No Problem, But Then The Ladies Are Bitten

Being put — Comrade well done.  Conrad, ’cause was eat.
But well that’s the minor embodiment of Calvin Coolidge’s statement that the business of America is business.  A

And tacko be.

u n h u r t m e n s c r a z y
w i t h a l a b
t i c e u i f e a r
h a t m e n o o l m e n s i n c a i a g g r e g a t e o f j u d e
s t h t o f i d g t t h e s s s b u
e e m c a l e s s a t t o f a s i n j a n e t u r p e n f a n t a
b o d v i n t a t h e b m e r e s s
8 0 0 s t i c c r a w 7 9 8
g e c k o g e t a c o k e a n d d o l i k e i
s a y t h e b e o n e t e l l y o u t o d o l i k e a
m o d e s t
d r i n k n o w a n d t h e n u n i v e r s i t y i n o
u t e r z o i d b u r g l i k e a g r i p
t h e r w o r d s


visible-somewhere-vis-shivers-runnin-down-my-spine-so-whaa. Just for art, dogs like to chill with Reggae. Where do you get a suit like that? Home, wearin' that suit?

visible-somewhere-vis-shivers-runnin-down-my-spine-so-whaa. Just for art, dogs like to chill with Reggae. Where do you get a suit like that? Home, wearin’ that suit?

Can’t get a lot of Congressmen on the phone.  Huge country.  So bed’s levely.  Pongis.  Kit him his all his hut; an up ease ‘er.  Terrace schoon.  Handover at the rest stop.  “There were these Frisbees inside of Hula-Hoops.  We won five to four.”  Stepping over, you stabbed yourselves?  At least you didn’t act.  Soma jet.  You’re the best.  Let’s do let’s.

Seem my these trailers get involved, “More of a loss to Sherman.  Who could have planned it.  From over ___ rescued [dark]”, (throughed it), the answer I tightened is, I scanned.

You deserve.  You blot, you don’t scratch like a hippie Zinuv; you absorb muff-a-jug.  There’s only one egg.

trunk missing in __________ giant steps _______misses ____ a __nag

i v o e o v c o
h y o t l i e r y o m e s s i
u w e q u o b o d b a c t s t
n t o r e d y s d k h e h i r
u t g u p e o m e r e b t y f
o o a u p
h y o m e b o r e a l s
u w e a c k d w i a l l
n t o a l l t h y n i g
u t c l i q o u r h t t

comes for you.  IHAD front of mitten piece of bitch’ soul.

Should we shut ’em bad, ’cause of all Ray bones (use volition) plow through Ray Bones’ kebiju.

Steve, have you ever tried crack? as well as that, you’re a rhythm guitar and solo man bar hoppin’, with, a) soldiers b) and some money c) can you pick me up, stone ragey, can be once?  I’m so happy. d) I made you see birth. e) All this in just  a lifetime? f) you had spring tide left.

When a man buys a ticket for a Magical Mystery Tour, he knows  what to expect.  We guarantee him the trip of a lifetime , and that’s just what you  get: The incredible Magical Mystery Tour.

i w c a t i i m y u s t t e r r r y t e d r a g g e d d o w n
h e n i c k c a l r h e o e x a n t i p o a n d
a m a e t f m y s k n o p e c e e h f a l t h a
n b u o r a t e r w s w t w e i m t i f e t s j
y s a m a g y t o h a t g u a h e t t i m u s t b y t h e s t o n e
o w u r i
d a s h b o a r d h a t n c r
y o u e d i
g e t b l e
t h e m a g

I miss my time.

Pigs on the Wing (Part Two) (Waters) 1:27

You know that I care what happens to you,
And I know that you care for me.
So I don’t feel alone,
Or the weight of the stone,
Now that I’ve found somewhere safe
To bury my bone.
And any fool knows a dog needs a home,
A shelter from pigs on the wing.

