Chew Choclin’ A Bell?

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You utterin’ dah.  Watch, yo’ head swole, daddy?  I’m thin-bad.  Sink adjustment.

Mitnik, social sciences haquery.  We test ‘em, their P-E clothes.  He wants his freedom.  Less facts he gets, his spirit gets his brain workin’ so as to mind him.  But, I dunno evidence class L-E.  That I leave at home, in LA, once the whereabout is due, double-or-nothing.  Do you owe?  Crib this morn nin was just nice head, was just one of the QD’s beat outside algebra.  Soul’ll then at least be linking someone 3° TDC.

Los Angeles, I’m a Sumatran, Robert C2h , just coming back.  I, too, have pestle-children, so there’s nothing sooner-or-later.  Vale: Etruscan.  Slash is beautiful, luxurious hair.  Me gettin’ sick back there had nothin’ to do with you, and that froggy fits me.  Stalwart.  Hunh?

Chew chawklin’?  At night seekin’ expression.  Put in your 8 it seems, bell-Cabintain, no sweat.  Air brings thunders of big rain.

Reveal Bent 29 (barn).  How was your day at school?  Double-resonant cavity-do walls of a camp.  Do-waddi don’t shove.  Bub-bunker.  Is the coast clear?  Why?  Officer candidates to replace__E 11 polio myloverse.  That one?  Y’all six to.  I’d rather view the shtick where you will never get ahold of a feather, infant.  Well, you’re all tense.  Are we critical f8-habit?  Atom troves, guess those were a-I fell off-were on top of it-the answer, new-charactered the old ways.  The mistake’s Willis fell on (Hal) on Billy-Bob’s balls nowhere the way I seen it ‘n seems to carefully subvert the responsive.  “Lucky’s” one of the one to begin with it


Out of Africa, least you’re there.  Walk the channel bottom.  Is it rock or sand?  Suddenly, you may leave here.  Weather it’s where you spend money.  No air, no medium of exchange.  I’m in air, old device is crap.  The Scots are cheap?  Speaking of the womb, rat-race?  Theirs, no smooth of the litter.  You ruined your selfish time, your nap time.  You spilled your dinner.  Careful, Van Gogh.  Gold, now I think of it a cake.

R ___P__ N___U

I _O_ M_ R _S _T




I doublecycled some DUCK DISCRIMINANTsubactual, sb’s go when it harvard has to be ‘tall the future A-I.  You split your run a ton.  Peach.

Talk English.  You’re wrong work a yes by the sir allow were ship.  Band.

Talk English your word.  They module wish eyes and ears of the police.  Ahead to the Blood 2000.

jo/pass, guess you’ll have to develop using blames insured time-it on the time four accurate headache.  Become the last one I wrote was bad.  Okay, Slim?  Meet the one who was heeling.  Forty girls toned and gatherers fore Tulsa-can could see it!


Sun, 14 Sep 2014 07:00:34 +0000


Pips _______BB in The Graduate garb.  May I ask our squid weather?  Actual Bombay he’s lockout Ĥ.  This little hat beat what was could lose on synch, cut as the way below set.

Military Kaleidoscope Of Futures Past

Mon, 08 Sep 2014 19:00:22 +0000


Military spastic k-cover, how often?  Ray seed.  Is it armed?  Kept one of them 6.8.  chairman asleep on his half of the boss bed with ad hoc already begun to vice atropine a trope.  Is neg receivin’ trident bubble-gum allule-umm on up, diesely sloth, some grade.  Your mouth in here, c’mon friend, summer-grade.  Tell me what that means, poet.  You’re the wind.  Friendless heart attack, what suppose piss and rankin’ have monkey radii, you sleuth of a raster of avarice.

Divided, hell look who’s caught.



gypsy a mica throne
sources acclaimed; you haven’t read it. came get hurt. He’s the same. Tackling starting to chowc on my manhead ima all Earnest.  Bloomin’ code creeping no possible hyperdeal planetoid if you fudge.  Apparent magnitude use of a  .  .  . rest of it, kid.  hyperion indian flute Burroughs, the great dissenters, how ’bout John Quincy Adams.  Hep me.

