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Abstracts from the publication
Journal of Clandestine laboratory Investigating Chemists Association

To Upload a Clan Lab How-to PDF

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The Construction & Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories (2nd Edition Revised & Expanded) By Jack B Nimble l

. Here’s where I got how to do it from. I made it so you have to click the period at the beginning of this sentence. It’s not even that good. It doesn’t say to entitle your post before uploading. I think it is always good to start with a title, because it autosaves a draft when you tab to the body.


I’m seeing if it works. If there are no more words, that means it worked. I didn’t even want to do this. this is a test of another AT&T ISP at “my wife’s house”, she just got. I am depressed because I’m a terrible writer when I’m writing, and good later, when I’m thinking. All the icicles, the icicles are falling. I just wrote down what came over the television. all this stuff they put on commercials and shows is obviously written by writers better than I. Just do what I tell you to do. Don’t worry about how it’s written. It’s depressing. We’re not making any innovative laboratory designs. Just trying not to be detected.


I turned around to post the file size, click on tags and categories. It took a few minutes to move over for me when I clicked the link “the construction …” above. I have a fast connection, so don’t click it if you don’t have several minutes to wait. Oh. I didn’t even want to look at it, but I noticed at the end it says spot remover’s dichloromethane. Nah. How many times have I said it, spot remover’s the related compound, carbon tetrachloride. DCM’s CH2Cl2, chloroform’s CHCl3, and carbon tet’s CCl4. The difference is that there’s an overpopulation problem in this world and science and industry is well-served by immersing you in more toxic compounds, and that would be CCl4. So, as you can see, if you believe that spot remover is CH2Cl2 and it’s really CCl4, you’ll kill yourself. They have characteristic smells, BTW. The ingredients as listed on the labels of many products may say petroleum distillates. What the hell is that? To do the identical obfuscation here, they should call them chlorinated hydrocarbons, a catch-all phrase. I’d go to Stepan, Rohm & Hass, Tergitol, and get on them as follows: “Hey, this raw material you sell. I want to use that. Can you give me a starting formulation using that so that I may make a product out of it?” They usually do. Dow, duPont. You have to find out some other way what they make. They make so many that they might not want to tell you everything they make. The file size is 6.94 MB.


Spot Cleaning Fluids

Screen Print Ink Cleaning Fluids
Superkleen® S.P.I.F® S.P.I.F.® II Expert Scorch Remover
Spot Cleaning Fluids

During the screen printing process, ink smudges caused by fingerprints or marks on the screen can be a costly problem. S.P.I.F. ink removers, applied with an Albatross Spot Cleaning Gun, eradicate these marks quickly and completely, allowing the garment to be sold as first quality.

Superkleen S.P.I.F. and S.P.I.F. II offer the high solvencies and fast evaporation rates necessary for efficient ink removal. They both remove cured plastisol, oil and water-based ink from all textiles. They are both manufactured exclusively with highly refined virgin solvents to insure crystal clear color. This eliminates the risk of a chemical “ring” being left on the cleaned fabric.
Superkleen® S.P.I.F®

SPIF Spot Remover

MSDS Need a Spot Cleaning Gun? Superkleen SPIF Spot Cleaning Fluid

Superkleen S.P.I.F. completely removes cured plastisol inks, most water-based inks, flock lettering and adhesives from all textiles. It’s unique oxygenated formula leaves fabric free of any trace of the ink smudge. Unlike other cured ink removers, S.P.I.F. is a full strength product and does not contain any petroleum hydrocarbon “fillers.” This insures that the ink marks are removed using a minimum of product.

Superkleen S.P.I.F. does not contain 1,1,1 trichloroethane, dichloroflouroethane or any ozone depleting substances. It is exempt from SCAQMD’s rules #1171 and 1130.1. It has no flashpoint up to the boiling point. Superkleen S.P.I.F. contains methylene chloride (also known as dichloromethane) and must be used in compliance with OSHA’s exposure standards. Effective on April 10, 1987, OSHA’s threshold limit value (TLV) on methylene chloride was set at 25 ppm, with a short term exposure limit (STEL) of 125 ppm.
Part Product Size Case Qty

List Price
Price Case Price Each

Superkleen S.P.I.F.

