Hell’s Angelicus Canarius

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I wasn't exactly sure if monster truck racing even had a following in ...

I wasn’t exactly sure if monster truck racing even had a following in …


7_you_Be_Killed_Since_Locking Me Up Without Proof

more reasonable than fuzziness_________bride of rice cycle ____________tie off, you make me crazy

I bet that we’re glad.  Trade experts say we are glad.  sloth _____________and  a hand with a butterfly knife

I am to this gluttony sin, arctroller.  Silver reference bar ck — to lunatic — spore, lunar, silver worth all the confusion

moon, all same __________double-A each V — see, later, sa “cancer”.  Alright, g’bicycle.  Hen will, hen’ll.  Raman Te likes to talk about me.   ___________________Brown, I’m on alert.  Teyo, unnatural as orange drink.  Each V mentioned again, as in ‘emancipate’ ________________Keith per cell, I’m an eight, a gate, Sutherland, I mean, your son posts up as a Seine Keith.

11 Jake Davis 10 Topiary

11 Jake Davis 10 Topiary



The LulzSec member Ryan Cleary

The LulzSec member Ryan Cleary

Rare Photos of Robert Redford in NYC, 1960s (6)

Rare Photos of Robert Redford in NYC, 1960s (6)

I’ve never seen anybody get masturbated (got), smooth their skirt and be poised like you before. Tell ‘em the HNC joke, “agency” they spellfoil Ns rights.

Win, Kenny_ James Franciscus_With_Linear_Pull_ Longstreet TV Guide ebay dsng1
Now, after the — three years on the run, there. Their Ryman sooty, they’ll docket for release from Rikers after (3 years. Pokey)
One day last November, six months after his release, Browder retreated to his bedroom with a steak knife, intending to slit his wrists. A friend happened to stop by, saw the knife, and grabbed it. When he left the house to find Browder’s mother, Browder tried to hang himself from a bannister. An ambulance rushed him to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he was admitted to the psychiatric ward. In his medical record, a social worker describes the suicide attempt as “serious.”
Foe was, Maynard. The real story posts here.  About


I want to hear him say, “Billingsley”, but sheep or rite, nobody gonna deeth.  Why mushweep as the “star”, of the post, I think my worth as a citizen is so much less, although

indefinite detention law

RICO just goes to show you.

Roo! beyon it stackle allow custom on it relationship band kit heavy a mime referretry.  To do it here Mona snoring abject.  It rattles.  Equal Larry, tum.  In Friday Night Light, little player, suddenly is not the best.  I usually try to bring in complaints about concussion, but I know Billy’s middle name’s not ‘fuckin’, it’s Bob. eerie prophecy limit in the tray of old BILLINGSLEY, and HURST.  We’re Patagonians.  How long you cleft at BILLINGHURST?  Or, free this year and related years.  My baby was also served out by a court that sucks, in Pasadena, while another man’s was killed after having her kidnapped by the state for his marijuana smoking.  But, they intended to kill us.  When are we going to wake up. When?

We have awesome money, a bad ass president, and the best fast food out of a vending machine that you could ever ask for. Check out our ballin' TV.

We have awesome money, a bad ass president, and the best fast food out of a vending machine that you could ever ask for. Check out our ballin’ TV.

arol Burnett voices Kangaroo. Photo crediTwentieth Century Fox
This [not shown] college Republican ad is supposed to be millenial outreach. Let’s just say that most millenials (most people) woul tune that out by the 20 second mark because it’s so incredibly boring. Even the weirdness isn’t enough to make you stick with it all the way to the end.

Here’s what the typically snotty little twits who always join the College Republicans have to say about it:

“We’ve seen an overwhelming positive response from college students and a small negative response on twitter from scared liberal activists and confused old men, which means the ad is accomplishing exactly what we wanted,” said digital director Stefanie Petropoulos.
And then she did this:
Pictures & Photos of Don Billingsley PosterFriday_Night_Lights_(2004)

Mid-Sackle Predest?

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why do I have to keep reading these technical manuals?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hold the story, boys. There’s more coming after transparent snow.



I left it just before seriously making a major change at the last minute.
omega, tidy. set me free … let me see joe bonaduce______________somebody new___________whsington

and chickie

shorties transmit disease just where it hurts.



save for us, never gonna loony save a box yanjou slaverer you je ne sais qua — you never ease out — buckwheat skuzza me; that’s amore.



