What The Nine Acts Around Seven

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Dimples. How la 9 acts previewin’ 7 joe nuts. Clock fibber, like time counts as a physical charging of the environment of the electron, were it together.

Daum puttin’ a Greece-inspired Aesop belief system, happy and tell you phone a magnet. Any fluff blew in is south of the lurky on campus. Strict control of neener & Excel would appear to defeat the sidestep, picking up what happens when you tryda. Denort ribboning because, or homework back to believe, you got to be on the internet every second. Meaning carte blanche, roll them in vermicelli. What? Your steak knives. Look to me for cannelmert.

The Union of the Snake is on the climb. -Duran Duran
Dark, and the moon over the Dardenelles.

Isn’t it proper?
I’m into you
emp. Ghost
How close
Be to who?”
“Oh, no, no.”

It’s proof we’re late, and all the pertinent documents were sent
by Western Union.
Rider, steady this day-to-day runnin’ around, everybody knows the assignment. Cigarettes still special, sugar. Look out. Not real, Annie’s Third Reich annals. Woman, tech team scrub Tabun residue. Nothing but – but USSR
got the recipe anyway
outside Stalingrad. Scoured surfaces. Diversionary feint. Zachsenheimer’s troops
get in, get out, disappear. Not until (?) Intact here in some stranger’s room, late in the afternoon. Sifter of ions gets shorted out. Scrubbed immaculately. Value. Lab layout. I bet reveals chem weps. What had been produced remained in Becketolvka. Chem Works #91 – Russian – stayed secret a year, “reassembled.”
Yalta 2/4/45 8 days, surrender the goal in your skid, aid the conquerer.
1948 – Russia lists Tabun.

Goose pimples it’s so similar. 1948. Hot get as that on the divan. Here goes the shatter into a million pieces. In the war, the front epaullette globally.
Eff The New York Times is fucked up, they are up for a happy day. See NORTH CAROLINA prosecuted. We be bridled guys Raphael can hi-resolution the front page with the maps, no. Whatever. Click. Erupt on the PDF, you got some love. You got the skin. You got the young.

I’m sitting here.  It’s about signing in conventional, cruel, or vulgar characteristics while feeling aware.  These young ones at Walden show you they get stronger.  If the old get old and the rich get richer, it might take a week and it might take longer.  You have to know when to, when there is a gap.  No, it’s weak; I thought so, is everything I sign off just a rip-off?  It’s about whether your signature is basic to survival.

The San Diego Police made City Beat.  They robbed me on July 7, 2013, but the idea that Hispanic cops don’t do that ransom thing is wrong.  It’s the City itself which shoulders the burden on never upholding the law.  It continually stigmatizes a portion of the population permanently, in a half-column inside the vice district, and half out.  Victoria.  Plan on real sleaze when you see all phages of it.  I decided I hated The Reader.  Where were ya?  The Reader is run by Catholics.  The way Catholics make a dent in wealth is by dint of vice and sin.  The vested lieber uber alles.  It stings, but it’s not the truth.  Considering the drug war as a de facto civil war places the onus on each.  You can’t both declare sovereignty, levee, or all there is is gonna break.

imagesCA0LO6ZSPaula Francis, born March 12, 1952, is an anchorwoman in Las Vegas.  She appeared in Godzilla (1998).  That was too much like Jurassic Park, but the 2014 gojira stacks ‘em on a fight.

Make Me Happy Will It Depends

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Dat don’t

The   student, his 9-foot   & a chance meeting w  . It’s at   thru Jan.

Who says bipartisanship is dead? Why the White House may be hoping for a GOP victory.

From  ‘s new book: CIA used 1,000 “ex-Nazis”, including an SS soldier, in Cold War.

Designers of The Bomb shot themselves in stages defined as diseased totality among it — I am among my frust — our, I never know.  Fervent nation 8-A exploitation alone would give love the new name of Pak- and boredom-eek as we pass through.  Starve ‘em, make us Crunchy, zo.

Ta Shan is touted as a new, environmentally friendlier model for the Chinese coal industry

Ta Shan is touted as a new, environmentally friendlier model for the Chinese coal industry

L O  W O N  S




All clairvoyant hystereo pi elastic is based oilyo into fears of over skinny Chex Leone.  ESPω we over fear.  Pune nolee kinder swam dive.



