Are You Improved?

Once upon a […] But h, what it says is, Pres. Obama assassinated on page one of my novel, maybe you should stand there in the doorway.  I’m aiming mine at the dog, concrete.  You laugh or I gain gettin’ assaulted.

Hi, everybody on the SDPD!  What did you roust me for?!!  Queers, lookin’ down.  Would you start it with the warrants?  We’re beating up with the maxim, “Eat It.”    I’m call about real fat, not compliment they had a sign of 80.  Ah, there’s also the letter.  Thick.

They said any change will be slow coming around.  Yes, I see that


“It is impossible to expect the parties involved in the conflict to carry out independent and impartial investigations of acts in which they themselves are implicated,” said MSF in the statement on Thursday. “The preservation of health facilities as neutral, protected spaces depends on [an independent investigation].”

Ba-doom, bala much time, sulfur and a castle?  No.  You are being hated to the point of homosexual rape preceedin’ a beheadin’.  You ain’t lookin’ (Ev-) so angelismo.

But I kid them.  The Christians much?

The rhythm of the changeless night (mare).  “America” has always been the last destroyed, to make it right with God.  Which is always possibles, disregard Obama suckin’ dick, or, too high, fucking niggers are apes.  hose-color, disregard that, I’m a paranoid schizo who always wants ’em dead.  It’s my sickness.  One or the other hair they’re off going nowhere.  No Beatles.

Republican disgusting monsters, please attack France some more.  I think they have an I.B.C.M. 5-pound p.s.i. for me trusting, I guess.  God, fuck you.  Stay here after I take a shit, rollin’ those.

I wept.  I went to prison.  “Health” facilities are there?  Neutrality in prison responders breakdown can rejuvenate psychiatrists.  Brood.  Abducted, ha.  Right, we had to stay clear of those facilities, keep my cognate in check as I’m double.  Hadda eat blush true get outta prizz.  You motherfuckers sans briefs’ll land wipin’.  Tiptoes to the future.  Sat down here.  Who’s not lettin’ ’em go tada bathroom?

Uh-ohs.  Tryin’ ta get “insurance”,  noes tryin’ for.  Lookin’, scattered.  Limp.  The rest is badges.

Supplied in minor errors is no tears to bring a fool.  Apodac–follow me.

The memory is of outward things, I only trunk at the pass, nothing is ideal looking up.  I am not pity and passion or friend, with a friend.  I do not only wish to test my recall, I need to bare a cognitive center.  Get in line; you don’t know what it’s like to be myth.  We’ll co-ordinate, think of it.

You done his bare potatoes.  Existence fixed you that fixes it.

Assuming a pulse of carbon release, the scientists’ simulations show that Antarctica would lose ice over at least the next ten thousand years in response, with an average contribution to sea-level rise of up to three meters per century during the first millennium.

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