Cured Ink Remover
Gallon 4 $39.62 $37.64 $35.66
591077 5-Gallon N/A $184.70 $175.47 N/A


“Carbona Not Glue”, lyrics by the Ramones (like saying you should do something more poisonous):

Wondering what I’m doing tonight
I’ve been in the closet and feel all right
Ran out of Carbona, Mom threw out the glue
Ran out of paint and roach spray too

It’s TV’s fault why I am this way
Mom and pop wanna put me away
From the early morning movie to the late late show
After it’s over nowhere to go

And I’m not sorry for the things I do
My brain is stuck from shooting glue
I’m not sorry for the things I do
Carbona not glue


It’s killed so many people by now you can’t just turn it up. Why am I doing this again? And why did I let my estranged wife take my car? Oh. I guess ’cause she’s letting me use the internet. I just end up with a long post that doesn’t say anything. Fuck it. Here’s a long list of chemicals used by vintage sewing afficionados:

lemon juice
a tampon
French chalk
warm water
thick paste of raw starch and water, let dry, brush off (Oh. That’s for blood. make a note.)
a sponge
bluing is a stain
wax is a stain
Javelle water (explained somewhere. I can tell you: a solution of anything is not a pure compound, and you should not pay for solutions)

candle wax and grease-stains. Use blotting paper and warm iron. Move the blotting paper around. If the wax is colored, use a sponge with alcohol to remove the color.

cold water
coffee—stain. Use boiling water from a kettle. Hold it high enough so the water hits the fabric with force, held over a bowl.

soak, expose to the sun, repeat; for dye—a stain

That Javelle water must really be something. It says, “as a last resort”

lard, for fly paper? What if a kid gets all wrapped up in it? Oh, yeah. That makes sense. It’s only lard. When do you get to douche a kid in Carbona? That’s what I want to know. Let’s try chewing gum.

Naw. They got gum/gasoline or lard, and then fabric. I want gum/xxxx/kid. You cut their hair out, let’s face it. Let me place the straight scoop about this material online. I mean it’s good. It’ll make you meet God sooner. Hell, I know some things that’ll melt a DEA man’s badge down, like ODCB, for starters. “Ortho dichloro benzene”. That’s a funk so rough it makes Agent Orange look like candy—washable. Each of you get a wash bottle and take three paces, turn and fire. Done deal. If you get splashed, you might make it to the rest room. Then again, you might not. Nah, it isn’t that bad. It’s a 3, sure, out of 20. Putrescine and cadaverine, chloroacetone, butyric acid, …

oxalic acid (I’m back to innocent stuff. This isn’t innocent. Don’t assign an infant to making up a dilute enough solution from the pure crystals). One of these things is sulfuric acid in powdered form. One of them is going to make a gas when you rub two solids together. But, either it makes holes or it takes out the stain. Finesse it.
ink—a stain. Paste of dry mustard and water.

salts of lemon juice. What the hell is that? How about just lemon juice. It sounds like eye of newt.
javelin water
chloride of lime
“follow the directions on the box”

What!!? Oh, hell no. Hey. Chloride of lime is not related to salts of lemon, just a word to the wise. We got a price up there? Let me put this carbon tet blurb down, and then, …

Carbon Tetrachloride


Carbon tetrachloride (C.A.S. 56-23-5) is a clear, heavy liquid with a strong, aromatic odor. It is not believed to occur naturally, but is produced in large quantities for use in the manufacturing of refrigerants and propellants for aerosol cans. It is also used as a feedstock in the synthesis of chlorofluorocarbons and other chemicals, in petroleum refining, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and general solvent use. Until the mid 1960s, it was also widely used as a cleaning fluid, both in industry, where it served as a degreasing agent, and in the home, where it was used as a spot remover and in fire extinguishers.