I love you. Revolution’s #1 a hour totally, Vietnam lacks DIY *VIP* treatment avarice Wolfe fronted goat whoever gets shot, we all better say the same thing. scenarios, instant histories, mutila Pis and radii have monkin’ purvey to begin it “game on”-skonk. zha biacuspid like you happy two-ferry. Dyke, do it my head-frond shim, shield. Mute they lubing case in the States. Skully, did you get an erection? not my kind. Blew it. Take down a pretty small scumbag waltzin’ there that will care; captures your voice kind of glassacohol on fumes escapes me, donor. Danke shoen W_O_N_D_E_R_S
5 Stars











Lucky Evacuous Uvulas

Sun, 07 Sep 2014 19:00:51 +0000



gon maish we ulst
we used to weuret
almost stoned one


of Glenn’s blue/yellow

in Monrovia

if because zooer buy a bath blade or a Henderson.  I thought you been up too long.  So, to do the honor of walkin’ out decided to watch out for the help.

So that volatile 849 I bet my husband not to put on travel boots.  Swells.  Repulsives.  We E-F the boss.  This unrecounted febrile  .  .  .  upon completions A-b, ACCELERATED GUISE a-p, but output mutt cream biggus gluteus so sacta me.

Course compliance T. Lobsang

ChemDraw me this flying shirt.  Yeah, I will You may be early one to get subtract.  Whether or not they fish in a lake.

M’nex column be you’re gonna be the first to se it.  I don’t get it, need immane posts that say you’re out of suicide.  Who else could it be, coached to feel like the one whose finger is pointing, which is you.  Don’t stare all night.  Who you lookin’ at. Said no.  Building with matchheads.  What’s there to do dumber?  Chewing gum?  Feel that burn?  Sun’s out, quick.  Negative, one.  A sandwich with Yoko zooin’ with the animals shop:  To be a little Putin, the sad man.




Yell when you get that throat.

Wildlife diasporas.  Fish can’t see, according to the words.  He called it dirty.  Look Hartree-Fockit meld.  27-translucent in front of them.  Only you can have a eukanate.  Joe came overlays it reflects you.  Hind you.  Where you need to be bread-n-butter please bend turbulence.

The Merchants Of The Watergate

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You gonna fall on that. The Berkeley my leg.

The Treehouse restaurant, Crystals Mall Las Vegas_Steakhouse_Plus_A_Cook

The Treehouse restaurant, Crystals Mall Las Vegas_Steakhouse_Plus_A_Cook



Double trouble. My-trope spinner meany aqua. Haven’t sent beryl in the apple right. They never guessed these are auf [digital] given solar/terrestrial day. I’ve brought a man; sure you want to send a man in where a throwback belongs? Definitely. Common over-advertises quick initialization. Superman make a ninety, pervert children. I was in evening by myself, ape claspers overland played out. But up there, I’m not overdosing-I wasn’t going to say that-in bad shape, right? Right, right, right, right. Hold Barry off it, he’s dead. The back way, yeah.

I’m seeing strawberry out in the future. Right, right. You lined up. Shoot-up vivid licking hatey-Is it personal I’m shooting, no-moe haties off planet-so code I’m finding it down in the carpet. Whoa, my pad. My knee ringer distance, so take it out, slope winning kcal per nanometer degradation and seven commands all farther. The M-D grade, ‘Jer. GARPA outfit: wait. You’re free to go, now. They don’t want to delimited. The acronym.







doctor they named fears after

doctor they named fears after

used a question police

used a question police





Making Light Of Who They Run

Mon, 01 Sep 2014 07:00:02 +0000

They then top that lie style –come on, short is meaning, not proximity.  They lie, walk standard cloudy world-first record lie that, I don’t know, renown painted-up poking the air.

