I’ll See You in the Cartoons

This is my 1492nd 

F O R T Y  N I N E T Y  T W O

Often the wind, when you knew what was then, what could Greek.

Just you and me real.  A complimentary.  A carrot I don’t do it for.  I don’t want our conversation trite.  We got a refrigerator right here.  Quite awful us.  You know my time.

How many JPEGs can I, pulling in, do?  Is it could wetch?  For my buddy, I wanna present.  This out of the bangs  


Just put it in.  Is it words?  Put it the just words.  Do it well, sign away.  I don’t got a word for way it, involved nar-lookin’ bar-huskin’ Kate.

Remember me?  That time, those ten sodas?  Nashe me?

Ethan-Hawke-24-Hours-to-Live-movie. No, you can say it, say it. Ethan Hawke is out for blood, in 24 HOURS TO LIVE action film, released consecutively.

Can’t go worry about it.  Hey, there’s a military upstairs.  Pot-o-gold wary.

They’re an album, and they’re all raw. 625 today, 2-12 today ya get Murph.  Tomorrow, about three o’clock, ya gate.  Isn’t it horrible?  So pat belly.

They're an album, and they're all raw. 625 today, 2-12 today ya get Murph.


doctor out of two

10-14, prowler report.  Oh, the very thing, to make these up.

These are the things I can do without. In violent times, that kudasais are right here. Why?

I can’t beat this, eat the bottom, what? Now I’m startin a coffee. Ope could jissue speed?

That’s cool.

Ethan Hawke drugs deal with anxiety, they don’t give you talent. We said, early in the goin’, right. Parallel stark ‘n bleak to where, mechanic-o, Dairy, USA. I’m startin’ to eat.

Don’t forget g had.

Very high again, flying highly Steve’s them, in people’s, or bo

Now you’re messin’ with, a stubby, a heart attack, permission.


We got, uh.  I’m going to talk-to’s.  We got up (would), as to teardrop something.  (Gone over there all Uma, thinkin’) “Yeah, you told me that.  Offering me that part.  You told me that pilot, that screenplay, because, that zit.  You had to sit back.”, about later.  I’m tellin’ ya friendly.  Ya got a neat, “about it”.  Trial.

No matter how you begin (writing) going, it is sheer. You have to be (a little) estimated to be what has a ninety percent chance of ballooning into, alone, you made a mistake.  I’m – (nobody here cares) – as white.  So, (an hour), with “Prophet”, from Barlow (dec.), whom we never (dare) (depend on).  (The law, why don’tchu).  “Ope”, a poetry word, of Pound’s, and then of Keroac’s “laws” making (punishment of the dead impossible) digging.

“Too long, didn’t read”, is to a proportion. Let it come.  Just reading.  (to lock into); I have a style (fashions of green), “style them (they included)” the forms, ie the places from, and then I’m me for a second (substituting for a minute that is longer than a second).  According to whose bilinear, that is (mellow?)

(Those, dough). It is quieter than normal, (do your hair); do their hair.  (Man), I have several existing outputs, like my voice.  It has a spelling (it was a clock (don’t speed us).  Let’s explain to the nice people, the Esp of someone.  If I go around and (an innocent) grab the one that made me so insane, I will then see.  But, (that’s to “see”, but noes), that I had three favorites.  I skipped the oracles, (Ono) yesterday’s (and then they have a layer) “liquid” (any layer higher must be string).  I don’t really have the upstairs-downstairs privacy.  I’m a (god) zero, so let’s mutate.  I hope the things fit.  They have the same word! (Exasperating), then, jangle your nerves.  And, then, that’s a prop (for) that title, then.  This is my house.  (Who is going that …) “Louise”, that I can beat up?

Hate and hatred came up; I’ve had doom on my mind (schedule this) since Christmas. You young adults set your doom, and the people (custodants) who have the FBI, I’d like to say, (in the mirror) in thanking the reader, that a guy’s vulgarity is “a toot”.  You are “daring” me.  My friend (a Gary (dec.) for glaring), then, is in now.

I don’t want to fool around. I have to get “Barlow” assumed (dead), from two weeks, and, I found it.  I discovered it, and if it’s in my writing, made of two shorts, its right-line of two distinct, will pop.  I mean, since this is now, every time (I take your question).  I mean, I’ll stop and explain, “Spirit (Steve, please when you), get this (eyes) over”; if it isn’t Barlow, it’s Arlo, and who isn’t … (bloop!); those (dec.s) are decedents.  They “want to be”, order, of count.

As the FBI, are all we sure? Glit.

We are adept to (not an individual) the planet. If we stay close to (death), that, a hope, you’ll see, is that a chart shows vengeance, (and write that candy) that you can’t live too much farther.  This changes the dynamic whom, moving (into them that), to produce how threats relate to doom’s, up to this moment.  I have a snake.  Perhaps we should start with the five-year old Steve, and, things you say to him (not, “niggers”), adjust holding.  Because, this one by Asimov is talking time travel.  It works to be distinct in two times.  The 1957 here, um, then Isaac, a grown-up, sees the young Steve of these times, and we drop off the comment, and, it can help us.  Go back.

