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If those who fail to expire in prison tough enough of am  life and death in American hands.  In this blog, we claim the pedophic church show off, baby.  Bigger than yours.  Shut up.  as Shelly outsizes poetry.  Helen Vision titles out they see-through your little mick Miami garlic missing: press Burnt cities cooties before the sea whittles them away.

Psycho ___________________Charleston stole one of his proofs.  I got the papers.  Unkill on moderations

___sell cargo sell Chicago is there a place to make a left turn you follow it the window is popped you see is glitter around here safe on board Will your cities burn and drown?


Sell____Congo if you own it.


Theme From “The Godfather”

These matters whose Self-Identity leakages spin.  I’m like Frank in a lot of respects as a writer.  The same time and place male %-age doesn’t belong to me.  Aw, Nathan lost uniqueness.  Bumble.  Be send about kcuF fair late


S___P__I __N

The asshole pound?  Yeah, mine does, in the condra dress a brisket.  Aw, tall winds, Chicago typewriter.  Handbasket.  And the order comes.   Arrow Piper___________


B___E__A __C__H

To do the man.

No he’s ‘n hims’ mistakes.  There’s a word for what I have, it’s vetted, so the noit when you’re reading backward no-

et promise me note lack of truly used information in its rigorous explanation to the god Tinvinsk mundane, everyday afford beakerundum  because you bring them citified–oh, honey heavy, you owe tote . . . that malice in a cook so limb . . .


SARS _____

Urge your elegy.  von Kisser the mooring, warbler.  My JUNE I’m not in jail.  Pre is a prefix for

elastic.  I’m–#G-8Y cigarettes

So High-Polling Nazis Were At Home On Election Abend

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for they weighed hysteria, for they knew God Nuked  –(Know Better) Nuke For War.  Nowhere appearing Nixon ’62.  Left out sign iunblog in their ‘were in Hurst’ idiosyncrasy, gibberish I-know-what-is-a-fuckafuck-know-whatta-feck-feck me!  SS** weev SS* mock in gun.

E’than, Mormon Bob, Nat’an, bite.  Is marble a bacon, tan bacon farmers?  Anchors I don’t want cherries excusey any juice leakin’ where they’re nappin’ under toes.


When juice is pasteurized, it is heated to a high temperature for a short period of time. Pasteurization destroys bacteria, molds, and unwanted micro-organisms, …do you accexit Gaza one


Murdered!  Still heating to a high temperatures, paperclip.

obey they own

N. Demaldem.  No New York dick ties rattattering R* embarrassing/warily will Lee Remick discovers how many joints–Yet getting veinier A—O.  Ooevo like circle-k, shifty.  Do move on currents of acrimony, and I like a farmer delivery of contaminate once you one-move V&.  Won war?  RAW file ten Drown that bug in your ass,  an load?  Oh (275) it over football.  Joint (stress).  I’m movin’ errytheen.  Re jah martyrite spaz.  Cheese my cheap-livers.  Search landmine bourbon.  First four’s H,F,L,A  To H,L,M,I and apple juice, and the army.  10:42, you know your name ___Cap-and-Ball German I’m a woman.  I’m-I’m  a bald . . .


Moll Latitude

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It doesn’t matter, divide.  Slam her into eighth.  Last night a little angel . . . lying on the floor

-Billy Idol

aw metal pride

it’s gonna be talking to me.  Yeah, alright.  Hot tuna  Hello.  Aimin’ it–beamin’.  Check mine &

reverwarr bop.

卐Mocking Nöel/Wimpjap

Double Feature Catastrophic Predatory Martians

Count  joto rock doggerel.  This thing? In that sweater, you look hot to Monday.  Do

stand up.  The bomb’s shell, WL wikis a number of “WL–“–dogmatize semi miracle utils in pay/ring.  Well, wocket.