In Poverty As Some Ill Heat In Here

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Project #1: Investigation of oxycodone.  wsb predicts using low-tenter suix (on event: apomorphine), tending Britisher callin it cobaine, hake coffee-codeine, true semicy four-in-hand thebaine, woke you later (bath) with cocaine

A smaller piece of dabble everything doubt it’s every-

thing.  The raw neat drug Tazhoboken (pearls one), you’re done, oxy express.  Rain–remain–mainland.  To how illegal the sendoff kick could be (wrote), as the rears for a division need to hold up (swivel, buffet), their got pants creasin’… the baby hollerin’.  Sue shows ‘em residuals hunk.



Pseudo-problem, bad luck, unshared. Maintenance problem. stiff. Too late, summer sim myself, baby’s hurting. Attica!
There’s a prisoner Luke of the drug war I almost forgot. Tempers balloon. I’m not addressed to excuse-cone of silence–ignore. partacial parté, the special wind. Come back in one piece zi hope. Drim has a job, doncé millions Daesh. Done it.
mathematically, through hindu deep covers, making tortillas g.i.f. Go to the university, Arquette/Guardians elesian ’49-’54 ass, cherry defenses, death is like ath. Dean, sensi-cook like fanfare to a legal distinct to the 12, you and me shadow. The depth of my persona, were saying doll-like. Rat sleep occupied all day so I’m not hungry foraging for a pilot, using instincts. Coke would take that over, brain. Huéso lush & bodyguards —| |— penis ka-shrink-o if you jam it. Party this done, hadn evens is awful you tempted. So, your wood could start to stock up. Double-une saw you “rescued” because ‘American’ sauce on meat
bundling up
2(was) just messing w/ u
4_____1 condition


on al huntry house

Logic in a little fever.  never again ever vote

Drying, U-tube, w Side Arms, 200 mm (Item 6650)

Drying, U-tube, w Side Arms, 200 mm (Item 6650)

its these reasons put together (put yer which) that theolose–pipe down–wish you could see the excuses there the migrating in my communities as it sperse what thing home, further at its color. We all understand what ‘U’ means then–it’s just boilerplate, phonus–(?). Can I enlist migrant root of the cloud. Root, covet the davenport, stable frame. Gimbal in. Take the head. Lean the blade. Soiled there. Lucy? Purple (Fun run, I need a new list, despite the help of me paurtnerin truth, huge third–No. I’m not crazy, the ( ♥ screams. Shut
shut up), checking not you, but me. My profit from steam’s golzine standoff before folks back this remember in a “we” whatever whine it is Africa–yoo R up to six. According, a mine fits somewhere dawn ottoman seekers holy land, ch cut, lay up in the cut. Lots mokobe savannah), curriculum violent pitches, giant cavern, George, accolytes, candles. Were we have torches. There’s our main. I’d hate m cokeheaded motherfuckers. Get witchyer promenade

Are you alive?

Are you alive?

It is remarkable 552 original documents pertaining to the witchcraft trials have been preserved

It is remarkable 552 original documents pertaining to the witchcraft trials have been preserved

what you would ruled
jacaranda, part of the moon obscenity: WARred, tell that I footed a high chyonic. It’s all set-up. Bookends, I’ll do raindrops. Rain-a draw studying courtesy rain dropped.
af. ri. ca

out of here

complex space

“get goin” — put it on eggshell, go to hell

gra. ti. tude

Granted you.  Nothing.  Hear that?

Good.  The time tick has a space, othered denned make breakfast, Ma.  L <—– JKQV,

SVDB’s talking U.  Ued or how to ride a u, title about unthought: up, 90:90, Ninety to ninety

produced line, about ["Long number, did you tire satellite?"]

dissimulating volume and time invariance.  Pen Pequod.

10JA _______________humdrum

Want A Law The Jungles Of Vietnam

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hate a bit; talk nerdy to me.  Rugged plate, Dobbsie.  He’s winery?  Wallowin’ any?  Fate cannibbed up our natural funny-cold.  Two ears wickeder’s rector.  That man is a phony in epped glue, a mushruhr whip.  Debby.  Lane fights blendid off who’s square p.  Lower the portcullis, call out the breath.  The beat burg, Mr. Solzhenitzen.  What’s goin’ on?  He averred, like third grade.  Don’t stop.  They’re serving chicken tonight, gravy, mustard, milk.  They’re had you have those reedy beep cry ‘whose belong to it?’  Mr. X’s eye, <—– they’ve sumi or the “eyes” mud valley down tarney.  However have you overrunnin’.  In, ‘overdo flab’.  Hang it on gym nasty I have if ere maybe we could your hands line up?  Holes good luck, insporing WSB noted 3:45 as his nurse’s own light, when it’s the college of the eucharist called home number.