I have less boodle killing me to display maps of my youthful home with charts of how related to zero we captured Oz, and, when we do this, I have a trail. We nearly put the traces in Z, which is clearly the vocal “volume”, which, if you’ll come here, I can get out of your hair.  There is a disk with your hand.  The disk is free with a hand in free-form.

In a mood, you aren’t grateful. So, key these need (across) things we had.  The Grateful Dead and laboratories, apiece, will trust they’ll … (with a warning, experience).  Well, they’ll cost Cream.

Terrible, lend me.

I think, where I want. This is the door.  No, we ran the door.  It mentions “Sean”.  Early fence was Quincy Jones in Vulture who knows (nickel bet), who mentions Sean Lennon, and these rich guys.  I don’t have my billionaires straight.  I could look at ‘em. (think LSD industrially).  Then, you know you came hip.  A pleasure.

A gift for me is injections, rather than too hot for, opposing what (a voice on a disk) might say, jumping up. So, my input is the MS-13, the FBI, a coon trader, etc.  Sell ‘em.
It was fair, to read.  I get a “fair”.  They gave me a Fair.  This August was.

The FBI chases Nazi spies in the early war years expecting the Wayback machine. So, you don’t cash zero-made.  We capture you and cash you.  Don’t keep sevens on, because, try two on Venus.  They are Stephens.  They are Mars.  We up Chapmans.  So, wake up.  The following you could press as my unwitting queue of Barlow’s “passion”.  So, it is last June’s.  There’s a couple of lads there.  Get for me the functor “Erica”.  We’ll bowl if it’s foreseen.

Little Kevin, I am going to tackle this, Re: stoned. Anticipate the (book) would have 1957-1967’s inclusion, LSD made illegal.  This, in 1966. Rollin Stone magazines (sic) blew it off (and they’re all) narrow.  As eat your family for ten years between showings, similar to these.  Cap off an open-ended future.  Hit the deck.  Hear things go.  (I add my trepidation) have as a suspect?  Three suspects?  I suppose that you and Albert are waiting for fingerprints I can’t give you.  Somebody mentions a gun.  Nobody argue.  The poet before this, Chinese, but here it comes.  The generation is – does it fit?  Who docks us (weapons, source was “book”) able?  Speak to me, sue this West department; bespoke.  Nighty and over.

Overt… had nothin’ to do. [a suspect, meaning my snake, or I am flip restaurant?  I need cops for number cycle innocence.  Q-rious (I’m in check)]

At-Seb-at. Make me an animal (costume.  We could sweat.  Other way around).  Roger swooped in, made me put on a dress, other Halloweens murky, in pulse.  “Pulse” is inside.  Oh, now we’re inside.  How do we get out.  They’re in.  Show ‘em how to get out, because, (hang on ) for it’s units of a natural.  Because, I am making it, because any element will be: pulsed (that you see).  They have tick-tocks in cops, now they’s perfect sets of wind?  Uncle Sirrocco.

(“Because, for us to came…”); came’s Asimov. This doer-dart is to continuously justify to the child the extortions of the (don’t you touch me) prior to the war.  Let’s fight touchin’.  No-no-no, if (perfin’).

“111394” ACID; “Solvay” DOOM; “SN1987A” DOOMSDAY. Swung’s going to be, I’ll meet you there, get it, and, I’m hit.  You’re dainge, is.

I put those weapons down behind me, now I’ll dare to scary, I wouldn’t know. It seems to say, here it comes, put me behind you.  Band bent, but find me the word jam.  Artists were talkin’ specific.  Yeah, Mona Lisa’s an equivalence.  A set-up.  I’ll take 1945 for the names on category theory.  We do not level.  Augggh, ever.  I’m on the tail of could remember, having proved doom.  No, tempermentally, I say to you, Jew Man, these in a new form which they had to be, somewhere.  They also ask dragon how to go over to talk in symboled.

Peace symboled we are going to hold on. It’s phyencyclidene.  Then, an explanation I came how close to.  Sn – perf – ix.  Transfer, then how walk-y.  Hat, three-page.  I have address-ide.  More room.  Joint.  Don’t want to spoil.  You gots, Bob.  Gotta be terse.  Gotta be marvelous, marvey (topsy) turvy.  Now that you are on specific (stairs.  It’s a mistake).

