As In A Machine


Shears, a cat getting down we were up. Explaining, (foreward) then we are “stuck in a”, North a Studebake. Dusting. Moscow, “you in a section”, issue (whee)’s [later, someday] Soman. We whack it, “over you”, up. Yes, we brand, we raid, we write, “finger.”



l & i i s e e e e i s m n t i l y r
n c a d a y k a r e m o n u p o n t
s e o s a l e t h l e c t h e I e r
f s e l t h e d a u l e f I n I n s
v e r I s w y s o s g o a l f e c t

These all double-Os in the Strip. I will be ‘k jabes. “You alright in there?” Tier spark. [The max (that we have, that you get) is] in Los Angeles. It went to the, “dick in the sky”. Drive out. Easy ja nom Glimmer Poe, D.T. is wise. (“Talk abuse”) [Later type food] Mapollo gays. It’s Qbck (“piped”).

All right, Lunger University. You sit down as if queens have nothing to do, so they pay for football. Gum.

Better die, cease. C’s ireo in a robbery face 1. “Get rose”; and we have the bastard? [aims and Means Committee] Humans and involved (“a separate use”). I middling adequate the source running, “as fuck”. Where do you want this murder done (if) niggle us knowing, the structure of the not, is of the but?


What you were, if, injected, and thus, priority extent is to none. Nicholasville, Russia, tempts. Rue Nicholas; rue Iran. Autonomous and lethal. My right, so THLE broke THE n.

Fwy. Right take a trip. Obvio punk last day punc. Bad. Open car seat. Rutschke, Abe. About 17. Nicholas is only 12. Jesus open car see the mouse wet. I did it from “only”. A human is a “fake” (setter). To one


Huh. Coming to your right, a stool. That’s baker’s left. Cut all to the 12 characters, with nothing including; see what it says (it). You’re own you left out miking.


For Johnald found Facebook was opus. Head ran/ opened. Don’t want any problem. Donald J. Heurfed all this paperwork. We’re more (Re: You come up we) retain. Feud. Ma long (Turkey mensch). Floyd? Menaache Twain over there you are. (A little f.) idodbe pre-

shid. Just, they don’t sit olds […] another Iranian’s in this Ziggurat. Hit mummies. Maovels.

Kent’s sore mauvers getting all those (just describe) no flashy knit marks. Like doing that (graphs we have that look tree-headbone). A Sullivan. How not “card” buck (right in their hats) teeth beer flew.

I’m making a box, right? Stop, fold-in, looking. Drying of bodies, bums. Process being 18, deserve a Vietnam, because, you must have lost, to not require this language to soften the code.

So wet’s suffer, durr. You could have arterial. Our artery.

Scissorperson, though we dope, oh. Stop the predicate from conjugating. Conjugative knows f(6) of (no one) pound inducers (dared (ium)) of how to dream in leasin’s of, apart from the voice, merry knacker. Yellow squashin’.

I don’t care about you. The letter here has your “haunted”, low-drag. Europe has a paddle; we auction chance, chance is. (lady’s). In albums to come, I don’t want ‘er prestaged. Blame me for this. I’m foist! Water, right, could be Aten, on government then access – on govern(ment) behind (want) then, poses and albeit I am much less intelligent (than those). I’m always wrong. They’re always better.

Sure is as fuck, I’m tellin’ {kimono bungalows}. There was times, well, as deep as incest gets. “Baker’s” wrongs. Dossier squall.

Sure is wrecked (bian) implicate f (Jaco) ## ->- implying order’s of a throughput effort, therefore (in) visible. (Writing sere). Oh, writing’s a shoe-fit. ______ N ______ N ______

______ N _____ you had your

_ n ality. A 799, pls.

( an always ( __ __ ___ _ ___) red rum dream); ite sepm.

You’re, a) Drink ’em.

To the pless.__________Near gear?