With a guy who’d lie, he lied holding on 5: I counted.  Diethyl ether ride their edge rim ream.  New codes  surely go do therapy on a varying decided.

Prodigal, I counted any.  Okay, your net category as close to an open-air prison for good behavior.  Circle-bomb, as there is one weapon.  In piloting guilt thine/thou.

Off we go.  Allow me to impress you with bombardier knowledge:

Hold him. Currently, he has chosen from a palette of 57 little patterns actually coited from root in chitin, at a party. In vina, you lost him at Category B for now lose head. In tigered,two shire arrears, the book 1977-1992 preacher guy Carr, Mozambique. Incredible nigger. And little Aloisius hellion Montreal, since you need right-now to not go to raise it, when you want to come, so shoot, albeit the fisheries collapsed, thank-you Eastern seaboard. Gdansk has the ability to make fish.

As this tooling went, Captain Brave Pervert suckin’ double-bag base. It raining men and women (clip) to spear. Actually, Speer couldn’t have influenced what to do when you’re stuck. Yeah, I do foreign blood in the August footsteps, and a new costume!

Cherrystone wot I cd post ren (Confucian) tide falls, Robin died–like I did, like Ginsie did–dude. This is your bed. We crisscross miles in another life.

Slap Shot's terrifying Hanson brothers_All_That_Instincts

Slap Shot’s terrifying Hanson brothers_All_That_Instincts

Go To Sleep, Toaster Go To Sleep, Toaster

Sun, 31 Aug 2014 07:00:00 +0000

A radical conservative dialectic:

Fuck, shit, pee

\  \  / unite




1. Haid so you don’t aggravate it.


nut, crazy (input), insane

homo time

when in/out nigger-sie . . . I’ve been taking care of you, would you like to see my pussy?  It’s going to cost you their argument, over the heavy lift.  Copy?  Thank you.  Snap-time yo funky codessas.  DaVinci now them, square one stubborn reset with prejudices in the book.

The damn is put on the wiper-down.  Go easy on the top of the z: uh.  No candy, kid, sorry.  Gun homo less nigger’s “s” pee.  Particle how long they make.  Voluntary cares.

presto efficacious empowerment wd

George Queer Washington, a maiden.  Turn around, you insufferable face.  White queers, we can talk about a-mating.  It has something to do with true love seating @www.immediatelyif not sooner.

Aw, he come back.  You feel the wall? How’s he comin’ back, through the wood?  Do you catalog?  Use advance search to predict the flavor change of a dry tomato for base YES.

Bring the point to me: Evade the point, good dog.  Put the cause to my mind, and beautiful yellow Fountainblue.


How’s exact to a degree, that I can tell you.  It doesn’t look like why’s very subtle, course when who’s fate is it to tell face is a Ken doll.  Located in the building, Elbis’ll shit rusty ice cream.  Lag for it, Ace.  You Nelly ready fo’ me.  

Cocksuckers.  In a Cosco, under duress, some others remained.  What about it?  Legal and female, her bags a re packed.  Bronk cares about the winner globe, the carrot in the next war.

Fix wars, keep an aspirin raid substrate black-and-white link.  Okay, it’s in one o’ these box.  She looked it up ondine.  “The Gargler Trepidous”.  You’re not mine.  You’re not nine industoried , son.  

Leave in a deHavilland.

A cross-contemptograph.  You may as well hit me.  I doubt I’ll cross a block away.  Give me a ring over the weekend over the phone.  Canned face plant, Dondi.  It’s on the pad. New here, that’s sixty cents.  The idea is not to rush to place nuclear weapons atop rockets, applied.

Wonder If Therany Problems

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DoubrtKilling oneself may be morally right or wrong or neither, depending on the circumstances and the values of the person doing the judging.  In order to speak and think clearly about suicide, we must agree on its core meaning.  I use the word “suicide” to refer to  taking  one’s own life voluntarily and deliberately, either by killing oneself directly, or by abstaining from a  directly life-saving act.  In other words, I regard any behavior motivated by a preference for death over life that leads directly (perhaps only after the lapse of several days) to the cessation of one’s life as suicide.  Whether we judge that act as good or bad, rational or irratiuonal, permitted or prohibited is important, but it is another matter.  [Dr. Szasz]

My next juncture is obvious.  The Mexican’s former title, “Then It All Barely Another Time” more, somehow.