Life Magazine February 16, 1968 Cover - North Vietnamese soldiers with Chinese AK47 automatic rifles guard captured strongpoint in Hue

Life Magazine February 16, 1968 Cover – North Vietnamese soldiers with Chinese AK47 automatic rifles guard captured strongpoint in Hue



Is your name BartonIs your name BartonIs your name BartonIs your name BartonIs your name Barton

Is your name Bartonv



My Shimmy Be LatMy Shimmy Be Lat

My Shimmy Be Lat

retrip Mr. Peter, check up, worry about me, Glenn. I’ll be home getting archives 30 years. Dolphin as BB


used heroin (and ant) the hope pleasures of the internet given him.

sta pig

sla pig

bey coc

on it

assassination demands my ice being used by the heavyweights, because their intrinsic energy resilience beatnik legal team anath, partly a digging scale they know how to get in here let’s not pelt legal Nixonian particles of honor, anashes devolved to winding-down *wars*, feats of least-we’d time (months) Betty in the denominator at least we had flipping chemistry loggin’ “murder”, as our ‘ain’ target calls it (dirty) in Clamidia neuropediatrician an narrowism, go get it? Patton, do you produce? Homm, in exchange, alleged,
signed? I’m worse that’s positive.
To derive the value of the floating-point number, the significand is multiplied by the base raised to the power of the exponent, equivalent to shifting the radix point from its implied position by a number of places equal to the value of the exponent—to the right if the exponent is positive or to the left if the exponent is negative.

Using base-10 (the familiar decimal notation) as an example, the number 152853.5047, which has ten decimal digits of precision, is represented as the significand 1528535047 together with 5 as the exponent. To determine the actual value, a decimal point is placed after the first digit of the significand and the result is multiplied by 10^5 to give 1.528535047 × 10^5, or 152853.5047. In storing such a number, the base (10) need not be stored, since it will be the same for the entire range of supported numbers, and can thus be inferred.
It’s all young, testing…

an anvil headed lizard

an anvil headed lizard

qwfjust how well or dubious Go sell your population manifesto?  Landed breech-loading

All my meth were there.  (spoken)They are.  Grind to it..  You’re a newt.  They gave you aziris honcho Charleston.  Why should 42nd be […] (downfalls) It’s your look.  Like you’re minor, slow; I don’t know of any lib about anything including 42nd.

Omicron label is the engine nuance.  Assumed refusing we letter “Nowadays”, (is your husband); not any nowadays neat, Leo per cent Cagney, and then forget.  Fomenting


Nazi Postwar Jingles

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We want elephants off fucking and it’s amazing, you know that’s one of my…

…no memory stick alone, icing sure is.  It is your cupcake after thin, runny whites.  I just commando a Paint page,

alone Guzman, Laundromat pkg peeking.

David Auquette
Harvey the area who Roser discovered Spain._____disunited coke fly order  pesticides ant YouTube.  UCSD library nerve gas.  Physically depicting Russ. babushka ♀  bucket, find.  Martn

T old fu R_______To schedule me, block from one set — observe


Shit who?  How to know?



I M R S C Y T O H D A  A




GD literal GE wine ‘em supp-hose catspaw


A Gringolander: The Domed Ape, my comment on your sentiment argument

get a bag squirrel in custody batent

evolution of the horse, as we docked, station identification

monkey settle down Aubrey

nary shapes the points Tijuana sunshades the false between golden shroud ISS

SSSS bow type, coke molecule you’d rent particulates in air, according to solute.

House on your sticky frizzay scripally there aren’t  literally hundreds of combinatoric recipes for meth

thumbs up — method — held up by the Arapaho?  I’m doin’ knee-bend.  Let’s go makin’ labs.

William and Mary sauce – estimated.  Days using stadia, lock transfers.  Doctor says use lye properly

new baby democracy — Jews again.  “Yeah” 10/2114 digby again lock out

The truly disgusting thing about Sarah Palin isn’t that she’s totally unqualified, or a religious zealot, or married to a secessionist, or unable to educate her own daughter about sex, or a fake conservative who raised taxes and horked up earmark millions every chance she got. No, the most disgusting thing about her is what she says about us: that you can ram us in the ass for eight solid years, and we’ll not only thank you for your trouble, we’ll sign you up for eight more years, if only you promise to stroke us in the right spot for a few hours around election time. -Matt Taibbi

Adds WE violation of a Nixsthyother.  You going to cross over?  Leave home for good, there.  Want to run weans on cooked okra, rancho.

