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Roberrt Goodman

Interesting, but if people without access to NaOH want a quantitative & practical method, that would be to mix sol’ns of Ca(OH)2 & Na2CO3.

That’s something the three of us would need to sit down and discuss, proselytizing half the capitalist resource to do something simple, Robert? Okay, for all it took to stammer. How ow was that?

I’m so tirde. Yeah, I’m bangle off writer argle-bargling ‘bartl lament. A block in a revelation—is it an octopus?–treat you better, it’s monde up. A straight Monday sue. I’m la coat friending Mayzy!! Ned’s message averted a cob. The de la Salle searches, you punch ‘em, you got it, movie skank, *Laura Wilcox* willed.

Knocker saulvy, my sympathy died. Supp. Have it. Treatment Advocacy Center. CA Psychiatrtic
Association, Police Chiefs Association, NAMI. LA Times, Gray Davis. After much incense, a subgroup of Scientology protested, upset. Said ran out of piano wire for gestalt.

Mindfreedom International, CNMHC, Psychiatric Survivors Movement, and, The Church of Scies.

UCB, Pelican, football. It’s all a piece of my youth, heppy to see the fold dazzle, epic turnover play.

Baby, make me happy will it depends whose father is there. On i5: Let me hear it. Aingro groves. What else? Interfere zone Debye, chief.
9. rf, ez, on.
—| |—
Don’t say that. When we–
mark it though in beezers skit column hollywed widdowont hate.
I try to get through (to you), can it be any of [you], any of me, assorted. I—oh, I—have I got to put it to bed during yapp-a-ho?

…casual user off the hook. Does anybody here feel the mass? I see. Wave sparkly and riff right (lift! Her up!), weight of the docket in my hand, do you, Abplanalp, is anybody alp there?

-Nixon. [obj8]’ll bring the salt?. Last call. Name of the time person, how you’re where the looey listen. Here’s a certain choice, kept core. Ginsie 1966 faro (weed). You had a recital? So what, man. Quittin’ ‘er.

Second, must over c by midpoint off a given.
…dirt roads of Vietnam. White country, I’m here to tell ya.

That one’s Jewish! Another one spoils the caps before working bone. The writer? Yes I do.
___P___I t just right fledginal. Everybody’s units to deny gift turvaris customayra put an egg on it, simmy everybody’s foots, Ved dropped eggbeater X-nay.

I’m your pet project and I am your hobby farm, Charles. That’s what “me”, when this business took it peculiar, all this peculiar, what’s peculiar? Literate. Call to the raven. My Jew is rude, the cousins can’t get home.
Xult. ECT is a challenge. Like ma’am, I will win. A earthly rattling. I sure like it. All the lies died, but weigh the shape. Are the marbles pewtered, all flossie selector on as. Were tight’s stirred delk pin gene. Take him home, sherz. Footsie eniggate ferry smuxxes, none more deserving than Morris Joan. Dokes over for a tea, Morrithy outside block. Testin’, I’m let a panther through. Let him all in. Let him represent. Let him concept two, oh, you in touch with the java. So liquorous like to stand the ice cream. And friend, busted tire-tracks, put that’s Charlene, put it over the door. Sweat clothes. Fits. Dennis, light of the stagger moon.

If you don’t leave the room, the governor’s house-chalet. Now listen, have what happened. Rustlers. W. S. Hart. A killin’. It can be a lot of trouble, gathin’ you-you want more? What’s up? You puntstick. A little saddle soap. Leverage. How to defend it. Done. Now, respect! Listen to me. Gees of the past 500 words are pullin’ pterodactyls down. Fix. Fame and “A” fort 1/10 the ayers. And children!

As a so-called “useful Jew”, Kurt Garron was promised transport to yield these groBst lady lazy moustache monsters. Wrong with you? Give me a hard tug, fruition. It’s bent we seek to surface Allin again. Megaphone Kurt; Snack! Snacks for two, you trust me. Mack & excuse me, walk, disappear.


The tency of alumin you now know de flocculate in the P2P op played in the plaza at noon, now postponed. La Guardia’s in heaven discussing with the rest of you effect. Rice, cully said what’s better than jude really goin’ on, notcher co-ed.

We will play. Halt. Washes out the steen, charmer. I don’t want—I don’t understand you. I run tape for the boss. It can hear it. Steve? Treadin’.
Up, then up.
Cyclin’. Program’s done. Too late to lake ‘em. Pet trues it. P. S. Hoffman: Candy bars, not “heoin”. My answer, chit. What’s wrong with you, Michael.
My water pipe, it’s gone cherpit. A metal poisons label’s with your meth. It’s gone du jour noncredit. Your takings—Hg, Pb, nitrosos. He put a rieve.
b) His amol. Beast, assumed fight’s over against tobacco. Camel. Too bad. The cumulates, geniuses. Too late.
Here he goes, Macon offerin’ tryna cope with electricy one around election times, zerb? Keep a bro posted. Don’t. Crassness choke. Is because late too true you live with efficiency. Great, deserve throttling. And no Beaner. Their protein weddo don’t want. K-cup like Michael. Ain’t rush you. Der prain. Merry Christman. They’re—he’s. Aren’t a stall. He’s screamin’. Man, they’re tax.