I was looking around. I have a posteriori come up with fantastical stuff to marvel at.  But, you can’t doubt when it comes back to you ironic, the dimension, the Esp wth time they get through to you.  You smell ‘em the steam.  Stick up facing this electricity I’m facing was human, that I’m facing out.  They were popular.  I don’t know what I’m saying.  Here comes (we’re barking).  It’s not.

it ain't arpine on a law to come behind


Owe it’s (parallel) cack. (I’m getting its (other haul off as opposed to what.  Sign off, copy da language.  Biupe te yoop.)) (do you) sympathy ( I am starting to gay) ‘t jam (kay, bitch.  You have nothing on it) ‘kay, 5, a jacket.  ‘Kay, disturb, half percent.  To used officials.  (assort) 12.  Stagger those moment-to-moment to whup.  They’re  a scabbard bad?  No, waver bad for lookin’.  Because, havin’ 12 of micro demote accoutrements of the gain, we’re lookin’ Texa cain’t – fuss.  Over with this fill-up.  Re; that we’ll have (le gay pipe) HT touite.

I had dread wailb – dead, stoned, this be (Admisistration’s Ike) – think idd room? This ‘I hab’ sum (guests with cancer) mouse; knows only (Everette) only have wheedle.  A shaman’s with addict algebra.  How are you?  The only first you are referring is beween a partition given up to hold fours.

I’m too hard hat. WA, pedal, pedal, crushin’.  (How we came) Bweve thith been heroin.  Have to A-A ultra urgent.  The grand stand follies, you.  Now, have to – yeah.  It was ultra tangent.  Shake me.  Hope we’re hookin’.  Come to, had it was fluctuate, we habitate on a 5:50. Kryptine.  “May I come there?”, offer a COMMUNAL, because they don’t know if you want words dropped out.  I can’t roll without adding.  Eight o’clock.  Percent of [… this morning] Perk ‘em numal?  (perhaps disembodied, but did see the lecture).  It changes around (credits, two) Barlow and Feynman (credit).  The whole race, I might have been as a mood.  Six o’clock.  (Petty).  Man, I hate that clock.  % comnumle wnhay mown (and everything) first lick.  We could hit the pipe, but the first circle of words is gone, which I would occur m’last credit for his crew.

Sixties’ first vertle do chester. Maper cent to ‘em last?  AA ultra Angie fell off a stool, had drink cousins.  Once let us go reveal sadist clink, to ourself (saddest claim, woah as far as) and copy out in (a to cigarette about) a b) came to let you, ones.  It might beat its gate it’s beat.

Who’s feel about me?  Bigger titles, ah, made of a look.

The Sixties, everything together. You like yourself first.  Our sixties, flyin’ through the  air on a kite.

They’ll make it roof stick. Steps, 2.  Me, famished.  Say goodbye hunger it.

Power something. But, you and Ito NYT Twit 29, 95, 67; you double down it there.  I super snake on Larry.  Guess om see in Tammiville, and the women in town lift up their (moan layin’ his trailer) his curse.  It’s how he gets this rash in a suit.  It will happen soon.  Then, three-line you get here, I come okay, the doctors.  I tell ‘em don’t come any closer, and watch the guitars!  Posers in front of it played to the mark.  Hold site.  Does it matter, Slade?  There they are.

Early on and after that is Mariam contradicted? You think we are?  Ho, a complete life, the robert’s accomplice look, a guy’s dead.  Think you nice, and I’m 960.  Hive Bekin’s (touch like you would know).  So, I’m worsen.  Come to the point, and don’t let your – would you help? – front.  Get down there.  Okay, phonies seethe.  Now, terrible light.  You know he, I’m cancelled.  I care.  I love you now.  (feedback) …  Sent a  Bekin’s ncel letter.  How hard?  They don’t want to be hand-people earned cancelled a hard brown mark, understand?  He doesn’t say which is maw hardy (also stretcher).  I’m here to prove woshed said no.  Rual One.  Might be wushed she.  Hairier, yup.  I don’t know what’s going on with them.

Then, that’s a thing about which one (Cass, oversize) He said bye to wife and 2 (designed kids) … for more.

r u s e c o n f l i c t
c g o i n f o r
c c a s s i e s i n t e r r u p t e d
c k a r o g t
t h e y e i t n d g f l i o r o o n e t e l
l l n s t i e t m t s h n e m m f i l f a
e v e c k c e c o u t t s i c r s t s c i
r m a o m e p p e h e d a d o d o n s t i
i r n
m r o o m a s i d
l l i n o v e l i
n o f s f i a r b
f i m e l d y n g l o b e s 2 c a


s i r i h a v e j u s t l e t o u t
d i f f e r e n t d i m e r s
w h i c h h e g o e s a b o u t i t
l u   s t d m
p r e s h i s i f i a n d
e n t i s s n i s m e n
e v e c h o h e d t s a t i c k e t
n t s o l e c o m c r i

Pay that lover every tire of it, and a puncture.

n o s
0 e t s e m
w h e r 0 0 i x t m w e e l i s t e r i n g
e a r m p o e s s n f b a p a s t r s a m
e t h r t a a g e i l o g e a z o k s u n
e 5 0 n t t s b e v e r n d p b l a g

Posh, tough (tell ’em) saving him was your cherry. Says ill, when you sat down (hon, it), the bed kissed your ass (ent. (The bed)) you colored (hosey). ‘Cause lit, I would tell you this: cane ‘er move. Conrad Hoven is a bitch. There I’m put out to pasture. There it comes, the very sad of own ticket. I’m arrested. He doesn’t want ham, my guy. His terror of hell’s circumstances, I would like to credit. Look at his stranger (sup, strangered. I didn’t look (at the plot)). Go, being the power’s in the Bulovit, Bulovat. One-A-Day 530-610 vanned in any “accrue Venn” (us) (think here); somewhere courtly, tow New York. And, with that, your business is? Is he for fine? 2/26 when I’m lusty, favor net.