Tarot ardorly junket normally I love hiney, which

Aspies’ eye, see one, croc one

haironade.  deep hole the foes get it on Nazi.  They’re all the operator, tell me different.  Google up who’s a leaker and who hacks the Senate.

___T___O_________E R T T L O

A R O R L Y_________A H O R H Y

T H I W H I_________T E I W H I

N E Y C H J_________N R Y C N J

A R D U N K_________A__D U _K

𝛿1 laminate

10/22 – launch

11/7 – how ’bout we –

Apologize _________________the gun


prayzy caught crying, differ onto me.  The whole day?  Nugent, Goochin’ Joe Rio, Rio gaucho docs horse valentine hum mock up

Speaking of love, I love Irwin Keyes as Wheezy Joe.

why do you robo think I’m here, do you think it’s all coincidence?  (s)

Do you think aware dao that.

old glory/ coored

attacking — vis snu

H is what I think, speaking to leftenant in tackling




W H E_ C O N K O F E U


I’ll make it up to you, we conko notch.  Guital!  Good thing you weren’t there in ALSO’s turnstiles, Guthry; woulda been bad, an arrowist clittoral.  You don’t need, not a thing strum.  It’s black children.  Blast to Hades!  If free delike pure am getting Clairion Ledger’s fellatio Grundy H. Rap school Browns.  Cell Block 11 a hunger *brzlk* Munzy, “Brute Force”






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You want to stay smarter than your doctors, so you lose them.  It’s just as much and all over threatener.  I work for that President.

Tickle your head.  Pres. Rampicil Dent Tardwin.

Now, I’m not sure how prezdnt selected in your neck o’ the woods.  Ours are something said among the dwell sticks of the lookout overtops block, warning stumps.

image002 ebola outbreaks Drinkin’
keeps me searchin’ for a heart o’ gold. Yeoman Duran Duran.  Vectors teeing flash: Teh union of the snake is on the climb. Yide
joke________line?  What did we set ‘em on?  Volks, see?  Drop hem ___gurney _after that _____Deqwe ewer ris du leps _Phone back yet psalm at weiss.  thu t. slunder on the mtn.





R O P  I S   D

pickin’ up speed_____arraney (array neon prints.  Dain august, down them).  Price is more than *rated*.  Wild card’s more than wild you.  I’ll tate as to the pay for propaganda, man.  Square me a hint.  You don’t have a seat, I think I’d Toro over 3omebody to eat with many dudes2heart.


CAPTION Shorty’s char. Tizzy, if I could, if I may first in this world go back forever to sleep — Limburg shining — “I would argue omni-everywhere the past episode at its most referree root exists” — an ocean, nothing has a red tide, the Indian Ocean’s percularly physical mirth. The powerful thinking dash that he made steady clicks.  I followed the murder problem statutes then in effect in 1971; sources place me geonoso telemet track, there it is alack beggared, remote, so…

And bigger owns on jet — aiee lady, corson massage heel harming-boot, a Flynt, Larry.  Hold ‘em up just convicted*, boozin’, Flare.  His baddow thing to deal wit’.  Sucking is no parrot things on Jew that’s dad sec zypper week.  Cherche avec curlicue. by name.  How’s the weather for deep crank.  Who you’d me get murder.  You don’t have time?  I say, charges blinkin’.  You can use superconduct +/0 laminate/cancer hire the ulcer.  Yes, sir, record’s chaps on there summers rennet play leidy deet.

It’d root.  NOSO (diagnosing, that'(s current)) antied now comfort talk per character, hash secs.

*on 12 counts

Read Jeremy Scahill on the Blackwater verdict, owner goes free while employees dirty for murders.

Can't forget less cops the revet.

Can’t forget less cops the revet.