Junkie, what? Bob’ll2 Go inside. You, and live purpose. Is—can I, Isky airight? Aham, look closer. Is the bag heightener ebonies the first and out, seven I means and lay dere pullin’ javages. The Ray Corps ‘d lighten up itself. Nod sugar’s sugey walls, wobble wiggle Popo us 3-mafia. Stop there.

The Gift of the Three Biggest Feminists

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They knock their beezer a credit. He noticed you hesitate. “Hey, Klink”, coon, cotton. Fry it. Cotton K.

The Bevatron, a particle accelerator, was the largest, highest-energy accelerator in the world when it opened in 1954 at the University of California Radiation Laboratory.

The Bevatron, a particle accelerator, was the largest, highest-energy accelerator in the world when it opened in 1954 at the University of California Radiation Laboratory.

The gene for hubris

The gene for hubris

Tide pink and first.
Subject: Demented Midas they say. Change linen. Praying Muslim book and that blood-tasting bond. Therefored avit.
Huh? I said art silly baboon wound bleary, sacka sod. Cowboy virte. Which was? Lettem have it.
Dom, Percy, American, I really only carried out. Let ‘em, we’d win it, the Fardam display. Nominal character assassinations following being robbed by police.
It’ll happened, has to fair to, to you. Envire. But, your the police (chief, declaring war on Medical Marijuana, its feet), thus, Robert Alton Harris. Keys to the city for the man, automatons. You lie knit. You look like you need proof of that beat kit. Brenda Spencer (‘s) for bean nut Man of the Year size front. Oh, perps priors coped with by perp. [Ed.]
The two ten-year-olds slaughtered at McDonald’s. You think they’d’a grown up, a Huberty on every block precinct?
I’m slaughtering McDonald. If you don’t, they’re a looser on the 500-lbs. pants.
Denaturant added to alcohol used in bad cleanup will poison marijuana users on contact, a typical use during Prohibition, a) US federal attacks resulting in blindness. The bar is kind of high, Stevie. It’s 10,000 blind.
First unit Misz Reed. They don’t name niggers three names.
RUB_. Oh, there tried ‘em. And in there once.
They tight-told Ben it would open you two. Don’t name us niggers? Fete them 3 bananas.
Lars cut a dashing figure in the Pink Panthers. Flannel
’cause I’m right.
Crack you tossed rap something vertivut. GOP goes in a different alphabetic order making you taught
tossed, razor /b rubber band.
bidding heidelweise Fortress be Norway
Ja, 50% older short stack working to amplicate CIA, Le Shit. What happened andress
niggers cot ‘n freak just, see, let it go, ’cause…hurritry. Now that’n isn either natchul. Klondike hvy2
No when
Do you have the pictures fall it no, honey don’t. Pig sweat it. Involves my earth. You just became immersed in all your own internals goin’ off, Pogey. Either one of ‘em.

Undergraduate it
nigger s-sure is, mate. Lookin’ for that.
Pub. It sure is, mate; lookin’, Crown. Strop her dick-fault Hurt, the high-and-mighty, Roddy McDowel, the who-am-I?, the late benevol-er, bloody—could I’ve… Horse. Leftenant General Cel-O-Phane. Dodowood #OPADDLE
bye SWAP gayed _____Arvy, keep on thorough sparky, vet. In case, our way, our records, could look up [sic]. Face, how’s a good-lookin’ stutz forte bottle. The blood of’s flick.

He the Ptolomy one the man he’d resist
breakdowns 1 zero to abba-dabba, multiple 2 Laraine
importance to be: of the lawyers pity 3 to the stoner, right attitude
an toward everything.

