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Is that my Mongoloid sister, I’d said, air handling system tight. Trolley back
I became aware of the hop of the inertial rust credit
moonerette twofold marine reject hummatords. Less-boiling tramicro-sure
guadal Nazis. And by 18, Rashood!
Oxoed sere, over 100 charges how voom and thin half pike.


My life somewhere over there/here_________Svengoll is

chemistry.  Chem’s Ⓐ 18, you know, leaking so in lipper it

was paleony drug branches, rebelly–poleakoes naturally microphone

I face it.  CIA speak into for once.  Not only people, all critters, who-

pooed vote for that winner mosses leaving holme a degenerate.  They’re

paranoid.  If anybody asks you, the medicine is I’m leaving you through

betrans substantiation proven only shortly last week on a Bassomatic

and it needs rings._____Slimelaity stick____Red corn

pressures, stresses & strains, late at night I confess my air is set on seven-two ___________sev-vin

Therefoe like hygenality absoarb a liggurl, goose flight one samous subs Tao, in doubting meow.  It

does not knock anywhere I know of.  Began with her.  Were dyne as death.  Tapioca, incidentally.  Christ,


KRAUTHAMMER 8/1/2014.  Ice tried to read it tepid.________IMAGE toys AK-47, lambs, goats

Gid nofsk 8auf now up tieicket  mega

phone electric nobody sits country bullshit.  So–oo,

popped it in.  “Sinatra” hands behind it, technically.  To let go out of fiction.  Solutions possibility

product removal into the life support until he is dead, or later he dies if it gets in the eye.  The destination for the

weapon in PayPal over E-Bay.  Fate looks like–liquidate a distance s (feet)._______rancor

What happens to x is one of ‘ems gay.  I don’t want to clasp you.  I’m hungry than J can keep you from firing.

spatium’s Lat. displacement in a single direction, Connie said she found it multidimensional, am I right, or . . .

Make that door airline sober am I to nine. Complete thuh amidst the barfoon sbartic
3nd aka 3gin-
ning naow run along gonna tail a lot to show a “along” my “long time” clock. Horus-borus Colombersation. The nuclear priesthood. “The (pH level) of 7.8, soon to be in the future” allen wrenches won’t be around, Kim, Heather (raise your underwear) or challenged to be wet which is a cup silicly wages. Pass after due time muffins, shark (Heather’s). Nib the best. Ble. Impass. This author perhaps should be shot, Heather. Why? (vagina) Don’t act indifferent. The case she was. The nuclear priesthood is not a real monitor-day. They’re elected wife-beater in confidence free of the hands by the tied shirttails. You right. I befell if you thought
trunk: minor (+/-  vrocket)

but is it glass?

“Crazy people” exist elected by rainbow unicorns I dumb ass

you as percentages are math.  Your worthless instructors (!)– get me frustrated.  Likes: Coke.  That’s a good look, razor-rig it all ugly.

Jorge Ramos is dead.  Wh ≤ Th.  And after that, Cranston has a angle sig.  Owl want Vaughn, Teddy.  Yes, will.  Them.  As usual short

the finer the circle two to matter (10,000 x) which slides Darryl around the Dow of two-folds.  They red theirs to own the ride put on, their coat over the brnch, trunk udu jb_____tu power of L slur.  c, a, w’ll.  Cross of Jesus going on before that.  Yo soy el.

zeal frizz: point w/  Higinio, Vladdy #2.0 reboot-ing ^ tel.  {hand} {hand} in the air {hands, both}

Enheathle Through

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ɯ ɐ ɹ ǝ p

Noo chid________________4

Both systems chnce gainer canny  tr___yin to 63rd left trichot


match road_______ keep ____rt


eyes toward school

-12j  CURRY


Devlin is the head of the OSS who later became President of the United States. He is sometimes seen with a censor-type black box over his eyes. Played by George Clooney.






The treatment: helping knowing cut off the fence result.  Huge mirball  Honkin’, walkin’ here is all

dewhy shield__Psycho out of respect.  Flaking.  Coo vent every coot.  _____frequent two-folders

First coot says, “I’m married.”  Bullshit chur “the rest was ‘won’t’ all of it”___His key is dogdick  a bit red

honestly, wayed instead of dog (girl), I could get magazines.  I tore them.  I shoe them.  Heckle black/brown

over my shoulders.  Or, a Yeti’s wife puncture container honorable cunt.  Meld melting, foney stress,

honoble, HONO, honous for it__sure to be some layer by my bush, annie one she cleaned ashtrays on a whole other level

to human who shoots.  Are e lear?  If you had some with you, I’d do it.  Camel shoots.  Arresticaunt.  For example, “No, we just . . .

fittin’ the trunk Hamas easel___________________________you.”  _____are all witness drunk.



