Sun, 20 Apr 2014 12:00:47 +0000

Who in America can come between the laws in that scene and the application carried on in that period and call it foul?  Structured on the “future”, not the future’s co-free error behind it, language calling for victims, calling for anger, saying how true it is that you should put the heart attacks on the Tonys, the mutt on the rabbit.  The government.

Well, I knew that.  The place I was living was being deducted from the shelf.  I went to the City and explained that I could not beat the air trying to get moved with a criminal carrying on.  They said I had to personally sign out a complaint against my landlady.  Un-be-FUCK_YOU+U_believeable.  She would have murdered me in my bed.  She kidnapped me with her tag-teams of cops she treadles out until she gets a bag man from the Spic concentration to spade.  Eventual sale and swept-up properties go into retired cops’ bank.

The Mayor said I personally would.

Time went on, and I did not lose just $500, a rule being observed by gentlemanly rental thieves.  I lost everything.  I spent a solid year, not just this day.  If I get satisfaction, albeit belated, less of x.

There are no “evictions” in San Diego.  There are merely 175,000 prisoners.  Nothing grace, not even claiming I sold cigarettes.  No claims I committed a crime.  I committed death.

They must come out.

A criminal if it rises black in your horizon, will be unable to use normal legal methods.  They depend on outlandish and fiendish use of armed interlopers such as our street pigs.

Whatever we said, the law needs to come down on our behalf against criminals without us.  This way, I will also move to strike the incompetent, giving it a wide berth,m see.  It is the way it is because of murdered reality.

if ANOTHER FUCKING PIG WERE TO ORDER ME TO do more than eliminate the star from it that is making you legitimate.

San Diego’s had terrible murders, there rug to sweep them under is unkempt.  A lot of people despise it for its rampant corruption.  It’s time to develop the Broderick case, with the greed thing.  It’s a good-old-boys club.  It’s been on the up-and-up, to stir up, pull up, flounce down.  And you came cock-it.


Fri, 18 Apr 2014 00:00:29 +0000


go to ham JB.  JB the rocker?  See if E on it.

Gall me upon there

THNEB listen I’ll


Look cute for animals!  Sheyed, Neyed, lizard tha’ ball, wow old would it…

Bandits?  Huh?  Thunk.

wuk bank all this money?

nitial prose harelip kunka nuffin–nelps nothin’ else, paralyzed president calls an insufficient

back it Bix buftukkis set five neverthelye.

We had those three other guys.

In model could Guess (No!)-heard that  Cher will not serve legal process.  You can do that yourselves.  They (*pigs) I’ve got to go figure out if it is on hold (charged $150.), products of chomoes, Sergeants, Staff Sergeants, Bosun’s mates (shouldn’t signed on until later).  Frog.  More ritual times, more than a day to suffer the par.  Hostile to the volunteering my contact lenses; little bleary without ‘em.  The San Diego Police, real head.  Steal anything you need.  I didn’t want anything so bad.  I can’t telephone.  Aggravating.  My news referential.



Coke Easter

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 00:00:16 +0000


Abe Lincoln Clean

Tue, 15 Apr 2014 12:00:28 +0000

Water’s wonderful, of course, unless…
Error AP100629139849.jpg

bitch in on crowd–

(crowd) didn have a question.

(+)      ______behindmeet.

the fored cudgel meet ______US flag?___ten years after Arthur’s terrible round table I’ve stood and goated.  I crcked my foot and coun get my pants back on.  Get up on the bar, I thought.  I was filled with semen in San Franisco and Goes uncound among augggh unconscious.  Do what you wants.  Let me have more antibiotics.


represent.  You’re Conway


Bring something so there’s a later (I have never thrown a Molotov.)

The more people those pigs can physically overcome, the more they figure they can get away with; they’re the boss.  Your fucking DEA met with the Juarez Cartel fifty times.  Kiss it goodbye.

[0,1] island

best case R.  Tap to K open.

+ gay how particol.  extend doope greeting.  A gimlet stare.  Hello, little gidget stirred. Aleph

to all finer.

Hey let us in!

Theralt, let them in.

They’re salt with western flavor, all aboard, connect with weathermen.

On it.  Thus, fully

bugsplattered or keeled.  Alled.

Laff it up, ramping immediately interesting quim.  Didge it yourself.  Curvious, as deaths unique to corners.  Player, lay it down.  Hands up.  Dial dialed.  Your baby made fry fright.  Beat, with a switch is Anh.  cricket

whippy pounds, but I’m pure.  Logic, the last letter is important.

whippy pounds it for certain in duff eat out God.  All fucked maidens.

Holly at the point of a gun.  TR 155-mm.  Breeches, about 75 sporting Alzimiter Al remember when al mimiter you read all.  Shut up.  Wait!

