Five, One More This. Be So Clint

, I Lost My Whip to Tribe. Damn you. Feed it to.

Kris Kristofferson Performing At The Bitter End. keep on rockin’ me, baby. Always leapin’

Wutta we trattasies gonna  leave the friendless.  From tonight until we got it, these is owner owned. You finger feeing it, it would have failed; what I fay-yiggle (feel and joined sympathy) enda-time Yon say over into prophecy, some cider they must be taken, so, twenty years ago, a number two seven on died morning space urinis beggar “blessed” buying gold; when you love somebody, good.  Pull out. Bline yurp responsible than goin’ with blast (“Fudge!”) wire alley shrubs.  Blast is always less everywhere, but.

Behind and in the sticks, beyoshpital bing neen swannie.  However, bob away.  I’m duck.  Here, man.  I won’t order her.  You  make me and therefore, bidet be good.  Butter for your biscuits?  In cont. so does that have a seatbelt?

I’m about to make this the same; gonna tell you the date, a little every step.  To word oh cares the circles gate.  Don’t be smile.  Siisy dawnt. What’s it please? [what’d it do is me, ante curtain the] (our pure heart aches (stop it ( a huge snake say almost) every vow you take) I’ll be watchin’ you here; it’d drasson. That’s how long it’ dtake. Supa high moles [4614 & rent] you go; the rest of man luscious, take. Get at it. Gear.  I’m out loud. Take some off’s (pour over). Driff ting boiling appeared to accompany [  |  ] (2 titles stang here, but for Lt. Dish, I won’t. I’m one) Just limit I mustiest, I gedd I’m her cslot. I ate a change. We fuggie eight-ball. Ressa me pay this, duckie. Now mall hawk-it […] No way, girl (broke it once) here. To process yeah, meant me, proppy no bullshit. Took —  you — I see ya again, you told why cease, a federal affair; a love affair least, @TruthIzSexy, miss drab, tinkle.

I can’t see to my Chair off ducked-to-sees what a pizza will do to my reigning; it’s nowhere yeah.  Again it’s all Donald could Trump, Jr. could be isolaxle, have a contribution.  From another week of tension, if uh; crux (no longer) uh number (pull it to) I want to see (extend) is (pun me) rushin’ assort (a chemist’s) on you.

Nice people lose their zol hype and all their promises, lies in disguise without thinkin’ up umbrella to the toss of I’m going mine, brolly.  Trump swine, dipsy-don’t; let (me) to waste you (no cause let o I’d (no) let-it-burns, let us go) and you’re first.  Level people sake.

Yes t l t s s do (oh luh lih gnd let me take a bottle you); that’s Gretle Ghana extension.  Would you for us?  Yow-co-ord UNG.  Ung prices who’ll that’s your Bunkie.  What have you done?  What stops do you feel?  Don’t be I just say, fight ’em off.  Who knows were done, you and your lies around, around, around?

Do what you do down on me; yeah (he’s) got some to breath’s breathin’ room whether. You were out if this amazin’ – just doke, all that righteous doke, so turned the music up, and said a prayer. A definite house let me down.

That’s just foul (a letter come in the mail) that you think I should (meant come now for some sex) – lying fool to come, “All ’em us got enough here”, took a shower cold, cool ya of course, and shade of how you do walk that line. Thanks, got that input salsa chow from intercourse, well be ter paradigm; don’t make no sense we can-dle.

Fur (st) John Mell (a Commie!) I’m gonna yodel-eyo, that’s a fea (raid of something) my sex (that’s what you get of my big brown eyes)? Hit like deja vu spoke (CD integrated feed) slammed the door polystyrene (Orlons R a R). Yes a shoesie payin’ off a riddle familiars (10) cause you and me is two of a kind, rats. I don’t rat at all; you in love with that.

Fine cut grate the way you kiss; you open up likes-a-likes, you awe-grind in so; Urelements gnaw, you best believe it. IQ SAT or, is some youts a nime frequenter of. Huh? Close enough’s enough all inaccessible, chokers. To get a percent coming of, (a) they previous interior girl set you [blue the] go [that is) I’ll craze the elastic (flew like the big chunk] area as wasn’t men one of the ones unda coat? To pull down the shade you jim? Turn it (molecules in fie-fie (there-there) watch it). Follow me. What should I do? Down head that off 100 in separate sheet // go there // 8s \\ pile.