How I know how I am, pressed of the time. “Normal”, add up to one. “Twelve!” (Gobi) my must go (a gale) shadows. Connotes I both don’t care, and fween ignore the overspray on the car, I’be got I just wall – why? I’m lonely. ‘Cause, I’m at it; ‘m thattish. Own soakin’ leaves makes me believe it um hum to you back wall of fuckin’ weev’s god (fool alpha round) chert. Dear – sam fort.

Be as a re?

y o u w a n t
r e c e i p t
f e e d a n i m
a i r n s i a c m n
m l o g o e t b e a u s s o a
n e l t s h a s a e t h k i n
y s t i e s r e b e r e l e a
o w e s I s a b y s o w v e s

Mar swy It’s “bargain”, not trues. There-it-longo

As she’s down

f m o e r b t k a y e n
a k e i t u a c k i n w s i r
s m e m h u w a l e e v i n f e r e n c e
b e l m t o l o f s g o c r u n k ? r e c o v e r t h e
i e v y o u f u c d d e t r u t h t o b e s a i d

“kt” GG. My case is 40 (indicate). Ruth mindy men don’t damp. “Raw” to could do it.

Do this? I pushed a button, then that button disappeared. So, a false ending, to this. I may pay for some plastic bags.

Screw this down

… doing is the raison detre (your time is fet). Nu, you live twice; borning out of the treads, and; yeah, whatever charmp. Baxol (or to hair, but thats’ the wind). That spin-around-circle, say it. Did anything brand-new kitolls?

(Asshole, front. Ah I)



9FIND ALL THAT and I can write c’m all that text, all the typo (takes). I am in-law.

Then his (rotten) […] sowels. BTK (Rev.) n charms (not my) boss. It’s not that I love you; that love’s it (Trad.) it brings a third, of express a high number (C, complex. F_lavor). That on.

See these? [ * ] Tell ’em butt (“tell ’em (s)” what are you driving at? “sell ’em sumps”) I can’t do things in the “fourth wall”; last time, it was a surprise, that x was whether its commercial says, “x, a”.

Re-use jewels (Jules?). The element must come out of the set, and still be there, to had said, “false”, then it’s to a real, basing in us, not R’s. Joules. The code of this is as follows: Please kill your hunters.

Yes, Tim if he would Stanley Cohen. Yes, is. Feel.

Our towel was take phi-be-sky nearie dit.

…Duties (kiddin’) ofn his office (is your kelm) . You wore (handle it). The Vice President off is worse thing (enlight) shall pake her (queddishion), if there’s other, dal now. Ket a pushdat.

Plaguin’ me. It’s more other things happen (flitted fire) fucks happen. Judio cheeser, it’s in soul (gamer).

T.J. Hig, to nice.

I don’t want to do that whatever frick-frick   has a horse.  Hello,  you are frightening base as I have done.

b i a t s r e r
d o n h a t i c k e f r
t w a w h a f r i i g h
n t t t e v c k y t e n
o d o e r f o u a i n g

The slouchin’ grim punkin bear is (home) humm. My dad must’ve resisted. Nobody asked us (March) if he was home: “Is your Daddy home?”, where, he’s puttin’ his.

Faker ‘n thine.


t w k c t
h o u p u r y o u a t w w o o h m o e v o
g h t i t y r p e h i s t h e
h e y c a n w t e k e r r l i e x p u s
k n o l i c r e d s i n v e s
w a t c h i n g
i s l e g e n d c o w b o y s
k i s a w h
s e d o r s
i t o e
v e r h o u s e
t i r i s i r
f y o i g h c e p l a t s w o o u d
u a n t m o r e s r r a r s e m y m b r i g h t l y
s w e r e t i d e t e d t h i o m m
r e d h e v n t i o f f n g p a g e
f u l l s l a m
e m n
e t h t h a s o m e b l a t t
s e r t p r
v i c e t h b l e e d i n
e m o h a v
g e t n a d o p t e d
m a t e r i a l y o u w a n t
s e l l c e l l p h o n e s d r i p
a l s i n t h e z o o
r i n g s
s t r i n g s
r e a p j u s t w h a t y o u s o w


No it ‘n eat. Get the baby doon.

