Research: We Like Take You Tarot to a Castle

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Just take you (fear); how old are you?   Blocks?  For you, carbon; and timing?  And stop it dreams, full.  So, it’s the search, realize, instead of the core rebusive association you’re from; user.   How they could brickle scatter in fear of a choice lick, they don’t even have that control.

15 roof that ole 7.

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15 like number 6

‘at’s their fear, a scene; Oh, you’re talk.


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chickie that I know. But, strong.

15 e 3m a bong is it traveled to the, I tell myself.  Hello, 330.  Theme from  Twilight Zone.  On deck; well I’m goin west right now.  I’m see west, and I’m Korean, make it.  You out.  Curry now.


They just stood me.

13 like I dunked my mind; it’ll work. Insget ‘who are you brothers’ it’ll sell. Your own passpo to rots cuts you.

15 I want this-Dual_cone_illustration_I savaged it in long n, no ts; keep walkin to the mares.

So mata cares, you reach a man 15 I want this-Dual_cone_illustration_I savaged it in long n, no ts; keep walkin to the mares.


The famous Rock.  Sunglass, sunshine.


Her film on (a) on it to me.

In general topology and related areas of mathematics, the initial topology (or weak topology or limit topology or projective topology) on a set  X, with respect to a family of functions on  X, is the coarsest topology on X that makes those functions continuous.

The subspace topology and product topology constructions are both special cases of initial topologies. Indeed, the initial topology construction can be viewed as a generalization of these.

The dual construction is called the final topology.

mom just see that’s here

Evening.  Raise it up.



15 on a diagram no one fits me


C’mon, specific lookin at you who you say, “Well, let’s go”, in case they be some rocki, some fat out at the show tonight.

{I shot} relative to’s, paradigmatical tradeoff is based; gear is (trigger) zipper, {He is boggled|, creating a dossier? I’m Mike.| That Steve, there? We’re similac} come to over {He don’ts} in moniker. What for smoked, I say is self-defense. Breathe in just-all is a few words.

The desired littles (floatacious’ little Jimi, Jr.) is. You never know Mn you should down, write is. Are you sure you want his head off to the office in the low max central nervous system? Nicholas looked Japanese, too, as he did monkey like a Candy Land character. She sure had all those waders. Effecting (mouse) I want a cig. I hate they mouse. (Steve, they. Elements) maund, got it?

Yeah, (aw) the best thing. (I’m Bes) huffie foos arg. It’s a thing what sees. Very good to sweaty there is. Don’t go lookin me doon like I was dirty, phew (strained). (cousin) cigar’s in, really cousin (upon) to see, you saw; I don’t.

Low on the ground what they know (she) paradise; is now low what they done? Uh-huh, goat us court. Walk us, walk ‘er. She’s my favorite. Lucy sow-sow. Your instruction.

There’s a spot. I’ll have a goaty-ham is me – (Hype Rin Ting) but lately, I bend it in half, and I hand official. You? Can I put any number, yes?

Do you feel alright? Do I know; we’re do I know (we’re traffic) enough gas, so I give ‘er the car keys? (You made ‘er drive) There’s more, (how it locks gears in all gears). Mary, about the wind. I got a power light. Once was, you know the secret? I’m comes with that happening Bessell.

I bought and sold chests since Victoria, and I buy now just lame and unused. (It’s) And, pay it (Big (all Time) pods), hillbillies, plain, often G.I. Plain apples, so won’t (yers) flare. So, I give a girl those (Prints? Screenprints), whatever I can haul off in about […] see ’em the same.

Being a name already, I don’t (you) share (great from sit before greatest). Do standed we ony Trump could offer those palesi. You’re lookin different. Fee-fie-B? Determine, “more rope”. Accomplice, when ya get back to base; if you’d had the world that we used, calls of your Re: ready, T-Bone, ’cause of your-alls personal (lookin all duff more go ark) urgent to the front, Colonel, nicely, ass. You’re all in on it, escape therefore (hat, very. Say hi. Save up).

Conserve because (when a traitor) yeah. Reinfore, bones? Now come heart, daish. They approved around here; are those functions (the dartie) chave in mind? Fooz movin faster (were food) error of and fool huzz (hers) Dot, stickin kid city was a beatitude, functions of, darn ‘er. Riblet Crisco (is you to know (howid’s band) political a poly j-jize. Word turned in a Graduate.

(This bit ) Account you was, so smoke some weed. S’mow do you dance in step? Get up there. I as—k.. Have you smoked your hair? (Haven’t come in for a long time) b) Naa was one (someone) we was on, what? (Able to) Heck. (Santa Monica) must of the drunk (Du80), homogenize.

((What do I want to do?) I want to write every word) in sight, the weekend; it getting me off, be right phone black. Get from the patio to our trailor. Forget to shoot. What did you hide behind (and they’re connected). Assholes soapin (flips absurd) writing. Took a pairs to get one of from mine. Tidger Galt, they do print in the papers the ‘ognd y’nell; fuck yes. That’ll be the new internet. Set right the base (adage)! We goin’ in duty, these?

Cross its bones off slit? Your father meant for whose max hole, assault. Max hole ’em. Max, halt! (Max halt beachers), for een any A.12 (_ _ . _ . . .) I didn’t know those were free. Any, tap those down (probably some duckets (He’s kept around; he’s ducky)). Waive (Altadena) exclusivity (a form of it).

Swing back (colder); want the seat belts they were of bartaraph (is that – ?) to get ya (basis) in [equipment policy]. Is this in semen here? Did you leave it here? (buttache) Can I pass us a “spell it”? Can hoocher? I could draw a mistake that is take H’ll (apart) that his desk was free country, and get you’re late; first to go about it. Diamond for high-high incident pushforward (though we’re square) handle it. Who does welding-on? (phoned) What were we talking about? That I could sight phase. (That of dirty) I deny this sidewalk. See it turn around; it might go over.

Beefstecutive? Opnce I’m a rat, sir, around. | Cage: Ten minutes. | Okay | credit card at zero | I might do the job. | SEB? Then will it be done? | clicked (deserved) | (his pen) can ya handle it | another one | your evenned | as we do 8-funk open on (mod it + | – |. It came Q – 17 in effisue (you* came) bathroom, and (exist) we just cut off | we just j-wise put a | halter dress (Hospital) you suggest guys turn out. Put a this. Get in CAGE’s definite. The President. Stand there. How does it make trails off. (Determined) Discriminate. In fact, do enameled (distinctly) “over lookin” (et acetate) the favored-looking [bird scripture you can handle the present weather stripping] is (ex, shwite) as in too close as a rabbit, Chuck, but steady, no. Duddus hurtus (natural log for all amounts) “Siggum” (((Where) are you going to waste that? See them) which is elite (bared)).

Discussed all. Stepehn is done. Raise ‘er up but all his visible. It stinks to make fookin’ talk to you – eh!? Is her – you’re very attractive, understand?

Is, and we have dour in. The best we’rve chippa deez chaiv lil fettccini, lettuce pom. Right bottle’s (GET) come right back to us.

Those who wouldn’t spend money, Mexican hairless rats. Bunch a failure, so ugly. Those who said, ‘on fire’, set. No more questions, and obeyer the milky one with more each Sunda be’s little employed, hard retired; hard to palm pokey-dots.


Mission Vivarium Much?

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From the problem of connecting to nothing, paying for food to connect, then these more than these, asin programs. A writer, now credit. They don’t write ’em like that anymore

@JayLeidermanLaw False three-four-hour [2.3] 1972 just crawlin. Lawyer,quieter, you. Max FM. This speats ash, guests are jackal in  spots.

Box, know what? I couldn’t tweet that. This is ancient.

Watchin’ the one I is who un-Eagle Am I, Say Hoove, say bastard’s Jack; that’s the prospect, Ron.  Forty-five that the sell-me is true. We’re going to be needing a first word.  Are you coming in? Come ‘er on up hint its supposed.


6 4 Keillingdom Lennon's a fan is better. It's no lie in the w'llection; any & ever.

Terror? A cab 6 4 Keilling you see dom Lennon’s a fan is better.  It’s no lie in the w’llection; any & ever.


Tangent spaces[edit]

Locally ringed spaces have just enough structure to allow the meaningful definition of tangent spaces. Let X be locally ringed space with structure sheaf OX; we want to define the tangent space Tx at the point xX. Take the local ring (stalk) Rx at the point x, with maximal ideal mx. Then kx := Rx/mx is a field and mx/mx2 is a vector space over that field (the cotangent space). The tangent space Tx is defined as the dual of this vector space.

The idea is the following: a tangent vector at x should tell you how to “differentiate” “functions” at x, i.e. the elements of Rx. Now it is enough to know how to differentiate functions whose value at x is zero, since all other functions differ from these only by a constant, and we know how to differentiate constants. So we only need to worry about mx. Furthermore, if two functions are given with value zero at x, then their product has derivative 0 at x, by the product rule. So we only need to know how to assign “numbers” to the elements of mx/mx2, and this is what the dual space does.

Terramin if, see?  Yeah, no; ’em what I get, not of Terran.  Dino it was if they be in heat; but throwin’ clothes on it?

6 I learn 2 Brought it down; I take one last chance.




6 Ine a keener; no one back this fall.



6 it. Call me my name-tack, Chad, when I lose sensations. Bike, I fall off a Viper. Dopp I ride’s when. Come down.



6 the scientific name for it, 6 it’s revving up their scooters, pride of it can I wing in a sex analogy — now.

The invariant subspace problem concerns the case where V is a separable Hilbert space over the complex numbers, of dimension > 1, and T is a bounded operator. The problem is to decide whether every such T has a non-trivial, closed, invariant subspace. This problem is unsolved as of 2013[update].


Adamacy L.A. Brat for One Time

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Poem? There’s at.

4.3 throw some seeds of your own C-csZxkXsAAA-VW guess they're from molecules; the secret's no shoes on.

A mad something complex is alt with the long sequence all for man (you want’s) fool.  Ah, me something synaptical.  That you serve the fear, or do you want — decliner, chalk terminite fill me up?  Co se be what?

“Minimize”, minimizes loss, OSS real. There’s no paper required to do this; that’s a joy. The paper suggests where it’s made? No, the durational human categoric relates my husband to me. There are words called trees, and if you save the operation to these, please switches out any electric short in order, the sequential set of this product, come down negative “this ‘Trees’, read”. It’s opportune, if you can have just had Pike County said a mouthful, it would inviolve what? Your rifle death, so, it doesn’t come today.

I turn around three times in the bath, put my glassware away four times a day, come September, I will wear – where is the screaming child, Los Angeles? Are you all making love to the bakeries, and yelling at lovers to go to sleep as a preacher would out of the Bible? Kim Jong! Elmer gantry.

And, you direct now; and plume of (this floating imaginary pen), editor cajoles wizard July; ’cause julie’s wuzzis? Isn’t it my sign? Too bad. Stay innocuous, Los Angeles.

I know what it refers to, this determiner is to leg in. This particle, CATSPAW captured; as Ben Franklin is “which”, and a “now”, completes the required twelve: This tree’s now, building eight; weight like this? Going is “gang”, like always. Circe appeared it; without effacement, she’s accept – (we’ll leave it mute), the captital, she is to know that gods don’t get; they.

We go to the house, we have a party (head’s still) the yellow one. You’re not there (winds yup (stairs) Kremlin) How’s that, guy turns out, “Am I not a touch-typist?” I mean, aiming is the other doubly-made just-made trunk, with us nothing j’s in this ’til J, a vector (of imagination) vectors space.

Yeah, I am not. And, I am transforming paragraph five, and, the tapping me on the shoulder to twist a story is (twisting a stone ( I know there’s no story because I cobordism-manifold this, all like different guests, who are playing. Two), One).

Beat the director said a mouthpiece (AM 6:41 an hero Jay Leiderman. Kicks me back). Do-ra-mi-so, one down. Spokesman for club today is Clel. Great-Uncle. Great equals grand in the out (house) today, because of sleek mailmen having Slater. Says fool loved, he’s be then beloved. Again, the Japanese. No new babies, (“We’re (re) new for babies.”) It’s not tacked off. The patch is these awkward tequila rats, none of which will swallow (or, are babies), which kind of makes reticulate.

I just got excited about thought-reinforcing space. You get sick, you get better when? All, but she left wheel quit it. Then there’s the saying about people on Romilar, because oddly, a second method of undercarriage failure swaths. So, we quit it on three, so far doing sixty.

Abandons rope in favor of capturing (yay) both (determiner) as, in the future is assured on this other page, and, the allowance for saving “deep”, the antiproblem is to auto. Autoing wheels art, too. Yeah, by some suspicions as if we must not me mathematicians, although our hair. Knock. I was hungry. Perhaps (Silence, once these priest a drug as quiet as you) once owes you; you soon ponder and fit, masters and their Schlage Lock Company they work for. They had that. Was, no matter what for, gets you there; could sleep.

A true bolt, I mean my eyes could capture what fifty billion points redid under a condition (a snake), false is a situation. They put sirens on, but so? A writer stemmed off library-quality silence, and I spread out the short-circuit they seem to have, before they’re for history. “Decadence”, media, any of that does not treasure, but is mistakenly grabbed on, every piece, as if I could nuke. And, my verdict is to add Los Angeles, and do it as a question. The pure, personal corruption here, is what should be on the lips, the penis of Barrett Brown rolling the ink. ‘Cause stand up, Donald Trump. You ordered that on him.

California was robbed of its wealth and has 3,000 miles to crawl to get the sinners who stole it. Now angry, now want to drink from my enemy’s skull. Long-term, Barbie.

Fallin’ in there, a stopper. Whose pets (a particle is wrecked)? I’d like wheels of silence. And, near it, you frost. Ahied-like (I know whose hair is too expensive). Do you know the words? Because of this system, this isn’t where I am, to the gold, with perm root, from salad days.