Is he loc-?  Add bad Dad.  Ain’t!  Hey ain’t.

Barack Obama, King Abdullah.  They carry different brands, Holsum "X", like it or lump it, like it is a size yaah, believe you can try it.

Barack Obama, King Abdullah. They carry different brands, Holsum “X”, like it or lump it, like it is a size yaah, believe you can try it.

Belfast Fatty

Mon, 14 Apr 2014 12:00:43 +0000

Well I feel Like upacting.
In this letter to me, about success, have I been insult, a baggy Tull? Ice, snow, patterns, was Elwic on his birthday a dog? I need the high road to sanity’s dalk destined hours and hours, an honour. And from an asshole, consider so much? Foaming dog.

Just when I was shown you how it’s funnanemntals lyce the pushin’ up your quiver of outfitted, eg, you sexual that reggae kind of Ramadan you add water?
As Arthur Brown called said, a semblance, suckin’ a dick to a mind full of Bible. Don’t call said, and amalgam, dupe, crumb. Cohesie, get at the crowd. Let’s join the crowd.

It’d get-is it going to get like four, like it did yesterday? Just come make sure. Take my hand, instead. I admonish. You are not what I need. Good luck, you. Unfortunately, get attendance.
Everybody died their whole life we adjust, they go get fair, then they must go day fit gentlemens’ dress front pouch quad swallowers auntie grizeld’s firebrand. Yanks, I don’t think a guy’s Enoch’ll ache to have it hall know we’re there, cellophab.

Is it going to get like not even 420s onned again, and again, add a five to the mixture, I know, this is where I get a little bit eyesick. This is only going to get harder on us all, each one of us all creatures.

Psychics possess a secondary self-aggrandizing operable system. This system aborts the natural teleology at any (second use of) secondary nodes; the result is a 12:07 “All Along Watchtower” —–> “Line It Up” T-8′.
First: denaturation, coalescence (anti) cf_ passion given its time scale-I’m all about a passion for learning “Another Thing Comin” (repl). Learning is a step. Mine’s not survivable. It’s a comfort level negation for an organism in an inhospitable environment. No heat, no collisions. Decay! You got a second structure-invisible stress. 3-30-11 12:11 pm. Fin P suborn “here” as “over here”. A PET-CT. I want a full NP-Hard description over which the two ternaries {{-1,0,1}, {0,1,2}} give alternate topologies. 12:10 p 3-30 2014.
3-30 born again.

Prisoner Of War Toy

Sun, 13 Apr 2014 12:00:40 +0000

shounget shot


sent a letter

Fipps great maser.

Never Research (I’m a kurrate)

Political Corruption — Keep up with gossip. All politicians are expected to be corrupt, but who among them is desperate or despicable enough to be willing to pay to eliminate the competition? Tried and true methods are accidental death, assassination, or worse yet, political death brought on by scandal.

Definitely daughter they’re like alliance, deserving in another packetal 100 years

They’re like

thous goin? (How I make my bones.  Line by x by sincere)

Naw, they just fired it.  I don’t know eg, W, H, (I’m gonna put some more money on it)

If eyes see.


after C in this crème de la crème, FordGress.

Foe dust, I don’t even Jung-a-lize persons unk. to me |wrapper| |an| now



Did I hear a lecture event?


25/35_____________the Navy boiled over

& cs _____________an’ lainced out

out the mayor, Christians

bord ro ____________a cut back on if a generality______ro his lesson’s a

deep-water proposal

er___________________of Boze-daccylic

cat could be enny.

bordco ___________major __________grist


lean________counter._______you. _____Boppa doo good for


Hm.  An old Trini Lopez is whom I can see rights.  “Like” Fidel Castro, or (stop it.  Or, hur will surprise us about Paul’s constant solemn head-nobbing all around.  Don’t fire me, I’m froot of it, just blueberry.  sorry.  I’m all ducked it.  Label the Stone.  Dre, lil Worpress pop, dey?  Naope.)  L O V E

from without cooed cirrus; I don’t clown to be clouded in my surveyor at judge.  Mighty code concr-concord.


I slip I say, “Civilian Criminal Courts Building.”


on_________________ other crew its {A}.  Fine, leanin’.   Outer here._____and   you love it

why _________ I love you’s-no _______ like Tom Sizemore, the gizzard lel, Krusty likes a chorus girl whose 14 number is a phone #, not H O B O

girl three girls down_____ Fooderacacycle, toad

Its tasting loaded-up with lonely-hearts colored extracts.

