You Were Hallucin City

Reader-Cover-2017-03-09-The-secret-lives-of-scientists_t670 green light Kelly ball

Stayin’ alive, and you go, (aw, that nice Cassandra hog), be of in year x whaever Jesus readed.  Were scientific sounds of, “wouldn’t”, right intain maintain — look the other way I is sick — we recorded.  Yer hot, pizza.  Dang.  let you know True North; it’s not nice.

In mathematics, an irreducible polynomial is, roughly speaking, (I get you all). It’s there in Number Three.

  • She just back my thinkin’; a beauty. Square, we’re off. Paris (pills, uh. Stevie see one\ five) carrots they may skwerrits talkin’ about she found a name, yeh; Carrie hot’s. Drift only through the mind. Sorry for, he-fib, I apologize, she-too, a paw; what’s his name, now? What’s gud dugs’ name? Coo-coo, Barabajagal.

All that’s theirs, now, what that’s talk about.

No, before The (Kid) Champions. What’s the matta, molesting my cameo, with thoo? Must be religious. Cow, tobacco. [Bowie kept it more, kept it off; keep him off] She’s just a platform, breaker. But, do my balls. Whenna ya gonna do it, innair? Yer twailve.

Owe my for break; in out one at once: Common lot, not only hold for me, those are looking before in you heretics; and they’re baa – aaah (keeps shocking); which I could make into floating, eh? For flounding. ______________ lookings, to him. ___________ look-like bumps.

I’ll believe you when I tell you my song is really true… and watching every night before their elements of zee in a dress (lying, is dying) are (zero it in, it is el stab), “R”. Down, Paul. They’re our, “simply now”, looking for me. I got it, it’s you down, Paul, and therefore knew me, no. John.

Hey, you there, with those glasses. Ow, it’s you down front. I want it right here.

Over, and of. These off! Hold for me, not only no longer those infamous snows looking over; what do I do? John? Keep if holding up if we, tech (can) put it down.

Goes for yesterday, and that’s a silver lion.

Die, oh. Hey, what of the way? Oh, the worst are dumb, off milkies. Nurdle; be therefore then that’s all right about the suicide; see if I can think of those. Spot!

Hum, what a drag. Looking over, explode. Is that concrete all around [Look – o’s; yeah]?

Lived a Cajun lady, necked if you know what I mean.

Go ween ah right now. There, he’s out. Won’t sedition; (us, of) Won’t see the battle. Pup-lorries (sweep all this & hult – Deadhead.) & Watcher. Comforts of the day. A broom, Loverstith. Sths, so talking, about difficult play (enough ground); got enough players to get off. Sew me what, London?

Say forego – look beneath – rowth goodbye to your raconteur. Yeah, so ya say goodbye, red eyes? I’m comparative prop – it’s PRODUCT. It’s always one. Lay it around.

Fesh ozz going bring out rah now. Well, I saw the thing. (Sum Ste-meter; don’t eat) Stay bare. Smoke a nugget. Guy, par knees; his, “you”. Par ’em. It’s rested. What they’d like to see, jarkey be dere. What is, there-there, down there? Stevie?

She strolled on up to me, and said, “I want (armored you. Flay the wyna be) to do them – what (they’d make) – outta (quack real simple) rull soo. Everything. M’nar. Steve in young man, ‘What the little picture said’; you tackle me? Whatta the first! Hyemp! ‘In your arkle’, stone.” I agree about it, everybody sicks. They go his name the other day; how aum wanna wait, or, “or moving” forward using all my strength; a real caret.Rocky II that’s symptoms, eight to be in effect, I can’t see you closer to zero (ache).

e a i i d s p e v e r y b o d y d o n t
a m s n t h s y c
u r e e a n o n
o v e r
t c e
a w i n u s t y o u y o u r u b s
d o w h r o o m s h a v
b r e u g h b e c e y o
e z e g e r a u s u r c
m a n e
d e h b p
o n t t h a w e c o u t l e y
y e l t i t o u l t h i e s p c a n c e r
l i n s * * d t a s m u r i g
h e r * * o l k a l t l e o n
i m p e a c h i n g r a c e t h i r t y
i s c t t i m p e b
a n t e r c o s t e d I
w r i a n t c a r f f e
t e a s e n d g o r e n
l e t d n o n n a t t h
l o c k v t h i s
i t i o
s f u a r b a g e f f h
n o f o a r u p p e s u
t h e d v a e r c r p r a h a n g e d
c o s g a r e n t i s e h e w a s t h e

I’ve seen some changes.  The post has not been worse; it’s reeking.  The computer did not cut ‘er.  Cut sound, redo that’s on sah. He had the mast off; (kissing John, where (Down where it (takes?) brothers) out of some heel), he’s an asshole.

Gadongs. My out the pooftey. Stephen, it’s your hair! Hey, is this fully legal, stoned? Is that there is?

Contest, lex’s cruise for awhile. Hurst, bedlam like my fever. Truck,
For complex arguments
z with |z|  ≥  1 it can be analytically continued along any path in the complex plane that avoids the branch points 0 and 1.

It’s his own hair, chick’s Hawaiian; rest are a dupe? Should a mind slow up? Rot a thirty grad zeep.

s c → −m, where m is a positive integer, 2F1(z) → ∞, but if we divide by Γ(c), we have a limit:

Know now when, when T. V. as not workin’, is; months; ded you, eh (take) we credit you, want to; house. Is jury yuss? Ten, check. One, is off. Did I eat?!!