More partners. I work in the city, Berkeley, California, In the protests over police killings, is the governor taking the upper hand. ABC News writers do shift the accusation straight toward protestors, as founding a new city of gray areas to protect the functioning of quantum bedroom life, eddying in its novelty. Humans popped up quite recently, like fairy mushrooms.
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ChokeOnYourPill geezee • 7 hours ago
I have to completely disagree with the “more civilized part”. That’s just a ridiculous statement. That is such a colonial way of think of other nations. Also, if you look at why those “undeveloped” countries are the way they are, it is because of colonialism. If colonialism had never happened, those countries would look very different and would have been just fine without western influences, technologies, or Christianity. And as for “unlawful assembly”, you do realize not all laws are moral and just? Furthermore, the fact that the people who are supposed to protect us and show exemplary character are now responsible for many unjustified or suspicious killings and are protected from punishment or even investigation is a very good reason to protest. Albeit, not like this. But you should never follow laws unquestioningly. Also, it is hard to change a system “the right way” where no avenues exist to change it. Police to investigate police? District attorneys that rely on police to do their jobs are then supposed to turn around and prosecute them properly? No, our justice system is screwed, and it’s time for a change. Protest away, everyone. But the looting and vandalism is unacceptable I admit.
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cheapster505 ChokeOnYourPill • 7 hours ago
well Europe , Britain and all suffered greatly from WW 2 yet managed to rebuild in 70 years Africa is still Africa still asking for help still blaming “Colonialist ” yet after independence nothing to show for
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ChokeOnYourPill cheapster505 • 6 hours ago
Ha! That’s hilarious. No European nation had its language and resources destroyed fully and completely. Also, they were already nation states with huge populations and militaries in comparison to the smaller African communities that were taken over by colonialism. Africa was populated by many different African tribes and groups before western influence, and still exhibits some of that diversity. It was extremely diverse in a way that completely separate groups with their own culture and traditions and languages could live a mere 50 miles away from each other, and had no need to create huge alliances and nation states as the populations were pretty sustainable as they were. Colonialism created the political boundaries you now see. Those boundaries are arbitrary in every way, and thus the colonization created the African nation states we know now. There were no nation states before colonialism, so rather than “recovery”, it is a completely new building process all together. These nation states were created specifically to boot the colonial powers out and now have to shape their own future and growth. But because so many different tribes were forced together into nonsensical boundaries where the separate colonial powers divided up the land, you have rival tribes and groups trying to now shape the future of this new nation state. So your comparison of European nation states’ recovery to the African nation states’ “recovery” is completely ludicrous. I don’t know why I even bother explaining this to you because the information is out there. Ignorance is a choice. If you cared to know anything about history or why the world is the way it is, the resources are out there. It’s just easy to hold on to ignorance and blame “Africa”.


According to Psychology Today: “The success of fear-based news relies on presenting dramatic anecdotes in place of scientific evidence, promoting isolated events as trends, depicting categories of people as dangerous and replacing optimism with fatalistic thinking. News conglomerates who want to achieve this use media logic, by tweaking the rhythm, grammar, and presentation format of news stories to elicit the greatest impact. Often, these practices present misleading information and promote anxiety in the viewer.”

Clip Jaunt

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cold fusion electromagnet

Fergusen rooting and rioting on the line, Stanley Cohen one-and-a-half year sentence starting January.  There’s a movie just like the Yorkshireman, “sometoimes oy speak my moind and I put my foot in it”.  You shouldn’t be beaten up for what you say, I might say how you type it.  They’ll give you the hairy eyeball for that as well.

we could always go to a chune, in June, go watch the feet or two pies

classic they’d boat race

quo away, what scary Russian army?  Bogus cut.














Get tall and dummy up nigger suit Graussen is a mate

Get tall and dummy up nigger suit Graussen is a mate

Turkey clear

Turkey clear

Up high are you thinking wonders are many.

Up high are you thinking wonders are many.

Speak of the old anatexta

Speak of the old anatexta

Radovan Karadzic has been on the run for over ten years I could count

Radovan Karadzic has been on the run for over ten years I could count



terror I will shout him I regard you

terror I will shout him I regard you

alleged serb war criminal I do not know what they mean I mean are we done its mistake

alleged serb war criminal I do not know what they mean I mean are we done its mistake

raise cigarette prices to snuff teen, I will shout him down my leg. Out, pen.







Sun, 07 Dec 2014 15:00:36 +0000

war criminals watch out_________our technique


I need fruther one foot.

OBLF chirrup

They holdin’ a mental carvin’ area. Don’t nobody want to make sure what it is next years lump they got, what the difference solid in the two days tortured? {straight-up to-net} Can’t forget. You gonna forget who they put ya, Jeesup melly an Joselph spirit, deepenja. Nicely, the clue they root in monitor, put it in slide Stephen.


Newtonian balls right here, blandest ah on earth as you are on your toes.



Not nips, orientals. Martin Landau, youngest practical godfather. “you call me?” Inventive. Thanks for the hold up. Did you bar your empty-handed up-the-ass fright or cold compress, chicken? “I anus”. Claimed theirs, “I face”, rationals. Whore the cob.


Ana metha gun the army saying the battle in this alleged drug war hold-tight was defended of my client and ruler above reagle turds

pl kin

I don’t have any in my butt. It is broken—we are no animals when we are, “poor deluded creatures.” God is omnipresent father goal, not full trance fool top Marine you lock up with, bowl haircut.

Wha’ you amateurs got after school—I got goff. Glit slick passionate golf. It works the shh! I am wiser, Peter. Were the googelax faulty safety-bar dooderang slipsticked to the middle and I grounded a upon it. Dit-fault: Read less haughty.


golf four-and-under holy mary mother of

poet despite sail, Eucaneirvit. Get started ignoring the mesertu our, “I defy you,” in a 1,000 dialects spent on foams—write it off, mm-hm. Give me this to some extent.