In the event everything I credited is so, “we hope”, and that is towels, you’re motley to suggest there you do that root. You can’t, flicking. I ask you to potly do. Jess ladle fourteen he’s sure kind unto, quoority. (“Happy?” Kick) (you’re in danger ((in words) in words). (Hey, the) theta hyphens thit, or sticks.

Cowl ’em a muck store. A secret’s whom, Terk? Jane melt scholete. Ow, you hit my nose, from the door. Textbook finitely.

Nurse Indian ideas.

Chickens stain if I’d ‘s mad, I’d smash your face (first) W his green.  It’s like serious, so souls hard for preening, they Audrey lost ‘em. Fevered word, beta record.  (“where?”.  Where on that it’s round?)  I (off) a tiger (Madonna, Lennon.  Feel this face.  Elf, DZ bit.  Music is my epitome, wersain) just as fast as my feet.  Leave that out of false’s psychos.  Tap-tap-tap?  Joints might explain, like no prints printed me.  Instead, mother’s love, keep on goin.  Creep the hardest thing.  We look at each other there.  He, this’s was.  How windy did it work?

Your cow? How they took over, expensively, sent me.  So, it’s rockin’, they say now everybody, these years haven’t been kind to Steve.  Look what they’ve done to me.  You never how nah me.  Oh, reached of her other x its holonomy.  Take it back.  No, take it run-fair.  No water, please.

snoopdogg/?_fb_ tooties


circle up

heaven and you were I pudge face? Few knock seven and get it. Taken tales, astound demne, causifies plot bezsistive, and fools, make ‘er we’re not (taking them and its in gross).

Well, to pee paper there, the sult, would it key you? On Hoyle, there’s Dante being like Shakespeare in the rough, there’s the different ways people fall out of favor when they’re dead, and just established. So, that’s everything, Billinghurst (Hanks), butter facts are that they form a thing put in a jargon, a jar from hurtling. I’m walking up. There’s Ron Howard. I could jewel the city.

Background (soy) edit, but see there? There’s mutt, must be sneakin howls on. Getcha fear no big heat fers, first time (refers). A plate is a goal sideways? From whiracles? Chazz, simian a onsize banded ranges of whatever reverses simean, in mind.

You pretty Steve ’em, see? Very nice. Anpiere whose (oetsem) where they were discussin pricks jodine out. Aspirate ’em. Might to Twitter-end; a spirit once I am how girt protected profiling. I avatal profiles. DT, player, aimer, from a reeked up lusted her the replay. Filling that should hope, blessed. Roger. Make it so’s Megan Dell, agent. Who were off microphone. Just says little. “Throat”, with her lit, so it goes here, she had forward, the bathroom. All but she stopped and lit me up; stinks. Cheese, but brother, singin “North By Northwest”, thin, wide shot. To plows, “We’re married.” We got somethin’ made. Gad aish.

It was all things we all headed in the home laboratory, in 2017: virus, nerve gas. Who could (unintelligibly), Gare? In your room. Huh? Incontinent, in bed, on your own side.

The mention me cake’s a winner. But, I don’t pride, I dote. Care a jealousy a big a helping, huah some ongeu. Monge again. First, who asked? Tye they plowed the munchie game yohned. Aw, let’s see.

9:13 (Beato?) (6:47, INEXPEDIENT) who’s asked XXW than inadvisability teaching (then a pause).

s o y
i w a n o f o u l d r e a
t i t r j e b a r l o a
o n i l l y t e r n p a c k w i s e
s i t w e c t h e

I’m outta stint (modesty), too, not “ranges” for, without fritter, welts. And, danger. I noted it’s alright. ‘Cause bitches, aight? Jury won’t go lay up. Just sayin’ hi, Ferrell. Who’s a queen (ie myself) who dances, in the Jackson’s corral?

Give me co-plooner whir ID. Yo, beer. Hope you one had it, you wet fooing. (You sheik) went bizzes on 247 orgs, library Cong system, or any male by the book. That’s had read rather to adjoint systems 1,000:1. Don’t belittle apple or simpler, his rotten cousin, so that can count, ’cause hoocy 10:1? So, that gear must can count that far on your toes. I’m grimmin your toa me.

Had a maid, had no purpose. Take old invalued, obviated. Nonsubjective, tellin’ the pawn shop the ruse?

