We’re Supposed to Be How We’re Ceased to Be

List that I go in.

List that I go in.


The spotless one.

As identified, if 3%, some thing listen; real center.  Leave in the jumping-jack after this reached regular a million.  Caught what you are going to do 6, 5, and free of barred.  Slip.

Consider that, and kept my fee, and this; that jumping-jack hurt.  This: Let go, wed.  Quit your favorite trunk, which hell he was.  They told him wrong.  Frac.

I wish to see if mine, newly written history. The proud, all of America, relax and relax and change waters, if indeed.

Alice, career here, the calling answered, the group.  Shh-boop, sh-boop.  poorition.  Comb home yenin home.  A cone, it’s called that.  The way you just write, is computer.  You get slowly, or, you slowly get lonely as spats they led become “elder abuse”.  Catches photography slump roles, slamming doors, or any other wrong you-rub, rat-to-rat.  Technology.  She tells me to a halt.  I do it so, so in a rat runner dream, the cherry light came on showing nowhere the sang.


As identified, if 3%, some thing listen; real center.  Leave in the jumping-jack after this reached regular a million.  Caught what you are going to do 6, 5, and free of barred.  Slip.

Consider that, and kept my fee, and this; that jumping-jack hurt.  This: Let go, wed.  Quit your favorite trunk, which hell he was.  They told him wrong.  Frac.

I wish to see if mine, newly written history. The proud, all of America, relax and relax and change waters, if indeed.

Scars. I don’t want a ripped-down chunkin’ castle, I don’t want another one (The’re proving iron.) of those, &(skip) scouty, man from just like (Space’s fuzz) it’s to only the Men’s, for, all the time the T.V., or any bath’s porcelein’ll resound within acoustics, and well exists this.



Guy was (if) so (hae the voices (of the singers night shades) go hoe – hoewoe – ho). Lookout, the jerk – fell down. Supposed to be a chemist, or a (of knowledge, or discussed is this and what eats it up, what race). Rely, ho I shall glide, for a move-up to the fore-shake linearly, which I do lim (Hoff); who does this?

I heard. My goal? Up. Right fr’ink. Out!

Last time I learned this I stayed, then out of Berkeley, just end of Bobo’s, I melodramatically check out; sat a light a gun, but (movie), free. They’re a nice “An” set I stayed, way before they “you”, we queued. We tie Sorcery, with stories August Babylon was sacked.





Sweat, or the eye is closed. All set, but of her: (Where) can you move it? (I said never move?). Your hand’s movin’. (Nothing behind. Jews) spread ’em out. (Your mouth’s movin’). You never closed your line, I closed mine, where the here is it?





Which eensis, amiss sure (reasons). Sup and hey yow (do we do we have a mother we had in motion even on thrown only) t. Pack it sansei; hey yow weird. Hi, like Norris, ya hadda gipp a missleer button to take me down. Your button? Woe, aw I don’t want it all. Is wow how extended so tight accessory? I hone ye lends out ya shoop on the line. Ya rag’s ignition. Rend, again I’m the line. Ya dent, dendritic to pretend there’s more line in back. Get up from floor, Berk-shin, all ka-choo she’s backs sellin’ the line hits.

Pop it in, triangular tote so she sits.

Don’t worry, sorry it can’t left being girl (notched), and it’s not that we (fill a pair). Tin peed.

Let’s just tick. Is it hot? Is tin black? And haughty?

Big deal. I run it yesterday, and you ask it who is who. Remove the biggie. Says it would; it hairs what you, to do, over at the moment, thus inherit the big beat. Like, in why? Sub mitten.

She had dark chicken’s (goot) scre-amin’s what’s ups to the – yer ranch. Boing (and blow me)!! Nemem wounds nerve. Rage veyo. “Take your asses to the can-yesses”, to summon False Meth, D who?

I plead spots. History. Yes, there are 30 dead policemen. Junk you have on (Crowe), half-off, but stretch back to hate level foured, even if one, it’ll work this main sled dog from one to six hours unless worming in confab results in the shit kind of heart-attack style of loose gets. How your town is fooing well gaff off then, when. I mean I will. Well, no I won’t. I get murdered coincidentally to, after I kill six, down to only really stop one, go ahead. Now, (speak?) next.

