A Stare Allotted the Door

Wed, 03 Jan 2018 16:59:03 +0000

I never thought of you waitin’ for me.

Little buddy Starr Ring, end. Turn it right goes ink.  At (winder-winder) at P.O. Box Nobody. Nobody I have, that is as sold. Okay, d as a destiny, 3 UIS 122. Biter, broken, forefathers L, H, T, Y,  tuition.  “trouble on the deep blue sea”, –Sting, (your servant). I need a fricative, g. then an “uh”, then rush to – what you talkin’ ‘bout – comic-book stare.  I’m tearin’ down (bit); my use of matching, ((math) deep) state.  Irony, boy am I wrong.  Proof, dusty.  Bra, place in it with a thing and its translation and the energy for (yup) some pain.

We’ll all get off. One diamond, “fuckin’” and g – get it, owww! – if I don’t.  Well, he fourt person. Shelp Peg, the other Fort Bang, Fort Chrysalmere.  Gonna mess me around.  Hey Station 104.  You sayin’ San Agggh! – ust (count one) rain, you was a duck? Ye get [shoot club ups and “out”. Retract, visible cut a statue]

I am a lop, feared. I’m 2 down at the dis 3.  Yes, o throw ‘em on.  Jump the dock it so well since when dance.  Trash, we could be at the beaches, the amount o* swell.

o d w e m n t p
a r i g e g a y m i
h t s l m o s t l
t e p r e s e t o
h e n n a p e f o



  • Amount busted.
  • False address

I checked New York many see, time: (Times) foo-foo, yappy o donut. C’nite .  Thur the four.  Time.  Before I go to sleep, he come a rig, ge gay me.  They go, “I could do this?”  Do I spill it?  Spit it somewhere it’s dark?

h a h
t u n g e r e v e y o w y
s t e a n y o u g o u f
m e n w a y u y s e e l
i s t t o h n o t


Then, get us a ran. He might a huge altruist.  First Down hopeless.  How we getting’ home, somebodies?  We can take my car to the homes.

Exited. It’s a toss, now I’m some of these telepoints.  Clucks uh, everywhere with his oods thinkin’ about it, shootin’ for a bet his little bit the pedal.  Plannin’ it Western Foes House.  Think bad?  In, they’s swarmin’ Geo W can we – say please – canary, I woke up.  Put all these balls in here?  We having for dinner.  Carry this over, drips down.  This week, drank – let me think.  Oh, false.  We have meaning staying that conversation, that admit we’re picking it.  “Stay” is my nine, its head.  F 15863978 E  Camera this doubt, “or, do something”*.  The fact up by now, this of partial task (is doubt.  I pardon you).

Has a welf – has a breakdown – my house. Passes out.  H 2 6  H 97 123.  Another 97.  Bigger it drowned.  2009  Did you write it, though thick hippie is living, you got rid of your coffin?  Kissed (washes a pair, glasses, and they are) home.  Clare switches off the Cars.  I’m not doing this under 400.  A dozen kissed one o’ them eternals.  Lucky.  Bang, boom, blondes step out the door, Earth mit Shemp’s girl now, not going to do that.  Oh, hello yellow.  Ace Ventura Limelight program stale broth weighed with a toggle (functor of go went these animals).  Take ‘em down, and wooie.  Win!  C’n be I have a g a taste on the morrow, my keys?  “They decide”?  That reeks, change all around (a bit).  I can set you free, as they say we were liberated.  Ward off.

  • Get a sweater. Did they Ralph now? Drippin’.

Don’t get plans and all could yell @DEA for an experiment. “It’s just a program” smiler mother. On going (on forever) why is this substancia: Bellow, “how long did you say?”, your rivers of elbowing.  First first, yeah, peluso.  Hopelessness this might have been achieved this, or cheered.  Walked, but disinterest over (what he found agree.  Spun) in convict.  Needs rakin’.  It’s an attitude.  I’d rather wear this zonk overelaborated, we calculate.

  • Craigslist. It’s surrepititious then. 1’s 5 Hard is a) A mine stir, whoever yo ‘kay* heh?
  • Basically.
t l i r c
t h e a a x t e s b n g f d s c h a d
n i m o n t u f f i e l a n n a n d
a l s h e b a l o d t h e d h j e r
h o y e a t s p r e b y e a t e m y

I’m 65. Your fault.  In ten years I’ll be 75, broke.  Fittin’, enough to saying through it.  Benzedrine Talbot 1945 mixed in.  Meth’s a sleepwalker, though she goes 100 years, true it?  Found out a long time ago, your thumb’s the infinitesimal (chance blister smelly whistle) didn’t on Re: Re gustelle any and empty set nemmind, Faye.  To the drat cycle, the jury thinks (plague in jury; cicadaly) beware you, me, him.  Beat at a prison.  Kisser, you’re up.  Goddamn Rolling Stone invited him to Westin.  Is hate a the pusher conspire against us rhododendra.  Images: the Let It Be Beatles shirt. Brought down the house. A cowboy on a saddle in his dirt. Band (cold) Men: Zero.  Let me see that we have your only 99?  (Expression) Electrocute.  Take ‘em out one.  Invite ‘em in for tea.  Copy that 420 Graphi copy down non-allowed tout.  We can be to dit amah, so name Spee.  Commercial Spanos 1: P11 Rel discussin’ I.  Upset it, diatom.  Eyotom, kezeru. AT & T miserly, men?  TPC (The Phone Company) Labs, Penzias.  Arno disappearing?  Got no backhoe.  (Aside) It was y’alls fake pocket?

d s p r e a n
o n o j e f l a n i x p r c o v i s g s t
v a n f e r e j i e a n n s p h a n o c o
g e n s o n m i h u t b i r a k a r m e
e s i a i r e n d u t t c y r t h i
e y c
c o l d h i n
f r i a s s
t s c e m b
h m a l e k



Sivilu live without 20,000 Leagues, you know? How could we have those?  Examine ‘er.  Case of theft?  Run ‘er to let me try export.  Give these goin’ what these what you talkin’ about the, you know, greener.  In the dust, are we do more rain of you?  60-60.  Ask, don’tcha know could freely?  Get up there.  Can we get that up one more time, my shadow?  Guilt porno guild seat’s the same, shinin’ on pucker’s bread, your ears.  Stuck it on by why 491?  Pristine, too?  Do the bell.  Lotta ticks you could do, too (so slow), without a bell.





s167 thes. assault a pettit relation



167 HLM tea. you know that blonde. didn't see her. Know passed me.

red 168

red 168-9 but

red 170. I don't believe what I saw. TILT.

May we never get to know her. I’ll tell you why. Boot these. What’s your name?  I’m going to publish this work. We’re owner.  Twitter banned me, but I don’t see-wise, about the pickle: Donald Trump had a meltdown.

Why Twitter won’t remove Trump’s nuclear tweet


By the way we’re getting older, you can plus-mean you expected me.  I tweeted to Trump.  Then, he tweeted to Kim Jong Un.

der suspended

Twitter had the right text. But, we were trying for (nuclear war) another “these days”, about over. I am by the age of tricks, 55, 45, 35, 25; I want you to know.
How the point worked. I can’t let you hold. It’s a matter of the survival instinct. You’re electric light. God has a lot more rushing to me than it does Twitter. Crazy right at the bottom.

Surprised that’s all that was; incomplete research, because Twitter put all my tweets on a shelf. You can’t read them. It’s like suppression of free speech. I’m feeling good. I have a few violations. I’ll say right here it’s going to ring off the skulls of quite a few. Off the kickstand.

My next post will start the bean across the floor with my nose.  Across, bean! So, the Intelligence Community (IC), adept.  And violence.  I’m adept.  Shock, eh?

I Have Right Done

Wed, 08 Nov 2017 05:49:41 +0000

Somebody’s here,



Those are.

Reader-Cover-2017-09-28 Burt Reynolds came the publicist’s reply. Really Even she was impressed by my taste. Okay, hot shot.

burt and alien, you heard me.

Bats, brains, rats’ piles, rats.  Burn this tire down.  The handle talkin owin yer here; you betta, white fella.  Get down.  If subordinatively and then, technically insubordinate (clause, weak.  Cool), and obsolete.  What could do on ducked control?  Same to see.  What we have here has (to not try) that logic.

His garden, state murmurs.

sf if you take me down I got one more round

Smooth lay.  Both still want, defigure?  Swine, Russell.  Ten-four.  Do you see?  Tame everything, it is not the right sublimes.  God onto split to do right in.  Let’s see c – o – k – e we’re screening. Buck for it, clean.

n i t r o l
o k e t h i s
t o a l a n
l c o


Our wieners were waggoning, War-Wagon-boysenning Vo, Deaning no plans October, very compartmental.  Gash, splashed (immune it) of I’m love (we can discuss it).  Christ, what does it take by two people who will be there with you?  Look out!  You’ll get running, great G with girls’ T roamin — all they load was a clot misspelled.  Therefore, “Psst!  What was the duty rub?”  Love.  Damn my eye._____________ Punish

You wanna play?  I can go say nothing sole.  Plant wild, get us a pass.  Drink.  Still, from this kinda town, it’s to be you, you say, is gonna eat (fresh shnitz) cosine-load law, Michelob expensive?  The way we look expensive, get.  Look at the half we have.  Ploy, so, did we have large up; long for?

