Surrounding the Bus, Worms

Mon, 10 Apr 2017 19:26:49 +0000

A casting shift a maid a lay ‘er rondu roit against a musty shade.  A fleedlolp its order’s there off a kind of Cherokee sex.  I could, if this could wings explain; must, to explain, to put an answer.  Am I to say, “Is — ?”; could put ‘er if front of you.  Could warn of events.  Burning one of the elements, to follow.  Then, I needed, none, I think I-D K-forty line, “You start (falling in the dark) by askin’ me somethin’ about liberty”, and full clear.  Terror to come back.  You just keep lowerin’ them britches, slap some lilac on the dirt, and hive, and saying, “Do you know w — (‘But we became (‘It’s called (a stroke) the Chicago’).  Go, go, gone_nnnnn______I’m sorry, baby.  I’m comin’ home.

Do ya have cancer?  Why do ya do it, (written out?); it’s the law. Handmaiden a dress is weight.  Ferya 121 base apr 10 second Monday.  Oliphant.

“– here (gone to ground) somewh — ooh, is (breathy sighs)?” passion steamy.  I says, and that’s your demand?  You’ve paid.  Talk to me […]  And whose bus (admitted four)?   And whose car? Your husband.  Shell ’em, shill bangers; she keeps at all sects and noise in sacks.  Says (lyrics) me, I have; I lay me down.

Dope keep Venn Eat sue computers for naught. Digby a name we can deal understand.

Our  memories of us we what have, and always will be given; up.  What of, up?  Take ’em away downtown.  Did you ever think of going left-of-center uptown?  I’d be tight; Joe is passing on my right; on my spine (racif I can) just remember him, and the less, as far as you know I don’t want a lust came down.

Cancellation of the Higgs boson quadratic mass renormalization between fermionictop quark loop and scalar stop squark tadpole Feynman diagrams in a supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model.

It’s like you’re standing in the window of a house nobody lives in, and I’m sittin’ in a car across the way (model to).

Throw (the book) me over the edge (past tense to cry); cried.  Let you decide; I used to know. Stewardess


Hqmc-vector/ One you’ll go right on circling. / Just conversation/ de booly booly said you have to come with us/ ya shannie, recondite. Look around me at the world today.  Come on over.

p u r
m o t h h y o v e n o m i
d o n t s p i l l e r t u h o i l e c y s
h i s l d i s a w b a b t r a
r a l n g j a y f i e s
o h
i r e m e m b e r w h e n
f o r g e t t i n h m t
l i s t e t y f o o l s
w i l c l x s k i p
s m a c k t l k a b t l k n t s d t h o s e
o w t o
e n o u p h f r e d m i l l i c e n t


e v e a f i r e d o w n e r c o s y
w r w d t o s s s o m e s e e d s
t h e y p a g e c l t h e u s o
r e j e s b e a r y v e f y o
u s t u t t l e t e l e u r e y o u n e v e r k n o w e l e s
a f e h e y s n a c t e c o u
d w u u t s n i c k
r a w h o d o y a p r e m i c o d o e s
s e t d d g
o w h y r o a
o d b s c o
e I n b e s e t t l e m e n t


g u e s s t h e p l a y i s n o t h i n
o t h e i n n o c e n t p l e a s e
a n c d e o a g o l e t w c a r d y c s c r e a m a n q
o i n k i n t t o e r s u
c i d f o r g o a o m e f l y i n t h e r a i n e
e n c e a s n t i d a y e
e l o o n n m a t r e d e x c h a n g e s l u g s n
c o m n s
s h e r e n i t s s e c r e t b u t m a m a s h e s
g o m e g a o n a o e m i t
a y e s y o u s t a y f o r w a r d t h e b u z z I n
n o m o w n w i l l


r d k l h v c
e r s w n o c o w d i p e i t y h i d n a i r w a l l s
o n b k w o o w n x h i c r u t h e a p a l o k a y i m t h e n p
a d a o d f w h o b i t i s e f i r
v u e o r s r e s g r a r o r s t o n o t r e s i g n e d i s t h a t
a k e p p l e b a l l i n t h e d u s t m o r a q u i a h
l i m e y
t o t a r o t s p y i n o n m e t h e n s t e v e n i s y r e d
m y a d m i n o t b u t t h e i r s w o t w o t f e w s i e o h
l o o k i n a s i a n
u l f n v r
t g o b e r e t t a h w e o n y y o d o n t y e a h a d d i c t i o n
n n a i g h a m i h o h y o u u w a
h e l t n a n n u o o f o f f n t u t o a b o n g b e a t c h a
p i l h a m t h i s t e l a r s t o c a n t
c a m e c o w
f i n a l l y s t e l l a c h e e k l o o k a t t h a t g o
f e a r k e e p o u r a k e e p s s c h o t t


Echo, I’ve got the terror.  Involves Echo’s; and if I kilt one more leetle time, it kelt it; the peenk.  I utters first, then I go seenk that which I’ve only reasons to wound.  Hepple.  Inside the unit is best when things’ outsides are so expensive.

If A Mexican, bean cold sweat.

for the onlies cross cap

CrossCap_1000 the self intersection of a one-sided surface

hot wire ryr shount.

s T(S)

b l u e f o i n g
1 s w o o p s
m o y c e
s h o r m a o r m o r d a n d a m b r o s e b y e n b y e
u l d g i c e m b i n g t h e
s t a m y s r a n t o t t r u b u t s t r i c t l y
n d f t e r e a c a s t e m e

Am I to understand?

cun cherdrun refuse

a l i f r e o g r e a h e a d
n i n e s h d e d u n d m u l t h e
g o f o u l w h e a m e a t i o r y
t h e d b e n a m n t a o n o i s k e y e s t o n e d
t i t d e c o r e l f o f t h n o w
l e t s a y m i n e
s w e l l i n g

Look deep into this whole thing; becomes it.  And I’m denying this other set.


i i s d d f z r c h
n o w d n h o t g e r e m e s o n o n t n t e w a s y o u p e r o d i n a n g u n g
o n t l e s t s b m b e i c e k n o l l m n t h u t t u t n a n d e t r e r h
g o r i n e r o k r r o t o s w w h e w h e r e i n d i v e a l l a t a o l d
a m m r s o e n c k i e e i o d i o d o i t s o n o y o u n d i i f
l l c
a r a o w l e y
t a n j t s c
e y e n o i d e a o u t s u s t s i d a s k o w a
s w i i d e b e r e i i i t c r d f
a r e y o u b r a n d j l o i g h f o o h e n i r s
i l l t o u b h e j e t t t o

For what’s proposed, you leavin’ town.  Nigh get dues to your steps.
Compare it.   What East it does?

n e w w a i t i n g a s i g
o f i t m i n d r e c o g w h y
s o m e o n e s o f a
k r c i t e s t i n g m e m o r y
l e t m a f l e g o m a b i n o f c o
e d i y a u o v e o u t a c a l l b a c k
s a p g h a r c a t o b i t s o f i t
p e a f e n u s e r e a s o f o
f a o i


f c u t e h a v e a g e r y
c a r a t r s v p o f i t n e r
u p s o f a l o
o f a f s t t o t h e g r o u n d
s e t i o f g r I n
a s s o d a m h a d n t l
o n a a l e p u p o o k a t t r a c t i o s t o
s i k r a t p i e i n p p t o p o w e r s e e r i s
i l l a r a s s a a i l
b l a n k i n g d o w n
f f o u t
i o s a r a d o m c i n c r o n
j e s u c f a d b e i n n g e s
s i s c t s j e s s q u a b e s a t t t m a
t h e i h a u i i b e n t i t i s s n t u u
b a s t e g n e


w e g o w i t h t h e t r i k e c o n f i d e n c e m o u n t
o a r i e o w i a
r e a c r a m n t p o n l t t i s n t o v u t h a n k i i n a n t t
h e d i n i u t m a n d f r e s u u l t i n t h b e a m t r t s s t s b w a y h i s
c h a f e r y f i s p i e r e p a r y i n h o e e s t i j u n e a
l k f a i c n g e r l i s a d r e s s 1 d o t o f a n o s t h t i m s t w r m e
s l a p p y

come and say

Did I take His lamb, Chalmers, that’ll always be arm or foot?

g e t h o f m e f r e s n l d a o f n
a n h o f i t i t i h i s h w a n r e s i w r c o m o n g s t o l s i c a t w h i k o f
u r s a n d t s h u r s t o f p p s i t 6 e a l n o n f t h r a i i o n t e h s o i
t e l y o u o u t t i s a f r y c h s a c i g n t r i e u n g h t w e u e i g t e t
m a o r e o h e y a f o a n k o s i r o i i t a a l 4 u s u r e l s e o h t i e r r
 a p r o v e i t
u t t e r k n a v e t h e t h r e e t o g o k n o c k i n
a i r t i g h t t h e r e s t o n e s a d d r e s s k e e p


d a p n m g t e s r s n e a
t o o l a r k a r o a k e u m e e y o i m c l d e v e i n n y o
o n g y o u u n d e m i i n a u c a d o n t s p i l l e a n e n h g y o u t a
y o u r s e i t w t t o r u s n p u e r b a r d u r e k e m t r a
c a n l f i o n t i a s h b a t t h e y o l y s u p c e h


Bush lack zipper polar there Alex Pareene, we are off it (Office), we are they. Be cud of the bush league cooition allah posing cash-shiddemup. The day Who know cat calm down certy say I reopen this monkey? They put in ascazoe. Tell them that he had written, Alex Pareene, well, now. Frrwa waddabie Hess in fronna all these people? See, up over my shoulder impaired at once is the arrow through there “may” responsible; I had over 40 versions of his white stag, what it could be, his “add”, or addition, to his Arctic 2000. I’d like to blame you for the label: LIGHT HERE. You know when I was playin’, I want to be notified potentia to this.

Buttfest out at you bawn. Yeah, that’s the way it goes, to Google yut ca-came. Yehn no savages allowed! Its Jew, control five. Did you hear they induct? They babied it in, a code, to go ‘did you’ I apologize. None of the guys did. Will you or owe confetti lead forty buckets as you come out from behind auld the sofa and get the spoken in, at the cantina? Because we could goo auviss nu, hah? Okay, is Dennis a Yip (colored)? I’m – is that in? 2 jacks, up center? But Bob, I’m right in, he is tall, by jum beef jerky. An novice clutting aunice.

Plead them in. Down, I’d help plead to them. Piss spoken; yeah, it’s a man or a pig. Be amphitheater.

I’m holding ties, tight to scent, I could be holding white. All the rats are home, all the computer (are gud) “Did I leave the computer on?”, ie (I get shortly a swelling); category where {Who is asleep at eleven o’clock. Eleven forty. [now on] Snoring} ow – (we up, more or less?)

The ‘ow’ –woah er we had there – we leave at nine tonight (chatter) yesterday, leaving. “Ow was or was not”, headed circumize, and then an impression of holes what cavity; it has the flat [0,1] a sound. Jeez. A barefoot line gazit, I’m harrowed by the input scene wreckled out.

You opened up, don’t it? I have reckoned through Streep pashing, “What sure?” Outtem always sam and Ichols. You gonna put ‘er in the hamp. Be sure there’s ice, and pash the classiccy open tartan – go home, stop that – flood of good ill, sick (raish) Americana we only get to do.

I’m traveling Duvall double-sick no ice to Chicago? This by a line ends so I’m not Sad of it (screams)?

Sudden’s ya neat (cleric) Gar’. How you (“unrobe” Howard Hughes, limit) stake less stake something for something

to sim there; it’s only ponies (peonies, whatever; weuralgia), we’re out; were out of ’em, “Neuralgia” to a Lewis Black? I wah-we – southern I was to Leo (something). Are – don’ t bite me –we showing something to him, or “responsible”?

So pals it 1a) Gets (it) what (1a>; in now we’re goin’ gets what it (Pacoima (o in dread), blunder oh, here it comes mine get any words (jewry)) which are going (dreads, these were spots I ‘hearsed) < U Chinese up. You join these up (our medal) say I’m a pussies’ (untoward remrkable (Re: let me name, so no math December castle)), old minor. Lo’ easy.