Wilson, wikiweapons, prove it, nuke’ll cordite, Dad

you broke it.  make weapons w/ 3-D automatic brokey-kit.  Receipt seizure, in time, sovereignty.  Were shtraight ron wettafon.  Counter back, energine.  Not cheating.  Flappin’ as Amazune cargo Escher-tessellated amina.  He has lost too many palominos.   Were dojo hai boo
Uanna pecs fillin’ ties, basement boxin’ up 25 or less anna piece kit rifles secrit kiemp-

ty .  Foreclosure, Plato.  Now, now, second cousin Bernard.  Fatal.  Slalom through.  Coronary turn into a brick.  Were alighting through the venimore to the porte cochere.  Our vessel’s light, but made kinda whut?  slow

Rube, the Russians did.  The American Dreedle is premuch deadly and the thing the old deadly like are 1,000 miles of

runway the fung shui, my buccaneers.  Now, taxiing community absoapers, instead of the last of Kinte’s race kept is-late.  Oh.  In a zoo, in a zoo, in a zoo, Murph.  Let us look about here in the book of the world, that album, boon faithful man.  What are we sensitive to? I want to talk to a woman in custody.  Believing persons do.  Tight, smoof, Ben Franklin, the holdin’ back ophiled and identically true


Undamaged by a trip through last Kevlars.  Brick: in another one, not little.  your chest is heaving out, you’re hiccupin’, trying to get your breath.

Like a maven.

‘diosyncrisn’t _____________x2   diosuycrisn’t_____ mattresses _______preen

Amoccosan art inside of which eight ________all demotion.  The face and allighenur hod a demagogue bends, extracting our limbs?  for the last to want it over champagne smile in your pants


You need a Grady huge sag.  Play the junglest, prince of.  An NRA view washes over tyranny, uses a seven-month year on gun sales (pack ‘em, disaster more package) come here, brother.

X doesn’t buy enough weapons, Colt.  Inspire in all your dust.

imagesCAS2LGURcartoon designs also P—U—L—L stats.



Ntier E8 To Mu Aftenbeek

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search video in process, progress: it doesn’t stand for anything, any news.

S _N___T___V___S___E____N


R E 8 E E K IO I N G R E S T A I N G



Willy Nelson does look like Wally Hatchet makin’ suds.

beautiful boy s’curves.  Oh, I perceive ninbecteen. Mabuy yol.  I need to pay my rent, and hang up.  My rhetoric.  Dalamur dr ah.  gore.  returned fire.  Are you carrying?

On fire Vol. 1 Relievers

on the road again . . . Nicholas’ dirty shirts as many as you want I turn two sleeves inside-out.  On the road, a groin.  As le despair . . .  on the wait. this is the sun, right.  I want a flower.   music complications Oh.  We can put obligatory.  Doctors do not act as drivers before 6 after 8.  with my friend.  Bring war pigs, you nest of sneezing chagavalitas!!  Pausing.  “It really tells how (could we)” put elements of glitter on so it sticks? feel like an interview?  Turn around, tricks. Monogram

jackeson _____cordially

corejacked ______________not puching, please.

not pushening?

Let’s sign away for it.

Like this.

Appenines_____Pushenines and shovine.  She just grass-you-waited.  Grappening?  Can’t I just talk to you while nester-birds swill Molsen f&he families.


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Hair-do made at home as is down.  I would chip someone’s mayhem made without someone’s hair to hold.  May your commands echo.   Black and persecuted as in a war McRaney

(McRaney said)’s black and let other people’s cock, white women–together

(duck blinds, swallow)

Is swallows H killed 3 lives in Rio.  His turtle semi is sustained a Roman statue Hideon, welcome to Pi 3 legions, virgins (clear) Can’t smell my armpit why

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
N-Ethyl-3-piperidyl benzilate
Systematic (IUPAC) name
(1-ethylpiperidin-3-yl) 2-hydroxy-2,2-di(phenyl)acetate
Clinical data
Legal status Schedule I (US)
CAS number 3567-12-2 YesY
ATC code ?
PubChem CID 62504
ChemSpider 56281 YesY
Chemical data
Formula C21H25NO3 
Mol. mass 339.43 g/mol

N-Ethyl-3-piperidyl benzilate (JB-318) is an anticholinergic drug related to the chemical warfare agent 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate.

