Uncle Fester’s Meth Recipe

I am going to comment on the relationship of persons to methamphetamine, while little Nicky does creep-mousey  up my arm:  An ‘Appeal to Authority’ is the logical fallacy used in an argument over which source to trust.  Luckily, Steve Priess’s works are not stellar examples of chemistry, since tweaks are capable of “thinking outside the box”.  One dealer told me a sunken back room was a soundproof; that they could put someone in there tied to a chair and, by implication, get the truth out of them.  If  Uncle Fester were to the level of a great chemist, with a PhD, the Ph standing for ‘Philosophy’, philosophy being the branch of knowledge  containing logic, the discipline, or greater, that would be one thing.  This thing we have here is not.  Fester’s first book had a shitty recipe.  Fester’s a pioneer.  While he was pioneering, he was neglecting the non-pioneer, or “chemical” efforts.  Fester wrote later meth books, and by today has presented many good things.  I got tired of paying for his books, and I don’t think it is a good idea to have one of those books among your chemistry stuff.  I believe I did establish for my own edification that Fester did put an update containing the HI method in a book, but I saw the text posted on the internet.  Internet recipes are more of a threat against the downloader in terms of their evidentiary potential, showing intent (other elements of a crime: means, opportunity, motive, knowledge, furtive gestures-what’s that, probable cause to search?), which doesn’t help.  In fact, the way to make meth involves the proper way to get away with it as well as the proper recipe.

I want to mention two other people and perhaps by doing so it will become clearer how exactly to make meth.  If a guy shows up who you feel knows this, you ask him.  That is what I did.  I took what the guy said and ran with it.  Now I know.  Criminals actually have social mobility, always downward.  They don’t suddenly “come up like God”, unless they pull a score.  Chemistry doesn’t have a lot of luck involved.  It might be more a case of training, ya think?

My two friends are Robert Miskinis, and, oh!  Guess what, I have to track the other one down, he’s way back.  I hate this.  Due several factors my brain doesn’t work as well as it should and I get substitutes.  The other day I was thinking that my initials, SEB, should be represented by the numerals 5,3,8.  I was driving and my speedo/odo gets to 53,800 miles and I go, “Yep”.  It was Valentine’s Day.  BTW (where’s Nicholas?  He gave up pestering me.  He has to go to the swing), I want to write about a new theory in which we punish science for being handmaiden to the military and also having no plausible way of solving the energy crisis or stopping global warming because the great scientists whose initials are on the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements would want it that way.  One of these guys is named Valentin, and he discovers several elements.  I am loaded one time.  I am “higher than a Georgia pine”, as my mother says.  My eyes are all dilated on speed, I smell, and I am doing my previous phase of writing in approx. 1991.  I am tweaking and I can’t stop writing after I put the letter inside the envelope.  It is not so much a letter as it is a manilla envelope stuffed with scraps of paper.  I continue my correspondences on the outside.  I have about three or four of them and I am prepared to pay to send them.  I stand in line at the local Post Office and one Venae Valentin turns around in front of me and looks at me and we get into it and she requests I be removed.  I end up with a Domestic Terrorism charge and serve seven days on twenty.  I am served with a restraining order but I don’t realize that’s what it is.  I go to the Post Office again and get Violating a Restraining Order, 38 days.  Lately I come to find Ms. Valentin as a book coordinator in a Children’s Library in Westminster.  That’s her life.  She doesn’t even know how intertwined it is with chemistry, because this guy Valentine is awesome.

Robert Miskinis is a guy who, like Fester, gets busted, and he vows to cause the establishment grief, and he reconfigures himself as a seller of chemicals.  I ask him, “How are they making speed these days?”  He replies, “I like the HI method”  This takes place on a visit he makes to my employer, SAIC, in La Jolla, CA.  But, I take the conversation away from the premises before asking him, so we can have some privacy.  He has a little Asian guy with him.  We go to a sandwich shop, he tells me, I mean, what, five words?  I go, “HI method?”  He goes, “Yeah.  You get it going and then after awhile you put in something else.”  His attitude was kind of like, “Do you want me to draw you a picture?”  I am kind of like, “Naw.  I got it.”  So, I went about getting everything, he sold ephedrine so there was that.  The red P came to me from a coworker who was developing a ‘fluid energy mill’ in our lab, just using lab space.  The HI was 47%.  I think we pulled a thing where you order it through the company, at least one time, since the first time didn’t work and I had to dump and remake.  It came in a pint, 473 mL, and that goes into a 1L rb flask.  I may have chosen Myriad Industries to supply it.  They’ve been in SD awhile, as one of those places that will sell anything to start with and then gets more selective later on, forgetting who their friends are, I suppose.  I gotta go get Nick.  I have a cat showing up already.  I know good ‘ol Ken at Myriad.  He sees me on the stairs back in the day in the facility, and he goes, “Steve, what are you doing here?”  I can’t fault citizens.  They are dug in, they have families.

