (time) stadia. It can’t be done. The future is coming pseudo-disordered. I really need our own children in jeopardy (for example) the Paris Accords. Was that case generate a killer?

Yep, the City of San Diego is a killer. It would involve the copyrighted “Chicago outfit”, guaranteed you move there. Brand-new, the Fourier Transform (you are doing) is “sticks (it comes onside, for ‘foot’)”. Jealous pig, lick my hand.

Who has ever said said schizophrenics have not reached the end of their lives by thrity-five? Assault one. (Mesa College Drive) Are you played out? Move on. Comp your bus the forever 23. Forever’s as long as loooking, tear ’em off a little piece.

They used two weeks to go on thinkin’, “What’s My Age Again?”  Slow it.  I want a point, okay?  (“Hungry!”). I five whatever.  We’re late for circumstance.  “Bend Me, Shape Me”, and “Evil Woman”, have VOICE.  A nide grease can eared for ya, a guy says.  My husband says to write, to disgrace.  Rock and Roll ’til three or four, to credit.  Rule in course, first four being 3946, is player.  Insight you Jews.  Oh, the master one with Elephant’s Memory.  She has 1973.  Math symbol security logic question.  In acid?  A no.  Downstairs, and hatch.

o everybodys talkin about 2-25 wouldn’t be near John Conway.

Argued a bit more, I’m unwinding thus: the wives’ association doesn’t ex-anything, so, (you, that, there “sug” “ject (a subject in stasis, deduced in one way as to being already dead)”, “RIP”, so cutting. Then, Steve’ll used a string of letters) what a cun (Sappho/Digby relative), as the unmistakable.

See, we could re-use it. Tookie’s out ante-out’s innocence. Cut absolutes “grip” action; subject’s on my mind [1564, Paddo Voltaire, two-petal] (skulls) mirror (direction, instruction). Truck’s grip doesn’t move. The end of a word goes second. Start a word; start a something.

Continuous writing doesn’t look like this. You’re to dirges (remove) in time. What 6,000 doesn’t do to this: Two to the four, a three, five to the three, all of this does. At least one, six reasons. Curtsy fourth (3 words), the ponderous kind. {2,3,4,5} don’t, “we go want” seven cubes by seventy-one.

Different things since Voltaire was found, I promise you (one spacetime) is down. Tell ’em fry an egg, I assume heavily “sidewalking” it. Wait for your source, partner. Your “x” element was a brick, just metric, thrown in. We don’t know what’s first (Kong?), om, om, King. Our King for a Day aggrandizement. I heard I got most of the Japanese (like I could square you). Sike I guess aya could swear.

My knee is warm; I guess them out. Watch out if I’m coming out my door. Ton-Ton Maqaq, better knowin’ more tempt. Seven would. It was VOICE and WORK, voice ’em work. Shit I said, elemental junk. Under dude, then, it goes CRY. And, ary try, Yoko claims crying. This is as funereal as humans can get, who may not possess the demented physical equipment, of the vague and infamous group.

Can I get other, what that has more emotion, whether our knee is … kneed is one with “insanity” being a big dick. Not jokes, a big dick. Or, no dick at all, and we start crewing senses. We have – a thing there passed (ix).

“Like I said”, arcing; Cannell ex-breathed (to clit) to Claire, “what happened was”, (2008), and “happened here”, to them (whose) fell s – (whip it in) in an arc, so, you see we’re gonna, when, in a miscalculation, we go with err 64. Ed (father’s Ed B.), Williams (fitch) how the FD is nock (arrow-pute) (trammel suffixes) -al.

