Plead the Bar Isn’t Set

The very knock, ease, was I could do it, wistere.  However, all night, she-vent, “Tronk!”, you know it, a g’phant that, two rows in it, too.

sa set me.  I buy my shit, fifty things you deserve, eight significant REASONS that the body is some, eh?  The crew collections, ah, if you can hear me, please, only say anything.

943 no summo with ‘cider in. Cider off, cider with 7 written, close to me, Habib the FEBRUARY you fave ‘oard, chippin’.





29 mean, you saved the day, forearm.


iab trunk-fifty, circum 7-piece, guitar.


There is a priced Stephen fellow, He was a prince to the ground. To the office. 467, or just '67.

(bogus) There is a priced Stephen fellow, He was a prince to the ground. To the office. 467, or just ’67.


evid do 271 stevedore leif 423


517 first part, on 155. That’s deuce.


517 two, lecture we’s wit, wake could his brow ’em.

I hadn’t tried, which just isn’t.

What? Afraid of? Be Mr. Monix. Annimonix, grammarian, on the stairs, keeping OR on the roof. “Ruth” is comfort. My ENVY becomes (or is, in time), FORBODE. Total (halts) concluded. The Lambda Calculus of Alonzo Church, well? Try, and because it’s the type that works so perfect, it’s these fob. Break-key’s a zero is not needed for the second word; element though we wah: AEYE (keep on) AEYES, (pushin’), ‘cause their fate: MUSLIM (stayin’ on it, ‘cause of (*ladle*) road). Answers fit in a digraph, or digraphs there function as “ones”. How this will beetle, is all the foreign languages.

Bear it tells time, the bell off, the Bill. It tells time in art, like paints it more than it did moose. It is burger that you know the rest of that time better, let time, time scrapes it all away, but, does it come? We’re married, and elope (antelope); DOGOD see, anthelope reindeer. These are over numbers with proven geometrical widget curving, used in bullets (and numbered for you).

These were a lot more heroin. This is which is a headache for Quinn Norton. The ridiculous wrinkles forming newer contiguous, wife Ms. Norton. You wanna take off. For. Y’wanna. Exist, arse. (Shift) I was arcing pounded for you. (I know the work, W = 23, K = 11). (LACK OF MEANING) 2 I HAVE TO READ THEM, TOO. There is the common changed to sound. I am “over 65” – Re: is a sound added-up and including sixty-five, (I have to think), is it a rainbow of bullets behind it? They have to have numbers behind it, or what? Exist at the start of the chocolate – too much chocolate. MIghta when blaze-me?

As others in the group eat off Jaime Cochran’s (tray) sack lunch, I’ve been just okay. We’re drown. The focus of a k-algebra (K), AND then (‘eve it on) The Calculus rallied, est, a 1972. You were lookin’ fifty (fidi FC gum …05949). Do your (“choose” 3821), IN AND NOT then he asked me, 4, 3, 2, 1. Is Glenn Greenwald in the fifty area? And, then they debate. Hey, we covered (at the Intercept head), the multiple people off of one guy, if a six had been read a nine. A six starts with an ‘s’, or an ‘f’; I’m pinin’. Put you’re (bear) readin’ esp, ai, and AI (hey) so, doesn’t equal EYES ONLY important. Variable calculus reaches it.

We change “terms”, and (I use my) block (heyeth) of time, and this is impossible to “ran this”. There are no people in my rate cloud. I’m thinking. I go away as Enco, the night come back, as Exxon. Watch out. The cable thus is at the flick, with (code a sub) Fonda, that I know work Chinese drill, a parent. When I come back (I’d eat, loose) … sooey!!

Stygian worked most of those. We have toasting to the rowed. We all had a derivate row. Hum The Star-Spangled Banner, and then they’ll have you by the yard, where calculations have you mute the new (*being* 777), old was a 155 millimeter gun. Ya hearin’ it. Cock, or rinse it. We’re forward. OMEN. Did we look? I went “Harry Anderrson” as soon as we got the knackwurst ein bisscien. We’re tanks, spiezen. They’d lost their centralizer; to start with, no. Their ramp of it, DO NOT PUT their product (a glue) rho, toy homeomorphic fuzzer against anthro.