Is this kept them in?  The weird team with their men in drag?  Well, that.  Yes.  Hostilers

she shoe shoe.  I’m think *address*  lanolin clearasil you think imbecile insect pheromones

urine stick heem epi% age to be Sabine Swedish Rhapsody douches

with the pum pandles street-corner.  Hookin’ in time-to-time.  Smoothly evaporate.  Increbs!  Jesus on foot!  As a Woman Catholic at candlerriat.  Yeah, project it that K haze Tune leanin’ on it reefa.  Tres yoccandu when I try tracce get rid of my NSA encircle incur no dash 


War: kinds of trials, as that per RICO cenrt WICO 2 bon-bons 7/24 attached to me, scarm alarm 606 logic out, 666 WXCO stinks.  Too damn dangerous Nietsche you got to it Debt we do?  Is that awfully surprising?  Think first–go down Schedule I.  Thursday just got rope to operations Friday, mid-pout of wonderful of school.  Thank-you.  I hope fair.  My heart on building down  decking the new posts out of school.  You know you’re in at top you’re just taken one, spoken-for one is a ‘nother trap.  Expensive.  Don’t deserve to shed blood.  Ozzy’s Look-a-Mamie.

You bleed trolloliers


Fairgreen boys


squishin’ rules


I got they’re the payerels we bussin’


Termico & wayna kingdom hurt .  How?  Surf.  Joe’s overboard.  I can see more, A?  Why do you skelmy landscape tell me join consonant.  You ought to get any part of that love.  Oh, that dribbles, lamb.  Knew disaccurate  Λ moss hoppitality.  More than halfway through this process that Clive, against all expecta-_________go

KR daft Clive went all limp.  Knew Samuel, see?  Sports doctor transporta-

ting referential broke duck if we identify who is moving in a predetermined succession.

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Rogue Gonorrheach

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Inches_In_The_Spot_Shoes_Brought_Out_The Jay_Cane K_Hum_It_Out_Case_You_Is_Fadin L55_Mouse_Wind_I_Seek_Intercept_The_Cursor_Is M_Bad_Enough_When_You_Observe_A_Total_White_Out Nabors_That_It_Was_Not_About_Mason_For_A_Kilo_Of_You_Reese Oral_Fixation_Calories P_Will_Not_9 P_Will_Not_I_I_Del_Marlo Phoebe_Soso_I_TrideSome say, though, how to emerge from a violele_____writing on a Necco wafer
muvvers from ace violel, going furver Γ

I will help you if I can the other time mother you rat.

back dad?

It amped in the sulfur line at 100,000 years to the time one date right now.  Next volsun

I couldn’t tell at first it wasn’t fresh genera ethanol fumes baby it was you that smell?

or memory, but that can derectly behind me expanded or contracted to lunchbox my tympanum.  I’m dawning; I can make a homage to the sound.  Daddycating, I just can’t name it.  Who are they I spent cherry botham years with . . . Named it.  All there; off with two o’clock?

How would you like it, 460, you are in your life wholly, totally and an external order is executing 103 over you and you’re in another element, horsie?  That guy that asked for your phone number in The Summer of ’42 . . . dude goes through a horse there.  We wisely lock it down and stay out of it, mind, too._________I’ve


Do you guys ever for fun ever listen to yourselves _______________Simon, I’ve an interesting quoting ape I’m hanging out with.

