Isaum Thalabout

Get back there. I have a theory that myself and the computer work on it together, such as making it so I do not have to move my scrollbar to read my post, but it refers to itself, a paradox, mere theory.

mariette hartley with her no nina nunez

mariette hartley with her
no nina nunez




Ems with her.

Frankie Avalon

Frankie Avalon

James Garner

James Garner

Ed "Kookie" Burns

Ed “Kookie” Burns

Jan-Michael Vincent

Jan-Michael Vincent

Emilio Estevez

Emilio Estevez



As roommates, Bobby and I were neither more nor less compatible than would be, say, an exceptionally live-and-let-live Harvard senior, and an exceptionally unpleasant Cambridge newsboy. And when, as the weeks went by, we gradually discovered that we were both in love with the same deceased woman, it was no help at all. In fact, a ghastly little after-you-Alphonse relationship grew out of the discovery. We began to exchange vivacious smiles when we bumped into each other on the threshold of the bathroom.

_______________________J. D. Salinger



You do have more,
Look at you.
As x is approaching the floor of a graded Z2.
Ebendorfer I wear the shoes I forgot to aware that bug I take full respontseb
for wishing first part before, then quinolin.


The Huckasextle

Six a weh-a-heh-a-heh-a-heh-a-heh-a-hella


_____tracer          ___________ idealer

The little things you–

The attitude element is tacit in speed

rather permpinacol us_________ fogey.

No, there’s beautiful things in heaven

wonderful scotch pie___________train a-comin’

boot salve

100 miracles

_________Tickets Life

______________is one of them goose____gonna trap ’em

is was is was


over time.

what over time____________in

Sal Mineo

Sal Mineo

oh so over——————goose

shelly acking____________stop!

taking you down____________answers

to chinatown_______________moose_________

______________________  _________ goose____isn


__________Of course, ______great harmony

_________________________I’m going to run over herejackie-gleason-150a102009-fp

__________________________see how it looks


Kathleen Nolan The Real McCoys

Kathleen Nolan The Real McCoys

______________________down prayer

_____________________copy to my lawyer

____________________bunny rabbit

____________________honor roll

_________________I almost choked on my bratwurst

all the brain are
looky thar
“BRST” supersymmetry. my head____________you can bash ’em

all the brain are in the fish______T E S I C A L

________________________H E P

_____________________________The Vev Regerin Tum

The black suicide pill

for re_____breakfast.

logic and

sign convention, rotation,

pseudoscalar, puaternions, _________why should I move

________let me, sugar___________there’s no reason for it


__________quaternions, ions, quaternary

animated imagespermutation indices

and who knows which–my

protons’ cruise, systems, and principles_____pink

portraited greg housh with vest vast vista vince fascist my noid examble

portraited greg housh with vest vast vista vince fascist my noid examble

jay is verbal subverzo must be functions

jay is verbal subverzo must be functions

to get your nerd off. What are you winding?

SEB Do you me?_______a lot of it

SEB No, look in the camera____/

SEBb_____without_____The sun’s wrong.


_____bottom of_______/

_____moon at top____/


would that be up, in

physics, “all”?_________________E rise

Not a letter, huh?__________Xc Shatner

To devise letters that

we could teach people

that would have meaning…

That’d be mean more

to the guys’t _______every day the paper boy brings more

went in the drink at Leyte.

One pill makes you redirect ________see you.


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