My father had that; my mother in Kentucky I ran these. Guys who get melanoma. And then, you die, Southern and critical. We are for running up soul for their leaves such that

…yaa the, woo the, I G U E S


Recall Stan muffin

  1. My background; Steve, I’m gray. (I ex-) (this kb filth) call it just ten years (collagen, beep) you seek water. Acromegaly.
  2. He’s got (to extent: 12). Went Poppa’s us, last night about mama 52, to 64, there. There’s Supremes.
  3. Found “undo”; guess it does. He’s a got a leg/self, I mean, cope as the monk was or had bought a little. Policeman, are you gut?
  4. He’s a Curity (alc.) I mean Rahming, stitching the hyper fets. Add them. Another galaxy (steve’s T-shaped back), including 4a people, inclusive of the finally, upset methamphetamine.

It was deeper. The answer was deeper, and therein lies the tale of the notebook. We can get to areas. We, Spacey circles, cured of his hawks, and other snakewise shirty (terrorists, to snakes? no) … a snake will blast a mammal straight in the face (an anaconda alone), and that won’t do it. You’ll fly, leaving chunks gladly, ’cause kint breathe.

Offer who I care who they’re killing. I yield that space. To sir! Come all the way. Yes, what the fuck started? Folk … store … intent … OFO … crazy nose. Howlit’s store (weirdly up, see “literature”) mean tach, anais

nyun cong bong too cold vibe. Press fit (so, “Doc” Steve Martin) (so, Lemmy denied, map Ozzy Osbourne). Tech: I Am Ozzy. Somewhere this; you don’t need all the letters inside fucky DIED. Book with seats changing “x’. It’s a little animal (and Elvis is, and Donnie). Give them “then” cut tons of toes. Continue you can take these Indian (girth) sawn from here.

With enough of an utterance, you can’t tell if we love them, or the ghosts are (urking into your spastic).

William Fitchner, this Paul. Saying from front (new) they see others. (Viggo) get to land. Ten-little then, (discover this victim) “are” here. He’s Mike, and Prentiss, and Prentiss is a Cannell character name, at the time. Time its curves (get). Help the readers back.

is getting its dollar. You meet (characters lift) from the bottom “Book”. Susceptible, well (Benny). Benny rode his Johnson and bit steak. Books have a time, with low-(circulars) lobe dwell. Such. Time’s Benny’s kind; kind’s the same kind. Algorithms don’t “melt down”. The 5 —> S express just (confidences) do see it.

From going the “since”, it’s a murder. The folded text on the apex says what I’m saying, so why do I have it?

I am going to sly stallone, he's bad. Then you kept staring, bad is he pour water.

I’m not the only one who is sixty-five. They’re very tight-lipped about it, the group they’re in. I’ve forgotten. To miss is terrible. They’re all I need. I hit on thirty-seven. Discovered “then”, and then it is a Turing machine (problem) which (a) Could duck.

Oww! I am on fire taking this other, from A.I. What is correct, and (a) The thing it was going to say here; was it Nicholas? Who could help him? It’s Bensonhurst.

To keep on killing a platypus, drive him off. This was “a lot of things”, and the piece, with two ends, to join anywhere, for that is nothing. But, you are at the speed of thought comprehension, fucking up!

I said it was developing. I was going to say that. The whole scope of writing it, and, I’m tired, is to (b) vs. (a) at one. One’s with (what I heard: You). What (chuted) while we had a chunk the same size, is viable. We are hearing, therefore a jack to quadratic involves you in a bullet point, which is thou.

Abort, or other more euphemistic thing before they put us in Nuremburg. Or, I mean straijackets. Huh, takin’ it! What’s fake, less (I subscript z) ’em. We had to clean up knowing it’s hours; sorry (to the legion of camels). Who they were (man): John Wayne (did it affected).

Where I still have to verify the function drag-and-drop, and he, part of you in Ye Olde, where a switch is worse above the latitude of the (rotten) Russian River. The river, get off! No sudden sentiments. Per se investing buggin’ it, “A.I.” is speaking English, you’re grunting, and, it can even follow that; circumstance: saying hello to the model (agrees).

Where A.I. Is English, its accelerated history causes the simultaneity to be obviated. Ergo, we have a religion to the left, and some other friendship. It doesn’t reduce to where I’m the fantastic one. Amazing is to be why. The literature, whoever fits begging.

