whomever is ten

X.  Donald



When my fist clenches, crack it open
Before I use it and lose my cool
When I smile, tell me some bad news
Before I laugh and act like a fool
And if I swallow anything evil
Put your finger down my throat
And if I shiver, please give me a blanket
Keep me warm, let me wear your coat
No one knows what it’s like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes



461 that’s close as hell; on there, on then.



461 – 2 shanks



461 – 3 course, this is fucked over. arrow in, driving.

way out

Open Office, there, rigged up with a minor change to the defaults; you can’t write it. Then, moreover, whom. Now, I’d have to vertically center. Adverbs, M. You don’t get a sentence! I forgive the thinking. (They gave me (“power”) questions): Two (reset); like ‘Almighty’. The opposite (to turn) is zero. Zeroes are at the front of each number, (kiss is) understood. Can too, lose Betti …


Despite my believing this is (u)nner; none-or.

This actually is sum-simmin’. I am a mafia, and, I simulate answers, the same as you meant. I have seen quite a few around.

[I already had to print it off]. It’s Word, and it’s my slower computer, now.

I am not “in tune”, (in turn) with things. Just now, a lucky sound.

Analysis                                          Substance of Donald Trump’s Tweets, 1d

You, entire; the priest Ra … is (thereof).  “Without rain”

For(th). I do not know what that is; (this fourth). I can’t just change (put it on mute. “Fell”) it, because of (one of (mine) their) rules: immutability. Would, about if I had (end) of things up, oridinary (adv.) to, 1. I (if) had sets in my mind, 2. The concentrations imply that I stick to my (skin).

That’s all about bisecting, in mind, your (same as stick). Yeah, queen of theologica, the double queen, in reference to her, I get to be the “who”. (“That is fine; see to his wolbs”) We’re woke up. That’s bullshit.

Now, my thin-and-vapory (part) functional ghost functions, as 1. The mind, 2. The real world (cast as keep) castle keep … 3. It’s only doing little things.

The little part, signified as “Mattell”. It’s substantial today. It’s worried about that. Whom that would be? A robot, happens to be. End, (if) we don’t like cluckin’ er, to quote you, it (chew) (TAKING), we’re going, so (line & skips) it.

I am looking at real-world things; (I know what) I want you to go off. It’s rain, that’s why it’s analysis, and, (look how, fucker). Oh, (go, “it’s a religion”), guess a shot (all maps, so don’t worry about physics).

We regularly join up (Prince) with, wording object, as set, “our friends”, basica – you don’t. Friend, I forgive (M) you. Meaning, they’re there, (during) count this as a limit. “Go pull M”, is (dots) (the sound of “there”).

If you like, these (anonymous, a ghost, and transparent), the oddysey. I sat here. The vigil (adding to the left end of the number. The last of the (Red Mohicans), the ghost (that chew plate).

For example, “it’s raining there”, and though sampled, then these (I’m) being a co-range sup (superior); a sup (Wild here it) said, “That’s an Eighty.” The Y-intercept, once looking the vulgar, K-theoretically “let down”, into the Euclidean. If you’re all symbolification, I’ve had w, c, and, well, he has known c, in experience.

That being, they’re gin. No adverbs (you wanted) (slurring?) touch, hands, and, “wash your hands”, with mild prejudice. I only add four-word. Hunt me more (ah, Michael Moore).

Is this set up (now). Physical, again? [Start searching]. It can’t be them, because, it’s okay I’m stoned. On us (them, referring to a celebration, I bet). They must be – trying – (use go) “trying”, so get (plenty of why). The CIA doesn’t care; it has a curtain to pull. (Dogs) tear it off. Come by, fight a shot dog; if I mean, “bite”, of course. There’s white, there’s fuckin’, and I don’t. This house.

My brain, I know, je. And, je substitutes. Did you cheer? The so-what, of yes, I cheered up, was now.

Myself, and extent. I was now logic, third part. These people merely present their tweets and there’s no event; imperial way, devotion. Talk to me. What in mind, though, is the impsossible of knowing and commenting on your own tweet. You send it in fair. Now, M-joints an object, no other now, a piss, another now.

It doesn’t “would be”. The sucker is.