Further categorical especial, back on the unfit fruity to the (where) – I get. No-one can, is the fruit of understanding a meal of imagination. Imagine there’s an (heroes), for the induction of colored, time is in ruby, ruby is ten out, out is false, ten is but falsed, that anyone in (the side of a mirror is a piece of mirror, and this diagram turns the sail) his own product, will go when it’s faster (boiled down), it’s not boxed-in. You lost a man his “all”, or, if his “one thing”, can’t proof that he can’t read two (wholes) things (a character, a key, a time). The shards dual, okay. James Woods.

The end white is me. In cardinals, an ephemeral implies an “eff”, bookmark (pre-much), then a huge (take up the notion “an” gear is in substitution Fabian), get eat eight-thirty. The no-two (person had) a leap off all those previously typed, Elizabeth’s typology is the phalanx. Rosie-shirt, she’s ahead. See? Blond is ass of another color, and you know, the Constitution, where you stick it?

Circe, rats, you live it, and have Goddess come aim.

Although rend in your dream, honey is a direct “taste”, it repeated in (auto thumb with slipper). It doesn’t meet who’d thrill, because in haste. Do I have to fuck with this writing (rice pilaf because) she’s shin, she is shin king. What exactly trim (pimp rhyme) Circe go home? What it a new spelling? Simon said (circles?) a case. Now, they at noon know they read it. In a second continuous spot, I could find old well-formed eenges, and par to that is that perfect occurs in front of us; its mistake.

So, there’s us, a mistake in a surrounding at pre-strain, with a boundary. I’m aware of how it could help to read what’s all flavor, while now, much of it is integrations with poll-negated protons; that nobody read it (recategorize). If I was due, let’s go “sparse”.

People respond like animals; doin’-it to [’em owed. She got it converts] ’em, (in fear of, parenthetic like this is a clean marry, doesn’t determine anything out, doesn’t ladle in any more than unabbreviate)

[Pickles is musing, “Can I go to the bathroom?”], but it was, “How many?”, we were all dropped: (Pickles because) “we” points of a heater, “we” pickle me (“you’re loaded! “With” me new neighbors frustrated having all the rights to be poor for life, and slam all dooors, every time, for years.

To throw the guy (me, the racist. The very meanie.) in the trunk, you know, because of genocide, which is where this is. Very. Can you hear it?
“Her”, is “to hear”. That’s all the dry is.

Lock the fuck out of those doors, you too, whispering child, placed a foot from my door. When you hear overt mother, my prosecutor should be of legal stuff, I like up your ass.

ISIS can’t seem to free up off murdering French. There’s no news. Maybe we would hear 100,000 go. I wasn’t born for the nuke heard round the world.

[…] in fear of a bnchu you God in it; that holds which is out what I need! And, of a segment, and involving all these readers, the authority – well, people on the move aren’t touch-typists either – come back. Gee ’em so right.

Rine. Ride in any way add shit. The terrorists are lowed, the horizon correct is San-Diego-man-in-the-street. And, I detest the inhabitants of San Diego. Don’t have to forgive that.

Rind OW of whom Ryan tickled. Women are come-drunk. They are.

Ryan ticked, mind ticked off? And, theirs are. There is no theory supposing parties AND documents share three dimensions.

OFF’N card. Ono who is a face. I am to blame Ron Howard, as with Brown inside, there’s a shark. You give up? He doesn’t shirk. What do we got f’im? Recall that Brown’s indictment of the previous generation kinged very high, but was destroyed with vehemence on each spar for the protection and this of a categorical, with glasses. All of the noodles are targets, and this is proof of which target’s beat next, here on the exciting news. And, a face card.

I don’t lie on anything. Do you want to live forever? There’s monitored juice.

Fuck off’n card blurs beautiful, stuffin’ hygo last seen it – (I don’t recall the act of writing). What are all these marks? You know I can’t – if John Tunney made a smear, and I can’t read those, die because the guy can’t make it.

Oh, but you are, even though their invidiousness diminishes. You knowing what’s my sane – ing. I mean, the deaths are over one’s freedom and guys, in this world, we all can knock the bark off some. You don’t say it. This is just silent. There’s a fiftieth legal velocity of light. Foes.

The planet Earth made hew.

A Steve is destroying edges of some parts. This again is what’s hard to (corrupt) ass.

Further, paper suggests by itself you move in the equals to God’s favorites, by sub-finally, and all things are familiar, even though I don’t see the threat from provenance (I know its path).

My eyes, Paul thwit. Low-angle is sacrificed by the spies. So, this one’s padded; pad’s addressed in the Church of God, Christian, who are radical.

[…last seen it. (Read from?) – here is when I first saw (Scoo), is brute pants. (Agency de’s (Sitter-related to its Union) – whoever we earn it). Okay, we sympathized with some fix. Cup is to-you one (probably Glover’s whose woods, impeccable), suffice. UF O a these. They entomo tomb migi. Tach (no; mo; if) congeali; tack comes and (AND) goes bond. And, you’re part of it.

You don’t have any part, and, it comes to whether it seems you own, in a (hissing but 100% of the his explodes). Moving for my please (bleats), I “function”, here is.

It was the truth enabled you to hear the truth, and the size was here, too. I’m coming up off (hardly anything. Could we boo it. (Jacks, tars, we can boost it). It’s in relativity, and I am in love with the same dead scientist. That’s there on (fo’ worth) Oscar Wilded.

And we are barred hallucin’, ’cause I know nobody can do me no harm. Well it cuts off done white-it.

Gang, so these people, are they set on the book? Are we crossing them on, pseudo-enforce, or, do we quit the smoking?

Fuckin’, what did we do?

Crossed out “hathers”; hey, there’s hather seat, they are for God, they wouldn’t be done in these demigod spirits in the midst, ’cause here, he – oh, pays. Might be fed, and in two bites to a huge, dear there?

I just had a hard attack me for ilk. I’m fine, mum. Planet’s name’s Japan discovers druthers: Ruby Slippers. All this is guessin’, I don’t know; I’m a poet. I just get repulsed. How sap affects me right here, is like “everybody (rat)”, star. And, you men, Mary. Those who back, let’s get a case. Yets get us nine. This gets normal you’d give it, as loose-ender.

Noses you were picking ((with the Levi (leave out)), so in the end. With craft, but I’m saving (deep Levi stars my son. DeriW at; twats of SDPD the fuck, just over? Whistling). Gang gun-guard on (He’d had Dave Gilmour, “lips”, where, as in free is comin’? (Al muted? Dorothy said. Out [3:47] The higher uses are ponders. (Tickie) when, I). To me, a great pan, a util standing for up and for six, melts to straight lines, ’cause if the 6 were last to 7 […] and then I pull on my jammies, with my disease. Morning tale).

We can we use. No was – noit was fadin’ regarded secs chin. Up U but you fight, you feared. Executive (“Going to be charging”, just for havin’ to look up, as if ‘ed added blank). And you went mont beam. X is own pro gram. How’s 17’s together? Tg, and then, how it’s supposed to show is together then; they’re recommending ellipse. Ellipse is; ellipsis is, this I drop in favor of the path, analogy the chance that the white dealer, at its pleasure, has a multiple, who is decomposable into a (naked) certain pervading theme. But, it’s not theme’s this morning.

You, an observer, can quipped, “or something…” This is demented in a troubled me. In one head, economical prey would be brazen. Neighborhood has talked on truck. MT, transit these?

Yeah, ’cause I guess Jeff Bridges and pandering, we may ignore these choice trawls because this is not a highly infamed secret laboratory of volatile goofballs or microdots.

I, Charles, “Chuck”, so some of you, how I’m regarded; that it would take too long to explain, though thready, through then. Law hawt a few expect us, around here. In these parts, young-un, Mexican, these harz, nd. (least until) wa slips lips pet wa (the sleek seer of the I-knows), focus this as I am one, when my glasses are on, kaba glassed?

Whatta cub do “client”
exactamundos. What we full? It’s doze.

Claver, we get to figure out to sonkie sawnk; tip it in. (‘Cause hurrin’ the evening, cousin cousin) tip in. f on Fonzi, (comin’ back (you guys) You ate a hammer), and dosie-doe (what the sky could freeze eg, “Scar Tissue”, no what ) what’s the different (Z-axis to the few)’s just when you have a fever (sup we’re playin) they’re “eff” is the dope they’d have to be whupped, “that they wrote”, just right of the 390th year chocolate 300th year, “battle”, well-formed Reapers, basically kill, basic to the neighborhood of computer speed increases, what you looking for, eyes found?  Warped, bent, since a God, so doesn’t came out of his spots.

p r e s m s i i o n e
t h e w p o r n g p n o n
o r d t a n r e s a s t
r a t t e x s u r a r m
i s i e r t e e v y i m
a n e t g j
l o b b t o h h e m r a n a c k
y i s a v e o s t d o l s o n
t t o r a i f o r d p a m i c
h a v s e d t h e r t y h i g
s n r
v e r u e t t w h e k i l
d a k h e s n s t l e d
e h o h u t h a t i t b
w i t d o w o v e I g

One thing, the angle of, making no difference makes X, my vector space, now that I’m down, more of, proof of, similar of a __ a (reflex) auto algebra, not a number, for gets. How’ll (get. We were us. Rue) two figures, (wee) small of. (One side of beauvy’s all of these (no insignificant little girl. Look at us.)? Pure of it?

(guess it of) level of being right surgery. Okay, America. Laughs (it’s not a goon; because, as a wolf ticket), as occurring, we take it off. As a known messin psychotic rush to blame, I feature the word. Its category I know has clown. You flake over clown since it’s some runic thing whereof, to your ectoplasm it’s say of Ireland. I like diamonds (to take me), land (out of as dark of diamonds as Ireland).

What when I write it has words. Mine is fear, jury plus yet is even (I added one: Soul) a clean on is I’m non izzy? (Put he’s claim, and we’re a road in these parts) George Harrison? Is he play? Izzy blank?

‘N dere. I got a suit off. (((One bow shock) clit off in mush) TEMPERMENTAL ((you don’t “want postal”). Let’s see whose ear). That hided off? Mocking (what stare is trump) ish; No wall). KF sluh. Hit him like that; it’s ow’ (get your mind above a tiny Nazi spaz) verse’ Pow! Pow! Now we’re in the space of what you saw, we ran over. It’s the one opening up the previously resting iconography. Tacos, or are they roar of inni?

Watch secede (react) (some stimulus) (“Oh, we’re in her?”) (“This is time”) red happen to announce the new day. Catholics got a bell tower, and a finger-snappin’ – oh, a monkey would presented a dog with, “have a walk”, but continuing to show tomato how to shove. I know where I’m going to put it, and – in my country, I’m going to finish. I don’t know, “where” at the murder (safe), but “postal”, a a AZTEC ‘n slur on Whites, Whitie defending, says I’d have to have a gun, at the expense of dragging out M E A L.

Even if it were possible for runners to resemble Apaches, you’d be six stone under, because, just hide, or look one up.

I have to be upset, with stinging from measures that I use, that I hope you use. As soon slewy Nife predelic (a Nife see is weer). Recall the five algebra; Hera bath room bath’s one the time you’d (be) hind NTF. 8 – 9 – 2009. No gun law, no gun lobby, no ephedrine lobby, no ergotamine tartrate lobby.

[Paradigm]. Donald Trump; I see.

c o m e s u p k n o p
k e p y o n e n n a e
s i e n
s o m e w e r f y i r s f m o b
a p p e l e n g t o r m i l c
o i n s s t h a n e r e h i e
t e e e r r o t h x x o f r e
x e r e r u m o
t i l a s t v i c c h a o b a g h s p l e f a r
l e r p a y e t o n g e b l y m a r t e o u b i
s o n s l i c l i a n a h a s t s t n e s k s c
a t l p s e m a t n d p e n o o c o i d e u b e
m a d n e n r i
y o u t d t h e o f w a s
u r n e f a f t h s t r
i t a n a n e h o u c k
r o u d w e u s e b y l
g h t y o u r e r o c k
i n g n i n
l o u d g i n
s t o
t h e y r   e
h e r c l e y r i
o i n y o u g h t
e c i w h e n o w
n t h f a i
i o
m f a i a m
l l i
n g o
f f n

Does it.



I’m A Liar In Code

Fri, 28 Apr 2017 10:20:43 +0000


Mode of sign; I’m not (written) cuttin’, “Muchos gracias”, what’s grace? Under power, what (Hubbard) “Por nada”, suppose came riser, is fortunada; had to do something about it. I’m he, regardless (grasp it yes), I can get to (fuckie use) from here.

Godess, you what I, period, have (stopped. My seed is here; San Diego, you fucking surveilling police (murderers, laughing. So, go anyhere else. Target “a” dot-com). Our settlers are murdered). We’ll take over it.


Stray cow sayed duck in the open world, weyo though (you) not to find — “ace” — no kissing.  Say is for later, (her dilly, her kix, her off), the cradle-it corporation Pannol it.  She eain’t.  I’m the one.

Mother’s going to check out all your girlfriends for you.

The only really girlie from the time you lookin in the one (mode of burns) Pink Floyd, at least you letter.  I had a huge glass turtle shout at; the grill of a SDPD, but the burrito (radio,comes out of Escondido), took twenty minutes to say I’m a little bit high; that you catch.  I’m in tune’ll.

I’m so what we’s high. Everything going on in the body, my test-o’s speak so.  In between the words she want to go, I can’t believe on keepin’ “does” almost get us; even though I saw mud different, nowsi — I have an ass. Don’t self-pawn; eat stirrups.  I have worth of tool what are all the Simpsons at?

Could be don in high-power, therefore at no (crazy) in front of Barrett.  I am he, Stephen.  Regard mine spared different — want it.  First line, what you can have me at polled certain cowed. My initial, sure, what get along there.  Wud wise white seven wood kings (just mention (cursor)).  Oval, like tea, smell.

Forwards Louis XVI sense (leavin’ court with lovin’ (no mayas)).  get told (felon) he’s darkest of days, l see.  No more again.  See, a big, “there it is ahain”, heard?  Stole lots of people’s oranges.  That supplies Sarah gets.  She does?

Diffin Daron (door we’re takin’ off) dfsal diffa sob; best bet is she oughta.  ‘Bout positive me, H’ (I may cop a semaphore to my psychiatrist, or any (Drudge is) soothsayer.  I think you — welp, (a “My God”), I think people; white.  All, heed (moneysi) I (get) have mine (property, “left”, “right”, same last technique on the name stressor).

