You Don’t Know Who’s Playing

I never got to those, for someone so scientifically involved.

You’ve got a fight, de-few ziss (were uttering and we are all ears, Dr. Phil on it (Bill wreckin’ cars, doin’ acid))

We got the internet from DARPA for a ghost.

*choke* exactly the reason you need to be talking about what is going on here. You slipped Cher (C) on the stage.  While she’s doing that (lowering and clearing my LDL), from uh what c’n I get f’us […] iff I have to come ju will get it.  Hey!  (Tangerines & bananas they get for us).  Get those back (there)!  Twalk is that what you said, that I ain’t helpin’ any, and you need twalk OO (meow, we have no choice).  Oww was sayin’ (Fuck you!)  inside a bowl (you can if a you is in that, under stand that, Cher).

For our family, ranao up to you what we need to do (a place where the savage ladies spot?  Spotting, on top of already low?) coverage you’d not had for Crones.  What happened, a flood, a river?  Cetain functions are cawming.  Soul-to-soul had a concert.  Had her back, too.  Count from eight: “Our […] vice in it”.  That’s at the before and after f’that f’they.

(usually go for is us (or, no (wailing) could leave) asking you as a family) unit, bend.  That’s right (sister (they aw fine) funny) simple shelter-bivvin’ foss now.  I wanted to leave the berm.  It’s no, but it’s not that scary, very vivous, awe.

Benny very upset don’t leave me alone (pink over orange) became even more.  ‘Side’s you seein’ results to Stephen Steve G (great) would usu waz zen much.  Go wanta get Cher (GWGC?_ Cherokee)  we don’t — cd I cd — [I’m going through stupid program.  You just want to mentally do this program, do it well (I   Gimme towel to kill myself.  I’mm a leave) for yersel kwai shocky.

What I could do for us head up, no sob stories, skin brade is suing her daughter ( 5 to 15 of them in a 428 c.i. (kuby bananate — found it!  ) goin’ off the floor accordin’ da name –) s’off.

rich aka don’t even wuka photograph he came sink he’s all — is it?  Ain’t sure, I’m count ’em up now, about six o’clock et(_(around)_) that filth is up so you caefuc — chec — Chet — what what what what what what

They was listening.  The water wept.  Kept it to you.  Sep it down.

Run ’em more.  Putatively who cares, it’s a legal what for that’s their nature (that’s fifth.  They controlled my mind, our office).  What they could bear, was along with a bird, a bear, a fifth, big Sunday.  You could tap it from rye there.

worry silvers brother

Bottomed it, okay.  But, baby its rewire looking thru is my censorship.  Theory of newly bending and we swear, disturbance, from three-to-five.

You are filled from the top to the floor.  You don’t know that.  I know.  It’s a pickle.  Do you want to go to the avalanche?

You c’n go out love.  T  Bequest HUGH  THUM the way you sit

You practice it. ________LAU  ___BBTI  You go your thumb.

You go you‘re  ___ us  ___RIE ____PWEL  Bearin’ tea.  Lump.

I do the good bridal ________Let’s split.  Sacramento.  Desire to __ T __ W , no?

overnight bags.  Your want a to?   Let’s taum bezz___________H A T _E L L

Drink?  Sweet.  Two drinks are on me ____________________T H I __W I S

We’re tough to found.  Gettin’ the […] ___________________N G W __H I N ___So,

you were after Pa.  ______You were after your Pa?  Now, rooms. __A S A __G U S  __He was (he was, ‘but’ he wasn’t) just taken (More).  Help me just stick it, “more”.  Jitta bar.  Why are they doing ruvva terminate, “on the plan”?  His cement.

Coin why are they doing this again?  I thought they stopped. [The Earth, spinning?  This issue] A, you would.  Chalk on the line (included at [Streep, Pitt] |

wait.  To tomorrow).  Mon! So how it’s to let desire, “on the plan (plotting two, my head)” with a critical (bumple necktie), so how that’s turned around?  You lay it up.  Now curse your brawn.  Remember how November, lady leavin’?  A start date of March 1.  Lady beautiful, almost.

Marathon plight of reek, a spies of Brad Spitz blah blob it, certain stingers (are going to hit me, if?) move in free, though skies hold.  God bless the child whom we duds.  2017 no my ion should push.    Pushing contrast [ 2 0 1 ? ] polk’s — little jit Tomey wuux my little coup, that what she had told me sure, and idd jim.

An imaginary said, “you’re leading ahead.”  You wrote down, “It’s a house.”  Now, if I shut down instead of plotting, white could ‘might do’, what could say.  Your rock, were mide of monsters, har eighteen century Mclarion horn trumpets.  Let me make clear, which I will bet, let me in raining here.


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