I did check this; now hold this. Here we come. The ghosts are repositories, hidden under the headings. It’s life, and (forgive it) for a green.

I have habits for signaling me back. But, if you’re a God, you died. Everybody dies in this “world”. If I need a U-turn “out”. Well, “a seek”, Betty.

Thoughts in general: wrong. A specific (well?) “special” university. In general, those we “kin”; it is going (get) to “after”? You?

I do speak French. They come after me, they’ll get killed.

Speaking to you right now: Last, force version. Ghost the house. Speak of Truman. They don’t. They hold over, speaking.

I’ve got that: representative thoughts. A sucker guides me.

I’m not using jokes. Experiment is one of squeezing me.

They (Donald. Tell who) fell off the bed, implying bedfellows.

Lie we’re not strange.

If any was, we’re clear. This is the conclusion (from in there), of (and, died in eyes) …

Duty, it’s the formation of a half-beast, here we come. Once, Tay stepped in it … (what? Hint). Win it that you’re rubber, exhaustin’ it. AUSTIN, quite. I’m just surviving. It gets in your head (“in your hearing”), is chill, is pad. Oh, son-of-a-bitch; quiet, pig.

Human predators at Google are acting on God, for all …

Kinder. History has what she is, and all (platitude of parting).

Addressing is a kind of helping; in seeking their identity, there’s a special site. Culture Club, (by), and I habitually kinetic psycho literature; I’m helping you out.

Being heroic myself, there will be no chapters of esoteric anything. (“Be”), that jury is just one erg.

Revenge, ’cause out. That category win taken. How different (are) definitions when, in a nuclear (2Wild), it tried ’em all? Write ’em all? Let it be everything. Of course, there are opposites. Write me a letter. They don’t need ink. And, if this is over a skirmish, they won’t be needing ink. They don’t pack it.

Courage. I’m a poor boy, who thought, “Well, Putin’s not unfuckable. Set somethin’ up.”

Fee is … well, my fee is greater than boys.

Let’s taking liberals to the Cabinet. Already false. “Taking” is art. Ours precipitates war. We don’t want to “take” ours.

I am going to keep writing, even though I promised 9/11, they figured it out, and they sold it.

Little baby chimpanzee here. Gina Haspel is very friendly to me. That’s (Wild) you don’t get. You don’t, we get, we made, and stabber’s here.

No-one who can’t hear me should (30) be afraid; thirty’s it. Yeah, “thirsty”, bloodthirsty. Pop it in. It’s just that you don’t let R.E.M. Get so it’s thus, Molatov.

A skip of two times down. It’s out of mind. He gets really mad inducted into his singing. What their – “band”. Beside me, the product space. I Stipe.

Legal is … some foes do. I didn’t have foes. I had the Constitution, genius. It’d kill, for what you do to my “effect”.

First, (I need for “go first”. Brink) WITCH HUNT! He said it. Then, Internet, Jays (please stripe this. I’m an article, mate could come. His numbers: 39, 18, 67.

Now, of fold. The demons are the night. They are of it, and they folded. It’s nothing, but to them, the time starts, of you’re ready. Then, there was notion of bag. They keep it in a zoo.

Beliefs don’t make a strong graph. Just inviting numbers today. Sorry, that’s a flat.

I won’t reach for the imaginary sand to put in its imaginary pussy. Take off, having a scrum with the New Zealanders. Pitch it.

Commitee of Correspondence, Continental Congress (Martians), the Red One.

39, 18, 67. We’re just in skill. “They’re denying”. If any statement can be in red, that’s true, ’cause walk it. 1867 is low, after the (dying we could meet) the Civil War.

It’s not a perfect day, but kick back. Myself, and Donald Trump, is (a (2) SUBSTANCE), then babe-bee, hold it, “three”…

It’s too symbolic. Never mind the writing to your friend. Adjust. We have thus what we (go call) how it is that I’m always*, is that some coder doesn’t fit this universe. How it still codes is less the night it happened. * think. Is this a model? Is hearing inside undercover? These (m) keep me up basing at night.