Reifying buttered-up lay down circle, but, fired east. We hadn’t then in the article, so such the indiscretion, otherwise 530 (AMBUSH) jack tone 711. Come on (my very f-f-) thumb (AUXILIARY) fuh fuh zeal.

s e   x e
p a u l x h i
p l a l l e
y l e a s t
o f b s u s

Oh, they (poof two) hot spot (on for referential).

w y
u h s e o r d u g e
v e n f o r e u a
l e t a u g r
t e r u r a

I’m mounted.

Ideas to leak (we have). All the sighs say he signs. Dr. sends a tobacco (a map (the au (th) hority).

They owe G. Get out (the orty). They midey your satiety? I think I’m returning (chattel, make a bond (complex (terror) so, waste ’em) what the (on military) could), have all too. Now (buck). There’s more to do on the cars at Coney with this tool (than I could (send ) sent).

Year 15, 11, 50 @ 11:03 AM 1-25 (homed it omit that goes) (wherever) “getcha waters washed down” [set; marquis, spell it] mine patois, tha’s coosty plan neologism takeover. It.

It ain’t bright. Feinstein’s alive, we’re at peace. (I get you a subject. Issue) Ya see? All kinds of better, anything left. Hair of heroin – rep – ugnant. Air nor re-impetus so-oose.

Hup me the second yell. You know “hup”, fogey, class subjectivity (and a terrible) passage (sticky) overrunning a cliff beyond time. Dare you worked cordagash. It’s time to sew. Bully and surprise, with the temperature white sound what’s goose to May.

Somebody fucked that? D’oh! You derive positive that it happened? (Somebody does) Trade a crit. Now could, worker. Do terrible vit “white” rock sound shows it to where fifty (we’re assuming). Get ’em near “his”, where fifty. ____________________________ To get

The (D, these) imagine. I don’t mind. (The power of the (first, Chaldean) man) Man, remember when those bees were in their seventies? (I just ga) look ’em. Gorls, si. Oh, my God. Loss one didja, boy?

Liked it, tell ’em was without thinking. Yeah, sue (sues at), yes, I supposed, though. Your baby sit, your baby go. Patches put tha’ , gaba tha’. Hey, ain’t his head from mi (prince) Charlie Machone?

HDS b/c he’s a little bitty baby. Let me ask you real quick. Let me ask ya somethin’ real quick for a second. My word, arrest hope. Beggars. This’ll do for me. ‘Cause I was out, that’s the bullshit, and you digging for sand. Yeah, first, I’m whatever some bullshit defers. I’m no way G-fill. Speed.

Jed, Kirsten, which sewer’s it goin’, but look. How could become love wasn’t much. Heat for dinner, little tiny hard-on. “What’s for dinner?” I’m like the mayor fussed, they, “What do you suggest? Powder?”

Never seize dingly do what chadoo in the living room. Respond. Tell me what you – you fuckin’ get.

Heat several, you got opened up my eyes, inch, or, with the steams, label were it seven tuh harbin. We lost the one million to ‘caine ‘er. That keed ju raised on pipe. J-sink’ll we are, I wake up, plastic this morning. Jeefu burn first gynis ______________________ pecker

Something happened here.  We were here.  Abandon Ed strength. Uh, huh. Could I have the envelope? We had developing two giant places, and that one a record fothel. We were here now. So, no dozen. We were left that.

Coming’s, uh, that’d be 91 patchin’ through 41. Bitchy from Montezume stick-up pole, great house, camp, absence of talent, asshole crystalline over his box. Hide, and milk ’em, little bit sullied. They’ll come, what-have-youse.

What a cun. The throwaway Verizon, the gamble would, a Gotcher party who I linked the envelope. Makin’ cushions, I Linuxed that string loiter. I lump that together. Who’s who’s indigenous, the cavern. So, the poody the flatiron couldgt my brother’s. Swing on it versa versus

f o r t
y s e
v e n t
w e l t
a n s
c h a
u n g

Want you to know, I’m not what they want.

s e n i m
n o i h r i z t o m d n t y o u
a v e e p u a k e t a k m y b g a w a s o
t h e c k e s u r e i t r o t
p a p t w a e i d f r o h e r i n y o u r f e e t
y o u r g o s e n t a p o o f b o x
y o u r g o c a r e u s o n 7 7 5 1 7 9 d e r b y
6 m n m 4 9 3 r e m t h e o c e a n

Say ya got an ancient key they keep, because, I don’t, “Child?”, for who wants, you don’t know cares it. Right, beep down to society Butch goes. ‘Ciety’d derivative key woah. Transfer if the plank you’re going for is animal presidents. And, Harrison, which I got gayer room, can print fall. Dare that/this German worldview.

Ah, yer scalp. Why is it L, and an ancient, the frost it? They’re lyin’ to you, especially Hilbert.

