Exactly and Fast and Easy on the Subject of

exactly = recipe #1

fast is an experimental consideration

easy is the term we use when we have misconstrued what is really going on here

(I always write lower-case only whenever I wish to imply that I am using my other hand to whack off with; in other words this is not breaking new ground.  I have various experiments to run, you know)

“Easy”, like, for instance Jack said a guy he knows said he could make it out of antifreeze, so I asked Jack if that was ethylene glycol, and he gave me the thousand-yard stare.

Back to “exactly”.  You must print the whole blog, then razor out the good parts, because

a) Blogs are set up to publish our latest ramblings at the top of the page, and how-to-make-meth is a one-time deal, a lifetime deal, a life’s work if you will.  Anyhow, if I told you what I know, I told that first, so it’s buried, unfortunately.

b) WordPress, on my initial attempt to locate, d/l, install, use, a “plug-in” for chemical notation, fucked me once and is now attempting to re-fuck me, saying it has 4,000 plug-ins in this version.  Right.  You asked for it, I’ll tell.  Hang on.

Fast.  On my first conviction, I was able to enjoy many rights while locked up, which were discarded on subsequent brushes with the law.  If I upload the testimony of the expert witness, you may have opinions on speedily converting precursors to product.  This was just to say that the defendant could have done the crime and returned to the party.  The actual thing is to reflux.  So, you get yourself a textbook on laboratory techniques, and you fucking look up the word, “reflux”.  If I have to go into some damn word, IOW if I am doing this to hear myself talk, I will be telling you mainly how not to get killed.

How not to get killed:  Note, if ppl have gotten killed, the story is in the paper.  Their name’s in the paper and you can presumably find them to ask them what went wrong.  Hmm, maybe not.  Okay, first thing is to not let the Tygon tubing fall across the hot flask, it’ll melt and give you a low-water condition, a fatal condition if you are sleeping in that room, you, your gf, whoever.  The Poindexter you make stay with the lab, the guy that jacks his rig expectantly until he has to put nose grease on the plunger to make it slide when his issue finally comes out and he’s ready to Guinea it.  You are looking at the Tygon and saying, “It looks alright”.  Yeah.  Water pressure changes in the middle of the night.  Did you know that?  It goes up.  The secret is to own a spool of copper wire, it will twist and not break.  Not too thick, not too thin.  Not too tight so it cuts the tubing.  No hose clamps, no cable ties, unless you already have it set up the way you like it and you know what you are talking about.  The thing the tubing goes on is called a hose barb by some ppl, and may have another name.

One whole blog page was going to be, “Do you have everything you need?”  The body was simply going to be, “Do you have two of everything you need?”

I am writing this in San Diego, and I took my Alfa catalog and my Lab text to Vegas.  I was going to write a blog page entitled, “Steam Distillation”, and refer to the book, but I got a weird kind of feedback on my dashboard, as if ppl are asking me questions from the dark side.  They are good questions.  By that I mean they are not me continuously engaging in dialog s.t. it could be construed as the furtherence of a crime.  Thank you.  Scrutiny is inevitable.  I am going to contact Sen. Feinstein. 

“Easy” is as if someone were convinced you could get meth from Vick’s Inhalers.  You can and you can’t.  You can get levo-dope, which tastes like the biologically active drug, but doesn’t get you high.  This type of experimenter, or Proclaimer, or authority, is similar to the kind of a guy who Tasers himself to “test” the Taser. 

All phases of dope-making are currently harder.  That’s the DEA’s job.  The CIA has a method I have not gone into, but it stopped at P2P, and P2P is a bust.  The HIRP method is aka the “odorless process”.  Success, btw, has a downside.  When you go on trial, you seem like a plague or an epidemic, or a sophisticated, career criminal, so, to get the ladies before you have to go do time, cultivate that Snidely Whiplash laugh:  “Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ah-ah-ah”.

The HIRP process is now the Iodine/RP process, using the “push-pull apparatus” fd on the internet.  This consists of several (4?) 5-gallon water bottles (3 gal?) and you have to develop a way to make them tight.  The industrial equivalent is called an expansion tank.  I’d become familiar with siphons by building some, since, as you heat a vessel, driving bubbles into another vessel, breaking the siphon will prevent the first vessel’s partial vacuum from sucking over great volumes of water from the second vessel when you turn off the heat.

You are going to razor out some small pieces.  The two condensors are West, 200 mm.  They work for upward and downward distillation.  The downward head looks like a “K”, at the end is placed a bent adapter, 105 (degree sign, for an angle).  Wait a second.  Get rid of tht “K” thing and just have a double-male adapter.  Customize where the steam-distill receiver is by having the TFE stopcock protrude out the bottom of an ice bath made of a styrofoam ice chest.  TFE contracts and will loosen under cooling, very expensive.  Anyway, downward’s not straight down.  Upward’s straight up, that’s reflux.  The stopcock is on the bottom of a sep funnel, 6L.  The rxn flask is 12L.  You have to have some talent.

Don’t use any freon or have any thermometers in there.  Are you going to stir it with a thermometer?  You know that HI boils at 131 C, right?

Do you have anything?