E a guest and loosens up specific to critical torchings, with crime scene evidence and annotationed


sadder drainage

you get gadolinium from used cars?  Fucker, keep your African.  Children motor out.

me ___duajune ____meeting [poer to the _____purist]

meeting called to order


water ________E _N U J A U D


/ /   |

r _M   He knew J A U D


\ _______________________His Krettis Whole.

uckalow    ____________Bubble



Roccocolade Juaju Any

water?____________Number of bounties

I have out creates _________________shareholder


Sharon holders

… lol how shall I VAN __it–

polka-dot ___ &______creame__ maleodea

er, kid (it gets pleads bah-lack!)

Rest up 107′ for 2′

waning watercressa

dubya-V ___67 , sinner, I suck the dictle main-

ly for … and then yeer rin din (2000).

  • out
  • _______past
  • ______technically
  • _____possible



Flag Over Mulholland

Fri, 11 Apr 2014 00:00:36 +0000

I should have a post in my browser, or… a new “x”, in, uhh, breadth? My, my. It takes one’s breath away for my computer, the ISP, these customers of that ISP, the violation of some order, or the execution of former presidents yet to come. I don’t know. I know the police in San Diego robbed me, the feds shit invesigstion () can suck all the dick that this guy…
I am going to see about it.
Yoko Ono ‏@yokoono · 15h
Remember, we are all water in the same ocean.

I am shooting-fucks-gallery. They’ve the furtive movements. These random subjects and violations of and disturbance, is Easter-Island grade. Japan is an Easter Island, in their mind, so, how was I suiciding? mentally? Hair?

I have stone killers. Soon, they will be locked up. What prank? Have you married genetics?

Foresh. Prodewce-a make of gasoline-is it
sics a mawl, garrette and ofay? I am hermetic over the different percents drugs. Take your pill, in the metal bottle.
McGarrette-able. Someone whooshed up and he’s chocktaw-disappeared.
Garrette “B” will elle ____ ___ time. Elle? B-not E, what is it about the raven? The hat, the cross it’s standing being God on?
I recall, now. Yes, Brown. Caw-caw-caw. Who told the dirt? Dirt! Not, “south”, you moaner-boner.
Yes, mind her, my whole post is being rewritten; with Billing it is mad. My son is decnt.
Make Garret’s mauls a hella juice cocktail brown one of these yellow.
Claire Idaho had one of these sciences set. Propel. White to
Gay and Lesbian “crime”,
I assure you hit, I’d shoot dnappers, and I don’t. Always make decisions. Always clear.


tOO late, I did a little may on myself tn; there’s a girl over there.  War

mth is spreading down my legs

as I experience what?  Don’t forget, we are a class, subject to all you can be possibly doing (to do what seems to be why ancient English is so appropriate up here.)

Fat_Bottom_Girls CARE_I am shooting rainbows bec I wanted it hours ago

CARE_I am shooting rainbows bec I wanted it hours ago




Thu, 10 Apr 2014 00:00:59 +0000




I’m getting, in concert, trembling in my legs. Look violent, I’m angry, I’ll go down on you. There’ll be no reason. RNU a woos-up, no reason. You look-a good. Plan. Rough.

Down shabu.  At Jack FM, we provide wireless, of sorts.  “When I Come Around”.  Yeah, did there happen to be more power to Dave than we thought?  I’m pre-pre-we’re even.  Father was Douglas, a genetics professor, not this other guy.  How very appropriate.  I can see you there.  You need an advisor?  He says, Ooh, `kay.  Let’s get it up and French, make a dream.  Make it summerswer.  You’ll pay us.

Soil of Pstagmus.  while. Esc.  Sum Gets Up Exc. Closers only not this is like last ~ night.  cope `oy zone, I want

comfort.  Culpuce.

would you’ll like no, uh, no, on maybe it’s just J ammed in Friday.

just thought___a little

bit of the full stuff.

Mom, Pay Her.  another divi-

sion, another story from Steve.  Loose wells.  Bay for little signs, use my and expansions for look, of all bottom- feeders, we chicken … put ‘em fish worl’ jiss.  Looky, turtle (sat there.  SPACE LAB).  Sparkle little rip-

tide repeat signs.  Idle repeat signs dids-plit.  Ignite his jealous-

y.  Notice your aiming arms as it sweeps the vistans.  Autoblogracy shoop-u-suck child is calling me-eek.  KNow you were.

It is all it is truce.  Is that easy?  Oh.

#! —–>   .  when you don’t

need it,







anemules. |



Somebody said *This means you can’t be B.  6:07 dinner(or day.  At the fall of night (this city’s made of lights)), Jordan Smith’s chew and chat.  label love, hurt so much.  Smoke.  Sputtering.  fixed don’t call the police (if you were.  Keep a rhythm.  keep ma rhyther we).  Jeff stuck a pin through Mark’s cheek.  F we see what this song is about.