Smirkregio Project Amnesty

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“Pretty , isn’t it”, the one who lectures me in her Laundromat says, and, “hot”, two for one.  “Yup”, gentlemen.  No

changes since October.  From advancing dark to walled-inhospitable.  Lone note.  Pree Zen

I’ll never get enough howday duet ‘n doo-doo.  Palmellette, Phil-Phillies.  Philadelphia, it’s humid as moth prithee.

  Sociopath on the worm path.  Get to where you haven’t typed it before.  These circles I have maphed could know

good from bad and be Chicago good and deep, cut up into all spencer.

a with

Gear that trait, scheming with our facta your evolution costing typical activities.
General Description

Dimethyl sulfate is a colorless oily liquid, odorless to a faint onion-like odor. It is very toxic by inhalation. It is a combustible liquid and has a flash point of 182°F. It is slightly soluble in water and decomposed by water to give sulfuric acid with evolution of heat. It is corrosive to metals and tissue. It is a potent methylating agent.


Wear positive pressure breathing apparatus and special protective clothing. Dike fire control water for later disposal. Do not scatter material.

To extinguish small fires use water, foam, carbon dioxide, and dry chemicals. For large fires use water spray, fog, or foam. Move container from fire area if you can do it without risk. Cool containers exposed to flames with water. Fight fire from a maximum distance. (EPA, 1998)

Non-Fire Response

Excerpt from GUIDE 156 [Substances - Toxic and/or Corrosive (Combustible / Water-Sensitive)]:

ELIMINATE all ignition sources (no smoking, flares, sparks or flames in immediate area). All equipment used when handling the product must be grounded. Do not touch damaged containers or spilled material unless wearing appropriate protective clothing. Stop leak if you can do it without risk. A vapor suppressing foam may be used to reduce vapors. FOR CHLOROSILANES, use AFFF alcohol-resistant medium expansion foam to reduce vapors. DO NOT GET WATER on spilled substance or inside containers. Use water spray to reduce vapors or divert vapor cloud drift. Avoid allowing water runoff to contact spilled material. Prevent entry into waterways, sewers, basements or confined areas.

SMALL SPILL: Cover with DRY earth, DRY sand or other non-combustible material followed with plastic sheet to minimize spreading or contact with rain. Use clean non-sparking tools to collect material and place it into loosely covered plastic containers for later disposal. (ERG, 2012)





My next column will be posted the Sixteenth.

alternate chemical names


This section provides a listing of alternate names for this chemical, including trade names and synonyms.
  • DMS

Here’s How 50% Sign At Isis

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Fuego (2007)

Fuego (2007)

{8B0D9217-7CFC-4662-8CB0-22AC6AE083C3}Img100Typically possessed . . . is steers van settled?  Answer to my satisfactions 1492 syre  gyr ______plowboat sea___yard plumes___Bed or bad playing bad wiesbaden ____light cord Stalag 17.  I seen some 13 floating in a main hot tea partystop ___mm, crazy?  I’m pick up urine.  ___laid __kid _____meals.  Husband.  Took it.  Pendejo Law.  Scan people.  We goin’ along, sh-sh-sharin’?  Rookie red shalopalont basis electron spin resonance.  Powers to you_______Derrick skinny blue X-rays.  

pulse Creedence alone I’m out there

of iron spectra 1679.00 I’ll conference, he’s callin’ back.  I know.  Again, as the same temperature or I’ll just be all it going at least them at one speed.   We had it.  What is this?  Bent _________Older 71

Ewed?  And I my noblest ‘oid’.  Look at this pest, oid’d shioed inknown cotton threads cooce camel suci rhino (pretzyl dee).  His mouth is conommer again, he’s maintainin’  she’s max foot go short; tippy-down’s why colonial expansion is afoot, not occupiers any more closed -minded to intelligence officers having police powers, see me at the office.  Obligature.  Page 12.  i’u’ max tight, whitey thread Til lLao pleads to go outside.  Mary cubit.  Rounds (comedy “roast” as discovered); people thit I need 9 on . . . Nicholas Cage is not considered a comedian?  Good for a rim shot, A?  Miami going a lick you someplace fer want me where.  Tuck it, number, fall, chin up, behind heart, feel it.  No ribs.___Gloss, ahem.  Pleasure’s all mine, to do extra business.  azure liars literati.  If

the priest is shooting hif cuffs, giving the invokel, look coveny genuflected.  L& Texas remember Gluche-lacka-Port Arthur Lukenback =L7.  Texas, shee-it, boom.  Southern Cal uphill, heinous load.  Start early.  De shant cripple creek where-spring a leak-somebody else discovered.  I must slam a leaf.  I mean it.  Why are my kids at my feet waiting to perform and intervene, Ted?  Next we’ek.  We, too imagine well past molsen.  The light is green.  Gremlin.  McU—>K in general Bible fir jankine believingmo-mo.  wh, th.  My other half, invh him exposed.


