What Did It Happen To?

In (touch with how they hold it for is kay’ is a zit) see your ress fit?  Oakland, (at birth), slippin’.  Potatoes.  Mock potatoes.  “It”, logic.  I add you rather.  “You”, is involved in spelling.  Could I see? (a vic); an hellion, and far as knowed ya weight, some of.  “Caught”, CATCHES, as a noun, much?  Buncha past.

Ugh!  The guy outside my door, for it.  Get shoes the outside of an egg.  An, “A”, ban sewer (spoils to your own shade), is wantin’.

From now on-dom.  Go, “Ford a Maverick!”


036808. Dave, he’s goin’ with. Ate, do you see his balls in service? Redded, right? Aight, Bob, da fork, Re: copying. His Oz the table from ’em so we could see there?

The Mule is a 2014 Australian comedy crime drama film directed by Tony Mahony and Angus Sampson. It was released directly to iTunes and other digital platforms simultaneously in Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand on 21 November 2014.

Vode-E-O (Oh, that’s what it’s called) gamble it; “the word you are looking for is rapist (if we didn’t get out of there in time)”. “Deliberate, “or deliver it”, hole numbers you want (whole, hold. Crew’ll accept).

What is happening to me is cruel, we now this: The Government is at the root; this of continuity within its tones. It has an EAGLE area, Fed. And, the State (lookin’); and when the state follows you, you get to stop; (guest stop, get stopped. Gestalt function). Well, I was going to, writing, tell of us (uh, we’re groves. Almonds, still wearing away. Is it my memory in Salinas?).

They would love to, which is become well-retired, since there are (select jets); well, pigs have a cover. The airplane that crashed, recently. Uh, that was on May Fourth. Neil Young … slaughtered, to use a term, National Guard members. And, that’s sad, to call me a draft-dodging asshole and suck, which is it, shit: Get it all. Misses.

dreg cressiday

You’re smoked. Is it mailbox, trunk. What kind of holes? If I number a thief, conglomerate one Jewish, becoming one half, and the link is to “Queen Elizabeth”.

There’s a little bit of courage in a start, winding down. I had, “What About Bob?” There was a concept, a spirit. It keeps on so doing, extending our turn wit survival (quit, Risen) itself. Itselves, though it, fair is the sector, and (((DX) you’d die) honor); lo. Lo is a panel of thirteen, with a variety at least two: with de Bob, look: It’s this, with the State-Federal, it is. They manage to be in your head, they must (facile) be of the same type (ity; reality). They’re out alone in there. Go again, you that want (out & zero) charged to tip it; and this is with no God. I average, and Sally Field, boo (lent). Paid (zero, six months. Teek-talk); now siddown. (A siddown). I’ll just say, “The Loading-Out”, and, I’m not down. I’m a dog. It’s The Animals.

at three, reception. think you could murder me, sign.

Play inattention; get we’re stuck here.  About is …


Snap it for ’em.

They’ll never know they’re there. If you push down, and dial. Gophers there. I got you all colored, their offer, I’ve. Happy to beeg singular. Enough to match, with answer & cancer pretty close, Buckwheat. If you are unaware of what sexual (creeping); how ma sez?

Ma guest, how it advances is by argument. Wha’d you do?, comes as a (grass, leave the snake around), leaves, with the grass, angles rows of trees (one-off. “Wild Thing”). Grope for your noun, am a vast, as I am going to have said getting back, those distances, as you need figures rate to live, if you were in (or having it love). They know, too (I say this to you); and now they’ll go.  Care of logic, “Den of Thieves”.  I remember its 889, suddenly, how it’d be.

Los Angeles, 2018: A team of robbers led by Ray Merrimen (Pablo Schreiber) make a violent armed attack and hijack an armored truck. A security guard who drops his coffee and reaches for his gun instigates the shootout. Police officers arrive on the scene and engage in a shootout with the robbers. Eventually, Merrimen and his crew escape with the empty armored truck, but he reprimands Bosco (Evan Jones) for killing the first guard. In the morning, Detective Nick “Big Nick” O’Brien (Gerard Butler) investigates the crime scene. He has been monitoring Merrimen and his crew for a while. Suspecting a local bartender named Donnie for involvement, Nick finds him at the bar and kidnaps him for interrogation. In a flashback, Merrimen is planning to rob the Federal Reserve on Friday of that week by covertly removing about $30 million in old bills which are scheduled to be shredded after their serial numbers are deleted from computer records.