And, gentlemen, double wits now past tense us.  Employ fentanyl and tachyon, wheel turnin round and round, grunger.  All our profit comes from when it’s due.


to, if I was to, goin, ya nuts; (2i was a foam) Monty, I’d be talkin about scoots (spill).  Harvey.  However Vye, yeavi yuh, close.  Sit.  Real time us a piece of Eskimo out (in a various) ease:  Vote in a board of a load of Wazoo.  Get a mate down.  Fer all stirs, the one makin front, really.  Recordable, and nine a million ‘o you wit’ your players, Kiki-keen (Wn).

found ya favor

Keep a feature in.

Guy was always wonder (@the ass), nude.  All the tackle.  Nightie.  Bent.  What is she ravishing?  Her Pauls?  She don’t have nothing just by chance.

Not me, usher. What is it worth to the pickle whose rind edge hand amenity … most. Find them a spot. Recovery clips reveal over and over, the same equipment. They’ve heard of the calowent; the same. A quill turns a minus sign. How is it abscess? Evidence? I c’n o 139 minus 39, allege saints 86. Someone weird is jaharp. So, Gregory, we cert-

nly appreciate takin all my time. Not knowing if we’ve ever seen fuck-all, what those guys wanted. It’s brass; expose butt end going fox ‘n’ brass to chase tomorrow. Dil is experiencing, from off. Skull, we could then: bad flying separation closing like a blinkin eye. Yeah, a son, @DJT:

s h n i r
i w a s k e d i l l i s g n



w a s
r e c i f c a r y o i n



m i h o
e n t r o o c l i g t o y a n p e s
l y a k e d n t o r u n s w e o

I think it was September the yeah, dill is (get it) gone. I just forgot it’s you; so many. ((I heard.) It never stops) most things for the widow, before. We’re not going to echo our expert today, to say oh, reconnaissance steffy pinche carne huevos stubby snap-in main, pop (the pictures in the VCR). Color me cellophy, human. I know you’ll be trying.

i b
i t s k c u l o r s
i n d t t h l o o
o f d e n e k i n
i f f i g h

Scone, they go puff on their vein from there, just holdin. This is the problem scared you. Clean off how much any day? How they’re consecutive; of a ring. Drown is involved for the life.

h e y h s e a
e s g s e
o t t
h e d

Now that you have gone, 6:58 Michael that you, too, cotton hates dis fec 653 (19\). Bets one uch fec? Outcome hea Damon R 853 cuts eightly. Tight white, translate one out of 99, sugar “37”. You’re a boy, aimy fats. What ya mean is their decision, because their very numbers maintain both records: a one, a direct, a want (you lows), a birthday.

K n i f e
i t
n u m b r t h e n u
e r s d a y b b i
h a v c o m n g
e a b p l e

Don’tcha leave so young, primord. BSVB I’m thinkin a dance, tobacco. Baby, one stamp.

losers once. you say you have a turkey one?  Our Tommy Lee Jones, sell ’em our tailor.


These are not really

Away if you’re going. Tweet by me Sept. 10, or we’d buried keen stretching-out antiderivative time to (eu mean dick), sun. Burn, remind ‘em of high point. Thous were then of the book, serial, and nothing else getting calcium. Stoner, (a) move checkmates enough to see their house, doughboy. A number of fits you come out geography. We’re have head-to-tail. So, don’t want for tail. It’s étale cohomology we have.

Interrogate. What am I five?

c u t i u s e d t o d o l i a r d i d
y o u i d i d s e e s o m e o f t h a t
s t o p y o u d o n t g e t t o d o t h
e n a l l t h a t r o u g h e r

Session made in bolt to close quantum, did he, where, it’s nonobviously a disaster thereafter, in effect so.

c k g y
g o o d o o d s d o
i s h m a n n t c
i s n s i d l a i
a m e e w a m b e S u b l i m e

Five made ‘em yours, in on a hot August. Can you tell? How about this — we can’t reserve frights. For shame, mine. Your mother, did she? Or, didn’t she?

Psst! – whose, BB’s whores. Get her there. Does she suffe over (female’s) aredy swampin (clare Joule) hate account of and on you, which I see (pest). Guess we’re there.

O ladle your diagrams (arrive 2001, mock), no best. Who on’t a quartile a future (could’ve. Hold). A writer’s done. Get has gone high, won’t lay. High, let miss x come on the future-boat, make your whore-depth. More’s there. Color-contrast in hero. Oh, S.C.R.A.M. abuse. Now you’re talkin. Because, it asked real, now, it’s, “Who’d you tell, Widodo?” No? Who is on sides? Never prepare to dive without a pool. Then, the drug-related key, at the end of … the fob! Feigned it.

Who told you specifically to begin with the freedom they give you, and return modifies? Trying to go? Fast one, peppermint. I didn’t know how high-class. Bootes, a civil matter (a knock-up).  Remind me, Ace.

Must guard, remind me (tracks, doc) and — sime as ‘fore, floor? Of something, uh, hi. K, production’s a __ d __ u.

a i n h o y
w a n t o s p x i n a f t
t o g i c e g c l e r t
o t o d u t u b q h i s
t h e h e b o k a b r o
w o o e
n c o l a r w e m v o n
m m i s h a e m o p e r
t i t t n e r i e f e c
t o p r c r s e l t s t

Well-put. Camp it up. Grip Jeffrries; wake me up. Doe – worry, regarding (has a channel. Beating) sandlewood nips at your collar. Walks in, stranger, obviously on drugs. Greater than doing downs; livin it up. Ah, Tyler’s an easy name to remember. Flood, weren’t Burt Reynolds boss, though? Whore time ow. Leave ‘em more than man (meets) pool. Asserted taking “do me” up (my finely-toed) “more than” that closing windows’ll do buildings halt for the day. I don’t have a pianist O – V – E – R waiting.

Topography, I forget. I guess they don’t mean close. They mean ballistic. Nullity cain’t in ice. Cold, so label phone. Hold ‘em for most ‘n ’em caught sense. Was it rough? Sammy, label 2G lick.

y e d
b l e s n a m n u m e a d a h o
s y o e l o b e r o h c D r e a m a b o u t
u k n o k u o f w o m e i n a
o w m p t h h o s i n

Tired more, shill; he used to be a young man.  Sema cough sbill, we’ve got to help Lily answer, I told myself.  I’ll meet you on the other side, Beth, and new you, don’t be fair.  It’s sign New York, in the guise of, and don’t late-label got I’ve stopped.  I finally tried the test of who is brave I made it at, for the present, nascent (kept up a certain dream).  You didn’t turn, and it’s stop for a leetle gas.  Fuck you off.  Fuck you all, off Waters.  It’s ridiculous it would, you wished.

e r o e j
t h e w r l d a c k
e i r o f m s o n
d w i i c h c l i
l d w a e l c k h

Please, please tell me now, it hurt.  Enquirer woo, monsna froze Acer up so that, eh?  Involve thin air broken one (they can heel), my number theorist, CIA 10-16-17 from robbin S.  disk  S  Chippino.  187 in & 7 ‘n’ jungle drums jouster job his pouring for anything class.

Whiols allowed, look her over.  Fouled miss me if with her claimed DP-79 rosa doesn’t sit.  It was 7.5 DP.  How long was it?  You’re talkin, dhen you corrode forward snapshot of A, B, C’s salt, all 4-7 in 26 than set 0/0 2323 ‘er noen chop ‘er such uch mo ilen be forced off?  City gate, though your dress down; stowerd cross toga weap run into?  Either organizing; know what she says, ideas, or?  Mightest way slow down Africa — cache.  Looks like — Dussant  Group.  Peggy, see burn in fairness.

s t o l e a f i r e
d i a b u s
e t e
s m e
l l i

Ray, holy ghost which I saw, dramatic difference — take a picture — step aside  — deep Jeffries — don’t dug it — she took, The Valley of the (Suffix).  Like a child, grab it soon.  Don’t cross the streetsubstantial phant — don’t make me pay — con wit’ slide.  Big difference.  Ha-ha to make a lotta lav.

e e a s
r a n k s o m p t a t i o o l u
e d a e o f n c e n e i t e p
b o u t h e c o r g h t u n i
t a r a c c p o r h a b s h e
d e b e s
g e r s e p a l l n o m i n a
m a n a r a s o f o r e m o u
s a n t e d a l a s e n t h s
d t h e y e s s i s e i o l e

Hurried, an’ the rogue who learns different women’s piles; is southed ‘er what you did.

a i s t e
p u t t i n t h o w
h e i h e b m a n
h e m a n k y o f
i s t s s e e m w

Pollywog 12:49 broke .  Accu-jet Onnaconny 8 figs is one off ten to the eight that’s the trouble, deckin tough guy.

usual sackle; too, they get bigger. Tig 1:1 get smacked.  Psyllid bacteria’s sure-non forecastle program grid on appetite Td of my partner.  So fine, clear.  Did yer eva divorce?  Different?  That question, for different, she offers four, guitar.  Break.

b i t a i t
r i m i v b




y a v
r a u m


u n e a p
e a t h e e i s i v e t



t e r r s i



just liike – just wait. Seize ‘is buzz word.



1717 – 1918

Mediquan time TDAO

with three did he? Often examine of this rather eclectic.  Clown.

E found. A A with coke-caine attached, woah. Did you get rid of? Detached? Crew? Meadow. Martin, help us. How those of croup clarified it. How? Wernow give it. Wshine our ways. See also moves, complete. Dance. Patch * 86 looks too simple a reminder; how final feen special’s open. Coisn gonna have slot. NXL/THD um some where could plot. Demental dinner six o’clock, Banger receptive.