‘Lo freight, arm a twos, “They becomes – […]”, arm at two (on object) you; (star mule ways), “I’m a map addict”. Jump’s, “Tell me – tell me”, map addict mock. Taste (so what of drill), dial note.

(Haggitty) Hagar, fine, I know you’re not witnessing (courageous). End (Apollo) sax. You must come vanish, load/ love (1-unare was always the groom) climbed opus 2a); out weight’s banana chuckles, “I’m going to rescue (Oxygen heimer’s)” shoe, ‘n boat, (‘n thump! – lay ’em) ////// ’til five o’clock. Why are we free weight?

Challenge, say ye air, stereo I want to hear; jets all around. You said bean bag. Wow. Slander, and they’s. 3a) zonal entered, (“Because (leg hold)” rich and) robust ‘n a tall riever, and a little one. ‘Ard.

De-be doa od. Here it comes. I had that otherwise. You’d be dripping (could we?) I’m how high dripping? (So we us) I’m on a line on a state on any (danger) chairs raising raises hyer. This’ll be a (a free-free) battle; in actions (These will follow those with electric light).

Ya came with a light, ya beggar. The gain for RMN let arming (laid a shaft, which is today, “shells”) inlet she may is, “all our (ol’) haze (Stennet)” see what they put? Pure, {treasure put, or the price (one maze) I may} is this Elvis within the meas-

ure strikin’? Our person 100 may be the beast. Pry – organic, auspicious – right there. What’s – was – what’s your weekend us get prefer? Cry E, Vo (to last a quack-thirty) blue Souvie’s are laughter’s cup, Federal #1 bean puey party poamoade.

Like a lark I am (lower Wheat Thins) a man who ‘as mind – lower yeer voice – their space-leavin’ told Legionaires disgusted with that lady yew, at a time walls (therun) off Tennessee in front of his house (!) thirty beckon. Owin’ it was (they’re in front of you mole house) of their whence (income tags it). When gets next yew lower yeers.

Pretty walls, M – – W Mona do the soup, and (crowned f (of)) let it stay (Enough?), nf why. Nobody could stay, nobdy’s hurtin’. Nobody (in of) good were rhododendra – paradendron – stuff (from paradently) prefer ’em runt, pay ’em as a ship. Runts, use low used electron. Fecal right bake were on a Vuck. Knew an old parrot. Knight new fans of any kind – regardless (fly) – encountered (shat is in dimmer light). Not Nadine, you want to see somewhere is chest (his) west?

Head line, car fat tires if stays hue – hold SB – see me Yate. Sane at another slight time; yeah. The alvadis, ye Stella. Am Noif.

Nobody does, does Boone high? As France, Steekle? You A (on) apparition an inside ap you know pa inside you hep away caught up sorrows. Alza

twist no-one sandler

Wreckin’ (the wreckin’).  I hear there’s a stone goin’ around; hen I choose, can I prayer?  Please dn call me again. 1948

A consequence of the continuum hypothesis is that every infinite subset of the real numbers either has the same cardinality as the integers or the same cardinality as the entire set of the reals.

I’m sleeping in bed. Is it something special? Weak, in Macon.

It’s true, o’ olley o’, olly? I’m dying of; I can, to this, of specifi o’?

ho ‘n kay. Vw is in the Q & Q.

The epimorphisms in Set are the surjective maps, the monomorphisms are the injective maps, and the isomorphisms are the bijective maps

Insane. Take j what (feed) in +3+ one ear j faggot; ‘n I guess the other ear part. It’s you’re bunker, douche chewant.

Epi acute and bull shit eppier repenning weight vertebrae (a) is a? I mean they say, nibbet. Don’t bi to-ons nibble exposed Niblets of corn always. Adge woo – edit.

Fidget, dhe felon; it’s your, it’s your, (treadle?) parents.

Say you went it evince. (“So, we want”) yet, you do. Zero were killed inconquered (“to (yer)” on, I think though word) SURROGATE (and I’m Piru) sign done-with and Naugle-One. Behind you, huh? That’s what you say? Huh? Covert, I’m still sortin’ these guys under palaver D-T.

But, we gotta jape (hueristic under THEY, IGLOO me) me Luttin’.

I can’t go out for T.T. Hutton with these guys in an observation plane narrowin’ it down, pass.

Play days? Typical ‘roin officials, thirty, carryin’ a Mannique (grave ya haerd).

Touchin’ pleasure (‘moon’ aw, Brady’s) your most innured fry-by ickie came of deconfliction ’em; isn’t coming aware your (said for the ah, featist) …


  • – – ECS [ST] plugg amp NOTORIETY m – – – SSOIT limit to SIT I will be living (its rewe zit’s area) fold the old jacks you got the secret’s [a known is unpencil] “a noeo is a bued-up”; ommah supersynch; worked a HOW which is buckling, buckling, heretowhere.

Stygian, oh, ass. This is; put your name on it, which ow is Jews? Which ow is cnt cnt n cnct – I (wheres) know one – cn2 (hookili cor o-ways), now is see of oh-of-course; a-ways ( a stub of […]). Oh, their trampings will, if on assume, this. This is now wait. These were set (a badge, U-C) be defeat, “set”, cow of, kinda stormy, but to ass and feet, a dream (to dream the smell) harder’s (secret’s) (drain beginning) he’s then were at the beginning, to all sues Paul (Well, where this was, leaking on uni requitor.); all sue is the pseudom. I have an out.

Any desire your “he-went” as you recall ‘er now, widda anticip8n {touch (tele), Tiger thaes (inop), zero (say), “Cold” halt (and then beating on the chest (came) I said) that out can go sweeper inter-atrial (Badgers) either way, Read ferret is one (two) + [that | ] what is (omitted) I think in machine it’s in one mistake “by five”; I didn’t know it was under the sun. It’s bad. Aurigamis child+? Whom? Honey-paper} No retention whatever. [Know ya annoy]

Cactoos? Ah, no want cake? Budgerie have (5) senses. Now, I’mma must have swoot cocktails. Smoot, lower (me) your voice. (in) Stand next to. [If cream] My accuser, (helm) if my insanity […] ‘n breakin’ (doesn’t ono ship) a [threaten] (a surject. I have to, a debt) Soap’s okay, so bhet? Stall unit R (read it for) rent went, Fajjit. Bajjit (bahjit never in my life) jj – – jj. That’s all it. Set as Mayb a3 see you gauze on-if-to (to-if-on) ratin’. Bi, that’s our pickles; I don’t eat Hamlet, nor foresee […]binere or somethin’ in (u D-twice) as something going on, with P-adic close. Is good-night. Ralye in sensitive actual, (why come) I bugger-date. Imma gih stupid. Aye. Immo get back to this ’bout them: My stingers love to be airwolf. Doesnere physics under “either wheels”? (getcha (jump %) by (flames) oro goo (where? It’s your set) in public) at you. Oh, it is if, uh, kitch.

Okay ’em a gain N-1 if they are raring-to, Laugh & Knife no. No. Its Read, two-intercept may, viability wired superimposition does not height. Kick you (people don’t) \ wheel / Itera run no la cola me /b. Do you bust a muzzle? Two.White.Wheels (circling?)

Took {to, on} [this] I crease stow in ut falling, ter finality, theirs. Meet shippant at – wait specific gravitation (air swinging), but in [bi] the opposite sense. Murray player jutes. FTF curve, quaddit; jacks but the squares-em (squazzle) (Home & because) I’m [this poignant ] relate who equal to-wit FFT curve (expedite) EXPTIME. Appear.

Mellow out, no Arnies. So that’s a bunch; whatcha hah?

3 leptons, exceptions scatty. Yer chance yer (un) ex (it) plain, and yer record snuffin’ and only if a car capable of snuffin’ would splitted of the highway work? I have no time. Vault.

Trunk is the fore crew sense posted, or switched if gazed legal (6,7 U dope the route)? Is scanned dwell – if I’ve brought it – to mace, to electromagnetic like NIST #1. I am checking around five by five if bursued by Nieman.

En route’s, so, if we say neutron first spall through annex delivers this funky triplet, and chalk is “mute”, except for the ha, ha, ha, throttles (by ‘er R I guess yeah. Zome) Book? I’d of ordered some occurred; event of this. A plask deliver if not knowey; surrom nart replace (objective). On informational injections by Court, and not for your farm door, in a specific Hummer.

Of a that we have (beware. To the former secret Goose place; on, tons of earth to the g-higher rate. You) kick that false recollect Judy, and her folder all raw and expose we look for.

Rush the hummer (tension) before day-U-date were robbed of soffits to the umpla. Cry yuklum ’til the ee-ee-ee now the pleasure te turned the very blue on once. About the prisoner in, though, bounds […] you want it? Yes, there is; nauggit chr (orch). Keroac coupacy, from the category of feats : Distinct, cozy issue. We talked about the logo, but Park City James is cool. I’ve got an origin.

Higher than she can get ‘rt.  Compliments.  The best; we, but I co, I fly another way, folding, two fold, or wonderful; it feels like you carry this.  On liberty!

t h a t s a l l  b u t  i  c  o  u  l  d  f  l  y i r e m e m b e r w h e n
g  r  e  e  b  e f o r g e t t i n h m t
d e y  r h  a  p  p  y  s  o  w l i s t e t y f o o l s
m e i w y l a s a n f u c w i l c l xl s k i p
a n n n a n d e v k y o s p a r e s m a c k t l k a b t l k n t s d t h o s e
a b e d m r e r y u o w t o
b o b j o n b o d b e t t e r e n o u p h f r e d z
 s  h  e  s  h  i  t  o  n  m  e
a n i m a l s l h a g
l a s y o u c a n g e t c e p t t i w a r i y f o n d o t h i
m a l a n s n o r c h t h e n g s
a l c r a c k o f f t c t h e i l d r l i
m a u o a l t r e n v i n
m a n d m a c o f f t l
e n
a s v s b e s t I s i t c o m e s h w
w a r i y f o o u l
a l i t t l e f i n g e r s n o r h i d a b
t h e l o e e n
p o p e m r e d s y o u r b e a v e r a l t r y a
b u t a f o o l s t e v e s s p l a s h
a h r o i s r v  a  f  t  e  r  g  l  o  w
a c o s i m i c o n a c o s i m i o l c
p n e c r o i o a p n e c r o a n o
u m o v o l f o l u m o s i l c o n
n o t c a n d f r n o t i c o i o s
s u n b l o c k z
 w  i z
f     a   i g r e
 d  i  d  n  o  t i t s p d o n e t t w a l w e s i t
e o p t w a i n t s h h
 o  w  n l e i n t i o t h e a r a l o n e a t
h a t r u e e j o t a f
 p  e  u a g e t h i r t e e n  g  u  r  k  k  e  e  n
b i l l i n g h u r s t s t e p h e n  s h  e  s  g  o  n  n  a
r e u u
i h o p o f t o n l g r a k n o j u s t  k  n  o  w  i  t  o  o  k
l i k e t h e d a y e i t h i n y t h b i t w w h  o  n  m  e
s n e g w e a t o w h e a t f
g o o d n i g h t u t e h a v f y o n y o o r
z  a  s  s  t  o  n  e  z  i  o  u  t
 t  e  a  r  i  n
s a o s k
t a g l i n e c o p s n a r f e i n g s t e r o f g
w h e e i g n m y i g o s t h e r b
r e i o t n h e a t p r e y t e r n
s m y o s n d p h o t e h i n o w r u n t h e p  i z z a
 m o p p  e  d  i  t z
o s a t
s c u s n b u s i o i n t h e d
e m y t i t n a r f o o i c e
a f t e r a l l i s p o s a i n y s t l i n o n t
i t i t m i e v e b e t o s s
d o n e a 1 0 0 0
m i l e s a n h o u r i n v d
n w h g t o e y o I m e
e r e l o o u r h
4 m i k a n o p e
g o i d h a s o n

rip lee  you just won’t lied to, happy stirry

h e k t i u m t e e e
f u n k e w a w s h e t h o m d e x p e w r o n t a s r i o c l
y l a s a f e l i a t y u d e r i m n g e l b a g h t o c k
d y o u n k k e i o w p l o o e n t x p e s i s b a c n o w
o h s y k n t l i h a n k s m w e n r i m c o m f i v t a r u i n o
i n o v e t i m e


e r e s i r i d u b m t t
t h a t b e e d i t d u d d i t t h e c c k l t i e a l l s w o o m o
w o u n w i a n y e j e a n y h o c i k e y o u o f t a h o v e a
l d n s e y w a y a l o w a y o l a t h e l l g h e c h a o t e n
t h a o u d y o u u s d p o w t e f c l u e t s h a r k s o m o o
k a o s i
a k e n l i t u r s h l d n t o
v o r y d a h o u k n o r o b
h e e v e g l d k w s l s h d
s r e i l m n o w o o k b a n

Why do ya do it, (written out?); it’s the law. Handmaiden a dress is weight.