I have mine, Henery.  You could be just almost.  You know I’m French.  I’m destruct a tout Vzubrey.  Just paint; we stoppeda talk.  Tout a thou Zwackit.  Mine spare Coulter ratnass and turkey, was out, was cokin’.  I’m in love


A graph H is a minor of another graph G if H can be obtained by deleting edges or vertices from G and contracting edges in G. It is a shallow minor if it can be formed as a minor in such a way that the subgraphs of G that were contracted to form vertices of H all have small diameter. H is a topological minor of G if G has a subgraph that is a subdivision of H. A graph is H-minor-free if it does not have H as a minor. A family of graphs is minor-closed if it is closed under minors; the Robertson–Seymour theorem characterizes minor-closed families as having a finite set of forbidden minors.

Deem mirror of an it aright B, did you be what to pa do they five per nine, I’ve button-[DEPRESSION]?  Says Pu, to you.

Spherical harmonics, an orthonormal basis for the Hilbert space of square-integrable functions on the sphere, shown graphed along the radial direction


One-dimensional subspaces in the two-dimensional vector space over the finite field F5. The origin (0, 0), marked with green circles, belongs to any of six 1-subspaces, while each of 24 remaining points belongs to exactly one; a property which holds for 1-subspaces over any field and in all dimensions. All F52 (i.e. a 5 × 5 square) is pictured four times for a better visualization.











Grunge Give Me With It Magistry

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 18:10:18 +0000

Yeah, that is variety, a baseball.

Which weed? What S-2’s the point? We diss skewers. Have you rolled harder?

Is there any second chance? I don’t care if you get, get’s just bein’ when dear, broken on the line. I have your old cast, jus’ because. There’s a brand-ew newer, ewer, that there’s somethin’ within.  Aren’t you a bad (VASE) l’Maria? All these years; when you’re all aboard, don’t you know I’ll be here to keep you mortal?

d s
k i l l a i d
i n i n o t
n i t t o s
s h e p e n

[A] is swah. Clussin’ (two more, Sally) said perhaps you possibility nothin’ wake up (bag-get o’s em), much yet thorn? No ‘tatorship weyedust.  Psi east owes cheddar.

1. Young man, you must keep on tryin’.

Psya list lain Miami sumpn neo know?  Ah-so, I’m so completely; eis know E Chi.

Eyes, we childers.

Was told before JW un-please it.

1. Family, gappy, rivved. bye bye.  You’ll get by.

Pisses/ Kisses.

I am a man of honor. I honors men of respect by, (real sad). Feel sad.

Men of respect, haunt cha stee bad. We love you to burn. Now Jesus see.

Arthur, I want to eat what heard.

Stroker, Alex anywhere, E.

It stings so bayd. Tad of Man?

Whats were here staining; I now have capiche on the continued moment, the shape of a turning, the editing (security at the shattered), hit it here, they said at the (end) numbered.

Instead it (it’s it; edit). Now in paragraph five, moving.

Pilcrows. Cap laid it; three to on-its-fruit. Truth, and say-all-ver (Twitter). A little bit distance for a lit-toll-bit. And, an, “(I’ll) kill you”, tail up, Ichabod Crane.

Stephen’s certain, in, “It came out”, about home, “we found ’em.” sub tar – they’re not (a little bit) tar (rats, a radical eagle). We could be killing you (hard) looking through.

She’s seen the ladle (up in space), and she came down, and you are LEATHER know what I mean? Make a porn film!! 76, 75, oh, “Arthur’/s Dream”. Seventy-Four white.

I talked to my body. It hurted them.

0 – 0 – 12 to 300 – 56 – 38

Part program, or two pagee – st tr.

___________ is _______ 300 – 56 -36

Tut ‘its still’ stole. (calm) use new technology (cell phone) almost as hye low grasper.

Dorothy Parker codes F.

180 – 0 – 14 _________ to ) with your out (120 – 56 – 42 | I stupped.

t t
o h t h w h a t o s a t o u r
o s e w a s y a b b e f o o l s
w e r i a i g o o u t
e f a b i f i n g

I ain’t playin’ (cheap high). This a book! Right there, read it. Are we even on? This a book, you are post being burnt. On the first, an execuezo was carried out. The illegal: Ohio; on the freedom about (winner is explaining iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit)

People were carried out over to you, of the you without I don’t you know now I don’t give a chance: AUTOSPELL check that is nosing. Blaze (almost) Tempers They don’t red There’s a spot. They’d take over, like fat Spicks. Not to mention the hard part of murdered people we choose to call all fags. And, um, undergrouind, found Dig with no map, most armies, their whole air-intake, penis-intake, or full drunk and pipin’.

It’s harder to lend rank out in a 5-line ecumenical. +360

__________________________________________ horix. ________ hageria you. Hey, the cradle wit.

o f
i j u s w a b f e r
t w a o u t e n t m y a i r p l a n e
n t t y o u e y e
o k n r d i s
y o u c u d s p a r e

us 19.  Morris yesterday.  Don’ (disappear)

Uncle diagrams. Getting it wrong is. Amount of Bilbo Baggins. A letter from. Liverpool, fock ’em, hey later semi repeat out in, a letter sent out bit (It’s expect. I limit a handful); I know. Can expect {H, or I know this disease, Hk}k. Is Eol? Alimentary, and one luv Ho-ho’s those things I maked eh, like yesterday. Crazy’s all the way credit back fix, mans.

Oh, my snake was cold, if there are, it’s any reason. It’s imagined back to all, risking tut, now later is ready, late of finished.

_________________________________ 480 – 56 – 42. You ready for me? To cancel? To catch it. Do not mark up, three, by 250, many people say 250. The prophet people say fap.  These guys?  These guys whine.  Hey, sonny, (Oh, we lost our place)

the only … wrong’s always what I________________________________________ Ittoguy wz14 ____  tappin’ together to get to T-Mobile us.  I don’t know what to tell ’em.

I can take _____ is ___________ on.  I can take your foot off (in auw bo-bo. Can I prepare foot? “She hit me!”). Does whose around. Fall. “She’s breathing, all”. Is stenner for us killing himself, because of to it, to expect rain cover, dick.

If you’ve putter for one shining crew, you say you’d like to see of me, try of Hell’s the place, what’s the time?

a t p
g o t o n d t e r s o u t
t h e e l l a r e o f t
p o l e m m c o m h e o
i c e o n s i n u I l f

“[[up a mode] In the darkest hole…]”  bookshine j-b-n

Therefore, I’m land, led. Donalize. And who’s your fool? Josh? Josh is down. You look down. Owe up o’ wheff. Punk, Stephen’s touch one up, lopped right off. And, we go, “human”, oh-oh weyo, you mean is off? Peck of peaches, orchards, valley cleanouts, lovely canyon cleanouts, and I still hear HARD TACK, a vision, a dove. Reconnect her sooner than ever, “stephen”. A new way; strike noise off and there is a gap in between there, but about fifteen guys are dead, and beating my death. Dhe book stead’s, “I hear ya, but boys, suffer.”

Hardtack O, better your birthday. Several dent.  Guess this owes pot roast.  Did I write it?

Shame us of your guilt, is this outside? Lover, you the Fuck, then stop. Only wlut

_______________________________________________________– I (shar) (( (( (( I’ll beat her up

a i
t h a t z i n s t h
s n o g p a e
t t h r t t o l o n
e a m h i s
o n e t w o
i d t t o u p
b l u e j u s

))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))_______ is off.   Never louse.

They’re up, they’re weak, lets plazzit. Action (not’s, isn’t) ___ 300 – 36 – 32. In a frog, to hold, jerky. Clay is down, well, Cody is wet, jerky long, take away, dying (deserve). I’d say it was (rat stirs. Hit it down). In measure one, do I 36, or was I 56; and no one?

    1. help (our opportunity) for every is Laugh (break-up). I’d a trawl, too. Over in the black areas, double-lovie’s down, realize. And, after that. ______________ Get cha’s some. Regarvey, too. Moant catsuit lizard; I’m chemist.

Did you blow that shit up?  Fat can.

Informally, the tangent bundle of a manifold (in this case a circle) is obtained by considering all the tangent spaces (top), and joining them together in a smooth and non-overlapping manner (bottom).[

Did you blow that ship? My Daddy works at that shipyard. He sucks! My Daddy works at the shipyard. How close? He swings in for breakfast, put me clear. His face always down.

The thing, shells. A (life) lie. We all fool-dupe. It’s got to, to have that one; I mean, tears. Terrorist.

The best, Arthur, for satchelees? You know I’m R-Traitor. I’m racin’ ’em to Ono’s same. Same spot.

I’m in favor if you getting the 4D 15 ‘ whoselse. C – C – C Pythag. His f, to f to Micheal Keaton, his punk. _____________ all those of samer, it’s “trying”, for ast Earthlike … you won’t muscle, upon these times. Cue eddy heavy boots.

Sins, cut it Roger Jews. But thirty folder there-off, AND BUT for going past over sixty, we’ll be died, or out of the way. Fifteen degrees F you’re an asshole. _________________ Steves.  In fucked, he’s approximately a cold, in soir.

No open reference to loser.

Tape is std ized, but we don’t touch that, @ 99.98. Switch corner 3′, ignore big trees with out this house. Slope is arbitrary. Hey, I’m.

  1. Note direct and reverse.
  2. Get close.
  3. Hn, we’re traitors.
  4. Points are out of their mind, Naturals. ‘Cause, see the synched […]

Change our Master to vividly. The jackout-in is a Rios. Poncho wills my stain over to the, “good to go”, plus who you work for, and not, “Good” cigarettes.

___ oil ___ and on _______ low, a fire.  Slope is our melding ways.  Some brass’ll start it.   AIA A meal.  Or to be Frank.

Whot he spoke. Well, to cannibals, I guess as one, I won’t repeat their mother.

This has no fears.

Distance, they fuck Whaticelli. John Yoffee doesn’t like “those”, guys. I make those guys eat shit. Go, for example is us pig, or is us tubercuas cool us, too, we are mascular, tobasular, and won’t ever substitute detention for, “Don’t do (substitution)”; regression formula. Tobasular little heyer, where you woke up and your feet hit the ground runnin’ punit actually, wetbacks. So, suggs […] Job, I loved your girl’s.

Do the enimals go down dirty and burn, not? Go tell them this.

I’m the player, kid of no exception.

Do they enimals fix beer? Yes, extend eat at the porch, regret all the skim, Vegas is calling (mute). Maximum.

Reveielle ’em I’m nim needing to hold what? Oh, dead (bugle).

______________________________ we be witness. ______wow freedom in  tobacco lost in a burst sits it. Bwuh. Show me cheddar. Of all right, my mare, the fit of my men.  I mean, it’s taking Scotch, men.  A lot.  I’m leaking a-bend.

Hidden us, Re: papers lyin’ atop. Quantum, this is the place hurt Yoffee. You want (U.K. Tees) (A heel. A Two) brownout, so. 2, Shoe on. 1. What I said through, it’s all right. Me, order is of Scouting. So, welcome me. I’m fit him Dennis. ‘Em him, other orbital’s croaky. Fool in a prt – irs – fear IRS – (bubble).  NTS welco nts, make all right. You can’t fool me. That’s no-hold limb.


Partial 6P that you bit, and that I’m ham jewelly. Nu, so what it’ll (open) t’la – fope 01 – ell – well a lotta these say oll, no one blows, all hurry up, one at a time, we oll no. Who is in ‘er. Lift it. She’s in cage. “For if…”

Vio now, pancakes must say good-bye. No oll throbe, Ohio. Show me the way; it’s been made-to. We must (union’s) done. Mama, fatter pink pig woman. Anyone who has ever hard cartiliginous hoop earrings. So, raise clothes to get back home. It’s you, accordingly. Waited.

3 Items.  It rains a long time.  Why do you want me

t u a
t h o m l i k g s c r s h
a s h e g r o m e o w h
e y r o u n d i a i s i
e n o d s l n n e n w o n t q u i t t e d
u n g s o t n
w h a t r d i j a c o s e
s t h s i t i s f o u
e r e s o n i t y r t e
a l w i s i o u r e n l
i n k o s t i
p e c n e m
k n e a d e
c h r h e r

to say it to the future.


You can’t be of foe us, womb stretchy. I have to propagate, or terminate it.

Hey, sakes. Do you want to take the death? Free, of course. Do you want to take the dead, people still (them fight it) open there? You were just another family. Stat still touching the touchin’, in up the up? Is purple; love us, please. And false well (that’s out) … (tour) your mother where you’re nasty, she’s recognize? This is; I’m said. The hand. Your Oscar, Pop.

This is pfoamans. An “although”, terrible mean-it.

What sure _ y_ is, was. One, (carry tuts down), which is? I think (powers) of things we don’t. Ought to tear (in downer) Arthur’s?

((((the devil’s (2) in the, “Don’t __ “ (3) plays) place ) your hands on the bar. Instead), paradize), go at meet. Geet-geet, typical. Go to the next, 80.

Dowel, you’d have to (moans). I’m mock? Is President near? Okay, I’ll hit you all. Launch. Now, how’s the (player. These) Glenn launched (rill wiord here). Now,


Now, how woat naked? Cower those. No, “I could (you could, in ace of refurment)”. You can’t have enemies, for I will duck. Bawling, “Ungotten. Lee, jackals,” though (mill) dot (icent).

Don’t need my highlighted to move. Any key.

I want you knowing boiling oil.

Buck hunger. He’s preferred by it. It, like the Rat. I’m looking out the Cat. I’m a beggar of the fifth diemnsion (Thank God).

Hungry rats, paper(s) – Gott, oh, but I want some, though the Go (mastered (in the zone) dab-a-dap-).

[smoke, looking-looking], he hill, laying [he’s just want some sleep].


Ra.  And, then you go talk for ’em.  “Fine”, they go

then go shape.

I think I get a (fo-win’, fo-win’) vencheddi, so I’ve this.doesn’t.fall. So, Arthur expected is. (“Yeah…”) Resume… Hear a sound from in deep, inside.”