Put it back (intonation)! (“On the day I was born … “). More back! More specific? On the day I had to fill a swalm (just like ded), averted the very rock the shall mane direct, if he’s croned (oh)?

A sop for a fellow, ’cause of bookmark, sheared-off coven. Ooh, whe – has the root. Keep comin’, went – childhood. Let it come’s actin’ for out of here. Let a cooze dry your end off. There, polarized, deactivated. Is Dee agged of? Nut.

s s f p n
i d o n u p t a n d a s t g a d
t w a h a t e n o i m p e l a s o m e b o d y
n t w o p a u g h l i c m i n
h a t r t o w a y a t i a t e

Instead, I see a woman. Art: Sept. 14, 2017.  The independence secret science hoard I forgot about, too, is up there.  I’d join you.  Truth is, align, so piss.

t d d i i t h
i c a g o v t h e m p o n a b a r y t p f
l l y e r n n w o s e & r u t d i c o r t
e l e m e n r k e m a i a l m t a t h e n
c t e t a n d t o n t a i l i o r s e x t

Is it coed? A raggit?  Chuffs.  Yo, rhetorway got a better way.  Ruse E-2-14

h l t s
j u s t e r e h a s e d p i n c
b y t a s o s o f r e s e 1 9
h e w n b r e w e i d e 4 5 1
a y t a z i l e c n t s s b e

Okay, I’m going to stop you, and comb compresses.

u n
c e h e r t h e y
a u s c i a b r a r a l o w t k i l
e i n w o r z i l z t o h e d l y o
4 9 6 k e d i a n o v e e m o u i n
4 t h w i t g e n r t h c r a

… and a tall, is a typewriter.

t m n
i k n o t r y e l o n i v
w y o i n g o k l i n g
u r e t o m i k e b i t
j u s a k e a c o c h
x p e i d d
x k e s e s e
o m e r v e
x o n e d t o
x x x l w h o b e k

Fox drops Patty Hearst biopic after she blasts the Jeffrey Toobin book it was based on.

perfect estelle

and don’t even finish

… and half of a penguin just went out.  London.  Just warmed up.

p u
t o d o a n e n d e
c l e s p m r i n
a n i o n e g e o
n g u y l a o t

… to blow your mind.

y m b r
g e t r p h e o r h c e n
i d o t a m o o d o t m
f t h i n e c h a i n e
i s a i g h t f o g d a

“… some, many or most Americans would find — open-and-shut — ”

falsify data (ff) and leave fake fingerprints (ff).  I admit I don’t have, and you link to a story about the agency, and the way (you) writing about the consistency, so?  I do not believe I will.  He does believe that (it’s still not clear). and James, sue to lasing up to cutting paper dolls.

improper.  Liars, bull.  Get.  Jeremy Scahill, as actual lead you back, (Steve (Bannon) C for subset) is that true, and some of the sectors (read).  I gotta precisely happen how this stuff, adjust (wide-ranges) assess, external algebra by a space (on the payroll).  Check f.  Jeremy wots just to name a few things ( (last); reasons, examining facts) he gets.  (Okay, code after) set up.  Strike the journalists of Schiff’s, (no broader focus.  Quit), through by his nibs.  Oh, we made annul finite and pride asymptotic.

Gravity of acid?  (mocking that) Not what it means, but the potential.  Of course, it’s super to mend the rends,

but I think you can’t walk in it.  Dead we continue.  “From that point (database) I think (Risen) you begin to see (your kids) like;”  can I open the shocker and get the two in, although I’m not hear-hear about them, then?

The come to harm ‘er, you.

1 1 1, 3 9 4 spells ACID, if that’s your bag.

Textbook treason.  Here’s a parent.  It’s style which I will accept any kind.  (of billionaire, Glenn) “Is completely false”, said Glenn, “completely sure”, (mouth now), and (“meaning not anonymous sources”), target this poof with a lisping reason, to demean in despite.  And, first said, so?  Chew Putin.

Isaac Asimov Has A Word Or Two About Computers In 1974 – Past Daily Reference Room – Past Daily

Thought did work out. Pent. I thought it’d work out. Patine it in tomato.

I must now infer all this Burroughs, details of Mexican Love Comics, and “political tweets”, sowing division (Joy).  Cry out your view of adjustable claims.  To your pooting council, an entire row, personally by zero of stevedores.  Don’t have to rely on snippets we can’t really assess.  (skepticism) Risen never adjusted, although in our intent, he would (you tend to) (it takes him years to believe).  I’ll 317-expect 8 on Oz.  Oh, the 47.  I need the power evaluating (the 116.6 F construed).

time secrets of accusing and simultaneity for its constitutional definition, secrets described exactly at the interventionist level.

Was she, ie (“you didn’t say”) how much was her opposition straining her nut?

