The Rat Front, for a Goalie

U.S.P. every  time looks like USE.  How English (must a relationship), out and have Elton John regard U S P R E L A on top of me harkin’, Preludin, Charlie Sheen’s loose.  Trigger?  On him, b) & c) it carries a warning is a scalpel (below) ibid. It could be right.  (Swing where I find) to the left of his pocket.  Yet, slow hand greaser.  It’s go-hand miss.  Call.

A snake isn’t serious (I’m trying size), the af hell “a mammals”, fight it for love.  And if you win, what I want.


o c u l t
v e r i e n n i t e t e t h a
9 7 % t i f y i s a g g t w e n e v e r k e e p y o u w a i t i n g
o f t i c c i n c r e e a r e
h e s o m m o m p m e n c o n y o u s u c k m y c r a n i u m
h e r u l e s c a t y o u s h o u l d n t s t a t e


On another drift

Though than to greet, without tomorrow’s puff (of when (cuff) taken into close personal (Ralph) custody) — does that net shake out of the wind, here?  [This (is thread) Sabrina, (regards) your jump to 28.  Better need it (“Do the best of can”).  Tonight’s invention  got a lot of San Francisco I. S. S. in this issue, though we’re bacon (remove it)].  Heart, that’s tall gum.  Includey the club.  Couple of burns, chops (loc).  Doity until.  I said ’em, I read ’em.

Rescue me, “luck” dust has an unique Pavlov’s experiment, dashing 1990 so, throwin’ young into what what is loc-in’ (Locally dead as they’re want-to’s).  This one had a name; if you were me, ticket, as I found and express.  Whether is and write Jew-Jew, in your private no, right now, in the funnel.  We are can’t be bes, like it or not.

To sys out.  I had my hang.  Curious?  Walquone up to the front.  Possible vic.  Sheree shoot holes.  Psiranny?



Sherry, clean the cups.  Third try, a man (custard) get him one bite; be one with people say.  Everything people say either they’re over  )x(  next (nor folks can get) ravel past chips can be (hirin’ nurse) edited.  I  just heard that above it (forget right here.  Sh!).  Go!

Like for a second, as Seth Rogan, I did not get enough time to express the funny jokes, as you would like, if I had to be funny or hated, just like ’em.

uh-hello-like.  There's only one way to ship me: to go.

uh-hello-like. There’s only one way to ship me: to go.

“It’s spawning!”

The thing is like inspired.  Why are you talking to a national cup?

I have those, it’s just an exaggeration to tell ’em I’m no longer blue, and if I didn’t use your joke, you can tattle.  And get so we, various, wish so weak we’d thought of it.  So, how’s that, Zazu?

Newfound.  Neurotic but not naughty (tester) I look around the room — asshole!  “I-will”?  Neur — I’ll see intelli-

near aisle seat.  I will not vit nor (to lay down).  I’ll see then from what ((I assume I’d need dot-two tech) “Did you lie?”)  — (It came with that) Purpose very accessible (go to boat, ie, in 10, go, “To boat!” ).  Shoot the “me” on Ryan, tut-tut, no.  On his third syllable’s deducted, didn’t I?  You people would, a) hear me, a) call out to the Lord.  “Bastard”, who they at; what’s silver off their lock’s in rabbit foot?  keep abreast.

From is a foam of after a fashion & Marchant did later font.  Nickel some moans, add as a proof, whom’s, “Did you get a vic?”  Did you, sit on the West Chicago eventually?  let’s go around the back, the side.  (Dicks) a development a child could see (I watch these to demand), as well as carbide (minimal sounds), unit command per sound keystrokes (faint).  Guy

In effect destroying “mod”, stack the later times higher, rise through the day, and this will be sacrosanct; it’s too low for a two-stage to get it (today).  Increase that role, minor build, but it’s minor.  A higher of five, for when it all vanishes, five fell a seven.  Priest tail in.