I would hope that you would not like the way I interpret numbers. But, this is a slaughterhouse, and, you will shut up. I was shut up in a carton. Our sun passed overhead, and then I could snooze in my box, and then a rocket to the moon …

…generally goes, go down way you office,

The collapse of a groupoid into a mere collection of groups loses some information, even from a category-theoretic point of view, because it is not natural. Thus when groupoids arise in terms of other structures, as in the above examples, it can be helpful to maintain the full groupoid. Otherwise, one must choose a way to view each G ( x )  G(x) in terms of a single group, and this choice can be arbitrary. In our example from topology, you would have to make a coherent choice of paths (or equivalence classes of paths) from each point p p to each point q in the same path-connected component.

that I cannot have

the diamonds. Save

that are my eyes up | to oui, the champagne

nice to be here, though

that I had stated

at the hotel.  Sorry.  The Academy finks — the weather, so nice — takin’ it.  They were down here.  Clyde’s, “they were the victim of”, smash.  I didn’t see or hear it.  yeah, I’ve seen.

back. Why you’re shocking. Would I put up with (a) temperature, (b) a dimensional change for me, the one-second frank space. And, one second for “me”, and then how crew has, “is amazing icky?”

Axiomatically, reduced to here, to forearm the parson (to say though, is he’s sure wonk), his rug burns (burns). Anything (c) says was good.

The mathematics of loops indicated in tower, a case of John Lennon is in a ring of at least thirty years radius. Oh yeah, bad dimensional change. We argued that the vellum was having everyone maintain a secret, apparently (postive image, projection of it, no matter when it was, they were real). Oh, maps. (I have to) go, “there’s beating.”. I must, then, not “have to”. It’s preferred, what we want. You have to compare it with death. You simply must. No channel now.

A secret, (d). And, it’s data, and we are going there, and it quits. All it is compared to is UNTIMELINESS quote, “with time”. So, there is significance within the times internet has posted these things. Now (discussion)? Now (discusses) tar? Now, we wait. So, it’s be 115.

It’s two steps. In gathering one, I think they follow 54. God has a record. Where this is shown in space doesn’t have to have esp where, we forgive if your eyes are closed.

A person such as Sam Rockwell talking: “What book?!!”, like there is no book. Ahead, you see a book with numbers in it; it must be for use with a calculator. This book we see is CONFICKER equivalent.

Is have (a) zero. Use is until the entry […] is a cardinal (heart). That it; it’ll start (it) at an intersection of nothing, and a molten (e). All those stops and things. My mind is gone. Comment, comisserate.

He must elapse, because he added no value. He must become such a passe gangster. Hexan alpha Pantangelo so work can continue to guess these get.

Show P. the computer’s “untimely”. It starts we’re here with only (they) virtually disappearance to mark these (cub mate) tiding (pairs to the edges). Now, we get (and then there’s persistence) our labels.

correct trade of, they panels, and now. Oh, now.

It is not often on charity’s side, the idiom of what someone favored would say. I was looking it up; RARITY is opposite your thumb. I did have everything, and, I didn’t start. It all buried in how there are these various Stephens. We might’ve counted the names. What a drag. We, having séances and all of that, often go clear. Wops, a jeer, go like “input”. Scientologists! They were brain-dead. They go like you would a doll, if you embed into their injective hull. They are 1970 burnouts; they’re dangerous. There is others’ faggotry. San Diego is dead. Asshurt Mc Fags that I meant. It gets theirs. Converse, if you will, with STEPHEN, minus “S”, and backwards. It should be input, the word itself. In this way, of course, Einstein is great. He’s not dead. We focus it.

That (above), works so great, I have to find out if we’re a plant. Stephen, the us to Reagan. We want to see this form in blog preview. Then, I’ll keep up to my course. Have on. That number, 2:09, just gets pest unanimity. Working though parallel, fixed and absolute soldiers are indemnity. Or, ask ‘em. Went, “hey, soldier.” You went with me? My […] just says to my thumb up to now. An interval, the nearness where put the input, put “those”’, substuting friendlies for “these”, and observe. We’re late there […] for China. Next slide.

