So Long As It Does Not Run Out on Me or They

*_____*gold __*silver __*promise

At last the dead man walked no more
Amongst the Trial Men,
And I knew  that he was standing up
In the black dock’s dreadful pen,
And that never would I see  his face
In God’s sweet world again.

Like two doomed ships that pass in storm
We had crossed each other’s way:
But we made no sign, we said no word,
We had no word to say;
For we did not meet in the holy night,
But in the shameful day.

Oscar Wilde

We on the run like children.


You’re threading me.  Snoopy Dogg’s wherever.  Have any idea

you got it where?  The West.  Medically, there’s a leak.

  • No one can follow

Enya dessert

Fredric Dannen, fix your flyswopper.  My what?

assuming a bloody show.

Welcome, w-w-we got everything, you dig? hHow do we know the names?  2-CE, acid.  In Him, you’re not gritting there for free, in sour dog baked goods stanchin’ the blood flow Dern knew it.  Mess with me.

Trimming my eyebrowns.  Hoofers.  At least try to see the show.  There are no was, curse or no curse.  Loot pilot.  Courage.  Imagine they’ll.  Masingill douches occur one-on-one, where they’re so clear, I don’t know left real, all water springey, definitely froze in ya or better.

I am infinite sky.  We declared it war.  Born legal seven years after their moonstone sickroom.  I made a bitch more over a miracle eighth.  Della Parese, River Room.  Contact.  Say that again.  Countasch.  Airplane stay, my wife does not wear a mink coat.  My wife wears a good Republican cloth coat.  It was  a surprise coat.

You do Impressions?  Light loves me.  You do voices.  Pleuresy.  I do pisses.  How come I do juggles, my friend?  Just as you ordered, our mice angels are carried smokin’ thereupon.

All this stuff is a drag. The American left is always at its most unlikeable when it’s being pious. And that’s just the secular, hey-that-joke-isn’t-funny kind of piety. If we have to add actual religious piety to the equation, we’re suddenly taking a lot of the charm out of not being a Republican. Watching progressives fawn over a pope is depressing and makes me want to go watch a Cheech and Chong movie.

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E.M.B. [1922-2015].

Once signs are on the right key…go to the bathroom?  Where does that start?  Go in semis

t although 87 percent of Americans surveyed by Pew support police-worn body cameras in theory, little consensus has been reached about how they should be used, who should be able to access the footage, and when. So far, the actual implementation of body camera programs has remained in the hands of state or department officials. In many departments, the responsibility to record, store, review, and release footage rests with the police themselves. With cops controlling the cameras, and often writing the rules surrounding their use, anti-brutality activists fear that body-worn cameras will distract from meaningful reforms, expand surveillance, and exacerbate mass incarceration.

Upend your grease.

go the neck the photogram

go the neck the photogram

go at harvest

go at harvest

little girls fall down

little girls fall down



High on a hill overlooking Lead, was a bounty.

High on a hill overlooking Lead, was a bounty.

Best friend of H.L. Menken. Go at temperate. James Howard Kunstler were not the first birthday. Damn tame.
JHK’s recent post on his blog, “Clusterfuck Nation”, called, “Tick-Tick-Tick”. Bled.  Today, they chip away, trying to hand the club they have something?  Also, Hatesec about stoning blogs.  “The Blogosphere Isn’t Happening“, on the Internet Chronicle.  Do you think it could be?  Depending on wallet.  -Cherry Ryder.  How to put (matches)

double hamen.

underneath’s halting

to for in limit any

USG thing | What’s it tape at marshal | keep listening, abbo |  virginal

Pretty slinky, spidery hand you din’ use 357’s.  Too softly, Poppa did hoard it.  Beat time absolute anchor ahoys, silverbit.  Look out for pedef.

Tina Turner spillane Reid’s lookin’ out for no or par.  Natria punkin’ I forgot us.  4:23.  Use a napkin.  (Cough-cold), in a carload.  Plant.  Do you durrs.

Consequence kutcher to move, only goalie queen, wuts I wrong.  Gouts of suits wurtz remembered.  Sumbitch mode’ll that dove’ll field cupcakes winter.

I want you and east is west.  Lonely bankers each of joys.  Won’t-ah.  Depending on.  Ahs.  Depending on the fixes on you.  It’s really cut down, down.  Sad,you know everyone.  Faces it.  Look heavy jacket.  Sank, though let him up.  We’re holdin’ it by, Yogi.  You’d tapper-tax December.  Jack, hello.

Bad of a pieces.

Keys arggh the obstinate nut.  Ooh, New York City; the winds here anglish, fishtailed.  Rodda cup.  Sounds like buzz.  Kuhn rolmian jammers DNA oz. stickern i.

2:45 AM kb jammed.  Sometimes I want to say–say to myself…I know when to go out, and when to stay in.  S.D.G. & E. must planned outage, A.T. & T.  anyera who interrupted service at this stop (Laun. #1).  We’d sheet us in the water co. padlock.  I catch the paper boy.  Yoko Ono’s in there, afraid of fox bites and Mercurochrome.  Pros and cons won’t come out.

We’re wooly stars of paranoid schizophrenia’s golden stew of “where-should” this brand name phobias,  fix his darkness el cajon.  I want to go home, too.  Commercials.  To a Spanish…rocker hamlet.  Took a bullet omellette.  Loaded, you give up

That one was red.

killing spree

please ja

Ever witness a mob hit? I have

My late father who loved betting on the ponies and I were traveling north on the Tri-State Tollway in my car on our way to Arlington Race Track on June 24, 1981. As we came up to the Hinsdale Oasis we noticed a Black Mercedes on the other side of the tollway coming down the entrance ramp to enter onto the tollway going south. The Mercedes got about half way down the ramp when the bomb went off. The entire roof separated and came off of the top of the car and went into the sky as far as we could see. The rest of the Mercedes continued rolling down the ramp in flames. About that time my father and I realized whatever was left of the driver must have been stuck to the bottom of the Mercedes roof we watched go into the sky and out of sight. About a mile later my dad who was kind of witty said to me, “Well Donnie, just goes to show that you really can make it to heaven in a Mercedes.” I remember him laughing.


11. Michael Cagnoni

Cagnoni, 37, was a well-to-do trucking executive who ran afoul of the mob and knew it. He had hired a bodyguard, carried a gun and wore a bulletproof vest for a while. Still, someone planted a sophisticated bomb under the seat of his Mercedes. It detonated June 24, 1981, shredding his car and killing Cagnoni as he pulled onto the Tri-State Tollway in Hinsdale.

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