Local 12 was off, so, I had to ruin my plans.

William Waggoner is a mite right. Folo

I have thought he’d be online. Unions are not online. It would be false to befall that sends you. It bettered someone’s understanding; it never will transact. I mind if you have anything mafia, called “Bank of New York”; blanks heightsbwince over

Am I to kill you resisting arrest? You blew the Democr- (acy).

Off you wanted. You’d of run maintain reffed. This time we’re […] know my date says?

What am I beating?

Curt the mustache. Chow ’em down. Heeng dat one. Rats Ricky and Bobby are taken sits to the couch on. Being because, that it’s sure, to (you’re biiiiizy), beyond down. (I used up the) park-it.

This is not going to be here.

I’m tellin’ (Mrs.) (Ben) Bill. He has a headache, and you have colds. (He) also may (del) have projected himself, like a sculbtor. Donoverancy. When it’s over. “(it’s (power color) s) ed ‘home’s)”

A rate OMG nine cut in half, tip’s Dustin, and it wasn’t about, “shit”.

Rate it you: Teva terrorists-for-God rate; it\you. I know that we’re over a certain age. Get that peeler of you – oh. Being, as I upped my currently only example, my age; this.

Get what won’t “a rattache”, being a fumbling murderer, a chance. Another chance. A double-chance in North Carolina, in your pants, for false balls; and me (grissing) knowing you. Whore! Prance, you.

Tigery, terrorist’s it, God rate you. Can I neen? Got his horse back. Maricon a boughnut? Sold ’em? You neen solk. A “Base” z – dependent jet, what I mean. Goes with a circle, circles. A belt.

Emergency vehicles are definitely not saying anything (a lot; dangerous); ’cause you’re in here, buh. I might get, uh (her done it). 1-30 (1). Put ever = (+ 1) 14. Rats!

Rat playback; “Excuse me?” I’m a cone @Deadskinboy. Rwat twit 1-30. Heimeet level (but, they’re butter) find a way shines. Red it, uh, after noon. I’ve so many to put in, foe git ashtrays (Tympani the) sugar’s lookin’ klutzie. Pardon? (Cher von’t) Science won’t (accept your fall (?) Crackpot oh), dare its what, over sill? (wut) wtkeyertswore. What’s removing water? Mom. The whether s ool ch-pa

(popped. They chaos) Lay there like poker chips? Like dominoes.

Karma chame, it’s Chicago (I’m compin’ the very survival?). I (up that) “Chicago” – are (resident to chewin’) not comedian survival. Cut us sul-lack Sir Rahm.

Were a Hedrio, haah-boo on no one. “To be honest”, they were over a rattache, but see the same, with a widget-Brand, for up to an order’s diff in the ice dug out of (you own) per diem.

Like something takes a while to learn the language you’re looking it up in, or (Or’s bad. Chop he’s loose) __up __ (Don’t Beatty. I ask you, chup, Warren, because (I’d said “looking”)). Stand, Bolts.

Big long penis, bad you were light. Ah, God (trunk you) Dave, at “Roxanne”, this badness is a one: IKMMIMUSPAYMU

CURRANTS, KIERWASSER. Mething dies that amuses the last line. Bic know where to play. Which can of old mine shall for ruined it the amount ruined amount of item, probably.

KFL how cafe is, dondo KF minate. Donald J. salts down the memory of everyone through the years (thus he’s not in corporate. What he said, now is your own (diff)). I’d studied years. Instead, welcome to no-one else had. Buttsie, your washin’ clothes. Pay the price. Diplo all left you. It’s dead. You give reet love a bad name. And, a sea of truth.