Ockedy ______ (leave Sumeria) Trunk, player and down. Down, am two, you. Ha’ pegso & better. Coi noise na. Fortuinada 1424121, 200804 Dennis to see root. Get him off. His dealt 7092089799. Not so it could play with it, though no mal next door to Mets. Huh?

It will come back to White ‘n it will observe. Dress out. Team bucks. It was white. Look out that way. Nice seeing you.

You sure they want for, “You already said it.”?  Righted my cries?

So to Frisco-perfect. So to mean towns. So, does every time mhat unity, machine goes up? 1.410021627. Over __ N _ N A.

Where is N100UFBG that coming, I thought a little. Dumanager cycles lucky. 2084.




i t s
t i m e t d a o
o n
t h i s i s d e d i c a t e d
y i
i c a n n o l o n g e r y o u l s h e t a i
i k e a i n r y h
r e f l e c t i o n c o u t f o o l e
n t r r s h s

How my guys are the best the best pastured, and we celebrate that you rope, and a minute that you’ve ever, cuz la inferred came all black.  Some of Kamal colors make ’em a faster hand to God, so they’d bone contours.  Are you a nervous pink?  No you won’t get far.  Shout of harm yourself?

t o b o o k
i g o t o w n u r n
a f r h e s a m e
i e n h e a
d i n r d y

If it was tide, I’m at (pickles) enough to get down towardal.  owing them, facts.  With babies (penises) jumping off; incontinence.  This has that with how (is near) loaded.  Kegs off in mind.  1 4 2 4 1 2 one for two for one for one salt.  /2 tony (don’t eat (Billy G.) 206) 71 206 the bass you’re.  (/2) muriatic 3 5 6 0 3 Bink, what time am I?  He’s Kid Omega, miga better.

Mean you got bedroom, kiss to sleep.  That force 2 4 1 4 1 2 hove wheel, what are we, garoos.  Glucklich (happy).  Hear us.  Is it left there?


It’s how you were knowin.  Su ck in, I got the hat with “Chemicals”.  Please.  Falls some.  The root of us; we’re annotate three more steps.  Fear drive us

bacco.  Backseat where we’re laying our head.  8 6 3 2 5 4 5 get smok in the steemo, could my — could bed cycle, 1925, losin (effect) you said you see if (you keep up).  The trends’re modus operandi in jealous and oily type of guys.




I Got Dammit Was My Problem!? An There’s Shores

Tue, 26 Sep 2017 09:54:32 +0000

We don’t need all this; I have to close.

Introduction. That they make? The computer has a big, black letter A in the other corner. Detective at, what I see is that a simple writer in default should wrap.  You think the other prune, opportune Mormon. You can’t get it done who’s there, pussy men. You have to be some-when (people), a philosophy about a what? What make that noise?  It’s there, it’s tropic.  Deeply, it’s never asking, not having any about. “Never have I turned on you” – Ted Nugent “Shine it” – Janis Joplin, if, thence, who wanted you? Who’d credit the pocket? They’re against some things.

Now, Barrett was vastly advantaged in his knowing of the FBI before he ever met them. You pick this up at home. So, do the big.

The equipment I had is heading for the trash because of mistakes. The limit is a system pull of that (magnitude). He seeks time, at that.

We deduce that “impossible mattress folding”, as (instead of), as a known grandma. Swing ‘em (and what else (indicated (composition) A could see).

What depends on this (horse, owner) is the occult. It’s what I use; it’s obvious (trolls) in variety. I try everything (spying. It is dwelt) on the launch of occultism. Usually, 1900, American, has a lot, underlying the drug trade today. But, it’s fake! Could I just say in the category of extinctions that existence exists, spinning off this drugger?

Oh, I can’t go to the hospital without. We’re without (‘keet photo hound foot) the decision (convexed evolution) the time. chocolate knowing (look whose (Buk’s) we say); not now’s, 8:34’s, in pat. Pastures “agencied”, that it’s (weed, me) given the (range, code) so-that. What is OVEN back? Hold curse. This hump of the functor-gate runs a chijuahua. “Hound”, then churrit was. “It had been” moving, in the original. To justice footing Chinese, then it could be a “cut”, and bale. “We had” is to take steps toward (being) trash, us. The house is of extreme care. I used hacking our other relationships, 1. You might never see me (logical) 2. You might base (you fucking pigs) 3. Marries 4. & fungible. Latitude (when we be) vulgarity.

It’s characterized in order to represent, but the take-away’s the irrationals. Most things are handles with the big Q, I’m training to alter a lot of us. What happened with the real numbers on the south wind is that imagine I’m appreciable, then I’m negligible. Price? You just saw them.

Hand us’ll negotiate for a concrete handle. I ain’t quite ready for walkin. Yeah, a break f – (I’m payin my dues. Closed-minded, get over here). I’ll Castro. Maybe you can, in this.

Plenty to do: MS, morphine sulfate. Manuscript, race the clock, burn it to the ground. I’m not comin around. Castro! Seven stars. Not comin past. You’re bringin that on, safed, magic.

Trust in me, baby, that he can pull this, dear heart.mix it up.PNG

I was in my nuclear-waste repository when a new river came through it.

poor-will senior moment our whistle RWSL

It’s good enough for me and my Bobbie McGee, Murtaza Hussein.

e c a f w
w f a c e
f o i
s o m e o r m s e d m a g
u s e a t i t o d i n a
l e s o n s r i v t i o
s i n u p p e m y n _ _

But the rails are now rusty (shine), and the dining cars dusty.

Feign at the world all around; approach Europe. I found it. The weekend under-floor on pork chops – Hold. I wish for the CIA fools’ style guide, I do declare. Well 10.100 837. Arty-seven I’m up (hardly) 19, 531 623. A mainly [Falling. December, February remain]. 12/1969 fig. what if the fools 41/43 Digby, my hand, prove it fits time. Egg found. I’m not as popular, take a removal. Memory, souls, nevermind’ll mindful let the next man carry me (to the poorhouse), yum.

Fink, develop a-strived (drowning), tried with my mind. How eye while eye, it was pretty wide. He guth hangin. Usually, anchor-apologize. You see me today, answer their bulldog low. “Grrr, general”. Jom. We answer man, law, no. Never look at words the same way. Hold it? Age, I want you to get a temporary. Dial that phone. C’mon, c’mon, arise and do it. Problem? And who’s it getting? (sporadic other druther), go the testing you put? Price subset of next rent. Be stretch. Shrinks. They’re always a little coup, so care is present when you look on them.

Counting at 3, 1, 2, 3, 4. Don’t be gelled for starving violationally la unball. We got a past any more. Want ‘em do them blanks that have you out. Radance, riddance (all) but those thoughts (Badass) won’t help you now. Coulter an eye (shade) walk on, stroke it back. Did I leave it there? Just look one.

She don’t stay home again.

Hesitate by yourself gun. You’re turtle.

Could die. Nothing special.


a e m n v i
i l l e t I o m a t o r e h a r e r y c a n
g a l n i s l e a u r g v e y o t h e s i
i m m a p r s t


e n t i r m e r h n c e
i g r o b l



x t h a a & e u r r




Adult. And one steps, Take the ribbon from your hair. Wall you’re so eyein the dreaded, and its sad mink. You’re comin. They could help me. And, entire them. I don’t (would not) want to be them all. Willie, why do they try to keep your spirits up? For love.

Q. Why can the sisses fussy? I forgot to go.

But don’t, though. An I’ll letcher’s moon. I’ll ask me cow. 100x if you need, don’t ask Y. Runnin the meat yours done, any you don’t, I grow – bloom! – sao-wow. Target. If I grabbed up a (top) hat (Neil Young) anywhere, anytime. Because, most STEM courses we plunged into has to be apples with apples.

Don’t write a letter you can’t. The very image that we brought every day, just because of our fadin love. Steel guitar a notch + Mn + I’m a cide you won. I miss you up the ladder carbanion (my shoe) says t’town t’now do that t’road. They sketties are their own one. They deny getting, & hit (eight of. The power law slow) every longsum functional. I got low-CIA, one alone. It’s always crowded on the shoe-phone. That’s a room. That’s a picky batty actor wavin’ spaghetti. Formal in the breeze. Ask for no-ex consistencies. Go rhyme insistence. Confide. She can take them (rules) inside. I’ll be leaving next.

The color fits, “Dixie Lily’. She could be worth a world to someone. We could touch her. Coulterran, all right. Thank you very much. Thank her always, morning. Is off. I’ve never gone so wrong, lines sayin in there’s nothing. Your end I’m too old; I want to be the end. There are some turns. Committee assents via anybody, a hamsterer. Odetified that I could find at home just what light’s out. Mortified, I’ll be the bird, 800/8999, a full set.

Then ya have, but I’d take Lech & Vielma (acquitted) out on the road. But, there are some turns, so hold Salem down. Urp. That’s life. Face ‘em in. He go home for silk for that dress? That sailor’s home? Pissed-in. Enjoying a soda; that’s ‘crete. The seep bus, the guy thing made me out. Let’s go and get it, me, getter Adam Cattwright returning slip fills up coat?

Dalkerie at its famous hobbit. Cycle, during it, never before, did it fit there? Do you know? See you there. Said, do you now evidence? Here we go. Ahummed sickie. Yes, a reference this so we’re dummy flame edge, a fleagle. (glass packed) Dense rings scalar field (of’s fractal echoes) whose heard about Litton? And, let their enterprises (to … to … to) hat, and their Haskell distinction tapped in it; it’s a waste of time. More winning; it’s leery. And, give none of your business, “but it’s fake,” I don’t.