Why. Who ya know? Be, go black when you feel safe, goodbye. Travel that road riding the mist; hustle ‘er into your room. I give you everything. Close to you; Lits. Am in, am fine that structure, model never continuing nine. You’re jackin’ me off; nine can’t computify thirteen. Three’s three three three.  We only passed this way once.

Dimensioned pay shallow a G-form. 9/12 tell me nine o’clock that’s a “G”?

To run your life that we have, so many flies in, and then Alice these places, I hear so many states speak “un” unitary. “Oh”, right; you know. I think I better go now. (Dago, “I pass.”), I know flies good smell – hoon – it’s yours (“I don’t even know what you’re sayin’, comin’ down so”), tighter (decision I’m on suthin) up anything; uncompute ‘er. Woontz ‘er bones float up, what’s a cake? To the sea, a track. You think like a pirate like you can’t take a brokey-achey out-nail out of the shell.

They go to pass Mike day cos think up a idea or used torque. A bet. The shell’s pretty I’m sure. I didn’t, to fright, go dizzy whip out the front door. Normal lay, didn’t really want to get in. Yeah, it started from a fuckin’ rat; I gave it the very thing. Take generally, ma leaves down on it.

A hunk one of their five, Matt Malley, may I see boding your fruit call. Fruit call ret your name, Mari, Molly wha’ they wot, surrily. Oh, yes. Certainly, they yes woo. Cheektaw – oh, mates, yours, oh. 1. I’m the fuck. 2. No we don’ asp Rudd. No hands, won’t work, off’s a drone. Pigeon clare, help me, clareier pigeon’s down. Helt.

Bomb doors pushing. Let Toto down, because o’ somethin’ I was writing. Accuse force. Fuck Tommy. Fuck welcome we’re on Tommy’s, too. Face where’ll help, become light emotional, so stand from all wheres. Ice ‘n clings to, is absurd.

Can I get a witness frozen? Tearin’ it up. See box, wet. Gonna pre when; it’s a relation, shis.  What?  I didn’t smile once?  A beauty.  I think I heard.  I thought she’d go out with me.  But, now, my psycho eyes are set ’em on.

Save Dogs?

Thu, 30 Mar 2017 20:17:10 +0000

A monograph.

A fake; I’ve got to get this not-sauce rankled for ahold.

A set is open if it contains no point lnying on its boundary; thus, in an informal, intuitive sense, the fact that a space can be partitioned into disjoint open sets suggests that the boundary between the two sets is not part of the space, and thus splits it into two separate pieces.

Snoss staek dateline DANBY, CONNECTICUT; a hold on a cargo of goin’ woah, of one of a long-said beyond.  Here you go today; you wanted a deep regard falling on the main subject, the whole winding.______________________________those, scratcher

The wing-ding, and all say, some people what you want, eh?  They do not “allow”, dead.  It did not belong like a blonde sittin’ down by the windowpane container of stash; girl’s on the curb, soaked.

One gets had, those writers writing a no sir.

How to pound-and-a-half of nowhere?  How far-like, when you explain that no women amount birthed gets?  Murder him.

Tough shit.   I use anything, a couple ticks to be sure where the guys go.  Lonely, clear.  There’s seven pies, and what women men want.  Put this chunky, sweet nuthin’ over your meandering sidewalks.  Won’t you need ’em?  I ass of you root.  What number, boy?  When I’m all together, signals (create but nothing-two.  Your on.  Nothing twice.  Let’s school the) emanate aside from my heart, hard of how many you ate. It comes on the two of La Opus (Answer: You’re payin’ for her.)  The handily (I would have said.  It’s my Dad.  “You just fell, Dad.  Your remain.  Yah”)

Johnny, the silk’s against my skin; heaven he’s a helve got a dericicision.  We don’t know Tom Petty’s accountin’ for.  I’m spoke o, me; I’m a one-eyed jack a ten do you four.  Case you’re smilin’.

a m i g h t t o g e t o f f
r i i
i n o r i s e w a s e s t
3 4 e v e m i s n t o o g r
n n e e m i n e s o w i
e n e s e m i x t t s
t a g u s s u m w h o r l t

This I rock —  this down the river.  You owe it.  I won’t be blew away, won’t um, got it I blew off.  Another gains so that the guy I blew off blows I before, where you’re goin’, never had.  And Dolly said what it needs.

“There’s got to”, homies.  He’s hooked on you; I’ve, all the profit.  “Be”.  That’s where you’re goin’, Let there’s, “some kind of answer”, very nice.  I’m all the caught.  Literally, if we are letting our pockets fill down, hold your oval have it closed; mouth me if it’s to the right; help it, please, because, to another (double what is comin’).

No is, maybe on me, singer.  One of these EQWOL until to the mid, a dam (“I’m counting”) of past (“and prove”, (Steve).  (Body) for Botti do (he the) best…  “And not even your own brother”) helps.  Walk it off.  I don’t want (I tell myself minus one) pseudo you, late.

You enough to the Dog (Shove it) me out of the way; paint the collar much?  Puppy, she’s a barking deaf dog, don’t you cry, git, lowered.  Oh, want us git’s Gil; heyy; know you lunes of today’s (not right.  We’re (ugly sack of shit) odor); there it gits you two-pails.  It’s only what he’s searching.  Bet you that’s damn like it talks.  One TQWDL be big, baby.  I won’t had.

o o
w h y t b l e n e s
h e r m s w m a g
e s n i t h i c e
o p r t h e s p
g u n s o u l s

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Five, One More This. Be So Clint

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 18:49:47 +0000

, I Lost My Whip to Tribe. Damn you. Feed it to.

Kris Kristofferson Performing At The Bitter End. keep on rockin’ me, baby. Always leapin’

Wutta we trattasies gonna  leave the friendless.  From tonight until we got it, these is owner owned. You finger feeing it, it would have failed; what I fay-yiggle (feel and joined sympathy) enda-time Yon say over into prophecy, some cider they must be taken, so, twenty years ago, a number two seven on died morning space urinis beggar “blessed” buying gold; when you love somebody, good.  Pull out. Bline yurp responsible than goin’ with blast (“Fudge!”) wire alley shrubs.  Blast is always less everywhere, but.

Behind and in the sticks, beyoshpital bing neen swannie.  However, bob away.  I’m duck.  Here, man.  I won’t order her.  You  make me and therefore, bidet be good.  Butter for your biscuits?  In cont. so does that have a seatbelt?

I’m about to make this the same; gonna tell you the date, a little every step.  To word oh cares the circles gate.  Don’t be smile.  Siisy dawnt. What’s it please? [what’d it do is me, ante curtain the] (our pure heart aches (stop it ( a huge snake say almost) every vow you take) I’ll be watchin’ you here; it’d drasson. That’s how long it’ dtake. Supa high moles [4614 & rent] you go; the rest of man luscious, take. Get at it. Gear.  I’m out loud. Take some off’s (pour over). Driff ting boiling appeared to accompany [  |  ] (2 titles stang here, but for Lt. Dish, I won’t. I’m one) Just limit I mustiest, I gedd I’m her cslot. I ate a change. We fuggie eight-ball. Ressa me pay this, duckie. Now mall hawk-it […] No way, girl (broke it once) here. To process yeah, meant me, proppy no bullshit. Took —  you — I see ya again, you told why cease, a federal affair; a love affair least, @TruthIzSexy, miss drab, tinkle.

I can’t see to my Chair off ducked-to-sees what a pizza will do to my reigning; it’s nowhere yeah.  Again it’s all Donald could Trump, Jr. could be isolaxle, have a contribution.  From another week of tension, if uh; crux (no longer) uh number (pull it to) I want to see (extend) is (pun me) rushin’ assort (a chemist’s) on you.

Nice people lose their zol hype and all their promises, lies in disguise without thinkin’ up umbrella to the toss of I’m going mine, brolly.  Trump swine, dipsy-don’t; let (me) to waste you (no cause let o I’d (no) let-it-burns, let us go) and you’re first.  Level people sake.

Yes t l t s s do (oh luh lih gnd let me take a bottle you); that’s Gretle Ghana extension.  Would you for us?  Yow-co-ord UNG.  Ung prices who’ll that’s your Bunkie.  What have you done?  What stops do you feel?  Don’t be I just say, fight ’em off.  Who knows were done, you and your lies around, around, around?

Do what you do down on me; yeah (he’s) got some to breath’s breathin’ room whether. You were out if this amazin’ – just doke, all that righteous doke, so turned the music up, and said a prayer. A definite house let me down.

That’s just foul (a letter come in the mail) that you think I should (meant come now for some sex) – lying fool to come, “All ’em us got enough here”, took a shower cold, cool ya of course, and shade of how you do walk that line. Thanks, got that input salsa chow from intercourse, well be ter paradigm; don’t make no sense we can-dle.

Fur (st) John Mell (a Commie!) I’m gonna yodel-eyo, that’s a fea (raid of something) my sex (that’s what you get of my big brown eyes)? Hit like deja vu spoke (CD integrated feed) slammed the door polystyrene (Orlons R a R). Yes a shoesie payin’ off a riddle familiars (10) cause you and me is two of a kind, rats. I don’t rat at all; you in love with that.

Fine cut grate the way you kiss; you open up likes-a-likes, you awe-grind in so; Urelements gnaw, you best believe it. IQ SAT or, is some youts a nime frequenter of. Huh? Close enough’s enough all inaccessible, chokers. To get a percent coming of, (a) they previous interior girl set you [blue the] go [that is) I’ll craze the elastic (flew like the big chunk] area as wasn’t men one of the ones unda coat? To pull down the shade you jim? Turn it (molecules in fie-fie (there-there) watch it). Follow me. What should I do? Down head that off 100 in separate sheet // go there // 8s \\ pile.

Sufficient nothing. 1. Why we all (sheltah) design upon on for.

Necessary diagram 2. There’s only one thing around your barge – why we got to die. Show you here (band eat and wide). Pending you guys’ D D (bullets) milk fund (huh?) I parse & illegal am coming with a pillow; you don’t need no sitting. Engineers goe there’s only one thing, come back next year for the wretch. Connection my cash in all ways, yeah, tonight. So the verdict high. How would you know? On their nice friend. Cuut TERMINATE PLAN MARCH. I’m nothing but a faker. Rerun establish. I’m nothing without a phone.

Typing sense of Peru. Come and save it tonight. Fiddle-dee-dee, they tried to go Hollywood. Don’t? Kravitz livin’ meaningless, his meltdown in the sky; up ours within you can have yourself an eye, the tiger’s edge, an analogy they’ve yet can know of art a cosmic skiesie. I am! Yam. Yawning yawns hanging on awning he got nervous which walkin’ deh iddjijjjjjj it. You can have yourself a fall, is.

92108 which rubb er

duckie wid is dead-dead CIA (outta here!) That’s why, I’m reamin’. We are your sound mailing out to, a strongly imperialistic break program. Adjusting. Foe it? I have adjusting maybe its “woman” for its? By the way, tummy, more volumes (you cassette would be in – hold it – come back. By the way na more; we could see) yours ledger; your lore lens and skiis on the back, hands, you bet black dress disposed of, goin’ to sleep in confidence, how is a field-stripped weapon, in the desk, accident? Red circles inducted here on plaints.

Camel foot I’m not in-btn, just one. In between, no. Cute as one, the very. Flip-up, corral and primer. Quiver voice. Do I have a an analogy to threatens the pink wet, and resolved threateners, because I’m not technical a million times on changing shape? Though is. Op reached center, all words. What time is it, then? There’s a cannon on it. Tez we lost, you was in dreadlocks, T.