Chemical properties:

Carbon tetrachloride is a highly volatile liquid with a strong etherial odor similar to chloroform. It mixes sparingly with water and is not flammable. When heated to decomposition, it emits highly toxic fumes of phosgene and hydrogen chloride. There is strong evidence that the toxicity of carbon tetrachloride is dramatically increased by its interaction with alcohols, ketones, and a range of other chemicals.

Carbon tetrachloride is known to deplete the ozone layer, where it is responsible for 17 percent of the ozone-destroying chlorine now in the stratosphere due to human activities. Carbon tetrachloride has a half-life of between 30 and 100 years.

Synonyms for carbon tetrachloride are carbona; carbon chloride; carbon tet; methane tetrachloride; methane, tetrachloro-; perchloromethane; and tetrachloromethane.


Yeah, that’d be funny: “Doc, I got a blurb here under my skin over the ribcage.”

Yeah. “Maybe it’ll go away”. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t have popped up if it wasn’t going to get bigger. I saw a guy yesterday with a lump on his face. You can shoot up a lot of places, but not right on the side of your face. Put a steel stud there.


I got to be off the computer when shorty walks in. She said.
permanganate crystals in water (Don’t get me started on that.)

Any (d) Carbon tetrachloride or chloroform Sponge the stains or soak them. Paint stains that have become hardened are almost impossible to remove.

See what I did there? You’re fabric, if it isn’t obvious.
Plain, ordinary laundering. that’s all we ask, that you get a good night’s sleep before you come to work.

MIDLAND, Mich., Nov. 28 /PRNewswire/ — Dow Chemical U.S.A. has notified customers of a 1-1/2-cent per pound increase in the price of carbon tetrachloride, effective Jan. 1, 1985.

Under the new schedule, bulk quantities of technical grade carbon tetrachloride will be 25-1/2 cents per pound east of the Rocky Mountains and 26-1/2 cents per pound west of the Rockies.

Drum quantities will be priced at 32-1/2 cents per pound in the East and 33-1/2 cents per pound in the West.


Chemical Identification
Carbon Tetrachloride, Reagent

Catalog # Formula F.W. CAS #
C1981 CCl4 F.W. 153.82 56-23-5

Synonyms: Tetrachloromethane

Chemical Pricing

Unit Size



Add to Cart

500 mL


1 L


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, … That should be a dollar a pint, 473 mL. No, no, no, no. That’s Advance Scientific and Chemical, online. Something’s wrong.


Chemical Identification
Methylene Chloride, Technical

Catalog # Formula F.W. CAS #
M1252 CH2Cl2 F.W. 84.93 75-09-2

Synonyms: Dichloromethane; Methylene Chloride

Possible carcinogen.

Chemical Pricing

Unit Size



Add to Cart

500 mL


It’s still fifteen times too much. I would always do it, if I wanted the drugs. Make it back on the other end. If you have the money in your pocket, it won’t hurt you to spend it. Go ahead. You can’t find out what it does if you can’t light it on fire. The torches they got these days, anything will burn. Nah, I’m kidding. Oh, you’re not kidding?


Analyze This

Sun, 08 Nov 2009 10:20:34 +0000

sa “I Killed Hunter S. Thompson”. Who’s it by? I don’t know offhand. I got it off the Bomp.

Frank Bompensiero: A Bad, Bad Boy
Judith Moore’s biography A Bad, Bad Boy on Mafia hitman and FBI informant Frank Bompensiero — whacked by the Los Angeles Mafia in 1977 — comes out on July 15. Allan May writes the following on Bompensiero for Crime Magazine:

Before turning FBI informant in 1967, Frank “the Bomp” Bompensiero had been the most feared Mafia hit man in Southern California for more than 30 years. Killing fellow mobsters was his specialty. His reward from the Los Angeles Mafia was to be made boss of San Diego. When his long-time friend Jimmy “The Weasel” Fratianno found out in 1976 that the Bomp had turned informant, it took the Mafia more than six months to get the hit on Bompensiero executed. Later, after Fratianno had transformed himself into a media event by becoming an FBI informant himself, he said during a television documentary in 1991 that Bompensiero “had buried more bones than could be found in the brontosaurus room of the Museum of Natural History.”