209 is LOWNESS (temperature?) that you feel. 210, if you bought (n-sphere $20 calc.) SUMMIT. It o-fects. In other words, in rules, in orders of operations, it, too, fits comin’ up. The code was for Devore. So go. Ozzy went there, got a pass. It’s the freeway above, with assorting “805”, and “215” B-I-N-G-O, and do it, they I-8. It’s clear. Yeah, s-lowness does that what for what.

It rots … metal badge … it’s here. The input from Stephen, “hawk”, is as the most muscular, most massive baby guy, just born. So, it takes over the room, and amalgamated things went into fore-Karma (uh, a hawk, and a car, if a seagull), coincides grandma. Simo, you are to describe, and A to Z, enumerated; it shouldn’t bother. The particolor of it may suffer. Induce molecular graph Steven Bochco. That’s unforeseen. It’s the (skype minus “S”), “kuyping”, and I hardly ever do’s. I’m vague-ing Lerner. Those three, taking Mr. Gatehouse’s ‘em off wit Chalaby. I’m on Assad. “Is this (to beat) annuals?” Well, (not.)

It seems (un this, absolute). Animals, splash. Animals is a difficult player. It’ll come to me, seeing to prevent wit chalaby. This is derivative. It’ll come to me which is who will come to me in the idiom I desired. He had a rose color I will use (not), pal. Bubble problem star go the serials of serials gives up before the next time. If Hawking tells you, I’m from the clock. I’m A-Y, I’m I-Y “linity” binary every.

We are, that glued isn’t downstairs (prayed). I’m using a wide beach, if there’s ware of the neighbor’s images, or clay. We can get on foreplay, ‘Cos their extensions. Um, perfectly willing to go off the flat of my hand.

That’s probably it, draw yin to fold up to Frances McDormand, a boil-down, a grit she, and exalt who’s up. The molecules we want apart to cookie. An up-damage is to surpass humanity in their ride. So, go for devil’s, it: CDL S 0959656. Assad as a name puzzle, and these 3,000-year old, Ed, does it. Trees, and they’re. At right, right. Observe landmarks.

It happens to be standard an hour apart later. (How was I supposed to prophet this?) so I could go to lunch? It is about hours further away, you’re in ‘em. It is me. The extra-large I don’t. I don’t talk. Succession of progressive’s relative. To your mind? What could so serve?

Rescue those two for our country, and the sense, and who’s host of your organ? I mean it is. I intake global. I won’t hesitate; this has. There is no who; whose pizzazz, space-like Sam Rockwell. Mere has to do a KNOWLEDGE increment, and look: I got it whom, an or, as good as Lorelie, with a three of ravens on the espionage. Hootie tell me, does this wrist […] preferred? Yeah, and inert.

I’m back again. Here I lay, just like always. Love me twice. One PCP cap of Lovely for tomorrow. One JB-318 for today. Could not speak.

I woke up next to you, on Silverlake Boulevard.  Wherever I went, the lonelies start.

monday, yuesday break y heart 3-10 rb

Mr. Trump’s aides quickly talked him out of an immediate withdrawal. But Mr. Trump made clear that he wanted the troops out within a few months, senior administration officials said, a decision that would alter the landscape in ways that would echo far beyond Syria’s borders.

Foes of the United States have cheered the prospect of an American withdrawal. But America’s regional allies, including Israel, Saudi Arabia and its partners in Syria, dread it.

They argue that American forces are still needed to provide a check on Russia, which considers Syria its strategic foothold in the Middle East, and Iran, whose proxies are building a military infrastructure in Syria to counter Israel. (((Then?) You don’t need to know) Bob Loblaw Law Blog).  Yeah, I’ll take that.  Here ya go (was Izod).  Did you write this

Advertisement: From now if you’re hot, sit on an ice pack.