N-Ethyl-3-piperidyl benzilate is less potent and shorter acting than 3-quinuclidyl benzilate, but like 3-QNB its effects on the central nervous system predominate over peripheral effects. It produces deliriant and hallucinogenic effects similar to those of plants such as datura and may be used recreationally at low doses, however unpleasant side effects such as dysphoria, nausea and vomiting, dizziness and extreme dry mouth tend to make abuse of drugs of this kind uncommon. Both the N-methyl and N-ethyl analogues of 3-piperidyl benzilate are however Schedule I controlled drugs.


I was doing this largely to couple mateys I want to have windowsills with kerfuffling, like Glenn.  Now, a brist guy’ll be sad of an airline whose vigilance committees were Nazis.  I’m came of nobs and hobs and angel’s hair, and it fluffs all of her.  They have wanted me in prison since I started this blog in 2009.   I’ve got to pause it.


The minor ripple weed-too, L.A. reversal.  I’ve got a website, it is kidding and absurdity with ridiculousness which is chemistry of course can’t be the lying one, but all the home is laced with weed of unquenched weed-lovers OMG.


Alike to PCP, I said this JB-318 was, someone on BLACKLIGHT hard-to-get-to shit out of the way.  Nobody else from Kinko’s involves me in arguments “with myself”.  I am the only reporter with a trip.  Algo spike the time for idiots on a web who don’t know–

Umm, in all the time I was on this, which is the worst hallucinations with a carpal-tunnel dissociative, I also had six kinds of crab lice I got from District Nine (San Diego County Jails).  The thought that a louse was burrowing under the skin . . . whatnot on the mucous membranes inside my nose, whenever I’d gone underwater to drown them in a tub.  Nazi haz ways of preventing discomfort to sheep using laxatives.  Though many have chilled their program from lost more fleece.

I dug and I dug thinking clearily the creature in my nose was just out reach.  I sank my nails in so deep, like peeling out a booger, that the DNA hasn’t fair shots of filling in this “snot locker”‘s thermoregulated food pit.  The end.  Atrophy.

A Sahrdine Sardhine

Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:00:08 +0000

one time plus beans silent. Territ,


I elegaic do dance.  the cousin availed.  Never the dust; whiz.

re edit or huzzah._____________________goes on to   ________Swivel

.  The robe like easy train sustainer pliggel anthirsty-first yesses

Greenwald’s point is proliferating is a specious argument and a mark on yours.  That is, in nine ninety-nine brushes round-robin with high-test, no actual speed.  You just worked ut buildings and handlebar moustashes in Mexico.  Menas was the ninie two the setting for mass destruction.  One stop



plut-marked because it’s the end.  Go cool back aout of gorn.  Out!  Min

Blood thirst is just a metaphon Plan: The thirst.  What’d it take, when does it stopHalt!  The core people.  What pierce did you bring strung out your wedding vows?  What did I

find free  what else did I find a molsen golden, these years I hopped the handles at 13.  I wrestled with pigment and lost.  If this was 20-25 years layer, these kids were believing the song that I wrote, the other “kids” I find distracting.  Now these little kids when they are grown up if they should bitch so sue me.  The ride didn’t cross it.

. . . what did find love ings?  Did your letter well.  Oh, because misery is up uh co nc io  ho rs es often the junk military humiliation sweep sure, kid What happened is why Joey Dodge is walkin’.  Throne Faye, Mr.  DeMille.  I already ate a clot.  Flop right here. In rhyme out of every patron walkin’s a five-dollar\\ bill.  A Five-O.  You get all that in your for fie bucks?

The gangtered.

ee, eye, green, ee.

Fonaftra a neat remembering.


But Thinks in its innocence wrapped up a fourth Mexican that terms come to terme termith,  No time, steeple. Do



rate skein base offa

contruen klee dic.

Sinking, losing it,

+ base uncolored,

Covers are clear.  You know

they’re there, even’s what: who.

I decide _______________________________________Fourth after you.


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those guying us hyening us instantaneous R’s KTSBLL “Coo-coo”, said the door shuttling closed.  “Ready”, voiced the little girl.  A complete Rick Acetacet one-ended Cheopsed in a restaurant (just. Come out), a LOL sirl.  We elected still-beautiful ink together?  Billed, clappered, rule exec knuckles at that energy much modi-wada lash.

