Your mother said; cud jude, caud Jimi it, J 666.

too rude wriggle

and a staw me.

Colts Emoticon


I went to a shrink
To analyze my dreams
She says it’s lack of sex
That’s bringing me down
I went to a whore
He said my life’s a bore
So quit my whining cause
It’s bringing her down

Sometimes I give myself the creeps
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
It all keeps adding up
I think I’m cracking up
Am I just paranoid?
Uh, yuh, yuh, ya

Grasping to control
So I better hold on

You planned.

He’s not good, we are not, “good”– not, “thing”.  Cease all; neckties.  How in the  morning in the trai-hull (burns when I think of you).  How there’s a mountain, stoppin'(I do not wish any thing to suffer it’s a rhomb) ged.  (Stripe) Zip it (negative; it’s true.  Morse) Get this (om, writin’ (the type you’re a fressure) this, too) on your flame/ flocc grande fuck, of them; I know if am (accurate) knockin’ pull out (accompin’ ‘nat) about “Breathe”; am knockin’ get set-fers uncovered (“St. Tropez” louses) pile; French out (on a steal) my (here it come: Tut, labor is said; set down. If I fight a doctor’s, (never unofficial’s my surrom) lovin you’d) take a deep breath. And I’d of ran soul, down the soul, the word is all, “Take deep breaths”, go, “This is my home!” And, ‘ave it you secondly U-it, we’en haivit kind of here to is out with a wayvia world anyway narsu, so much. Makes you kit you gut it; gets, “Do you cook?”, error, with the frosting, Bing.

I could have ways love to Jay, BB.

a a
v l a d t d o t d o
y o u y o u e s h
h e r s a y e s a
e w h _ w h y t u c k i t

holds you up. (Theta) Eric Trump, Bibi dicuss what w/for. Sell a fall, frying aura tension.  We end.

l o o
e t u f f o d a y
s t a f h i m o l
k e t m f r e c u
h i s o m t l e s

Listing what is done.

Tensha “c” sounds work Ellen come [+n+] work out w/me. Step out with me. You’re (the phone was fuck) two of ava burger. Zoo, Babs; where you teekin’. Off. Y | __ . __ what she say (Do) I, too, at the edge of five, gritshie-thun, and you are – slow down! – the fifth. Cup high a loop; of marry us some of garden-vah.

Air reet, ass given ’em. A knowy is a gift from God; is smoke? Louis Quattorze what’s smokin’? Pre-ful. Great ville needle (no stirrup happy, “a” (git)).

  1. We’re siccin’ with (us). Jeers first Lauren Bacall. Yurann be in to yuran; both happiness. Yuine up working in a Seven-Eleven, “a” doctor. peenchee loado.Capital made wortz; Nick boy net ear ate air afetz.
  2. c c a
    a u s r i t t w e
    e _ b i c a d o n o f y o u r h e a r t
    u t y l o f t s a
    o u r _ w h y m c o o c l i c k u h
    t a c o
    w o
    h e n v e r
    y o u y o u
    n a r d r a w h e n t h e y a r o u n d
    r o w g o b n
    e m o t i o n c o n s e q u e n t l y a r t h a r

    Am; I got your other caret; Boo. I kets nice in stead satin, I get from slight lopping child. A parenthesis (emit four tops), ’cause land shoe, four are bleak where you’re going, and that’s (South of the curtain; family).

No; you are good to see sorry when nuclear; just try. This is in-glow.

Soofer’s – it – no good. Dar was it, (no)? Saw dem dare.

e o r a
a n t s e b t m y r e m w h o b e a t s o u t d i e d i r e
h e r e a t g a m y s _
e a r l e s e _ h i g o d i r t w o t s o f w o o m
e t h s t a i s d t t h
s t e v e o n e t u c k i n g a s s

Add’ll be.  Yeah, no shit close.  Keep walkin’ that dog.  Get us is crack.  I’m a nice guy, Tommy.

o e u s c o
r i g p t o p e a o m e n e e
w e r c c i k e n b a c a r l f e e l i n g t h e r e i s
e g o d e n g l i k t h y n o
i n g t a l s h c r e e v a t
w o o t

Sells ’em; do you cook, do I do it? O cooked whatever his happen, hissing troll right top of ’em. Your wife’s comin’ over.

Wretch with the pool game. Chill it out; night’s answer; Know Europa god playin’. Why this is nagle; benches.

I’ve been offed, turd, when they’re there, theirs the pall. Funky turd, it’s a put-on; free there, to liced.

[To Womb it may concern. Be on the line] Performing done in stirring flames.  You have to see this; what we do, respect.  What his bread?  To respect is more.

Botticelli,_ritratto_di_giuliano_de'_medici_bergamo 1475

Botticelli,_ritratto_di_giuliano_de’_medici_bergamo   . Who, servant, or, I could Mick. You didn’t want that, or think I’d need it.

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