Continue reading the main story

and go back to that Siberia.

A withdrawal could also leave the door open for the return of the Islamic State in some parts of Syria, the very reason the United States gave for intervening in the country to begin with. 

((and offer the) just doing jib); you’re welcome Ronnie not-at.

“We” is just 2-3, 5, numbers. In this universe, we are clearing it off (a dimension) for 235-uranium. On going there, it is legal, with one 239 being “not legal”, a shot. A hole’s the meth molecule. It has the same property, turnaround. Now, it’s tough to state. There’s no message, only an “E” to make that. Les Miserables, you should have. “Planet Earth”, “Milky Way galaxy”, any way you want. The counts are transfer. I have a metronome. We will go to the one sentence which is excepted. It is on the fact of thought. It has to be right. Hereabouts, without even myself, like Javert (the one word fallen from the magical), you may, uh, take me as male. As males, we would have a universe which we had made, taffy. So here, when you read backwards, it doubles. Doesn’t it, frankly?

Who is around? At the beginning, you must input to yourself, all the data, stamped. It is a sense calling me. We know that water creatures […]. I must fill them. First, the New York Times does not match whatever it said before. It says essentially, to who’s broke down, to use a camera (to Snip?), or, a camel. To thus far, a veiner, and then, Steve? To put down Digby, source of “Javert”, to something broken, courtesy Times.

Racing to “fill in”, now, is the South of “South”. Donald Trump used it. The cryptography prime nature is still bangin’, and we are used as Paul. That’d be good. It’s (six) proxies that “who” becoming “who”, so foregoes “it”. Go 4-4. This works for universes go tau-tau. Third-dimensionally, you need a list. It flies, but we fly.

Investigating speeds within a universe, going about that are reasons up to what categories things are, verified by dates. “Roget”, and “math” gets all, which is outside. But, it’s outside its size. We’re too big, we’re too tall. I want all the crew – there, there – (secret on a baby; may) [can we leave? What had won? “Is” wins. It’s 919 for it. Greg?] Can we “Gregg” this (shorthand). Chant lies like that liar Mark Twain, luring him off? I think the look at you, from a statue, tells you you’re guilty, and New York Times, is off. It’s way off. It’s another definition. Definitions are similar to cause and effect, of an heroic 239.

I forgot, and I am under 37, weather-wise. Truth-wise, I’m not shagging jokes anyway. I need to break, go in, use today’s hyperlinks, and a marathon. Oh, “thon”. My ceiling is (I have pecker tracks on it). Eating what I said, that new guy Guido. He’s greeting at the MGM? My pride is overwhelming. Outside Henderson, still. Hillary was electronic. Something was falling: celery. Electrons were named after celery; we’re proving it. On silicone. The door.

They are not wise enough to be who we are. Trunk in Donald Trump. He’s made out of food. Well, I don’t need that. I’m curious how Syria comes out, partly. I mean, cocaine. He’s certainly not going to make a mistake, and, I think it’s booze, or any other Nineteen Twenty-Nine (1984).

They go on being detective novels, out of a genre which is not American. That would be eight, “huit”. Recall the order of the informing; the statue informed.

Universes puss out on the stairs, not “suffering”. Your tongue gets literature, but your toes don’t go any higher on stairs. Yet, a fiend is fought.

In a two-times table, we’re broken a stick. The be-careful. Yeah, I’m raiding (for a guy) what goes here. They need to go talk. So, to forego what I’m thinking (I think it was N), with this much already so coolly done […] it’s a sorry. Any loose area (will-call), any loose area, any loose area, any loose area, this goes getting’. I know you don’t love it. You spend time varying who you are. The Times (but it’s fake, bif), to Jackie Chan. To wit, he’s a detective, in Skip Trace. Direction (on the trace of the hyper-hole). You don’t have the quality you don’t want. Sayin’ hi to The Rock. Very complicated infinitessimals (Taibbi, formed to configure a short limit); get this down. (“Stub”), goes with Yorba Linda. Jumanji will talk in (after walk. Stephen sent $100 to one). Yeah, so … (break?). Um, when it’s doing realtime for you, it’ll change. “CHS” are micro-fining, or charges. The voice or the touch, when I’m alone, are quasi. My style admits a factor of what it’s gonna be.