One Hundred Eighty-Seven is the Case.


I checked out your blog. You posted something I had written about reducing P2P, eh? Interesting.

I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with the wifey and with work. I’m about to go to sleep but I want to give you a little present first. From my old notes:
86 g Phenylacetic Acid
800 mL Acetic Anhydride (fresh)
43 g sodium acetate
Oven dried molecular sieves

In a three neck 1 L flask fitted with a nitrogen purge line and a thermometer, all above were quickly thrown in while under a stream of N2. The flask was then fitted with a water condenser with a drierite drying tube. The N2 purge was slowed to minimal positive pressure and the oil bath heated for 46 hrs to ~170°C, such that rxn temp was ~145°C. Reflux and gas evolution was slight. Color slowly went from clear to yellow. Afterward, solution was rotovaped down to about 300-400 mL dissolved in ~200 mL DCM and stirred vigorously with and excess of 4M NaOH, until no more hydrolysis (noted by vigorous bubbling) occurred. Organic layer separated, aqueous extracted 3 x with DCM, pooled extracts dried w/ mag sulfate, filtered (which also got rid of some insoluble junk) and rotovaped off DCM. Yield 64.4 g (76%), very pure by 1H-NMR and TLC.

Reasoning for higher yield: fresh (not wet) AA, continuous positive pressure of N2, drying tube, and mol seives = very dry rxn

I believe Potassium Acetate is better than Sodium Acetate for this reaction. I’d have to check my notes on that one.

Take care. Talk to you later.

I can’t do this, Bomp. I have too many little quirks. The pages won’t load fast enough. I have to run on the treadmill. Les Miserables is playing on TV. What’s worst, I’m psychic. A hat floated down the Paris sewer. I shop for hats last night. I think about crystal. Somebody says ‘crystal’, and, I look at them. There’s nothing there. Their eyes are blank. They are running a blank. They mean glass. Arrrrgh! Leaded cut glass. Nothing but miserable cut glass. I’m talking to them and they are just an image on TV. Now they are a beret, again in the sewer. They are not only crazy, they are crazy in French, like the song, “Psycho Killer”. The television is sending me messages. Yes, yes? What is it I am supposed to do? Get home? Ah, I might have a problem with that. There’s a TRO. You misunderstood, voices in my head. What I wanted was something to click to get shot back to my home page. A little house? Yeah, you’re slipping. Watch it. You know that I count on you to say what I should do, and I will do whatever you say, so, there it is there. I exist to carry out the orders. Transmit the message. Hope for an answer some day. Maybe there’s a guy wearing the beret. All you can see on top of the swirling sewer water is his hat. He’s under there. I don’t feel like that. I feel like a guy beset with fleas. It is the same number of fleas, but as they all climb toward my head to stay out of the rising water, it gets to be quite a wave of biting fleas. Oh, some of them fly.

No, I had a title, Richard: Analyze This. Oops. I said your name. Then I looked for a guy smoking a cigarette, and I saw a guy smoking a cigarette, Google Images has hundreds of them. But, right here is one of a guy, and it looks like Robert DiNiro, diNiro, in a surf bar, because you have your gays, . . .where am I going with this? I don’t have time to make a whole camp and kitschy post involving queerdom. That’s for another time. Anyway, in a chem school, we really want the images of the people right now. Using images to sell magazines is not the way. But, sometimes I do choose the younger images of the same people. Not today. Why do I imagine learning as the young’s thing? Learning to make meth will destroy you! Better you should be old, with less life to lose, right? Notice Chancellor Hitler was in his fifties. I’m reading about Caligula.
That made ‘Caligula’ a number.
That’s all the evils I have, guys. I am beyond good and evil. We have people who are living, but people who are dead, taking Lavoisier as an example, we must post a young Lavoisier since chemistry was young, right? No, don’t be ridiculous. What a stupendous bias. We’ll be obtaining his genome before long and posting the code for the expression of the strands of his massive brain so you’ll know who I’m talking about. There people are just smokers. Am I going to post them smoking their finest cigarette? It is highly subjective. Ain’t gonna do it. It really galls me I have to post diNiro to prove my point that this guy looks like him. What’s that? The voices say to do it.