My other guy I correspond with in about 1979 and he wants to make cocaine, and he is doing quite well.  There existed a form of communication called a Western Union “Speed Letter”.  I get that from him.  I wish I had it still, but momentos are not for our kind.  Like Clint Eastwood says in “The Outlaw Josey Wales”, “What if everything you loved was raped and burned?”  I always get a substitute name of “Bob” if I can’t remember a name.  Yesterday driving back from YL I see a giant white sticker in the back window of a minivan of a map of Hawaii and the Old English lettering “808”.  Bob must be their area code.  My buddy of the speed letter is in Ohio, and he advertises a “DEA Watch List” in High Times magazine.  I have Larry Flynt’s tail numbers somewhere.  The guy apparantly has his skull drilled to relieve pressure, but is killed by one punch in the street from a nigger with a big fist, you know the kind.  High Times feels outraged by the guy as far as the speed and recasts itself as just a celebration of the glories of herb.

Miskinis advertises in the chem magazine you always get for free in the era 1980-1985 as ‘Safe-Lab’, but his location of drums of ephedrine and sundry parts is called ‘RJM Laboratories’, and it has a North Hollywood outlet as well as the Santee outlet, but the DEA takes care of those.  The DEA takes care of Chem Lab, Inc. due to a 50-lb batch running in a storage unit belonging to the owner, but they don’t raze the storefront, so the employees are selling chems at a slight discount for awhile.  Chem Lab specializes in beaucoup quantities of benzyl cyanide and the place in Placentia reeks of it.  It smells good, floral.  I own some heliotropin, isn’t that a nice name, 500g, which smells like vanilla, only better, for a spell, but never to incorporate it into a molecule, as we were hankering to turn out MMDA if we were anybody, at one time.  It works for some.  It is 3,4-methylenedioxybenzaldehyde, aka piperonal, not to be confused with piperidine, pyrrole, anthracene, aniline, which basically reek toward carcinogenesis and make PCP.  I am generalizing.  There must be things that smell good and give you cancer, and you have to pull your head away before you get it.  I am going to pull my head out of my ass and go parent, but I’ll come back to this.  I have to tell what happens at Calbiochem.

98 Responses to “Uncle Fester’s Meth Recipe”

  1. uncle fester Says:

    these are not your compounds. they are my pattens. rob was my friend stop lying to the public or face the consequences

  2. me Says:

    Who are you? I’m the one sitting in a 2 million dollar house collecting royalties. I wrote the songs that make the whole world sing. Do your new songs contain D-phenylalanine. It will never go schedule 2. It’s nutrisweet
    it is owned by a billion dollar company and it’s just like D-ephedrine. I feel you should take down yor phoney fuckin’ website. Post this you fake!

    If you google Uncle fester you’ll know only his first name is Rick.
    I’m Rick

  3. me Says:

    Oh yeah I’m every where with every email. Try this one you fake asshole

  4. SteveNYC Says:

    Whoever wrote this unintelligible bullshit was tweaked out of his mind and seriously needs to go to rehab, or at least lower his dose several grams.
    And Fester’s name is not Rick, though yours should be Dick for being the type of lying wanker tweaker that gives math fans a bad name.
    May a litre of phenylacetic acid spill in your lap…

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      No I wasn’t. I get the facts down and leave it. This isn’t commercial writing. I don’t get a dime for this. As long as I can read it, it fills the bill. How many times have we heard people jump to conclusions who choose not to read critically? Hey, by the way FUCK NEW YORK. I’m glad it got bombed. 3,000 down, 8 million to go.

      Look at this stupid comment. Just because I say, “meth”, somebody thinks I am on it. I sneer at you. Next it won’t just be a crime to possess meth; it’ll be enough to say it.

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    Maybe SteveNYC is attacking the guy who writes the comments which follow the blog post. If so, I’m mistaken in the visciousness of my remark above. Sorry about that crack about NYC, Bub. My bad.