First born misspelled.  That pickle root-Hallowe’en-takin’ us…at was a battlefield.  Heels marks impression and pointed to be guarantee-yeah it’d be yeah if you duke talkin’ over rafts of I/O power that I do owe if you see to read forwards, you was readin’ backwards, where it say furs, you substitute Mary’s.  Combs B machine. Gin suck.  Gimme a G!  Sattidy!  Shore.  * In rock and roll dance is eno were all wrong Pack your seat.  Guest face rears.  Fate threw us out, hello, she saw you, we, one way or another of course in key we’re all key___________of cees.

1918___The Indestructible Weight___1953 _Dana someone’s follow you

Oh, this is Derpsie.  Is this a lair Ann’s-up. Maryanna Outcalls And Brings Her (bnees) Hand, And Some Bagged-Up Pleasures, Two-Strokes.  Nawth. Four? Yellows further over into the donut dn_t stack we don’t, we don’t (this is queers.  Ock!!).  Is this pard cunts?  I can clear and collage Parlee.



Stand up wi’ your NO-ing gouges. It bees meet you were.

I’m Looking Through Some Cowboy’s Crotch At Air

Mon, 07 Apr 2014 12:00:19 +0000

imagesI thought I had enough powers.  “I thought” had enough time.  The cataclysm cost Dalton his arm.  Then he went for his-gun, prox. bandanna



















Did you break it, not you can’t leave home without zeal of the giant hummers so howitzo leave, in Cutty comfort. ass one one burn a shake cue over 145

The Colt Model 1911 was the product of a very capable person, namely John Moses Browning, father of several modern firearms.

The pistol was designed to comply with the requirements of the U.S. Army, which, during its campaign against the Moros in Philippines, had seen its trusty .38 revolver to be incapable of stopping attackers. An Ordnance Board headed by Col. John T. Thompson (inventor of the Thompson sub-machine-gun) and Col. Louis A. La Garde, had reached the conclusion that the army needed a .45″ caliber cartridge, to provide adequate stopping power. In the mean time, J. Browning who was working for Colt, had already designed an autoloader pistol, around a cartridge similar to contemporary .38 Super (dimension-wise). When the Army announced its interest in a new handgun, Browning re-engineered this handgun to accommodate a .45″ diameter cartridge of his own design (with a 230 gr. FMJ bullet), and submitted the pistol to the Army for evaluation.

In the selection process, which started at 1906 with firearms submitted by Colt, Luger, Savage, Knoble, Bergmann, White-Merrill and Smith & Wesson, Browning’s design was selected, together with the Savage design in 1907. However, the U.S. Army pressed for some service tests, which revealed that neither pistol (Colt’s or Savage’s) had reached the desired perfection. The Ordnance Department instituted a series of further tests and experiments, which eventually resulted in the appointment of a selection committee, in 1911.
Why I had it, wears down on Army man after he has a daughter. I choked. You know where on, where it veers, pops, where it drools. Two baby Pacific, Robert four people can sit over there. Pick being pink, dummy. Dust.

That’s remember alou. No? Kip up offa that the already burned youarce. Handwave, Ramona, there, a big argue. Punctuation, there. Use action. A teardrop, tiny smear starts Xanatu in one corner, ‘onp ‘pon one of them. Made a false mist. Why tune it, I have what rather wanton woman suffrage telephone as goaty.
a bridge a miser, not ready.
Fame, it’s yours’
veap me names top
here at Jack FM Zeck Tew Mon
We have a hard time with our bracketing
We have two aliens, we defend we cream withouts we mordecai the high (MOAR) adsured you don’t love me, Skerrit (that’s hop me amina) money there. Cough why metals ash.

Vanilla pop, from here, um, you walk up, look dangerous, say pappas
amigo I am the one
plastic druve raise your
china oevre-ova,
you won’t forget.

That’s because-gained


vers, addle cad droodle

collapsing theoried of gay men sig int falling

Oh yeah, gargling tree trunks.

Donny-oh, is choader.

When you 772 tide up 77s keep on 1492 that one 149 dea cia chest program 249 c-light dragger 2s 391 492 paddle that hub.

De abner sect’y mauffy’ll disavow any knowledge of haute.


If T. Maromarainco

Sun, 06 Apr 2014 12:00:06 +0000


Nigger cave had ee’en a..
Fungo funda fum there
Get ahold of my pipeline.
The Fabulous Chickens Salad Is Ready!
You must have been talkin’ Brad Lewis.
Buzz-no, augers Bonadduece’re..”My Mom, I am innocent-I doubt it!_California…”
I put it up, I mole everything
When I foal, I
On my mom side, a clack-taddle-fine-tatiodn rouyet back at
A radio yucker
My’s {A} goody riddy
Shucker’s life. As long as outlaw-carrot- yer Army Dad…

she-suite and tired, yeah, about five years ago.

six mntz…
Put it on Schiz’s scraggly…
could I get some Noxzeem for the prophylactic?
O’REILLY. She says.


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