Yes we see!  ______________herndvl

Niece! __________________veiner, boner, re espop-cinder.  Responsible for chili-cheese

I could say ______________on del rio

Portuguese brazil trying me, earthly Holocaust II entire mission yeah I get higher rate silos “they” are responsible for someone who dealt econoweak

in order to stay un-waterboarded.  What’s this bullshit move?  ___aka _____jeaouit

Great Inordinate Isis, and higher, vapor trail, substituting for these human’s memories, ga-gaggle get the point, chump?  cross-out versus our tease Seven

gay or dead.  Let these though on top go to sleep.  Sky v.

Nal STFU, Isis, the cats in jammer the ticket is to May, cartel associates.  That’d be weird.  Don’t do it close to me.  Module “forever” debt

a soc  ___(I’m not dirty pictures is a link to shulgin’s lab.  post I don’t know it up down up down caratciety.  Cienies have these eventual tendencies admit anything

to–sure–a 2gs system gees really?: add way to pack parachute paint I even checked it out.  I even check to Donald Duck reality?  G’wan ya Reliac distaic over.  Relliac aria “fuck” raped? It’s avoiding at the same time descending You have to avoid a half-pipe penis .  I could choke it down. 6 beet-hart-chew

steiger came on_____I got the number same as the name  same bathroom? You can goose me, Laudermilk. With your personality?  I’d rather buy you a diamond bracelet.  _____ vow will . . .

Pebbles part of it was mala-

chited.  Fisher the cold blood of a sea.  Wisher shampoo. 

Dae Vaudiviocere

Handcuffs on the guy that got shot.  Remember?

Hastened viva la friend!  _________Sickened.

without hunger, I lick up the packets at my daisy dukes.  Wait.  That’s not shoes.  A  Meta data, the key you were remembering you were by yourself?  The suits on The Simpsons.  funk that TJ just ate rabbit sisters smell whaft in the world is this

Early hores earlier roughly longer holdin’ jizz to have the big ‘O’.  ____the scented hand cream


STEPHEN_____________captuv ___AA


slat the woman, barklay.  he was born in springers get the fuck out of it. Ondalay

usin’suggestions to extend a list there must be something on his  mind. abstaining charged up

cringe-what were you saying?

hode up-pass-now thowrint

espec /b qual

psycho/chibyte chico who trize.  Eurot


Ballwright Upsidey-Down

Mon, 14 Jul 2014 00:00:32 +0000



Cats ten to one, lover. jump the smartest got out there

damncat I forbid.  One too many line urs.

Reader-forbid any ½-fleeing domain, dogfox accuses sponsorbob grendsl’ve–grenls–well, of–grendls.  Fractious in a Western world; accused along with the smartest gob they addiate they’d usin’ Nippon, “not your domain” range, reach ‘em in.  Store up.  Lookin’ transit class if ceiling signin’ flying and one of twos.  Leave out the bathroom.  I know who you are.  Not that’d use the difference effrica molux gunna five Inucien.  Less fools in.  Let’s ride what you said till I figure a reading dais or deyiss (desk) would do what I said, monkey-usexey olden at large, treblin’ at the bloat of your set.  Billed clappered rule exeskesses knuce.  No lash with a constant of spring tension, no wants.

to pickle off hil see scat seen it enuff mib hanid erohs fig motchies

to pickle off hil see scat seen it enuff mib hanid erohs fig motchies

start in the O is for ozone rare

start in the O is for ozone rare

this is golden gate

this is golden gate

Pancreata Λppeal

Sun, 13 Jul 2014 00:00:43 +0000

Have stick over there, skatey.  Hot’s his mom–headed said his muffy had it there.  Better than storey up that realia, memorabilia.  Shop around.  Justicr.  They like their playin’ stuff repeatable, bec. they got the four.  Ram any stopwatch: 4xB571, they amaspanked just there’s 3 x 74 = 222, that’s 22 might have x = 142, brute.  It sticks her okay, since three times co-ordinated to aaa < 2, all units respond to serious twice wore out Ansel.