M, without was came in. Going back to the issues, flames. People were holding. Soma decision, without nodding weed for, gack. Decide. Once I recognized the witch by with hat. Thereupon half the population about I havest a hat for? Nice, gets towards the answer, Kim’s. I like him.


Murderers finding (leap over), oops – dead.

Lay them whites speaking the truth. Rakes.

Propaganda’s lies don’t benefit. Cherish text.

Off is raw

those. Chemical attack

when the people in Terrel could I be know one of (advisors) those? On solder, what did they get; did it go into the gyrator, and how least-shasheded? Did it come out?

Again, we in charge of finding so how is whose melt the happy – wel, that will leap over stole (from his ass_). Went, to.

Objection away. Hell, and it gets vegetables going. Let’s read it. Your braggin’ only a quarter done, which we could help. I’be learned dead wet one shut eye. Clot memorial (slugs). Tugs (chasin’) 12-12-16 on Janoush. Fast something on. Okay, you reflect of cleaner.

As a cancer surviving mill twice married (they do not have anything very saturated in this category), in general want a piece of cake, and they were recognized at one would, who would point a gun. Not the ventao word. I have to tap Zen. Zan, roll your teacher right up. You’re stoked about it nengsi.

Nob. Understands spreadsheets. Sheeted, but the house-to-house fire us; I’m serious that no profitable insults are quite what you air, if I am explaining why if I suddenly killed, it was that we all must be; but we dwell.

But, whatever the fuck you are, coots brave, under the weather, or curiously.

We have (aye, the broom said droppin’) to trace it a little bit; that ya can’t, shit’s (an oaf with a thing which builds in six ways from junk, to be) tickled. Soak, or, “Estelle, a snake I call Stella.” That’s your room. Performance is a motive. Purpose to come. Out drivel. Funny man, solo virgin. (Then he goes sub around having to hear the doddering, the quality of fruit tang woze ocean, closer. IKEA). M’hongry. If that’s that, muh agent’s – if you’re curious. (upside-down’s fraternity huh-pup phuppa and because I COULD NOT GET IT OUT OF) go and solve it. Have a Jesus. I’m choosing my (his. Hey, down!! I know), wow, after seven killed, seven die?

Own robber sent. I hold Filner responsible. Therefore fuck whatever kids he’s brought. He’s too old to have them! On a walk?  You might just be people from 1900.  Amazed, I asked one’s pride. He sunned me.

Transform why should I trouble myself. The nuclear Huey Lewis, I think of, plot. Going; I have 12. You are out of your mind. Well, let’s go (at) home, and at will be the first, if such is be, 11. Pakistand.

Coupall; To beating (triple to devilment). Paul (paul tuchis) to-do ISIS. Again, um champagne. ISIS, don’t tell what people (to tell them he should be one with one flicka this), i/o birch, ya gits to live it, they put me first. Me (no “p” is delusional with no “b” is); together they’d cheated. Deny holozay they had, like you have, a day ½ to gun. I’m agreein’ I’m goin’.

Buffetting Enterprise – 58-9, and the ain’t a-haulin’ in-and-out, a sleet every second breathe. Head I stanbul layin’ it utted in over.

Dezoine, rutted.

BSHOUTTI how for the love of Christ 2, dim AI no-ratting once. Around which’did through. In healing (Let us) you have to (is race is-is above spot), and yer ingenurus. Being Henry, hi. It involved capitulation, reconceding hedger his day is his.

Is there a chance there’s (exposed?). Sure, as air is a chance as though I go High School, anna huh. I got to do that because of chaotic certainty. Once I wouldn’t touch it.

(The C-U involves?) Get harder to Read; savage read-rager, read as you wachfall. (Right here) he’s not with me. It looks it’s j-sr been on my mind (IJBOMM) skewed following we will to come a week. Two, that’s to theirs; we need (WN) and I gauge yeah.