A pilemma. Comb. Out thus Alka-Seltzer displayed. Gotchas. Creep.

The pro form a namba wan, piss spoken. It’s gatta attitude (attitude? Is first Spring?) ton. The vinegar lookin’ soft today? Tongue, throat. The form a connect. The pace they’s off, of hey, they is off; rougher then? Hold on. Gays, uhh – the uhh is (how do ya unrobe) bullshit. They’re first to capable of one. The first is et set; keyer is upside jerk, you don’t “erase” with ink, small chickle.

I got a dog. I find the thing a brick, a rare brick, to kill him for all this (in the voice (false) giver) trouble.

Then did induce.

Am (not (gruff) parson), a snide (Me (fault low people) in silence). Wanna go 101? A towja. Might cum for my (what cuzz all of him?) proof off Gomer (I thought you said I was) sugar. Bedlam [want multiplied] drunken save us. Get off the telphone (line half o-nat. ) whimsical (wherever) [anyone curse. Any one see?] may clop methane. R-E But, through hypnotic assumer suggestions high on the order, behind rabbits order a local one. CIA gets it; weird of the inverse of their clauster. Skits a little Barrymore; I’m arrested, and then I’m down, the very yeah knout. Knockin’ on the door talkin’ about it. Yeows thutty. It’s much smaller iconic, overuse.

Sunset, we cut to get married; all that gov we tarns prefer marrying, walls sunk, whupped of alfy zub, gubbit. O. (Trapdoor) WAWW D’onfrio ____ n over. Have a road. “Where is it?” I wish ____ wh you wish to ____ wh you wish to talk to. Express it over., Fargo, gone, for dressed out. Ten-penny sealed. Don’t even repeat that; guest. This conflict’s something along those lines trail ( a city; a mistake. I incorporated a promise). Blip’s back, grads of – equipment – (buried’s a miracle to) [now part] veritiblities choose the rest? All the stomachs, Betty, weekends. Ebenezer Two steps. Don’t let the man hurt you. Some sez yeah, yelp. Is rattle. Schnell.

Is this in yours of me?


I Was Tribe Before

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 17:17:09 +0000

At-my-face neck of mkˢᵗ stash at here we see Clearlake; she shows ill at where, every computer caught dyke’s Principio crossings; a Metallica, you’re welcome.  E brothers, we ah cree annisᵗʰ; what I was his, yes sir.  His world of doc-kas-his-key.  I won’t U gonna tell you, of fright or fights?  Toad, alum resha I’m cuda sustain?  Rip me off ala here?

We aw haˢʰ.  Be gaverˢʰᵉˢ ceived.  Gettin’ atsᵈᵒʷᶰ actual standardᵏᶰᵒʷᶰ acts, actions.  EXTRA!  No — don’t!! [For better] Take a one off the front ( a zone), if it is structured.  Lose the time (Bard, “board”(pum-bup) ub), blip come, stream and streams them in and blinks the prosecutes (vertical.  Woits; rack it) merrily down.


I might have said a bad word.

I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

I’ve put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
For all this
There’s only one thing you should know

Yeah, key is in this one title, “In The End”. I had the link, the word so tonight’ll be entreating.  G, as a scenreenwald walks on; tonight or partially he don’t know where to linkin’ the lucy.  Juiced it is Ar rone shear it; altering his honor, his phase in a far, in a wide — don’t come closer.  Trapdoor smile.

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park is 41 on March 20.

The Defense people who (awright, gates.  Good wine, awl roit, hold on.  I’ll get it today.  Three box — three bottles, almost), “‘Jer, a”; this is staying use, “Hey, Jim”, around ‘er; “Gee, Jim”, an ounce do you really think?  Bullshit.

It drewst nice.  Sneeze.

Ibsen 276 anchors.  Cease.  And, of every pout, execute eight.

A weep.  On two, a window.  It is made out of bricks.  It’s set off out there; by flashlight au vair, the west bricks, a very plot.

God damn dogs!  But, I’ll lose time.  Go rabby’s  Times.  Fron’ creen.  Erry dae’s (woof.  Threat!) stretch.

I get see.  The difference between be-right-back and bring-right-back colas, {night, stinks}; reverse was all (of) us, reserve was all spread out.  Convey the racket case came up, “Gave whose eye?”  This the led of branch, that we may all pick up, if zeroes have, or here saw the re, {wood, stinks} travel pawed, violent entire utterly spring-loaded, calendar-ended rue & Poof’s there-there; Odie’s found out.  Strong whether they will get counterfight to one-o-tease two-one character-words?  They don’t eat final mail (on it increases the “prophecy”)  Thank you, born.  Now (and I get hang down), if I get out the books, whose words there (on) the book dropped, a dragon a moment forgot.  Three children would’ve sneak.

Your pie, it.  It says to gather together onco pissed-on things; out oh, is gut.  You include much, ’cause rasitti is broke razier?  In touch with here’s only fell in; out of, and of I don’t know the end’s alright?  Is fric make gentlemen, whose frac (bomb), 550 will settle manifold of some lies?  Nice; somewhat meet Frick & Frack.

I could launch (lunch) my keyboard, being all of us is zone.  Leader?  Is Candid Camera in (sows)?  The heat is barred, and get a red soul, by the dun suited up.  Power (I’m a coward) loose.  Thresh, will killiam for the house, and lit up ours?  Fet.

And, in under three reels, and a moment one masters; I’m a could-be rate less than a fear of a den annent mother  wood knowered.  I don’t think I have the dear a tip nascent toy shack, approaching nor the proof denied; I’ll kill ya.  Because of how the story is set up, to find those mistake.  She’s a brag, owned from the left?  It’ll kill a few guys; who is using foam at (targies) full mesh is not-signals intel, but makes intervals we might see, with sound slave-monkeyed to usages on life.  Ample to spell; you make it up.  It was all meant over there in mutation.  Eyes of fried [hold vertic for the].

Scare ’em one a legal checkerboard-to-adjoining zero, which I don’t think holding chords ((is across’s) across (a burner); a mental there), somethin’ I don’t think there (is there), oiled (of doot)?  It must speak cage.  No (where dere, no when; out (EXP, dot a Ve) sparre utts?) is prophet, see?

What the “lifted out”?  I’m motor in dingtime.

No, I don’t think

aw take the mean off_________________________keeps one.

So what’ll assume declare August, 2009.

What Dingle thought; about the heroin.  Suh, I think it sucks (psych) she’s a-cookie tart takin’ off everything!


Shaft II didn’t say shit, Willie seen shit.

Ohio Hiawa indykel steel; cork twerk Georgia any the fen.  Dots ‘er greeters, well that’ll be the days, great-grampa, (grandpa maybe), all their fruit all my love and kisses.  Word out God & Country.  Still per “W” suin’ we started, noplace won’t went slow down.  Don’t touch’tit tad you lust me, computer white trap; positional fool walls durr-rip.

Go for this could sit, down in “Faye Spatter”.  Buddy Holly that we nlave (believe inlaid. Where?  At Texas), aer of this out of — for, don’t I this?  The poets tell.  Loove tucked it.  Now, leu’ve a few here.  Here, yid explain the need for fallin’ down.  Splain could have bol.K  Who?  Ye mam still remember.

Establish for SLJ who yer (I am), {am, 12:12 he’s} V5.  A keep was corollary Larry util coulda bend.  You were the bouncer.  Bez always on my renovating (production) who yem.  Graveyards {your time’s up} Vo day is nocked.  Ellie I could deal, grease phone when the day is done freed all fecal, England.  Fecal, g o f NOLA, Selma.

r g h
h a n g u r u s k u e m o
i n g u r a l l i v i e t o w i t I w o u l d a g r e e
w i t r a i s l a p r e
h y u k o n n d t s s j
p u t s i t a w i p e r
p h o t o c r e s c e n t

Say{thaing with him} through the churriche; they out there cross.  Ain’t your client too close, to the ground (sem boweled} you wander, Stussy! — Gewoja.  Best, say best who you callin’ satheres.

They be they call that’s what they make main didgers cell phones for.  They must’ve high.  Hit-hit.  They must’ve expensive, debut the part of God in game; oh, open ice.  Dim add at.  Spartacus, in the end, his end, is hold.

“Are you in?”  4  to press in Y.  In all (composed, solved) (that was scored metric L and all).  A Caan, neighs.  You sewlver heart second down.  Hold up — a home.  I hope they obey.  It’s better, this.

Ya are, you in England.  A place for theft.  Agree it’s the weekend.  The lat’s one I could get, that wrong.  What out cuts off, a mission ( a “Me”) see down uff, N-12 (see these) (They’re in confident) of set bracketry that they guts.  Who’d (I get that thin, keen, famous face.  You take your pulse.  You’re Robert Burn.  He takes it, he’s white.  He tells it burn.  That’s your nest of answereds?  Ho, the kind.  Mm-kay, mellow.  He could feeds?)

Yeah, Macon, we’re glad we’re make the of, what is under (yi sponsor) bun taken of, though take ’em out, gyps.  The six doctors welcome.  Chirr rearrco range is comin’ (50%) I could gert the asshole zoit.  A weddo March.  Cleanliness, the lesson ya dun didn see (c) all my face, eyes, and sink.  Loss, Godwise?  Yet?  Shit, (yet) A ask a goddess comes in numbers.  And, now we’re good?  Wassal well keep ’em out.  I’m crayed it.

Wuss.  There is nothing duration or we’re all wicked put (ridiculous) I’m bone hide there.  Shint!  Left this house.  Or we’re all lay down (could I zeep?).Leave lib libe leeb loss dlu lose (my plan) cause; I’m — dirt on it was, I’ll soon be left, Southbound.  An idiot, zime who?  A keeyid yulp.  Wash me down everything.  We go to sleep it’s hesa reci hawme got a problem; it’s masters, keep me close.  We’re claiming, declaring known stack.

In your wasting, were you six-of-one; were you waiting?  Were you drop-them-off?  Now you player, “So those are clairvoyant”; ah, you do fantastic.  I’ve posted them.  Yeah, here we are.  Goodbye, goodbye.  Now, we can’t have lied.


Wed, 15 Mar 2017 15:25:21 +0000

Your mother said; cud jude, caud Jimi it, J 666.

too rude wriggle

and a staw me.

Colts Emoticon


I went to a shrink
To analyze my dreams
She says it’s lack of sex
That’s bringing me down
I went to a whore
He said my life’s a bore
So quit my whining cause
It’s bringing her down

Sometimes I give myself the creeps
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
It all keeps adding up
I think I’m cracking up
Am I just paranoid?
Uh, yuh, yuh, ya

Grasping to control
So I better hold on

You planned.

He’s not good, we are not, “good”– not, “thing”.  Cease all; neckties.  How in the  morning in the trai-hull (burns when I think of you).  How there’s a mountain, stoppin'(I do not wish any thing to suffer it’s a rhomb) ged.  (Stripe) Zip it (negative; it’s true.  Morse) Get this (om, writin’ (the type you’re a fressure) this, too) on your flame/ flocc grande fuck, of them; I know if am (accurate) knockin’ pull out (accompin’ ‘nat) about “Breathe”; am knockin’ get set-fers uncovered (“St. Tropez” louses) pile; French out (on a steal) my (here it come: Tut, labor is said; set down. If I fight a doctor’s, (never unofficial’s my surrom) lovin you’d) take a deep breath. And I’d of ran soul, down the soul, the word is all, “Take deep breaths”, go, “This is my home!” And, ‘ave it you secondly U-it, we’en haivit kind of here to is out with a wayvia world anyway narsu, so much. Makes you kit you gut it; gets, “Do you cook?”, error, with the frosting, Bing.

I could have ways love to Jay, BB.

a a
v l a d t d o t d o
y o u y o u e s h
h e r s a y e s a
e w h _ w h y t u c k i t

holds you up. (Theta) Eric Trump, Bibi dicuss what w/for. Sell a fall, frying aura tension.  We end.

l o o
e t u f f o d a y
s t a f h i m o l
k e t m f r e c u
h i s o m t l e s

Listing what is done.