Aw, look at these shitty spectra. This is a car wreck. I’m not the one to say I’m going too fast, though. I don’t even know why people die and come back to life. They all look the same when they are dying. You can’t tell Able from Baker. Beyond psychic, to the metaparanormal, we have, …something. Let’s face it, I forgot. I think it was just something I had to remember to write after I made a point about the paranormal, because those are extremely hard to describe under the best of circumstances. There’s no exact language and they slip away. We want to put down the world as it is now, and the laboratory notebook looks stupid with dirt samples taped inside the pages.
Yeah, I am late. How do you describe fucking matter, space and time correctly, with discoverers in it? I am post-metaparanormal (post-menopausal, I know). People were dead. I was on a roll.

I’ll just go all stinking, then. I’ll be fashionably late, like I’m on meth. They’re all on meth these days. This pitiful NMR spectrum shows the acetophenone protons; there’s two kinds, but the bunch on the left are the three methyl protons, and yes, they didn’t have P2P. It would change to the five of ethyl. These three are split. Shifted downfield by resonance stabilization are the five aromatic protons in acetophenone . Now, how is homeboy showing no contamination? What did we have? IR, NMR, and Mass Spec. Well, IR, I guess. But, IR is going to show a huge water peak at 3000 wavenumbers, and water is not a significant contaminant. What was this? We have to predict the likely contamination if the reaction goes too far or doesn’t react, so, we do need library spectra from the starting materials, and I l . . .just got a call from Dax. I can’t believe that guy giving me a refund. What a moron. I’m not going to National City without a shower. I can’t get off the Internet.

I’ve got a rogue piece of code. This is all going to be in italics. Don’t use a computer to compare spectra for you; that’s all I can say. I can’t teach a whole course in spectrometric identification of organic compounds in an hour. What a disappointment. I was just going to teach you what you need to make speed. Try not to blow yourselves up until I fix this.



Sat, 11 Apr 2009 09:53:02 +0000

Dipole Moment

In the molecules in which the charge distribution is not symmetrical, the centre of the negative charge of the electron does not coincide with the centre of the positive charge of the nuclei in the molecule. These molecules have a dipole moment which is defined as the distance between the centres of the negative and positive charges multiplied by the size of the charges, and expressed in Debyes (1D = 10E-18 e.s.u.), e.g. HCl has a dipole moment with the negative pole at the chlorine atom:


Dipole moments are vectors, and the experimentally measured dipole moment of a molecule is a vectorial* sum of the moments of the individual bonds. In symmetrical molecules, e.g. in 1,4-dichlorobenzene
………………………………….(doubleheaded arrow)
the dipole moments of the bonds cancel each other, resulting in zero overall moment.

{“What are we going to do for Easter?”
“I have to go to church.”
“Nicholas, come on. You have to help me get groceries. Food, chocolate,…”
“Laundry soap.”
“Yes, laundry soap. Turn it off.”
“What kind of chocolate? I need a few minutes before I go.”
“How many minutes?”
“Six minutes. No, seven minutes.”
“No, ten minutes.”
“Okay, Nicholas. Six minutes are by. Time to go.
Pick up the band-aids, the rubber bands.”
“What band-aids? Where my blue shoes?”}

Dielectric Constant

The dielectric constant (epsilon) is the measure of the effect of a medium on the interaction between electrostatic forces [recall e.s.u., electrostatic units, above -Ed].
The higher the dielectric constant, the more is the electric interaction reduced. The dielectric constant of a vacuum is taken as the unit (e = 1). Solvents of high e (e.g. for H2O, e = 80) assist the dissolution of ionic compounds by diminishing the attraction between the two oppositely charged ions (beside their main effect by solvation-stabilization of the ions). In solvents of low dielectric constant e.g. benzene, e = 2.3), the interaction between charges is large and the solubility of ionic compounds is small.

