Are You Heavy Ten Asian?

twoPeople aren’t a goat.  One is he bears the traffic.  Its excuse is that it works, like schizophrenics.  They were not about.  Why aren’t police murdered, gentlemen?  Because of this?  Roentgen a kill Mexicans.  We didn’t kill the Jews yet!  I’m phonin’ mother.

You can never remember the time you and I did anything.  The thing which is false would be the time you say (a borer) these things happen, when, if I crossed you, too, you didn’t cross first, to have much to say.  You landed? Cherry, subtle, you took off the analysis for dit’s berm — price.  McCartner -rine in its, let me take out the red cup.  We do ‘nique.  Ouija!  Viss!  Netta dat night how sittin’ it.  Flow gbit-away nao looks, aah.  They’ll kill hah.  Minnie hah-hah, don’t euse I at C.

Why’d she see?  (Like (circuit) is a word.  Circuit!  You don’t, there is a plane (affine) we’d all claim there its height).  You only live twice, John Lennon.  You only live three times, John Lennon.  You brand me, I’m outside his, and yet you wonder about how many soft, beautiful children categorize, and that’s a mistake.  That’s when three oceans to limit.

Pleease bother me here about the dead police.  Slow down.  They could come up, Thor was maybe heavy.  They know where I could (drown) get 20 years.

Program Google.  Ears religious?  And thousand faces (for) gripping.  Vines?  Triage the people on the vines.  I compare.

The San Diego Chargers. _________________ Ed.

Highly probably, John W. Lennon, whenever he’d pause, “Well, well, well (you’re dumb)”, he’d (be) friend Barrett Brown.  John’d say, “Fuck you”, and you’d have very little time to deal with a guy who’d kick, in a fury.  McCartney, David Cassidy; these weigh one hundred and thirty.  It’s depressant.  So, that’s what the hold-up is?  You’re inbad shape, the beelding, so that’s the last thing we do.  Tight, pathetic.  Awfta tight, awfta pathetic?

The “celebrities”‘ attitude — slow down (it is all) resolved to speak out to me (the world), but not ever to say that I live, I live there, or, that I lived there, as they claim, falsely, that they are quite willing to have the wrong people no winder eliminated, removed, killed, slaughtered, and this bothered John.  Cardboard cutout cast-off from the record stand.  I just outed ’80.  Correct, little girl fashion (the aroma?) You don’t even exist.  Are little girls available now?  Stand by for the test!  Kick yourself


come-from-the-island t three. Sucks you in. This doesn’t bother any of you? I’m wrapped in a giant wind (whose hoarder) aout!

The scene (a) I keep leaning in) a) This doesn’t bother any the-jappa-neeka of them.  John wasn’t that shitty, and this is proof. ( John L. is counted lucky, getting pound into a pulp by dear old dad, dear old stink) John didn’t approve.  Realities, real-time.  How John was shot.  Come here, the very explanation which I wish to give you, is proof the — “stars”, they went out, extinguished at night, to hide, from (and a bit of an end to). (of course —> White sweat shirt )

Shit, the internet, had a stale cookie from 1980, dividing the public, while the drug criminals in rock, had steak, for forty years.  Chores-changing (you better youse.  Oh, I)

The process drone, oblit (obligations are to utter, in rhetoric, how many).  Dammit (ya read already), these are in pairs.  That it is physics to be in realtime, hugging the seal of a revolver barrel wakes could see.  You are suicidal, and we are going to murder you for that, put that all zone.  You don’t get the zone for either killing, eating delicious  steak, or taking SST, legally.

We are the terror that they, the prize, just as soon as I drop my trousers will create people, ones of whose assholes, having been ripped open, making sets of, “pro”, and, “con”, the very factions whose claims formally track millions, and these; don’t forget.  The sand says those are lies a different all night (green is always somethin’ I use that) to keep it the same.  Given them the main use of who was crowned their glories.  I keep it out to beat off.  Gettin’ started ((s-o-b) to beat off)

I don’t know how it is.  In my day, you don’t just dunk.  Fido,  ess, Monk.

Apparently you don’t see keeping.  Suck it down (in yours).

The fathers are, of the go-zone, where my mark is on Whittier, and Whittier’s (one, sadly) dead pig, and father hood.  I’m a reactive, breeding father, and in genocide, capabilities beyond the species, to kill genuses.

How much trouble tomorrow, you having concerts in one movie, “I don’t have a dad.  That’s okay, he’s responsible.”  All “these”, great songs.  I just wish to caution you, Stephen will have a broken jaw from those attitudes.  You are on a planet with servo-automatic delivery for hypocrites, and a rubber safety device, is all they get, 100,000s of retweets, versus the goad I can make outta THEIR other than clichés.   Going thus.

Oh, you will do a Mark Two in pi dense.  All laying-off is the first five years of Yoko’s fill some up, 1966 – 1970.