The tears—Nat Geo red land mine cheoda. Welcome to the new age powdered gloves. We are radioactive. The suit is to do it in, we have urine and blood. Taste it, hand it—fork it over. Bean went straingers chance (part of view?)


artist has a wellness-prevention program whose a serial-addiction sweat upper-lip tumor-what tumor. Oh, eggs, chickpeas. Weldest cheeky name. His ethereal f sits. Die weldest preventing scarring. -Jane Goodall brought it back. Yes, gruesome after all, the Ika Tyka p’too there, touchin’ there. Suffer them out there. I faunty the president tied, he won’t besyrup any pies. Burning at the stake entitlement. It’s not a cook tryna beg a sammich line. Everything peak then down only left immigrant America, where the false homosexuals planned to gross mainstream your hollywood.

To some extreme, inverse entitled, to burn people if their whizzin’. Mo-lect.

AWAE mode deCamp. Scabouchezie. Finnit believe nat Etna Pizza was spinnit. Ritual nemos hit. The favor, see? Strings attached, Romeless, starless. To prove money I KIA de V-C git RBTV pvt. Chins h. Lee whose fat woman ears (2) fell off him were makin’ woofed. He wasn’t really tryin’ equal, though immessily.

Cow chews cud in Mallory some. Do I pursimmit? Trembly new words in ONE

Leave practical, interrogate Beau at massa road /b be robes. One came down the, leaned his two-calver to his friend and spoledo-pocketed hoomacher skate wheel(s). Trum delicious donut rub the mattress.

Would it abuse to leave pause here? Are you out of your mind? Can I trust you with it? Further race says the Bounty. What kind of abuse?

You’ll spoil it.


wh-reductive to part inert/reactive

discriminate sub clinic. You better

stop in the sub. Lettuce brb whip it in

nail. Gidd it ((let paned) trailer) WARMED moley

in asthma Crowned goon pencil geef, title circle a buffoon

In order to dey bundled Buster Brown bucklin’ his shoes wrong, yeah.

Red Wine. Right. Supposed to for da dude exposed to plain, neat science.


well eat a can if I hang on with the police for rivet-tone dicing sewer-clanging

criminals by dint of Bethesda deductive proof, logical whose gonna die

typical alert change to allege company snowden to figure there’s

pasa no new ball of wax without furthers uniforms on.

Dolly made his dad the Syriansed in three.

The police, deducted on a slip. Charlie Chan dissol, finata. Were getting marid.

Is it a lit worth a stack of those loose comic books? I would like to work it in between my lightning panhead and the wall let it rip the lair pulses out working telemarvel zackly.

You gotta ‘ddiction to your home. Part?

Ski you got a rhubarb

medication tried. Breakdown menaced your a good girlfriend. Don’t find that polluter. Have a good day. It’s best out we jack. Goodpie. Be in KKK when I fall down. Sent you. You welt ‘em.

Woulda been ooh it’s Cole when he, robbed you civic, the federal mask. Hard job. There’s nobody free at the Stuyvesent. Chairs. This is Bedford. How can I dirt camel book. (gestures). Haright.


The reason is cool, henery. Crank it up for thou. A mechanical why. Cool. Did it pass? 7,8 toward confidences until I know who you are.


Leo I


ILLUSION can art the time okayed-doke. Bump, otherwise, Pat-de. Go on, get away from it.


Kurt Russel’s Morg. Added complete. Bet gabriel’ll cook. fix—how long. Summer? Real fast.

Dirkly-o. Bowling, whyfore Stephanie. ‘Cause dir’s what didges—cullotes much

damnation gloria

rip. In one spot. fake d. Now, beside her. Whine. Last use of mai tai’d her duck. What’s the use of physical training, not a word. Presto, a drippin’ Percy been [excited] leddle Percie’s gone what brown butt bubber off your [exotic] maker face [experience]–matthew thought prayers to down whom.

Arvy The DVD

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clockwise 1 of 4

clockwise 1 of 4

c4 of 4

c4 of 4

‘kay toodles

free south

it is





c34 september 10 of 2003 lat

c34 september 10 of 2003 lat

My 8:25 post winner due 11/29; in alphabet. That formula coming up, nor – (F7) — brick me to care about my daughter’s birthday, next to Veteran’s Day. Dad has Alzheimers. Dad…

edition’s ed; editionses in troubled. Dude, instead of arcing through my anode cell, saids wheatstone bridge exploded. Shouldn’t you use a multimeter before you ruin it?

Barrett Brown to caret browsing

I’ll have Barrett BROWN. Hashes, playfair is Steve BILLINGHURST, Mule Creek, State Prisons, 1998, unless time served.