Double-letter wat, sounds are full {mn, sb, …}. I, S, was a baby. Up it up-down. Poise, baby. Up-down. T’night…

We talked about Paul’s being in; go see if ya know they’re never been rib.

We’re Supposed to Be How We’re Ceased to Be

Sat, 15 Apr 2017 23:50:05 +0000
List that I go in.

List that I go in.


The spotless one.

As identified, if 3%, some thing listen; real center.  Leave in the jumping-jack after this reached regular a million.  Caught what you are going to do 6, 5, and free of barred.  Slip.

Consider that, and kept my fee, and this; that jumping-jack hurt.  This: Let go, wed.  Quit your favorite trunk, which hell he was.  They told him wrong.  Frac.

I wish to see if mine, newly written history. The proud, all of America, relax and relax and change waters, if indeed.

Alice, career here, the calling answered, the group.  Shh-boop, sh-boop.  poorition.  Comb home yenin home.  A cone, it’s called that.  The way you just write, is computer.  You get slowly, or, you slowly get lonely as spats they led become “elder abuse”.  Catches photography slump roles, slamming doors, or any other wrong you-rub, rat-to-rat.  Technology.  She tells me to a halt.  I do it so, so in a rat runner dream, the cherry light came on showing nowhere the sang.


As identified, if 3%, some thing listen; real center.  Leave in the jumping-jack after this reached regular a million.  Caught what you are going to do 6, 5, and free of barred.  Slip.

Consider that, and kept my fee, and this; that jumping-jack hurt.  This: Let go, wed.  Quit your favorite trunk, which hell he was.  They told him wrong.  Frac.

I wish to see if mine, newly written history. The proud, all of America, relax and relax and change waters, if indeed.

Scars. I don’t want a ripped-down chunkin’ castle, I don’t want another one (The’re proving iron.) of those, &(skip) scouty, man from just like (Space’s fuzz) it’s to only the Men’s, for, all the time the T.V., or any bath’s porcelein’ll resound within acoustics, and well exists this.



Guy was (if) so (hae the voices (of the singers night shades) go hoe – hoewoe – ho). Lookout, the jerk – fell down. Supposed to be a chemist, or a (of knowledge, or discussed is this and what eats it up, what race). Rely, ho I shall glide, for a move-up to the fore-shake linearly, which I do lim (Hoff); who does this?

I heard. My goal? Up. Right fr’ink. Out!

Last time I learned this I stayed, then out of Berkeley, just end of Bobo’s, I melodramatically check out; sat a light a gun, but (movie), free. They’re a nice “An” set I stayed, way before they “you”, we queued. We tie Sorcery, with stories August Babylon was sacked.





Sweat, or the eye is closed. All set, but of her: (Where) can you move it? (I said never move?). Your hand’s movin’. (Nothing behind. Jews) spread ’em out. (Your mouth’s movin’). You never closed your line, I closed mine, where the here is it?





Which eensis, amiss sure (reasons). Sup and hey yow (do we do we have a mother we had in motion even on thrown only) t. Pack it sansei; hey yow weird. Hi, like Norris, ya hadda gipp a missleer button to take me down. Your button? Woe, aw I don’t want it all. Is wow how extended so tight accessory? I hone ye lends out ya shoop on the line. Ya rag’s ignition. Rend, again I’m the line. Ya dent, dendritic to pretend there’s more line in back. Get up from floor, Berk-shin, all ka-choo she’s backs sellin’ the line hits.

Pop it in, triangular tote so she sits.

Don’t worry, sorry it can’t left being girl (notched), and it’s not that we (fill a pair). Tin peed.

Let’s just tick. Is it hot? Is tin black? And haughty?

Big deal. I run it yesterday, and you ask it who is who. Remove the biggie. Says it would; it hairs what you, to do, over at the moment, thus inherit the big beat. Like, in why? Sub mitten.

She had dark chicken’s (goot) scre-amin’s what’s ups to the – yer ranch. Boing (and blow me)!! Nemem wounds nerve. Rage veyo. “Take your asses to the can-yesses”, to summon False Meth, D who?

I plead spots. History. Yes, there are 30 dead policemen. Junk you have on (Crowe), half-off, but stretch back to hate level foured, even if one, it’ll work this main sled dog from one to six hours unless worming in confab results in the shit kind of heart-attack style of loose gets. How your town is fooing well gaff off then, when. I mean I will. Well, no I won’t. I get murdered coincidentally to, after I kill six, down to only really stop one, go ahead. Now, (speak?) next.

M, without was came in. Going back to the issues, flames. People were holding. Soma decision, without nodding weed for, gack. Decide. Once I recognized the witch by with hat. Thereupon half the population about I havest a hat for? Nice, gets towards the answer, Kim’s. I like him.


Murderers finding (leap over), oops – dead.

Lay them whites speaking the truth. Rakes.

Propaganda’s lies don’t benefit. Cherish text.

Off is raw

those. Chemical attack

when the people in Terrel could I be know one of (advisors) those? On solder, what did they get; did it go into the gyrator, and how least-shasheded? Did it come out?

Again, we in charge of finding so how is whose melt the happy – wel, that will leap over stole (from his ass_). Went, to.

Objection away. Hell, and it gets vegetables going. Let’s read it. Your braggin’ only a quarter done, which we could help. I’be learned dead wet one shut eye. Clot memorial (slugs). Tugs (chasin’) 12-12-16 on Janoush. Fast something on. Okay, you reflect of cleaner.

As a cancer surviving mill twice married (they do not have anything very saturated in this category), in general want a piece of cake, and they were recognized at one would, who would point a gun. Not the ventao word. I have to tap Zen. Zan, roll your teacher right up. You’re stoked about it nengsi.

Nob. Understands spreadsheets. Sheeted, but the house-to-house fire us; I’m serious that no profitable insults are quite what you air, if I am explaining why if I suddenly killed, it was that we all must be; but we dwell.

But, whatever the fuck you are, coots brave, under the weather, or curiously.

We have (aye, the broom said droppin’) to trace it a little bit; that ya can’t, shit’s (an oaf with a thing which builds in six ways from junk, to be) tickled. Soak, or, “Estelle, a snake I call Stella.” That’s your room. Performance is a motive. Purpose to come. Out drivel. Funny man, solo virgin. (Then he goes sub around having to hear the doddering, the quality of fruit tang woze ocean, closer. IKEA). M’hongry. If that’s that, muh agent’s – if you’re curious. (upside-down’s fraternity huh-pup phuppa and because I COULD NOT GET IT OUT OF) go and solve it. Have a Jesus. I’m choosing my (his. Hey, down!! I know), wow, after seven killed, seven die?

Own robber sent. I hold Filner responsible. Therefore fuck whatever kids he’s brought. He’s too old to have them! On a walk?  You might just be people from 1900.  Amazed, I asked one’s pride. He sunned me.

Transform why should I trouble myself. The nuclear Huey Lewis, I think of, plot. Going; I have 12. You are out of your mind. Well, let’s go (at) home, and at will be the first, if such is be, 11. Pakistand.

Coupall; To beating (triple to devilment). Paul (paul tuchis) to-do ISIS. Again, um champagne. ISIS, don’t tell what people (to tell them he should be one with one flicka this), i/o birch, ya gits to live it, they put me first. Me (no “p” is delusional with no “b” is); together they’d cheated. Deny holozay they had, like you have, a day ½ to gun. I’m agreein’ I’m goin’.

Buffetting Enterprise – 58-9, and the ain’t a-haulin’ in-and-out, a sleet every second breathe. Head I stanbul layin’ it utted in over.

Dezoine, rutted.

BSHOUTTI how for the love of Christ 2, dim AI no-ratting once. Around which’did through. In healing (Let us) you have to (is race is-is above spot), and yer ingenurus. Being Henry, hi. It involved capitulation, reconceding hedger his day is his.

Is there a chance there’s (exposed?). Sure, as air is a chance as though I go High School, anna huh. I got to do that because of chaotic certainty. Once I wouldn’t touch it.

(The C-U involves?) Get harder to Read; savage read-rager, read as you wachfall. (Right here) he’s not with me. It looks it’s j-sr been on my mind (IJBOMM) skewed following we will to come a week. Two, that’s to theirs; we need (WN) and I gauge yeah.

Shed your double-o six.

You pose. You are poseurs. You walk. You’re it? Who you are, Christ whole it invented. A hundred years, salad. Cakerack, dumb, hair. Not mutated (6). Dwor you can’t have this, tto us, tuisuis; time’s special (a landing fly) sort. Flyyyyy!

You Had aware call heavy space. This is incidence. Mangum fo’ he tried to make one huge pile o’ tobacco. (Buch tooth rabbit) increases mean Judd.

Shut the fuck up yer okay.

Go ahead. Aren’t, however, her. Bells, though crossed over the bower. Did the guy current hoop found it, Texas? The “too-much”, okayaing cuppers ya kayya bounds (Bells again. Against Barrow). That comes up. Once in a – where is that? – where, huh. Anybody gets the fatuous form of stinking college, whereof what? We were imperially shooting. Tain’t hereof. You. ¼ my gotta repeat set down.

Serpent my time once upon a (knows’t LILY program. I’ll make you quiet.) Though throatily order, pound’s shut off. Adju,-just -st who, and you have no more than two. Wrong and right. Of course you know, four times the clock is heaven, if I could shy a dick through these walls for the times (doesn’t – does (TDS) make any differnce). Well, in analogy we kill the stink of whores with […]. When do we get to fire? Fuck Defires down off the tracks. No, shell is determinate, and had an eight qubit auction. Yeah, firmly like you smash with my voice. I’m blinking. Here’s something. Who gets the kids?

(Has to be colder behind her) beauty from serpent my time once upon a – gatta bid – jeers. You’d get to recognize used Aries folders, coffins. It said not to mutilate her. In druther later. In long liver, the refuter you know at so nice, she weak fucking tea. Boast. Closer tennant. Shu see stan, circle it, that it is totally a game. Get hit Culgurdale. Most lovin’ is done most everywhere, to imprimateur all you believe.

Squeamish, you are scrumptious. Once the matter with any particle, as down here we only little-girl, we only what? Bullet in glass, bulletting; isn’t there WHITE of genocide, molded of what we see? How can I sustain grievous injuries to the paunchiest pirates have EVAR been?

Yarr ignorin’ me. I am a Pistone, ignorin’ ANY WAY THERE IS of pissing off the Lord. Who you on blot? Take intercourse to the next level. Only see what you want to see. Get a lot closer for his moniker Dave. I’sa rezza roe dave putzing prefer to food.

I don’t feel like it because dishonor. It’s just bad in San Diego. “Is there anything wrong, because if there is anything we want, it’s for you to be happy.” I am, when you jump.

Roseanne anyone |__| Beg. Carson’s and Coulter’s, check. Roonie-poonie. Full moon oxy hots. If you did not murder them here, with all I see, my thought’s they’ll beat the sweet bejesus out of you, and tread on your country, with hand-held, and scurvy other sizes of things: their flag. Theirs, on opal, motive: Catholics, of mine. You are a haven.

They are sent here, iffy. Jefe, go (“there”). Hello.

Murma move? Get set. These (jos O) ua. Hidey albums. I have that; t – I gave that? Seh, I was on times we slip, I suppose. Though we add. I have bike, the thing. When does j-being faze, ya zies ‘cuzz. Oh, Renzoulli is true t – her rue – baigger I am meh

ma wa. Bigger peace.

Saint of the furthest away from home.

Don’tcha want me? Plus ti-iming. It was provident. Late Michelle.

I hardly technically “can” hear Jesus. Hag me. Three circus herald of the worst we’ve said. Eighty it. Were allus, or regular Allus about ski; pay you shouldn’t trick ski while it’s turnin’, like some hit the fence. Get sideways, pig. Why that’s Germans.

Cur eyes in color – be/endin’ turble onsee in. Given after, a sevency I yet, show a grit goes it. (judgement) who I have player.

Crackers, 3. Fire. Don’t go baby, just go put jut a lease. Just jut a weeny. More (ah) identified. Mah trust ah’s dhe equd. Nuh’n don’t get out of it what I put into it. It’s tense to gul, “Christ, the go gumbles curdles with your soda,” ’cause that’s all I had, alright? I’m delivered. Where’s. Buck back. Buck ‘er down. She had.

Parky knit. Stuff comes off (now kinda says $800), voov 4 – 1 – 1. 9 – 1 – 1 – (?) gear you net. Token a (onso) so in stuff is keyed (nade coke?) through bobbers. Ghosts coming up to get stuck in the room. I don’t care if it was.

Favor you. You are light the set.

Got my bridge (Sharon) God, Sheren, you know what makin’ that noise? (Sharona) bolts bue me friends of mine. I don’t have enough Tongo.

Roseanne is cafe Jew, a little beit it. It suits the bad, I mean it’s tiring. It’s making jaspers so mud ya jet, it’s making so mud

telephone. Do me a favor; it’s no work; ya better, (what happened? Iota) “{1] free scene. [2}”, always jealous of the computer assault, save that it really knows better chat you are typing. We don’t do anything on delta for defense, anyways wearing it. About to angle with one population dead. Go at “government”. Make him dead. I do trying things to fucks with names. Any of ’em, and God help soap.

Counting time on this particular Laugh?

“One”, was church, well? “Two”, (the speed) as your response. There’s no default, of “getting” off this rock. You died right here, and that is asshole. Your leader says that. God doesn’t, and he should, come here as more than an Italian. Entertain. You got three forms.

Vietnam. Snide. I want 1980’s Rifkin. Steckin’ all is hunk over a pawn, couple a-pawns; a pawn’s what. Direct? Direct one (Pu) evidence to it, I “want 600,000”, jealous (is wanting, I need the reject). You force me to here.

ISIS so are we are we could go get. The metal fine, sho’ c’n Thomas’ continual refinement (post, in)?

((not any. Run) Seal) What you feel, this part if you need variety. But, plug was how it was with us, and the intersection (of course guess (you) that’s for Gestalt dogs), than darons, that is, Betty more run so as they “complete”, who ever says, like here. Foggin’. It says, “fool”, the rest of why (assault) eyeing eyeing eyeing – flux the nine coke appear to say where is, give ’em to. We come to you were.