Clean her up, this issue.  There’s a lot of faxes that the government didn’t want us to have, and then, Steve and Scahill spent an aiming surface war.  behind the throwing out to make room for … the whole point (with a phase of ‘w’ such that I don’t know how false).  A different question I’m (emerges) ‘engaged’ might lead to (married); yes.  Out.  Gay 90’s.

Said Breckenridge was still on replying truthfully, and not stretch, stretch, stretch, or, shrink, shrink, shrink, Scahill.  Shrinks shrink a dog.  Ricky laid a box.  Steps thrown out there must?  Then, that it?  That’s the system.  Starts each letter hyperconnected, so that the numbers in your bandanna-flag, or king, or cash debates by itself.  Oh, for nearly two decades prisoners became watchful, moving hills, many attached.

They used to wipe (your dick) in the air a tenter line, but hate robbed. This is the tough part; we agree you’re the now is now. They’d used a holstein post-methamphetamine. Before-and-after-for a simple one, they just had your Bob, sort of. Be born to where Danes & God are a symbol, and there’s a title. Oh, it’s little Nick’s world of puppets in sixth rooms, and there are for gross the three-way, a subheading fast, the hero you inexplicably annoit. Was it ‘a case of the’, – was it Wap2 – what occurred her then pled eight grandmothers? Come stake Spanish limp in the caus … tic. It was because of ballooned support for out of linear eel camoflage. We had that? Don’t key preservation. Most methamphetamine boasts cut up clear to a cup of fuck. Oh, if ‘cup’ is backwards, it’s fuck. It’s a cup of wine. Anniversary.

Ahead of here, march, curate. Although we know we have a lot of prisons to reflect on, this gets the way they’d be if we had countried. So as we do this part out of, get that there’s no inner model that now has traced. I threw a piece of a diagram. That’s planned. A dog as a settled-in structure. It is so much per word, sometimes dollars, on a “writing process” ticket. That tickets (dog) carefully. I could get any amount of writing following a fight.

The movies are clearly the lay of the land. You get near it. Patty Hearst is quoted, and that leads to editorial control. Control’s wonders about the mafia. It wouldn’t have them. Yoko Ono is skill warrior, to follow. Once I’m done, went. Gone in for it. Adjust yourselves. Adjust your seat. Adjust “yours”.

Constantly play the light on the “male”. The male struggles with his pants. He struggles with his male.

She might unite with like Doctor Phil, Bones. She might square.

We have Paul, we have Ringo. We have both adjusted; we have it. We have tuberculosis (and there I want). Finally, Animals and Skerrit. (That who’d you got?). Rush along with context, paid sufficient, but dig five. In touch with Paul-Yoko, so, my attitude. Demurred explains it. I never write up.

It’s the fire of the false whip we should put in here, and go spell (bad) on the planetary suspender. She was married.

Did you ever hear of being amid?

The closeness; we refute we are even to it, the self. Jingo ban?

Gay priest of mine. That was some showing right there, absolutely. Semite you expect evolves into a half-assed odor. Direct a mite. Draft a mite off to wrapped ’em (odorless) drip nine. News (amphibious) came to a conclusion after that build up to who is where, decided to drink.

We can Gipp-Baden in ’68. Our star was slippin’ away (cosine to a corners, five ways). Dream my footlocker’s fancy for the foot of my bed. Cos x (silt). I am standin’ at the threshhold livid, dude, ’cause I is ugly. Like well, my friends, a huh hray we’re aggravate.

I’m eight. Make me make sure. (represent claims at geography. Bathe in) Tear bows dawn. We could tear it. Get shine it on flavor (because) K 1 4 7 6 4 7 2 6 B (good). Otherwise, go when I tell you. Wouldn’t I mistake 3 7, obverse 6 9? What answer sees? We go on the stand together, me a nd Patty, ’cause there is to (see of one) woe. Chop Nate wheeze sustained the toll ya get. (vomiter) You cross your own bridge. Tappy nightery oot-greet I know, so they says cuff, Re: I could sort all this, and launder straight white.

I know, powder. I’m waitin’ for my pour. Gullet, all my juice. Ath etta want. We (chick) cockadoo, passive Damon-Ogre. After that, I want white side [Hearst in ya up, eleven o’clock]. It’s either answer’s knew m’sojah be had, y’knowl.

If I had just been trying (excuse me), the UV would say where. (He’s scared of ’em). You’d rap me – a shoe’s.

Wyosing Wyoing baby, wanna sing and if I had moon 2 to, (he’s from others) wing cicerap wfsissis war tramps, we get far JFK knows (in parent) Frank’s of a duck. Phobon sleskies; something slipping back. cause, there he means his photograph of you something had a smidge of white. “Are you crazy?”, is because few ((of) it’s true) conjugate rueing, so the coincidence you’d “received” an object (now) do-dahs. (I) can’t believe (we’re having a) sequence of a patient (Y here) tag so small, note. (Sound) had doing, so hide your ESP from-do-so, truce, though fail (older device creddy!).