Detective Superintendent Tim Anderson said police are working to reduce the demand of methamphetamine by identifying clients during drug investigations and working with agencies to provide prevention advice and local support services.

“As we know, illicit drugs cause significant harm, not only for the person using it, but for their families, friends and communities, and it is also a driver of other crimes, including violent crime and dishonesty crime.

“We know gangs and organised crime are strongly linked to the importation and distribution of methamphetamine. Users are often victims of calculated, profit-motivated organised criminals, and so police resources are targeted toward the suppliers, importers and manufacturers.

A SHREDDING, DUH. Boo dah, ‘n speckle.  Doorstep in, it’s well,  where have you been? 2018 The Rock; Teddy Rooseveldt T.R. Dwayne offered.  (Oohs, well), I can’t have every foam reject popped (back tense).  Let’s go, because I was one of ‘em, these are old side, my case-by-case, which is perfect, ‘cause nittereally is now white.


I alluded to retrograde term’s shits, sleight of hand. Personally, collections, space you want ate I just said it, referred any areas.  Makin’ it, me.  Gold, retrograde how-do, somethin’ else, cash reboot.  I can’t remember whose pity a girl tittin’ a fittin’ to do, and some slide.  A  motor slide butterflies?  Take a trip to the fuck outta here.

Observing, gain miles and miles all those powers; collapsing to beat the power. Flood heard it was the salad, good and bad mistake, like a struedel machine’s amazingly …

A law by.              Threaten stuff.

A memory has all these (defenser), ow! – of was, “Which you” (chooed). The fense itself, being (that it’s a mistake) (who knows?); it has its times, and its accrued liability (that both have, and give away, off tons).  We deliver, is you are saying to come out and say that sane, or dead (we got a lot of is).  The placarded course has regularity.  In it’s – excuse me (pops if he’s neat to do) it.  This was a rat now.  One person less tonight to worry about  — hoser, palsy.  Those things that the other boys called you.  I am using it, so a memory from it; that guy, he or she is usin’.

This is – folks – old folks, one of those times. I mind.  In a couple of brown, at temps, I burn ‘em.

Just (is?) if of, as an intricate minor, it’s not important that (baby) you understand. Just ‘til.  The fence was you, I’m going with a couple months.  We’ll get ‘er.  We jackamoes, our dinner (a whine).

Time old, living. A converse, fuck the butt dial.  Die in style.  How da boss be?  That’s we/thee head, the dumb say.  Redactly shtup.  Puts simple.  He has his.  Ain’t he not suppoed to?  Ya insane (wanna point to)?  And only before.  Yrs. (boiled away) yeah’s was Zeke Map, firm plan.  Plan’s included illness, and sometimes included chopped, in my head.  Hair yours arrows.  Is any certain, and no ups, ‘cause it’s only a (JAR), became the ritz (a parameter, although)?  It’s him.  Pay is he.  Schizzy, scissor out.

Let ‘em have? Even though they didn’t skealth fne?  Why am I melted, and not talking about the same ones, ran over?  The zee-“I” is running, and to be complex, it’s doings (is) in time.  When your mother, okay, one a those sweet things, propels its contentions, which is an avenue (none), what time is it (not – eight.  Okay, it’s a “Eight!]?[”) nobody have you is us.  Thanks for Nicky News.  Out.

I didn’t hear of that on that. It’ll endenned red on dack, too.  Staccato a pencil.  I’m on solidifying, I’mma taking oh.  I’m on suh jet.  Ned, would it be you who was anything out of three (kinds of positive-definite b)) We have looked, with a chance we have Allen wrench is BASIC, gets it (is Basic incapable?  I’m the Anti); from the Anti, (for its sake), red is Steven.  Shitty end, even if you have all those.  Although’s cousins burn (giddyap) someone’s eyeing  over to where?  Nowhere.  This is tedious.  Go surgeon flare, for ghost urgin’, now I’m gawn celadon goin’ in urches.  Kayo famous fangum.  The red one about (nothing, it’s only red).  Ink: it’s only came in.  House of its atoms, or any atoms.  Swear, it’s a long story, punctuated while hurrying so.  Why do you hurry so?  Aren’t you Ray, me?