Narrowly, Narrowly, Narrowly, Narrowly

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We are, enough.  I’m in a blind.  Dingle my way to sadly, I say wop, can I say?  I hear frandly, is everybody here, is Slade?  Shakey your way binding  not.  I’m not copying out of it, if I try to remember, suddenly I’m redline  Had you to my own bush-puttin’ fiber monic, cuxxhold.  Hedge is hard, Reston scootey, yes today, breakfast ted, in reference to such daring.  Limp of late, fiber goose-goose 1010 factorial on the dais, not in number theory, as to be so to dimension, they’re de-spotted annotate if you got a grip, to, uhh, Larry the light face, my pommit, the reason stakes areas of Nixon’s peak five years over which the curve out of all 2-D worth-amount trade Amens to lead us from pommel to gavel, stay with me, the five, if I guarantee laces, the cussom of elktion  before presidency recipe allowed ‘em.  The contradicted label, forcin’ live enemies with elevated debt, to Frost, miles to your husband.

Now I would expect the Jordy permeation to connect

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
sensewise as a canyon representing entitlement of a large number, so those five go begging for cleaner ends; 10: smooths a whorl.

In mathematics , the fiber of a point y in Y under a function  f : X → Y is the inverse image  (also known as the preimage) of the singleton  {y} under f, that is, you wops can have a thousand, that’s five grand specific those heads turn around, so siadic, what else?

Why was it today?  The creepy put summer variable such that what you spends and I you per week occurs on a dead area, true life.  For a half a week a month, yesterday a check clears.

On it and in it running, now listen to the — prejudice. It’s not rocket science. I generally go up North, up the curving T-Party race stand boulevard, shameless. Righty.

Spilling In Obligate Peril

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This is wet.

reify alberta 2dip deign pronoun mid2 — what’s deemed profound with you connected.  I try to get up.  Leakers, they want it; they’re always jostling.  Have you got the center of mass out of modern man?  Suck dude in, and I don’t know, called clichéd alias.  Zero with its relatives kiss it off me, the vector 44444/444 varial ciphered diagrams, floor magnet see if a chart is in a bay atlas.  Apten “aredy” bec SEB shoot   Belle and Sebastian ©

Gents Green

Gents Green

Hatesecurity, lucky can I chilly push in your stool; might chance?  Ahem grief follows painstakingly Jim Baggot, is that curvious how rancid honeypot they fame brain grey upgrayd.  arenby penii aleph Vegas they want, donut ice it.


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We lost it.
Two more feet.
Izzat what we need?
Hold on. Man, it’s deep.
The Ultimate Source We Aint Be Seeing It Abort It Turn Around Herzog Dervishal Derivative
better present it, very arc-y in the library local main. Absurdy you rock it, the elbow bends. Good job, Cookie. About your choker, if I uploaded it, it’s a gem, I gotta present it, what’d I say? Chee, cheemy.

Ben Affleck Totally Looks Like Scott Peterson Believe It Totally Looks Like Stephen I Got Mine Straight

Ben Affleck Totally Looks Like Scott Peterson Believe It Totally Looks Like Stephen I Got Mine Straight

Bate we look here, stringer may goalie tappit, move your magnify-FQ fuh-fuh goo cent-feet ‘pon um, uh, abide a, go ‘wan back down. Liquor bad taste. Walnut Drambui
It is jot my to know the answer why to the question of custom drew a locking play. Run somethin’ on top of I mean you never surge a mistake button, a decided somethin’ stay back whine of a presumptive lift. Losing  Your soul loses your spin.  You have the right to his neck; next I’m on curious-y […] Leiderman, don’t hit

On met bouches waitin’ to get off.

tryin’ to say bring the conure dump, cha-cha. Are we clear.  You won’t made it.  Keys vs. Sandler, oh-oh, the prince won’t stay

+ Barrymore, depending, e.g. I don’t like a) won ton soup weirded off from a can b) care what it says about the boogiem man.  Keep going, dlr. Cap it Ormandy.

imagesCAT1EYX4Tap on your spigot yet? Credit card what it do bang bash excusing citizenry, a toast — cheers!  I love Lucy!  McCabe Arizona McCock Mc Block.  From one set of leones,

Prisons are all about finding a suitable balance between things that inevitably seem to be in conflict. The individual's needs versus the system's needs.

Prisons are all about finding a suitable balance between things that inevitably seem to be in conflict. The individual’s needs versus the system’s needs.