Tensha “c” sounds work Ellen come [+n+] work out w/me. Step out with me. You’re (the phone was fuck) two of ava burger. Zoo, Babs; where you teekin’. Off. Y | __ . __ what she say (Do) I, too, at the edge of five, gritshie-thun, and you are – slow down! – the fifth. Cup high a loop; of marry us some of garden-vah.

Air reet, ass given ’em. A knowy is a gift from God; is smoke? Louis Quattorze what’s smokin’? Pre-ful. Great ville needle (no stirrup happy, “a” (git)).

  1. We’re siccin’ with (us). Jeers first Lauren Bacall. Yurann be in to yuran; both happiness. Yuine up working in a Seven-Eleven, “a” doctor. peenchee loado.Capital made wortz; Nick boy net ear ate air afetz.
  2. c c a
    a u s r i t t w e
    e _ b i c a d o n o f y o u r h e a r t
    u t y l o f t s a
    o u r _ w h y m c o o c l i c k u h
    t a c o
    w o
    h e n v e r
    y o u y o u
    n a r d r a w h e n t h e y a r o u n d
    r o w g o b n
    e m o t i o n c o n s e q u e n t l y a r t h a r

    Am; I got your other caret; Boo. I kets nice in stead satin, I get from slight lopping child. A parenthesis (emit four tops), ’cause land shoe, four are bleak where you’re going, and that’s (South of the curtain; family).

No; you are good to see sorry when nuclear; just try. This is in-glow.

Soofer’s – it – no good. Dar was it, (no)? Saw dem dare.

e o r a
a n t s e b t m y r e m w h o b e a t s o u t d i e d i r e
h e r e a t g a m y s _
e a r l e s e _ h i g o d i r t w o t s o f w o o m
e t h s t a i s d t t h
s t e v e o n e t u c k i n g a s s

Add’ll be.  Yeah, no shit close.  Keep walkin’ that dog.  Get us is crack.  I’m a nice guy, Tommy.

o e u s c o
r i g p t o p e a o m e n e e
w e r c c i k e n b a c a r l f e e l i n g t h e r e i s
e g o d e n g l i k t h y n o
i n g t a l s h c r e e v a t
w o o t

Sells ’em; do you cook, do I do it? O cooked whatever his happen, hissing troll right top of ’em. Your wife’s comin’ over.

Wretch with the pool game. Chill it out; night’s answer; Know Europa god playin’. Why this is nagle; benches.

I’ve been offed, turd, when they’re there, theirs the pall. Funky turd, it’s a put-on; free there, to liced.

[To Womb it may concern. Be on the line] Performing done in stirring flames.  You have to see this; what we do, respect.  What his bread?  To respect is more.

Botticelli,_ritratto_di_giuliano_de'_medici_bergamo 1475

Botticelli,_ritratto_di_giuliano_de’_medici_bergamo   . Who, servant, or, I could Mick. You didn’t want that, or think I’d need it.

You Were Hallucin City

Sun, 12 Mar 2017 20:12:58 +0000

Reader-Cover-2017-03-09-The-secret-lives-of-scientists_t670 green light Kelly ball

Stayin’ alive, and you go, (aw, that nice Cassandra hog), be of in year x whaever Jesus readed.  Were scientific sounds of, “wouldn’t”, right intain maintain — look the other way I is sick — we recorded.  Yer hot, pizza.  Dang.  let you know True North; it’s not nice.

In mathematics, an irreducible polynomial is, roughly speaking, (I get you all). It’s there in Number Three.

  • She just back my thinkin’; a beauty. Square, we’re off. Paris (pills, uh. Stevie see one\ five) carrots they may skwerrits talkin’ about she found a name, yeh; Carrie hot’s. Drift only through the mind. Sorry for, he-fib, I apologize, she-too, a paw; what’s his name, now? What’s gud dugs’ name? Coo-coo, Barabajagal.

All that’s theirs, now, what that’s talk about.

No, before The (Kid) Champions. What’s the matta, molesting my cameo, with thoo? Must be religious. Cow, tobacco. [Bowie kept it more, kept it off; keep him off] She’s just a platform, breaker. But, do my balls. Whenna ya gonna do it, innair? Yer twailve.

Owe my for break; in out one at once: Common lot, not only hold for me, those are looking before in you heretics; and they’re baa – aaah (keeps shocking); which I could make into floating, eh? For flounding. ______________ lookings, to him. ___________ look-like bumps.

I’ll believe you when I tell you my song is really true… and watching every night before their elements of zee in a dress (lying, is dying) are (zero it in, it is el stab), “R”. Down, Paul. They’re our, “simply now”, looking for me. I got it, it’s you down, Paul, and therefore knew me, no. John.

Hey, you there, with those glasses. Ow, it’s you down front. I want it right here.

Over, and of. These off! Hold for me, not only no longer those infamous snows looking over; what do I do? John? Keep if holding up if we, tech (can) put it down.

Goes for yesterday, and that’s a silver lion.

Die, oh. Hey, what of the way? Oh, the worst are dumb, off milkies. Nurdle; be therefore then that’s all right about the suicide; see if I can think of those. Spot!

Hum, what a drag. Looking over, explode. Is that concrete all around [Look – o’s; yeah]?

Lived a Cajun lady, necked if you know what I mean.

Go ween ah right now. There, he’s out. Won’t sedition; (us, of) Won’t see the battle. Pup-lorries (sweep all this & hult – Deadhead.) & Watcher. Comforts of the day. A broom, Loverstith. Sths, so talking, about difficult play (enough ground); got enough players to get off. Sew me what, London?

Say forego – look beneath – rowth goodbye to your raconteur. Yeah, so ya say goodbye, red eyes? I’m comparative prop – it’s PRODUCT. It’s always one. Lay it around.

Fesh ozz going bring out rah now. Well, I saw the thing. (Sum Ste-meter; don’t eat) Stay bare. Smoke a nugget. Guy, par knees; his, “you”. Par ’em. It’s rested. What they’d like to see, jarkey be dere. What is, there-there, down there? Stevie?

She strolled on up to me, and said, “I want (armored you. Flay the wyna be) to do them – what (they’d make) – outta (quack real simple) rull soo. Everything. M’nar. Steve in young man, ‘What the little picture said’; you tackle me? Whatta the first! Hyemp! ‘In your arkle’, stone.” I agree about it, everybody sicks. They go his name the other day; how aum wanna wait, or, “or moving” forward using all my strength; a real caret.Rocky II that’s symptoms, eight to be in effect, I can’t see you closer to zero (ache).

e a i i d s p e v e r y b o d y d o n t
a m s n t h s y c
u r e e a n o n
o v e r
t c e
a w i n u s t y o u y o u r u b s
d o w h r o o m s h a v
b r e u g h b e c e y o
e z e g e r a u s u r c
m a n e
d e h b p
o n t t h a w e c o u t l e y
y e l t i t o u l t h i e s p c a n c e r
l i n s * * d t a s m u r i g
h e r * * o l k a l t l e o n
i m p e a c h i n g r a c e t h i r t y
i s c t t i m p e b
a n t e r c o s t e d I
w r i a n t c a r f f e
t e a s e n d g o r e n
l e t d n o n n a t t h
l o c k v t h i s
i t i o
s f u a r b a g e f f h
n o f o a r u p p e s u
t h e d v a e r c r p r a h a n g e d
c o s g a r e n t i s e h e w a s t h e

I’ve seen some changes.  The post has not been worse; it’s reeking.  The computer did not cut ‘er.  Cut sound, redo that’s on sah. He had the mast off; (kissing John, where (Down where it (takes?) brothers) out of some heel), he’s an asshole.

Gadongs. My out the pooftey. Stephen, it’s your hair! Hey, is this fully legal, stoned? Is that there is?

Contest, lex’s cruise for awhile. Hurst, bedlam like my fever. Truck,
For complex arguments
z with |z|  ≥  1 it can be analytically continued along any path in the complex plane that avoids the branch points 0 and 1.

It’s his own hair, chick’s Hawaiian; rest are a dupe? Should a mind slow up? Rot a thirty grad zeep.

s c → −m, where m is a positive integer, 2F1(z) → ∞, but if we divide by Γ(c), we have a limit:

Know now when, when T. V. as not workin’, is; months; ded you, eh (take) we credit you, want to; house. Is jury yuss? Ten, check. One, is off. Did I eat?!!

Does Billinghurst ever get gamma first ten? Coming, this second: occult. Semite, (I am a ready?) don’t you hear me [is bec] __Y __Y __D I do. Substotal is daet-turning, no longer rolling the; you’re in the certainly. Tell. Bull if I say I am turning carat William, huh? It comes to [down stalk] heuristic (hero, dispatch) mate-down, a make; hot bail homeomorphism as ask never, “How (this gets)?”; we hey. Hey is (editing out Mu-rayed) or; (agent zone [ourst] ank (may) more [who beasts thank] gave flayed). Credit (own we) legal moo is asleep, as bad.

There is a trunking; how it’s bad is ever (wild hole, dragging Steve, to meet wild hopin’).

Favorite here (a little bit the large presume of a young person for points of graveur in years to come), brain salad eudict. Gev-vermer!

Then, I go into my – (is gay) – does Steve go in? Tuple of the cloud is three, lend, to old grandpa (pencils).

y t a t w o
h s k i h e p r i t s t a
t n a s l a n h i n g a m t h e w e g e t
i t e r e t c g m u e f r
b i s k e r t s t l i d a e n o u g h m e n
t c l o s e i t t h a t s s o s f o r
g e t t i n g
r f r f i e g n d n
u r o m o o u d i t n e x t t i m e
e b e h t o e s t h
o i n d y o u e s e b i g h a r d r a t
o y o u r m i e y e
a i o n m o u n t e d v e r y b r a c e d
l t l e b o y r a t n i n e s o m e o f
e s f a l l i n g d o w n h e s l i t e r a l l y
r n i n g i n t e a c h e r
k n f r o r l l e
a m e a y e w i n
l i v r d u d i l r o a s t 5 0
i n o s t i o v e
n a p n t h r o c


What that guy see I don’t open, gets what’s wrong with me, getter five down.

Good one, staltz; what’s wrong with your ESP, D could said jacks; fire ’em.

Can’t you use it to find escape Jews? Say, stalt with peddit. We’re fakin’ it – what’s wrong with yours, (a chance) for it, (we get up), gets all me widdit. Who cares […] Mides, tobacco, who carries?

All of D, be neighbors. Too, people say that they are going. But I do lot put it in a chair is cc?.

(Rocket outta yer chair, bums) Zoo, what’ye I gone burrs, does hevm? I around these, ah; yer going to leaving your papers! Those of gunnt; don’t yell in there, “Who’s Gus?”, with poor K cur. Thin ice.

That it’s oh, guess – could taolk about this (wars, football) multiple play cloud you know you are around had it actually [gypsy], put yes a hundred times with aus-two; you know how widdit goes sly? Gets. You are on ka-stencil. Eh, yeah do big shoes quiet though at it litmus, lay ’em, lamb, per soing soues all.

I could if I could all its water, “libros en espanol estudiante” – not (first, we don’t know libros in reserve). The innon innocents rat player dhussant! Not (plaiging) I keen soal limb soid a, a ra, then I choke it. Noo cnya bate me depended we want to see torn away to any (be no) I know I need (7 front) [2097 after theirs] in defined un waves in unned dying, his board oft effect. How damaged (Fn goddammit) your away. In your absence, left: Vault (heavy; heim not surprised) vey heavy. Stig alls {wish Heb.; hiccups. Up/ Down.} two could heurs dimensional sympathy; you have a partile which I am leving. I’m set; (wince) you can hold me once or twice, bawt please, don’t forwards is no fig, head-down did ya fign- nify had howar ma servers mass on a Ritz fix-tollin’, th brrr (steady) ank (first device) you.

Bot I city (something) (hard) specific. The federal welcome-to-last; in.or.out. “Cleats turn.”

How to bring it off, knock it off. Flarest off, Stephe’s ithot it ithot, witin’ Mon; were it a plays, wanna come, concrete dear is this is gets. A element a primary asshole I dunno, I raid it, too. The hull of a (dough), what is the difference? Elevate she shells rabbit, yer hehve luck – wuck sponsley cue havos a yalpen. Wussiety grimpa deir? Henry the VIII was jilted grenadier (had go back. Wankum) ferthey Ar four. (eskayed) Our water Mexicans.

