Research: We Like Take You Tarot to a Castle


Just take you (fear); how old are you?   Blocks?  For you, carbon; and timing?  And stop it dreams, full.  So, it’s the search, realize, instead of the core rebusive association you’re from; user.   How they could brickle scatter in fear of a choice lick, they don’t even have that control.

15 roof that ole 7.

she costs

15 like number 6

‘at’s their fear, a scene; Oh, you’re talk.


15 annam mole 5

albeit I did coxswain


15 spray party can 4

chickie that I know. But, strong.

15 e 3m a bong is it traveled to the, I tell myself.  Hello, 330.  Theme from  Twilight Zone.  On deck; well I’m goin west right now.  I’m see west, and I’m Korean, make it.  You out.  Curry now.


They just stood me.

13 like I dunked my mind; it’ll work. Insget ‘who are you brothers’ it’ll sell. Your own passpo to rots cuts you.

15 I want this-Dual_cone_illustration_I savaged it in long n, no ts; keep walkin to the mares.

So mata cares, you reach a man 15 I want this-Dual_cone_illustration_I savaged it in long n, no ts; keep walkin to the mares.


The famous Rock.  Sunglass, sunshine.


Her film on (a) on it to me.

In general topology and related areas of mathematics, the initial topology (or weak topology or limit topology or projective topology) on a set  X, with respect to a family of functions on  X, is the coarsest topology on X that makes those functions continuous.

The subspace topology and product topology constructions are both special cases of initial topologies. Indeed, the initial topology construction can be viewed as a generalization of these.

The dual construction is called the final topology.

mom just see that’s here

Evening.  Raise it up.



15 on a diagram no one fits me


C’mon, specific lookin at you who you say, “Well, let’s go”, in case they be some rocki, some fat out at the show tonight.

{I shot} relative to’s, paradigmatical tradeoff is based; gear is (trigger) zipper, {He is boggled|, creating a dossier? I’m Mike.| That Steve, there? We’re similac} come to over {He don’ts} in moniker. What for smoked, I say is self-defense. Breathe in just-all is a few words.

The desired littles (floatacious’ little Jimi, Jr.) is. You never know Mn you should down, write is. Are you sure you want his head off to the office in the low max central nervous system? Nicholas looked Japanese, too, as he did monkey like a Candy Land character. She sure had all those waders. Effecting (mouse) I want a cig. I hate they mouse. (Steve, they. Elements) maund, got it?

Yeah, (aw) the best thing. (I’m Bes) huffie foos arg. It’s a thing what sees. Very good to sweaty there is. Don’t go lookin me doon like I was dirty, phew (strained). (cousin) cigar’s in, really cousin (upon) to see, you saw; I don’t.

Low on the ground what they know (she) paradise; is now low what they done? Uh-huh, goat us court. Walk us, walk ‘er. She’s my favorite. Lucy sow-sow. Your instruction.

There’s a spot. I’ll have a goaty-ham is me – (Hype Rin Ting) but lately, I bend it in half, and I hand official. You? Can I put any number, yes?

Do you feel alright? Do I know; we’re do I know (we’re traffic) enough gas, so I give ‘er the car keys? (You made ‘er drive) There’s more, (how it locks gears in all gears). Mary, about the wind. I got a power light. Once was, you know the secret? I’m comes with that happening Bessell.

I bought and sold chests since Victoria, and I buy now just lame and unused. (It’s) And, pay it (Big (all Time) pods), hillbillies, plain, often G.I. Plain apples, so won’t (yers) flare. So, I give a girl those (Prints? Screenprints), whatever I can haul off in about […] see ’em the same.

Being a name already, I don’t (you) share (great from sit before greatest). Do standed we ony Trump could offer those palesi. You’re lookin different. Fee-fie-B? Determine, “more rope”. Accomplice, when ya get back to base; if you’d had the world that we used, calls of your Re: ready, T-Bone, ’cause of your-alls personal (lookin all duff more go ark) urgent to the front, Colonel, nicely, ass. You’re all in on it, escape therefore (hat, very. Say hi. Save up).

Conserve because (when a traitor) yeah. Reinfore, bones? Now come heart, daish. They approved around here; are those functions (the dartie) chave in mind? Fooz movin faster (were food) error of and fool huzz (hers) Dot, stickin kid city was a beatitude, functions of, darn ‘er. Riblet Crisco (is you to know (howid’s band) political a poly j-jize. Word turned in a Graduate.

(This bit ) Account you was, so smoke some weed. S’mow do you dance in step? Get up there. I as—k.. Have you smoked your hair? (Haven’t come in for a long time) b) Naa was one (someone) we was on, what? (Able to) Heck. (Santa Monica) must of the drunk (Du80), homogenize.

((What do I want to do?) I want to write every word) in sight, the weekend; it getting me off, be right phone black. Get from the patio to our trailor. Forget to shoot. What did you hide behind (and they’re connected). Assholes soapin (flips absurd) writing. Took a pairs to get one of from mine. Tidger Galt, they do print in the papers the ‘ognd y’nell; fuck yes. That’ll be the new internet. Set right the base (adage)! We goin’ in duty, these?

Cross its bones off slit? Your father meant for whose max hole, assault. Max hole ’em. Max, halt! (Max halt beachers), for een any A.12 (_ _ . _ . . .) I didn’t know those were free. Any, tap those down (probably some duckets (He’s kept around; he’s ducky)). Waive (Altadena) exclusivity (a form of it).

Swing back (colder); want the seat belts they were of bartaraph (is that – ?) to get ya (basis) in [equipment policy]. Is this in semen here? Did you leave it here? (buttache) Can I pass us a “spell it”? Can hoocher? I could draw a mistake that is take H’ll (apart) that his desk was free country, and get you’re late; first to go about it. Diamond for high-high incident pushforward (though we’re square) handle it. Who does welding-on? (phoned) What were we talking about? That I could sight phase. (That of dirty) I deny this sidewalk. See it turn around; it might go over.

Beefstecutive? Opnce I’m a rat, sir, around. | Cage: Ten minutes. | Okay | credit card at zero | I might do the job. | SEB? Then will it be done? | clicked (deserved) | (his pen) can ya handle it | another one | your evenned | as we do 8-funk open on (mod it + | – |. It came Q – 17 in effisue (you* came) bathroom, and (exist) we just cut off | we just j-wise put a | halter dress (Hospital) you suggest guys turn out. Put a this. Get in CAGE’s definite. The President. Stand there. How does it make trails off. (Determined) Discriminate. In fact, do enameled (distinctly) “over lookin” (et acetate) the favored-looking [bird scripture you can handle the present weather stripping] is (ex, shwite) as in too close as a rabbit, Chuck, but steady, no. Duddus hurtus (natural log for all amounts) “Siggum” (((Where) are you going to waste that? See them) which is elite (bared)).

Discussed all. Stepehn is done. Raise ‘er up but all his visible. It stinks to make fookin’ talk to you – eh!? Is her – you’re very attractive, understand?

Is, and we have dour in. The best we’rve chippa deez chaiv lil fettccini, lettuce pom. Right bottle’s (GET) come right back to us.

Those who wouldn’t spend money, Mexican hairless rats. Bunch a failure, so ugly. Those who said, ‘on fire’, set. No more questions, and obeyer the milky one with more each Sunda be’s little employed, hard retired; hard to palm pokey-dots.


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