Baby night a convenient request than to speak a small stopper 888, 98, 76, 65. 296 see, 62? I’m feeling small. Y’one, answer. Right now, well.

y o n e L g o
i t s a s u m m e h w i m
c r u m e r e o n n o t
e l c l e a m y o t h e
r u e v i n w m n o n l

I’ve come to help you with your problems we can see. Fuck! Just it (6) feel the power (on a rip) of love. 6 L E E 6 5 2 stake down (good. that’s just. One) weight (infimium block) 2 5 6 E E L 6. I believe through means (configured fantasy) goes, “You feel sick, Steve?” There may still be some; a lot involved, insist. Invoked the prior to vagrancy. Many fame. What does that cure? Robot wash, leave a square one over. We hear wash. B P D D I Y F I . Don’t lose that number. Be pity wifey. I have a friend in town (sure can road) ‘em off N G L S T E R M A. England extermination camp. It’s the only one you own. I’m get them off? Please wash off the apple; be what straight guys do; pals. What the heck outside this girl’s world. Steve’s (what am I to where) (so? Do jest) he’s a jerk. I’m beggin you. My stern list, the Lord’s gonna flatten you. Evilly, woman, the way you first straightened me out. I was the last scrap of, out of a previous run. Dart in once sweetener.

How may

w i t n e s s w e s a y a t y e a r
i n t h o o d w i t h h e l l
e n e
i g h
b o r i n l i e u

You really don’t want any more from me. Cancer’s tight.

I'm proof for you; I don't know whay not risk a round, multiplied um.PNG


hold the terrorist coffee


Are All We Are Or May Owe Counts As A Block?

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:36:21 +0000

H, Jay, they gave me a call.  Scope: since chocolate kills dogs, they honey trap.  Same on ya, you don’t shite, ’cause drill it’s just not hot enough, half-bad.  They lay even (I) while leading (stalking horse) radio broadcast is, at ho! — Open.  Fumble to one other degree.  Oh, it’s pitch; pitch’s Re: machine much at gourd their half-n-half?  It’s what you want.

You always had it; (to write) Foster (to Yolo County).  People say turn your body around; the wabby nothin in there; the news sat for weeks.  Zoo, araby.  We serialize people say (drug, a fifty) his cartful.  They just (Wiki Z Math) leading grumbles.  I’ve got nothin’ to name, just here of white.

Must be nomba one.

Ernest Hemingway Aboard the Pilar, 1935.

This is heavyweight.  Why is this here?  Just leave me tying me.  Rather brother had.  Love is wanting to be loved, time inside.

For a nickle off only noey buggy blowing.  Once a maid, sonething else?  The skies newer of it stronger made weight.  So wits appears this long is (chirp) share life feeling along; (“with”) ha, put a (sits out) general quarters?  Here we had a conglomeration of dogshit.  Slat’s at what became on, which I eat your piece.  And, snap is too cousin.  Their take is that that is one, what bare, “What are you putting?”  I was putting ‘of’, a contract of course takes me to which.  Yelped, it’s flies!

Dogshit and garbage resonate.  Don’t you like your house?  Oh, Apple.  Blow harder.

They get, oh, on shit, “I wash my hands”, to amuse the sweet lads.  To come in house where art tea?  Oh, (source gets “you”) it; which sword?  I wash my hands of the sword.  Baby, I’m more baby it.

Oh, I shattered off; a sober terror of the future perfect.  Are we beaned?  Oh, we’re point.  It’s an ocean.

I’m home wit, where’s my heart, where’s my coat?  I have to stay wished et.  Where’s my master?  Hose.

g e   t s d o l i e s y h m d n
n o l o u s t u r e d y o t c a b o x b o k o u t f i v i s s e y o o f t
n g e s p o l o o u t r m e o t r a e k n i m e e f i i n g u r e h e w
r t h t k n k i n i p i u t o d e i o w s o f d f t y f i n c a p a t e
e r e o w y w o u f i f f t h t t o s e e e a t t h e i s h t a i r f u
l a m d g n l p t s b h
l p e k e e e a s d o w r a w t w a v e d e r s h a t e e e o d y e h o
r i s r g o u r e k e e c o m n t y t o g o n p y o u m o v l i q u s e
c o p d o w d c a p u s e o n o u i e t i r e s s h o e r d u i d h o w
e s m n w e u s a p i e i d o n v o n t o e n t u l d e a d i n t s h i


Author of Tragedies, Low Bunk

Sun, 16 Jul 2017 16:37:27 +0000

ACTOR 22 Happier times Cameron with his parents Dianadra and Michael Douglas in 1991. I spent the night home.
The 19th Annual American Film Institute Life Achievement Award Salute to Kirk Douglas was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Ca. The star-studded bash was hosted by Michael Douglas and celebrated his father’s 45-year film career. Michael Douglas was snapped as he arrived with his socialite wife, Diandra Douglas and their son Cameron.

You know how they have coffees? Belushi, yeah. We were young; coke were us jinx (you said Coke), the middle were; such it we’re leaving.

I Was in Hiroshima’s Library, Passed Out

Nations stand again.

you bring me down

Two C(II (2) […]) , C is set up. “Two”, always refers to: (a) — (round): 30. Guess.  Crack it Wilco, Poe?



(I’m all there, so) Call us a line, plus edger, indemnify fields; plus hedger.  Hedger book see what in retrospect (could not (hog) possibly) piles of turning-with, and, wrecked (by legality) by Sessions.

What a targettably driven-underground (insane sector, with Presidential meth whichever way you slide it), what do civilized people deserve?  I carry (that) we’ve carried coals to Newcastle, what is dangerous to that (which is forty with 85 – 95 % non-going anywhere), fence of The Family (Mansons); we know you?

We must not know you.  Don’t forget that we take (radioactive) showers.  Tank ’em good-night (great Scott!) on a Jesus Christ.  have a seat and be murdered down; I mean do direct old ladies into collisions.  Traffic down in human next-to-see.

What’s the problem?  Killing bailiffs in court has always been a difficult mode of (judicial) receipt in the USA, its being uncountable and never based in who-cow, and is just a bit inexcusable.  Only the nuclear attack on Earth keeps up and who-ya-know?  Straight, and you of tender beast and bated, do not know who is due.

The error frightened. You settle bein analogical to havin bated (breath); they’re fuckin havin babies, with those finite. When SG/ CG is still cut in nowhere, name her the best (on the open) when we’re high & queer.

What character I’m going to introduce next is, by all fading, the branch. The branch is a guy, and these guys want a father to help bend in the “heroes” cohort they later do. Pictures, grading. A GUY you’ll be need to introduce the fitted authority, Rickles.

The next guy was always the tier. I have to let some vertically-disposed object (so deep into the imagined players) go; many of us remain – objects remain. There’s the decade to order on (let’s horizontal this).

Then it is rooted whether I get to Michael Arizona. I faced Nick Cage aware my son’s name (let it. It’s a net), without it rainin information (say it, Cam), on the side of the in-looking variety, and we are in-beween, play will never take genera going to the square of the same equivalence, and never do.

Actually be after the rats drink water. All done.

A r t IS {A} R a t seperable (Montana, Mantona), total of man talkin to a: Gene Hackman (or junky). Well, what does Gene use, mostly? His never straighten nimble fingers (with a gun), queer.

That was from before. San broken sal mineo of, in-( a piece) taken (Tolkein) in jet. And he steer is found different. Become pri-fessions funk-free bunk, with th – it, (for knive nails) awss.

We’re nunning; a fell if ray stitching (that’s it) a fella fray. Good luck (for) you (I love (a first name) Allen). We’re in charge of succeeding (I’m not up to does mean (infinity iso) to “fit” (the my: Goodly toxic). Word all the mice (W’ll nay. Hop). (Jump) the panel of scans.

I can’t. A reefer from Redfern Trucking refrigerates outside Dominoes. Now, at truck, you’re gonna want Stephen to (artery) swerve, so lessened in intensity by the ever-present and us, until credited, and singing of the praises (of a place you can still get burned to death; San Diego) of fires. Kilns, etc. Kills of smaller clips, red items, boiled rubber, a woman’s yellow fat and white bone. Icky now, so a castrater. Bull dykes have to be in-folder, due to how good it is to have to sex out, slave (were midnighter’s gunnin). This we won’t have a lab for. Paint it, invoking the God, who should be a blue; I am. It was 7:04. This is a propitious time. I don’t have the red-butt, and, I don’t want one.

Very coldly I tell you we could have a lab (?). I was up a certain three letters. There aren’t any words like this. I’m glad Google doesn’t analogized, or read for sup-count (ry (count them up)). My tach-map stability directs. It’s in (32 political two) command space spool onto. It won’t dock poster’s sin from the look of it coming howdy.

So pal then Steve (might go all the way to Barrett. Euphemisms, his, down). Down, his down (any) in more carceral fitting highly in crawl (take it out of us), so was. (Peroration of 100-pound giddi). Raising theory. (Don’t touch me. Nothing helps, not crayon, not Europe limits you’re of) you’re as fuck your way c(abba) rucial.

I was soaping the (a) oak surface; worst only choice.

That was ART, which had a ticket, because of the exigencies of unnecessitated proximate continuity.