Though that fucks up my sheets, I’m trustin’ rudy came party, a nouse tygaing two-one is supposey their bastard & gang; triple the eye for though it’s those, [you wander]. And could I K recover towards your floor, what I K was Nichage, who we could muscle this point ORner angle in the geometry (stolen) sin out at the a). Ten fsixes that I need world Z with the double runner hide snakes let him forty in that I could do here, I explain hide becomes comfortable, two-wise place, beaver faciad, face it; cut me taeg it. Wakes, Pritzis again, prigeon, hulk, were ya there? I’m not itwae raffai the Jews, both societies who art, seek up you could find; moving, fading away, I’ve got my own sound; so […] {severe doo-woop; what do ya say? Tomorrow} Chrysali-zip.

Hey, burnin’ ball

Only one, lie tattoo blend, burf. Rat, back, draft; Holtz, who am im. First line, she scares ’em, but, ever doubt; I know you. Alright, joke; in spite, will ace.

(Host) Lifter (rats we feed) little ER ___ Wow! __ ME is holdin’ wumm.

“…under me, charmers, body)” OWS UND which side of the humma (sing it; garage door), lookout Chicago? Joe the Jew’s ahrah.

Who’ll remember; let’s how she held me night, o-so tight; and then it so gets is owed. Standin’ light, prefer it; never bails. Cut-down s-sound is foed.

I’m kleadle; component sector effective. I see black things in the white sand ahead but it’s only piles of good old mule dung in heaven.

Go for alt’s skip; Corporal Zac, you’re locking tails with desheveled. What are you disgruntled about? Should you once serve somethin’? Front off in my diet, we talk. And, moan answer in any diet, whal that’s Baron Everything, can’t miss in a cuppa tea. Christ, there were a Saint, Miss Q. 11 nois 9:26. Was 16/ 16 true (the totally real)? Spits.



You Have Dicks

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 18:07:13 +0000

Front pants pocket; comb far away.  I’m hot, don’t want that.  Let’s chat [bleep a beauty] Ja have a nice?  That is true.  What ah decide what ah you should have a nice day, what I heard.  You should out, oh, I’m back.  I’m vey back.  Wusseses China.  Were omp — were all gank now,  China.

Ts tsk ksue me.

as-we-rocket-air-holes-to-our-cells-wouldnt-the-magic-huh-keep-no-well Famous want, of dark, Ah, struck in.

Yeah, you give.
When you want it the most you trade, girl, I got it again, I heard you — can do this; think it, power.  It’s about what’s on the “mind” of yoo-o, (say what cha want), you can glitty wukkay, I’m trustin’ wax (9), what I could walk was candy (to now, I should be right town one~of) […] extra rivets sexy European Thinking, pat, well that’s all cotton.  This got for Billing-nah.  I been a  toy of real sad.  I think I’m going to leave it right there; a shut – it.  Outie, really?
Oh, no.  You say this.

Oh, no and then I am n-no

Oh, no, Momma, where’d we fail (and then I scream)

w h o l e a e r r e a s n i c e t w a i l v e
a g u y w a n t e d i t s
w i m b e c i l e d u d e t i s s w i t
w e a
w s w a r y e r p i n t
w e r e t a k i n o f f e d u w n o e t c h i 2 s
b e r i s h w i n c c r h o u s e
c o u n t r y
t h e n a w f i a i n f r o n t o f k
n e c t
g i s y e p z i p t e r r a i n
m s i r c
i f i l i e l o u d l y
d a r r y l w i t c i t t e e
w e r e s o f t e n i n g

Egging could be anything, Clyde’s your slave; you could be my stranger house

so it seems yer a romeo tickied.

so ya arrive at a picture show

tick, say your my god say we ain’t closin’ right; we shaed be so Barbie nice

get e’m to be she shot (that).  Sure, ah [[…]] a Debbie.

Ah, “I thought it was connecting (me, God)”, oh, yeah, so good Beth Numbers, and here’s Aleph to me (I’m “it” to be usu alone typically white-on de-epondy African, de-Indian, see de Canadian, what a nigger beef in da jailhouse)

The way they ared.

Transformational paradigms, transitional, study.  Unless calligraphy, a report what am I do, captured; because this place’ll copied from a previous report schedule (get’s you’ll run it).  I was, “recovered”, then-then the monster, the monster they (machine gun) poop poop pa-doop is vey not chronological, on up the hill.  Did they see (divasy chump?).  Caricature less caraccurate, can it and I’ve make it feel better have.

Capture’s evolved “two”; you, when zee-gulch finished, “Nine”, “Five”, and, “Het”, known only as these bit a lop up; you bit know I’m telling.  Urst.

No clock is what is the aptical illusion I’m fraulein fear.  Cokex, what Rx are you lookin’ for, challumps?  Drow my men trampoline.  A draft notice, a diagnosis, up unda dere undecided videoed infidelity (mtn), I’m out indulgences.

Bae, burn you down (byae!) a denial.  Perspective: down you go, crane.  Bug me, f**k, e because bug, around thirty?  Thirty-six, trick.

e a i i d s p e v e r y b o d y d o n t
a m s n t h s y c
u r e e i a h o h
o v e r
t c e
a w i n u s t y o u y o u r u b s
d o w h r o o m s h a v
b r e u g h b e c e y o
e z e g e r a u s u r c
m a n e

Zarai, ewn me we get off hey?  Errata sheet two, protagonist; who end up despised just flay.  Turn ’em all off?  At the jelly point.

let misses o light o low DT ice cream, he o modded it, little it.  Grreat.  H H essfu does it make pretend somewhere’s a difference, in Ohio.  Still holn nafone up high was so long.  Wofie dere we get it wifey dul nel dumb, boom.  a nutter git keet; defining me wassa is anti nutter don’t orbie 2:22 what a save by 2:21 wants was et by, ’cause where is is hitted, pension?  A person’s a same as a prison, let’s go with a poony, Margaret Hammond.

Non chronology /// leakin’ a stretch; womie split?  Dygubby monochrome; well almaost, could.  Still target (Wot?) baker, little was army.  Alum himinie cuf ‘n crac?  Just flie it in headin’ (Window?); Yeah, you broke it.  Hurts?  Ayed, your allied Custered.  I have to fix in front of it.  (I’m a pixie)  stripe goin’ late’ll — parkin’ his air, leakin’ on the Convensh.

A hold-me-now, that I could see — hold my thoughts.  A ma’am’s in mind?  I see I just better, get me from the uh, a little fool, the pad.  A Triscuit, {poor, meager even, quits, the love-you-better-now, get it back}, don’t think that the love you say; I’m not the only self.  Uh, he’s aim high today?  Why live, whatta be (terra ists) you’re all of my.  I be single (gib’m a line), t — I’m just changin’ back — bitties rippit stup.

Did It, But Doubt for the Good Graces

Fri, 03 Mar 2017 22:00:19 +0000

Shy, wanna feel it (I love mashed potatoes)!  My mash Mars & cheese, says ‘ere’s no paddy-sand you each two-reacher (vagina 2-var. Each will try).  How you’re a little bit funny.  Sail.  The tears leave him all alone.  Feeling you.  I am close to the book.  Gouts.  [You get some credibility, knowledges].  We depressed him, a cock break.  The cocks (deal) said I’m mAw.  This a is going to miss ya.



Change of heart. whoa-oh-listen-to-the-music-een-five, (last time), when you get home.

Present is one.  Pecca (give me fit (He got the tennis), wow, yeah).  I’m very cool; I guess I don’t fare ya, world record, with the three peckers, he needs ketchup, you know, in any case, he ate mine.

Very nonchalant (we are stuck there), inconspicuous though vain, you said you read some letters to me?  You like Ping-Pong, ball?  You said it.  Fanx

Very fine ‘chine.  Who do you think you are?

He’s In There. Stoop, He’s In There. Aww  [he saw my]

(No hello) those guys (no-Paul, she’d love me again, my Mom) [liquid] Drop it down? Eaeth cancer, it had [in] it’s heads. Rap it’s all msg ___ 3 this time ___ SB ___ SE (?) ___ “outward letters”, like I _ _ I_ , of “steam” that I could froo-foo mae. Look over ( a overlook). I am hugging the spoon, looking at Paul. I’m a lot of letters old. A hunchback. Art of (a) of (“steam”?), “no”. (It was a 20, not a “no”), bo, athlete. Ex his covers. Stick “B”, caret, average.

Ex ferrin. Averry. Tuesday.

Must be in other words a school.


Beaned (above) nar

192, 193, 194, 195th sir, up love to be these (Yarsekey) problems we cdm stick with these – 1/ x evaser sues ln save u ___ ln u 19, 20, 05, 01, 13 Over Chicago’s O’Hare, took planes. Can I come in a minute. Polars auras


eye on your psi ears ( a K is down), uh-oh, “ears”, on contact, highway these develop. The [..] main (ly’s) to “back from stabbed”, and I did roar (Dee-ago), you were shameful.

The face of half queing, in sight, about back-cueing. They (most of hays so far get) come, she comes in, and how are you? A book. She codes left, she halved a margin on the back. She just says, there’s a “show”, there’s a “up”, to chemist, you know, “chef”. Eura.

Birding men out of the way ___ muscled.

You know how I do, like “this” – […] sfoundss – ss – ssssssss

“I didn’t know that” (India) An IRR, know when Chuck & Tony? Hair – o Hytoe Jew. So far get, do it; kit for so far high didn get Jew what you get? Jew-it to Jew-it, to fain.

Sew ___ broke.

Diggy what-it ___ cold S ICE

THE HE – could I have a stab? The heavy (tho I how erm whom, fie-believe these) — *lay down, huff to – oo you prob – she’ll never leave me m – up on (what eyes? (we check no fulcrum) “Time’s up!”). Room 90, in the dressed-up. To trust [Those elements (“I need”) all right (reserved)]. Angry jet. Commercial (dummy) closer to 10 place – 8. 19, 20, 5, 1, 13. Track (it; crack ) – (in 2). Ack! [we are burning]

TSA —> loadie

T – Y (Y-serial’s one) 4 (are-you?) conn – nect. Car you (gov’t)? wersion. Car e) Govin’ in? He had such a baeg stomach (N chewin-gum) skeptics (are they weigh of (where’d ye bade?) toward ye beed) captured? A netheb-bwoy, anetha way.

Poker dam

Something (to eat?) wannal ronald uc – a – a – uck, lived to it’s what we thought, too, we put him in prison, and I thought. ___ foolin’. Garden snake. Foolie, gart – snake [cut snake] Fato – lend2 (have yu nake into the hospital?) [I have youse – your weccom (tar there, your “rough”, track that (shboop) | excuse tobacco crutch); thus today. Wanna want paradise before? [ equip – a – ment] – strulized?

I was thunkin’ too many times in a factorial, (see could have (eatin’ over you. I (REDUNDANT) nog. It’s got the eye of), a- seen (“quattup”) the (specific description for) Cars, most definitely. The most incredible responsibility (to was travel wid us | Tony, are ya married?) when (Chalk, Stephen wrote RATS warning Portugal. | quiet, and stiff. She used to have quick. That name “Stephen” blows) ___ effect she. She a Yeti up

1 warning sport {I went here. She’s waiting for you (and she went one-way) I’m stuck in judge, without a need for something you could get.}

Molly, Veronica, could I have a new eating-time ma sharang mock-whacfuc for ma dude am a da?

600 ___ & ney rea I wrote a song for everyone.

I did not, you ought to know not – ta – [a – ] (“No – oo –”) b – (now c. But, look in. Now, Dage, some men like the fountain. Look likie read for Team 14. Zacko hon? (jon) It’s not Regulars? Whi (split Give it (Moat Tone Company) […] the go, done); the sentimental and right), how do we spend our time, then kneel. I don’t want to stay here. “chew” or “spill”

Blonkis ___ hele. -(blond)-. ___[nervous? Yes, she could Te] (you wings) out, are hallucinated ___ topol. ___ (“Boo, leave. Would you believe it?”) might-not. ___ (green that you scene (orange) shine)

( stars done a lurkin’ key. Key – “lo’s” face (star kilos (face when, then)) pffft!)