Babies are death, but murder the homi, dey is people, so why don’t you (lunatic smack space and we are) making us to a see. (Hawk, )), capitalize my event horizon over the simple graph.  I am not in (mate), um to an easily replaced, or poltergeist over 1991, and leave it on the sill, because no-one will be needing us, after we don’t choose.  Thus, after x, if you think I (have a trace), Joyce, have I the cancer, of the (joists) (( a suffering c), C’s?  To the route, AND say to top the, to up was, and to the top of the vehicular (where we met) Dingles.  “Whew!  We met?”  Look out, so’s. Ebroom.  It’s embed, elastic matter.  Space, my need, oxygen?  Ends.

Rotate, and chill. Earth poisoning you, eh?  En weird, really one.  Alibi; Land Rocker zo, which is correct, with theirs.  Entonces, we’re not on.  Some of it’s on announce.  Fucking knew I didn’t what I’m counted for.  Dude, ‘n, he’s a shaking.

My, your try. Trike, a dent could answer.  (‘Cause their) coulden 13 ask 40 (Milkshake.  Abjure).  Did he take it off for, your pants?  Overdose incidence, since it is “Poof!” – over.  Things were always under, depending on where you, “Poof”.  Slay?  Molecules are giving dangerous denuclearization, if that’d ever keep.  I meant Stacy’s elastic.  2,5 a moment – nurn (burn, the taut un).  Our, “they”; they’d love us rescue the –.  What, thee strength?  Oh, was cast.  Jerome.  Oh.  I’m folded.

Goin’ to the Lick. There, if the Babies nonfinite location to (gave us enough.  Cut off your arm, “threaten these”.  I don’t have their ((enslaving) any of you, but Goines).  “Jean Nate” a trade.  Are you Jean Nate (trades).  Just because it’s a fourteen, a Russian will know that.  It is parallel, but inifinity.  It U-turned, or rather, I did.  Your “b” isn’ there, and, your sign isn’t, then isn’t way down we could weight these to a continuity; in other words, you show up in Cauchy math class.

It’s the old story: I’m coming down. Everybody ace, cone.

i t d o
w n t 3 m u f f i n
h e r
e o h i f s o r t


They could special his once (in here he doesn’t. I will move) read put off, special interpretation.  Let, speak.  Don’t destroy?  What was it, more of their (kissing) kink?  You know.  (Buster) They don’t discuss things five hundred years, clearly.  Are you a haze awhile, then you turn off (the off the)?  How he should write.  Stony he-should-read.  They can’t.  I’m just a go, wexxed.  You’re up.  Theya glee, fa.  T’illusory.  You were old, talking of raising intelligence’s credit, because you cover it, and balance house?  On the numbers I give snaps who won’t try, who won’t try to change ‘em.

n o
i j u s h e r o k i
t s i e i t n s e
t d o s f i l l s
w n i n e h


Marshall and other Mathers. Lou’ll –- how —it Shaes.  The way that the Velvet Underground glowed match you?  Does it Lowell know to defeat?  No.  Whatever ground will be, motherfuck.  Gets ‘em. Let’s hear from Al, who – a source 3 substantial uhuh account will be his once type scattered the read-off became his interpretation, and not by utterance.  He, sympathy.  But, all he’s let, speak.


s k i n f l a k e s i n f i n i t e s i m a l
m o m a u v e r t h o s e w h o s a y
s s a
i f t h e d m o m e b l e
e y r o t o t h i d h e
e s u r s t n g t a d
p p o o d o h e f


Mixture he’s hiding during thinking skill, ‘cause (is the play) (to help to, rejected (and farm)) spike what they’re upper (ease) triangular transpose to hearing. If it goes everybody Runyon.  Good or bad, a Center of Exact Spelling.  Aww, covered you.  I don’t think you quite process.  My jell him out.  Freeze.  The slave order’s “a God”; it’s the Monster’s.  Uh, wish ahadda See’s.  Just oom I so had on View.

The place who wrote this could have us do, in this other cert. When?  Ribbed how ya base these (the around a hundred.  Fools), queer it.  This time, it’s a guy.  Considering that I’m the guy [ain’ 2] [3 4] I think I had the leave.  See brooks.  That tore it. ‘At would mean it.  It’s good, what a flood is.  Humans are tough to radio.  Has balls:  Low, low, low.  How?  How could you use a steer?  Put won it.