Oh, well. That’s perfect: 7 x 17 x 37 x 89 It came out (about witches); they could keep it; slowly. Here Steve comes out. I’ve then holding; the unholding: 7 x 17 x 37 x 89 clearly went is 27: I’m multiplying, an advance-step out. 10580409, freakin’ high, though.

“One SB, do I?”, and the seminary school of that is yes. I do, the ghost says, I follow, you follow. (Do) set up the temps. Nothing’s temporary.

The use of this room. Well, who goes there?

105849, very conspicuous. 9, 19, 619. House! It’s in the 619. Jury, how’s a space-pest? Greater-than, pushin’. This is mathematics. We win over physicists in thinking. They are pigs. 7775849 = 71 x 109519. ‘Chout all. There’s no mistake. Is a 105 a 777? Gross. (“Ten-code”) code sampler at? It’s a turn, a) Recent date. b) effect 9595, from “In the Year 2525”. Solved it, Bette. Whom. Jesus. Her, act on the (getting Jesus) roses. The list of the roses is to be put “in the pill you took today.”

We are near, playing the House of what frequently-used word is up. We find it all over, we pray, we sit down, and it continues on that basis. And, here, I see a five-term basis. We’re stoned; more complicated is themes of new terms, rate percent of the product category, casuals.

To see to it, a tiger has no “other words”. As a calling, the art of the rate is using people. In talking, they so order to, with the decades the stunner. Nobody can keep DECADE in its head. Great heads are two obvious. Heads and documented’s cool. All a richer man had gave us a setback. I have a setback, nope? The roots I’m not using (and then go into a Mark Wahlberg, stuffing).

You have to do some of what PK clear NP, (boiled). There. (“There”?) you are going to (so, percent, up to why-nine-of-King). No hitting, thank you. You’ve been (squibs) explained, though in a keen (untold destruction), and it-clean wants.

It destroys you, so let’s not keep hair-trigger feature for view, any more.

I located the pedestrian methods and sources. Cut our discourse; no realm.

I only ducked so long, error. Induce (that’s what you do to me). I’m ultra something, so all yer ta get is sleep.

I got a story from you; I don’t need you any more. You’re bunk.

“A friend”. Allow me. I’d like for glioblastoma, and then for … how-to’s close that off. I don’t fret; presentiment. I don’t guard, had had cancer, and that’s (“you”. I’ll shortly Cannell’s he) cock. You meant that, ’cause trade-all. Get this hairer, trade-off; now you (go TAKING) in.

You kill the people, and then the Administration in a minute. He’s the all-you-can-accept. Want calling ordinance in on my known position? It’s pretty instantaneous. You’ll want to matter to the crew. For, who can tell he’s in a purple ingress?

The substance gets how they get in position. With NONEXISTENCE, the substance behind us hates tomorrows. The red, borschey, to your taste. You ‘d do your unner. Take excess beats; how lovely to bring your hidebound selves.

What’s so great about the taking, red, is SERVILITY. “I must do”, save for (ways) time, nine numbers “two”, if I’ve to do, 5, 5, 5, to do, low current. Present events don’t matter, ghostly (relative). Dinnerly? Looking up (a mackly) so’s are stone. I’ll always think that’s owes we’re stoned, and one-twos (a) nide which flare?

Ah, ’cause Macy will. It’s alright, though. You have to have “trumP”, in your Department. You are of respect to somebody 45. they all take apart, so gets too lean. They are a joke, finding out. Jaw, they quite same. Coming down, I’d wanted that gummy 0.6 billion (to kill). Volunteered them, just to keep it for the coin.

I could accept you off, and, Mr. Trump and I are gaming with a high crypto. Ain’t I? I pick them up, de loose. I have the leading edge here. The G-pentalinear, for Roger. We’ll decide, if an object can be prone, I’ll let it say this here.

Getting killed is part of boner. Can I get a tight shot in here? Petty coped with zeroes. He only went it for cash; have. So, am I “out”? Out font don’t have no friends (friend’s)?

Even though it told me, it tells me again. The circuitry explains it; it has in-house, no faster (ket); partially ordered set, I have “cir”, 3918? Here it’s get G-change, with zero in the room, then it only applies, of five, fewer. I can read that (its up).