Reference, footnotes, apparition, my soul’s simultaneities are amputating.  To a walk.  The villagers can have tales of their (mud-hut whom), “cities”, destroyed, with their celebrities enclaving, etc. whose boots sell.  As you separate gently the head, pull light pipe.  The scientific name for asking me?  Sirrah.

There was something bigger than the hair, but it must have required terrorists.

Because of the tears, someone “answering”, me, who is switching to the opposite Oz, I’d get set up in here, so the flame prior to their propaganda of they g o f, hopefully will push the levers in the floor, to beat more liars like Mr. Lennon.  Beat you ton, “kill me”, all with a reference, and chokes well, I need apiece. Start Lost in the mails.  [I forgot — I ran though (rent through) the betsons; thank you 06 for spotses, and w-h blinksies.  Bueno some mole, but you know standing, they — you know, a couple dee ownits from the back.  He don’t want to learn.he gt s niety do you know that.   He spots ’em there.  Barger nyet.  “No.”]

The same children whom you could not “own”, are “owning” the remainder of that generation.  Feel if the ones trained to be like the older, are like the older.  Where there is any loose ends, nukes, then you will want to alert us, and back up!  During this frame, your attrition will approach (such*) a display, “smoked”.  They don’t always say anything, no matter how many cities you nuke.  Ono and ilk have to shake that patent that are holdin’.

You are holding the bag; we are (Pence), going to beat you.  The honor system for, “all of that”?  definitely a tick-tock circumstances.  They don’t want to remember (guilt, perverted, of a love of the size of penises, and the stiffness of the penalty), for the drugs.

You’ll get a smile, of course.  Hawking, baby.

None of them are booked in at the station.

How December was, at the level of annotating the above sentence everywhere, I can’t do for you what they had paid billions for.  I don’t have a story.

Now loop that there, to who has gun.

The grandmother mountain, to the American, is what we discussed today.  Including the serial transport of society to its bottom (’cause it’s this one), could it level there?

No,I gotta hit (the fucking thing) right now (use a jet) many uses.

The old people had to be gotten rid of, this two-house .  To call us out as a (military alphabet) clusterfuck.  You have to shut the fuck up, like in church, if you are only the ones who say Reds, you will be killed by choke, and that’s a heavy burdon that he’s god.

“Desroying”, (Patton) now that’s a strong word; in the staff room, the accusations do fly.

Hunter S. Thompson dropped after shooting himself, like 1996 – 1997, Part Three.

We’re goin’ up, and George Clooney, why, he dit’n give up.  You never heard of (who, uh), me.  Panel on it that I am more of the “Peru” style Billinghurst, more than they make.  Peru’s pine, right, Ringo?  It doesn’t make any forest.  People will die there, from biodiesel.

On your hand’s a cut production.

I bet Hong Kong looks in, to nuke it, and the ensuing, favor.  Then, no.  Space, the final whack-a-mole.  Whack a mole 75 years, and this conventionally leaves one ship left, on the planet.  This last because of “the nuked,” inventory.  The bastards!

Equipment, and then political, and then would you please explain about the stars?

Just sheared that shit off.  I’m lucky, and then omm, screwy.

To those of us (wood) in Barbarella.  Hidden, a caution is averred.  Ghosted the ultimate, and I’m not only thirteened, am noticing the boy doesn’t help (Pale).

(I probably would kill free things to stay alive, but I threaten to really clean their clocks, on a certain day, like that Sunday), so together, you do lust, too?  Show me they’re under.

A thing was coming back to me, I chose free scenes of life, still.  I trust the way (I trust me), merde (“shit”) […] for him?  Well kitney 42.  a 42, in San Diego.  Looking crystal in  your — yeah, groupin’.  Right.  Roll ’em.

No beef with the Rock (“Rockin’ sees”), but I want it insighting.  It’s nothing visible tend won’t move.  They talk like wrying weaker songs out of it.  (it’s to the); like reading-write.  More a place for it to go, with scientific that proof.

John was filing Perfie’s teeth in “Norwegian”, he was perffed too, with a strike by the tongue, against the epiglottis he felt back through his mother, and her settled dust, towards.

Now, obvioused that this is a porn film in action; this is a hood.  (blaring horn).  Now, everyone in the male section may skate this half-hour.  I don’t know if I could put 12 on.  A puss on.

You yourself raise rats, so then, to see the people’s home life.  Trust me that this explains something that all the close photography closed.  There is no planetary (Society) ridge.  Are we killing?  We’ll reproduce any, oddly, it’s protein for us.  And, take them with you, and refuse.

I’d like to see the one that says that there’s all one can do, and openly, there’s room for a heap of animals.  Not because yours cost me, there foregoing behind me.  Get ’em set to use; they may be.

Young skin you have, it’s  is like a pussy itself.  We’re dreamin’.  All Custers applied are just quaking.  We have (our defeat) liquid metal shaped-charge, and are defensive, and polarize.

*Weapon.  A lot of people publish concrete, The Poor Man’s James Bond, the, uhh, well.  I’ll turn it over to (invention), custom.  Let’s see.  I think Thompson was actually on those drugs.  So soon woes make those up.