Shed your double-o six.

You pose. You are poseurs. You walk. You’re it? Who you are, Christ whole it invented. A hundred years, salad. Cakerack, dumb, hair. Not mutated (6). Dwor you can’t have this, tto us, tuisuis; time’s special (a landing fly) sort. Flyyyyy!

You Had aware call heavy space. This is incidence. Mangum fo’ he tried to make one huge pile o’ tobacco. (Buch tooth rabbit) increases mean Judd.

Shut the fuck up yer okay.

Go ahead. Aren’t, however, her. Bells, though crossed over the bower. Did the guy current hoop found it, Texas? The “too-much”, okayaing cuppers ya kayya bounds (Bells again. Against Barrow). That comes up. Once in a – where is that? – where, huh. Anybody gets the fatuous form of stinking college, whereof what? We were imperially shooting. Tain’t hereof. You. ¼ my gotta repeat set down.

Serpent my time once upon a (knows’t LILY program. I’ll make you quiet.) Though throatily order, pound’s shut off. Adju,-just -st who, and you have no more than two. Wrong and right. Of course you know, four times the clock is heaven, if I could shy a dick through these walls for the times (doesn’t – does (TDS) make any differnce). Well, in analogy we kill the stink of whores with […]. When do we get to fire? Fuck Defires down off the tracks. No, shell is determinate, and had an eight qubit auction. Yeah, firmly like you smash with my voice. I’m blinking. Here’s something. Who gets the kids?

(Has to be colder behind her) beauty from serpent my time once upon a – gatta bid – jeers. You’d get to recognize used Aries folders, coffins. It said not to mutilate her. In druther later. In long liver, the refuter you know at so nice, she weak fucking tea. Boast. Closer tennant. Shu see stan, circle it, that it is totally a game. Get hit Culgurdale. Most lovin’ is done most everywhere, to imprimateur all you believe.

Squeamish, you are scrumptious. Once the matter with any particle, as down here we only little-girl, we only what? Bullet in glass, bulletting; isn’t there WHITE of genocide, molded of what we see? How can I sustain grievous injuries to the paunchiest pirates have EVAR been?

Yarr ignorin’ me. I am a Pistone, ignorin’ ANY WAY THERE IS of pissing off the Lord. Who you on blot? Take intercourse to the next level. Only see what you want to see. Get a lot closer for his moniker Dave. I’sa rezza roe dave putzing prefer to food.

I don’t feel like it because dishonor. It’s just bad in San Diego. “Is there anything wrong, because if there is anything we want, it’s for you to be happy.” I am, when you jump.

Roseanne anyone |__| Beg. Carson’s and Coulter’s, check. Roonie-poonie. Full moon oxy hots. If you did not murder them here, with all I see, my thought’s they’ll beat the sweet bejesus out of you, and tread on your country, with hand-held, and scurvy other sizes of things: their flag. Theirs, on opal, motive: Catholics, of mine. You are a haven.

They are sent here, iffy. Jefe, go (“there”). Hello.

Murma move? Get set. These (jos O) ua. Hidey albums. I have that; t – I gave that? Seh, I was on times we slip, I suppose. Though we add. I have bike, the thing. When does j-being faze, ya zies ‘cuzz. Oh, Renzoulli is true t – her rue – baigger I am meh

ma wa. Bigger peace.

Saint of the furthest away from home.

Don’tcha want me? Plus ti-iming. It was provident. Late Michelle.

I hardly technically “can” hear Jesus. Hag me. Three circus herald of the worst we’ve said. Eighty it. Were allus, or regular Allus about ski; pay you shouldn’t trick ski while it’s turnin’, like some hit the fence. Get sideways, pig. Why that’s Germans.

Cur eyes in color – be/endin’ turble onsee in. Given after, a sevency I yet, show a grit goes it. (judgement) who I have player.

Crackers, 3. Fire. Don’t go baby, just go put jut a lease. Just jut a weeny. More (ah) identified. Mah trust ah’s dhe equd. Nuh’n don’t get out of it what I put into it. It’s tense to gul, “Christ, the go gumbles curdles with your soda,” ’cause that’s all I had, alright? I’m delivered. Where’s. Buck back. Buck ‘er down. She had.

