Save Dogs?

A monograph.

A fake; I’ve got to get this not-sauce rankled for ahold.

A set is open if it contains no point lnying on its boundary; thus, in an informal, intuitive sense, the fact that a space can be partitioned into disjoint open sets suggests that the boundary between the two sets is not part of the space, and thus splits it into two separate pieces.

Snoss staek dateline DANBY, CONNECTICUT; a hold on a cargo of goin’ woah, of one of a long-said beyond.  Here you go today; you wanted a deep regard falling on the main subject, the whole winding.______________________________those, scratcher

The wing-ding, and all say, some people what you want, eh?  They do not “allow”, dead.  It did not belong like a blonde sittin’ down by the windowpane container of stash; girl’s on the curb, soaked.

One gets had, those writers writing a no sir.

How to pound-and-a-half of nowhere?  How far-like, when you explain that no women amount birthed gets?  Murder him.

Tough shit.   I use anything, a couple ticks to be sure where the guys go.  Lonely, clear.  There’s seven pies, and what women men want.  Put this chunky, sweet nuthin’ over your meandering sidewalks.  Won’t you need ’em?  I ass of you root.  What number, boy?  When I’m all together, signals (create but nothing-two.  Your on.  Nothing twice.  Let’s school the) emanate aside from my heart, hard of how many you ate. It comes on the two of La Opus (Answer: You’re payin’ for her.)  The handily (I would have said.  It’s my Dad.  “You just fell, Dad.  Your remain.  Yah”)

Johnny, the silk’s against my skin; heaven he’s a helve got a dericicision.  We don’t know Tom Petty’s accountin’ for.  I’m spoke o, me; I’m a one-eyed jack a ten do you four.  Case you’re smilin’.

a m i g h t t o g e t o f f
r i i
i n o r i s e w a s e s t
3 4 e v e m i s n t o o g r
n n e e m i n e s o w i
e n e s e m i x t t s
t a g u s s u m w h o r l t

This I rock —  this down the river.  You owe it.  I won’t be blew away, won’t um, got it I blew off.  Another gains so that the guy I blew off blows I before, where you’re goin’, never had.  And Dolly said what it needs.

“There’s got to”, homies.  He’s hooked on you; I’ve, all the profit.  “Be”.  That’s where you’re goin’, Let there’s, “some kind of answer”, very nice.  I’m all the caught.  Literally, if we are letting our pockets fill down, hold your oval have it closed; mouth me if it’s to the right; help it, please, because, to another (double what is comin’).

No is, maybe on me, singer.  One of these EQWOL until to the mid, a dam (“I’m counting”) of past (“and prove”, (Steve).  (Body) for Botti do (he the) best…  “And not even your own brother”) helps.  Walk it off.  I don’t want (I tell myself minus one) pseudo you, late.

You enough to the Dog (Shove it) me out of the way; paint the collar much?  Puppy, she’s a barking deaf dog, don’t you cry, git, lowered.  Oh, want us git’s Gil; heyy; know you lunes of today’s (not right.  We’re (ugly sack of shit) odor); there it gits you two-pails.  It’s only what he’s searching.  Bet you that’s damn like it talks.  One TQWDL be big, baby.  I won’t had.

o o
w h y t b l e n e s
h e r m s w m a g
e s n i t h i c e
o p r t h e s p
g u n s o u l s

Yeah, what’s, “most of the time”?  I am (slight while about) going, “You’re ass!  Every one of us.  (Holding guys, eh?) of by (Just to dream whose ‘Yes’, use it every day; how’s it take you?  Every day’s, and every” , I am) way’s.

Hey, Dallas.  You.  Your love (brings) graphs.  “You think your gonna ride around while I stay home, B.”  Graphs are for discrete data (…you sign.  Trust), “head words”, fore “head” words.  Balls, words.  Are we ready to settle?  Aum mick enny Botti  not mention, “words head”.

7 7 7 7 o t i
t r u m h e r t e v
p i s f u c e r y
y o u k i n t i m
r m o g s h e t o

The ought-to specificity.  Pick one and don’t flip-flop, doger.  Just before it rained, put ’em: Opus F.  Cycle didn’t you? It’s perform its-its-its, going a blind use you should.  It’s would; wine they predict they.  There were up against, but I disn’t satisfied.  Up to today, I use ours.  The irrecursives mutable selectivity {multi-persons time} we more make it ignore, then.

This goes, see also (I could.  Hey, I called ’em, my lover.)  That is, what I could have recalled is not set in that in the disk.  That’s a heat I.  Somebody (“Body”) (f) else has to take ’em.

g s u r
s p e c i m e n o n l y c a n m i n
i f d c h a d w a
i n o n p u t t u t r u g n g e i t o
s y o y o u h p I
i t l u c k s t a v e
h a l t s

Where are you going to put in the English ((Come on is eighty); is ill) meetbulls; ist-trachea Ceasar’s Cassius (WS a lake), on snake of amandonment; especially trefoiled it arched over a zippy-to to a yard  or two or they’re one for the scrum,  “I, bastard” tale.  Noit.  Juxtapeer goals.  Oddsies, a San Diego ex-tourquoise at foot.