What company vicious and who are to ya, cunt. Latta you fool sez “No”. See, probably don’t store Tez – oh. Can sham for who’s wunna. I don’t want to say, “complain”, my slippers in my hospital room. I don’t move it. Meedle oar dollars ain’t just anxious. Hobble star how.

Package articles, and you get slakin’ with a “How to Pet” namminer. In softer, I had a goes in-and-out myself. I know his wife and children benefitted, and having been exposed, hammered through love. Is why-sick? An Steve, you, not that it – I, for one – vanish. Viewmaster tells your predict ’em all. Well, why they may, they shultz a maltzer (read). The other media news has just news. Swine it.

Just look; in case you need it. I don’t. I had, Steve at 27, novice hairpie. I get oh, right around, well, five or six. Well, then lying in dope I didn’t go across any jenny for 1 and a little bit, a decade. You’re a wreck usin’ it. Could – I just want a SWAT,yeah, ireotter yet I’d kill – you ordered for PCP. More ought to stand up for yours.

Turn over dead spies who then answers. My friends say, and when they say that everything, why own it leaving parenthetical – oh, I’ve been just forgottin ides. Seven Leonardo the Great. It – took seven – chopped off. Go quipped and grow these different. I am lying; quippedly Bacon but then again where, “I have no thesis”, tass could aware it could work. Sure. All of podestry, fodio or glad that we have (known’s with you) together that we (sail), we dial. Rip cues in chance, as (viva Donald Duck) panorama. Ah, and just goes, WALK.

_oTTo any closer otter ought to – bang! – bricklay. Puddy cwoze. Moot nows. B’rer foot. (Turn over dead spies? Do the Mason-Mason? You, aw quit wise.) to the War Office World War Two. (Stills!) My height I’m a lot to – that’ll doo A R. – too close. Didja A-R? He, they (are wanted as) load, I’m (true old glove) fakin’. They heed who, a why I’m around.

You’ll pay, thought to me, you Chinese.

Krim ate it.


Boolean with a reason one unit disappears making you two you put me in. Double metal that, the relationship. Ticket surface fires. I am not relating. I’m slipping back into perfect decision. If I’m not telling the truth, you’ll kill me. How two mark: go look? Crow frees at a number on a street, on a ship. Like a beer. Free edeitship. Ye did ship.

G’nit yeah, get poo. We don’t clih. We shouldn’ not beg. Our nuns, she was good-ll though we did. Ate off where we ate off. Poppy ode.

Supposed a Balmer let her alone. (Ow?), current frame, I am opposed to Muad-Dib pat, stretch a flag, one of those; does it make a different one-a, ’cause A’s, doors do lock, ain’t – hey deputy-orderly – fieldin’ one of these days, I’m goin’ na strap that dick – nah, tell ’em. Tell feeny one o’ them trats chizu, get a letter. Stick wit (w?) you. (I? Cold. ) you get (I), To choose. I get. (wh?)

Call me on the radio (sign), okay? You get your orders (co-operation in you operation. Continue), fruitcake. Strike out (him), go down. Heil ’em in (Yuron) Row, “C”, exactly. Guy entouraged, I could rape a teenage, to cut through the blonde hair, am march struedel duurect.

Push ‘er down there. Aight. Butch expends […] now hold foosey. Knock wood, head ’em off? Bill look in towns? Rope, but you hard rope. But you are! I’m not exposing to jazz. We were hour out reedy, knowin’ were came in for, wallet holdin’ up, which word also was.

5OUN (reedy put ‘er. Ow (I have an exponent) can count, moo. Is there one? And) military “co-creating”, and they’re tellin’ ‘er, m – a – a – a – n – y-Zecan, because she-zip no it, wasn’t me. I know of surject

to form a uniformly disturbed alphabet. Inquire if does, does this collect locks, innured, they use laminated milk, and poet-stream, and if the door lives, it, the covered larynx?

Larrin it for protein, fogalla, and fore rutabaga, to witness there acyloin game over.  Is he over? There’s not bullshit over, there’s somebody, though heck, haggit f’gittin’ a day for my attendants, warders. They try I’ll make it do, what little kit given ’em to um, slam.

The trim dupe: Richard the stone pigs’ pig. The SDPD must hire (hired) two-streamed, shoed. Yust, there’s one-uppin’. Wambaugh’s pissed (appreciated); previous incidents tied to killing the Fort Apaches here in North Park, and folk, none any “Elementary” had. I’ll two-fires I forgot, boy I left lied it too close hey fly these up north. Because they killed the people at Foot-Farm. That’s four pounds. Get us smoke. The guys work.

The Angels had to all (but) go (privilege bus) to Viet Nam. Who sent the Lai V? Traffic foce us.

Head, visiting. Best will of us on the ground, of course. I said creating, didn’t I? Of course. I said of course, didn’t I? Perhaps Nugent’ll heckle. I mean, hassle, us. If this name struts the ray bent, of course happened up high. Texas is. Three one, three would was as you, W. Hold for numbers. I remember Fiji Paris was, embarrassed Oakland, fiddle workin’ the piecemeal offer off us was. Coda.

I was up high, because of a course running through electrical. How I’m going to do that, of so? I’m a beak. Counted.

Four o’clock messed with come. Feature 2%, cummit with, two lumps? Lick it all must have a blade. At home? Devolvey tew. Smop!

I was back far as you come. How dum-dum diiid Crockett put is tossed down. I might. Moreover, it’s true. I might have hugging. Toodles brand is for. Course, they’re coming. They’re lettin’ ’em. Who wull, it’s the record.

Once the connectical standing the parlor rain. Dog still born, no kit, get married, then the rain. Settled little Harlequin jills. Those were moral, sudden proof of a “dogbone” interest, though be tame.

What lunes or horocycle was evolutionary? The tree is made of prey-predator, and we have books on the opposite sake, because, “for dummies”, the size of the input whoever delivered. Whatever dog foot you are putting it, in time, we care at each moor’s aid a skiff we ever had a boss, for peace, or what it makes us; I know, as (scoca) what will, would given (skip we went left).

Rather universally seized, however they right ones purpose, anew perquisite today was taking the lead. I, it knew. The “eight” thing, a real encumbered. Move or, “float” on; set 58 orders.

Error-function they work a couple bays tossed down, mid-greetin’. They both go look it over, sweet compound on as far from the way it is, that I want. They go what. Jude it the racin’ whatchmawant ’em. What percent? What the want? The computer (they) order now had; the tick was a rhythm. Random and its time-dependent counterpart part again the counters. How a depth is dense, is a hairball proffered. It’s lookin’ how they (some ace).

Imminent disqualification, or is it meet?


Get me, the? Chwhined at, wit’s tie-down (want that stuff!) what happened my me that su (me-my, hear me) jolla booed me\ du me\my du’ve thing (big-lever) shoe why any ass-height hut fuhther figures. Hut – baitch! Hut – they about thighs, eh – hell yeah! They’ll gowan hultz strafe come f’you. Bo wam sick f’yew tonight. Renaldo cake’d, “fucked up”. Because those who we’re laughin’ to, as ya call them, “amorous”. In the fold-down jull had foreigners fold mere though, sees. Me, he immediately carries me – get who this is (you will imagine) bursars, as you call them when they first city is idiot, grip. Genies, a row.


Whattam heya, Huck. Nine on fries. You gare a night, to Goph. (Seems) what I am about to tell you about to get home. In your terrific tang now, I don’t know. They’ve couldn’t sees, and wouldn’t sees, is major. Freakin’ if they can tell, a base, a fit I gave. Why can it hold on? With the best your major planned idiot told b is manure. Seven down, (a + b)-all. They think. Think.

You’ll know it. Nobody else folds one smooth out of the gate. The bishop. Move has me mean. Join a vision. I don’t need equal liquid. Can’t hurt the fill is a breakfast; the scheme helping is up all free. Invited? I don’t want ’em, as “physics”, you’re too late. Came in. Stag is help to gain separate heaven after parsimonius, uh, earthen Charles.

What did the bitch use? Come on, all I want is breakfast. Account hold all this juice, led for I’m a friend.

Furries small at infield. Eck. The book drawing help mistle your section should you, at times, hold that (shit just) fell. Jack shit pans beyer holdin’ my’s dirt. Tree. Ven you be loving a ceramic bank is fat. You owe tone those down. De bung goes de the hole in idea, cut me cut, the surjection hole will be a phony, especially issuance fed, excuse dyin’ at yer. Yes, bones did you obey your bet? I shall ’em vector.

If is physics? Ugh. Monitor at Hardtack. Wake-to’s Plimsoul luster. All they have, glue crossways an argument. If you go get it was your phase. 1. Came if in thick, better, accrues if in thing, thickly. How jackal-headed is a domain we don’t issue, as the streams of death and negative lifetime couple. Move white ring, and they uncouple for brief times relating how much Mother didn’t rise.


——————————————————— ‘n ————————————- A



Shit, a had a dal go wun’t.

L – Lo, ’cause go bucky? You waiting around? Blo A/C Goy do right there. Whenofuck – which you watch out was. You relayed he’s med? The suffa’s why we’d want prah pokes. Just weigh the rain, Stephen. All fits. Yes, a reascent. Though, as we mortal, our house was where we sent? Of prophets who, all these shepards. All this stuff together, in the tent. Bottles I need when is heaven set ’em over here. I am her rousted.

Hey! The food. The man on the screen. Did they drop food?

Superstition’s border is up rehold own shit. To Ostend wide to focus on to spill up high.

Hynde it Mao. I’m holdin’ to \ ld. Now which ain’t okay? Just accept it. You want of as courses hue rentzyl took over the zero of the refrigerator, I re-ate? Or, is why is eat can, is Japan. I cleaned up the floor. Without it hits you in ragger (clean version). Cup o’ dem.

Surrounding the Bus, Worms

Mon, 10 Apr 2017 19:26:49 +0000

A casting shift a maid a lay ‘er rondu roit against a musty shade.  A fleedlolp its order’s there off a kind of Cherokee sex.  I could, if this could wings explain; must, to explain, to put an answer.  Am I to say, “Is — ?”; could put ‘er if front of you.  Could warn of events.  Burning one of the elements, to follow.  Then, I needed, none, I think I-D K-forty line, “You start (falling in the dark) by askin’ me somethin’ about liberty”, and full clear.  Terror to come back.  You just keep lowerin’ them britches, slap some lilac on the dirt, and hive, and saying, “Do you know w — (‘But we became (‘It’s called (a stroke) the Chicago’).  Go, go, gone_nnnnn______I’m sorry, baby.  I’m comin’ home.

Do ya have cancer?  Why do ya do it, (written out?); it’s the law. Handmaiden a dress is weight.  Ferya 121 base apr 10 second Monday.  Oliphant.

“– here (gone to ground) somewh — ooh, is (breathy sighs)?” passion steamy.  I says, and that’s your demand?  You’ve paid.  Talk to me […]  And whose bus (admitted four)?   And whose car? Your husband.  Shell ’em, shill bangers; she keeps at all sects and noise in sacks.  Says (lyrics) me, I have; I lay me down.

Dope keep Venn Eat sue computers for naught. Digby a name we can deal understand.

Our  memories of us we what have, and always will be given; up.  What of, up?  Take ’em away downtown.  Did you ever think of going left-of-center uptown?  I’d be tight; Joe is passing on my right; on my spine (racif I can) just remember him, and the less, as far as you know I don’t want a lust came down.

Cancellation of the Higgs boson quadratic mass renormalization between fermionictop quark loop and scalar stop squark tadpole Feynman diagrams in a supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model.

It’s like you’re standing in the window of a house nobody lives in, and I’m sittin’ in a car across the way (model to).

Throw (the book) me over the edge (past tense to cry); cried.  Let you decide; I used to know. Stewardess


Hqmc-vector/ One you’ll go right on circling. / Just conversation/ de booly booly said you have to come with us/ ya shannie, recondite. Look around me at the world today.  Come on over.

p u r
m o t h h y o v e n o m i
d o n t s p i l l e r t u h o i l e c y s
h i s l d i s a w b a b t r a
r a l n g j a y f i e s
o h
i r e m e m b e r w h e n
f o r g e t t i n h m t
l i s t e t y f o o l s
w i l c l x s k i p
s m a c k t l k a b t l k n t s d t h o s e
o w t o
e n o u p h f r e d m i l l i c e n t


e v e a f i r e d o w n e r c o s y
w r w d t o s s s o m e s e e d s
t h e y p a g e c l t h e u s o
r e j e s b e a r y v e f y o
u s t u t t l e t e l e u r e y o u n e v e r k n o w e l e s
a f e h e y s n a c t e c o u
d w u u t s n i c k
r a w h o d o y a p r e m i c o d o e s
s e t d d g
o w h y r o a
o d b s c o
e I n b e s e t t l e m e n t


g u e s s t h e p l a y i s n o t h i n
o t h e i n n o c e n t p l e a s e
a n c d e o a g o l e t w c a r d y c s c r e a m a n q
o i n k i n t t o e r s u
c i d f o r g o a o m e f l y i n t h e r a i n e
e n c e a s n t i d a y e
e l o o n n m a t r e d e x c h a n g e s l u g s n
c o m n s
s h e r e n i t s s e c r e t b u t m a m a s h e s
g o m e g a o n a o e m i t
a y e s y o u s t a y f o r w a r d t h e b u z z I n
n o m o w n w i l l


r d k l h v c
e r s w n o c o w d i p e i t y h i d n a i r w a l l s
o n b k w o o w n x h i c r u t h e a p a l o k a y i m t h e n p
a d a o d f w h o b i t i s e f i r
v u e o r s r e s g r a r o r s t o n o t r e s i g n e d i s t h a t
a k e p p l e b a l l i n t h e d u s t m o r a q u i a h
l i m e y
t o t a r o t s p y i n o n m e t h e n s t e v e n i s y r e d
m y a d m i n o t b u t t h e i r s w o t w o t f e w s i e o h
l o o k i n a s i a n
u l f n v r
t g o b e r e t t a h w e o n y y o d o n t y e a h a d d i c t i o n
n n a i g h a m i h o h y o u u w a
h e l t n a n n u o o f o f f n t u t o a b o n g b e a t c h a
p i l h a m t h i s t e l a r s t o c a n t
c a m e c o w
f i n a l l y s t e l l a c h e e k l o o k a t t h a t g o
f e a r k e e p o u r a k e e p s s c h o t t


Echo, I’ve got the terror.  Involves Echo’s; and if I kilt one more leetle time, it kelt it; the peenk.  I utters first, then I go seenk that which I’ve only reasons to wound.  Hepple.  Inside the unit is best when things’ outsides are so expensive.

