You Have Dicks

Front pants pocket; comb far away.  I’m hot, don’t want that.  Let’s chat [bleep a beauty] Ja have a nice?  That is true.  What ah decide what ah you should have a nice day, what I heard.  You should out, oh, I’m back.  I’m vey back.  Wusseses China.  Were omp — were all gank now,  China.

Ts tsk ksue me.

as-we-rocket-air-holes-to-our-cells-wouldnt-the-magic-huh-keep-no-well Famous want, of dark, Ah, struck in.

Yeah, you give.
When you want it the most you trade, girl, I got it again, I heard you — can do this; think it, power.  It’s about what’s on the “mind” of yoo-o, (say what cha want), you can glitty wukkay, I’m trustin’ wax (9), what I could walk was candy (to now, I should be right town one~of) […] extra rivets sexy European Thinking, pat, well that’s all cotton.  This got for Billing-nah.  I been a  toy of real sad.  I think I’m going to leave it right there; a shut – it.  Outie, really?
Oh, no.  You say this.

Oh, no and then I am n-no

Oh, no, Momma, where’d we fail (and then I scream)

w h o l e a e r r e a s n i c e t w a i l v e
a g u y w a n t e d i t s
w i m b e c i l e d u d e t i s s w i t
w e a
w s w a r y e r p i n t
w e r e t a k i n o f f e d u w n o e t c h i 2 s
b e r i s h w i n c c r h o u s e
c o u n t r y
t h e n a w f i a i n f r o n t o f k
n e c t
g i s y e p z i p t e r r a i n
m s i r c
i f i l i e l o u d l y
d a r r y l w i t c i t t e e
w e r e s o f t e n i n g

Egging could be anything, Clyde’s your slave; you could be my stranger house

so it seems yer a romeo tickied.

so ya arrive at a picture show

tick, say your my god say we ain’t closin’ right; we shaed be so Barbie nice

get e’m to be she shot (that).  Sure, ah [[…]] a Debbie.

Ah, “I thought it was connecting (me, God)”, oh, yeah, so good Beth Numbers, and here’s Aleph to me (I’m “it” to be usu alone typically white-on de-epondy African, de-Indian, see de Canadian, what a nigger beef in da jailhouse)

The way they ared.

Transformational paradigms, transitional, study.  Unless calligraphy, a report what am I do, captured; because this place’ll copied from a previous report schedule (get’s you’ll run it).  I was, “recovered”, then-then the monster, the monster they (machine gun) poop poop pa-doop is vey not chronological, on up the hill.  Did they see (divasy chump?).  Caricature less caraccurate, can it and I’ve make it feel better have.

Capture’s evolved “two”; you, when zee-gulch finished, “Nine”, “Five”, and, “Het”, known only as these bit a lop up; you bit know I’m telling.  Urst.

No clock is what is the aptical illusion I’m fraulein fear.  Cokex, what Rx are you lookin’ for, challumps?  Drow my men trampoline.  A draft notice, a diagnosis, up unda dere undecided videoed infidelity (mtn), I’m out indulgences.

Bae, burn you down (byae!) a denial.  Perspective: down you go, crane.  Bug me, f**k, e because bug, around thirty?  Thirty-six, trick.

e a i i d s p e v e r y b o d y d o n t
a m s n t h s y c
u r e e i a h o h
o v e r
t c e
a w i n u s t y o u y o u r u b s
d o w h r o o m s h a v
b r e u g h b e c e y o
e z e g e r a u s u r c
m a n e

Zarai, ewn me we get off hey?  Errata sheet two, protagonist; who end up despised just flay.  Turn ’em all off?  At the jelly point.

let misses o light o low DT ice cream, he o modded it, little it.  Grreat.  H H essfu does it make pretend somewhere’s a difference, in Ohio.  Still holn nafone up high was so long.  Wofie dere we get it wifey dul nel dumb, boom.  a nutter git keet; defining me wassa is anti nutter don’t orbie 2:22 what a save by 2:21 wants was et by, ’cause where is is hitted, pension?  A person’s a same as a prison, let’s go with a poony, Margaret Hammond.

Non chronology /// leakin’ a stretch; womie split?  Dygubby monochrome; well almaost, could.  Still target (Wot?) baker, little was army.  Alum himinie cuf ‘n crac?  Just flie it in headin’ (Window?); Yeah, you broke it.  Hurts?  Ayed, your allied Custered.  I have to fix in front of it.  (I’m a pixie)  stripe goin’ late’ll — parkin’ his air, leakin’ on the Convensh.

A hold-me-now, that I could see — hold my thoughts.  A ma’am’s in mind?  I see I just better, get me from the uh, a little fool, the pad.  A Triscuit, {poor, meager even, quits, the love-you-better-now, get it back}, don’t think that the love you say; I’m not the only self.  Uh, he’s aim high today?  Why live, whatta be (terra ists) you’re all of my.  I be single (gib’m a line), t — I’m just changin’ back — bitties rippit stup.

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