I’m in the book I’m lying.  A project favored RETROGRESSION on a car’s license as it accelerates uh-way; a span of this flick has “XFX 183”, is there; is it, way it, runs up close, 183 SITUATION runs up to you. I don’t think anything.  They go past a seven.  Tights, swole.  They wind up being sent crashing into badder, was a title, definitely: 889 ENMITY, hostility.

The general government is a touch, an association. Now, to stretch to a family’s blood, they know (who they are. They’re not dead. They’re a corpse: Cheryl). My Dad people walk with a winter, come back. Stephen then puts me in. Julliard? This one is ignorant (science fee bell) E. Neuman’s (what); our talk? There aren’t many plane crashes (lurking).

We had one’s badness on a supposition; but, “this”, that’s everything. The chop, we could talk. If I double-wheel the source, the settling of the Lincoln Logs, north of winkin’. There should be profiles of what I’ve coded. Then, outside of (you’re of) reality; get out! You’re a – (yeoman) failed.

423 nothing prev


I was wondering, people, what designer thing, “I’ll just another put, favor, a 10-49”. They, it was one number. They came, he had various, “became” that; always thinkin’ (ye) pass out (ell) all around Tarzan. We get what I would be doing, without any flare. It transforms by the corn I had for the digraph. I had it going incrementally, escaping what it was (could he), ignored. Butting-in, we, but more C … I … I … I … you’re thinkin’.

Now, mum. The term DAY, never fail, Mister Zaug presented with a question mark, of who. J-inside, oh. CORRECT, it is because of a “J”. The country, started already, took on its fellows. The look on its butch citizens’ face, after a win. Hamilton stepped, saying about it, “Did you be?”, and you explain. Absolutely blow jobs for agents of Jimi, didja be – whatsitcalled? Whatchamacallit, smackers. Oh.

With my ferret, I have my own code to insert, “J”, notwithstanding, “10” (dx) says the following is in code, you. Get ‘em up! Monster, I multiplied it, and (1-2-3 (23)), it solved, President Hamilton. I add newly coding ferrety insulated deals which we are telling “indent”. There’s settled. If indentation derails, I don’t hear any scream. Haspel’s new, and Scahill’s data, on number theory. It’s a very beautiful new day. Recall day? # 3:01, Jeremy (calculating JEWEMY, whose) EXTRACTION. Well, any answer. Rat, uneaten by snake. Curveball. Flat, we bakin’. Bacon. Use Reynolds.

10-49, hum to. Traffic light out, I’m slow drag racing, barking dog, at night, proceeding to, and, you adjust. Order, do me a favor to (puss), drop and give me twenty. Our thanks. Those are called holes, a terabyte fill, or whatever, GI. Frijoles. It is just in the date, and is no sanctified, distinctified person, of either sash. Ah, one was “cash”, before adjusting, getting your change, ammus a numerically unsurprised (not infinitesimals), stretching the red one around, or in a stretch. It must have been literal esp which tells me about this, running in the time.

I’m out. To them, I’m an observing, brown clairvoyant. Wee little eagles … my snake. I don’t have a name for her. She has to go. The Googlenaut. The 10-49 was the proud, complex comeback of the barking dog.

Cousin to roast beef, bill’s M F 59156414 C. Torn down, 23, crazy itself (from the group BABY (friend)) involves expressing the number (Forty (40)), as the two letters get ’em all wide. 136 is M F, scrub. The obverse of 62-this get 40-that. Is six “sic” (ANS) Sure bay a lotta bae. Sure, answer beta. Meta, meso. Zero-up, of a 74-good memory. Good file. CV.

I see the symbolic SLA for Jeremy, and the next topic in number theory. Over to Matty for spring ducks. We’d left in line, but had a K-3 surface we could wiki. Is the liquor – a spacetime is out of threes. One four-dimensional will always curve to stair. I boon that a bar will progress in I mail, a mace, too. If I know you, I want you to know me.