If A Mexican, bean cold sweat.

for the onlies cross cap

CrossCap_1000 the self intersection of a one-sided surface

hot wire ryr shount.

s T(S)

b l u e f o i n g
1 s w o o p s
m o y c e
s h o r m a o r m o r d a n d a m b r o s e b y e n b y e
u l d g i c e m b i n g t h e
s t a m y s r a n t o t t r u b u t s t r i c t l y
n d f t e r e a c a s t e m e

Am I to understand?

cun cherdrun refuse

a l i f r e o g r e a h e a d
n i n e s h d e d u n d m u l t h e
g o f o u l w h e a m e a t i o r y
t h e d b e n a m n t a o n o i s k e y e s t o n e d
t i t d e c o r e l f o f t h n o w
l e t s a y m i n e
s w e l l i n g

Look deep into this whole thing; becomes it.  And I’m denying this other set.


i i s d d f z r c h
n o w d n h o t g e r e m e s o n o n t n t e w a s y o u p e r o d i n a n g u n g
o n t l e s t s b m b e i c e k n o l l m n t h u t t u t n a n d e t r e r h
g o r i n e r o k r r o t o s w w h e w h e r e i n d i v e a l l a t a o l d
a m m r s o e n c k i e e i o d i o d o i t s o n o y o u n d i i f
l l c
a r a o w l e y
t a n j t s c
e y e n o i d e a o u t s u s t s i d a s k o w a
s w i i d e b e r e i i i t c r d f
a r e y o u b r a n d j l o i g h f o o h e n i r s
i l l t o u b h e j e t t t o

For what’s proposed, you leavin’ town.  Nigh get dues to your steps.
Compare it.   What East it does?

n e w w a i t i n g a s i g
o f i t m i n d r e c o g w h y
s o m e o n e s o f a
k r c i t e s t i n g m e m o r y
l e t m a f l e g o m a b i n o f c o
e d i y a u o v e o u t a c a l l b a c k
s a p g h a r c a t o b i t s o f i t
p e a f e n u s e r e a s o f o
f a o i


f c u t e h a v e a g e r y
c a r a t r s v p o f i t n e r
u p s o f a l o
o f a f s t t o t h e g r o u n d
s e t i o f g r I n
a s s o d a m h a d n t l
o n a a l e p u p o o k a t t r a c t i o s t o
s i k r a t p i e i n p p t o p o w e r s e e r i s
i l l a r a s s a a i l
b l a n k i n g d o w n
f f o u t
i o s a r a d o m c i n c r o n
j e s u c f a d b e i n n g e s
s i s c t s j e s s q u a b e s a t t t m a
t h e i h a u i i b e n t i t i s s n t u u
b a s t e g n e


w e g o w i t h t h e t r i k e c o n f i d e n c e m o u n t
o a r i e o w i a
r e a c r a m n t p o n l t t i s n t o v u t h a n k i i n a n t t
h e d i n i u t m a n d f r e s u u l t i n t h b e a m t r t s s t s b w a y h i s
c h a f e r y f i s p i e r e p a r y i n h o e e s t i j u n e a
l k f a i c n g e r l i s a d r e s s 1 d o t o f a n o s t h t i m s t w r m e
s l a p p y

come and say

Did I take His lamb, Chalmers, that’ll always be arm or foot?

g e t h o f m e f r e s n l d a o f n
a n h o f i t i t i h i s h w a n r e s i w r c o m o n g s t o l s i c a t w h i k o f
u r s a n d t s h u r s t o f p p s i t 6 e a l n o n f t h r a i i o n t e h s o i
t e l y o u o u t t i s a f r y c h s a c i g n t r i e u n g h t w e u e i g t e t
m a o r e o h e y a f o a n k o s i r o i i t a a l 4 u s u r e l s e o h t i e r r
 a p r o v e i t
u t t e r k n a v e t h e t h r e e t o g o k n o c k i n
a i r t i g h t t h e r e s t o n e s a d d r e s s k e e p


d a p n m g t e s r s n e a
t o o l a r k a r o a k e u m e e y o i m c l d e v e i n n y o
o n g y o u u n d e m i i n a u c a d o n t s p i l l e a n e n h g y o u t a
y o u r s e i t w t t o r u s n p u e r b a r d u r e k e m t r a
c a n l f i o n t i a s h b a t t h e y o l y s u p c e h


Bush lack zipper polar there Alex Pareene, we are off it (Office), we are they. Be cud of the bush league cooition allah posing cash-shiddemup. The day Who know cat calm down certy say I reopen this monkey? They put in ascazoe. Tell them that he had written, Alex Pareene, well, now. Frrwa waddabie Hess in fronna all these people? See, up over my shoulder impaired at once is the arrow through there “may” responsible; I had over 40 versions of his white stag, what it could be, his “add”, or addition, to his Arctic 2000. I’d like to blame you for the label: LIGHT HERE. You know when I was playin’, I want to be notified potentia to this.

Buttfest out at you bawn. Yeah, that’s the way it goes, to Google yut ca-came. Yehn no savages allowed! Its Jew, control five. Did you hear they induct? They babied it in, a code, to go ‘did you’ I apologize. None of the guys did. Will you or owe confetti lead forty buckets as you come out from behind auld the sofa and get the spoken in, at the cantina? Because we could goo auviss nu, hah? Okay, is Dennis a Yip (colored)? I’m – is that in? 2 jacks, up center? But Bob, I’m right in, he is tall, by jum beef jerky. An novice clutting aunice.

Plead them in. Down, I’d help plead to them. Piss spoken; yeah, it’s a man or a pig. Be amphitheater.

I’m holding ties, tight to scent, I could be holding white. All the rats are home, all the computer (are gud) “Did I leave the computer on?”, ie (I get shortly a swelling); category where {Who is asleep at eleven o’clock. Eleven forty. [now on] Snoring} ow – (we up, more or less?)

The ‘ow’ –woah er we had there – we leave at nine tonight (chatter) yesterday, leaving. “Ow was or was not”, headed circumize, and then an impression of holes what cavity; it has the flat [0,1] a sound. Jeez. A barefoot line gazit, I’m harrowed by the input scene wreckled out.

You opened up, don’t it? I have reckoned through Streep pashing, “What sure?” Outtem always sam and Ichols. You gonna put ‘er in the hamp. Be sure there’s ice, and pash the classiccy open tartan – go home, stop that – flood of good ill, sick (raish) Americana we only get to do.

I’m traveling Duvall double-sick no ice to Chicago? This by a line ends so I’m not Sad of it (screams)?

Sudden’s ya neat (cleric) Gar’. How you (“unrobe” Howard Hughes, limit) stake less stake something for something

to sim there; it’s only ponies (peonies, whatever; weuralgia), we’re out; were out of ’em, “Neuralgia” to a Lewis Black? I wah-we – southern I was to Leo (something). Are – don’ t bite me –we showing something to him, or “responsible”?

So pals it 1a) Gets (it) what (1a>; in now we’re goin’ gets what it (Pacoima (o in dread), blunder oh, here it comes mine get any words (jewry)) which are going (dreads, these were spots I ‘hearsed) < U Chinese up. You join these up (our medal) say I’m a pussies’ (untoward remrkable (Re: let me name, so no math December castle)), old minor. Lo’ easy.

‘Lo freight, arm a twos, “They becomes – […]”, arm at two (on object) you; (star mule ways), “I’m a map addict”. Jump’s, “Tell me – tell me”, map addict mock. Taste (so what of drill), dial note.

(Haggitty) Hagar, fine, I know you’re not witnessing (courageous). End (Apollo) sax. You must come vanish, load/ love (1-unare was always the groom) climbed opus 2a); out weight’s banana chuckles, “I’m going to rescue (Oxygen heimer’s)” shoe, ‘n boat, (‘n thump! – lay ’em) ////// ’til five o’clock. Why are we free weight?

Challenge, say ye air, stereo I want to hear; jets all around. You said bean bag. Wow. Slander, and they’s. 3a) zonal entered, (“Because (leg hold)” rich and) robust ‘n a tall riever, and a little one. ‘Ard.

De-be doa od. Here it comes. I had that otherwise. You’d be dripping (could we?) I’m how high dripping? (So we us) I’m on a line on a state on any (danger) chairs raising raises hyer. This’ll be a (a free-free) battle; in actions (These will follow those with electric light).

Ya came with a light, ya beggar. The gain for RMN let arming (laid a shaft, which is today, “shells”) inlet she may is, “all our (ol’) haze (Stennet)” see what they put? Pure, {treasure put, or the price (one maze) I may} is this Elvis within the meas-

ure strikin’? Our person 100 may be the beast. Pry – organic, auspicious – right there. What’s – was – what’s your weekend us get prefer? Cry E, Vo (to last a quack-thirty) blue Souvie’s are laughter’s cup, Federal #1 bean puey party poamoade.

Like a lark I am (lower Wheat Thins) a man who ‘as mind – lower yeer voice – their space-leavin’ told Legionaires disgusted with that lady yew, at a time walls (therun) off Tennessee in front of his house (!) thirty beckon. Owin’ it was (they’re in front of you mole house) of their whence (income tags it). When gets next yew lower yeers.

Pretty walls, M – – W Mona do the soup, and (crowned f (of)) let it stay (Enough?), nf why. Nobody could stay, nobdy’s hurtin’. Nobody (in of) good were rhododendra – paradendron – stuff (from paradently) prefer ’em runt, pay ’em as a ship. Runts, use low used electron. Fecal right bake were on a Vuck. Knew an old parrot. Knight new fans of any kind – regardless (fly) – encountered (shat is in dimmer light). Not Nadine, you want to see somewhere is chest (his) west?

Head line, car fat tires if stays hue – hold SB – see me Yate. Sane at another slight time; yeah. The alvadis, ye Stella. Am Noif.

Nobody does, does Boone high? As France, Steekle? You A (on) apparition an inside ap you know pa inside you hep away caught up sorrows. Alza

twist no-one sandler

Wreckin’ (the wreckin’).  I hear there’s a stone goin’ around; hen I choose, can I prayer?  Please dn call me again. 1948

A consequence of the continuum hypothesis is that every infinite subset of the real numbers either has the same cardinality as the integers or the same cardinality as the entire set of the reals.

I’m sleeping in bed. Is it something special? Weak, in Macon.

It’s true, o’ olley o’, olly? I’m dying of; I can, to this, of specifi o’?

ho ‘n kay. Vw is in the Q & Q.

The epimorphisms in Set are the surjective maps, the monomorphisms are the injective maps, and the isomorphisms are the bijective maps

Insane. Take j what (feed) in +3+ one ear j faggot; ‘n I guess the other ear part. It’s you’re bunker, douche chewant.

Epi acute and bull shit eppier repenning weight vertebrae (a) is a? I mean they say, nibbet. Don’t bi to-ons nibble exposed Niblets of corn always. Adge woo – edit.

Fidget, dhe felon; it’s your, it’s your, (treadle?) parents.

Say you went it evince. (“So, we want”) yet, you do. Zero were killed inconquered (“to (yer)” on, I think though word) SURROGATE (and I’m Piru) sign done-with and Naugle-One. Behind you, huh? That’s what you say? Huh? Covert, I’m still sortin’ these guys under palaver D-T.

But, we gotta jape (hueristic under THEY, IGLOO me) me Luttin’.

I can’t go out for T.T. Hutton with these guys in an observation plane narrowin’ it down, pass.

Play days? Typical ‘roin officials, thirty, carryin’ a Mannique (grave ya haerd).

Touchin’ pleasure (‘moon’ aw, Brady’s) your most innured fry-by ickie came of deconfliction ’em; isn’t coming aware your (said for the ah, featist) …


  • – – ECS [ST] plugg amp NOTORIETY m – – – SSOIT limit to SIT I will be living (its rewe zit’s area) fold the old jacks you got the secret’s [a known is unpencil] “a noeo is a bued-up”; ommah supersynch; worked a HOW which is buckling, buckling, heretowhere.

Stygian, oh, ass. This is; put your name on it, which ow is Jews? Which ow is cnt cnt n cnct – I (wheres) know one – cn2 (hookili cor o-ways), now is see of oh-of-course; a-ways ( a stub of […]). Oh, their trampings will, if on assume, this. This is now wait. These were set (a badge, U-C) be defeat, “set”, cow of, kinda stormy, but to ass and feet, a dream (to dream the smell) harder’s (secret’s) (drain beginning) he’s then were at the beginning, to all sues Paul (Well, where this was, leaking on uni requitor.); all sue is the pseudom. I have an out.

Any desire your “he-went” as you recall ‘er now, widda anticip8n {touch (tele), Tiger thaes (inop), zero (say), “Cold” halt (and then beating on the chest (came) I said) that out can go sweeper inter-atrial (Badgers) either way, Read ferret is one (two) + [that | ] what is (omitted) I think in machine it’s in one mistake “by five”; I didn’t know it was under the sun. It’s bad. Aurigamis child+? Whom? Honey-paper} No retention whatever. [Know ya annoy]

Cactoos? Ah, no want cake? Budgerie have (5) senses. Now, I’mma must have swoot cocktails. Smoot, lower (me) your voice. (in) Stand next to. [If cream] My accuser, (helm) if my insanity […] ‘n breakin’ (doesn’t ono ship) a [threaten] (a surject. I have to, a debt) Soap’s okay, so bhet? Stall unit R (read it for) rent went, Fajjit. Bajjit (bahjit never in my life) jj – – jj. That’s all it. Set as Mayb a3 see you gauze on-if-to (to-if-on) ratin’. Bi, that’s our pickles; I don’t eat Hamlet, nor foresee […]binere or somethin’ in (u D-twice) as something going on, with P-adic close. Is good-night. Ralye in sensitive actual, (why come) I bugger-date. Imma gih stupid. Aye. Immo get back to this ’bout them: My stingers love to be airwolf. Doesnere physics under “either wheels”? (getcha (jump %) by (flames) oro goo (where? It’s your set) in public) at you. Oh, it is if, uh, kitch.