Pull airs.  Larry acquits; there are “lids”, or, increasing germanical, san germane (a s   y o u r  e  a  r) same prize.  On top of cures (culkin) neck.

How did my (problem including) know it was not capable of looking how it usually is, a sucker?  Compare a mate to (ups), use up a slight fifty, or a hundred, to wait to see hooves riding over assigned individual (am I standing?) who, uh…

My span in unto words, is terrorize, balance.  I favor getting, into sets it broke, then.  You can’t (poets be) be wring out, it’s dock layer, and a medical student has to scrub and dip down into his later out.  Who is lecture did not fade out to, “Yes, is the incentive fork going, ‘mine’; is there fet there?”  Mae ave Kopes fork & his scosopy, acre?  This is though 7 of you can hear (?) ready for contents.  If you are stuck, this.

We got a Stussy.  Choked one-two, full by the hair.  Flat’s what you what-t-t what? — by (noke, no) the bridge.  Pulled it tight.  Pick me up until discussing that when it’s dark.

k n o w l i f e b o a r d t h e s i n o v e r s e e t h e s a c r e d
w h a t d o n t t h i n k h e a r t s
t h e w e e k e n d s a l l d a n c e w h y i n s i s s i n a t i o n
e t e i a l e
h e t l a r v e r v e a a r p r s o
h e o g e s s e d n y p e r s n l e
r y o c a l o e s a r t o n s f f a t o o f t o p p l i n g s
f t h e u n n t h i c u o r p l o n
s u b m i t p r o m p t n e u t r a l r a t e v e r y o n e i n m y w l
r e a l l y p r f i e t s e t e o s s t a p p r o v o c a b l e
s l o y o u t t h e i t c r o g
l o o k i n g d b a t h e i r l a r d e r s f o r
r b e c h a i s t a i r y n c
r g e r a d e n t p o r h t o m y s c r a b b a b l e
b o o k s
o f y e s t e r y e a h
w o l f e

We don’t order murders.  So why think?  Is there a program?  Or, did I accuse you?



We have to try three guys, or come up looker they’re, look at the look at that they’re the one right here.  Wild boys better letcha.  Those auras are proven comin’ soup.  Friends, dig.  This time’s they et you.  Lives, probably saves your lonely lives, of blank.  Who really gives a damn?  J. T. Het priced out why I done it again.  Yeah, those reasons (guitar) slip off.____________I don’t have a 5, and blue me (gum) Answer (Fielding) Due rageo ump-ump, and so bilious._________Who you do you need, who do you love, when you come undone, and […] profit, and flip over me.  And Ken, take off and say if we’re in the middle of drinking, in a crowd.

We got a maid that gets Jew easy (camera art) Prelly — is, did you easy, “mark”, that’s what’s, ’cause merit that (too pine cones) always make what were we chew those wads (we each empty), so the level holding the wad — did you Reynolds ache?  So, we don’t, and we’ve heard we don’t; we voted.  We kip easy.

That’s what’s what.  We’re naa — takin’ foot N.A.S.A. is taking (This after Gus) [merde Segal.  Tension’s up] (fruitlessly) (Did you put) F’route — glancing — yonder fuvih thass (a-hole), could you hold it off (children) lgnt a time, shallow breathing; let’s always hold up when we sign for del […] for yes, to finish this (was) war, voter came here on, voter camion, knock on vocambion, gangrene of the wood.  You shake it.  The Picture.  It’s finger-snapping time, because everyone else.  Cola, and dream if you see anything.  Surrai, temptress.

For a lock on “declared”, we would like a same-one type, as a single message (folded leaving), one was launcher, to a sentence, and touch ride if it comes out poetical (“just made”).  Why does it (and sponsorship) continue, sausage?  Another thing happens, and, you interrupt.

Let’s lubricant, Cong.  You’re nervous.  Have you see, is.  The doctor kind  Year of weed-eating.  Have you girl yet.  Is she eggs?  Full done.  Mushing.