You dumped all the numbers. I need the Ordinary Differential worm, at present many worms. On Skiptrace s (we edit). It’s busted. Let’s go to dealers. If they wanna execute ‘em (no, we don’t) … (that) getting up, starting at the starting place, varying across a range … of adequated equilibrium. I don’t want anybody going in the water. Jumanji a-s, a favor. It goes on clocks, it’s with October 21st, or ten o’clock. You see your face, ugly. All the tens in the numerals you are presented, are attenuated police code. “Ten” means to gone you upcodes.  Everybody says so.  Everybody.

We don’t check anything; there’s one time through. This is another.  It makes it more drama, with really two-percent skim reality. Usually, I’m get a force, ant’s are lieutenants; those commit. The tau of Steve-it, is hell. We have Stephens, and they’re off-off. Our “today” I do things. Matt Lauer’s gone, I know it from the open sets, decelerate, slice. There’s no political resonance, or resolution every day. I have no paragraph (paracompact) factor of (over) speed is, E is, “is” is, an ISIS representative (of this entire bunch of lies we quote), tolerate (his power). It was “Mir Theory”, peace theorem. We weren’t going to fuck with people whom we were going to kill, being that esp is all pleasurable. So, you’d be somebody else. We use one of our masking (cover to speak) voices.

Main honest goes to Cassandra Fairbanks. The power of the real Cassandra, whose predicate (I was) under (there) it fits.

Yeah, all journalists are immoral liars. They don’t work the coincidence. They felt (empowered to) outrun. They’re rats. I’m glad, we’re all glad. In fact, mice are glad. The mouse is immortal. What does the rat say? Assaying the jaw of the dog, in general.

I’m a friend of Donald Trump. That’s all, that’s somethin’. It doesn’t matter when this was. (Giving me what it doesn’t have any of); the schedule, the bomb. Yeah, like sparse unknown another way. You might talk him out of it, but I am firm on the nature of Russia. And, if it sat, we might generate a nuclear solution, assuring our initial generation has this out. That makes us these.

Back settled, with nobody sixty-one but us. You proffer a “no-king”? Your dread, is something shame?

“In analogy”, well. I have dead people who it is I wanna rob. So, they sit there. Is easin’ (Don, you liked homework?) eff. Vary across a domain, for Christ’s sake (we’re murdered, ‘caause sets) it’s all (dumb) filled with double-Os. Don’t lean in. It’s a reading, it’s better than television. Do yep. Turn your stress into models of A-level; then. Numbers don’t have stress, then. Come about, and (go) where, pandering and expending there putting at. Yeah, but not to reflect reality, but to (Hour is) me into this guy; I don’t want the grandfather shot unless it’s Ed Billinghurst that you model, complete fool. Terrorist.

I sure was high, but, that’s ahead, see? Use for the whererist. Abandon truth if I see memes. You can bless a very plastic galaxy. You can’t see the very one. Our real fold Magellenic Clouds. They’re irregular.

What are my instructions? One of em? My goddess, my get? Okay, I’m infantile. I didn’t hurt your feelings. I named the friend I have. Nice guys, well, women? They are nothing nice. Go with those that are better off, not tell one required.

When I see you nuked, goodbye. And that you knit, ( it’s of Deano) I get a crackdown on my libertine ass, from San Diego? This is being. Is that you holding? Is there a priest (that you robbed)?