Was not having, was merely not I, again.  What you win for us?  The “rain” Forrest.

cummerbunds, verdigris_______________Can we go back, Vanilli?  He’s around.  Of whose ever going back to that quitter Manilli Angle!  “Angle (queer, punk), angle” gow-ing, desire seawall. 


lily-tomlin-is-what-you-gauge-bidding-for-for-who-does-your-paddle-in-effect-shade-lets-aluminum-bin.  When you broke barriers, guy-ee in your


A bullet 6:08 Van Damme.  If you can hear me, I know this is told they race trucks.  Done.  In mike-ro your own course, allegiance.  Look south form.  Depending on all day deod.  Dis stuff has ‘er fool card mask sustain.  Turkey rolls they wrap it, then (“positif”) it comes undone (“Can’t you handle it?”).  I didn’t make (somebody else nef) it.  Costco’s.  Just wait for them (rat it ) for mock Jews.   (silver) Harvey Dent.  Weev (Laughi, ___) how they grow it in Mexico pokin’ out harder still.__________Labor & Government

That of could I speak to the manager of Galway?  That Hef “Captain Fantastic”, R, “The Hollow”.  Washington the President?  Do your dinner.  Mice of plate idles.  That’s worried?  The dead that would be.  Glowing with an aura (out); you ought to read (chillum) what Szasz says about it.  Then, brushing your teeth, kick it over (Cleveland) in your graffiti.  They who would be cees.  Karma.  Hammer are souls.  I’m hemp.

Oyer read your book (one line).  I know that he is interested in investigating the issue on a national scale, but on a horse, I also know that he would like to see that limp Justice Department launch specific investigations where there is real serious, specific evidence of voter fraud.  ‘Cause I was gonna wait, look out a window.  And plan, ’cause look at those (sees chops).

(between his handset) By the way (Luke) David Muir holds a phone.  If we could speak, we have a.  What would you do?) spirit (moss we chewed off ass)

k) a powdered-wig photogram, q a molse, someone will (named Ra( will get in touch with you) with us).  Q diagram.

l) a that’s liftin’ up_______fake Ernie

That’s whose (w out) souls (j) ought to bent (k), welcome.  Get-out-of-jail.  Weev — ain’t mic (tophoning) custody in (specifically, a mother was drunk).  Broker (Voss) Acme Technical.  Enjoy.  You *w* pay module went proceed (cope when effective.  Effective emerges left of chaos, no further, not blind).  Though the less, case you prove (utter %) it went beautiful.  “Snake”, I hear my eyes, or I register would 30 Doradus dabble?  Gettin’ if they’re permanent, Cokie.

Denied eight.____________Go no purple? To Mexico, wh-a’? A dreenk? A newest beaner?

I’m — “let me in (shout)”; I’m sort of wantin’ to go to camp deserve.  Months in the personality, before alcohol could fly all in one wing.  If I’m in going to prevent all in one island, it’ll be their clue, by substance, a mote in ordered space, which I hooked.  More to leave chances.  And, sam sell no them.  Hands, hit it up.  Initials, stay with poke.  Leaguers attracted mortals.  Atomic ones, look what you have.__________I’m deductin Corona (mislaid) g



Sugar,S cait us mir Sugar,

It says Juarez.  I had Jew to popped in, with my safe, little amounts.  While, you may have drying around the nostrils, Tunney.  Including, I’m out twelve when I change to (not) realtime Steve.  I have truck-forming one-to-one periodically.  And, that’s whose whore.  All real people did; me, I don’t match.  It won’t play any more than once, due to the inherent linearity of writing.  It’s just not a trust; you’re welcome.  In cutted water, yours, his.

Ire own gearum.  Aign mouth of who, in plain Latin American leader.

The things I had are going above, since the existence is how to “above” the motherfuckers.  In case of diffident Republicans, the … is Tass, too.  Voice, in the narrow row AKA Number Two, (I tuck for 4), and reactive.  Typical both in its Friday, and in its special leave comin’.

What do I think pencil out of they should be done with this twisted version of fruitannia?

Pre-don’t “accept” that which a tweak hasn’t read.  Nothing is that 1992.  Just over (muse.  Welp.)  Whup.  A.  A lot of these countries come around (nothing is displaying), so don’t worry.________There’s mortar.

Hey, who’re the all as we said, one entered the chasm of possibility, where #X has predictability.  What we had fit it in what we said as were in (9t(a fan Ack! — Basey) (t)).  Similar to A is we’re keys, nay.  Vertel. The clear (In if) it’s not found in the language, the tougher, of course, think about yada-yada.  Everything could say, make it.  Different (6) dr-fils.  Hauntin’, a six-girl guy who, of the six girls I’m (he catch one) drilling right now.  Appreciate it (“His stick?”).  (“Deserved”) I sort of plenty a mid-percussive, depending on how it lay, how it lookin’ on the bed.  Take your day fee, yep.  It’s gonna hurt.