Including Physical Organic Chemistry

[this guy better not be a fucking Jew]

……………………….SAUL PATAI
………………The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


{written} QD 251 P25

* vectorial in this spelling is the British, must be, “centre” is the Brit. Brits are Limeys, the source of all wars and slavery and our language. I wonder how they rated getting the bomb so early. “e.g.”, “El Salvadoran” is correct; anyone pronouncing that shit “El Salvadorian” is a goddamn Nazi. Their head comes off and goes all over the place. We humiliated the Mexicans in war. We beat the Germans, we beat the Japanese, and we beat the British. Wait a minute. Do I have to go into people? Okay. I am going to use the word moustache for kill just so I don’t get in trouble.

I can only think of doing more drugs. People are just objects moving about in the surround. I may nod my head at you and respond to your words, but, I am just not there. I only have you around as a means to getting more drugs for me. Whatever is clear.

I don’t know why or how come. You have to speak in complete sentences even to be wrong. You are not even wrong yet. The best we can do is to play tic-tac-toe and not lose it. What function does the smartest guy in the world have beyond that, making those correct moves? Well, all that has persisted has been the three-person game. There ain’t even a theory for it. Or, as Billy-Bob Thornton says, “One pothole in this town, Farley, and you manage to hit it.” Stand by for the theory. Start sterilizing people or we’ll have to start killing them. You did not learn this the first time, BTW.

[ how many moustaches? how many soul patches? what is that, a landing strip? a place to set down the dick? you suck-dick. Billy-Bob is directly above the foreman’s leg. -Ed]

this and that…………….Steve Billinghurst

important Billy-Bob’s a v.i.p., very impotent person
……………………..I know a Captain Obvious
“beside the point”. Yeah, if you have reason not to like something, like getting butt-fucked, then check it out: you have a reason. That fact takes it into argument and away from violation of cultural principles. Then, the smartest guy in the world will clean your clock, because, if you characterize something loathsome as something which, if only it were changed according to what it does, it would be tolerable, then you have politically made the problem intractable. Changing it according to its heat above ambient temperature produces inhibition. If you blow the main reasoning firstly, you are guaranteed to see two off to the side of that one for starters, slap-dick.

Recipe #1

Sun, 25 Jan 2009 17:49:42 +0000

meth from ephedrine.

200 g ephedrine HCl, 500 mL HI, 57%, 50 g red phosphorous.

100 mL acetone, 1 lb. NaOH, 500 mL HCl, conc.

cooking time of 20 hrs.

dispo pipettes, pH 6-12 strips (or phenol red)

steam generator

1L equipped for reflux, single neck

same equipped for downward distillation/steam distillation

backing up . . .

Fuck this blog, fuck “WordPress”.  They automatically placed “Hello World” as my first blog title.  I know enough not to put my password here, but my real name is visible.  This topic is controversial.  All important “free” speech is controversial.  None of the speech which is uncontroversial is important to freedom of speech, which itself is vital to democracy as found in the USA, commonly called America.  If I put my password down, the blog will be destroyed, and there is no other copy.  I do NOT know enough on saving that, so, let me log out, save a copy on this computer, since it has content already, and go from there.  Google sucks.  Google sucks!  Fuck Google.  Fuck gOOgle!  My first blog started out in Google Blogs and was destroyed and that was years ago.  Literally, years!  Years is what we call a short time to serve in prison.

Oh, we’ll welcome back. (added 32209)
32209 is not prime. It is divisible by 31.
March has 31 days. 32209’s a date.

{I added the tag, “how to make methamphetamine” to this, my first post, today, April 10, 2009; to the tags, just to see if it Googles higher in up the results. I am working on equipment lists, and drawings of lab set-ups such as reflux and steam distillation}