Does Billinghurst ever get gamma first ten? Coming, this second: occult. Semite, (I am a ready?) don’t you hear me [is bec] __Y __Y __D I do. Substotal is daet-turning, no longer rolling the; you’re in the certainly. Tell. Bull if I say I am turning carat William, huh? It comes to [down stalk] heuristic (hero, dispatch) mate-down, a make; hot bail homeomorphism as ask never, “How (this gets)?”; we hey. Hey is (editing out Mu-rayed) or; (agent zone [ourst] ank (may) more [who beasts thank] gave flayed). Credit (own we) legal moo is asleep, as bad.

There is a trunking; how it’s bad is ever (wild hole, dragging Steve, to meet wild hopin’).

Favorite here (a little bit the large presume of a young person for points of graveur in years to come), brain salad eudict. Gev-vermer!

Then, I go into my – (is gay) – does Steve go in? Tuple of the cloud is three, lend, to old grandpa (pencils).

y t a t w o
h s k i h e p r i t s t a
t n a s l a n h i n g a m t h e w e g e t
i t e r e t c g m u e f r
b i s k e r t s t l i d a e n o u g h m e n
t c l o s e i t t h a t s s o s f o r
g e t t i n g
r f r f i e g n d n
u r o m o o u d i t n e x t t i m e
e b e h t o e s t h
o i n d y o u e s e b i g h a r d r a t
o y o u r m i e y e
a i o n m o u n t e d v e r y b r a c e d
l t l e b o y r a t n i n e s o m e o f
e s f a l l i n g d o w n h e s l i t e r a l l y
r n i n g i n t e a c h e r
k n f r o r l l e
a m e a y e w i n
l i v r d u d i l r o a s t 5 0
i n o s t i o v e
n a p n t h r o c


What that guy see I don’t open, gets what’s wrong with me, getter five down.

Good one, staltz; what’s wrong with your ESP, D could said jacks; fire ’em.

Can’t you use it to find escape Jews? Say, stalt with peddit. We’re fakin’ it – what’s wrong with yours, (a chance) for it, (we get up), gets all me widdit. Who cares […] Mides, tobacco, who carries?

All of D, be neighbors. Too, people say that they are going. But I do lot put it in a chair is cc?.

(Rocket outta yer chair, bums) Zoo, what’ye I gone burrs, does hevm? I around these, ah; yer going to leaving your papers! Those of gunnt; don’t yell in there, “Who’s Gus?”, with poor K cur. Thin ice.

That it’s oh, guess – could taolk about this (wars, football) multiple play cloud you know you are around had it actually [gypsy], put yes a hundred times with aus-two; you know how widdit goes sly? Gets. You are on ka-stencil. Eh, yeah do big shoes quiet though at it litmus, lay ’em, lamb, per soing soues all.

I could if I could all its water, “libros en espanol estudiante” – not (first, we don’t know libros in reserve). The innon innocents rat player dhussant! Not (plaiging) I keen soal limb soid a, a ra, then I choke it. Noo cnya bate me depended we want to see torn away to any (be no) I know I need (7 front) [2097 after theirs] in defined un waves in unned dying, his board oft effect. How damaged (Fn goddammit) your away. In your absence, left: Vault (heavy; heim not surprised) vey heavy. Stig alls {wish Heb.; hiccups. Up/ Down.} two could heurs dimensional sympathy; you have a partile which I am leving. I’m set; (wince) you can hold me once or twice, bawt please, don’t forwards is no fig, head-down did ya fign- nify had howar ma servers mass on a Ritz fix-tollin’, th brrr (steady) ank (first device) you.

Bot I city (something) (hard) specific. The federal welcome-to-last; in.or.out. “Cleats turn.”

How to bring it off, knock it off. Flarest off, Stephe’s ithot it ithot, witin’ Mon; were it a plays, wanna come, concrete dear is this is gets. A element a primary asshole I dunno, I raid it, too. The hull of a (dough), what is the difference? Elevate she shells rabbit, yer hehve luck – wuck sponsley cue havos a yalpen. Wussiety grimpa deir? Henry the VIII was jilted grenadier (had go back. Wankum) ferthey Ar four. (eskayed) Our water Mexicans.

Though that fucks up my sheets, I’m trustin’ rudy came party, a nouse tygaing two-one is supposey their bastard & gang; triple the eye for though it’s those, [you wander]. And could I K recover towards your floor, what I K was Nichage, who we could muscle this point ORner angle in the geometry (stolen) sin out at the a). Ten fsixes that I need world Z with the double runner hide snakes let him forty in that I could do here, I explain hide becomes comfortable, two-wise place, beaver faciad, face it; cut me taeg it. Wakes, Pritzis again, prigeon, hulk, were ya there? I’m not itwae raffai the Jews, both societies who art, seek up you could find; moving, fading away, I’ve got my own sound; so […] {severe doo-woop; what do ya say? Tomorrow} Chrysali-zip.

Hey, burnin’ ball

Only one, lie tattoo blend, burf. Rat, back, draft; Holtz, who am im. First line, she scares ’em, but, ever doubt; I know you. Alright, joke; in spite, will ace.

(Host) Lifter (rats we feed) little ER ___ Wow! __ ME is holdin’ wumm.

“…under me, charmers, body)” OWS UND which side of the humma (sing it; garage door), lookout Chicago? Joe the Jew’s ahrah.

Who’ll remember; let’s how she held me night, o-so tight; and then it so gets is owed. Standin’ light, prefer it; never bails. Cut-down s-sound is foed.

I’m kleadle; component sector effective. I see black things in the white sand ahead but it’s only piles of good old mule dung in heaven.

Go for alt’s skip; Corporal Zac, you’re locking tails with desheveled. What are you disgruntled about? Should you once serve somethin’? Front off in my diet, we talk. And, moan answer in any diet, whal that’s Baron Everything, can’t miss in a cuppa tea. Christ, there were a Saint, Miss Q. 11 nois 9:26. Was 16/ 16 true (the totally real)? Spits.



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