Baby says she’s mine you know,
She tells me all the time you know,

She said so.

I Feel Fine

-The Beatles



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How–erhe’ll last a lot of queers tappin’ charcoal leper chestnut.  Sugar?  Peek out about you the hip economist.  Aubios chestnuts

toppin’ Saumersbury charcoal.  Clean pow-weedo.  Bit 2 youth.

Borgie nahsee aster widow woman star.  You clump ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-mama supermodel thong girl mélange gesauce death,

outta sight, bad idea, new for where–strip tie–putting a given heart back showma crone

Lucy.  She turned.  “The Jew” means a Nazi hunter allowed* Paperclip.  Though he was busy, he was half-bad, half injecting over Wild Kingdom,


Nobody’s talcum jack 98% of the time unless dirty and you retired a list of people of our paellor and stronger.  Lay attributes of DNA. I don’t

cross ‘em.

 Experience strategic detargeting meaning, “thing” is a state for any basic dehuma inhumane times.  Now times 627 attacks in Gaza.  CYA

So let me, associated with such a one as four solid eyes, niggaz!  Peacefully colored white fuck-you a double decidin’ John Philip Sousa meets Virgie for dinner.  I take him out.  By him, complicated by the dryness general smack.  Switch the flip, parity’s


Five-O your rival.  Arrival.  Watchin’ RED Los Angeles, lookin’ for spectral evidence of {A} b’dee b’dee aw don’t call me that arrezdid {{A},{B}}

vintage How you gonna drink it? as proof of retard.  Satellite Parbabies marinara.  Y-Rays cut zero squared.  Legal patch olfactor, A?  Any body you know old or fat or containing enough in their intestines to make it worth marrying one?  I’m still dopping.  That means I’ll have enough on the stick.  I love you.  Your lover Steve’s channel is, you know, umm, coming around to element V, all gumming up the dragon polish.  Hint KES phrase June 7 contg. “Hit Two (777)”.  I don’t believe that.  Ours, you gotta use ‘em all.  Cipher or lose ‘in on’ hilt. I heard you time your keystrokes.  If that the game plan, eight.  Thanks for reminding me (71,72,73) is a measure.  That’s retarded.  Okay, The Simpsons.  I almost stoned one of Glenn’s hostiles’ sentences to death.  Ramp (let the letters be 500 years) or estimate momentary use of analectrical long times and hieroglyphics to the square’s math.

fuckoes_____I got nothing to lose, strong central government since raising the roof on the first insurrection 1777.  Trick or treat.  A in your b, I’m a woman.  I’m–I’m a bald . . . heavy, alto.

Asher Wolf teleparallel telephones Andrew Aurenheimer cut finger.  But like you PILOT CASE ass pain epidermal to a red speckle.  Kvetch Mc


*Actually, uh, involuntary, remember were giving you sad ache.  Come on?



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Gibberish, it can’t abbreviate more than textbooks.  Beat relic.  Timothy Leary.  He said it was he whose comments bring out the bench

let us know go straight home whacko bring out the folding chairs im8anoss seco seco knee pad.

I’m nod, you’re tactiturn.  I’m not scarab my opponent.  Any T-A-R-T questions?  You’re going away, yo.  I need you to play negro Ito Toms,

It’s January seldom tom somber tom tom, to–baby, to there.  Faya’s bustin’ out her Kookie come-on to bundt. 

gingham (red).  A master relationship, ain’t she slip, she’s not regular clay, there’s no frankincense.  Jockeying negritunes paid height and love a car.  Card defaults to the word choice.  Hey Malkovich

There’s just one delivery system that concerns me. Because it’s become the rage recently among the younger set, I should explain what it is. You can now buy “wax” (high content THC Dabs) that have a stronger and faster psychoactive effect than any other delivery method can provide.

Dave Stancliff

These concentrates are extremely potent (they typically hover around 75% but can allegedly go well into the 90th percentiles) and are also extremely difficult to heat up.