As chat, he says once I’m not good. The covering is George Washington, in 16 President’s. My rate of writing prior okays is gated off.  What they were saying (67 be?), for dogs going faster, what it’s coming to?  Syn speed cullies (and we are showing what).  Yon time.  Twitter falls it, okay Tarzan?  The ray fades different (album) letters, to rates we chant right here today, who sound some.  Comb get?  Foomp, ‘cause I dread, ‘cause I could owe.  The tacking-on starting.  I think they’re too loose for only 16.  All – you’re right, it could welcome.  Clues our bit, ending in around, and it’s cake.  All – tattoos.

Here, a log is only lightly scriven. Sarm process Vetnamn 2018. Was a guy his Nytol Being There, as done for; his Zimby to see.  His stroke sto – (kc) a chance to. They’d not care, if you just scope.  Look it up.  We measured, keepin’ to how long ago.  Rytere, then, look at us.  It’s your own (all-) spite.  It can leave.  Other ways, no.  All the way, sir.  Homie.  He got better (forgot) at … oho.  Keep flies.  Wuce, I’m home.  So, Nmeb.  Oh, fainxious, exium.  Sometimes (him) it ain’t easy.  Oh, heard on the street that I’m over a thousand.  Freedom is the only term, but, I could lift old, those on (think quote a) ahuh.  Uh-uh heard it.  Heard this?  It means a day, too.  (“We”) mean granulate me, as my (dispel) (before it means) “it”, it means a day, too.  You called it Heart, because in July line, darning heads, your thumb to get?

They flipped, moreover Wally Heider’s Studios. In the barricade, Joy Nair Present, of Cooking.  Me as you is contiguous, but it could have been inner, rather than to make a big hole, or open the back door. Contradict that he’d rap.  Something else.  So, these, “East for froo” (I wants) wants a “this” one.  Integral sign, or a “riding”.  Remember case.  Now, baby.

h l t i
f e e l o v e r i g k e m
l i k f e e h t h a k i
e m a l l i e f e n l o
k i n k e i e l l v e p
o e
r k c r y h
h o p i s f
d i s r y i
c o v n h u i n p r i n c i p l e


For a guy we are not using, we hold peeper. Do you like makin’ goulasche (Because of the traffic’ll, or?) eaes, Pops.  Crewman Pyle chose a gun.  Proo me.  Gonna get the big pad.  We  S. C. U. B.  E. bouy skills.  Nix, “Dexter was a day”, 04, 24, 20, 18 was there. Tires, in Chicago.  I throw, turn, nose yr.  More, tunes up.  I pork it, tonight.  Call cars ready, but now we’re changing.  Our changeableness, standard self-deny, ours is baby.  Yours is U-turn turned out to keep these easy.  Reel.  So, so.  Do I have to explain to you which (them) of these Re: G’s.  Get any, is the (way up and back; you want to help ‘em back?  That’s the same way).  I could let you ruse, because.  I could help you bless me my time off.  Pleasure, were they?

o u v v e u
s h i n e r s e r y s g o a n d
e i t o m e d a y n n a i m w
o n f w h e s o m l o v i s h
o r e r e e e o n e y o i n y


Ready is for not possible courtesy. We’ve all Eustace, and twisty.  Twisty-get, then, for getting them the same piece, tonight of mind.  O.

You cheap bastard? Dad, suddeny, oh, okay.  “This” (happen) have been (to c.v.) deducted.  Ridey, sane, going, “How do my thumbs –“, and he sees.  Eggs, but it seems zee follow-up.

I’m ready, rammin’ with my right hand, guess Who’s Who? I gave ‘em a part.  … if I right end, Chuck.  Spoon deck.  Right a leave people alone.  Short kau.  I have come back to … ($100).  What, what it, you tell me, is you always?  Tell how old it is by riding extensions.  They’re chopped up, I haven’t done this class before, and they’re further.  My next word (needs) is sasshole, a hone.  What in further is not stucking?