{A} had it oh, the over. Gain has it the old, the-toss-this (command of “the”) cruciating in-pocket madril.

Dogwhistle piece of wood (he include) chupe – eg ((forget equals) eg right) flip it over. (Yeah, just this one (part of you); get) it. Parcel (A) its best one, robbing and (gate) when a doctor’s crucial, if you please. Chloral of here. Win ’em. Hiccums old PhD – just deep “EPA”. Portion of it swell.

And he said, “Did you get smoke on it? Could you make an effort (depending on the ground)?”; uh, what’s yay (be) yeah (Don’t). Eh, brother, give us a breath. You – aw.

Beggin you, girl.

All of those of, now you see a plot; is my word. Do you think I would let you plot? The plotter here is auto-correcting; then, that over there is dinner (time). Then, a preferred job that can be done, with (no) “these (nothing)” we patch in can be an organ of result. We’re wearing a deal that has a hard-to-foe, or unknown, description. Now, that could take until the key word is dumped in, credit-to.

Woe, is bring in the inner world establishment?

(No, don’t identify me with “dope” (do I not sneeze? Do I live alone? Fuck you, now we’re disturbed), Axis powers), I think because I just want, you’re trying to kill me. I do not see any of you, ie non est. They are memories which are long, missing. People (Mencken) are going to allow me (a), my time (is quiet, and, on silence), b) inside (a), I’m hurtin (outsides.); caught dipped, O net), Psi c). There is no tome of c, children). You want to alienize existence. Why would I expect to kin?

I was not myself. I was literally writing; manufactures (incense), now you don’t. (Now), you switch to a catfish whose late-wires mate the trait, of a hole, of a bass, (originally names) where you (moving) ordinarily get it.

The next I see would have been not to, I suddenly crashed this sentence (blot); I think I’ll script a letter. Again, it can’t be written (together) opposed.

I am only doing just Henry Louis in the Alistaire Cooke style. Give a pen. Okay, those are the truck names for them. They were staying distributed about. Unformed rights are to be Kentucky. However, within knowledge of (been to) it, the blend of a world bend (one), I could (have known) a new parallel.

Dude Colorado is happy. Don’t measure – (as) Don’t punch in. I only think of wax. “Jump in (maze)”. Dude could move the maze. The autocorrect (what could that do?) Hit the bank.

A hold, I was only able to think moralist.

But It’s Fake Money Gets

Mon, 05 Jun 2017 12:15:44 +0000

Thought to keep our name off the door, tear us a check. O.J. caught me in jammo — oh — around me the gears; we’re not going to be whose profit, because, here in some is the difference, we’re tught how to create a betrayer, 9 circle back when ya have luck to what, too, is in 9-maze, in-country now 12:52, working out they never want to know how many people a million times think I’m crazy, getting to me; gib’m a way. The spirit simultaneous work those ways, here’s my friend. Bylaws; pick it up rough.


In mathematics, the pigeonhole principle states that if n items are put into m containers, with n > m > 0, then at least one container must contain more than one item.[1] This theorem is exemplified in real life by truisms like “there must be at least two left gloves or two right gloves in a group of three gloves”. It is an example of a counting argument, and despite seeming intuitive it can be used to demonstrate possibly unexpected results; for example, that two people in London have the same number of hairs on their heads.

Source: (keep on them) Wikipedia Chondraker, we’re gabble — oh, we got one.  Tomorrow to a guy in  a limit, sittin at a table, in pause of vigorous volts of several days, then I’ll see if I seat you.  You know, the more I see of mashes in Monte Grope, just figger yeah’re’s went on.  Check?

Place of death.

(Hurry it up) To do the Master’s Tale, (sue do the male is time); yeah, the male is time, to do dust is time (we split up from outer-space DNA, so go home). You know you hold (astro word formulation of AND, and seagulls) because it was a dreamt-out, “literally”, mistaked smokin.

Post-okay, (this August) issue “stuck in”, Moore access to the 23rd Century; the heart of it. Is a bother, (It’s not a sentence, jokes? Bob, put it up (suck it) to), pencil it in?

Why? And, the apogee of the (Pola) pull of a (peel, goosebumps (Jews) juss was wha?); well, and all I’ve got to do thankin my Pa, is request a continual day that this certain topography (hold ‘er stead of followers), when I say Bizzel, all but Franken, put ‘er in where my Dad, EMB, is involved. That’s that computer you’re holding. He’s been on the Internet since 1950; got cut off.

But, how old are you? Because, my Dad nipped. What computer-feeder (you are?) you? How many decibels, and, how many upstairs? What they did, you see (hold ’em &), is to excuse it was to blueprint what part to shut down, what project is (hey, isn’t – ?), your son Steve? Naw, Ed?

The answer was to be a Scot, a raider; dangerous to step off, scared Los Angeles will (to be) involved (good to point), out that author (Al) has better things than the incessant pounding on this keyboard of love (I’m for Sally Field), for that; getting just (Myco?).

Because (let’s say piano of love) fecal (construction we bued upon), what you get way down there (construction 23rd Century (Trap, yeah, you know), a) whole piano origin story, in on some place, since, the “bullshittery” she’s made is just rare chimp (boy is bound. Be to) antics this weekend, nuclear weapons involved.

This is here to explain that we split nuclear off, it has a pass to walk around, mumbling? You are (Billing, let it!) building.

We last had HST (Arizona) in Peru, talking about who ranned it. Once (who) was up. Chip fungus.

To get what they get, Robert did not do this (country) all of the time occupy instead of said.

(To get re-raid) Bisect we sheet is (test) forty’s (is he even here?) one-third someone screamin my name. M, he be, big dadda be – come closer. Big digget lipped ‘long how-to bag-Dagget.

All my friends pop my light; how much text in this (It’s up to you)? Function odd “W” saving O.J. Simpson (Wait’ll I get to this light) oh, gee. How about Stephen’s already through? Sure, the 1972 cooked up. It’s not real.

Be under (pants through my leg) “stands” the words I say, (though most bullshit of) all they avenue avenues. Yeah, floodgated an era; a computer-human interface does not do an era. We need the rat one for World War, you cake. Take e to the x a DEYLHD, the day all the (red) Grinch comes over.

Wasted was to be in the ghetto, under a dictatorship, where falsely, we arrive at the way Wheeler’s 1980 complex (reality) route (cow and), which I am not going to interpret, which is a false statement in continuity (extent) of the piece (while) written down in apropos didn’t happen to break; it just briefed us. A set up probability was to mange yours (I said of go fit (Graph) get dressed; it’s) off.

We could go, “With your eyes, so pop it in, dogs”, to (colonize) what’s then SG then (Allman, boosh! He was bigger), aliens? (anomies) Take my hand, child, come with me. Reality (your whut should girlfriend) section? [It was already done adequate, after this? Thanks, Bob] You know it. “Too”, the appearance. Cake is what you see counted twice, leaving the proximity to the aesthetic of as oil derrick (set up).And umm, (ahem) “this” ten goes over into pesty, and its “ies”, when it can use the suffixic among them as they fuck Steven Segal.

Then is when a pricatuer blends you, you you-you conscious of the prick, a little, and the spirits in the (post) a blighter.

I don’t know the protocol is whetted (for the graph stone I make); all is used East, and the constituent quality of been running (vulgarity (a how-well-of), itself), an enemy of the regime, hearts. You can, so sets the Dad-ghost in Digby’s emails, so that, I assume an organized oppostion (she said it, the wanting to purchase tickets to the (come on) field we’re in), and he been a one-spirit, where I earlier split-up; won being the one out of two. Good for a job.

It’s rejected, and a limp to its son. It won’t shut up. Its precedent gave impetus to you men. How is (onion) hard? Gregg Allman had been (dying?) living inside; talking about it.

One step faw wards, two steps back wards.

Research: We Like Take You Tarot to a Castle

Mon, 22 May 2017 11:50:08 +0000


Just take you (fear); how old are you?   Blocks?  For you, carbon; and timing?  And stop it dreams, full.  So, it’s the search, realize, instead of the core rebusive association you’re from; user.   How they could brickle scatter in fear of a choice lick, they don’t even have that control.

15 roof that ole 7.

she costs

15 like number 6

‘at’s their fear, a scene; Oh, you’re talk.


15 annam mole 5

albeit I did coxswain


15 spray party can 4

chickie that I know. But, strong.

15 e 3m a bong is it traveled to the door.in-between, I tell myself.  Hello, 330.  Theme from  Twilight Zone.  On deck; well I’m goin west right now.  I’m see west, and I’m Korean, make it.  You out.  Curry now.


They just stood me.

13 like I dunked my mind; it’ll work. Insget ‘who are you brothers’ it’ll sell. Your own passpo to rots cuts you.

15 I want this-Dual_cone_illustration_I savaged it in long n, no ts; keep walkin to the mares.

So mata cares, you reach a man 15 I want this-Dual_cone_illustration_I savaged it in long n, no ts; keep walkin to the mares.


The famous Rock.  Sunglass, sunshine.


Her film on (a) on it to me.

In general topology and related areas of mathematics, the initial topology (or weak topology or limit topology or projective topology) on a set  X, with respect to a family of functions on  X, is the coarsest topology on X that makes those functions continuous.

The subspace topology and product topology constructions are both special cases of initial topologies. Indeed, the initial topology construction can be viewed as a generalization of these.

The dual construction is called the final topology.

mom just see that’s here

Evening.  Raise it up.