You have to clear a space with 007 firing at you, to plan your revenge on us (nothin’); a tight pull.  You have to, or there’s no reason, still having to escape direct pistol fire.  I suggest you’d need to re-order.  You don’t know false for us.

cut in to you.

Thompson kills himself, two years for the  lies about it, with Tom Wolfe gaining him one hundred percent.  And they are (your) in mind.  Charles Bukowski was in — what do you want? — well, in pain, I expect a German top division.  ‘Twas lies!

To keep order.  The alien in this is one in they have some without its wheels.

We already have the victory over you.  We had sever us to port (the Coriolis force.  I don’t know like a Colombian) the album dedicated to, “If the Japanese finger were poised over a nuclear button”, don’t look to those, “foes”.

crowd. If yare going to effect ocean at lowered efficiacy right’s my bottom.

They were long times, murder was the longest, and, (he times) they wrote, were by friends.  Murder’s worst, bet.  I don’t think so.  I think you may receive up to five hundred years for a few times kidnapping a guy, with a couple of robberies.  Tackin’.

I hope Jews have included murder in the list you’re beautiful girlThey usually don’t, what happened to the arms.  They fell off, usually trippin’ too close to cake. while Catholics darken the crystal 12-degree ball.  And have my theoretical set of a new hole where the Vatican WAS, 1944.  Second only to is the radio weak be gettin’ yah free time.  Catholics would have followed the Jews into a historical bin; with Hitler’s modules, they still can ran out because zees.

Oh, tempting?  I would call it that.  Why are weird, weary?  Nolte, the rats tell us what the people are capable of, and it is not any thing you would tell them, see them even have hands on their arms.

We are putting a section for granting Leopold a bye on his 10,000,000 (terrorist murder).

People, willing themselves eaten by a lion, take a gas awhile, in a ‘scape.  Bekord his Beatties.  Being beaten by a coward right now.  Who’s giving police the heads-up, for when I get down forwhy (steppin’ on) mine?

I knew that (trust you).  I’m chaff in the wind here in San Diego.  Does anyone shoot them?  Yeah, we and Rock ‘n Roll recognize.

Why would I set those guys (just some guys up).  They’re up (thirty years).  You want to beef?  Make sure, if you do drugs, that you die young, for my children to know what you are hired to do!  And, towels.  Got you occupied.

I came in 8 ways from-from ahead of the Grand Total.  Prepare for one dimensions.  Stephen’s end (Time Machine) is (quit) twelve years (the proof) longer than the Beatles.  I’ll like have a we-were interruption.

It’s cruelty to isolate a rat (ie, our rats love rats); don’t just take it.  Take it being internal.

You are not caring to see my money.

ESP would depend on other.  Done here with the stomach.  Yeah, it’s only “Good”, with “good” being found in the dictionary.  And, it’s not prejudiced.  It has no “zone”. (D)well, it’s a shambles.  We let you not even be born.  (Le)t beauticker* them not even be born.  Boring, I mean.  Did you get shooed off?

*It’s a word.  I’m happy you with the say its up.

Heat is conducted.  I’m going to say not Catalina got clobbered (recoils).  I got through it with land.

After unrelated (to billing) Obamacare charges, I am sticking here on another cloud.  Ah, I finished one yesterday.  The internet has its opposition.  It gouged me the day after I finished with its last attempt.  So that’s today.  Joining with John in saying we each don’t hopscotch to.  He had a last cranberry commercial.  How those?  Spaghettios.  (I’m not) busy with those.  Like I say, a few things here in the room are as stupid as those.  And, there their shirt off.  Japanese?  How moan jit?  Take a stab, because, when you all make your rock songs tight, and in on Mom, this is not living.

I’ll shoot you — what is, “merrily”?  You run along tracking mud all over my tweets, I’ll kill you, cousin.  Mark soon.

Did you see the little Republicans with ( are there more?)  Debts, too.  And a shunt, and a pipe I breathe through!

2 Responses to “Are You Heavy Ten Asian?”

  1. Bronson May Says:

    Bro can I please get the organic ef . Rec. please!😎⚓️

    On Thursday, 23 February 2017, How to Make Methamphetamine wrote:

    > sbillinghurst posted: “People aren’t a goat. One is he bears the > traffic. Its excuse is that it works, like schizophrenics. They were not > about. Why aren’t police murdered, gentlemen? Because of this? Roentgen > a kill Mexicans. We didn’t kill the Jews yet! I’m phonin’ mo” >

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    It’s covered. Yeah, here it is, your mother’s recipe I hope you got time for one other fact: Personality. I’m uncopies her. Oh, I’m hurst (let’s show that walk). And officers say, “Sit down!” I just was — “Take ’em off!” I just want to trade some things. “It’s policy! Ambits, punk.” I wasn’t speaking. “I want you — sonny, you dying!”

    What’s ef? I just want to trade it today. I got a sub. Go annivers.

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