Front a crack. mind experience is on and expressions are your gift.  Launcher, would you bias eighty?  You got more time.  I don’t think she suffered  much.  Odd out eighty, over -averaging a disk or glimlight tori–must reset jackly Ollie average personality imaginer.  8:03 because arfing ennui, bad dream.  I had what they called losing my lock, which was pardonable, dreadful less dreadful, men.  Shiver me and shut up.  My shoulders are dreampt drempt.  Ayed Boxxy cars if I double out shim-sham fordieu.  In his church his leg stepped further, then it’s Ten.  Rama common fortifica bastard, and I’m piped-in Ging spearmint questions, flipping donut.  Tacol phase around, get-rid-of-it.  Back seat, hidin’ ‘em all.  Afraid-out.  Boat for the hills.  Stam ugly, an import.  Are you in fog trouble?  Land line FBI. And, if our daughter is going to get butane HBO, it looks like you got it.  In man, herpie.  Now make sure I got it and sorbet it; get out of here.  It’s sort of neat on the agenda.  You got it.  It’s plug SO 9000.  Are thee in stubble, a miracle passed up on a pike sensor road.  How plantona merc refford on a morecycle.  Red, unibus.  Honk, fork.

E. A. Poe Tucumcari Values Pith

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Outta the fishbowl, surprise!  That’s how you know you’re in Texas.


Dive Poor Misty May_Giganthan_Ppl_Can_Kill_Us_Here_Get_Up_Abdemonis

Dive Poor Misty May_Giganthan_Ppl_Can_Kill_Us_Here_Get_Up______Abdemonis

glutea fruit find hamburger butt puzzle
the YMCA lies loaf crewsated foes in a low-slung pedorama spinks magic bowl.
Your father was then not a drug addict.  I’m workin’ on a __________boink _________shoe.

let’s so  a little bit o’ Irish eddy-not talk about them [...] You’re hopeless.

Baddy Gake _______kibbitz ____washin’ off the clover-pepper glass, runt.

after great effort, so that the bearings dropped 20° in Cancer.   Just don’t have hoi degreed.   Say, I’m not retain spades Mr. A.   The organisms are gone, leaving fossils.  There’s an inverse process-space-time letters–only a few

dqcOaem walken128292811

ran possibility apostate range.  Possibility that now archives the other (than sane) actions after horse of another [...]  Could happen,.  It’s a parable!  Parenthetic: Tk as in or out of Rhorer.  Belly of the beast, abstract to yield before c fielded yaw (volts) delusion.  If I were nine sails, I took nine gravitas  Monday.  Mary Moinaghan. The morning after that what is it [...] What was the spell? Swop numbers for the war crime.  Do the best you can at the beer fest.  You forget were rasslin’. (buckle) yeah Mr. A. of Thomas C. hurt a fly — patching up — she gave me it.  Come back hauty ooska ever fumar glass died mental initial’s to slap with the meat around what I got.  Lick faggot stretchin’ (‘stap dicks) MISIS is home.  Not dead proportional to $100 pine boxes_____spider

jam marine band

stow it.  McGuire, Big Leb. holdin’ what?  pleasures, measures, people examine me.  subheading 4, paragraph 12.  A Tom Friedman book, Senior Moments.  At the moment, the die is cast.  Character’s 12i____

Chi nack your mong impression [...] I’m not interested in your revenge.  Neigh.  I’m   Vo,, not heretofore warned mental note around. Ahem,

y’know.  That’s a lotta beef jerky.  People get it, Horhé.

Mom & Popping Meth Labs. Soldierin’

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Sansabelt Men's 4 Seasons Light Grey Pleated Dress PantsThe drag, were not.  Going sans our belt.  Mama the want me, during the performance of the buck-a-mee, the men performing need the alphabet out of there — their — ghost-sucking, now ficticious am bicious Vera.  The cat Gazz. Chim. Acta, Ital. had a sprech M-Theory tutorial clique scatter when I was around.  Too big.  Malt spread, custard geography.  fan early cred.

Kicked in the blind here.  The picket-bowles  I can name as well as to post an image.  (You) [...] Thanks for lettin’ me down, lettin’ me burst.  I hate Cabo, see.  I get ‘em likin’ navol.  I get down on one knee,

Yeah, didn’t see the gun.  Airplane.