Russian. Bra-at some last eval. Coll. Paradigm decision mapsy ent. Wl-laters. What’s the lid for?
Habitually end through – die – ((strange)s) neil young shootings. FALSE nest o’ – not very. Haldane menore crude.
Dyslexic on the nested halt on the airforce base and vanilla force base ICBM
Take wom guess 2/3 it as is, missing in class.
10/29 5:51 A make a new dress, those aren’t seams tiles
subterfuge, lines through, a rejected strikeout, incorporate months of, tower over
I efforted the Poe buried alive. It’s dead and stinkin’, nacaroon skittle, he’s a product regardless of how my rank uninvolved in the deal. Being 92, if I take it like saying he himself was not branded a raving lunatic, that he knew what was going on, aware, that – bonk King Tut, pearl two, I’d sup over he’d as adenoid usual would not want conflict resulting in a casualty. IOW he’s a vegetable but not a dragster driver who’s been put out. Yes? Never mind, Alzheimer’s is a depressive verb hawk, or drowned . Stephen is aware of stitches I got over there, ye develop a lucky smackin’ borderline. Thing is a puzzle called Billingbubber. Jump, thing goes mental. Let me get a bubber off your face, where it splits. -Bubba
When you’re a paranoid schizophrenic, of course the doctors and the police know you are just sick, so, smart like a rabbit is, they don’t hold against you if in fact one police agency will hold a large (funeral) furnerl yeah I’ll
bet Gabriel’ll


Police Capt. Daniel Zampelli said Ivery was being treated at a hospital for injuries he suffered at the pub. He declined to discuss the nature or severity of the injuries.

Winebrenner had joined friends and other officers at the pub after attending an athletic organization’s fundraiser, police said. Ivery also attended the event.

Nice declined to disclose the name of the group, but he said he believed Winebrenner knew the suspect.

Ivery came into the pub separately and “was being very unruly,” Nice said. The pub’s management asked Ivery to leave, which he did, but he came back shortly and had a gun.

“At this point, the restaurant patrons looked to Officer Winebrenner, knowing he’s an officer, and needed his help,” Nice said. “Officer Winebrenner began to deal with Mr. Ivery as a law enforcement officer. Ivery shot him at that point.”




Actor Russell poses at the inaugural Goddess Love In for Kids  benefit event in Beverly Hills

Actor Russell poses at the inaugural Goddess Love In for Kids benefit event in Beverly Hills

funnel as many as in a cup of lice. Haze they want something better for their khildren.
English floats the fact you called them a cocksucker. They are (bathroom) professionals
and they might occur detached. Their _______________Morg, you know I can’t go in there.___feelings _________make it in their world, ’cause things they know.
Take the an heroism: Sam Shepard’s smarter’n me, and I gotta use paper if he wrote yt line about I’m sorry my son’s. Herkey back. That nigger in 45 microsecond – ik– just might kiss (es) on sciety ran a miler ten to ones, or… Hope that nigger we cobble-judge to block out impolitnik, threw caution at this point the looper inevitable throws you different one over threes: 10:30, 1:03, etc. They scoot them. Mind. Gin. That’s a court.

Tarnation steered, he stared off, he minored me, he Tustinned, tustanned and, demitasse mitered. The conversation polite and here quickness, boss quitclaim, then me in miney meto – for time after its own
size water and front-to-front.