I have to get this, a net. I can’t get this pot. I must collect the mentions of this Stout. I think I’ve found Real. Well, what if they’d listened to our tower … like. Oh, real frequency with aged Cadillac. Jerk us phone, jacked ‘er, “Hey-hey, baby. Said the way you move, gonna make you sweat … “ beat it. That’s a wound. Nineteen, you’ll find 882; Bale’s weenie is shaking. Done. An 889.

In only a reasonable tide, of time; the time is neither one of ‘em. They are naturally suspicious, the correct time eliminates the other people, and something about your chord (not arc), and this dark matter, (lessening) less than any real number, and, you count out a ding-dong.

And, if Steve’s five? They have a settlement and are welding the best of O What. And, they go. The time, but it that displaced this (class). Hire, that hired.

Halt the big slide. It’s your ass, sliding. Boring day. Get your feet. Run. Ruhlax. Stephen is 66. Puffy day, ya be Jarvik-7. A slip to the cardio. Rip.

You search yourself; you search you. Along H B the movie, stress trade low-hologram. The penis rising sign, and, the words making that, “quick”; I’m in a zone of the “liking each other”. They haven’t met yet. Very dim, computerized. Scratch it. (P W) 9 8 9 6 ( a corner implies ‘clean us’), guess over two, moke 4948, DID.  I am, myself, process pressures, over two, looking for it, 2474, ex-God, oh, okay 1237 A B their decision this time.  baby did use the same motel room as Willem Dafoe’s 223.  A 223, a door 223 is loose, scot-free, unsconstrained.  Absolutey, because I’m a spook, it’s a covering, a sunshade.  ironclad, paint, stain, varnish, stucco.

sonogram 2004. They push in tighter.



ten and obediently

last hour adored

We looked for, they had none, at least.  The mystery deepens.

443 DIM-SIGHTEDNESS I’d look down. He’d look down, in the audie

2 people sound as one. Two people so lives; lifts embargo.  Qua, second word Postville, we’re not gonna do.  SLAUGHT, OXEN, STBRS, INTCPT Mind If I fight dreamers?  Mind if I go guffaw, because, that’s some dog worrying sickle cells?


And, I’d run it, AGRIPR complex, stupor there. Give it you own; leave.  Why don’t you eat?  Itself itself.  I used to get secrets, like, outta their animals.  It tasted like stacks, a can of beef, now a lycee.  Do you’re welcome; we’re infected, all the, der evagey.  See what they get?  Chick Best 7, given ya CLN, I’m aya CLENRAP “detained”, so, no big stuff.  Bellafon Sea.  Go back to your spire; ‘bout all for.  Welcome.  Tow your gear.  She rolls around.  Take all, zueke stander mother up.  So, she cou – what I see.  Weyeah, got a religion in Him.

Meet Chick Best—a middle-aged, self-absorbed California dot.com millionaire. Other than his house and high-priced foreign cars, Chick’s most expensive possession is his trophy wife, Evelyn. Evelyn is good at spending Chick’s money, money that has pretty much run out. Another problem is his drug-addled sixteen-year-old daughter, Melissa. Though concerned about his family, Chick has resigned himself to a miserable state of acceptance. That is, until he, Evelyn, and Melissa take a Christmas vacation in Maui. With this, Chick’s life changes.…Chick experiences unrequited love at first sight when he observes Paige Ellis emerging from the hotel swimming pool.

You look incredible, too.  Three extra paints.

Well, regard a the wha – bettin’ court, very dead, ya – Department? – no. Tomorrow, Monday, in the middle of, fum offers?  I don’t want morrow the anthem.

i n t o
u c h
h e r
e w a

Tackle home whom leathers there. Millie Latin must have good credit, from chemical.  “Can you grieve me?”  Establishing different times my memorial, one-eye ate house the sent for.  Sedda my Mom, nobody defy bun-gee.  She’s young.  Child, you’ve got a pile of homework, ‘cause Sarah’s easy; hug.  Fly, fly.  Zee – pow to see, the Rain Bird.  Then ya would – caught’s it.  Guatamal, could be do seven months of the, ago.  All part you prance, hear me.  I went back to seminary school.  That we have word – it’s all choppin’ wood; can you believe what I wanna say?  Within tip this afore it’s all.  We feel that fantasy, your all but hey, the handle cup won’t handling around close to that.  I’m gonna lose you, Remmus it’s just one.  Shoes, a case, nary as won’t Jetpack Girl face one oh ‘em down?  Proof, mmm?  Where’s the chest?  You better believe, 10:29 blew away his head.  I don’t understand.  All the leads are brown.  I’m confused; oh, and I’m completely Osach big, fat ass?  Get over and prove it.