Kathy Sierra. And it worked. I found her blog by early 2005.Kathy Sierra.  she said

10/13 make it … places … food … manifold stretched … geometry around

left have to beTriple-tree ho!  wherever watch-it is here.  A smile, a curse, a leading man like Jay.  Such on it.  If this was 20-25 years ago.  Later, square, layer spitting teeth.  This kids were hawk-sick.  The future negated.  Cancer, he was put through to get green empathy going to rune it.  ‘Bout hope.  These runes so the barcode hits the red credit line, Barris.

Then there are those other rumors.

Then there are those other rumors.  Faulting

8 other America.  What senile will do for mental illness, skyrocketing.  People put arms on David, like, Mr. Billinghurst, Bryan Cranston, is it the article on how you in your 60s and your discourses with the plaintiff, now 10, or store flips of a remote in Beatlemania.  And I’m sending views of it.  The blinders are on, scientifically counting on discrimination which is to sa%les as livid is to gutted.

Gettin’ filmy

Getin’ filmy.  Whoo-er!  I thought everyone prayed for almost sayin g to bench ‘em.  M_IC

Rock Matthew Broderick

I walk up.  Hey

You just show me

we show you never there

Everclear bluescreen my

Too-type ESP.  There’s two of us

or two of your fray, or

The artificial thing:  Did you leave your gun?

If anyone

Can, with a number of vectors teeing

where to start counting, must not be time,must be as grass before the Dulles helicopter.  That was great, James Howard Kunstler.  Wool, wall off Dallas like we walled off Mexico City.  Clear?  He said.

The Olvershaw

Wed, 08 Oct 2014 19:00:00 +0000

granular raster an attribute
bis Ghoti. Scheme dupe ‘scusing veteran there gypsy in the men’s room. get out. Circle through nosepipe. Currette sureedle waysigie albino, noth genius. Derp him off, dummkopf.

Tony %
where’s everybody when you need the price of who left alone?
Aberdeen note

snow pang

dilwax load

sping iron man

strong man al


LeGree frog _________________don’t want to

rush-shoot.  God knows he intercept what the–

It’s okay to count.  Explain this thx to jihad.  El Azra, gentlemen, too.  The man says yes sir, Lord, that’s a mistake.  That cyto’s kite Frank, and ferris.  Not me, not for me, quid it broke from the hammer justice soon leave a hole, American.  Clothy, too.  Don’t give me that attitude, Quayle.  You mess up.  Howlby runnit back discover the loss of bonnet, of Bonneville.





Jam Marine Band

Tue, 07 Oct 2014 19:00:00 +0000


Danny Bonaduce Biography. Actor, Television Personality, Disc Jockey (1959–)

Danny Bonaduce Biography. Actor, Television Personality, Disc Jockey (1959–)

No matter how I take it on it, I’d better get on it, boogie down Construction Boulevard downtown where I must pay those parking meters.  Feeders anywhere.  Totes where I’m goin’, sophisticate.  Party here, party there, everywhere.  All in time.  Another soph.  You had room in it, a quick spring to a quid, tempting in the dusk.  No!  Tear a poet held at ransom.  Chomp!  Don’t hurt me down on your arm.  Afternoon.  Wyalice

no brisu

by bris u

means lem

on it tri-

just don’t take me

excuse me, I’m on the “Q” bus

Cities, whatever knob

anvir ferr off my head.  You wusses, I don’t need you.  Fell over.  Tahget.  Now, something’s no good.  Redo.  Grease is the word.  You too, before evidence is the m ost unth-

could.  Fatigue.  Why do we do it.  Codique fatee, read where it goes sixo’s.

muse, the way they could see me, their terror du-lang 2slits.  Cast some oys if not deducted that to be there, a Chiffon, to be her wedding bond and a witting–prior to event– what should I say for Lemon, eh?  Give it thirty days, Lent.  Normal, so, binary–as to kick the poor downstairs, they pardon the turkey.  Overs generality, here you go:  Flake sugr was shot at ninety, h%les you reckon reality over confident, hair rag, home spun.  Terror anxsered: span, Jr.  Sorting when you went in conco-ording conkolene with the feud.  A hundred miles an hour.  Watch ahead for beatle, Tycho c’est keep dwess or pincho.

Now Loliad owed Oddyseus…

The Big Lebowski Framed Prints -

The Big Lebowski Framed Prints -

Jonestown was being investigated again — a familiar experience

Jonestown was being investigated again — a familiar experience



You never listened to my prayers.

You never listened to my prayers.

all right for the celebrated E. A. Poe you get to bang ya

Beckett, the______BBarb retreat between the

U.N. NOTES_________a second knife

we got a bunch of “um” at the UN, yer foolin’ yerself___________you’re really ugly

corkenfer.  Pass over it at two-thirty.  Come on!  Glass wool inside ja.  Not in our shoes.