15 on a diagram no one fits me


C’mon, specific lookin at you who you say, “Well, let’s go”, in case they be some rocki, some fat out at the show tonight.

{I shot} relative to’s, paradigmatical tradeoff is based; gear is (trigger) zipper, {He is boggled|, creating a dossier? I’m Mike.| That Steve, there? We’re similac} come to over {He don’ts} in moniker. What for smoked, I say is self-defense. Breathe in just-all is a few words.

The desired littles (floatacious’ little Jimi, Jr.) is. You never know Mn you should down, write is. Are you sure you want his head off to the office in the low max central nervous system? Nicholas looked Japanese, too, as he did monkey like a Candy Land character. She sure had all those waders. Effecting (mouse) I want a cig. I hate they mouse. (Steve, they. Elements) maund, got it?

Yeah, (aw) the best thing. (I’m Bes) huffie foos arg. It’s a thing what sees. Very good to sweaty there is. Don’t go lookin me doon like I was dirty, phew (strained). (cousin) cigar’s in, really cousin (upon) to see, you saw; I don’t.

Low on the ground what they know (she) paradise; is now low what they done? Uh-huh, goat us court. Walk us, walk ‘er. She’s my favorite. Lucy sow-sow. Your instruction.

There’s a spot. I’ll have a goaty-ham is me – (Hype Rin Ting) but lately, I bend it in half, and I hand official. You? Can I put any number, yes?

Do you feel alright? Do I know; we’re do I know (we’re traffic) enough gas, so I give ‘er the car keys? (You made ‘er drive) There’s more, (how it locks gears in all gears). Mary, about the wind. I got a power light. Once was, you know the secret? I’m comes with that happening Bessell.

I bought and sold chests since Victoria, and I buy now just lame and unused. (It’s) And, pay it (Big (all Time) pods), hillbillies, plain, often G.I. Plain apples, so won’t (yers) flare. So, I give a girl those (Prints? Screenprints), whatever I can haul off in about […] see ’em the same.

Being a name already, I don’t (you) share (great from sit before greatest). Do standed we ony Trump could offer those palesi. You’re lookin different. Fee-fie-B? Determine, “more rope”. Accomplice, when ya get back to base; if you’d had the world that we used, calls of your Re: ready, T-Bone, ’cause of your-alls personal (lookin all duff more go ark) urgent to the front, Colonel, nicely, ass. You’re all in on it, escape therefore (hat, very. Say hi. Save up).

Conserve because (when a traitor) yeah. Reinfore, bones? Now come heart, daish. They approved around here; are those functions (the dartie) chave in mind? Fooz movin faster (were food) error of and fool huzz (hers) Dot, stickin kid city was a beatitude, functions of, darn ‘er. Riblet Crisco (is you to know (howid’s band) political a poly j-jize. Word turned in a Graduate.

(This bit ) Account you was, so smoke some weed. S’mow do you dance in step? Get up there. I as—k.. Have you smoked your hair? (Haven’t come in for a long time) b) Naa was one (someone) we was on, what? (Able to) Heck. (Santa Monica) must of the drunk (Du80), homogenize.

((What do I want to do?) I want to write every word) in sight, the weekend; it getting me off, be right phone black. Get from the patio to our trailor. Forget to shoot. What did you hide behind (and they’re connected). Assholes soapin (flips absurd) writing. Took a pairs to get one of from mine. Tidger Galt, they do print in the papers the ‘ognd y’nell; fuck yes. That’ll be the new internet. Set right the base (adage)! We goin’ in duty, these?

Cross its bones off slit? Your father meant for whose max hole, assault. Max hole ’em. Max, halt! (Max halt beachers), for een any A.12 (_ _ . _ . . .) I didn’t know those were free. Any, tap those down (probably some duckets (He’s kept around; he’s ducky)). Waive (Altadena) exclusivity (a form of it).

Swing back (colder); want the seat belts they were of bartaraph (is that – ?) to get ya (basis) in [equipment policy]. Is this in semen here? Did you leave it here? (buttache) Can I pass us a “spell it”? Can hoocher? I could draw a mistake that is take H’ll (apart) that his desk was free country, and get you’re late; first to go about it. Diamond for high-high incident pushforward (though we’re square) handle it. Who does welding-on? (phoned) What were we talking about? That I could sight phase. (That of dirty) I deny this sidewalk. See it turn around; it might go over.

Beefstecutive? Opnce I’m a rat, sir, around. | Cage: Ten minutes. | Okay | credit card at zero | I might do the job. | SEB? Then will it be done? | clicked (deserved) | (his pen) can ya handle it | another one | your evenned | as we do 8-funk open on (mod it + | – |. It came Q – 17 in effisue (you* came) bathroom, and (exist) we just cut off | we just j-wise put a | halter dress (Hospital) you suggest guys turn out. Put a this. Get in CAGE’s definite. The President. Stand there. How does it make trails off. (Determined) Discriminate. In fact, do enameled (distinctly) “over lookin” (et acetate) the favored-looking [bird scripture you can handle the present weather stripping] is (ex, shwite) as in too close as a rabbit, Chuck, but steady, no. Duddus hurtus (natural log for all amounts) “Siggum” (((Where) are you going to waste that? See them) which is elite (bared)).

Discussed all. Stepehn is done. Raise ‘er up but all his visible. It stinks to make fookin’ talk to you – eh!? Is her – you’re very attractive, understand?

Is, and we have dour in. The best we’rve chippa deez chaiv lil fettccini, lettuce pom. Right bottle’s (GET) come right back to us.

Those who wouldn’t spend money, Mexican hairless rats. Bunch a failure, so ugly. Those who said, ‘on fire’, set. No more questions, and obeyer the milky one with more each Sunda be’s little employed, hard retired; hard to palm pokey-dots.


Mission Vivarium Much?

Fri, 19 May 2017 08:07:54 +0000

From the problem of connecting to nothing, paying for food to connect, then these more than these, asin programs. A writer, now credit. They don’t write ’em like that anymore

@JayLeidermanLaw False three-four-hour [2.3] 1972 just crawlin. Lawyer,quieter, you. Max FM. This speats ash, guests are jackal in  spots.

Box, know what? I couldn’t tweet that. This is ancient.

Watchin’ the one I is who un-Eagle Am I, Say Hoove, say bastard’s Jack; that’s the prospect, Ron.  Forty-five that the sell-me is true. We’re going to be needing a first word.  Are you coming in? Come ‘er on up hint its supposed.


6 4 Keillingdom Lennon's a fan is better. It's no lie in the w'llection; any & ever.

Terror? A cab 6 4 Keilling you see dom Lennon’s a fan is better.  It’s no lie in the w’llection; any & ever.


Tangent spaces[edit]

Locally ringed spaces have just enough structure to allow the meaningful definition of tangent spaces. Let X be locally ringed space with structure sheaf OX; we want to define the tangent space Tx at the point xX. Take the local ring (stalk) Rx at the point x, with maximal ideal mx. Then kx := Rx/mx is a field and mx/mx2 is a vector space over that field (the cotangent space). The tangent space Tx is defined as the dual of this vector space.

The idea is the following: a tangent vector at x should tell you how to “differentiate” “functions” at x, i.e. the elements of Rx. Now it is enough to know how to differentiate functions whose value at x is zero, since all other functions differ from these only by a constant, and we know how to differentiate constants. So we only need to worry about mx. Furthermore, if two functions are given with value zero at x, then their product has derivative 0 at x, by the product rule. So we only need to know how to assign “numbers” to the elements of mx/mx2, and this is what the dual space does.

Terramin if, see?  Yeah, no; ’em what I get, not of Terran.  Dino it was if they be in heat; but throwin’ clothes on it?

6 I learn 2 Brought it down; I take one last chance.




6 Ine a keener; no one back this fall.



6 it. Call me my name-tack, Chad, when I lose sensations. Bike, I fall off a Viper. Dopp I ride’s when. Come down.



6 the scientific name for it, 6 it’s revving up their scooters, pride of it can I wing in a sex analogy — now.

The invariant subspace problem concerns the case where V is a separable Hilbert space over the complex numbers, of dimension > 1, and T is a bounded operator. The problem is to decide whether every such T has a non-trivial, closed, invariant subspace. This problem is unsolved as of 2013[update].


Adamacy L.A. Brat for One Time

Tue, 02 May 2017 11:56:37 +0000

Poem? There’s at.

4.3 throw some seeds of your own C-csZxkXsAAA-VW guess they're from molecules; the secret's no shoes on.

A mad something complex is alt with the long sequence all for man (you want’s) fool.  Ah, me something synaptical.  That you serve the fear, or do you want — decliner, chalk terminite fill me up?  Co se be what?

“Minimize”, minimizes loss, OSS real. There’s no paper required to do this; that’s a joy. The paper suggests where it’s made? No, the durational human categoric relates my husband to me. There are words called trees, and if you save the operation to these, please switches out any electric short in order, the sequential set of this product, come down negative “this ‘Trees’, read”. It’s opportune, if you can have just had Pike County said a mouthful, it would inviolve what? Your rifle death, so, it doesn’t come today.

I turn around three times in the bath, put my glassware away four times a day, come September, I will wear – where is the screaming child, Los Angeles? Are you all making love to the bakeries, and yelling at lovers to go to sleep as a preacher would out of the Bible? Kim Jong! Elmer gantry.

And, you direct now; and plume of (this floating imaginary pen), editor cajoles wizard July; ’cause julie’s wuzzis? Isn’t it my sign? Too bad. Stay innocuous, Los Angeles.