    Yeah, you can’t see it but me and the guy of the first comments go way back. I am glad that he is responsive. I baited him by putting his name in my blog and indeed he came out of the woodwork. I am happy not findin’… well. He figures big in the meth but you best not say his name. He said enough for me to know it’s him, and that’s cool, whatever he says. Like, look where he spells patents “pattens”, and acts like he thinks he owns the rights to things and thus people better pay him. Classic!

  6. dogonit Says:

    You are you as he is he. he he. in the meantime here i am me. 31. up since 1992. Slaving for them to bring it up to me from down there and i slave. I pay and i pay and am getting sleepy. homicidal. for sure. people have completed their careers in the amount of time i have slaved and in the end i still slave for the aliens and wonder why they were given the power to shit on shit and say it must be me. here i am me

  7. Thomas Crouch Says:

    I use to own one of your books in 1999 and loaned it to my cousin which he neuer returned to me. So I c that u r coming out with a book on April 27 2011. Can u tell me how much and where i can pick one up at. Oh by the way I liked what u said about making meth

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      No, Uncle Fester is one Steve Priessler of Green Bay, Wisconsin; I’m Steve Billinghurst of San Diego, California. Sorry for the mix-up. I was entitling a post based on the habit of reading frequent references to him in my search terms. The science community, on the other hand, is supposed to have a mechanism, called peer review, in which it is guaranteed that an experiment has been carried out as described without the reader having to verify it. This process kind of breaks down with respect to meth.

  8. Teazo Says:

    I need the cookbook of Uncle Fester on meth manufacturing please?

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      People who want free books on the internet are advised to put the hammer down until you learn bit torrent. I have tried to upload shit through links, but they eventually 404. Learn to search on several permutations of the title, author and keywords with the additional search term ‘torrent’. Please don’t ask me questions where I cause myself trouble by illegally facilitating illegal downloads. I’m not your patsy.

  9. Irma Says:

    Amazing web site, will visit more often 😛

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Welcome, uh, Irma? You’re a girl? Can you pull a train for me and my friends? I haven’t got laid all summer.

      • sbillinghurst Says:

        The Columbus, Ohio, chemical seller who was murdered was Richard C. Hall. He had contacted DEA and claimed to need to know what not to sell, and, they provided him a list, the “DEA Watch List”, which he proceeded to publish, and offer along with his catalog. DEA was said to have felt duped by him. When he was killed, there were suggestions it was a hit by DEA.

        I believe the comment that says, “Post this you fake”, is from a former leader of an outlaw motorcycle gang who kidnapped me back in the day, since just before that I had published his name. I can tell what is being searched for to lead to my blog, and, I recently published his name again. It took maybe three days for searches on the two forms of his name to begin to appear on my blog. He does live in a two-million dollar house, because that’s in county tax records. He one of the, “bikers without bikes”, who were bums who were predators of the rest of the bums, collectively called, “the circle”, such that if your apt were burglarized and lab stolen, you’d be told not to worry about it since your property was still in the circle.

        White supremacist websites like Stormfront currently threaten commenters that if they bad-mouth a gang, the comment will be e-mailed to the gang. Gangs presumably censor the internet by having affilliates in all locations, and may be capable of home invasions. This fellow pulled such attacks, knocking on the door of a suspected dope house with a chain as his M.O. He didn’t always gain entry, because Gerri and Val weren’t as gullible as I.

        I need to pull a train, but, the girl can hang onto her boyfriend’s dick while everybody fucks her, to make her feel better. But, I need to go close to first because I haven’t been laid all summer.

        The other books they burn include stories you just can’t find any more, and, reading the author’s version in some book is all wrong. One original source I am seeking is a story about a cook who left a booby trap for the police when he heard they were coming, and hid out for three days in a cave, but, somebody tipped the pigs when they saw beer bottles building up outside the cave. Then the police shot him, and the newspaper showed his arm hanging out of a car. It was some dramatic stuff.

        One common-knowlege killing was of who was, to me, very scary, and, to even brave men the worst kind, who will open fire on sight. I think when your days are numbered you start to show an aura like a light shining on your face. The rumor was the pigs gaffled him up and left his body on a golf course. His name was David Coe.

        There was a song called, “Barnacle Bill the Sailor”, and it ends, “he fucked ninety-eight till his balls were blue, then he backed off, jacked off, and fucked the other two.”