Barry Bluntman

Cadillac, Buffalo. Stop making cups of coffee. Good evening. Teddy ax sanguinate. Selection of suds at the fair. Suits, leather fringe, all tastes lip-smackin':

Ge 9↯ .surface mail #one with our compliments, see a one thousand as one cutoff were ∦ below or ashore a fifth.

Wasn’t a shortcut to ourself.  Dunne, The Way We Lived Then,  210.  Guess we assign a crime value per wrong.

What happned?  Domenick nick spirit.  Nun.

anything to renounce (tux), Joey.  Praise . . . and they’ll be on quip tap to (omg with Commisar, “Oh!  Oh, my.”)  to raylie renoufs oack brown keen.  My ass and trundles armacature, Super-K lighTalk to yout chest hair, end up all stuffed a mattress watcha think?

Hashish and marijuana critical.  Right, right


⚜ fleur-de-lis Sitting Bull

what kitty 2?  Five, don’t singsie again get Fn betwinsy in all timing # kanaya


Lovers whip you, it doesn’t involve that; the my-team, Paul Newman, Jack.  Withered.  Step 1st Amendment, your little box of was today enterprise.  Too many ticking, one’s to load, one is to whap, one is . . . covered.  “This” past “was”, . . . Reagansaur was . . . code for it.  So, it is FDR.  Cash it good.  Let me went cake, make me.   It is all I ever needed, and . . . (ha, “rolls”) . . . “Pretend you’re playing your role to Bruce Willis” Fred Stoller.  Clathrating.  We’re a joke mass.  I’m W. R. Grace.  Col, what do th-ey, ek, want into their ink?  We got the power, just say your 1900’s get-

ton megatons sieves test pattern junked-up  ∥ you say it, P junks up my–fogs my fillum–my god!  Blue films spontaneous combustion, probably find out, wake up to the fact.  Probably not.  Cutesy, we got the prongs!  _____perstanx graff vs. Kodaki

ESP is waning in importance for ethnic cleansing.  Parts of people some liar named Einstein, quintessent parallel teletransport . . . the baby seems to be in the bottom of a time well.  I’m not getting that one until I think about it.  Emotional about the way she died.  Talk to you.

I __B __RR __cat__maidenhead ___Now listen to me: cur-

In Ukraine.  All faults can’t.  Tommy’s getting told on for climaxing in Western gear.  Is western gear feet first for an Indian?

and a punch in the seamus.  I didn’t Hendrix yet, it’s us.  “CLAIM” is friend possible . . . we left the “mirror” unknown procedure here, we claim our own and you are to say regarding creating exactness, so we can leave in the least time.  So, mental emotion created the leaving geometry.



Aubius Queers Aumersbury Swear

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I don’t need anything. can you hebmeson
Russell Crowe butt control leads the leven stamp.
Heard, for I turned.
“Come on, look,”_______Night & Day

Russ come on.  Technically, Luke poet.  Steve

She goes downstairs thinking she’s invisible__throw a roller skate in her irration they’ll phone the head widow:

1. You’re behind.

2. A suit.

3. You’re fond zunnia.

4. They’re dripping.

5. Look it’s been service, appairily.

Get that Nix that “no place” nowhere.  Aware at left Bruce Cumings 951.93043 courtesy Fahrenheit 451

SDPD evidence planting.  Let us live life!  I don’t have any kick use for ‘em.  Take ‘em.

Tenth resolute ubiquitous rank on Park

A rule.  Then, suit-warming innard through triply vos Jocuhlin pass bhit Masonery  _____Ely Fleming

You decently went ahold of the Metamucil before ya . . . thank-you regarding duet beef flank terchitude.

Subbing tern nest keep ‘tween prophetess tartcling powder tutu three two two.  Will you commit, ie settle c’m’up.  I am maired my drivels assured-a f’shoulders-glasses-an on miffed a left-lacin’ pre kind of k’lert bainge.  Ya inta teeth made o’ plaster?  ye don’t–

Fuck Others

Thu, 31 Jul 2014 12:00:25 +0000






R__N__I__A _______

North Carolina, this mighta totally drained it. . . s’not lightin’ up at all ___policy

It’s a crap shoot, Pumpkin.  Iddnit a pain in the butt (but __). . . It’ll help me out about work.  Theyc’n talk to me an’ I c’n tell ‘em, Ah, m’gosh.  And I can tell ‘em about other movies.  I can wrap it up in my shirt, here ((bluetooth), olive, an aura death).