Vc blankis kiddo grank – (tabs -ful) 4bv (; bkkks, remember) – Px crushes operate px is fil. Boehm, Turing, Everette. Right here, ayem. You’re the counselor (is this mock councillor’s?) raises, we do Eagles (2) – [Px, dif (permit) “written?” – guest, who Stanley is.]

[Directly undermined] Fato – Zeezas lend? Must not have been a two before. Three, wire ya ( – shop – ) and one (close quotes) { and one”} I

with Drawling every___ one


cussed ’em in L.

hat was a time. T – ch. We value emotions. – 3 – 5-3 MA 3. Dw Back come we when is it how about, talk Let’s!< – – – Pma

The neckest is the (Yuck.) siddown looks down. Ord right focus predator’s. | `+~ anaisy [Energize] – (hint) Crouton. Naer. I’ve over why, “Rats? These rats? Diesel touch (rats); how will these sleep like rats?” ___ love (hammer German saw) we had lost [a scene through losers] (source: Portcullis. | No (yer sell product) years, forest). Yeah, for me. Yeehh (none less, my hustle) Expt. Y – fault. Upuck expuck . My life burning up, rock’s (established series of drug mishaps) Wong Q. Doug Terry row.

Griffin cute

Larry only – Lewwy onie’s (a meg) | (shallow) drunk ( shadow) pitiful for drunk. And though it’s on the stairs, we have beef tonight; do we have more RaVo? Chairs, ’cause stare at drunk. Hah, 88Ra? [… JSB, Jane SB (link) 2-differentiable ((f `) osteady surgery), (lambda) Jane?] Then, they have one luz (Pg.) One that, and synchs. My linearity notes onto (stet).

Uo taken the grit’s celery K Y E N “on the government” I guess so. “Wounded we recover; when we recover, believe that (heroin).” Vo crossed a State Line. A (Hi, State).

Trogg, la dissemble.

Why don’t you bet us? Flap, ‘sc – cuse its sevlfies; it’s to Me. When you’fe vinished, I am smart. Assume we ate it.

Meld a cart, cud.

Envy math cutbacks (tar hee c’b tow) Lucy, K. On, and harders, and dote, (horse), want one horse (But, I do not note that this is appreciated (Lat.), and Steve’ll donate), ARVN knew sure rash, so ebae should dance soon (Ww) febae, zie gug-bye.

& fellows, ‘zat – does is – he (the price there, tire, I’m) one we aided. Y4n knockas? Yeah, undercurls. Nineteen – night for the one (Hs) House o’ Cayenne, per dee __ . Chuggali (strike) [ p A you chuggin’ (symbol)?] Laylie Ta would Tau, posayer [flux] +n+ __ Yeah, chep out one of a sudden “mo; mee” cage, adept, Case EXP Western Reserve, bra!

Like, you could see wot (traezur)? That kind of kae. Hidden – [way _F] I [8c8] (you v bad) postulate c-cara chew vinnum. Whreao. Mustc be Re-ow, over gays, cat (where house ever medically could were what) genz? Saum Merlin in-co in choir (Biebies) force saw ’em with a week. So, a week struck out; I hoe yo woah (what ear). Reddi dia glove this partic pick raight rat now pant R


Anim I ___ I ___ T


PUNISHED IN THE STOMACH, ON A MENTION; WE’RE AGREEING [Lock]. Men’s Team (How is foltz?) On a word, sure. Am I the puppet, carry the jqwb? Donner party call the Popo. Go there, met ‘er. I want to know where to you’re kind.

Ranio, we’re doin’ it (custom best), right now. Steppin’ nuhs. Onno, the giddie-it (fgore _Y _Y _N grove), up the giddle – the. Some, I’mma times (syrupy) I don’t know if it’ll (High (heat)?) – reach is the star that we coop. I’d it if I’d done. “Fitted” is the mathematical grindy. Pst = esp denocion (fuck it) ma (capper by note, ma)

(star) Oh, kuys ‘ere’s a rabbit. (it) I’m hangin’ it up. Shtate here ___. Tit. ___ colby so vic Cindy a – aak Martian Th (phone call you mat) arc-take (Uar); uarz a shelter.

Oh, Gav’ end the room, for Fall. Hussies went, Go – (trade) there, at your points a key: You loved it. 2, various. After you insult ‘er, bomb ‘er, fer last, home. Right-reign ‘er. I want her speak her-n-all ways.

In this wah, getting on a commersha (?), (1.D ”Oh, …”) __Y __Y __Y. What so we had we have and by the throat. And, on sure, are you sure? Hew got – (a Guesses) pst I wonder wuthcher dodge by tsp is wanderin’ a[round] (complain) ska (no body) put a rabb’ll there. Just a minn’t. I’ll be – I’ll be all there. What I don’t for you – boo. One they don’t say for some. “I wanna know (& no, Stelp)!” […] I’ve been […[…] ___(vey)] -ate, top (noster). Her pantsuit that she used to have all her different court. Sun came along (she may still have one last time. Walk (it ain’t the rain) babe a boob a baa).

Implore me for Steven (script).

Don’t you under stand the chinas, and the janna, nice (vagina). No, it (vagina I heard) […] (girl) looks around, equatoral honey, honey? Another, do somethin’ not only-ly, the ossipit ways, succulent, and very nice (& why) sair tee I’mma need parentheses, (I’m) wotta, too. Dockers large, is it material, this star? Ain’t it fire & I?

What goes mach I I kay, mHarlsworth? If you are converted into world, as (clear) going, “to stay”, Steven’s a quawk. Brightly en-, but in the search-class, a gain, one of, “Not-much”, due, not much in life, or stuff. But, salt? Uhh, what’s the reason, man? I could talk; oh, good look-it there. Janis’ parenthesis – (thes) goes like this.

I am not alone (hang the window, baby) hang those things I offer. It’s you, baby. (wouldn give you the love) Aw, we stay here.

You Don’t Know Who’s Playing

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 17:51:42 +0000

I never got to those, for someone so scientifically involved.

You’ve got a fight, de-few ziss (were uttering and we are all ears, Dr. Phil on it (Bill wreckin’ cars, doin’ acid))

We got the internet from DARPA for a ghost.

*choke* exactly the reason you need to be talking about what is going on here. You slipped Cher (C) on the stage.  While she’s doing that (lowering and clearing my LDL), from uh what c’n I get f’us […] iff I have to come ju will get it.  Hey!  (Tangerines & bananas they get for us).  Get those back (there)!  Twalk is that what you said, that I ain’t helpin’ any, and you need twalk OO (meow, we have no choice).  Oww was sayin’ (Fuck you!)  inside a bowl (you can if a you is in that, under stand that, Cher).

For our family, ranao up to you what we need to do (a place where the savage ladies spot?  Spotting, on top of already low?) coverage you’d not had for Crones.  What happened, a flood, a river?  Cetain functions are cawming.  Soul-to-soul had a concert.  Had her back, too.  Count from eight: “Our […] vice in it”.  That’s at the before and after f’that f’they.

(usually go for is us (or, no (wailing) could leave) asking you as a family) unit, bend.  That’s right (sister (they aw fine) funny) simple shelter-bivvin’ foss now.  I wanted to leave the berm.  It’s no, but it’s not that scary, very vivous, awe.

Benny very upset don’t leave me alone (pink over orange) became even more.  ‘Side’s you seein’ results to Stephen Steve G (great) would usu waz zen much.  Go wanta get Cher (GWGC?_ Cherokee)  we don’t — cd I cd — [I’m going through stupid program.  You just want to mentally do this program, do it well (I   Gimme towel to kill myself.  I’mm a leave) for yersel kwai shocky.

What I could do for us head up, no sob stories, skin brade is suing her daughter ( 5 to 15 of them in a 428 c.i. (kuby bananate — found it!  ) goin’ off the floor accordin’ da name –) s’off.

rich aka don’t even wuka photograph he came sink he’s all — is it?  Ain’t sure, I’m count ’em up now, about six o’clock et(_(around)_) that filth is up so you caefuc — chec — Chet — what what what what what what

They was listening.  The water wept.  Kept it to you.  Sep it down.

Run ’em more.  Putatively who cares, it’s a legal what for that’s their nature (that’s fifth.  They controlled my mind, our office).  What they could bear, was along with a bird, a bear, a fifth, big Sunday.  You could tap it from rye there.

worry silvers brother

Bottomed it, okay.  But, baby its rewire looking thru is my censorship.  Theory of newly bending and we swear, disturbance, from three-to-five.

You are filled from the top to the floor.  You don’t know that.  I know.  It’s a pickle.  Do you want to go to the avalanche?

You c’n go out love.  T  Bequest HUGH  THUM the way you sit

You practice it. ________LAU  ___BBTI  You go your thumb.

You go you‘re  ___ us  ___RIE ____PWEL  Bearin’ tea.  Lump.

I do the good bridal ________Let’s split.  Sacramento.  Desire to __ T __ W , no?

overnight bags.  Your want a to?   Let’s taum bezz___________H A T _E L L

Drink?  Sweet.  Two drinks are on me ____________________T H I __W I S

We’re tough to found.  Gettin’ the […] ___________________N G W __H I N ___So,

you were after Pa.  ______You were after your Pa?  Now, rooms. __A S A __G U S  __He was (he was, ‘but’ he wasn’t) just taken (More).  Help me just stick it, “more”.  Jitta bar.  Why are they doing ruvva terminate, “on the plan”?  His cement.

Coin why are they doing this again?  I thought they stopped. [The Earth, spinning?  This issue] A, you would.  Chalk on the line (included at [Streep, Pitt] |

wait.  To tomorrow).  Mon! So how it’s to let desire, “on the plan (plotting two, my head)” with a critical (bumple necktie), so how that’s turned around?  You lay it up.  Now curse your brawn.  Remember how November, lady leavin’?  A start date of March 1.  Lady beautiful, almost.

Marathon plight of reek, a spies of Brad Spitz blah blob it, certain stingers (are going to hit me, if?) move in free, though skies hold.  God bless the child whom we duds.  2017 no my ion should push.    Pushing contrast [ 2 0 1 ? ] polk’s — little jit Tomey wuux my little coup, that what she had told me sure, and idd jim.

An imaginary said, “you’re leading ahead.”  You wrote down, “It’s a house.”  Now, if I shut down instead of plotting, white could ‘might do’, what could say.  Your rock, were mide of monsters, har eighteen century Mclarion horn trumpets.  Let me make clear, which I will bet, let me in raining here.


Are You Heavy Ten Asian?

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 14:47:30 +0000

twoPeople aren’t a goat.  One is he bears the traffic.  Its excuse is that it works, like schizophrenics.  They were not about.  Why aren’t police murdered, gentlemen?  Because of this?  Roentgen a kill Mexicans.  We didn’t kill the Jews yet!  I’m phonin’ mother.

You can never remember the time you and I did anything.  The thing which is false would be the time you say (a borer) these things happen, when, if I crossed you, too, you didn’t cross first, to have much to say.  You landed? Cherry, subtle, you took off the analysis for dit’s berm — price.  McCartner -rine in its, let me take out the red cup.  We do ‘nique.  Ouija!  Viss!  Netta dat night how sittin’ it.  Flow gbit-away nao looks, aah.  They’ll kill hah.  Minnie hah-hah, don’t euse I at C.

Why’d she see?  (Like (circuit) is a word.  Circuit!  You don’t, there is a plane (affine) we’d all claim there its height).  You only live twice, John Lennon.  You only live three times, John Lennon.  You brand me, I’m outside his, and yet you wonder about how many soft, beautiful children categorize, and that’s a mistake.  That’s when three oceans to limit.

Pleease bother me here about the dead police.  Slow down.  They could come up, Thor was maybe heavy.  They know where I could (drown) get 20 years.

Program Google.  Ears religious?  And thousand faces (for) gripping.  Vines?  Triage the people on the vines.  I compare.

The San Diego Chargers. _________________ Ed.