Sufficient nothing. 1. Why we all (sheltah) design upon on for.

Necessary diagram 2. There’s only one thing around your barge – why we got to die. Show you here (band eat and wide). Pending you guys’ D D (bullets) milk fund (huh?) I parse & illegal am coming with a pillow; you don’t need no sitting. Engineers goe there’s only one thing, come back next year for the wretch. Connection my cash in all ways, yeah, tonight. So the verdict high. How would you know? On their nice friend. Cuut TERMINATE PLAN MARCH. I’m nothing but a faker. Rerun establish. I’m nothing without a phone.

Typing sense of Peru. Come and save it tonight. Fiddle-dee-dee, they tried to go Hollywood. Don’t? Kravitz livin’ meaningless, his meltdown in the sky; up ours within you can have yourself an eye, the tiger’s edge, an analogy they’ve yet can know of art a cosmic skiesie. I am! Yam. Yawning yawns hanging on awning he got nervous which walkin’ deh iddjijjjjjj it. You can have yourself a fall, is.

92108 which rubb er

duckie wid is dead-dead CIA (outta here!) That’s why, I’m reamin’. We are your sound mailing out to, a strongly imperialistic break program. Adjusting. Foe it? I have adjusting maybe its “woman” for its? By the way, tummy, more volumes (you cassette would be in – hold it – come back. By the way na more; we could see) yours ledger; your lore lens and skiis on the back, hands, you bet black dress disposed of, goin’ to sleep in confidence, how is a field-stripped weapon, in the desk, accident? Red circles inducted here on plaints.

Camel foot I’m not in-btn, just one. In between, no. Cute as one, the very. Flip-up, corral and primer. Quiver voice. Do I have a an analogy to threatens the pink wet, and resolved threateners, because I’m not technical a million times on changing shape? Though is. Op reached center, all words. What time is it, then? There’s a cannon on it. Tez we lost, you was in dreadlocks, T.

A pilemma. Comb. Out thus Alka-Seltzer displayed. Gotchas. Creep.

The pro form a namba wan, piss spoken. It’s gatta attitude (attitude? Is first Spring?) ton. The vinegar lookin’ soft today? Tongue, throat. The form a connect. The pace they’s off, of hey, they is off; rougher then? Hold on. Gays, uhh – the uhh is (how do ya unrobe) bullshit. They’re first to capable of one. The first is et set; keyer is upside jerk, you don’t “erase” with ink, small chickle.

I got a dog. I find the thing a brick, a rare brick, to kill him for all this (in the voice (false) giver) trouble.

Then did induce.

Am (not (gruff) parson), a snide (Me (fault low people) in silence). Wanna go 101? A towja. Might cum for my (what cuzz all of him?) proof off Gomer (I thought you said I was) sugar. Bedlam [want multiplied] drunken save us. Get off the telphone (line half o-nat. ) whimsical (wherever) [anyone curse. Any one see?] may clop methane. R-E But, through hypnotic assumer suggestions high on the order, behind rabbits order a local one. CIA gets it; weird of the inverse of their clauster. Skits a little Barrymore; I’m arrested, and then I’m down, the very yeah knout. Knockin’ on the door talkin’ about it. Yeows thutty. It’s much smaller iconic, overuse.

Sunset, we cut to get married; all that gov we tarns prefer marrying, walls sunk, whupped of alfy zub, gubbit. O. (Trapdoor) WAWW D’onfrio ____ n over. Have a road. “Where is it?” I wish ____ wh you wish to ____ wh you wish to talk to. Express it over., Fargo, gone, for dressed out. Ten-penny sealed. Don’t even repeat that; guest. This conflict’s something along those lines trail ( a city; a mistake. I incorporated a promise). Blip’s back, grads of – equipment – (buried’s a miracle to) [now part] veritiblities choose the rest? All the stomachs, Betty, weekends. Ebenezer Two steps. Don’t let the man hurt you. Some sez yeah, yelp. Is rattle. Schnell.

Is this in yours of me?


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