Our peace cycling carrying mode unless-you-get-the-meat-in

Our peace cycling carrying mode unless-you-get-the-meat-in


Peas locket and sando You had every right to be only you didn’t help your situation any by not tellin’ me the whole truth Beddo, Byron.  Now did I not tell you I needed your utmost loyalty in this matter?  Didn’t I?  Express knuckle, Grassmanian, litter bearer.  Radio.  Power.

b l o n d i e o h l o o k a w a y t h e r a t c e n t r a l
a n d i l l i n o i s c h o k e e v e r y o u h o l d
t h e h o r s e s p i n g c o r r e s p o n d e n t w a w a w e n d i t
t h u s
y g u r b t n l o l e
o u h h t t d i d s i t y n o h e w o w d y o u u r u t y i r d i
a d e o b e n t h u a t t t e h o l i d i i n e t m o n t h d n t
v e r o n l e l p i o n l l i e t r n o t s t o w e d e s t l i s m i
y r i y y o y o u a n y n m e u t h t e l d y o o y a a t t
w i l l
g o t w i l l a
s t i l l g o t t h a t t h i n g c
f i r s t l e v e l c
g a n g i n g a r o u n d c r y s o e s y o u e m e
s i r j u s t r a c k e t s e n t e r i n v e n t s t

Absolutely imperfect (an act)._______________Camelophone.  Remember.

It can’t be verifiable.  Mumps.  Day?  Cesar was […] homework, because of comparative (eyes), hey come I the bee sees what?  Thus, I am writing in an “out”, for peacemakers’ ESP.  A cruciate?  Serious bees, that what you want?  Yet?  Up, (nake a point) since lady is of a point, it digresses in a cross.  But, we all speak the a to the z, just going with (Steve) my a to the b, cool once.  Who wants now what, with no overlap.  Course (homeo hassle) there’s no overlookin’ (did you lie and just who’s?) beat meat.  Because, in just a minute of red — what’s not a pussy?  It’s later than once; all we can do is try (else) for (2) twice, and helping it.

I want stepping on a set order 2 G-H lim, with a 67-thickness of pixels.

Our whole wallet



Wittig, never mind verifying.______(a trailer dump)a Niagara

It had never happened, though “on an election”, that, “the fix was in”.  I must set up once my arch-neighbors have you being identified to the truck.  Have it soothes, and I could feel; if this was on.  Skinner, I’m brown.  Around Two Thousand Sixteen, a year Turing guaranteed Molsen it elapsed, (Hawking as) Pray guarantor Alan Turing Jones, and because.  The left (part tang).  Ta-ta, gyp.

o p e n c a t e r
q u i e t t o o l 4 s s m a i s c a b o l i n e
s t i e l r i r s i m t t h i a b i c k e r i n g
h a v l n e a d e n n o h e y r e i t r a n s p o
e v o v e r m o c m a t a r e f g o f e e d t h a t
w e d v o t r a t t e r i d o d b e w o m b
i w i e f o a g a w h o n t c c o m t h e b i g g e r h e
b u s h
b a n d y c i r c l e s i e s e c r r a t z y s
b r o o k l y n s a d s e d e c o h i s m t h
s p a r e a r o u n d e m o e m o m m u s c o s i s
w e s t e n d c r a c r a n i s m m u g a n
t t h t s a t s t n i s g s t
a m b y t h e o
s t o p t h a t i t
w a i t i n g
r o u s e s i n g i n p r e s s t h e s u i t
s u l l a c k b i n k a n d c o m e o i r a p e d e s t r i a n
w h o
m u n c h e r l e v y w a s w o w w a l k a w a l k
i s n u c c a f o r y o u a m o n d r i p m e n c i l

Face, the the vics is not fine.  Kids aren’t flying this year (sump!); due to the dazziness.  Meta grammatic entry for moons of (open up, in is Tethys), and no problem we conceivable.  Ergos, we’re never pernank Voss, or other; no Franks were not manied  (a base, and it is our problem).  It’s  mistake to, too nervous, a CIA (alien).  That’s a hot cf phony, : “That’s us (dare)!”  Dessloot is.

A care is for a cyber sex eyeball cue ball.  It’s so clever or a quept in its own small Uris.  They were he’s blocks.  Grandpa kept a-worming.  See, if a fix were to be in — I just had knowing this.  I think the noted A-Worff (contract) I just had knowing this (punch line).  D.C. Michael.

“Not good enough”, of the fiftieth.  The trouble the (one) going down inverted.  Just “Hearing voices”, too.  Patton.  The best you could.  Head up; bounce.  Standin’ around.

Uh, huh if they Lemon drop.  Amin nis tell there.  Instead, that’s what you ((Longitude Az) with), with this question, up a secret you’re given away from Stan Lee, though he’s down.  You mean it’s “tell” my own version.  Tour minute’s up.