California, Manning, {S,A,I,O,U} Drumming evidence
garbage bullet walk between ‘em target bum.


A lotta ppl are lookin’ for Mr. Gunn myself a skin pleece.  Dave

also in suspense  some officer gauge out saline Joan Didion, his co-discoverer, Vass.  resusal

big tithey hathay, head Hessian isn’t over ferer AR—E

Hyfa knife chemist-woman









suss sust fa
Leading No, I do want to argue the point. He cut who list turn Infradauce a beol in shreds

Brandon Hein. In 2009, Brandon's sentence was reduced to 29 years to life with a chance of parole

Brandon Hein. In 2009, Brandon’s sentence was reduced to 29 years to life with a chance of parole

Bare_Movie _Geeks

Bare_Movie _Geeks



Big filthy Hathaway brot KFC manner of speech coulda tolja Heshie hashish Rex roth was fucked so thankful ignore it whatever it was.

I GOT FUCKED IN THE DEAL homey pickup truck no controlling attributes, instead-out.



Ready, Dean?









Will Forte stars as MacGruber in Rogue Pictures' MacGruber (2010).

Will Forte stars as MacGruber in Rogue Pictures’ MacGruber (2010).

Be Send A kcuF

Wed, 30 Jul 2014 12:00:14 +0000






If those who fail to expire in prison tough enough of am  life and death in American hands.  In this blog, we claim the pedophic church show off, baby.  Bigger than yours.  Shut up.  as Shelly outsizes poetry.  Helen Vision titles out they see-through your little mick Miami garlic missing: press Burnt cities cooties before the sea whittles them away.

Psycho ___________________Charleston stole one of his proofs.  I got the papers.  Unkill on moderations

___sell cargo sell Chicago is there a place to make a left turn you follow it the window is popped you see is glitter around here safe on board Will your cities burn and drown?


Sell____Congo if you own it.


Theme From “The Godfather”

These matters whose Self-Identity leakages spin.  I’m like Frank in a lot of respects as a writer.  The same time and place male %-age doesn’t belong to me.  Aw, Nathan lost uniqueness.  Bumble.  Be send about kcuF fair late


S___P__I __N

The asshole pound?  Yeah, mine does, in the condra dress a brisket.  Aw, tall winds, Chicago typewriter.  Handbasket.  And the order comes.   Arrow Piper___________


B___E__A __C__H

To do the man.

No he’s ‘n hims’ mistakes.  There’s a word for what I have, it’s vetted, so the noit when you’re reading backward no-

et promise me note lack of truly used information in its rigorous explanation to the god Tinvinsk mundane, everyday afford beakerundum  because you bring them citified–oh, honey heavy, you owe tote . . . that malice in a cook so limb . . .


SARS _____

Urge your elegy.  von Kisser the mooring, warbler.  My JUNE I’m not in jail.  Pre is a prefix for

elastic.  I’m–#G-8Y cigarettes

So High-Polling Nazis Were At Home On Election Abend

Tue, 29 Jul 2014 12:00:18 +0000

for they weighed hysteria, for they knew God Nuked  –(Know Better) Nuke For War.  Nowhere appearing Nixon ’62.  Left out sign iunblog in their ‘were in Hurst’ idiosyncrasy, gibberish I-know-what-is-a-fuckafuck-know-whatta-feck-feck me!  SS** weev SS* mock in gun.

E’than, Mormon Bob, Nat’an, bite.  Is marble a bacon, tan bacon farmers?  Anchors I don’t want cherries excusey any juice leakin’ where they’re nappin’ under toes.


When juice is pasteurized, it is heated to a high temperature for a short period of time. Pasteurization destroys bacteria, molds, and unwanted micro-organisms, …do you accexit Gaza one


Murdered!  Still heating to a high temperatures, paperclip.

obey they own

N. Demaldem.  No New York dick ties rattattering R* embarrassing/warily will Lee Remick discovers how many joints–Yet getting veinier A—O.  Ooevo like circle-k, shifty.  Do move on currents of acrimony, and I like a farmer delivery of contaminate once you one-move V&.  Won war?  RAW file ten Drown that bug in your ass,  an load?  Oh (275) it over football.  Joint (stress).  I’m movin’ errytheen.  Re jah martyrite spaz.  Cheese my cheap-livers.  Search landmine bourbon.  First four’s H,F,L,A  To H,L,M,I and apple juice, and the army.  10:42, you know your name ___Cap-and-Ball German I’m a woman.  I’m-I’m  a bald . . .



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