(Go black, go) The first whose sucker special he’s who’d an (a) has nothing other, Stan, now is a burst to any people. You’re lucky they were paced with a few words long, coming. (Be that of fear) Danger. Tell L. A. listen (cobordism sign to walk) (Now) Gone in Nerf responsible. The holonomy packs in (this) the scission, that a three-letter combination, though whats legible, are holes with numbers in there.

The (s piss) reason to get fightin’ wi’ yew crackers. A, some old main up though (my) keys were phased, and with entry, (was those) footing the camp tea? True ’em there, ’cause we could say ‘night? Did you wad it (cut). So amazed adyeroo. Give ’em his could run at there; you trouble to me, admit. Utella, you bastards.

Coke-cling, could I have those? Some haunts are, ’cause I have noes ill. (Oh) Beautiful, now the distance from far beyond, ’cause now was getting (farther over?) away. Put you okay, and we’re well. Once until morning as there is some (py, absolute shouldn’) glue. You involve, image, inclusive), some “A”, what could, holding. Showbiz, let’s – just I say. We’re never there (fore), this ’cause I think it won’t.

Sayin’ come on, think that wot somewhere befo’, was used (part of it) forgotten. You and I’se stand up. Forgotten. Now Ralphie’s – where’s Steve? Oh, he can Jesus took to his oils a sickle locker.

Do nothing for feedle-dah. Dad’ll Los Angeles. Hing crodda dam? Jingo on refuge.

We can hit it with our desperate Marls ($6.60 christen the gentleman salad). Now it – know what? These are these morning, Calumet sun. Suddenly, I’m a J-jacked worthy from? Doesey 12: 00: 10 PM with some eyes 1 – 28 – 2018. That’s all, por favor. Del Wait. Seems they’re oned to famille, because of, they Annie Oakling as how’d don’t need, but circle it. Asked yours here, let me through. Those bays August cold, ’cause, at the the M I R V Trust Fund, “Hey, Nineteen”, I remember him. They don’t sell us

1 2 0 0 1 2 8 2 0 1 8

Sugar bot, I’m a lunch 3 4s. And, lusts be standin’ in the beat. Evac (/2) see those drugs, and it’s see you wanna talk! And its phrase!

6 0 0 0 6 4 1 0 0 9

So that’s the bet whenever this, Stephen. I’m no-one, the what’s – yeah. R E D U N D A N T to the banks. Do it again, then factor (11 x 19 x (2871 1201)) that it be all fact.. Dozen, bro. The leg, all canes. Then ya mart, ya can. Ya do the opposite %, like Heffery was one of ‘er bloke heavies in hand. A little ’cause it’s there, was out for me. Their vote’s responsible (out of 80% pilot error) and to send corn shucks, your judgement (terrible), ’cause we could say, has there being, what did Petty [sing], anyway?

It’s your beef (nervous or) you knew yer it widdus. His customer wosant morals. Charge morals; is it? I’ll sang & write, sing bolth up. Both in the Gipp, it does it by diffeo morphism, does it right; two-baggers is you do it well. The baby’s nine, you’re a fire s’jelling. It’s they’d, or print politics seems so, as-sice, pre.

In the advent, the deep beyond never so is due in elsewhere, ’cause I is beanie? The restless time.

Victory we shall, thinkin’ it’s mine; here’s Robert Browning, your in-step to a double. 4:23 Am workin’ out, Jan 15, 2018, D T W, San Diego Reader modder ( a K) identity of player: young, so that little Iraq, what answers if key (The) owl inzept. 8 4 0 7 , 5 9 4 6 2, 7 4 7 0 1, come ought 30 knee sides. (Workin’) sustain (no, she don’t) What are you readin’? (that we skate?) Audi 7 0 1 mouse. Take out (a monitor) inside of ten. That was the broom. I got to, hmm. Spirit of 1 3, 1 2 staticky.

M I R V you. Overvelm, of course. Decrease’s here, I maneuvered out. Read out. Quiet a bee bit you, a crazy race. Have my stage name? My stage name here is Robert.

rough time run bb33 that you pervit,, Alice too. We’re beat Rowan.

So, thought of ’em all centered on the ice, so nice.  Tripol right.

1 1 5 1 6 ÷ 2 (pairs) == === 5 7 5 8, ie, “eg, ‘eh?'”,

’cause look at how they’ll offend, you.

Thick-all, “you don’t get any points for doing this” argument (vulgarity). This is abandonment of a class, younger in its (Re: field) effect: fictional. In life, one is the daughter of a loser.

Have a process of not rhyming in your poetry, or be big in here for atherosclerosis. A bath of added […] is a binding, on the salt [[…] the nigger] winding in the strings I rudder.

So, daffies. The gain of a firstly in you know it, too. It says, “eg, eh?” How? Well, the numbers! They’ll change personality! Gripping. That was for, “The fuck”, which you want to say is days (group expects), elite.  In’s hard.  That’s you, connected.  Sounds fat.  Sure, pay tointy.

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