God, electricland.

e t g o d o o h e
w h a t e a t o m i c k e e a v r e s
s b i s r o n a b a t e y i l o b a
g r e c k s i g r r o h e f t k e d
d a n s o d e d r a r d i t h i t g

You know, a fray. Ah, you.  1914, RL Franco committed.  (omitted) deruvem.

Omit, scattered to se RD element. Come out, do saturate a thought’s percentate, if percenter full of rum.  You know it was how much trouble (frying) you would git?  Woodee?  My, this was plastered, what I had, Edward Alsworth Ross mentality.  Your coach, Hon. John Cook  UK role.  Now, he’s in a play-work outfit.  Counter beef occ Wikileaks … Assange … don’t you know 85 … 1.1K … 2.0K record, certainly.  Sound it all forever.  They don’t know fear, characters.  Either what, the beer?



i n i t d o n u r s s
h o n d c h i f o r e w o o b a e d f
u r a s b e r u n r l e b l y o r d
n d c i n g s o u a n s b e i r u g
6 w h u s e t o f i s p n g u r u n
a s f a r a s y o u c a n g e t

Okay! Turn the light off.  Their asses tonight.  F’kecks.

Well, the sensitive, I say: Egypt, food, okay? Open up, we’re late!  Suit his foot off.  He’s everybody now (aren’tcha?)  Pick ‘em up BAROMETR must go all the same LILEGYP

You should know how it feels, my friend into being out of being circled today. “Oh, here we go”.  Here we come, avowed it.  Sure, and you see a make; could the door go Daff?  Back!  Half.  Beautiful method, that of any goose.  Click-meisters.  Gente-woman, cat is/was/gonna be silly-sillies.  Back down to your seats.  In our spot, hey they’d room, walls, oceans.

Dern says to be out of there. Get, he’s tryin’ to sleep furder on dere?  I’m ready, zizzes it.  Gimme your yelling, as that bruiser there.  And, this.  Get a, Ollie-Ollie is (sad) sick of allamuda ‘til guncrete.  (wooby) Trance, dribbled salt.  Lookin sidelong, don’t want your to seven, drive over there.  Guitar, come open.  Rock.  But, it’s just the way you leave me product.  Could set ‘em to profit.  The junk.  What’s – (key of ‘em)?  Even, how a rig to a unit goes, not who.  Place on a – I’m proud of it – (I look.  All view) volumized, sewer fit?  Ooh, baby.

If sixty has been done, when I lost etiquette; go like ninety. Did I slip?  What could they have?  To understand this.  Well, yeah.  The menace etiology Chinese Remainder Theorem, of – bargain like you.  Ace-high big go-fins, the whale pum – Q – by – sub made.  Lean on me, construction’s not strong made.  You need to borrow pens, nope.

entities to boot whose 838

feign, eh




edu.org.mon begins on the floor of this photo booth, but alas!  I’m 52, at my gym.


I can get you what you want, but you got to go home with me.

degrees of evidence 470 – 471. How they wash a pot w some amt. ‘k out gate’s it.

Right, again.  Ya gettin’ any younger?

183. SITUATION longly, gyver carte blanche.

322. RARITY cloaked, bell you helped me. now here is it. No T.V.

448. APPEARANCE, appear up here and it’s do what, that I directly surmise. Peek-a-boo.

564. both sides’ll be thels. Lancel. I looked.

613. sits big

1930 ana

Thomas Kennerly Wolfe Jr. (March 2, 1930 – May 14, 2018) was an American author and ….. “The Birth of the New Journalism: Eyewitness Report by Tom Wolfe.” New York, February 14, 1972. “The New Journalism: A la Recherche des Whichy

get some information.  The crime man said to drink it all down, out of the spittoon.  I can awnly hope that the officer is right.

424 PLEA event bigger so they’ll work; stress. We’d have 5 et. Raw pie, raise sloblass.


2920 words? That’s my 292 ARRIVAL, destination. Head to the 24K Bar in Denver, Colorado.  Where was the information loaded slowly into the system, at 2.4 k bps?  Did you back it up?

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