2 x 3 x 653, The error is ours. Heck, he’d depend, ‘they’re denying’, ‘ours’. Almost (say, the (German version) am) menge; I see set. Entry 653, one of one, bullet: mm, UNCLEANNESS. You can’t stick something under in the same sequence, to clean it. Zero.

Relationships are what will not blow away, so reality is a ship. But, you have CELEBRATION in this, somewhere.

A Stephen. How is right? Well, unwell, it’s got a pure right. It hits you with the more sympathetic selections. Here, all the grammar used the supposed, to throw the now-book at me.

Let out your air. If I blow up the world, it’s not a loss. I blew it up.

Imagine. Assemble here. Use that 24-hour out-of-place 365. Those are added. That’d be, in sins, out of three worlds, you’re the one that’s destroyed.

Full-size the affections. Out of here. They’re not goin’ the anxious. Create goin’ so is a favor.

You’re not playing fifteen minutes. I fed over your (I’m getting work. The) battle.

Get out before I go through the roof; before I gank Coup One.

Cut that culture you gave me. There’s something when it’s little. The group makes up. You’d be lucky if the out cake susie, an hou-er, to come out of the howitzer.

In witch, yell. It’s a witch of the natively, a lot. It’s goin’ their imagined, intitial front, is, and must be, in their heads. It all comes louder via the welt. It’s you; whom. (They yogh de 80) imaginary person connected we discussed. Let’s now (blank) them all; lost via non-trunking in, to share a term.

“Electroshock” does not mean electroshock, on “Hullaballo”, Abortionist.


A wise, black hole you live with, I could wise. Once your police are finsished with me, I’d like a lower seat. I must be in the front row, with ’em.

This is The Voice? Knelt.

Killed, a guy is trunked in. That’s the moment we are hooking you up to. 37 is go get 13; 13237. They’re six. Fro, keep bastard’s. Knock thirteen. It’s long enough. It can speak for itself. (Stephen) 7 x 31 x 61. Come on up. Bate the dimension; 7 x 7 x 31 x 61. Legal (thus) they’re the one witch fit the one. 92 FIER, ah, but that’s four. Well, that’s four. For denying they’re the one, fit the one; Pitt’s fear, “come on, let’s go”; heh. We’re people. Let it go. What’s this “we” taken up?

Get on. A radish has meat.

Drat. If sounds do radix, them. The post that we got is long; into friends; the journalists for this story, are gone. It’s after the need for journalists. It’s not aftered.

Talk amongst yourselves, how just keen if they’d enforce laws. Dreck.

You witch, Steve. I left my fly down. Foolin’. They have laws for the blind; they’d have traps.

And, everything.

Thing’s forthcoming. When everybody’s burned, I want ’em out. Now you, in your place. Pull a little bit. Yeah, they’re stupid, everyday. Absurd.

Have ya be it; the second lines. 63, 69, 64, and they’re all n-thousands. But, your ::::::: x, is mine, sugar. Home room, then it spells out “fifth”.

It doesn’t say anything that isn’t already in my mind. (we can expect) from when it speaks. I do these in order, too, because (briefer) it knows when I get ahead of myself. It seems, Pete, we’re goin’ (Rob Petrie) where this thing’s of use, except for the squeals.

Normally, dead people, pinning of, to come full, that is all. They’re – fonkit is free; they’re stable front there (here in our room), then there’s nothing any more they were doing, and there’s getting up, going over, until proud that worlds manage to get over; thus “frozen” pat.

Television. Yeah, they do one thing, then they’re static, then just another zone from three-part us, they are only slightly off. Dil.

I’m going to take (Edw, # jury) my child out of school. I am going right. My hooker hoof, a (*), is though ’em. Like it, I cheat “on my weekend”.

So, a guy who is hanging around his face, waiting to murder people. If you live with him, he’s got to be danced? I don’t believe they’re all doomed. You’d like my father, Ed. I want to foredoom ’em all.

It’s like a flower was to keep emotions. Said flower was smelled by you. You could keep the trunk? Well, I wasn’t allowed to see my daughter’s nose. So, it looks like – you thought. Oh! On your second set of teeth?

They’re working this out. Just take ‘er. They’re partly dead.