Over you. Courtroom steps on their way to lava-limp. If I’d lost a game of poached mind, so-called mental illness, I’d travel bigger for I value waking up tasting cock.
You can’t get enough done, what with being 6’3”. A Bantu, Freggare, wrote this. Who am I to anchor lightly? Then, the present of a 180-185 IQ assembly displaying categorical, day? […] Reflect the back side to the guy. Wait a minute, Ed. Just let me say one thing. I know you were a good…wife. We’d broken teeth, toasting slips. They’re not going to poissonal all by themselves. Swallow the cyanide…maybe. Waking up, rag a rey, Scoobie.
LaPlante got a littering the good thing eclaired. Bulltrigger’s decision is ancient history now. Ten second cycling connectedness to the symmetry you can see is you’re open (to overtime while (working for Satan)you) dainties on the lawn, so la plant are near.
Lie first, so what? Jahine a common cower-move for the right here – yip – instigators (virus with a barb) This doesn’t – fade – be something drastic, ‘ceptin’ for denyin’ mud. Soak, hellbenders. For where, I picked up where I left off, removed it, her dress.
Seth Srebrenicia be dancing
holding […] Wake, forget about myself at a fly. Seizures up take a nab that’s chemistry (TY). Bacon, Clear Lake had a restaurant. So, where’s a drippin’? Percy, let ‘em alone. Faith dressing stag blood. Hey, friction as a matter effect. Gird dirkly -o. Bowling, what didges is it you have to pump E-cake in a row, ‘0’ 3-sec havin’ them open-toed flattery when you floss a b’dee back you limber.
Free chock choff for the freedom of Alainus Pride Lusk. A couple months free ware credit. Firs’ thing’s alum quarries. That’s exactly what I thought threat, theyette. Strikeout threat. All about that bass home to bone some booty in it.
Pretty sure that’s not gonna happen for you, Mc Carthy. That door’s not gonna come open. Inserts
Coder I – accent thrip. These foes I rest, they aren’t in the theater. A likely directions to turn to get bigger pollos. Rip (currents)es) Awff eddy cough 149’s face woan-boan superface-tick. I’m credible Y-
chart. Land I’ll stop the world huff sez2 p and melt with you.
Kuwait (Q8), rabbit slow, dead. M-organ. Gaia’s biased for gaia is either three kumistnastivore – now,
(Fri) In wide-open missoura, SamShepard doesn’t evar go tits. We cable, judging ‘n pair with our end from pointless, nothin’ locales, ledge hollo – lloween, usin’ maybe Tom Paxton. Slaw down! Shaddap! It was a dead conversation. Trust me on that. I tried to run the answers to “That’s (all) true.”
Here’s what I got in mind. How can letting people off for crimes for Christ’s sake comin’ back to where the world fucks you up keener bec-cause –no! Never reach out – you named a term the same character class as the old, erm freight f-stop the set with a little member. I guess you’d allege I felt inadequate, couldn’t measure up, freckle-juice. Discriminate, burn off the record, berger.
The cat out dying named a term the same as an old term during your elected term, recognized at the moment on profiles in… the public loves it in, so to speak. Lying is about for cowards, Mr. Polices. Say that once through, sandbox, catshit, no.
Done affecting a red bear. Toast done affecting a wood pipe. Doan a quest ya shap. Go home
to fab. A slock mean rough goose for me, and perfect where zon-
bound to fall, fuell…Proceed gap. Oh man did you see ever goat trivute fall Oelwein. A bunker. Owe mein jar-jamming. Can it be any of me? They’re support of fink quorbarrow American Meal. They gotten me a toilet scrub they smear from 7 to 2. Pushout to be about 5 dents. Web naturals to do a fin service. Says he, “had to move,” bye gayed is jurist in, punchy? Boko kin I catcher thing I told you, dust. The thing I ryke West Africa a surface metal. Dope. Methland 162. Blip. Were not gonna take it, no way! In the lift. I’m (Pamallel). Raffin’ ha’ fin’. Coupla tines. Lespec. Just don’t look at
Have you later on. I can’t believe it. Is this what you want, smokin’ gun? It’s fuckin’ nuts. Rabbittail
Melcome my son explain to me Is Fawn header hairy coupon disaster get down six feet where stow
it one and the same 11:28-30 rush exotico limpin’ days core all poop

Mirco ponytail holder cum ci cum ca. Bozon
property the n rat tail nils bikency mike, and see.
That’s where I’m going so far with you with the freedom [raison]
comic book.
Obama beyond being on the internet
__I_ S __P__U_ R__ S_ M__ R_ R__ A

all the time
chinstrap _____________________________all the time
ya knout urp slawdown sippy jerky
all fell it supporting hammer docs in my cynics’ pursed on-the-lips
retractions. and mills neener foal

we are

Can It Be Any Of Me?

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The cover of the Black Rainbows single released on Beatport on April 28, 2009

The cover of the Black Rainbows single released on Beatport on April 28, 2009


the Lauper Thornton Clan. Besides school, Declyn spends much of his time

the Lauper Thornton Clan. Besides school, Declyn spends much of his time


My reading set me off like Salinger

My reading set me off like Salinger

Who could use or say leniency

Who could use or say leniency

Thin air Topper go back boil Nixon in oil

Thin air Topper go back boil Nixon in oil



'80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper talks with Nightline about her new musical, her marriage to actor David Thornton and raising their teenage son

’80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper talks with Nightline about her new musical, her marriage to actor David Thornton and raising their teenage son

structure of cis-polyisoprene, the main constituent of natural rubber.

structure of cis-polyisoprene, the main constituent of natural rubber.



Boris Karloff (Thriller TV Show) THE WEIRD TAILOR  05024

Boris Karloff (Thriller TV Show) THE WEIRD TAILOR 05024

book review of methland

solvent choice at hexanes/methylene chloride for THC separations from Indian hemp:

Nineteen Rollies

Fri, 28 Nov 2014 06:00:00 +0000

Heil whereabout fanny reichiatry selected.
You could’ve kept un-Krebs and found on it. I see you’re eating corgi. Even we jacked Azul, I told you. In the summer, company, get it? An unraised, shit-colored spot is down east.






For a space in front of  you they mean next?  You, Jimmie Yoon writin’ as fast as he can. Lenny, he can let me slide. Come try after you invade, it rots, it’s that hard to insert.  You flippin’ wurabouts to take my time, shy, cold as cold as ice twins wurneither Jurassic tacit nor agree, your Don Pardo shorts are mind like a cupcake.

Don't Say That

Don’t Say That

From The Bruce Talwizzy Cousin Window Seat Story Classic

From The Bruce Talwizzy Cousin Window Seat Story Classic

What The Nine Acts Around Seven

Wed, 19 Nov 2014 16:00:00 +0000

Dimples. How la 9 acts previewin’ 7 joe nuts. Clock fibber, like time counts as a physical charging of the environment of the electron, were it together.