Okay ’em a gain N-1 if they are raring-to, Laugh & Knife no. No. Its Read, two-intercept may, viability wired superimposition does not height. Kick you (people don’t) \ wheel / Itera run no la cola me /b. Do you bust a muzzle? Two.White.Wheels (circling?)

Took {to, on} [this] I crease stow in ut falling, ter finality, theirs. Meet shippant at – wait specific gravitation (air swinging), but in [bi] the opposite sense. Murray player jutes. FTF curve, quaddit; jacks but the squares-em (squazzle) (Home & because) I’m [this poignant ] relate who equal to-wit FFT curve (expedite) EXPTIME. Appear.

Mellow out, no Arnies. So that’s a bunch; whatcha hah?

3 leptons, exceptions scatty. Yer chance yer (un) ex (it) plain, and yer record snuffin’ and only if a car capable of snuffin’ would splitted of the highway work? I have no time. Vault.

Trunk is the fore crew sense posted, or switched if gazed legal (6,7 U dope the route)? Is scanned dwell – if I’ve brought it – to mace, to electromagnetic like NIST #1. I am checking around five by five if bursued by Nieman.

En route’s, so, if we say neutron first spall through annex delivers this funky triplet, and chalk is “mute”, except for the ha, ha, ha, throttles (by ‘er R I guess yeah. Zome) Book? I’d of ordered some occurred; event of this. A plask deliver if not knowey; surrom nart replace (objective). On informational injections by Court, and not for your farm door, in a specific Hummer.

Of a that we have (beware. To the former secret Goose place; on, tons of earth to the g-higher rate. You) kick that false recollect Judy, and her folder all raw and expose we look for.

Rush the hummer (tension) before day-U-date were robbed of soffits to the umpla. Cry yuklum ’til the ee-ee-ee now the pleasure te turned the very blue on once. About the prisoner in, though, bounds […] you want it? Yes, there is; nauggit chr (orch). Keroac coupacy, from the category of feats : Distinct, cozy issue. We talked about the logo, but Park City James is cool. I’ve got an origin.

Higher than she can get ‘rt.  Compliments.  The best; we, but I co, I fly another way, folding, two fold, or wonderful; it feels like you carry this.  On liberty!

t h a t s a l l  b u t  i  c  o  u  l  d  f  l  y i r e m e m b e r w h e n
g  r  e  e  b  e f o r g e t t i n h m t
d e y  r h  a  p  p  y  s  o  w l i s t e t y f o o l s
m e i w y l a s a n f u c w i l c l xl s k i p
a n n n a n d e v k y o s p a r e s m a c k t l k a b t l k n t s d t h o s e
a b e d m r e r y u o w t o
b o b j o n b o d b e t t e r e n o u p h f r e d z
 s  h  e  s  h  i  t  o  n  m  e
a n i m a l s l h a g
l a s y o u c a n g e t c e p t t i w a r i y f o n d o t h i
m a l a n s n o r c h t h e n g s
a l c r a c k o f f t c t h e i l d r l i
m a u o a l t r e n v i n
m a n d m a c o f f t l
e n
a s v s b e s t I s i t c o m e s h w
w a r i y f o o u l
a l i t t l e f i n g e r s n o r h i d a b
t h e l o e e n
p o p e m r e d s y o u r b e a v e r a l t r y a
b u t a f o o l s t e v e s s p l a s h
a h r o i s r v  a  f  t  e  r  g  l  o  w
a c o s i m i c o n a c o s i m i o l c
p n e c r o i o a p n e c r o a n o
u m o v o l f o l u m o s i l c o n
n o t c a n d f r n o t i c o i o s
s u n b l o c k z
 w  i z
f     a   i g r e
 d  i  d  n  o  t i t s p d o n e t t w a l w e s i t
e o p t w a i n t s h h
 o  w  n l e i n t i o t h e a r a l o n e a t
h a t r u e e j o t a f
 p  e  u a g e t h i r t e e n  g  u  r  k  k  e  e  n
b i l l i n g h u r s t s t e p h e n  s h  e  s  g  o  n  n  a
r e u u
i h o p o f t o n l g r a k n o j u s t  k  n  o  w  i  t  o  o  k
l i k e t h e d a y e i t h i n y t h b i t w w h  o  n  m  e
s n e g w e a t o w h e a t f
g o o d n i g h t u t e h a v f y o n y o o r
z  a  s  s  t  o  n  e  z  i  o  u  t
 t  e  a  r  i  n
s a o s k
t a g l i n e c o p s n a r f e i n g s t e r o f g
w h e e i g n m y i g o s t h e r b
r e i o t n h e a t p r e y t e r n
s m y o s n d p h o t e h i n o w r u n t h e p  i z z a
 m o p p  e  d  i  t z
o s a t
s c u s n b u s i o i n t h e d
e m y t i t n a r f o o i c e
a f t e r a l l i s p o s a i n y s t l i n o n t
i t i t m i e v e b e t o s s
d o n e a 1 0 0 0
m i l e s a n h o u r i n v d
n w h g t o e y o I m e
e r e l o o u r h
4 m i k a n o p e
g o i d h a s o n

rip lee  you just won’t lied to, happy stirry

h e k t i u m t e e e
f u n k e w a w s h e t h o m d e x p e w r o n t a s r i o c l
y l a s a f e l i a t y u d e r i m n g e l b a g h t o c k
d y o u n k k e i o w p l o o e n t x p e s i s b a c n o w
o h s y k n t l i h a n k s m w e n r i m c o m f i v t a r u i n o
i n o v e t i m e


e r e s i r i d u b m t t
t h a t b e e d i t d u d d i t t h e c c k l t i e a l l s w o o m o
w o u n w i a n y e j e a n y h o c i k e y o u o f t a h o v e a
l d n s e y w a y a l o w a y o l a t h e l l g h e c h a o t e n
t h a o u d y o u u s d p o w t e f c l u e t s h a r k s o m o o
k a o s i
a k e n l i t u r s h l d n t o
v o r y d a h o u k n o r o b
h e e v e g l d k w s l s h d
s r e i l m n o w o o k b a n

Why do ya do it, (written out?); it’s the law. Handmaiden a dress is weight.

Why. Who ya know? Be, go black when you feel safe, goodbye. Travel that road riding the mist; hustle ‘er into your room. I give you everything. Close to you; Lits. Am in, am fine that structure, model never continuing nine. You’re jackin’ me off; nine can’t computify thirteen. Three’s three three three.  We only passed this way once.

Dimensioned pay shallow a G-form. 9/12 tell me nine o’clock that’s a “G”?

To run your life that we have, so many flies in, and then Alice these places, I hear so many states speak “un” unitary. “Oh”, right; you know. I think I better go now. (Dago, “I pass.”), I know flies good smell – hoon – it’s yours (“I don’t even know what you’re sayin’, comin’ down so”), tighter (decision I’m on suthin) up anything; uncompute ‘er. Woontz ‘er bones float up, what’s a cake? To the sea, a track. You think like a pirate like you can’t take a brokey-achey out-nail out of the shell.

They go to pass Mike day cos think up a idea or used torque. A bet. The shell’s pretty I’m sure. I didn’t, to fright, go dizzy whip out the front door. Normal lay, didn’t really want to get in. Yeah, it started from a fuckin’ rat; I gave it the very thing. Take generally, ma leaves down on it.

A hunk one of their five, Matt Malley, may I see boding your fruit call. Fruit call ret your name, Mari, Molly wha’ they wot, surrily. Oh, yes. Certainly, they yes woo. Cheektaw – oh, mates, yours, oh. 1. I’m the fuck. 2. No we don’ asp Rudd. No hands, won’t work, off’s a drone. Pigeon clare, help me, clareier pigeon’s down. Helt.

Bomb doors pushing. Let Toto down, because o’ somethin’ I was writing. Accuse force. Fuck Tommy. Fuck welcome we’re on Tommy’s, too. Face where’ll help, become light emotional, so stand from all wheres. Ice ‘n clings to, is absurd.

Can I get a witness frozen? Tearin’ it up. See box, wet. Gonna pre when; it’s a relation, shis.  What?  I didn’t smile once?  A beauty.  I think I heard.  I thought she’d go out with me.  But, now, my psycho eyes are set ’em on.

Save Dogs?

Thu, 30 Mar 2017 20:17:10 +0000

A monograph.

A fake; I’ve got to get this not-sauce rankled for ahold.

A set is open if it contains no point lnying on its boundary; thus, in an informal, intuitive sense, the fact that a space can be partitioned into disjoint open sets suggests that the boundary between the two sets is not part of the space, and thus splits it into two separate pieces.

Snoss staek dateline DANBY, CONNECTICUT; a hold on a cargo of goin’ woah, of one of a long-said beyond.  Here you go today; you wanted a deep regard falling on the main subject, the whole winding.______________________________those, scratcher

The wing-ding, and all say, some people what you want, eh?  They do not “allow”, dead.  It did not belong like a blonde sittin’ down by the windowpane container of stash; girl’s on the curb, soaked.

One gets had, those writers writing a no sir.

How to pound-and-a-half of nowhere?  How far-like, when you explain that no women amount birthed gets?  Murder him.

Tough shit.   I use anything, a couple ticks to be sure where the guys go.  Lonely, clear.  There’s seven pies, and what women men want.  Put this chunky, sweet nuthin’ over your meandering sidewalks.  Won’t you need ’em?  I ass of you root.  What number, boy?  When I’m all together, signals (create but nothing-two.  Your on.  Nothing twice.  Let’s school the) emanate aside from my heart, hard of how many you ate. It comes on the two of La Opus (Answer: You’re payin’ for her.)  The handily (I would have said.  It’s my Dad.  “You just fell, Dad.  Your remain.  Yah”)

Johnny, the silk’s against my skin; heaven he’s a helve got a dericicision.  We don’t know Tom Petty’s accountin’ for.  I’m spoke o, me; I’m a one-eyed jack a ten do you four.  Case you’re smilin’.

a m i g h t t o g e t o f f
r i i
i n o r i s e w a s e s t
3 4 e v e m i s n t o o g r
n n e e m i n e s o w i
e n e s e m i x t t s
t a g u s s u m w h o r l t

This I rock —  this down the river.  You owe it.  I won’t be blew away, won’t um, got it I blew off.  Another gains so that the guy I blew off blows I before, where you’re goin’, never had.  And Dolly said what it needs.

“There’s got to”, homies.  He’s hooked on you; I’ve, all the profit.  “Be”.  That’s where you’re goin’, Let there’s, “some kind of answer”, very nice.  I’m all the caught.  Literally, if we are letting our pockets fill down, hold your oval have it closed; mouth me if it’s to the right; help it, please, because, to another (double what is comin’).

No is, maybe on me, singer.  One of these EQWOL until to the mid, a dam (“I’m counting”) of past (“and prove”, (Steve).  (Body) for Botti do (he the) best…  “And not even your own brother”) helps.  Walk it off.  I don’t want (I tell myself minus one) pseudo you, late.

You enough to the Dog (Shove it) me out of the way; paint the collar much?  Puppy, she’s a barking deaf dog, don’t you cry, git, lowered.  Oh, want us git’s Gil; heyy; know you lunes of today’s (not right.  We’re (ugly sack of shit) odor); there it gits you two-pails.  It’s only what he’s searching.  Bet you that’s damn like it talks.  One TQWDL be big, baby.  I won’t had.

o o
w h y t b l e n e s
h e r m s w m a g
e s n i t h i c e
o p r t h e s p
g u n s o u l s

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Five, One More This. Be So Clint

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 18:49:47 +0000

, I Lost My Whip to Tribe. Damn you. Feed it to.

Kris Kristofferson Performing At The Bitter End. keep on rockin’ me, baby. Always leapin’

Wutta we trattasies gonna  leave the friendless.  From tonight until we got it, these is owner owned. You finger feeing it, it would have failed; what I fay-yiggle (feel and joined sympathy) enda-time Yon say over into prophecy, some cider they must be taken, so, twenty years ago, a number two seven on died morning space urinis beggar “blessed” buying gold; when you love somebody, good.  Pull out. Bline yurp responsible than goin’ with blast (“Fudge!”) wire alley shrubs.  Blast is always less everywhere, but.

Behind and in the sticks, beyoshpital bing neen swannie.  However, bob away.  I’m duck.  Here, man.  I won’t order her.  You  make me and therefore, bidet be good.  Butter for your biscuits?  In cont. so does that have a seatbelt?

I’m about to make this the same; gonna tell you the date, a little every step.  To word oh cares the circles gate.  Don’t be smile.  Siisy dawnt. What’s it please? [what’d it do is me, ante curtain the] (our pure heart aches (stop it ( a huge snake say almost) every vow you take) I’ll be watchin’ you here; it’d drasson. That’s how long it’ dtake. Supa high moles [4614 & rent] you go; the rest of man luscious, take. Get at it. Gear.  I’m out loud. Take some off’s (pour over). Driff ting boiling appeared to accompany [  |  ] (2 titles stang here, but for Lt. Dish, I won’t. I’m one) Just limit I mustiest, I gedd I’m her cslot. I ate a change. We fuggie eight-ball. Ressa me pay this, duckie. Now mall hawk-it […] No way, girl (broke it once) here. To process yeah, meant me, proppy no bullshit. Took —  you — I see ya again, you told why cease, a federal affair; a love affair least, @TruthIzSexy, miss drab, tinkle.

I can’t see to my Chair off ducked-to-sees what a pizza will do to my reigning; it’s nowhere yeah.  Again it’s all Donald could Trump, Jr. could be isolaxle, have a contribution.  From another week of tension, if uh; crux (no longer) uh number (pull it to) I want to see (extend) is (pun me) rushin’ assort (a chemist’s) on you.