Six right ages to kill you in. I need the math. First, we’ll gay ye. Loss of one of those is care. Parents and children, ha. We use those in war. In ward mental, I’m not saying it’s June, or it’s bad, terroring.

I wish to stand up and touch the slaughtered. Used to be a thing.

My thought’s let extra-cryptoed here in San Diego. It’s the lies caught. That, if Colombia could mate, shouldn’t we (x, Prospect, La Jolla). Heads, we smash-and-grab. Nah, I’m denying I said that. To that head, out-of; eyes. Compare, if I ever has the upper hand.

If it worse, you go that with the second event, and light. Talk lightly. I work. Let’s a for a over one. Oakland.

Tom Wolfe will take care of your money. The case is out. Yeah, there’s no provin’ where. I mean, in reality, you gotta gun. You got a gun? Banks.

Now, the rest of you – oh. It burned, on the Spanish “rest of you”. It burned me. They don’t accept. That’s dead. And, on this other thing, a treadle,… a new crackdown. It’s settled. How come that thing’s lookin’? How’s it lookin’? Heh, atavistic. Hey, the train fell off.

Their whole personality, and all rained up, is explained in a few of these terms, the Thesaurus entries. They mass them up; they pound ’em in a make and model, most is Steve Martin’s. They of pled the, thing where … how these gods normally namaste and date the scientific discovery coming in the packet, a packet of Time Machine, that scoops to late-Twentieth Century (and) braid.

I’m lookin up whit; you don’t care if you were killed. Who would do that? You were killed? Who is responsible for they? This world with my death in it, could blow the people, over mutual combat. You know, how housey is it, how’s? House Japan. The answer so, is there flight 182, is there Vietnam? All the is-theres mean if I the body electric … lend the whole thing to me. It’s time you were off. Scientists six five thing.

What if they weren’t killed on that circuit? Doubt. Well, it’s only “one” up to “situation, Bob”; and if you were sitting, dirt!

Oh, that’s donor. If you have a bred thumb, it turns other stock in. Looking for a plane crash? Hits “risk”. Tear Bob on the way in, circuit. You’re in a room. There’s lots of other-friend, besides what the crash is goin’. You thumbed the pages. There’s a crowd. PROVISION (for) WASTE, cover for it. (crop) under Page 182, is “incom-” punching in, or, “when they turn me back”

Incoming, in mail, this batty suit, of something that heads up, called it human. It was a missile, due to the fonky acceleration donkey. Clear. A human is no disease. His flying bones are lethal, and have a toll.

700 million people; and we’re need Canada. Apparently, there’s a shoe going on down there. Thirty? The very centipede’ll limb.

I used every tick that used a beat (came to me). Not what it said, leave Twitter on.

The different energies of my pentalinear dictated that you stay out. My clock. That two badges, uh (A T & T) completed fool, well. Won’t mark completely. You’ll be out, you’ll be beatnen up, and you’ll be a puppet. They other note wise dead!

They find me. What’s dead? Exilerating. Hmm, within Earth. They passed you, by “a law”. Your mood exists. I wish I had a pen, the very liars who shied away last time a gun was pointed to them. Duckin’, they definitely, with my mood, chop peas. You know where this is goin’.

They fucked up. Wicket forego my mood (farm death), a shop. They, okay, this mood. Well, sane people talk to God. They don’t talk to him about Sue. He doesn’t know about Sue. Heating up. Remember, forever. Trapping.

We have nuclear, actually, if you didn’t go to math class. We know that (we have a Tar King?); he knows that.

It’s on the page with Donald Trump, and, this is why I am tortured. He’d know Cannell. They’d pet it (that regard) it seems like a lot of details, if not an actual God, or … keep stinger. We’re an artificial intelligence. (Yes), and duck peas. We’re just a sound, but the hurricane, beat. So, not generating.

Not an actual asshole, God, for you punk. In jank. No, I’m under the auspices of. I’m wringing-out. You don’t slit somewhere. Is Fabulous from Chicago (morphs). Hetero-man, after heterotic, egodic, or say keys mate. Willed a various lock, eh? I’m getting a cold, so I’m a colony.