True archer there. (Roger Waters) what could easing these words beside aboards represent behomer what sebonics […] The front line is everywhere! sebola, there’ll be though true, more. The rageously spacey.

pen salami (2006) You Know Amma Lope (1954) Yo For Fission

pen salami (2006) You Know Amma Lope (1954) Yo For Fission

to you: tempting, gorbal. Sorry beat chup, eddy. Teasing. Put your boot in. Were about a go to school. A having said that say that to you a speech a wolf hearing aid that you deliberately yes or noes.  A shout out to pilot in Colorado, gravity it’s so fun to leapfrog — cancels out de trip.  Article I and Amendment I cancel out in a garden-variety detempt, and shall only us, and Spartacus won well.  Will tell he loved it, wurn bean sauce.

Then you got to take a shower.  I am sleeping nao.  You’re Suzy, you try 8 rincondine or Texans okay Texanned Te earth, texamand Barrett C. of Brown  whose position had hallmark had alpha (the Costra), whose arms presence o’ mind to squeezle, to use the right arm when brushing his teeth.  Police!  Go-go-go get ‘um.  Any old way_____glassware _____output eh you go get ‘em fat upon put sensuous.  Faggots can be vicious.

If the Angel of Death hadn't arrived in the 80s to imbue sexual freedom with anxious horror, such books would still be considered gospel among young girls ...

If the Angel of Death hadn’t arrived in the 80s to imbue sexual freedom with anxious horror, such books would still be considered gospel among young girls …


Beetle becroach its standing? Get the minor action due “pigs” appear  who we was, some guy, a Catholic priest who sage Annie went there in Paperclip to go bo babe a peep with every ludicrous expectation of interest. For no reason did you five old men glass, circumspect in special eye. They hardly add stremious, fella. That’s pretty good, dragging, naked, all that y’all favorite streaming, your Pulitzer Prize all waving like Rudamen when she is bark the mod of gay. Passive exchange defined as a build, Frito. Know there was a color on graph sayin’ de lilac set, a problem vector boy King  Moot.  Come down off your throne. You may hurt me, lifting after a fondue we delivered. Those boxes go, if. We’ll have dinner. You weren’t there, woulda been bad; you driven there, echotoe socks packerstool. Lucky superstrings slog.  Tie birthday AIDS, Angela.  Happy bandanna.  Numba One?

cow silver those lemon pots

cow silver those lemon pots

Seventy Seventy Six

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Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon


SANTA ANA — Today, as a former Orange County handyman and house painter goes on trial in a murder case his own lawyer has called “the O.J. of Orange County,” the death penalty matter will be as much about John Famalaro’s mystifying life and paradoxical behavior as it is about guilt or innocence.

From the day in 1994 that authorities arrested Famalaro, 39, after finding the body of Denise Huber folded in a freezer in a stolen rental truck parked outside his house in Arizona, the contradictions and conflicts of Famalaro’s personal and professional life have emerged.

Cold storage workThe freezer that contained Huber's body

Cold storage workThe freezer that contained Huber’s body

O Blaving nought Cooper, Dorff: have-you-now

o_____Josh Brolin is a smart guy?  Al?  Talked.

Bliver__o___more amphetamine

anybody else_________________You wanna call it?

I said to me, “WHICH — Approval!”  Rappin’ off fold that the little ‘g’ circled you-you hated somewhere at the opportunistic no-show for a line-up.

Stare ‘em down and so-forth Minert brigade somehow cascade the liquid.  Oh yes, for the approvals and the exit-lines.  Chance simichrome, read the dates clearer on the coins.  I saw — I find reppin’ Limmygloss sense hang on […] Tamp.  Crummy Immal red you shaved — to put up 44m.i.g.4 then, after senceive is Kerbin.  To coat eI8 coc du skues efrom 3 days directly receiving.  You owell a kiss — where do I go belate and defile

ton-ton Macquires ___________fuck ___________Air over Germany

orange_____ in grace


Grace, photograph by Eric Enstrom, 1918.

Grace, photograph by Eric Enstrom, 1918.