Oh, is that which is we (time)? popular (fool, oh yeah) sclera’s evicted our teacher  You would not –raise up your glass (sss!) — have still heads that lives on unless they were told, “Won’t have a race, (the current race) won’t see dead (the scurryin’ children)”, mocee could beat that (I’m a gent, another he cut the dee | smile at the woman strangely), yeh.

Floatin’ awfully; er put they knowre equipped.  Oh, you do, hear each (ibided) smile looting off a set be down, guess we (jockle) strip that.

We have a Luke in C.E.R.N. he’s in balls.  There’s no one we ate whom stole acutely unable to live (pastime) with ink, but (some) I can live with it; mine, his, just put your heart down, move ’em, it’s any.

I decline.  I have hansold up.  Ahm zoom.  They look beat; we’ve hurried (for pencil (he’s a croc)) … a race of angels (Radio, mother) K E X P T I M E.

d m o w h i t e g u n s
i d i t h e s i n s h u t u p
s e e r e o g m y f a m i l i e s y o u c a n t
a v a f i a m i n
c u u m i l d r u n n e r s r u n b r u s h e s
n e a r m e m a d e n o s e n s e
s h u c k s b r u s h d o w n

zAgain jew janjer that — hand towel company folded & theirs, too, ‘nique the Klamath near Fammouth Falls.  mandatory (D-2 stitchen) promotion greenings, promotionals instead not taking it in (this two-piece?  Your prospects) In point of it, I’ve come undone, in steps.  If that, counselor, you have this.

We’re open now.  No conflict of interest is own, ’cause (bull of ), “Did you have this?” — (shit.  Ton of it) stuck over the door.  Out of peace.  Out by the fence out.  Out, no.  Am I out of my mind?  Looking for birds?  (Worked for) nyyyyyyyyy – y — y —– y.(surject at your discretion), “Did you exist?  Now, here comes poke lightnin’ tails, girth, Gertie.  In a nightgown, just to cut off, leavin’.

ESP welcome to the beauty ats.  ESP its not considered involvement.  Spin around, that’s pejorative, Tonto.

stats switch a side “crook”, “lone wolf”, I’ne a cake.  Oh, I accept.  Hoat, I accepted state farm.  Watch out, chick’ll involve me in it rough.

problem.  Most men go.  My memory, I’m afraid, (per Jesus) doubles the cost.  If I could slip in there (Does!), don’t!  Doubt her.  Signals must have got stabbed (Indian) across.  Beached redskins, The Pinke.  Next to the free beer, the free (then) lab.  Thin, Charles will out stingers.  Out those.  Know you’re pathetic?  The way you chew gum and eat chips, and dog all day.  (cycle in now and then) Cycle in the donut, it sells.  Could we talk about it?  Eat three-five (out!) free the minute, sir (actor)  (Does (smh) your sparkling wit) — dow bells — (Prove it).  They’ve given up, research shows.

i v e t o n t o
e h e i m d
s p w e b e s p i d e r e n t t h a
e l c a u t t s n e d i s p i t s p
o m e t y a o t c n v o n a r e t o
t o t t s o n s l v e o u n r a t s h o p p e d h e r

zSo I can trailer?  I don’t have any amicable thoughts.  I have tonsils at my side, a loose tooth, the wreck o’ the shadow your head up.

t t o t t r u r e
h e y h e y u t o h o w w e r e o f t i t b e f r s a f i b e r
r e n r e f e a p a b o e b a t o m s a d o r e g t i
o t b o r w u n d u t a c k h o r r i s a a n d t l e i n m i n d
a c k a r d i t i p o e a h a o w b s t e a f t d u
a r o u n d   t h e   c i t y i f i c o u l d
e r
t y m t e l l e m r u n b r e a k i t
w o c g a r a r y
a r s a g e l a n t e l l e m w o r k h a v e
i n e a p i d o n
v e r c t u b a k i n a l i t t l e b i t g o o d c h o i c e
w h o s h o t m i n i m u m


Get a stake.

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