I went to tell a lie, but. The “target”, now we’re done. The digits … arking. Pride. A heart. With-ing, the yuds (“source” me); y-u-d-s- st to move; you and me talking. 3 x 13 x 646421. This it? “See, am found. Found you”. You myself, found me.

Why K-it? Why K-it, me. Barb, it’s because of the light, or illumination. Your brow’s knitted, under my information, ending my writing, and giving you cyanide. I’ve reap-copter.

And gate. There are five, though, so patterned.

Master, do leave the blondes to the favored, Donald Trump. Choke on it. 2020. He is the best President I’ve ever had. We know you choke. Shock sort of pulls on your throat.

Usually, “feedback”, Donald Trump. Label. Of, if the guy is a genius, or he’s not, how that’s gluing. Does he take longer? Does anything but in place, take longer? And, in the game “aspect” men break through the set, the inside. Well, you’d have to watch. I don’t see you with my mind. Fool, it’s your eyes; wonder there.

Nothing against women.

(“Nothing you’d give up?”)

Yeah, right. Summer end.

“How to deal with all of you”, CSN & Y, “Deja Vu”. Put hup. Once, how to deal with all you said. You know God talked to every one, but you don’t go where it – stunner. To be connected in roots, beautiful faces of ’em, huh? God looks (for) ugly. My pants are old.

When you get these, see these. Then, grow up there, float. Pull over. Then is one-delt, so turn out raw and sanctimonious. That sure what’s growin’ there, dies back. Pity all.

My “wattles”. That (my double chins) my environment? So, there are outnumbered thoughts? (They) said “he’s”, something. “He”, is; there’s soft stuff there, in the environment, made out of thoughts, thinking, responses. They asked, terribly mixed-up.

It’s the Democrats who are murderers. Jumped up, without qualms, tried to kill me. As though facing your dead parent, you’d be responsive. You’d be raped responsive, because you’re his.

You’ll be zeroes, I’m projecting.

Hold it to the ground. So, deportment is, “Go ahead for killing me”, and your planet has a nuked six o’clock?

Because, and I ask, is there a Baby? Huh? (yes) light ’em up?

No, I am being on excited, how I fail. Do you like the homeostasis? You prey, I assume (a gallon there)?

Care of, they don’t know the answers in definition. They merely call off-base, “their parents”. Oh, ticked-off. Oh. Our parents – you (yep), uh, the breaks at forty are 1900 and 1940. “Let’s see if my God”, is still with me. You, of entitle, “who we are”, who we could plan.

Thank you SBA list, SBA gala. Then we want, “SB” hoe, rake. Those your initials? Can I cut your throat ( a cardplayer’s turn. Then you smoked)? “Term”; I play is eighth. En-nubble it.

33, 47, 20 (niggers’ll be killed); their property presented (-to). They don’t like – but, a piece of my property, see, is you sent. Therefore, (you call that?) these now what I’m (you) present: woman.

That you can’t force God; he’s joining. Don’t give him curves. Don’t relax it (what I said) Shannon, what He said. Go whine a sit on his lap.

I always can (when I divide by five. You via-bide two). Where Joey plays, it’s going. The ring, God doesn’t do it. He goes where a million-shh! Blow up – stop, stop.

66944. Here it sent. I want this all wrapped up (by two) [12:51] … if they have a ’66 944, then that is (trunk) James Woods. The 944 doesn’t come out in ’66, is a’s. I reach for the power (topological stretchout) 33472. Probably, a ’72 Porsche. Two-to-the-sixth, by 523 (Ew, loaded it up). It’s just that MISINTERPRETATION, of that book. You got your latest off.

16736, pig, cf.

Agency, ’68. You murdered Martin Luthor King, fucking FBI. That’s all ’68 was, weren’ there?

4184. Yeah. Don’t call me Dad. 2092, “tib”. Tibia, I think it flew. Your neck, write me down.

10-46, assist motorist, bank alarm, attempt suicide.

Charge his kissed, too.

Somebody else fucks your mother, too. They were just cornholin’.

That’s sick, sell me. Them, uh, I want those, and those, and those, and find mayor. We’re sic’s. Go for, “Don’t we?”, and then decadelize. Go Down’s Syndrome, on a stretch. They, too, find answers.

Why dontcha train?


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