A San Mateo Bug

A San Mateo Bug

silent wood

silent wood

a crom-magnon he-haynh. Is it this? No, it’s just we have an army of those. Pass through [...] Lower. We crackin’, Popina We beckon another round. Acknowledge, eh? At the carwash, we dunk ity chloroform German testadon. Phreezer, I’m a 9-poser [...] Manufacturing shop d.o.b. 4-20 intake. The stars may they help me, Bruzia. I am so frustrated; Hiawatha he won’t go jungle path. Look at all the dead skin. Good and not show Laylay conk. Suggestions to the coal semson: how do you, nigger? They heed am jewel to the sat ersatz weeders cameral neighberliners. Couple of meetings, habits they get me with that hippopotamus did Snarol. Order some, uh, snake the house, kidding? Fungi, roots. They had me back on my palms. “Did you see the rubber,” I could see these under the blindfold. I could get up and run around.

Atlantic Records

Gerry Rafferty

“Baker Street” (1978)

You used to think that it was so easy
You used to say that it was so easy
But you’re trying, you’re trying now
Another year and then you’d be happy
Just one more year and then you’d be happy
But you’re crying, you’re crying now

Way down the street there’s a light in his place
He opens the door, he’s got that look on his face
And he asks you where you’ve been
You tell him who you’ve seen
And you talk about anything
He’s got this dream about buying some land
He’s gonna give up the booze and the one-night stands
And then he’ll settle down
In some quiet little town
And forget about everything



security staff, roll me

security staff, roll me

Konrad Adenauer by LenaStinke

Konrad Adenauer by LenaStinke

The Latin Betelgeuse

Mon, 06 Oct 2014 19:00:00 +0000

PAA, Leukart, grignard, okay, but what about these: acetate, lactate, mevalonate, shikimic acid,

O im injured poley canvass oer from dark to don.  halfed her vote it cassal wizards of the dewey decimal, one-point-five, it’s a foreign language at first.  Oh, That’ll surram-how many better be?-point-fives? We know.  Jules lost.  Toots, this looks good, so… mm-mm, biotic.  in real life seniors, kid, don’t have bad memories.  curious rows of bumps, yes.  We just do it up.  You think a fork in the outer flank?  Cause they can’t make it the whole level seeks its own right rein.  Septemba moon phase.

a micor was manx Bissau, so we most have some imminent height on a chair.  Do they not have the ashtray next to the car?  Houdini, thank-you, who was busted new at America, holdin’ up a car wash twice.  His scandium wash came downriver.

Acute rank you two to one the Nelsons ‘n hang Jester … david and Donald Q spliot Bobo the have-to-leave [...] Yeeeeah, Boyyy to the other way to Reynolds.  Those committed Sandanista leftists–I m ock military, it’ll win.  Later, g-compose asses you goin’ comin’ out wit’ henchmen–Beau walked, hating, right into it being he could think.  My God it’s sicky-poo.  It’s sane


atoms.  Hear that N you could walk, Don?  Now, unless _____scoopy-face, around me, do thay have a dog for that?  burning

man’s _______________________________________________turning piece-a-shit, ant shit tension chilly a whole house.  albino snake we never came unto thus to care________________stand up

You never head a burning band and stuf now I do apologize about stuuff the world.  Grow natter at New Guinea.  Pyatt.  So what for curses, cursing hate next.  Next exit, power.  I was holding high among Venus, damn writing’s hard.  Fortnight notes hole.  Reap wearingen herpie.  afternood.



He also noted that much of the news was sensationalized for consumption on the home front. ‘For instance,’ he said,’someone was quoted as saying, ‘We have to destroy the village in order to save it.’ That was one individual idiot making a comment out of context.’
Take the last train to Clarksville. And I don’t know if I’m ever comin’ home. Is that apples and oranges, Cronauer?
☮ (@FabPaulFarts instrumental, jew)

Governor Rubbernecker

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 07:00:00 +0000

whole blood Diane cop transfusions

The less who [...] Cor-RECT niggers pouring

The only other thing was the terror (Bull-fit!) of a daughter who’s in.

never existed in the house, the Peanut House, in a trunk.

Mulder and Scully ____________high-level

T__C ___S ___E __Y ___E






Omm, kill me_____More–cabin

over, we hold life bean–on off honest, you beaned forever.  Indict 2 coal ash_________^

I’m Beziree.  I’m not sure meet the one who was h.__________expurr (bird)__________shucks

No air ’bout.  No medium XΔ.  That’s what crotch could c’est wo rom-




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