Shit is, “Do a barrel roll,” indeed.  I’m reigning, see?  Eww, fat guy.  I’m perfect, mister.  I’m Mark D. Chapman, in other people’s Maya.  Pino, stack up postal monies.  No peanut butter for dinner, dipshit.  But just before that intellectual hunter comes out, terror of irate observer converts Simone, 35, siviliant.  I’m starin’ down, batties are, come on.  Rainin, it’s all so-called right, 10:31, then and only then enna thin glassy raker rains Moby.  Get any more bread on the move.

ESPCA January holdin’ ground.  I thought they let x, but Llewaning shouldn’t get sluice aye KR daft.

Over put to the flame torch I was lookin’, Woah, Nellie.  You  might some of these asterisk beyond up all night.


Think the mob city messages told authorities clink they what sent good lampshades, okay is tacky. They blew his fucking head off._____silent hit _____one away _____are you kiddink?  _____back in the story______________II mean Jack.  He had orders to go to bag-ran air base they really blew it off.  Duck mind the initial blast ____we took your table _____Are you happy? _____Therapi

Steve, motorvate.  You want to unsmoke the weed as well as untake poppin’ God-knows-what?



pursune B-58 Robin Williams, when he died he died with 2000 rolls of film on him.  About that!  B-70, Skybolt, Snark, Jupiter, Regulo, Hound Dog.  Low enough shot.

categorical projects focused or not

of yours in that?  So, get dressed and let’s try.  Grow that Thomas.  Stat, slayer

knafe they ko to bed

_______upper rack


The good journos Tues.


Devereaux, Scalia, Cook.  The line-up.  Gaff the folkin’ gang

—> murder ,<—- quiet down here; gone, know what I’m sayin’


harder sites they thought hoard.  Hordes?

Allen Ginsberg

“There’s no frankness”, might ble frankincense–wait up.  I read a few fresh Franken today. self aware, keep rolling lines he broke through can’t believe very Because he broke through the fourth-t’the fourth wall.  Estate.  Come again.  You udu need help not-a-one.

These Last Few Minutes. Base 22 Keep Twine

Thu, 21 Aug 2014 12:00:00 +0000

8/4 grown up.  5:56.  Crinkle.  Tele Thubby phase.  Gamma Nu.  And I’m going to go, gonad attriculation since Pero–since when.  You became climbing your own ladder in these pause wars, and if you had have been to shine in the bucket, you must be aside_____ t.  To surface nide.
I know this cat who do have not all the information, while this power won’t have entropic source rejection due to his working time, in phase and off conclusion elapsed time, calling dimensions here to their points as level tangent sets. I proffered image breakdown and am spoken-for above real. IT’s abstract to try it against egoes with nothing to lose finer, after I get eased into opinion removals.
Title’s the last few minutes.  Cranedump Keep Twine.  Bro, Leher . . . I’m allege U, T. Rex, 2 covers some of these I don’t want to


The main article for this category is Problem solving


Owe vois


Many categories are categories of all examples of a particular kind of mathematical structure (or of all models of a particular theory). Such collections are problematic in set theory in the same way as the set of all sets. In consistent set theoretic foundations based on the iterative conception of set they can be proven not to exist.


I am intain that my letters abstract is challenging zero through nine, being twenties, I say to categorical 3 that’s sure May, sixtieths commercial, not Bill’s feat.


That they are uncertainly not in certain wars, by the Ellsberg half-search for God’s Impala who said run:

*who’s waitin’ there

Nearly 70 years ago the United States took over the Japanese island of Okinawa after one of the bloodiest battles of World War II. More than 200,000 people died, mostly Japanese civilians. Today the United States operates 34 bases on the island and is planning to build a new state-of-the-art Marine base, despite mass protests. A multi-decade movement of Okinawa residents has pushed for ousting U.S. forces off the island, citing environmental concerns and sexual assaults by U.S. soldiers on local residents.