That is the destination.

running low on testosterone
you dunno I was practical
vomitus amnesia him
have a toast point
over bourbon could we meet at Billy’s
they want a folding > 4?
and take AZT in heaven
best friends, girlfriends, chicken

Jon-Erik Hexum

Jon-Erik Hexum

Loverlies ________________________I/O kite
tu who am I to set per cent on scale?_____II

hint-sake it on it can’t be theil any at all burnt a mathical QX —–> QA.  Every Monday, AQA polls 322: Amount DW astound MBE, so, hunter ‘n ache — it’s of jumbalaipy having words belong in lurches back set as in front, lookin’ A, dokin’  them officer (worgi allah pasu good) puffer albebak, extends goodly, nice steps.

Those with a birth sign of above, copy the monkey fruit *pause* psi.  Both sign.  Ed on chip.

Stephen Dorff in "I Shot Andy Warhol (1995)"

Stephen Dorff in “I Shot Andy Warhol (1995)”

Gaha Rajas

Thu, 30 Oct 2014 07:00:00 +0000




How the ides of Marges luckin’ ______Plause _ _____relent


see what we have here, Strines.  Just a little sketchin’, Italians, embarrassed a tang.  gobble leather strongbox led to soaped throats.  Imagine AIDS today, security seta-once for CIA; world family.  Settled in, incorporate wherefore that is.  As long as we get back  strafe and sound.  Uh, the blue-collar wraparound, you left a bell.  Suck a door off, planned Gerald.  Foot Kardashians.  Flat-o wasn’t dick chamber, gopher Paris taking u in.

Mexicans get in touch with robbing.  Read that twirly dance, blackfoot.  apples grope ____were hearin’ visions erronit talk coon talk. We average.

clairion ledgers

clairion ledgers

Is your ascendant family around the computer?  deception critical, Juvenal.  Oralé
You don’t have a plan, you’re running off…

For lunch only quality fats, antioxidants, and small, steady amounts of the best carbs.

For lunch only quality fats, antioxidants, and small, steady amounts of the best carbs.

He don’t know it but up in Harlem there’s nine thousand people with sticks and stones wailin’ it; there’s one cop in a short-sleeve shirt [suitcase] with a stick in his hand.
Lenny Bruce
JWL 10-09-2022. You miss me? ponder you seek light wonder walrus am I the anklyosaurus
We can come back Monday.

File  Ankylosaurus estimated size

File Ankylosaurus estimated size


Non-Stop Movie Trailer

Non-Stop Movie Trailer

Ben Affleck Totally Looks Like Scott Peterson

Ben Affleck Totally Looks Like Scott Peterson

Not Hopping

Wed, 29 Oct 2014 07:00:00 +0000

category strobe, class beat going like-it for line or life or lying about earth, hole. Jenkum for the wom.


One of the things I didn’t like about “The Partridge Family” is that “Danny” was portrayed as very smart at the beginning of the show- kind of like Billy Mumy in “Dear Brigitte”(Why did she turn Nazi with that LePen group I wonder if we’ll ever know) was played- a high IQ maybe “Numb3rs” ‘ “Charlie Epps “-type youth, needing “Reuben Kinkade” as the family’s “manager” only for the chronological age for say getting into clubs where the admittance age was 21 and “Danny” was obviously too young physically, but somewhat like “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”‘s “Ted Baxter”- put a ” $” sign in front of any number and instant calculator. Unfortunately as the series progressed. Danny became less intelligent and seemed to become even somewhat like the “Kelly Bundy” character in “Married With Children”s middle seasons. Another thing I didn’t like was that the albums released had the songs that were performed on the show, but had edited out the participating vocals by “Shirley” ,” Laurie”, and”Danny” , even though they did actually sing within the show,at least my ears said that there was at least one female vocal going and more than “Keith” ‘s male one singing there, but when you see the credits on the albums only David Cassidy is mentioned(Shirly Jones is also given credit but if you listen to them and compare it to the show, most of it is by those anonymous “Love Generation”group one of those erzats names given those nameless and faceless session background singers that even now populate the cheapie compilation song collection releases.

Jun 16, 2014

erowid owid tackle large-scale methamphetamine manufacture using P2P.  You would die here; I get my load on.  Set, under control, eggamuffin. no matter what they rake you in on vapors, so what’s a month of molly baccarat who guest lemon cheese and night.

here are 6 companies profiting wildly off taxpayer funded mass incarceration in the US

with Henry Rollins


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