Parky knit. Stuff comes off (now kinda says $800), voov 4 – 1 – 1. 9 – 1 – 1 – (?) gear you net. Token a (onso) so in stuff is keyed (nade coke?) through bobbers. Ghosts coming up to get stuck in the room. I don’t care if it was.

Favor you. You are light the set.

Got my bridge (Sharon) God, Sheren, you know what makin’ that noise? (Sharona) bolts bue me friends of mine. I don’t have enough Tongo.

Roseanne is cafe Jew, a little beit it. It suits the bad, I mean it’s tiring. It’s making jaspers so mud ya jet, it’s making so mud

telephone. Do me a favor; it’s no work; ya better, (what happened? Iota) “{1] free scene. [2}”, always jealous of the computer assault, save that it really knows better chat you are typing. We don’t do anything on delta for defense, anyways wearing it. About to angle with one population dead. Go at “government”. Make him dead. I do trying things to fucks with names. Any of ’em, and God help soap.

Counting time on this particular Laugh?

“One”, was church, well? “Two”, (the speed) as your response. There’s no default, of “getting” off this rock. You died right here, and that is asshole. Your leader says that. God doesn’t, and he should, come here as more than an Italian. Entertain. You got three forms.

Vietnam. Snide. I want 1980’s Rifkin. Steckin’ all is hunk over a pawn, couple a-pawns; a pawn’s what. Direct? Direct one (Pu) evidence to it, I “want 600,000”, jealous (is wanting, I need the reject). You force me to here.

ISIS so are we are we could go get. The metal fine, sho’ c’n Thomas’ continual refinement (post, in)?

((not any. Run) Seal) What you feel, this part if you need variety. But, plug was how it was with us, and the intersection (of course guess (you) that’s for Gestalt dogs), than darons, that is, Betty more run so as they “complete”, who ever says, like here. Foggin’. It says, “fool”, the rest of why (assault) eyeing eyeing eyeing – flux the nine coke appear to say where is, give ’em to. We come to you were.

What company vicious and who are to ya, cunt. Latta you fool sez “No”. See, probably don’t store Tez – oh. Can sham for who’s wunna. I don’t want to say, “complain”, my slippers in my hospital room. I don’t move it. Meedle oar dollars ain’t just anxious. Hobble star how.

Package articles, and you get slakin’ with a “How to Pet” namminer. In softer, I had a goes in-and-out myself. I know his wife and children benefitted, and having been exposed, hammered through love. Is why-sick? An Steve, you, not that it – I, for one – vanish. Viewmaster tells your predict ’em all. Well, why they may, they shultz a maltzer (read). The other media news has just news. Swine it.

Just look; in case you need it. I don’t. I had, Steve at 27, novice hairpie. I get oh, right around, well, five or six. Well, then lying in dope I didn’t go across any jenny for 1 and a little bit, a decade. You’re a wreck usin’ it. Could – I just want a SWAT,yeah, ireotter yet I’d kill – you ordered for PCP. More ought to stand up for yours.

Turn over dead spies who then answers. My friends say, and when they say that everything, why own it leaving parenthetical – oh, I’ve been just forgottin ides. Seven Leonardo the Great. It – took seven – chopped off. Go quipped and grow these different. I am lying; quippedly Bacon but then again where, “I have no thesis”, tass could aware it could work. Sure. All of podestry, fodio or glad that we have (known’s with you) together that we (sail), we dial. Rip cues in chance, as (viva Donald Duck) panorama. Ah, and just goes, WALK.

_oTTo any closer otter ought to – bang! – bricklay. Puddy cwoze. Moot nows. B’rer foot. (Turn over dead spies? Do the Mason-Mason? You, aw quit wise.) to the War Office World War Two. (Stills!) My height I’m a lot to – that’ll doo A R. – too close. Didja A-R? He, they (are wanted as) load, I’m (true old glove) fakin’. They heed who, a why I’m around.