Get a boiler, called a “Hot Shot”.  Superheat the dry steam if you want to (I didn’t).  Get a complete rxn apparatus in 24/40.  Get a heating mantle and a Variac.  Go on up into spherical joints and get a Rotovap, and try these things out around the house.  Make coffee with your Buchner funnel, your filter flask, your ring stand, your clamp, your vacuum adapter, your water aspirator.  And, it isn’t on you.  They don’t sell equipment that works worth a damn.  You have to yell at the manufacturers.  Never praise them.  Dollars are your praise.  I can’t find the excellent venturi aspirator I used to have, and those metal ones don’t work.  I can’t find a teflon watch glass.  It is only used to get high with.  The reconstituted dope beads up in it.  Never skip the crystallization step.  It’s not actually a step.  #1 is one-step.  Nothing can be easier or faster.  Take the pH of a solution you are neutralizing by removing a spl with a melting-point capillary turned around, no open ends.  Don’t return it to the sol’n.  Get a white ceramic well plate.  Use cresol red, not pH strips.  It lasts forever.  Don’t put boiling stones in a liquid you are heating if it is already hot.  Porcelein.  There’s a fucking rock song by that name, am I right?  Get large dispo gloves, and a box of dispo pipettes.  The apparatus, lab equipment, consumables, will make or break you.  Now, why would you find the right thing on ebay?  I have had some process-scale pieces, the custom-made parts for which were expensive to have made. 

Tell them they can have it cheap, fast and good.  Pick any two.

One unifying concept is to understand that reactions take place in liquids; the product starts out liquid, you have to change it to a solid,  stuff like that.  Stuff like: water is part of it.  Iodine and red phosphorous will sit there as a dry mixture and evolve great quantities of gas, i.e. explode, when you put water on it.  Does great heat ruin the delicate chemistry of chemicals?  Is this poison gas detectable by passers-by?  was it expensive?  Do I need it to be somewhere else?  Oh yeah: at the top of the condenser used for reflux is a gas scrubber, made out of a two-hole stopper going in to a bent adapter, and the drip-tip of same leading back to the drain, with the water going up from the bottom condenser, so it’s coldest when the hot gas  passes inside the water jacket, because the hot gas is watery and the water condenses but the HI gas doesn’t.  think of all the ways ephedrine, iodine, water, and red phosphorous could be combined and in what proportions.  The water jet from the top condenser is run into and area where it picks up the gas from the bore of the condenser.  A glass tube is cut with a triangular file, practice.  Make a small scratch, place your thumbs on either side of the scratch, push suddenly away, fire polish the ends.  Don’t push with the web of your thumb on a bent pc of glass, use glycerine to wet it.  Pick up a huge supply of corks and rubber stoppers and blowpipes and alcohol lamps and keep them in a thing with labelled bins.  Screw this thing to the wall.  Loan me some of your stuff.

I had exactly better on Google Blogs, and it disappears.  I am not going to be comfortable it’s online for good for awahile, and you can’t really get your own copy, even if you wrote it.  Notice it’s like an online form, poof!  Gone.  (buzzer sound)  (backing-up sound) (thinking music).  It better stay.  I’m interested in  hacking and cracking.  Yeah, some crackheads really know how to shock their dope and cause less than the equilibrium concentration to stay dissolved.

You have to rent a place for six months and become part of the pattern before you cook, what’s your hurry?  Look for one with a 220 V A/C so your boiler plugs in the A/C outlet.  I have to write I love my wife now, Valentine’s Day. (pings)

15 Responses to “Exactly and Fast and Easy on the Subject of”

  1. mr.bigs Says:

    Well I will call ya E can I get step by step emailed … Looking

  2. 503STAR Says:

    God, swim has tried to figure out what was said on 86 about the developer being phenylpropanone but he cant remove the garbage that masks it will God help him out a lttle further?

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      what is “on 86”? Line 86 of some post? there arent any developers in this technology. that’s photography. There are reactants turning into products by means of reagents or cataysts. There’s a workup phase with a separation and a neutralization. there’s crystallization, washing, drying. Filtration. recovery, concentration, evap.

      Really no developing. The closest thing is to follow the course of a reaction by means of TLC, spotting a plate, developing by a dil. H2SO4 spray, reading under a UV light.

  3. jetpep Says:

    I guess I was wrong, or someone was wrong when they told me I could find recipe along with step by step instructions here. Could it possibly be emailed to me? I know times have changed and posting certain things online could borrow someone trouble.
    Plz advise at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks SO Much,

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      No, they were right. You can do it, and, you can do it anywhere on a somewhat low-rent blog of some slob’s. Merely go to the beginning of the blog, not the categories or the titles or the “about”. Time is your friend. It has allied with you to force the creature doing the writing to say what he really knows FIRST. Can you comprehend that?

  4. idiot hunter Says:

    You are an idiot overtweaked and on meth psychosis….none of your shit makes once ounce of sense. Get a life and shut the fuck up…..and stop dropping in comments about your kid and church….you have said zilch on making anything but dumb shit.

    Go read a real book on making the stuff in all it variation Uncle Fester’s Secrets of Meth production 8th edition……as tweaked as you are you couldn’t understand anything on there except MAYBE the two direct methods for newbies and meathead type tweakers …..let’s see when the DEA busts your ass for talking about actual production and all your insinuations of production.

  5. johhn Says:

    yea email it to me arsxxxx@lycos.com

  6. heywood Says:

    all so technical !!! We just love to do the shit . Plain and simple ..

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Okay, wood. But the tire is woos zwzezy 6ZYX (ZYZZYX) in sysigy. Wop! Palmed the Zs to the alphabet, vetta soup puh-sigh Clare Fye. Bran a muffin. Brand a mug shot. I get you that you are U.S.

  7. babygirl Says:

    gun blue ,charcoal ,mop string , _______ ?______?______?

  8. kasbiantoro1959bex Says:

    you to much talking , and bla bla nothing happen, common talk to the point only, and use the right english language provide information to the step by step , if you really wanna shared it…gbu

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah you are somebody’s hitch you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and you saw what you a lame shouldn’t have and now u talk that shot out of your neck complete wanna b you ain’t the man your his bitch

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