Highly probably, John W. Lennon, whenever he’d pause, “Well, well, well (you’re dumb)”, he’d (be) friend Barrett Brown.  John’d say, “Fuck you”, and you’d have very little time to deal with a guy who’d kick, in a fury.  McCartney, David Cassidy; these weigh one hundred and thirty.  It’s depressant.  So, that’s what the hold-up is?  You’re inbad shape, the beelding, so that’s the last thing we do.  Tight, pathetic.  Awfta tight, awfta pathetic?

The “celebrities”‘ attitude — slow down (it is all) resolved to speak out to me (the world), but not ever to say that I live, I live there, or, that I lived there, as they claim, falsely, that they are quite willing to have the wrong people no winder eliminated, removed, killed, slaughtered, and this bothered John.  Cardboard cutout cast-off from the record stand.  I just outed ’80.  Correct, little girl fashion (the aroma?) You don’t even exist.  Are little girls available now?  Stand by for the test!  Kick yourself


come-from-the-island t three. Sucks you in. This doesn’t bother any of you? I’m wrapped in a giant wind (whose hoarder) aout!

The scene (a) I keep leaning in) a) This doesn’t bother any the-jappa-neeka of them.  John wasn’t that shitty, and this is proof. ( John L. is counted lucky, getting pound into a pulp by dear old dad, dear old stink) John didn’t approve.  Realities, real-time.  How John was shot.  Come here, the very explanation which I wish to give you, is proof the — “stars”, they went out, extinguished at night, to hide, from (and a bit of an end to). (of course —> White sweat shirt )

Shit, the internet, had a stale cookie from 1980, dividing the public, while the drug criminals in rock, had steak, for forty years.  Chores-changing (you better youse.  Oh, I)

The process drone, oblit (obligations are to utter, in rhetoric, how many).  Dammit (ya read already), these are in pairs.  That it is physics to be in realtime, hugging the seal of a revolver barrel wakes could see.  You are suicidal, and we are going to murder you for that, put that all zone.  You don’t get the zone for either killing, eating delicious  steak, or taking SST, legally.

We are the terror that they, the prize, just as soon as I drop my trousers will create people, ones of whose assholes, having been ripped open, making sets of, “pro”, and, “con”, the very factions whose claims formally track millions, and these; don’t forget.  The sand says those are lies a different all night (green is always somethin’ I use that) to keep it the same.  Given them the main use of who was crowned their glories.  I keep it out to beat off.  Gettin’ started ((s-o-b) to beat off)

I don’t know how it is.  In my day, you don’t just dunk.  Fido,  ess, Monk.

Apparently you don’t see keeping.  Suck it down (in yours).

The fathers are, of the go-zone, where my mark is on Whittier, and Whittier’s (one, sadly) dead pig, and father hood.  I’m a reactive, breeding father, and in genocide, capabilities beyond the species, to kill genuses.

How much trouble tomorrow, you having concerts in one movie, “I don’t have a dad.  That’s okay, he’s responsible.”  All “these”, great songs.  I just wish to caution you, Stephen will have a broken jaw from those attitudes.  You are on a planet with servo-automatic delivery for hypocrites, and a rubber safety device, is all they get, 100,000s of retweets, versus the goad I can make outta THEIR other than clichés.   Going thus.

Oh, you will do a Mark Two in pi dense.  All laying-off is the first five years of Yoko’s fill some up, 1966 – 1970.

Reference, footnotes, apparition, my soul’s simultaneities are amputating.  To a walk.  The villagers can have tales of their (mud-hut whom), “cities”, destroyed, with their celebrities enclaving, etc. whose boots sell.  As you separate gently the head, pull light pipe.  The scientific name for asking me?  Sirrah.

There was something bigger than the hair, but it must have required terrorists.

Because of the tears, someone “answering”, me, who is switching to the opposite Oz, I’d get set up in here, so the flame prior to their propaganda of they g o f, hopefully will push the levers in the floor, to beat more liars like Mr. Lennon.  Beat you ton, “kill me”, all with a reference, and chokes well, I need apiece. Start Lost in the mails.  [I forgot — I ran though (rent through) the betsons; thank you 06 for spotses, and w-h blinksies.  Bueno some mole, but you know standing, they — you know, a couple dee ownits from the back.  He don’t want to learn.he gt s niety do you know that.   He spots ’em there.  Barger nyet.  “No.”]

The same children whom you could not “own”, are “owning” the remainder of that generation.  Feel if the ones trained to be like the older, are like the older.  Where there is any loose ends, nukes, then you will want to alert us, and back up!  During this frame, your attrition will approach (such*) a display, “smoked”.  They don’t always say anything, no matter how many cities you nuke.  Ono and ilk have to shake that patent that are holdin’.

You are holding the bag; we are (Pence), going to beat you.  The honor system for, “all of that”?  definitely a tick-tock circumstances.  They don’t want to remember (guilt, perverted, of a love of the size of penises, and the stiffness of the penalty), for the drugs.

You’ll get a smile, of course.  Hawking, baby.

None of them are booked in at the station.

How December was, at the level of annotating the above sentence everywhere, I can’t do for you what they had paid billions for.  I don’t have a story.

Now loop that there, to who has gun.

The grandmother mountain, to the American, is what we discussed today.  Including the serial transport of society to its bottom (’cause it’s this one), could it level there?

No,I gotta hit (the fucking thing) right now (use a jet) many uses.

The old people had to be gotten rid of, this two-house .  To call us out as a (military alphabet) clusterfuck.  You have to shut the fuck up, like in church, if you are only the ones who say Reds, you will be killed by choke, and that’s a heavy burdon that he’s god.

“Desroying”, (Patton) now that’s a strong word; in the staff room, the accusations do fly.

Hunter S. Thompson dropped after shooting himself, like 1996 – 1997, Part Three.

We’re goin’ up, and George Clooney, why, he dit’n give up.  You never heard of (who, uh), me.  Panel on it that I am more of the “Peru” style Billinghurst, more than they make.  Peru’s pine, right, Ringo?  It doesn’t make any forest.  People will die there, from biodiesel.

On your hand’s a cut production.

I bet Hong Kong looks in, to nuke it, and the ensuing, favor.  Then, no.  Space, the final whack-a-mole.  Whack a mole 75 years, and this conventionally leaves one ship left, on the planet.  This last because of “the nuked,” inventory.  The bastards!

Equipment, and then political, and then would you please explain about the stars?

Just sheared that shit off.  I’m lucky, and then omm, screwy.

To those of us (wood) in Barbarella.  Hidden, a caution is averred.  Ghosted the ultimate, and I’m not only thirteened, am noticing the boy doesn’t help (Pale).

(I probably would kill free things to stay alive, but I threaten to really clean their clocks, on a certain day, like that Sunday), so together, you do lust, too?  Show me they’re under.

A thing was coming back to me, I chose free scenes of life, still.  I trust the way (I trust me), merde (“shit”) […] for him?  Well kitney 42.  a 42, in San Diego.  Looking crystal in  your — yeah, groupin’.  Right.  Roll ’em.

No beef with the Rock (“Rockin’ sees”), but I want it insighting.  It’s nothing visible tend won’t move.  They talk like wrying weaker songs out of it.  (it’s to the); like reading-write.  More a place for it to go, with scientific that proof.

John was filing Perfie’s teeth in “Norwegian”, he was perffed too, with a strike by the tongue, against the epiglottis he felt back through his mother, and her settled dust, towards.

Now, obvioused that this is a porn film in action; this is a hood.  (blaring horn).  Now, everyone in the male section may skate this half-hour.  I don’t know if I could put 12 on.  A puss on.

You yourself raise rats, so then, to see the people’s home life.  Trust me that this explains something that all the close photography closed.  There is no planetary (Society) ridge.  Are we killing?  We’ll reproduce any, oddly, it’s protein for us.  And, take them with you, and refuse.

I’d like to see the one that says that there’s all one can do, and openly, there’s room for a heap of animals.  Not because yours cost me, there foregoing behind me.  Get ’em set to use; they may be.

Young skin you have, it’s  is like a pussy itself.  We’re dreamin’.  All Custers applied are just quaking.  We have (our defeat) liquid metal shaped-charge, and are defensive, and polarize.

*Weapon.  A lot of people publish concrete, The Poor Man’s James Bond, the, uhh, well.  I’ll turn it over to (invention), custom.  Let’s see.  I think Thompson was actually on those drugs.  So soon woes make those up.

You have to clear a space with 007 firing at you, to plan your revenge on us (nothin’); a tight pull.  You have to, or there’s no reason, still having to escape direct pistol fire.  I suggest you’d need to re-order.  You don’t know false for us.

cut in to you.

Thompson kills himself, two years for the  lies about it, with Tom Wolfe gaining him one hundred percent.  And they are (your) in mind.  Charles Bukowski was in — what do you want? — well, in pain, I expect a German top division.  ‘Twas lies!

To keep order.  The alien in this is one in they have some without its wheels.

We already have the victory over you.  We had sever us to port (the Coriolis force.  I don’t know like a Colombian) the album dedicated to, “If the Japanese finger were poised over a nuclear button”, don’t look to those, “foes”.

crowd. If yare going to effect ocean at lowered efficiacy right’s my bottom.

They were long times, murder was the longest, and, (he times) they wrote, were by friends.  Murder’s worst, bet.  I don’t think so.  I think you may receive up to five hundred years for a few times kidnapping a guy, with a couple of robberies.  Tackin’.

I hope Jews have included murder in the list you’re beautiful girlThey usually don’t, what happened to the arms.  They fell off, usually trippin’ too close to cake. while Catholics darken the crystal 12-degree ball.  And have my theoretical set of a new hole where the Vatican WAS, 1944.  Second only to is the radio weak be gettin’ yah free time.  Catholics would have followed the Jews into a historical bin; with Hitler’s modules, they still can ran out because zees.

Oh, tempting?  I would call it that.  Why are weird, weary?  Nolte, the rats tell us what the people are capable of, and it is not any thing you would tell them, see them even have hands on their arms.

We are putting a section for granting Leopold a bye on his 10,000,000 (terrorist murder).

People, willing themselves eaten by a lion, take a gas awhile, in a ‘scape.  Bekord his Beatties.  Being beaten by a coward right now.  Who’s giving police the heads-up, for when I get down forwhy (steppin’ on) mine?

I knew that (trust you).  I’m chaff in the wind here in San Diego.  Does anyone shoot them?  Yeah, we and Rock ‘n Roll recognize.

Why would I set those guys (just some guys up).  They’re up (thirty years).  You want to beef?  Make sure, if you do drugs, that you die young, for my children to know what you are hired to do!  And, towels.  Got you occupied.

I came in 8 ways from-from ahead of the Grand Total.  Prepare for one dimensions.  Stephen’s end (Time Machine) is (quit) twelve years (the proof) longer than the Beatles.  I’ll like have a we-were interruption.

It’s cruelty to isolate a rat (ie, our rats love rats); don’t just take it.  Take it being internal.

You are not caring to see my money.

ESP would depend on other.  Done here with the stomach.  Yeah, it’s only “Good”, with “good” being found in the dictionary.  And, it’s not prejudiced.  It has no “zone”. (D)well, it’s a shambles.  We let you not even be born.  (Le)t beauticker* them not even be born.  Boring, I mean.  Did you get shooed off?

*It’s a word.  I’m happy you with the say its up.

Heat is conducted.  I’m going to say not Catalina got clobbered (recoils).  I got through it with land.

After unrelated (to billing) Obamacare charges, I am sticking here on another cloud.  Ah, I finished one yesterday.  The internet has its opposition.  It gouged me the day after I finished with its last attempt.  So that’s today.  Joining with John in saying we each don’t hopscotch to.  He had a last cranberry commercial.  How those?  Spaghettios.  (I’m not) busy with those.  Like I say, a few things here in the room are as stupid as those.  And, there their shirt off.  Japanese?  How moan jit?  Take a stab, because, when you all make your rock songs tight, and in on Mom, this is not living.

I’ll shoot you — what is, “merrily”?  You run along tracking mud all over my tweets, I’ll kill you, cousin.  Mark soon.

Did you see the little Republicans with ( are there more?)  Debts, too.  And a shunt, and a pipe I breathe through!