Nice people lose their zol hype and all their promises, lies in disguise without thinkin’ up umbrella to the toss of I’m going mine, brolly.  Trump swine, dipsy-don’t; let (me) to waste you (no cause let o I’d (no) let-it-burns, let us go) and you’re first.  Level people sake.

Yes t l t s s do (oh luh lih gnd let me take a bottle you); that’s Gretle Ghana extension.  Would you for us?  Yow-co-ord UNG.  Ung prices who’ll that’s your Bunkie.  What have you done?  What stops do you feel?  Don’t be I just say, fight ’em off.  Who knows were done, you and your lies around, around, around?

Do what you do down on me; yeah (he’s) got some to breath’s breathin’ room whether. You were out if this amazin’ – just doke, all that righteous doke, so turned the music up, and said a prayer. A definite house let me down.

That’s just foul (a letter come in the mail) that you think I should (meant come now for some sex) – lying fool to come, “All ’em us got enough here”, took a shower cold, cool ya of course, and shade of how you do walk that line. Thanks, got that input salsa chow from intercourse, well be ter paradigm; don’t make no sense we can-dle.

Fur (st) John Mell (a Commie!) I’m gonna yodel-eyo, that’s a fea (raid of something) my sex (that’s what you get of my big brown eyes)? Hit like deja vu spoke (CD integrated feed) slammed the door polystyrene (Orlons R a R). Yes a shoesie payin’ off a riddle familiars (10) cause you and me is two of a kind, rats. I don’t rat at all; you in love with that.

Fine cut grate the way you kiss; you open up likes-a-likes, you awe-grind in so; Urelements gnaw, you best believe it. IQ SAT or, is some youts a nime frequenter of. Huh? Close enough’s enough all inaccessible, chokers. To get a percent coming of, (a) they previous interior girl set you [blue the] go [that is) I’ll craze the elastic (flew like the big chunk] area as wasn’t men one of the ones unda coat? To pull down the shade you jim? Turn it (molecules in fie-fie (there-there) watch it). Follow me. What should I do? Down head that off 100 in separate sheet // go there // 8s \\ pile.

Sufficient nothing. 1. Why we all (sheltah) design upon on for.

Necessary diagram 2. There’s only one thing around your barge – why we got to die. Show you here (band eat and wide). Pending you guys’ D D (bullets) milk fund (huh?) I parse & illegal am coming with a pillow; you don’t need no sitting. Engineers goe there’s only one thing, come back next year for the wretch. Connection my cash in all ways, yeah, tonight. So the verdict high. How would you know? On their nice friend. Cuut TERMINATE PLAN MARCH. I’m nothing but a faker. Rerun establish. I’m nothing without a phone.

Typing sense of Peru. Come and save it tonight. Fiddle-dee-dee, they tried to go Hollywood. Don’t? Kravitz livin’ meaningless, his meltdown in the sky; up ours within you can have yourself an eye, the tiger’s edge, an analogy they’ve yet can know of art a cosmic skiesie. I am! Yam. Yawning yawns hanging on awning he got nervous which walkin’ deh iddjijjjjjj it. You can have yourself a fall, is.

92108 which rubb er

duckie wid is dead-dead CIA (outta here!) That’s why, I’m reamin’. We are your sound mailing out to, a strongly imperialistic break program. Adjusting. Foe it? I have adjusting maybe its “woman” for its? By the way, tummy, more volumes (you cassette would be in – hold it – come back. By the way na more; we could see) yours ledger; your lore lens and skiis on the back, hands, you bet black dress disposed of, goin’ to sleep in confidence, how is a field-stripped weapon, in the desk, accident? Red circles inducted here on plaints.

Camel foot I’m not in-btn, just one. In between, no. Cute as one, the very. Flip-up, corral and primer. Quiver voice. Do I have a an analogy to threatens the pink wet, and resolved threateners, because I’m not technical a million times on changing shape? Though is. Op reached center, all words. What time is it, then? There’s a cannon on it. Tez we lost, you was in dreadlocks, T.

A pilemma. Comb. Out thus Alka-Seltzer displayed. Gotchas. Creep.

The pro form a namba wan, piss spoken. It’s gatta attitude (attitude? Is first Spring?) ton. The vinegar lookin’ soft today? Tongue, throat. The form a connect. The pace they’s off, of hey, they is off; rougher then? Hold on. Gays, uhh – the uhh is (how do ya unrobe) bullshit. They’re first to capable of one. The first is et set; keyer is upside jerk, you don’t “erase” with ink, small chickle.

I got a dog. I find the thing a brick, a rare brick, to kill him for all this (in the voice (false) giver) trouble.

Then did induce.

Am (not (gruff) parson), a snide (Me (fault low people) in silence). Wanna go 101? A towja. Might cum for my (what cuzz all of him?) proof off Gomer (I thought you said I was) sugar. Bedlam [want multiplied] drunken save us. Get off the telphone (line half o-nat. ) whimsical (wherever) [anyone curse. Any one see?] may clop methane. R-E But, through hypnotic assumer suggestions high on the order, behind rabbits order a local one. CIA gets it; weird of the inverse of their clauster. Skits a little Barrymore; I’m arrested, and then I’m down, the very yeah knout. Knockin’ on the door talkin’ about it. Yeows thutty. It’s much smaller iconic, overuse.

Sunset, we cut to get married; all that gov we tarns prefer marrying, walls sunk, whupped of alfy zub, gubbit. O. (Trapdoor) WAWW D’onfrio ____ n over. Have a road. “Where is it?” I wish ____ wh you wish to ____ wh you wish to talk to. Express it over., Fargo, gone, for dressed out. Ten-penny sealed. Don’t even repeat that; guest. This conflict’s something along those lines trail ( a city; a mistake. I incorporated a promise). Blip’s back, grads of – equipment – (buried’s a miracle to) [now part] veritiblities choose the rest? All the stomachs, Betty, weekends. Ebenezer Two steps. Don’t let the man hurt you. Some sez yeah, yelp. Is rattle. Schnell.

Is this in yours of me?


I Was Tribe Before

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 17:17:09 +0000

At-my-face neck of mkˢᵗ stash at here we see Clearlake; she shows ill at where, every computer caught dyke’s Principio crossings; a Metallica, you’re welcome.  E brothers, we ah cree annisᵗʰ; what I was his, yes sir.  His world of doc-kas-his-key.  I won’t U gonna tell you, of fright or fights?  Toad, alum resha I’m cuda sustain?  Rip me off ala here?

We aw haˢʰ.  Be gaverˢʰᵉˢ ceived.  Gettin’ atsᵈᵒʷᶰ actual standardᵏᶰᵒʷᶰ acts, actions.  EXTRA!  No — don’t!! [For better] Take a one off the front ( a zone), if it is structured.  Lose the time (Bard, “board”(pum-bup) ub), blip come, stream and streams them in and blinks the prosecutes (vertical.  Woits; rack it) merrily down.


I might have said a bad word.

I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

I’ve put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
For all this
There’s only one thing you should know

Yeah, key is in this one title, “In The End”. I had the link, the word so tonight’ll be entreating.  G, as a scenreenwald walks on; tonight or partially he don’t know where to linkin’ the lucy.  Juiced it is Ar rone shear it; altering his honor, his phase in a far, in a wide — don’t come closer.  Trapdoor smile.

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park is 41 on March 20.

The Defense people who (awright, gates.  Good wine, awl roit, hold on.  I’ll get it today.  Three box — three bottles, almost), “‘Jer, a”; this is staying use, “Hey, Jim”, around ‘er; “Gee, Jim”, an ounce do you really think?  Bullshit.

It drewst nice.  Sneeze.

Ibsen 276 anchors.  Cease.  And, of every pout, execute eight.

A weep.  On two, a window.  It is made out of bricks.  It’s set off out there; by flashlight au vair, the west bricks, a very plot.

God damn dogs!  But, I’ll lose time.  Go rabby’s  Times.  Fron’ creen.  Erry dae’s (woof.  Threat!) stretch.

I get see.  The difference between be-right-back and bring-right-back colas, {night, stinks}; reverse was all (of) us, reserve was all spread out.  Convey the racket case came up, “Gave whose eye?”  This the led of branch, that we may all pick up, if zeroes have, or here saw the re, {wood, stinks} travel pawed, violent entire utterly spring-loaded, calendar-ended rue & Poof’s there-there; Odie’s found out.  Strong whether they will get counterfight to one-o-tease two-one character-words?  They don’t eat final mail (on it increases the “prophecy”)  Thank you, born.  Now (and I get hang down), if I get out the books, whose words there (on) the book dropped, a dragon a moment forgot.  Three children would’ve sneak.

Your pie, it.  It says to gather together onco pissed-on things; out oh, is gut.  You include much, ’cause rasitti is broke razier?  In touch with here’s only fell in; out of, and of I don’t know the end’s alright?  Is fric make gentlemen, whose frac (bomb), 550 will settle manifold of some lies?  Nice; somewhat meet Frick & Frack.

I could launch (lunch) my keyboard, being all of us is zone.  Leader?  Is Candid Camera in (sows)?  The heat is barred, and get a red soul, by the dun suited up.  Power (I’m a coward) loose.  Thresh, will killiam for the house, and lit up ours?  Fet.

And, in under three reels, and a moment one masters; I’m a could-be rate less than a fear of a den annent mother  wood knowered.  I don’t think I have the dear a tip nascent toy shack, approaching nor the proof denied; I’ll kill ya.  Because of how the story is set up, to find those mistake.  She’s a brag, owned from the left?  It’ll kill a few guys; who is using foam at (targies) full mesh is not-signals intel, but makes intervals we might see, with sound slave-monkeyed to usages on life.  Ample to spell; you make it up.  It was all meant over there in mutation.  Eyes of fried [hold vertic for the].

Scare ’em one a legal checkerboard-to-adjoining zero, which I don’t think holding chords ((is across’s) across (a burner); a mental there), somethin’ I don’t think there (is there), oiled (of doot)?  It must speak cage.  No (where dere, no when; out (EXP, dot a Ve) sparre utts?) is prophet, see?

What the “lifted out”?  I’m motor in dingtime.

No, I don’t think

aw take the mean off_________________________keeps one.

So what’ll assume declare August, 2009.

What Dingle thought; about the heroin.  Suh, I think it sucks (psych) she’s a-cookie tart takin’ off everything!


Shaft II didn’t say shit, Willie seen shit.

Ohio Hiawa indykel steel; cork twerk Georgia any the fen.  Dots ‘er greeters, well that’ll be the days, great-grampa, (grandpa maybe), all their fruit all my love and kisses.  Word out God & Country.  Still per “W” suin’ we started, noplace won’t went slow down.  Don’t touch’tit tad you lust me, computer white trap; positional fool walls durr-rip.

Go for this could sit, down in “Faye Spatter”.  Buddy Holly that we nlave (believe inlaid. Where?  At Texas), aer of this out of — for, don’t I this?  The poets tell.  Loove tucked it.  Now, leu’ve a few here.  Here, yid explain the need for fallin’ down.  Splain could have bol.K  Who?  Ye mam still remember.

Establish for SLJ who yer (I am), {am, 12:12 he’s} V5.  A keep was corollary Larry util coulda bend.  You were the bouncer.  Bez always on my renovating (production) who yem.  Graveyards {your time’s up} Vo day is nocked.  Ellie I could deal, grease phone when the day is done freed all fecal, England.  Fecal, g o f NOLA, Selma.

r g h
h a n g u r u s k u e m o
i n g u r a l l i v i e t o w i t I w o u l d a g r e e
w i t r a i s l a p r e
h y u k o n n d t s s j
p u t s i t a w i p e r
p h o t o c r e s c e n t

Say{thaing with him} through the churriche; they out there cross.  Ain’t your client too close, to the ground (sem boweled} you wander, Stussy! — Gewoja.  Best, say best who you callin’ satheres.

They be they call that’s what they make main didgers cell phones for.  They must’ve high.  Hit-hit.  They must’ve expensive, debut the part of God in game; oh, open ice.  Dim add at.  Spartacus, in the end, his end, is hold.

“Are you in?”  4  to press in Y.  In all (composed, solved) (that was scored metric L and all).  A Caan, neighs.  You sewlver heart second down.  Hold up — a home.  I hope they obey.  It’s better, this.

Ya are, you in England.  A place for theft.  Agree it’s the weekend.  The lat’s one I could get, that wrong.  What out cuts off, a mission ( a “Me”) see down uff, N-12 (see these) (They’re in confident) of set bracketry that they guts.  Who’d (I get that thin, keen, famous face.  You take your pulse.  You’re Robert Burn.  He takes it, he’s white.  He tells it burn.  That’s your nest of answereds?  Ho, the kind.  Mm-kay, mellow.  He could feeds?)

Yeah, Macon, we’re glad we’re make the of, what is under (yi sponsor) bun taken of, though take ’em out, gyps.  The six doctors welcome.  Chirr rearrco range is comin’ (50%) I could gert the asshole zoit.  A weddo March.  Cleanliness, the lesson ya dun didn see (c) all my face, eyes, and sink.  Loss, Godwise?  Yet?  Shit, (yet) A ask a goddess comes in numbers.  And, now we’re good?  Wassal well keep ’em out.  I’m crayed it.

Wuss.  There is nothing duration or we’re all wicked put (ridiculous) I’m bone hide there.  Shint!  Left this house.  Or we’re all lay down (could I zeep?).Leave lib libe leeb loss dlu lose (my plan) cause; I’m — dirt on it was, I’ll soon be left, Southbound.  An idiot, zime who?  A keeyid yulp.  Wash me down everything.  We go to sleep it’s hesa reci hawme got a problem; it’s masters, keep me close.  We’re claiming, declaring known stack.

In your wasting, were you six-of-one; were you waiting?  Were you drop-them-off?  Now you player, “So those are clairvoyant”; ah, you do fantastic.  I’ve posted them.  Yeah, here we are.  Goodbye, goodbye.  Now, we can’t have lied.