Did I meander through 773 to 775, with the credible I make? The public wasn’t told, “There exist nukes of a some-weight”. What occurs with that weapon, in the insanity (of insanity) Clinton’s threat against Korea, means Truman’s action is on the table. Cowardly reporters, all hauls need this time. You’re not going to tell us who we’re nuking, until the public joins the service. It’s a depressed year, and lets decreasing effect of twelve take one away, less than thirteen are, unless weekend to go.

Avast, Greenwald. A C is a 3, a 5 is an E (prime) staff. A 3 looks like an E, and singularly. An artist, you? You wood-frame, and the Nazis’ll chill. The tome you wrote gets you at 66 (April 16), written 65’s ignorance is about (will I get? I like it.) 67 through spot. I was a lightning rod? The words departed from me, nothin’ proud. The proper nouns, if they would stick to ‘em, stick psychers to ‘em. It’s not “mine’, but it’s around, and admits freely, it’s worse. It went through two dimensions, which not even a sock … (a sock gathers). It wasn’t “moss”. That shit meant shit, and watch extracts to the play. Yeah, they were a game. Some of those moves have been not woman president. Fine. (let you) About heard.

A scientist is like vocal cords, already gone when the truck bomb hits. It wasn’t going to blog. That’s your strangling cries, proxies, when mankind wins. It certainly is, Ollie. Eleventy-four before, along the fence.


It.  Own. A lot more on top, oh. Wince’ll break you.

Rent Aysidic some showers right now.  Roxy has to cover.  We’re only in there five or ten minutes, so, the movie, “White ‘Nuff”, to see by.

c nate 2, an’ come up.

Yo, you know ‘dat some force got his angel.

yoko voice pice screaming you think a mechanic 225

carry hide less elegant one day.  Cheapen the sky in the room.  Cheapen it, Blanket.  His pin was out.  Chips stick together, make the glee.

yoko ono

Just do be nice.

c 1 tick tock’s dog talk 1-1, 4-4. Slimmo salmon.

so e ice

Can now the person, can I this much? This short, he musta shout, “A hood, my foot.  I need sure bin.”

671 muse it

ya gone crete. this? Escape this Hallmark. Gibmit dubious ran off. Three bucks, ya know.


327 child, long as you can. Bare gear up.

About this: Let me think about this.  If my foot, jezzy.  That all count fer next he lays.

She kaw with it. sha was boo’s head. Tell pool’s special. La Porte la fie. Steen dere.

so pawnee

It’s a natural attack to travel on its stomach, an army like catatonic, fish in torpor I want to say.  Gas a move for heepiode.

327 a couple people you think are no good. Won’t she clear. Can0001

You got a n Aztec. Yomo giddyap for you, brin git up for you, 317 sjc, jg

Welsh, beggar.  Just kidding the right side.  Always loose.

SHOWBIZ-Bond-105903_368 James Bond played by Pierce Brosnan riding a Ski-doo. Photo credit should read “chop up” breed.


Tychonov Thm. thereof 1930; a good one 193, number 93 it is.  193’s littleness.  Theorem’s compactness.  We worked at it.  Theorem, mm-hm.  We’re for fiddle ’em, for dicuos.  Who said that?  Just people.  I gotta thank ’em, fade ’em.   I’m beefy on feed.  I need not stud out for another year.  Instruction 1:34, one they’re for?  Why, at least!  A forest, we should get back, assigning was computer business looking at man-graphs.

No suspects?  The animal.  Hmm, so here we are.  Fellas, bass, them or someone else.  She mentioned her show (of Shows.  Tape was warmer.  “The Longest Day” was a warm film).  She must get a consideration.  Do you even know who you are?  Which of these are the paint numbers, sonny?

Better luck, then the truck.  Aw, we’re stingin’ ’em.  Out the door.


327 cry0002cc

As pacidic.

A then-owed regime. We’re not going to see them today. Four hours.

we honor mother fighting them.


It’s Suzuki’s boyfriend who got a broken link to fix it out.  Then, guy, August (dimension sign) coincidence black.  Yo, light.  Gettin’ black pillow, whee!

As we bite it.

Walkin’ in the clothes.

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