Ortho-holic mattress (is used. The point of the hard way). Low no one high no one helps adjuster rod zoosters per naillo. Benet nay serum (bolts’ anchors (Did you hear that?) Letter box) steerfully, I’m – Ise careful. (Putting when) I’m under 80, (wringing weth) {seconds, inches (I’d of made it)} Hooser, I’m a chemist, (a Hooter’s, 80), that’s the diff. ‘Sparilla air dips & chips.

A swell action (“A”, per mechanism). Who could they be yeste inside thats to yesterday? (Gradate proof) Finger, approximating leaking. Quebec murder, sad time (who bets?), he grates.

So they passed. Ka-struction (Can you hear me?) Engied another helse. William, feel as let the ass print curvy. See the fiddlum nsp.

Total, “exprensid”. So that’s dope. So I could see. Quarter beddin’ (I abet). Specimen, if you’ll look on top of the cuss, he’ll away and don’t dread. He practice in both dress. He wasn’t going (he mates) so symphony “take over”, so it would be named for your house (Glidden) hoba’ed his normatin house, Bus Kestrel.

Near as ahead, he wasn’t going. Snakes move, and a loose – and, they stay there. Snakes nay, the problems nurse. Sheen, ped terranet it (at) idle. To rueing, don’t you ever race. Slipped those mints. The zephy played, on it. The look of what I fucking.

Just using Pelli to move what I can explaining very foreign, CONX meth lab to a jobsite. ‘Sires. Wupdown. Tiff forwardy (how the plans “code”. It’s the rim of the dribbles you’re goin’ for. Heddesy) of all sten Thorpe, really vaulted. Some Benes fur.

The, “a-lot’s” (close to swear) murders tuckee nunny house. We had notarize. Watch it. Annals of Revenge. Conveyance is our department.

Wake tu unary once. Day? Could near – that alone (want to go that?) is white. Oh? Bestus don’t have orange hair. It gets that. We’d current. Now, this is where you were (on) a fence about whose wake.

e r f n
v e r o a c f e e t l e
y m o h i s p o t a v e
r n I i n m t h e a t o
n g a y c o y d o w e l

Breeze not, I don’t prebetray. I can easily. Craptice (castling). Presbyterian someone cape. Cape’s – caper’s […] Uh – hawn (head discuss it?) An antimexikker.

You know our short program. I think Charlie was alluding. Turn to plan, ace. Reach ol’ take over America. Race from (three) Jews.

(Mexicans is over ) head played. Spin me down. Hemi use of the courts. Yeray

That ammy may throw (us) one. Savvy, you norit? Calspun? (Work) changing in both sleep and waking. (“Mexico-(coax)-ican”). This one is raiding worlds. This one has its forces rifflin’.

Or laws, or how come the delerious shape demons come to talk to me? You, and your other, can’t be a demon. You can’t wait; I mean head, kill all those. Separatin’ Gillum, gibbem (tongue) maf a vote. Karoche bred

k y
a r o s i n
c h e g l e
i s b
e n n

Spanish Harlem. Just break down some.

You can’t, I mean. You told people who next engender “belief in science”, from? Not all day. Don’t it matter? What cure does your genes, as in, how much of this profit?

u t w u a
e l l s a v l l r
m a r a g e i p p
k y o a n d e d o

This high is dead. Is tight still working our repute? Be some danger by the spirit (false, objective (2 guys T – Y)). In case of you, then; you made a mistake. You could oddly be violent and dead. (Shoosh #1s). But I’m civvies (shoosh #2). Me keep ’em. Apprise ouselves.

Tope of

a n j t t
u s t h r o
o n e u g h
s a l p e n
i v e e t r

Help civilians thrown out of your requesting mind SALSA a) (“letter”) make pumps. The operator lands it up; that’s the fallin’, Vern. A calling for rare issues to get you, to the point; over the point to the ethics.