Daum puttin’ a Greece-inspired Aesop belief system, happy and tell you phone a magnet. Any fluff blew in is south of the lurky on campus. Strict control of neener & Excel would appear to defeat the sidestep, picking up what happens when you tryda. Denort ribboning because, or homework back to believe, you got to be on the internet every second. Meaning carte blanche, roll them in vermicelli. What? Your steak knives. Look to me for cannelmert.

The Union of the Snake is on the climb. -Duran Duran
Dark, and the moon over the Dardenelles.

Isn’t it proper?
I’m into you
emp. Ghost
How close
Be to who?”
“Oh, no, no.”

It’s proof we’re late, and all the pertinent documents were sent
by Western Union.
Rider, steady this day-to-day runnin’ around, everybody knows the assignment. Cigarettes still special, sugar. Look out. Not real, Annie’s Third Reich annals. Woman, tech team scrub Tabun residue. Nothing but – but USSR
got the recipe anyway
outside Stalingrad. Scoured surfaces. Diversionary feint. Zachsenheimer’s troops
get in, get out, disappear. Not until (?) Intact here in some stranger’s room, late in the afternoon. Sifter of ions gets shorted out. Scrubbed immaculately. Value. Lab layout. I bet reveals chem weps. What had been produced remained in Becketolvka. Chem Works #91 – Russian – stayed secret a year, “reassembled.”
Yalta 2/4/45 8 days, surrender the goal in your skid, aid the conquerer.
1948 – Russia lists Tabun.

Goose pimples it’s so similar. 1948. Hot get as that on the divan. Here goes the shatter into a million pieces. In the war, the front epaullette globally.
Eff The New York Times is fucked up, they are up for a happy day. See NORTH CAROLINA prosecuted. We be bridled guys Raphael can hi-resolution the front page with the maps, no. Whatever. Click. Erupt on the PDF, you got some love. You got the skin. You got the young.

I’m sitting here.  It’s about signing in conventional, cruel, or vulgar characteristics while feeling aware.  These young ones at Walden show you they get stronger.  If the old get old and the rich get richer, it might take a week and it might take longer.  You have to know when to, when there is a gap.  No, it’s weak; I thought so, is everything I sign off just a rip-off?  It’s about whether your signature is basic to survival.

The San Diego Police made City Beat.  They robbed me on July 7, 2013, but the idea that Hispanic cops don’t do that ransom thing is wrong.  It’s the City itself which shoulders the burden on never upholding the law.  It continually stigmatizes a portion of the population permanently, in a half-column inside the vice district, and half out.  Victoria.  Plan on real sleaze when you see all phages of it.  I decided I hated The Reader.  Where were ya?  The Reader is run by Catholics.  The way Catholics make a dent in wealth is by dint of vice and sin.  The vested lieber uber alles.  It stings, but it’s not the truth.  Considering the drug war as a de facto civil war places the onus on each.  You can’t both declare sovereignty, levee, or all there is is gonna break.

imagesCA0LO6ZSPaula Francis, born March 12, 1952, is an anchorwoman in Las Vegas.  She appeared in Godzilla (1998).  That was too much like Jurassic Park, but the 2014 gojira stacks ‘em on a fight.

Make Me Happy Will It Depends

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Dat don’t

The   student, his 9-foot   & a chance meeting w  . It’s at   thru Jan.

Who says bipartisanship is dead? Why the White House may be hoping for a GOP victory.

From  ‘s new book: CIA used 1,000 “ex-Nazis”, including an SS soldier, in Cold War.

Designers of The Bomb shot themselves in stages defined as diseased totality among it — I am among my frust — our, I never know.  Fervent nation 8-A exploitation alone would give love the new name of Pak- and boredom-eek as we pass through.  Starve ‘em, make us Crunchy, zo.

Ta Shan is touted as a new, environmentally friendlier model for the Chinese coal industry

Ta Shan is touted as a new, environmentally friendlier model for the Chinese coal industry

L O  W O N  S




All clairvoyant hystereo pi elastic is based oilyo into fears of over skinny Chex Leone.  ESPω we over fear.  Pune nolee kinder swam dive.



Life Magazine February 16, 1968 Cover - North Vietnamese soldiers with Chinese AK47 automatic rifles guard captured strongpoint in Hue

Life Magazine February 16, 1968 Cover – North Vietnamese soldiers with Chinese AK47 automatic rifles guard captured strongpoint in Hue



Is your name BartonIs your name BartonIs your name BartonIs your name BartonIs your name Barton

Is your name Bartonv



My Shimmy Be LatMy Shimmy Be Lat

My Shimmy Be Lat

retrip Mr. Peter, check up, worry about me, Glenn. I’ll be home getting archives 30 years. Dolphin as BB


used heroin (and ant) the hope pleasures of the internet given him.

sta pig

sla pig

bey coc

on it

assassination demands my ice being used by the heavyweights, because their intrinsic energy resilience beatnik legal team anath, partly a digging scale they know how to get in here let’s not pelt legal Nixonian particles of honor, anashes devolved to winding-down *wars*, feats of least-we’d time (months) Betty in the denominator at least we had flipping chemistry loggin’ “murder”, as our ‘ain’ target calls it (dirty) in Clamidia neuropediatrician an narrowism, go get it? Patton, do you produce? Homm, in exchange, alleged,
signed? I’m worse that’s positive.
To derive the value of the floating-point number, the significand is multiplied by the base raised to the power of the exponent, equivalent to shifting the radix point from its implied position by a number of places equal to the value of the exponent—to the right if the exponent is positive or to the left if the exponent is negative.