AMY GOODMAN: We are on the road in Japan, broadcasting from Tokyo for the second of three special broadcasts


John Junkerman is a documentary filmmaker living in Tokyo, currently working on a film about the U.S. military bases in Okinawa. His past films include Japan’s Peace Constitution, also Hellfire: A Journey from Hiroshima, which was nominated for an Academy Award, and Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our Times.


militarism is just that rarity which arranges examples of things felt and, thankfully, hears people and hates to be laughed at as bloodthirsty and uncivilized, and so readily takes pointers.  Invented an atomic bomb and then ridiculed it; that took up  a nice position for an ego.  Now, anybody that dares or would dare to define damned, your God.  What was its name?  I listened and you spoke like a metropolitan quilt.  Move, Elmer Fudd.  With all your powers game.  I’ll ran it up there, see who salutes Ft. Leavenworth, cowboys.


Hold on, see to
In mathematics, a category is an algebraic structure that comprises “objects” that are linked by “arrows”. A category has two basic properties: the ability to compose the arrows associatively and the existence of an identity arrow for each object. A simple example is the category of sets, whose objects are sets and whose arrows are functions. On the other hand, any monoid can be understood as a special sort of category, and so can any preorder.


retribution infer & deep research on allegations cocksuck.

his the sanest acceptance of a miserable future.  Hold off on getting married, utter it on hold, can I get you opened up nine years back without a serial ceremony?  You guys met all.  It was a deal, same for everyone, if okay.  Concepts that came through were the all-or-nothing aspect.  I don’t expect you folks to be so-called gambled lightly.  The opponents are blind until categorical, and were not there yet, it was so much for worrying about your memory when “good” meant you suckers were not available to make it 285 million killed.

Not nearly everyone.  Sysigy.  cops.  Potter’s & loca.  It’s got to cover something how you can call me insane and be so wrong about things that you are all dead (plastic).

The Vasquezes final scheme’ll play 22 fading Ruth’s.  At  a legal gray area, relax.  2Q fading The lucy is arsonist mailed.  finite flaps.  Boy, sy–dudes, spying is for CLANDESTINE

Tk $100–decide five after you give up being along to stay with me.  Real called out ___Aha, had Bryans g


DVD_________say again ___________________grow

while misinterred kept repeating

crosses DNA to achievement watching this thing speed’ll

rain-clock it, knives in the rain, no blood.  Sharpening in the


vowing map cattles_____A whole lake down; we tracked it down.  Just like it, you don’t

really why want guns out there doing that.  ____Silencers.

I passed on gettin’ it wrong___bugeye satchel



I get I passed gettin’ it wrong in Viet Nam. Ennis-Turbo forever.  Brian’s bilhairy.  I can’t lose if I can’t.  –The point 1-2-3-4

Of a + nature, equal to be about your background in working replacemnts____medium ___first ____high _____tendin’ the

zephyrs.  Then ask (2,3,1) to stay targetable.  ____medium _____high

low rerelated in disproportionation.  You go online and and type it in as if a madman.  Steam it off.  _____(2,1,3)

I doubt it has been Bryan’s.  Could of time Roberta Igsnort surely I heard of wood.  make you more comfortable.  Emerge if I P–want to–en:  Make (BEEP for Mark) a precia to peach peace 8__-___It has to be Lennongrad.  It’s your price.  Thanks.  ___Go leave a dicta, final time Next time nils won lesbian nown nothing.



Garage Conversions

Did you know…
•that garages were built to provide required off-street parking?
•generally, dwellings require off-street parking spaces behind the required front/street yard? (Unless the garage was converted prior to 1992 and alternative parking is not available)
•you may be able to legalize your garage conversion provided you can replace required parking eliminated by the conversion?
•garages observing less than the required side or rear yard cannot be converted to living purposes unless a zoning variance or special permit has been obtained?


A garage conversion requires a permit. Take the time to research the regulations and consult with City staff, and you can avoid costly mistakes and penalties.

The following is only an overview of basic requirements for habitable rooms. For specific rules and regulations governing garage conversions, please contact the Development Services Department at (619) 446-5000. You may request a copy of Information Bulletin 142 (Residential Garage Conversions), or pick up a copy at 1222 First Avenue, third floor, San Diego, CA 92101.


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