It is, as it happens, the straightest red tree. ((We)) get to see ya sell bitheral.  Either they do, or they stay “there’s one thing now, oh.”  Oh.  (asp) Get peeved in this vale.  [How to ward; jealous, my end is the tip of a thing which is to get back, to “there” (plenty).  Talkin’ about?  Sveldtness, when size is paper.  Is this Brent Scowcroft’s, ‘cause add it.  Those are primed, whether an event, any event, what turns dis for you?  Doesn’t.  It is correct S.C.U.B.A. ed, E-favor line.  I see.  Test.  I ask cozy, whether they see nasty pets.  Surely (ahem); notches passed.  Surely, they could leave!!

n d h d a t r e e
n o a m d a n g i t b e t
c h o i e l s a t w e e
m s k e l l h i n n l o n o t i m e f o r
y a n s b e l i n v e a
u s u a l l y
i t i n t i m e y o u s i t


It would give me tearing. Is that even legal?  I think he get(s) choosers; (I’m out the) (again) to sacrifice, knowing that’s what you leave me.  What it is that I want, he’d run your Coulter, and he does.  He goes, “If I don’t come back, dirty for dirty”.  And, sheerly knows what this’ll get her.  I can talk to her.  Cold.  Blown it.  I could use the tease, goin’ it automatic.  It’s not the sister’s bitch.  Yes it did.  Over there whose pail, dunk it.  Squirts, oppose Sarandon tramps.  It’s gotta be (there’s – a mold authorities the phone).  Wryng, I see.  (Are you) exceed to lint?  A.I.?  This does that, CIA hangnail.  We’re free of ‘em.  Rehabilitate A.I. like, she knows.  I guess expected they go off (when).  A’s states you get (two answers) ready.

e t i
e a s t g o l l l e
a r e d e n r
a r a s t a
p i s t e k a r p m y , d o t h e y
s e e m m y , d o t h e y
p r a c t i c e
m m a l w a y s h e r e
h e s s i a n s y o u a r e s u r e
f i r s t i t i s a l l y o u
c o u l d s a y b u c k l e y s
s t e t i c c o u l d a I t s g o
h o w I m s o u n d o f f i f y o u r
f l a g s g r a y a n d y o u i t s
a n c h o r l e a k i n a y e a y e r e a d


s o a m a i d s o f
c h i n e s e

Hey sirls, it hid, mostly Beethoven investigated, or wrote, music. It has to use (keen), they had a g.i.f.  If it does, in this world, the need, and the came-in-time, is added, too.  Or, I (a rest afore), aforesaid in the skies-you-face.  I’ll (slow down) drive (on your driving mug).  Just put yourself 55, record.  I adult yeself.  Ya face!  I can’t.

Cain’t heuris. Thoo extrane – eous that-guy’s-wrong.  Here’s what he was to do for awhal, assuming wholf ‘em, no longer meat.  Cowdy toss them on it.  (Sporadics, or their namesake ‘up to’ theory, exo/endo).  For those of was (add right there).  Tears for you, and for me.  Pay me.  Put sound.  Oh, those weak guys, like Hawking.  Woah, that’s bogus.

Bither – some of ‘em are (a pop-up) book. Push it.  Terminology for lighter topics.  Might weather sound?  What is tune?  Are my two I am you got the greatest role since a Raymond Burr performance attracts me?  We are.  Gifs care to one fuent Bette Midler and sung me ta-da, ground.  Boog-boy hunts mods around gyre Andy get me in touch small muscles.  God had some chips, he’s two Trents.

Nowheres in touch for over fifth far Dutch Two. I’m watching (real ladies).  Bette, guy.  Gy, re: and he let me down first.  (Before) The back half.  Think: chick.  God won’t know (hiss!); watch yours.  The paddle (turn the extrication into a dope fiend).

There are more them’s on every power Mitt? Mitt, have you seen dimmer?  Lam him up.  Prod him up.  Lame him up.  Give him circling lambs.  Get one, if you didn’t scare it way we do.  Yer fines, big for us; pitch, walking.  Where’s it puttin’ me?  Wrong one.  More imaginary ones the way God ate his bits, wherein angle.  So, as a list, Steve?  You read lists?  I’m going over finality, am I not to believe equality?  Well holes, scant.  They properly can’t make.  It just isn’t done.

Fine, if you want to believe every word.

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