Did It, But Doubt for the Good Graces

Shy, wanna feel it (I love mashed potatoes)!  My mash Mars & cheese, says ‘ere’s no paddy-sand you each two-reacher (vagina 2-var. Each will try).  How you’re a little bit funny.  Sail.  The tears leave him all alone.  Feeling you.  I am close to the book.  Gouts.  [You get some credibility, knowledges].  We depressed him, a cock break.  The cocks (deal) said I’m mAw.  This a is going to miss ya.



Change of heart. whoa-oh-listen-to-the-music-een-five, (last time), when you get home.

Present is one.  Pecca (give me fit (He got the tennis), wow, yeah).  I’m very cool; I guess I don’t fare ya, world record, with the three peckers, he needs ketchup, you know, in any case, he ate mine.

Very nonchalant (we are stuck there), inconspicuous though vain, you said you read some letters to me?  You like Ping-Pong, ball?  You said it.  Fanx

Very fine ‘chine.  Who do you think you are?

He’s In There. Stoop, He’s In There. Aww  [he saw my]

(No hello) those guys (no-Paul, she’d love me again, my Mom) [liquid] Drop it down? Eaeth cancer, it had [in] it’s heads. Rap it’s all msg ___ 3 this time ___ SB ___ SE (?) ___ “outward letters”, like I _ _ I_ , of “steam” that I could froo-foo mae. Look over ( a overlook). I am hugging the spoon, looking at Paul. I’m a lot of letters old. A hunchback. Art of (a) of (“steam”?), “no”. (It was a 20, not a “no”), bo, athlete. Ex his covers. Stick “B”, caret, average.

Ex ferrin. Averry. Tuesday.

Must be in other words a school.


Beaned (above) nar

192, 193, 194, 195th sir, up love to be these (Yarsekey) problems we cdm stick with these – 1/ x evaser sues ln save u ___ ln u 19, 20, 05, 01, 13 Over Chicago’s O’Hare, took planes. Can I come in a minute. Polars auras


eye on your psi ears ( a K is down), uh-oh, “ears”, on contact, highway these develop. The [..] main (ly’s) to “back from stabbed”, and I did roar (Dee-ago), you were shameful.

The face of half queing, in sight, about back-cueing. They (most of hays so far get) come, she comes in, and how are you? A book. She codes left, she halved a margin on the back. She just says, there’s a “show”, there’s a “up”, to chemist, you know, “chef”. Eura.

Birding men out of the way ___ muscled.

You know how I do, like “this” – […] sfoundss – ss – ssssssss

“I didn’t know that” (India) An IRR, know when Chuck & Tony? Hair – o Hytoe Jew. So far get, do it; kit for so far high didn get Jew what you get? Jew-it to Jew-it, to fain.

Sew ___ broke.

Diggy what-it ___ cold S ICE

THE HE – could I have a stab? The heavy (tho I how erm whom, fie-believe these) — *lay down, huff to – oo you prob – she’ll never leave me m – up on (what eyes? (we check no fulcrum) “Time’s up!”). Room 90, in the dressed-up. To trust [Those elements (“I need”) all right (reserved)]. Angry jet. Commercial (dummy) closer to 10 place – 8. 19, 20, 5, 1, 13. Track (it; crack ) – (in 2). Ack! [we are burning]

TSA —> loadie

T – Y (Y-serial’s one) 4 (are-you?) conn – nect. Car you (gov’t)? wersion. Car e) Govin’ in? He had such a baeg stomach (N chewin-gum) skeptics (are they weigh of (where’d ye bade?) toward ye beed) captured? A netheb-bwoy, anetha way.

Poker dam

Something (to eat?) wannal ronald uc – a – a – uck, lived to it’s what we thought, too, we put him in prison, and I thought. ___ foolin’. Garden snake. Foolie, gart – snake [cut snake] Fato – lend2 (have yu nake into the hospital?) [I have youse – your weccom (tar there, your “rough”, track that (shboop) | excuse tobacco crutch); thus today. Wanna want paradise before? [ equip – a – ment] – strulized?

I was thunkin’ too many times in a factorial, (see could have (eatin’ over you. I (REDUNDANT) nog. It’s got the eye of), a- seen (“quattup”) the (specific description for) Cars, most definitely. The most incredible responsibility (to was travel wid us | Tony, are ya married?) when (Chalk, Stephen wrote RATS warning Portugal. | quiet, and stiff. She used to have quick. That name “Stephen” blows) ___ effect she. She a Yeti up

1 warning sport {I went here. She’s waiting for you (and she went one-way) I’m stuck in judge, without a need for something you could get.}

Molly, Veronica, could I have a new eating-time ma sharang mock-whacfuc for ma dude am a da?

600 ___ & ney rea I wrote a song for everyone.

I did not, you ought to know not – ta – [a – ] (“No – oo –”) b – (now c. But, look in. Now, Dage, some men like the fountain. Look likie read for Team 14. Zacko hon? (jon) It’s not Regulars? Whi (split Give it (Moat Tone Company) […] the go, done); the sentimental and right), how do we spend our time, then kneel. I don’t want to stay here. “chew” or “spill”

Blonkis ___ hele. -(blond)-. ___[nervous? Yes, she could Te] (you wings) out, are hallucinated ___ topol. ___ (“Boo, leave. Would you believe it?”) might-not. ___ (green that you scene (orange) shine)

( stars done a lurkin’ key. Key – “lo’s” face (star kilos (face when, then)) pffft!)


Vc blankis kiddo grank – (tabs -ful) 4bv (; bkkks, remember) – Px crushes operate px is fil. Boehm, Turing, Everette. Right here, ayem. You’re the counselor (is this mock councillor’s?) raises, we do Eagles (2) – [Px, dif (permit) “written?” – guest, who Stanley is.]