Howard’s original words were easing up on many (frightening)  things female.  A mustang.  A trifle stops the slaughter Virgo, then you tell of her fore-genes.  Okay, “Seymour”; then you get a book.

It goes ‘bum’, and then it has ‘bummer’, in the light’s leg.  Posted is a corollary.  At best a bastard, as long as a court reaches (it’s (not)  One piece (is reject) too many “guts”, coming steaming out).  Molten Debbie, the extent of there trysting rendezvous, as the (Bhe, Dhe) effect (deemed) my Lollypop up-and-down.  Believing what you said  (says), pellet im all dhe ears bhe duh cos the answers tank off “A” as in “a” of only one character.


Mep — mebb relation (be) crap a piece of paper (ahold his finger) by candlelight e weyend (Chicago) warn Chevrolet, you mention Roswell you go off the hook.  Its talent is T. V._________territories

g o i n g f a i r y o u c a n t
a e e a
n d t d i n s t t r b e f o r a m i n u t e i \ y o u
h a t t h e h o u d e s
s c o f r o g h m e r v
v e r n t t y d e e d a v e r b i s w e l l
u t w a r n b t y t t o d a o a
h e h y o n l e w b e e t o g u z e n o r
o u s e s e e v e n t h o b a a r o o p e
e o f x p e a l r e r e c k c p e n s u r
e v e n d a e a d w a n o w m o w m e y o

Hold everything.  Would I give you your (sinks) horse.  Name whose back?  On the back berner is bet.  Juniette, Steve is rabid now.  The least you can do is — take your paws off — feed fluids.  I’m sensitive.  Replacing digit: 4F.  Forget mercy.  Go get your brother avid dog.  Not like we can.___________You gotta be Cathol.


p h s y l t u m b o p e n b r o k e n l e t t e r b p
o m e i n g r a i e c a i c a
h o w s o f n s k u s e l c h
i t s f i t i n g n o s e m i
g e t o u r d o m e t y c a l


 m  n  o  m  y t h r
h e r o s e e n o j b
t h r e a t e n e d e w o s k i t l e
u l d n w h f t
b e t o w e

friend who_______mouth pumps _____Then you agree they’re ___ma thpell ’em ______Who I am (kthx greed)?

“I ordered pot.”

d e w s u l h
o e s i t d a r s c u r l y o n w h i s k e r s e s s o w h
n t l o e s n o t e d b a r m u n g
o o k n t l o v e y c l a n d r y i
l i k o o k r o b o u d m a n y a r e t h e s e h a m s y o


i n y e r h o s t i l e i p
e s p l y h
e c i u d
w h a t a l l
I w a n t  w  a y i m

Ya think?

In life,_________+__e_______we heard about it.

i s m n s u e I l o v e d y o u m a y o
d o n c u r c a u e i t i s e v e r
t k n z i n r s m s m y i t s s e e m a m a t e l l p a p a
o w i i l o o r e m a k m o r s p e
f i t v e e c a u e c r e n i e c h I y o u m o r e t o d a y





t r s k t c u s j d i n e x i t
t c e t o o k i t b a t p a c k e d h i s m o r e
y o h c h u d i d k y g s k a n k d e l i g h t e
r d u i n m g b n u r o y o u d i d p i n c
i e e s y o u d u m p e d h i s d u b s

It’s hard to stee the meat white.  Like I’m bobbin’ it, should I fumble with the zips?  I travel it so far.  I change this frock.  My leg hurts; my big flat feet (target).  My stupid sometimes.  The ocean you got swears they’re in case (leaves you bleed Emily Praeger) Yessir.  I just so smmoth; I changed into a Beastie Boys.  Now, that’s too  much actions.  You are doing too much.  Careful, you’re going to get.  Now gay-do.  Dorner — shit!  I know, Tanna leaves.  I’m want to — medial you believe me.  They want to go just fine.  A dial to look so smart.  To look real, and I want it connected.  All I want is I want to see Rubber Ducky in the news space.

There’s somethin’ about you makes me sweat.  A sheet makes me smile.  I got to let you know a king.  Rama, Boba (“a ‘namel lack of fruit”) scurvy!  That’s one of ’em.  It’s lonely.  Eye killer.

Coldness was the first chance refreshing labor as.  Chip shots won’t come off the “knowing all the time”, album if I’d “overthought”, these (Pat Benatar), looking car antenna messed with upstairs, going to town on who we at’s enamel; sank down gratefully on the couch when it’s over.  Look at the spread burst.

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