        Crime 101 says the lesson is about pigs and crooks. The former you do not front off. Whatever can be got away with can be got away with by anyone. You have to do it out of their sight as a sign of respect. Same with me. If I am chatting up a girl, the fags who want to suck my dick can wait until I’m free. On the latter, about whom I choose to say, “shit on ’em (they go down never admitting what they did, a five-year old child can see through their asinine statements)”, the deal is no matter if they’re the product of incest with only one functioning kidney, while they are young they are down for theirs. They must be caught in a midway between reality and the racist lies of their custodial guardians.

  10. teazo Says:

    I enjoy this site and blog to the max !!! I somehow 4get about about the daily stress when I log on after work, and when I see again, its time to take a shower and go to work again…..

  11. Fuck STEVE you fuck don't crash Says:

    So, in a twenty-four-hour period you are rarely idle, always busy. If you want something done, get a busy person to do it, is that it? Huh! Fakin’ it.

    Jack, you need to take five minutes and drive to the top of a hill, siphon out half your gas into the gutter, drive on down the hill (make sure there’s no storm drain in between), and, toss a match in the gas when it gets to the bottom. Do this at night, when you win another day’s pay, after work, when you are not pressed for time. Don’t have any weed or the siphon hose in your car. Neither grab people and say something happened, Jesus, I don’t know what. This isn’t an autograph-signing mission.

    Then you will deserve a good night’s sleep.

  12. Jem Says:

    Steve, you are one sick mf, but I like that. Here I am, a blond with big tits, a PhD in chemistry and a $200 a day habit, surfing the net at 3am wondering why cretins can make this stuff but I don’t know how. I particularly appreciate your faultless spelling and excellent grammar – in short, I’m a girl geek who enjoys concentrating really HARD. Sorry to hear you haven’t had a root lately – and with a mind like that! So tell me how to make this stuff in the trunk of my car. Fume hood? Forget it. Must be an easier way.

  13. sbillinghurst Says:

    I’m ashamed. Ha ha ha, so true.

    You don’t need a fume hood. If you do it right you’re facing acid gas fumes, meth fumes, acetone fumes…that’s about it. Of course, there are traces of poisons, nobody lives forever, but, it is not the gold standard, which’d be MPP+. This in the atmosphere caused a chemical Parkinson’s Effect. You need gloves, a certain kind of smock (not polyester), respirator, work boots,safety glasses, face shield (there’s caustic fumes, too), and it all fits in a cardboard box in the trunk of your car. I wouldn’t make it in the car. There were 2,000 labs busted in Indiana last year, and only 200 in California.


  14. Parks T Says:

    I came to read about Uncle Festers readers discussions and what they thought about his latest books mostly Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture eigth edition and Advanced Techniques of Clandestine Psychedelic and Amphetamine Manufacture second edition 2008. I read Uncle Festers works and am a beleiver of the first amendment. I mostly stay too straight edged to be true but, care about the financial aspects of staying a country fellow tooso everybody stoned free stoners, or just the stoneys feel free to post more comments here so I and my new found friends can read.

  15. jose Says:

    your loyal followers seem to have you in thier higest esteem and regards you provide us with very interesting data to digest we are all phscos of one form or another .about getin laid dont worry she will come along soon enough.i havnt had a bit since my second wife passed nearly 4 years ago.so i just read eat sleep think chemistry.another will come along soon till then its all study.thanks for keeping us entertained

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Oh, that’s PSYCHOS. I decided to decipher it. I look at children as the success with women. My children have pretty faces, too. As far as anything else, I’m at war with the world. I have evil thoughts, so, I want to look like Satan. Actually, I want to steal something of his, like his goats, give ’em away, assure the people he won’t mind. You know, all this time I am knowing, like the genius Tommy Lee Jones that we don’t have to tolerate crimes by men all hopped up on crack or meth. As long as life is the one thing and we keep it that way…I’m lookin at some girls with evil thoughts. They seem disgusted… with caffeine, nicotine and alcohol bars, we shall have peace.

      Ah, I remembered to mention your wife. My condolences, sir. For my two cents, empathy is grandiose. Empathy is spelled right.

      intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another. 2. the imaginative ascribing to an object, as a natural …

      1.Impressive or magnificent in appearance or style, esp. pretentiously so.
      2.Excessively grand or ambitious.