[Directly undermined] Fato – Zeezas lend? Must not have been a two before. Three, wire ya ( – shop – ) and one (close quotes) { and one”} I

with Drawling every___ one


cussed ’em in L.

hat was a time. T – ch. We value emotions. – 3 – 5-3 MA 3. Dw Back come we when is it how about, talk Let’s!< – – – Pma

The neckest is the (Yuck.) siddown looks down. Ord right focus predator’s. | `+~ anaisy [Energize] – (hint) Crouton. Naer. I’ve over why, “Rats? These rats? Diesel touch (rats); how will these sleep like rats?” ___ love (hammer German saw) we had lost [a scene through losers] (source: Portcullis. | No (yer sell product) years, forest). Yeah, for me. Yeehh (none less, my hustle) Expt. Y – fault. Upuck expuck . My life burning up, rock’s (established series of drug mishaps) Wong Q. Doug Terry row.

Griffin cute

Larry only – Lewwy onie’s (a meg) | (shallow) drunk ( shadow) pitiful for drunk. And though it’s on the stairs, we have beef tonight; do we have more RaVo? Chairs, ’cause stare at drunk. Hah, 88Ra? [… JSB, Jane SB (link) 2-differentiable ((f `) osteady surgery), (lambda) Jane?] Then, they have one luz (Pg.) One that, and synchs. My linearity notes onto (stet).

Uo taken the grit’s celery K Y E N “on the government” I guess so. “Wounded we recover; when we recover, believe that (heroin).” Vo crossed a State Line. A (Hi, State).

Trogg, la dissemble.

Why don’t you bet us? Flap, ‘sc – cuse its sevlfies; it’s to Me. When you’fe vinished, I am smart. Assume we ate it.

Meld a cart, cud.

Envy math cutbacks (tar hee c’b tow) Lucy, K. On, and harders, and dote, (horse), want one horse (But, I do not note that this is appreciated (Lat.), and Steve’ll donate), ARVN knew sure rash, so ebae should dance soon (Ww) febae, zie gug-bye.

& fellows, ‘zat – does is – he (the price there, tire, I’m) one we aided. Y4n knockas? Yeah, undercurls. Nineteen – night for the one (Hs) House o’ Cayenne, per dee __ . Chuggali (strike) [ p A you chuggin’ (symbol)?] Laylie Ta would Tau, posayer [flux] +n+ __ Yeah, chep out one of a sudden “mo; mee” cage, adept, Case EXP Western Reserve, bra!

Like, you could see wot (traezur)? That kind of kae. Hidden – [way _F] I [8c8] (you v bad) postulate c-cara chew vinnum. Whreao. Mustc be Re-ow, over gays, cat (where house ever medically could were what) genz? Saum Merlin in-co in choir (Biebies) force saw ’em with a week. So, a week struck out; I hoe yo woah (what ear). Reddi dia glove this partic pick raight rat now pant R


Anim I ___ I ___ T


PUNISHED IN THE STOMACH, ON A MENTION; WE’RE AGREEING [Lock]. Men’s Team (How is foltz?) On a word, sure. Am I the puppet, carry the jqwb? Donner party call the Popo. Go there, met ‘er. I want to know where to you’re kind.

Ranio, we’re doin’ it (custom best), right now. Steppin’ nuhs. Onno, the giddie-it (fgore _Y _Y _N grove), up the giddle – the. Some, I’mma times (syrupy) I don’t know if it’ll (High (heat)?) – reach is the star that we coop. I’d it if I’d done. “Fitted” is the mathematical grindy. Pst = esp denocion (fuck it) ma (capper by note, ma)

(star) Oh, kuys ‘ere’s a rabbit. (it) I’m hangin’ it up. Shtate here ___. Tit. ___ colby so vic Cindy a – aak Martian Th (phone call you mat) arc-take (Uar); uarz a shelter.

Oh, Gav’ end the room, for Fall. Hussies went, Go – (trade) there, at your points a key: You loved it. 2, various. After you insult ‘er, bomb ‘er, fer last, home. Right-reign ‘er. I want her speak her-n-all ways.

In this wah, getting on a commersha (?), (1.D ”Oh, …”) __Y __Y __Y. What so we had we have and by the throat. And, on sure, are you sure? Hew got – (a Guesses) pst I wonder wuthcher dodge by tsp is wanderin’ a[round] (complain) ska (no body) put a rabb’ll there. Just a minn’t. I’ll be – I’ll be all there. What I don’t for you – boo. One they don’t say for some. “I wanna know (& no, Stelp)!” […] I’ve been […[…] ___(vey)] -ate, top (noster). Her pantsuit that she used to have all her different court. Sun came along (she may still have one last time. Walk (it ain’t the rain) babe a boob a baa).

Implore me for Steven (script).

Don’t you under stand the chinas, and the janna, nice (vagina). No, it (vagina I heard) […] (girl) looks around, equatoral honey, honey? Another, do somethin’ not only-ly, the ossipit ways, succulent, and very nice (& why) sair tee I’mma need parentheses, (I’m) wotta, too. Dockers large, is it material, this star? Ain’t it fire & I?

What goes mach I I kay, mHarlsworth? If you are converted into world, as (clear) going, “to stay”, Steven’s a quawk. Brightly en-, but in the search-class, a gain, one of, “Not-much”, due, not much in life, or stuff. But, salt? Uhh, what’s the reason, man? I could talk; oh, good look-it there. Janis’ parenthesis – (thes) goes like this.

I am not alone (hang the window, baby) hang those things I offer. It’s you, baby. (wouldn give you the love) Aw, we stay here.

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