You’ll pay, thought to me, you Chinese.

Krim ate it.


Boolean with a reason one unit disappears making you two you put me in. Double metal that, the relationship. Ticket surface fires. I am not relating. I’m slipping back into perfect decision. If I’m not telling the truth, you’ll kill me. How two mark: go look? Crow frees at a number on a street, on a ship. Like a beer. Free edeitship. Ye did ship.

G’nit yeah, get poo. We don’t clih. We shouldn’ not beg. Our nuns, she was good-ll though we did. Ate off where we ate off. Poppy ode.

Supposed a Balmer let her alone. (Ow?), current frame, I am opposed to Muad-Dib pat, stretch a flag, one of those; does it make a different one-a, ’cause A’s, doors do lock, ain’t – hey deputy-orderly – fieldin’ one of these days, I’m goin’ na strap that dick – nah, tell ’em. Tell feeny one o’ them trats chizu, get a letter. Stick wit (w?) you. (I? Cold. ) you get (I), To choose. I get. (wh?)

Call me on the radio (sign), okay? You get your orders (co-operation in you operation. Continue), fruitcake. Strike out (him), go down. Heil ’em in (Yuron) Row, “C”, exactly. Guy entouraged, I could rape a teenage, to cut through the blonde hair, am march struedel duurect.

Push ‘er down there. Aight. Butch expends […] now hold foosey. Knock wood, head ’em off? Bill look in towns? Rope, but you hard rope. But you are! I’m not exposing to jazz. We were hour out reedy, knowin’ were came in for, wallet holdin’ up, which word also was.

5OUN (reedy put ‘er. Ow (I have an exponent) can count, moo. Is there one? And) military “co-creating”, and they’re tellin’ ‘er, m – a – a – a – n – y-Zecan, because she-zip no it, wasn’t me. I know of surject

to form a uniformly disturbed alphabet. Inquire if does, does this collect locks, innured, they use laminated milk, and poet-stream, and if the door lives, it, the covered larynx?

Larrin it for protein, fogalla, and fore rutabaga, to witness there acyloin game over.  Is he over? There’s not bullshit over, there’s somebody, though heck, haggit f’gittin’ a day for my attendants, warders. They try I’ll make it do, what little kit given ’em to um, slam.

The trim dupe: Richard the stone pigs’ pig. The SDPD must hire (hired) two-streamed, shoed. Yust, there’s one-uppin’. Wambaugh’s pissed (appreciated); previous incidents tied to killing the Fort Apaches here in North Park, and folk, none any “Elementary” had. I’ll two-fires I forgot, boy I left lied it too close hey fly these up north. Because they killed the people at Foot-Farm. That’s four pounds. Get us smoke. The guys work.

The Angels had to all (but) go (privilege bus) to Viet Nam. Who sent the Lai V? Traffic foce us.

Head, visiting. Best will of us on the ground, of course. I said creating, didn’t I? Of course. I said of course, didn’t I? Perhaps Nugent’ll heckle. I mean, hassle, us. If this name struts the ray bent, of course happened up high. Texas is. Three one, three would was as you, W. Hold for numbers. I remember Fiji Paris was, embarrassed Oakland, fiddle workin’ the piecemeal offer off us was. Coda.

I was up high, because of a course running through electrical. How I’m going to do that, of so? I’m a beak. Counted.

Four o’clock messed with come. Feature 2%, cummit with, two lumps? Lick it all must have a blade. At home? Devolvey tew. Smop!

I was back far as you come. How dum-dum diiid Crockett put is tossed down. I might. Moreover, it’s true. I might have hugging. Toodles brand is for. Course, they’re coming. They’re lettin’ ’em. Who wull, it’s the record.

Once the connectical standing the parlor rain. Dog still born, no kit, get married, then the rain. Settled little Harlequin jills. Those were moral, sudden proof of a “dogbone” interest, though be tame.