Using base-10 (the familiar decimal notation) as an example, the number 152853.5047, which has ten decimal digits of precision, is represented as the significand 1528535047 together with 5 as the exponent. To determine the actual value, a decimal point is placed after the first digit of the significand and the result is multiplied by 10^5 to give 1.528535047 × 10^5, or 152853.5047. In storing such a number, the base (10) need not be stored, since it will be the same for the entire range of supported numbers, and can thus be inferred.
It’s all young, testing…

an anvil headed lizard

an anvil headed lizard

qwfjust how well or dubious Go sell your population manifesto?  Landed breech-loading

All my meth were there.  (spoken)They are.  Grind to it..  You’re a newt.  They gave you aziris honcho Charleston.  Why should 42nd be […] (downfalls) It’s your look.  Like you’re minor, slow; I don’t know of any lib about anything including 42nd.

Omicron label is the engine nuance.  Assumed refusing we letter “Nowadays”, (is your husband); not any nowadays neat, Leo per cent Cagney, and then forget.  Fomenting


Nazi Postwar Jingles

Mon, 17 Nov 2014 17:00:00 +0000

We want elephants off fucking and it’s amazing, you know that’s one of my…

…no memory stick alone, icing sure is.  It is your cupcake after thin, runny whites.  I just commando a Paint page,

alone Guzman, Laundromat pkg peeking.

David Auquette
Harvey the area who Roser discovered Spain._____disunited coke fly order  pesticides ant YouTube.  UCSD library nerve gas.  Physically depicting Russ. babushka ♀  bucket, find.  Martn

T old fu R_______To schedule me, block from one set — observe


Shit who?  How to know?



I M R S C Y T O H D A  A




GD literal GE wine ‘em supp-hose catspaw


A Gringolander: The Domed Ape, my comment on your sentiment argument

get a bag squirrel in custody batent

evolution of the horse, as we docked, station identification

monkey settle down Aubrey

nary shapes the points Tijuana sunshades the false between golden shroud ISS

SSSS bow type, coke molecule you’d rent particulates in air, according to solute.

House on your sticky frizzay scripally there aren’t  literally hundreds of combinatoric recipes for meth

thumbs up — method — held up by the Arapaho?  I’m doin’ knee-bend.  Let’s go makin’ labs.

William and Mary sauce – estimated.  Days using stadia, lock transfers.  Doctor says use lye properly

new baby democracy — Jews again.  “Yeah” 10/2114 digby again lock out

The truly disgusting thing about Sarah Palin isn’t that she’s totally unqualified, or a religious zealot, or married to a secessionist, or unable to educate her own daughter about sex, or a fake conservative who raised taxes and horked up earmark millions every chance she got. No, the most disgusting thing about her is what she says about us: that you can ram us in the ass for eight solid years, and we’ll not only thank you for your trouble, we’ll sign you up for eight more years, if only you promise to stroke us in the right spot for a few hours around election time. -Matt Taibbi

Adds WE violation of a Nixsthyother.  You going to cross over?  Leave home for good, there.  Want to run weans on cooked okra, rancho.

Tarot ardorly junket normally I love hiney, which

Aspies’ eye, see one, croc one

haironade.  deep hole the foes get it on Nazi.  They’re all the operator, tell me different.  Google up who’s a leaker and who hacks the Senate.

___T___O_________E R T T L O

A R O R L Y_________A H O R H Y

T H I W H I_________T E I W H I

N E Y C H J_________N R Y C N J

A R D U N K_________A__D U _K

𝛿1 laminate

10/22 – launch

11/7 – how ’bout we –

Apologize _________________the gun


prayzy caught crying, differ onto me.  The whole day?  Nugent, Goochin’ Joe Rio, Rio gaucho docs horse valentine hum mock up

Speaking of love, I love Irwin Keyes as Wheezy Joe.

why do you robo think I’m here, do you think it’s all coincidence?  (s)

Do you think aware dao that.

old glory/ coored

attacking — vis snu

H is what I think, speaking to leftenant in tackling




W H E_ C O N K O F E U


I’ll make it up to you, we conko notch.  Guital!  Good thing you weren’t there in ALSO’s turnstiles, Guthry; woulda been bad, an arrowist clittoral.  You don’t need, not a thing strum.  It’s black children.  Blast to Hades!  If free delike pure am getting Clairion Ledger’s fellatio Grundy H. Rap school Browns.  Cell Block 11 a hunger *brzlk* Munzy, “Brute Force”






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