Rheoric libbet tired and worn.  I am a little bit tired.  hang up do for me.  Greyness, has-worn to the feet Adam all down.  He give me eht paint jet, on up.  Adam may then be mounted to pinchers could be naked? is it ahead of… tow fiscals organization effect/5, strawberry quizzes.  [10:25 meek suffer toes rm4ben]. . . on that door with gold flecks.  Bad coke?  you’re monsters bay  skerrit Don’t care pretty evident

swirly, your head is, migraine present mode

about agencies and cigarettes.  And perria?  Proud.  Get them back


Don’t use somebody else’s sex Λ-200 Pyranate False! when I’m using Result to change doilies.  You, the world up high, honey with a little bit of training from Sue13 can inopportune.

-Sucey Tulane

b tell a little bitty lie oh, that mouse?  De co-

caine deys faggots; are, anamix complements see somethin’, say somethin’ it’s all damn green usually it’s better soothe.  Any–what?–thing.  Suggest, caio bella.  Modico who?  Because hey, but you know what?  Citizens, I have a door that’s shove.  You’re the people decide the feast.  You’re holding despite the action over your eyes of everything drawing a curtain.  I was smarter.  I seek drawbacks.  What else am I.  Donner a keepin’ eye.  Eastern campaign, western brews.  How would you like the write that?  Schneider’s.  or door forward down snadeigo chase cord-drubbable.  That guy’s coke.  What about his coke? large diet Coke  huge! double back for lunch

Mienteen Twhonnies

Fri, 11 Jul 2014 12:00:56 +0000

come mahar w/ ur cast benefit on my two hypocrisies and spit or got sever a scout o’ ramsey. prey’ll that’s it for your beautiful language (that littlefucked-up Roger) codozie a hoaken recuse a webbozie fake-call a phone booth lank-kpus. Run

How you find pretty hot the foam, Mr.  Gambinos.  Facing more than a tip, Holliman.  Optimum presiden~ naugah fine the force to push

the ottoman’s deadly-backs to the wall.   Estuary pesting a river or sea, kick ‘em out, your choice.  When just a little boy, quineel the prominence met nasty realgar force using nasanose in Vinny–gin.  A get a selection, were done hoagay broom myth dead on mark to password beep–non–you’re on.

Geometric folds handle body of s with a course frual pain, brotherlight stab.  Too bad, charge o’ the lice you could be a peck o’ trouble 12.

The shirts/skins mullet-to-mellow Noons with stuck purple; I know Qunt, want some, see?  I don’t know the remaining section what cat

is Percy.  You’ll give us that name, come name (say & I can’t {A} Lealius technically elite.  I’m not maybe.)  So, if you would dive in stop wastin’ in, foe, no doctor’s medi-stern abbra the pokus da medical seconds scum mushroom revicket pink on-bless the show-my heart.  Go.

Hitller.  Tunnel up ventriloquy.  The Richtor scale might have the feelin’ gone/ earth caterpillar scrapes onomeins.

Aw he could spy-prance a legal 9:15 bald eagle script a song.  Hey ralph neagle scared a ya salt.  Weenie!  Now the horse-d a scare some

knew da go nah, bahhh–pet o’ me.

Hey 8 to 5, exit the area: quake for computer where crockett shot objections, douche.  It’s you.

w/ things we say, every mate you try is still ‘rarely’ a j-layer mech.

Image stitching or photo stitching is the process of combining multiple … Images are blended together and seam line adjustment is done to minimize the visibility …

crimp luh his geography, superintendant





_ ____The fucking coffin debentures toasting.  I need a Kinkaid preste mot living Aegis through abuse Barrett Brown 3 years agoes.  Cobetafun cbtaffy fie.  Release her when she gets to four, easy.  Rexroth lettuce see the frightened ones front up deckle hundred unious.  Pasture microbes.

I didn’t you, fuhs, because, finkataw to it come straight out go in.  “You’re insane, trust me,” said Smalls in a togethers way.  “why is E?  Is

zedusma?”–department, nothing indren cksiting it.  You eenie guht.



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