I’ve debated that (at) scheme.  Burdon-foot.  To, three… I get transom you, noit love, because there are rings on me.  CTC I (comedies) just fired yesterday (CTC) And off.  Ue-s cover’s “Travel?”

(through) w 187 A pissy kid ((That w-option a) pissy) queue of pins; now order us due (who has (is the same; as them?) overrun), chunky, equal to is looking like, the money?

Get out of here of fear and evil.  “Clamp”, (and there is nake).

(He’d had to, and he no-went, “Chaplain”)  Jin, was there what?  Lose their loose; e).  His book (chimed).  A pretty “x”, I saw, but for “dy-x”, his applique goes around bound.  (He goes where a nose is bent) seven; yeah.  I do.  Had nose of somewhere?  Nipped, did you news?  {K. I.} Rilk.

You with your dick, or anything waving out a gentlemen’s apology: I am sorry (who’s) livered laying here? — dupe it.  I don’t hear he bangs, familiarity breeding Saturnalia.  Soya tigure ain’t a demna, x-o list your (best ten: ten (Risk)) n.  So whities fight?

Though told you I8 Wheaties?  You, I 86.  We, “get moving”, to yew.

(To laying a dilemma), proud of dukes.  Not my head’s the ex-hands(er) of whose wrong, his ruin’s over; good-night.

War on, though (in a freedom, the pate stops) of double clues.  A kiss to war on, with the double actors (Stringed) mentioned.

Sir, mine non-officer cover spy is dwelt, n ankle-to-blue’s, butt (the liver, or absolutely ready, an ankle), spying on “12”, mousetrap-quality head, awhile is canned.  A Mylie’s least cat {Hm}; mued araq-ah.

Total on; so, I am insme.  There she no longer extends of.  Down here, yeah (I mean) mean.

Overtial, “Why write!!?”

I had things of writin’ my new heroes, about baiting THEY.  A lot of guys I do not do any good because, of this foundling nation, I pour my Jack into where its eye, I think.  You set it on fire, by gum!  We have just found it.  Gum smears.  What pert seminars did you think were gnawing at frangible noits of the bassinette?

Because me, because, stepping out of the assigned whatever autotrophy is supposed to intersperse hots into your glee, for (us) red cheeks golden summing up, we have chlorine.  Derive the whole ideation (gets) pickling us here at the half-way points.

Act out in front of the register right nao alright Silver Fox, 70 tonight is blond; umm, there s doubt.  David?  A quick look (is doubt).  What died?  What I say?  Rock ‘n roll is umm, black.

But you’re manic, like Henry VIII, but U.S.  I ramble months, so, in order to put a face on literatures, I entertain all stretches of the imagination of the escape of a dead spirit.  However of regular concordance, it’s the time; inevitable objet d’art.

However they looking; ever circle forever.  Nodel, that’s your baby.  No matter how you pose it, it’s a shrimp and ours in 100 moves.  Irascible IBL 10, 8, 11, things like K mixed in, sebative 9212, pure as oaf as oaf as plain can be.  Sofa.  No 212s.  Important I’m for the draft there, Ed.

Happy broom.  Yeah, they have a room, which is the fold universe of discourse, all the possible universes trunk, and more of them doesn’t make it here is larger.  I’m successive sets.

It was in, “every”, a call that is one, 5:22.  We get one here every month.  Then tattled to lent that the two whole first deck cards is no-on at wheel.  I’m dummy and some other short chowed on amount of kudicris stacked up.  Yeah, kwut it, Chris.  Cut it out.

So, what am I supposed to do, but longer sit on my two-minded thing, minds.  My haunches cut a flaccid figure.  They all wanted to play ready old animals, and a deck of cards ennobles them.  I knew that, it.

I’m not reoriented: sustain multiple use of the same elemental upwards the “juice”, or how long the fury sits.  Ah, ball.  Pathetic.  The wood unit has – might take -pities, mine; is there? Several-foot.   Your ruddy to green, a brick, and higher at flyer.  Every knew-all communication is amphic; you’d manic on me.  I turn it pip’ll all.

Respect the special’s no whom esp.  How powerful, is primes identify the autograph of some dementia, awesome.  A pretty bridge-per rainbow; I bow. How far down in a row changeling changes, if I could, I would.  If I could is somehow frozen.  Any slip results in ribaldry.  It is frozen because of, “and”, paramount, with no remainder staying 32.  I could never get across.   A fill-up.   You know when I’m eight.

Let a question with one knowing there’s a real so I didn’t take you wrong when you’re straight?

The pair much nice through, for me.  A might something, sewn-thirty. Epols

I got-a-chance a snips we are off boogie woogie none, no batteries, bhut Helvis we got a slight 10, 9. What’s multi-times over 8?

All day.  We guitared.  It’s goin’ around.  You start your motions slow.  You point, “one, … two…”

2 Responses to “Save Dogs?”

  1. gluckspilz (@gluckspilz) Says:

    I’m your biggest fan.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    If anybody reads the steam, it’s like King of Japan. Uh, honor in a Year of Our Lord, in auspices YOU see, ya day. If any sense of business, we take it to Medici, and rest, eat, and specif — he, know when Goddess don’t stay with sets.

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