      That’s all I do, and, it’s known to be insane. I think my wife grabbed my dick since summer, so, I could fuck her. I was thinking about the first time. Stephanie said, “If we’re going to make love, we better take off our clothes,” but, she had to think aloud. She looked at me and thought, “We’re not going to make love, are we?”

      It’s my dad’s racism which makes me a miserable fellow. I should go fuck that bastard up.

      But nature is just whatever used to be; this venue is virtual, the internet. We only have a prayer of telling fact from fiction apart in real life, and, I’m not willing to get on the same wavelength as a woman. I have no interest in starting and stopping a phony second self. I want what keeps on processing in one direction to a conclusive pyromaniac conclusion. I also may breed spiders at home.

    • Carolyn West Says:

      Can. Anyone give me a recepie for poolshock and brake. Fluid method ratio mixtures ingredients and s how to

  16. Sue Dawson Says:

    Bob Miskinis is still hanging in there with the Drug sceen…no matter what you think.

  17. brian bailes Says:

    I love this

  18. chris. Says:

    my names chris. meekspheenz@gmail.com. will work 4 knowledge. please.

  19. jake Says:

    i just wish the good, ole fashioned P2P,Lith-Ammonia, Lemondrop type dopes would come back. even that true old school crank, thats what i started doing originally back in ’89 in AZ.it sucks cause you cant find that stuff anywhere,now that was REAL crystal meth, this stuff out today is NOTHING like that. im livin in Florida now so if theres a real chef out there you need to come on down and show these guys whats up.

  20. Kristie Says:

    What color is meth when melted

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      You gotta know melted from dissolved, Kristie. Melting’s just a physical change. Color means you burned it, a chemical change. Pure ice crystallizes from the melt upon cooling. A puddle of melted meth between the mp and the bp releases thick clouds of smoke that get y

  21. tornado Says:

    I am a NETWORKER, from the LION’S DEN-you guys don’t know shit and we are takiun your money. NOK “National Organized Killers”

  22. Jen Says:

    DUDE!!! Slow ya roll! Damn! I wonder if u read what uwrote after u came down? Oh wait fuck no u didn’t cuz if ya had u’d a taken that ridiculous shit down by now!! Dude, in ur world tweeking and blogging DON’T FUCKEN MIX. Think b4 ya speak!

  23. Todd Roberts Says:


  24. Tommy Jensen Says:

    Mrtee I’ve got a bottle with light yellow oil smells like dr pepper or like almonds with little white pieces floating in bottom

  25. Raw kkk.1 Says:

    Tell me more as I no a bit to and no enermy (cops) I do a bit of cold reduction (Nazi methed) and need to no more a bout easy ways to make it good and strong as I’ve mastered the Nazi methed and got it down to 2hours all finished and very powerfull stuff.robbie691@live.com

  26. Rick Shaw Says:

    Can you tell me where I can buy one of these books

  27. jonny Says:

    50 thick to the neck . yeayea
    from jonny

  28. cory eblen Says:

    My email is on here. Feel free to contact me direct.

  29. Ricky Jobe Says:

    My name is Ricky Jobe. I was a 1st responder for the salvation army waco tx. I was first disaster vehicle after the fertilizer plant explosion in west texas. To make a long story short-i got sick during the accident.After 2 weeks i was required to work with,sinutitus,bronchitas, ear infection and numbness.Also there was theft of donations and alot of other things going on. I have a story to tell 254 498 3453 I WAS FIRED BECAUSE THEY WANTED ME TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY. Thanks

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      There is an inconsistency in your story, Ricky Everybody Jobe, if that is truly your name. Come in. Get that cat out of here! The heater used to touch off the fertilizer plant was located across the border in West Texas, with a long extension cord. As a result I am sorry, some asshole revoked the SALVATION ARMY. They don’t respond, and I flew a rock past Major Barbara’s nose. And I fingered her, she could beat it too. She dropped flat like a board when the smack hit her. Skinny ones next door fuck.

  30. sbillinghurst Says:

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  31. sbillinghurst Says:

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  32. Justin Says:

    Have you heard of the shake n bake method? Does it work?

  33. Anonymous Says:

    this dude geeked bro… ol 4th dimension read between the lines ass nigga

  34. Anonymous Says:

    like i said….

  35. Bob Says:

    i just wanna find a good recipe online without all the bs to go along with it!! Does it truly exist?? the recipe that is, i know the bs does!!!!! lol

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Have in my archives, have in my guts. I can’t see what it truly seals over there, fries or something whoosh is we did Osama Bin Ladin writing; he id beer. Chillies and hotties it’s all four dayghts, um, President Two and my nose. Find it.