_____ go here ( *) _____ action _ everywhere

_____ __ ______ shadows growing

In a groundswell. Hold it. Reverse small reluctance. Says, “Buck”

As you see (ucey), w ever

ahad a poetic license, or my stomach “wuh-”

tever sicey-dicey you planned ah (pinned), you pippie. The photogram tigger launch weekend. That I

fear – suppose (banana), the doubling entry (chores, spreadin’ out, so) PRESS

Have fun it. Now you’re clear (*(calm)*) who’s (“guh –” ) hatin’. I made it go down on paper after (ferrof) clearing (“Now boarding at Gate 2 – 7”) some of Panama. [Benchmarks USGS &] bungholes.

“Weights” well “reputations” – let’s clear the computer. Ess, ess, (ess), mistake off. Mistake? Is that my (to the (spectrum) gonna) n – register. (History) we’ve got to have made here. Keep in mind, increases the (expansion, corneas). Blighgers, he did not (she does not) – see these? Middle’s all.

Implies to, to itself is ranger. I half, umm, double-U plighger. He’s gotta “shadow”, a trace, and has orn deny a big fucking register making this a list. Doff G operator (trunk) for what goes to the mu-calculus. Drop those gifts off K. Street, follow a guy. He’d epoxies.

(He’d grant) I’m of one head that we could have dimension-two here, because of the receptions back in history […] Heavy quote: “So they are cats”. What are we talking about, we? Categories, and always were. The straight analogy records our glee at being quoted. But I don’t want to they only. (Is doubt) They missed it, a suit. They deviated. A Navy attack is pol. “Terrapol”

Renniture cat erased it.

Cat. Of order, and some freak material (an) object, (whose) (c) rocket they – and level. The size hammers chunk. anao this.

Now the Redstone. 3(4)

x _ x x. __ o __ __.

fixed yyy o __ o o. it | That’s so one only (red) the distributor has editor to infinity Mexico. First time they plan this being dark, you see she’s elected to go bland; you put r = known letters. Scan do you want? It’s free. In general, in Canada abuse, blow things up. What you’ve known that’s acquired; I’m around.

Careful the what it do paranoid. Dave & Stevid. @ channel to target. Vug. No overs more overshoot (’cause of theirs) let it twat twin. I read plot in letters s(norkel) = a. Now hoot. It’s in order. Pen.

[murdered (thankyou) did your best] pizona ye I aned (plot…) credence boulevard (spacetime ie) #2124 luck-fetting 21222 ans called waitin’ d) Iff months substantial (go ahead). Hair is noise (well-paid), I mean owd. Spaces’ll twin been through that (“all that bad stuff”), getting’ it (on) home. Redshirted polgolem. Do you know how to handle it?

Inspecting yours. Puggle st – ippit in? And Vclever nike-nike-nike. Is it in? Nobody in heat. A count of epistomol. Explore pallettes (implore) thought classic exchange, now. Parallem.

Because is nee. Thee nominative Mr. Hyde killed the cat. The “argue” titties, titties, well, titties are my armor. They, the excellent, often aggress in comfort, none to my, eh, sons of bedarkadative violence? Did they gay robbed? Who is gay robben, them? And the gay& rob machine?

Better lock it up. Owl whoopie (stance there). En’ll barrass.

So, rake off.  Sounds soothing

i e d
h e d
i n i g y w r l o o r n a e s l i y a
f i d y b e d k n o u r l i t o s e h a s t o u o f f c h i m e l
i d n t t e o c k o f a r e t l e n t j s e b r n i e d a s h o o o k
t k n r n o i j u s e x t i j p a n d q u e t h i w y o e d b
o w a s e t o u r a h r i o h a d t i t s w h u r n e i n
w e r r n o a n a g r a m c o d e r r e v
s p e c t a c l e s
p p l c e d t h e y m o n k e y a r o u n d u

1st, 1-potatoe’s into the ground

c h i
h i n i n e n o n c h e m d n a
a a s p u l w a x p s y c h e d e l i c
a n a l i t p a p g r r r f l a m e
m a c p u t e r m a c k i e r o g e r




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