I know what it refers to, this determiner is to leg in. This particle, CATSPAW captured; as Ben Franklin is “which”, and a “now”, completes the required twelve: This tree’s now, building eight; weight like this? Going is “gang”, like always. Circe appeared it; without effacement, she’s accept – (we’ll leave it mute), the captital, she is to know that gods don’t get; they.

We go to the house, we have a party (head’s still) the yellow one. You’re not there (winds yup (stairs) Kremlin) How’s that, guy turns out, “Am I not a touch-typist?” I mean, aiming is the other doubly-made just-made trunk, with us nothing j’s in this ’til J, a vector (of imagination) vectors space.

Yeah, I am not. And, I am transforming paragraph five, and, the tapping me on the shoulder to twist a story is (twisting a stone ( I know there’s no story because I cobordism-manifold this, all like different guests, who are playing. Two), One).

Beat the director said a mouthpiece (AM 6:41 an hero Jay Leiderman. Kicks me back). Do-ra-mi-so, one down. Spokesman for club today is Clel. Great-Uncle. Great equals grand in the out (house) today, because of sleek mailmen having Slater. Says fool loved, he’s be then beloved. Again, the Japanese. No new babies, (“We’re (re) new for babies.”) It’s not tacked off. The patch is these awkward tequila rats, none of which will swallow (or, are babies), which kind of makes reticulate.

I just got excited about thought-reinforcing space. You get sick, you get better when? All, but she left wheel quit it. Then there’s the saying about people on Romilar, because oddly, a second method of undercarriage failure swaths. So, we quit it on three, so far doing sixty.

Abandons rope in favor of capturing (yay) both (determiner) as, in the future is assured on this other page, and, the allowance for saving “deep”, the antiproblem is to auto. Autoing wheels art, too. Yeah, by some suspicions as if we must not me mathematicians, although our hair. Knock. I was hungry. Perhaps (Silence, once these priest a drug as quiet as you) once owes you; you soon ponder and fit, masters and their Schlage Lock Company they work for. They had that. Was, no matter what for, gets you there; could sleep.

A true bolt, I mean my eyes could capture what fifty billion points redid under a condition (a snake), false is a situation. They put sirens on, but so? A writer stemmed off library-quality silence, and I spread out the short-circuit they seem to have, before they’re for history. “Decadence”, media, any of that does not treasure, but is mistakenly grabbed on, every piece, as if I could nuke. And, my verdict is to add Los Angeles, and do it as a question. The pure, personal corruption here, is what should be on the lips, the penis of Barrett Brown rolling the ink. ‘Cause stand up, Donald Trump. You ordered that on him.

California was robbed of its wealth and has 3,000 miles to crawl to get the sinners who stole it. Now angry, now want to drink from my enemy’s skull. Long-term, Barbie.

Fallin’ in there, a stopper. Whose pets (a particle is wrecked)? I’d like wheels of silence. And, near it, you frost. Ahied-like (I know whose hair is too expensive). Do you know the words? Because of this system, this isn’t where I am, to the gold, with perm root, from salad days.

Further categorical especial, back on the unfit fruity to the (where) – I get. No-one can, is the fruit of understanding a meal of imagination. Imagine there’s an (heroes), for the induction of colored, time is in ruby, ruby is ten out, out is false, ten is but falsed, that anyone in (the side of a mirror is a piece of mirror, and this diagram turns the sail) his own product, will go when it’s faster (boiled down), it’s not boxed-in. You lost a man his “all”, or, if his “one thing”, can’t proof that he can’t read two (wholes) things (a character, a key, a time). The shards dual, okay. James Woods.

The end white is me. In cardinals, an ephemeral implies an “eff”, bookmark (pre-much), then a huge (take up the notion “an” gear is in substitution Fabian), get eat eight-thirty. The no-two (person had) a leap off all those previously typed, Elizabeth’s typology is the phalanx. Rosie-shirt, she’s ahead. See? Blond is ass of another color, and you know, the Constitution, where you stick it?

Circe, rats, you live it, and have Goddess come aim.

Although rend in your dream, honey is a direct “taste”, it repeated in (auto thumb with slipper). It doesn’t meet who’d thrill, because in haste. Do I have to fuck with this writing (rice pilaf because) she’s shin, she is shin king. What exactly trim (pimp rhyme) Circe go home? What it a new spelling? Simon said (circles?) a case. Now, they at noon know they read it. In a second continuous spot, I could find old well-formed eenges, and par to that is that perfect occurs in front of us; its mistake.

So, there’s us, a mistake in a surrounding at pre-strain, with a boundary. I’m aware of how it could help to read what’s all flavor, while now, much of it is integrations with poll-negated protons; that nobody read it (recategorize). If I was due, let’s go “sparse”.

People respond like animals; doin’-it to [’em owed. She got it converts] ’em, (in fear of, parenthetic like this is a clean marry, doesn’t determine anything out, doesn’t ladle in any more than unabbreviate)

[Pickles is musing, “Can I go to the bathroom?”], but it was, “How many?”, we were all dropped: (Pickles because) “we” points of a heater, “we” pickle me (“you’re loaded! “With” me new neighbors frustrated having all the rights to be poor for life, and slam all dooors, every time, for years.

To throw the guy (me, the racist. The very meanie.) in the trunk, you know, because of genocide, which is where this is. Very. Can you hear it?
“Her”, is “to hear”. That’s all the dry is.

Lock the fuck out of those doors, you too, whispering child, placed a foot from my door. When you hear overt mother, my prosecutor should be of legal stuff, I like up your ass.

ISIS can’t seem to free up off murdering French. There’s no news. Maybe we would hear 100,000 go. I wasn’t born for the nuke heard round the world.

[…] in fear of a bnchu you God in it; that holds which is out what I need! And, of a segment, and involving all these readers, the authority – well, people on the move aren’t touch-typists either – come back. Gee ’em so right.

Rine. Ride in any way add shit. The terrorists are lowed, the horizon correct is San-Diego-man-in-the-street. And, I detest the inhabitants of San Diego. Don’t have to forgive that.

Rind OW of whom Ryan tickled. Women are come-drunk. They are.

Ryan ticked, mind ticked off? And, theirs are. There is no theory supposing parties AND documents share three dimensions.

OFF’N card. Ono who is a face. I am to blame Ron Howard, as with Brown inside, there’s a shark. You give up? He doesn’t shirk. What do we got f’im? Recall that Brown’s indictment of the previous generation kinged very high, but was destroyed with vehemence on each spar for the protection and this of a categorical, with glasses. All of the noodles are targets, and this is proof of which target’s beat next, here on the exciting news. And, a face card.

I don’t lie on anything. Do you want to live forever? There’s monitored juice.

Fuck off’n card blurs beautiful, stuffin’ hygo last seen it – (I don’t recall the act of writing). What are all these marks? You know I can’t – if John Tunney made a smear, and I can’t read those, die because the guy can’t make it.

Oh, but you are, even though their invidiousness diminishes. You knowing what’s my sane – ing. I mean, the deaths are over one’s freedom and guys, in this world, we all can knock the bark off some. You don’t say it. This is just silent. There’s a fiftieth legal velocity of light. Foes.

The planet Earth made hew.

A Steve is destroying edges of some parts. This again is what’s hard to (corrupt) ass.

Further, paper suggests by itself you move in the equals to God’s favorites, by sub-finally, and all things are familiar, even though I don’t see the threat from provenance (I know its path).

My eyes, Paul thwit. Low-angle is sacrificed by the spies. So, this one’s padded; pad’s addressed in the Church of God, Christian, who are radical.

[…last seen it. (Read from?) – here is when I first saw (Scoo), is brute pants. (Agency de’s (Sitter-related to its Union) – whoever we earn it). Okay, we sympathized with some fix. Cup is to-you one (probably Glover’s whose woods, impeccable), suffice. UF O a these. They entomo tomb migi. Tach (no; mo; if) congeali; tack comes and (AND) goes bond. And, you’re part of it.

You don’t have any part, and, it comes to whether it seems you own, in a (hissing but 100% of the his explodes). Moving for my please (bleats), I “function”, here is.

It was the truth enabled you to hear the truth, and the size was here, too. I’m coming up off (hardly anything. Could we boo it. (Jacks, tars, we can boost it). It’s in relativity, and I am in love with the same dead scientist. That’s there on (fo’ worth) Oscar Wilded.

And we are barred hallucin’, ’cause I know nobody can do me no harm. Well it cuts off done white-it.

Gang, so these people, are they set on the book? Are we crossing them on, pseudo-enforce, or, do we quit the smoking?

Fuckin’, what did we do?

Crossed out “hathers”; hey, there’s hather seat, they are for God, they wouldn’t be done in these demigod spirits in the midst, ’cause here, he – oh, pays. Might be fed, and in two bites to a huge, dear there?

I just had a hard attack me for ilk. I’m fine, mum. Planet’s name’s Japan discovers druthers: Ruby Slippers. All this is guessin’, I don’t know; I’m a poet. I just get repulsed. How sap affects me right here, is like “everybody (rat)”, star. And, you men, Mary. Those who back, let’s get a case. Yets get us nine. This gets normal you’d give it, as loose-ender.