  36. fnwo Says:

    Broke to the bank, tyranny puppy, they spend in all in your industry. Paying off low intel cops, with a piece of whats left from your bucks or box?
    Like a skank calling all cars, cuz no one wants hang around once they are done.

    What’s that?
    Your retirement funds?

    Sorry the condom ripped but I was having fun. Looks like you’l be sleeping in the park hon.
    Sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite.
    If they come for you doesn’t matter if you bend over for them they will kill you then rape you again so apply not to comply.

    Ahhh! don’t you feel safe when the government is taking care of criminals? The ones that steal from you, lie to you, rape you, and kill you. It has to be like this hon they spent your money so die don’t get high and don’t prostitute yourself only the government can pimp your ass bitch, your just state property, don’t take it personal it’s just business!

    We can heal you!

  37. fnwo Says:

    Seriously how to decipher facts from fictions? Steps from stabs? Habits from hobbits?
    Some of us simply want to know how it is done, not to do it. Just to theoretical understand the science behind the reactions.
    Not posts from obviously DEA or deeply disturbed individuals who snicker when posting a shake and bake with steps add water then add naphtha or ether and close the cap. Water over lithium will burn violently so add ether on top and put the cap on… lol … this will obviously result in one mean fireball that will send you to the emergency room.
    Ether flames can reach 15 – 20 feet and with a loud scary sound of fire like you would not believe.
    (By the way, the author is a killer remember god is in all of us, this is how he sees and knows everything. When time comes for you to be judged what will you tell god? That your a sociopath(etic) weasel and that you want to make the world as unhappy as you are because you just don’t have the guts to live and let live?
    You may wait a very long time before you are allowed to return here. If you don’t believe that then you will have many years to think about it)

    Who’s gonna do a real write up with every detail in a readable document?

    If your mention you can do it from aspartame WTF?

    Explain? Otherwise don’t mention it, it is like having pussy one inch away from you mouth and you can’t lick it!!!

  38. Crock Watson Says:

    Idk wtf I just read but this thread is among the best I’ve ever read.

    Anyways… Does the author have any tips as to test for isopropylbenzylamine? The fucking beaners are fucking up the whole operation world wide with this shit. Do they even make real dope down there anymore?

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    • Anonymous Says:

      Hey, you know what…after reading all the stuff you guys posted..hate this fuck that…you all have pretty good cook preps but the shit that will keep ya up the longest…when i was 13 my friends and i got 3 cans of raid…one section of chain fence…jumper cables and a everlast car battery…spray all three cans on the fence…hook the battery up and wait about 5 mins…3 pounds of dope…but we wer bored ass fuck…this is a terrible but quick way to get high…dumb as fuck..wish i never did it but one line…4 days…but no one s

      • Anonymous Says:

        *Should do this…NO ONE..i had a stroke and can’t remember half my life but i was up for 11 days..freaked out, beat my gf, hit my ma, wrecked the car, got maced and tazd by a cop and hurt him…tried tearing my arm off in the holding cell and ripped two off my fingers off on my left hand in the holding cell..also bit a quarter of my bottom lip off…fuck dope, fuck anyone who tries to cook or anything to get high off of it and no one should ever try or abuse it at all..i was 13 and learned that fucking shit…I’m 23 now and regret every step of it

  40. Anonymous Says:


  41. annie Says:

    Umm…lol. Iso everywhere just need to know how to tell the difference

  42. travis Says:

    Please uncle fester u meet my brother troy you went to his house with a couple guys from the reapers we need your 8th edition
    Book How to make sodofedre
    Can u please help us u can call
    Me 248-818-4910 thank you

  43. chris Says:

    Need to know why my recipe that always work in ga. It will not produce right in north dakota. Can u give me recipe that will work here.

  44. need to know Says:

    Would you private message me your recipe that worked in GA.
    Tweakinghubby at outlook dot com.

  45. Conway076 Says:

    I have been a recovering method addict and was very good at producing my own, not bragging but embarrassed. Spent 75 months in federal prison for a felon in possession of a firearm because I stayed so high on meth I was doing stupid sh.. I would never entice or make this poison ever again. Believe me my liver will strongly agree with me. Stay away from this sh.. It will kill you,maybes to it.