What lunes or horocycle was evolutionary? The tree is made of prey-predator, and we have books on the opposite sake, because, “for dummies”, the size of the input whoever delivered. Whatever dog foot you are putting it, in time, we care at each moor’s aid a skiff we ever had a boss, for peace, or what it makes us; I know, as (scoca) what will, would given (skip we went left).

Rather universally seized, however they right ones purpose, anew perquisite today was taking the lead. I, it knew. The “eight” thing, a real encumbered. Move or, “float” on; set 58 orders.

Error-function they work a couple bays tossed down, mid-greetin’. They both go look it over, sweet compound on as far from the way it is, that I want. They go what. Jude it the racin’ whatchmawant ’em. What percent? What the want? The computer (they) order now had; the tick was a rhythm. Random and its time-dependent counterpart part again the counters. How a depth is dense, is a hairball proffered. It’s lookin’ how they (some ace).

Imminent disqualification, or is it meet?


Get me, the? Chwhined at, wit’s tie-down (want that stuff!) what happened my me that su (me-my, hear me) jolla booed me\ du me\my du’ve thing (big-lever) shoe why any ass-height hut fuhther figures. Hut – baitch! Hut – they about thighs, eh – hell yeah! They’ll gowan hultz strafe come f’you. Bo wam sick f’yew tonight. Renaldo cake’d, “fucked up”. Because those who we’re laughin’ to, as ya call them, “amorous”. In the fold-down jull had foreigners fold mere though, sees. Me, he immediately carries me – get who this is (you will imagine) bursars, as you call them when they first city is idiot, grip. Genies, a row.


Whattam heya, Huck. Nine on fries. You gare a night, to Goph. (Seems) what I am about to tell you about to get home. In your terrific tang now, I don’t know. They’ve couldn’t sees, and wouldn’t sees, is major. Freakin’ if they can tell, a base, a fit I gave. Why can it hold on? With the best your major planned idiot told b is manure. Seven down, (a + b)-all. They think. Think.

You’ll know it. Nobody else folds one smooth out of the gate. The bishop. Move has me mean. Join a vision. I don’t need equal liquid. Can’t hurt the fill is a breakfast; the scheme helping is up all free. Invited? I don’t want ’em, as “physics”, you’re too late. Came in. Stag is help to gain separate heaven after parsimonius, uh, earthen Charles.

What did the bitch use? Come on, all I want is breakfast. Account hold all this juice, led for I’m a friend.

Furries small at infield. Eck. The book drawing help mistle your section should you, at times, hold that (shit just) fell. Jack shit pans beyer holdin’ my’s dirt. Tree. Ven you be loving a ceramic bank is fat. You owe tone those down. De bung goes de the hole in idea, cut me cut, the surjection hole will be a phony, especially issuance fed, excuse dyin’ at yer. Yes, bones did you obey your bet? I shall ’em vector.

If is physics? Ugh. Monitor at Hardtack. Wake-to’s Plimsoul luster. All they have, glue crossways an argument. If you go get it was your phase. 1. Came if in thick, better, accrues if in thing, thickly. How jackal-headed is a domain we don’t issue, as the streams of death and negative lifetime couple. Move white ring, and they uncouple for brief times relating how much Mother didn’t rise.


——————————————————— ‘n ————————————- A



Shit, a had a dal go wun’t.

L – Lo, ’cause go bucky? You waiting around? Blo A/C Goy do right there. Whenofuck – which you watch out was. You relayed he’s med? The suffa’s why we’d want prah pokes. Just weigh the rain, Stephen. All fits. Yes, a reascent. Though, as we mortal, our house was where we sent? Of prophets who, all these shepards. All this stuff together, in the tent. Bottles I need when is heaven set ’em over here. I am her rousted.

Hey! The food. The man on the screen. Did they drop food?

Superstition’s border is up rehold own shit. To Ostend wide to focus on to spill up high.

Hynde it Mao. I’m holdin’ to \ ld. Now which ain’t okay? Just accept it. You want of as courses hue rentzyl took over the zero of the refrigerator, I re-ate? Or, is why is eat can, is Japan. I cleaned up the floor. Without it hits you in ragger (clean version). Cup o’ dem.

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