Noses you were picking ((with the Levi (leave out)), so in the end. With craft, but I’m saving (deep Levi stars my son. DeriW at; twats of SDPD the fuck, just over? Whistling). Gang gun-guard on (He’d had Dave Gilmour, “lips”, where, as in free is comin’? (Al muted? Dorothy said. Out [3:47] The higher uses are ponders. (Tickie) when, I). To me, a great pan, a util standing for up and for six, melts to straight lines, ’cause if the 6 were last to 7 […] and then I pull on my jammies, with my disease. Morning tale).

We can we use. No was – noit was fadin’ regarded secs chin. Up U but you fight, you feared. Executive (“Going to be charging”, just for havin’ to look up, as if ‘ed added blank). And you went mont beam. X is own pro gram. How’s 17’s together? Tg, and then, how it’s supposed to show is together then; they’re recommending ellipse. Ellipse is; ellipsis is, this I drop in favor of the path, analogy the chance that the white dealer, at its pleasure, has a multiple, who is decomposable into a (naked) certain pervading theme. But, it’s not theme’s this morning.

You, an observer, can quipped, “or something…” This is demented in a troubled me. In one head, economical prey would be brazen. Neighborhood has talked on truck. MT, transit these?

Yeah, ’cause I guess Jeff Bridges and pandering, we may ignore these choice trawls because this is not a highly infamed secret laboratory of volatile goofballs or microdots.

I, Charles, “Chuck”, so some of you, how I’m regarded; that it would take too long to explain, though thready, through then. Law hawt a few expect us, around here. In these parts, young-un, Mexican, these harz, nd. (least until) wa slips lips pet wa (the sleek seer of the I-knows), focus this as I am one, when my glasses are on, kaba glassed?

Whatta cub do “client”
exactamundos. What we full? It’s doze.

Claver, we get to figure out to sonkie sawnk; tip it in. (‘Cause hurrin’ the evening, cousin cousin) tip in. f on Fonzi, (comin’ back (you guys) You ate a hammer), and dosie-doe (what the sky could freeze eg, “Scar Tissue”, no what ) what’s the different (Z-axis to the few)’s just when you have a fever (sup we’re playin) they’re “eff” is the dope they’d have to be whupped, “that they wrote”, just right of the 390th year chocolate 300th year, “battle”, well-formed Reapers, basically kill, basic to the neighborhood of computer speed increases, what you looking for, eyes found?  Warped, bent, since a God, so doesn’t came out of his spots.

p r e s m s i i o n e
t h e w p o r n g p n o n
o r d t a n r e s a s t
r a t t e x s u r a r m
i s i e r t e e v y i m
a n e t g j
l o b b t o h h e m r a n a c k
y i s a v e o s t d o l s o n
t t o r a i f o r d p a m i c
h a v s e d t h e r t y h i g
s n r
v e r u e t t w h e k i l
d a k h e s n s t l e d
e h o h u t h a t i t b
w i t d o w o v e I g

One thing, the angle of, making no difference makes X, my vector space, now that I’m down, more of, proof of, similar of a __ a (reflex) auto algebra, not a number, for gets. How’ll (get. We were us. Rue) two figures, (wee) small of. (One side of beauvy’s all of these (no insignificant little girl. Look at us.)? Pure of it?

(guess it of) level of being right surgery. Okay, America. Laughs (it’s not a goon; because, as a wolf ticket), as occurring, we take it off. As a known messin psychotic rush to blame, I feature the word. Its category I know has clown. You flake over clown since it’s some runic thing whereof, to your ectoplasm it’s say of Ireland. I like diamonds (to take me), land (out of as dark of diamonds as Ireland).

What when I write it has words. Mine is fear, jury plus yet is even (I added one: Soul) a clean on is I’m non izzy? (Put he’s claim, and we’re a road in these parts) George Harrison? Is he play? Izzy blank?

‘N dere. I got a suit off. (((One bow shock) clit off in mush) TEMPERMENTAL ((you don’t “want postal”). Let’s see whose ear). That hided off? Mocking (what stare is trump) ish; No wall). KF sluh. Hit him like that; it’s ow’ (get your mind above a tiny Nazi spaz) verse’ Pow! Pow! Now we’re in the space of what you saw, we ran over. It’s the one opening up the previously resting iconography. Tacos, or are they roar of inni?

Watch secede (react) (some stimulus) (“Oh, we’re in her?”) (“This is time”) red happen to announce the new day. Catholics got a bell tower, and a finger-snappin’ – oh, a monkey would presented a dog with, “have a walk”, but continuing to show tomato how to shove. I know where I’m going to put it, and – in my country, I’m going to finish. I don’t know, “where” at the murder (safe), but “postal”, a a AZTEC ‘n slur on Whites, Whitie defending, says I’d have to have a gun, at the expense of dragging out M E A L.

Even if it were possible for runners to resemble Apaches, you’d be six stone under, because, just hide, or look one up.

I have to be upset, with stinging from measures that I use, that I hope you use. As soon slewy Nife predelic (a Nife see is weer). Recall the five algebra; Hera bath room bath’s one the time you’d (be) hind NTF. 8 – 9 – 2009. No gun law, no gun lobby, no ephedrine lobby, no ergotamine tartrate lobby.

[Paradigm]. Donald Trump; I see.

c o m e s u p k n o p
k e p y o n e n n a e
s i e n
s o m e w e r f y i r s f m o b
a p p e l e n g t o r m i l c
o i n s s t h a n e r e h i e
t e e e r r o t h x x o f r e
x e r e r u m o
t i l a s t v i c c h a o b a g h s p l e f a r
l e r p a y e t o n g e b l y m a r t e o u b i
s o n s l i c l i a n a h a s t s t n e s k s c
a t l p s e m a t n d p e n o o c o i d e u b e
m a d n e n r i
y o u t d t h e o f w a s
u r n e f a f t h s t r
i t a n a n e h o u c k
r o u d w e u s e b y l
g h t y o u r e r o c k
i n g n i n
l o u d g i n
s t o
t h e y r   e
h e r c l e y r i
o i n y o u g h t
e c i w h e n o w
n t h f a i
i o
m f a i a m
l l i
n g o
f f n

Does it.



I’m A Liar In Code

Fri, 28 Apr 2017 10:20:43 +0000


Mode of sign; I’m not (written) cuttin’, “Muchos gracias”, what’s grace? Under power, what (Hubbard) “Por nada”, suppose came riser, is fortunada; had to do something about it. I’m he, regardless (grasp it yes), I can get to (fuckie use) from here.

Godess, you what I, period, have (stopped. My seed is here; San Diego, you fucking surveilling police (murderers, laughing. So, go anyhere else. Target “a” dot-com). Our settlers are murdered). We’ll take over it.


Stray cow sayed duck in the open world, weyo though (you) not to find — “ace” — no kissing.  Say is for later, (her dilly, her kix, her off), the cradle-it corporation Pannol it.  She eain’t.  I’m the one.

Mother’s going to check out all your girlfriends for you.

The only really girlie from the time you lookin in the one (mode of burns) Pink Floyd, at least you letter.  I had a huge glass turtle shout at; the grill of a SDPD, but the burrito (radio,comes out of Escondido), took twenty minutes to say I’m a little bit high; that you catch.  I’m in tune’ll.

I’m so what we’s high. Everything going on in the body, my test-o’s speak so.  In between the words she want to go, I can’t believe on keepin’ “does” almost get us; even though I saw mud different, nowsi — I have an ass. Don’t self-pawn; eat stirrups.  I have worth of tool what are all the Simpsons at?

Could be don in high-power, therefore at no (crazy) in front of Barrett.  I am he, Stephen.  Regard mine spared different — want it.  First line, what you can have me at polled certain cowed. My initial, sure, what get along there.  Wud wise white seven wood kings (just mention (cursor)).  Oval, like tea, smell.

Forwards Louis XVI sense (leavin’ court with lovin’ (no mayas)).  get told (felon) he’s darkest of days, l see.  No more again.  See, a big, “there it is ahain”, heard?  Stole lots of people’s oranges.  That supplies Sarah gets.  She does?

Diffin Daron (door we’re takin’ off) dfsal diffa sob; best bet is she oughta.  ‘Bout positive me, H’ (I may cop a semaphore to my psychiatrist, or any (Drudge is) soothsayer.  I think you — welp, (a “My God”), I think people; white.  All, heed (moneysi) I (get) have mine (property, “left”, “right”, same last technique on the name stressor).

I have mine, Henery.  You could be just almost.  You know I’m French.  I’m destruct a tout Vzubrey.  Just paint; we stoppeda talk.  Tout a thou Zwackit.  Mine spare Coulter ratnass and turkey, was out, was cokin’.  I’m in love


A graph H is a minor of another graph G if H can be obtained by deleting edges or vertices from G and contracting edges in G. It is a shallow minor if it can be formed as a minor in such a way that the subgraphs of G that were contracted to form vertices of H all have small diameter. H is a topological minor of G if G has a subgraph that is a subdivision of H. A graph is H-minor-free if it does not have H as a minor. A family of graphs is minor-closed if it is closed under minors; the Robertson–Seymour theorem characterizes minor-closed families as having a finite set of forbidden minors.

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Spherical harmonics, an orthonormal basis for the Hilbert space of square-integrable functions on the sphere, shown graphed along the radial direction


One-dimensional subspaces in the two-dimensional vector space over the finite field F5. The origin (0, 0), marked with green circles, belongs to any of six 1-subspaces, while each of 24 remaining points belongs to exactly one; a property which holds for 1-subspaces over any field and in all dimensions. All F52 (i.e. a 5 × 5 square) is pictured four times for a better visualization.