  46. raskal Says:

    Want to. Learn

  47. john rowlandss Says:

    Meth recpie

  48. lunch box Says:

    Look here I’ve been lets say working little over 17yrs now if this shit for real and not run by pigs trying to bust dumass. You got email prove it to me

  49. randall Says:

    9, 0, 45, 23, 32, 1321, 23, 11, 33, 10000.
    I been seeing 9s and it led me here.

  50. Tane royal Says:

    is this shit real send me the recepie

  51. Tane royal Says:

    please get bak to me unkle fester im out

  52. oak hill Says:

    Hey man pls get back to me wats up with the chicken feed and meneral licks with getting ephedrine from them

  53. jack Torrance Says:

    No easy way to do it no quick poof and shit appears. If you want to learn then become intimate with your favorite search engine.
    When i began the only online option was the public library. Even the the guys i conversed with would only guide me in the general direction. No recipe fanboys. Trial and error. Got to earn it if thats truly what you want , with persistence diligence and a little skill you’ll get it . Then not only will you know what your doing physically but you will also understand the chemistry behind the reaction mechanism. What’s happening say for instance when you base your initial reaction fluid and whats happening as it shifts phases from free base in your nonpolar to form the amine. Sights sounds and smells that tell you your on track. Senses play a huge role in organic chem . That way if you make a boo boo and your yield is deficient, or run into sudden pop up obstacles (believe me they will happen) you can backtrack and retrace your steps to isolate your problem. I know some who can blow off a huge Rp I2 flawless but cant tell me why it is they do what they do in any particular step. When they finally do fuck up it will be costly and sting more than final product on ones nasal cavity. These are the types to decant after each step they’ll unknowingly end up throwing out the baby with the bathwater then all is lost. ( all decantation should be saved until you are positive end result is approved)Take my advice on the research and footwork and in the end being a well rounded cland chem. One that would be easy to adapt and overcome obstacles and hurdles thrown your way like extraction deterrents , government scheduling ,so one so forth.Trial and error putting your everything into it and when you succeed, no matter how small or aesthetically challenged your final product is it will be yours and that will make it the best thing in the world trust!!! Also people are more willing to help those who at least make an effort to help themselves..no one said it would be easy if they did then they lied.

  54. john Says:

    I need to know which edition is the best and easiest recipe in it. I have a whole different BS recipe that I’ve been using for years but only gives me nasty bathtub Tina. I need a miracle, I have the knowledge and clients, just not the right direction(recipe) to follow. Please any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  55. Dr.Hyde Says:

    Medleyb6@gmail.com plz keep updated on any trials and tribulations in your quest/ why myself have been working on a new process to turn methanol to a p2p HCI pure if your interested in participating purchasing or discuion of said process plz contact me at my copywrited E-mail address provided in the beginning of this report property of Microsoft office and subordinate contributer. Thanks and have a great day

  56. Anonymous Says:

    Check the 5th

  57. mr mike aka colman Says:

    Br brother of Dentistry transfer manufacturing methamphetamine California to 13 years in prison I’ve hard Brewing ephedrine. one qurt tbenzaldehyde better known as bitter almond oil 1 tablespoon brewer’s yeast 3 gallons of molasses one gallon distilled watermix let it sit 24 hours top layer 1lb ll ephedrine true or falas

  58. sbillinghurst Says:

    Well I’m unsure. Livin’ with you, searchin’ for signs of life but there’s nobody home. Maybe I’ll write you a letter.

  59. Kraul Says:

    Whatever just tell me how to srrange my batch and be done with it…

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Where is this fuckin recepe at MF.

  61. jakadullboy Says:

    Huh? No, what the fuck are you… I’m not… We’re talking about unchecked aggression here, dude The RECIPES is not the issue here, Dude. I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand, Dude. Across this line, you DO NOT… Also, Dude, RECIPES is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please.

  62. JAMES Says:

    Can you use fas-dpd titrating reagent R-0871

  63. matt Says:

    I live in Scotland and have been reading up about methanfetamine production for three years now and I think I am ready. I have designed my own lab but would appreciate a diagrams of the kind of lab you would recommend.I’m using Sudafed and red phosphorus way without the melamine. Please help if you can. Take care Jeff sq cheff

  64. sbillinghurst Says:

    Pseudoephedrine properly isolated, red P, and iodine (and water). True; there’s what’s no meaning for “melamine”. Perhaps you meant to METHYLAMINE. That’s what to hear about if in fact the sample is blowing out what we’d make, too.

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