Hate Double-O’s Double-O Eleven

Past paralyzed a couple months.  Six months.  1$ listing $1 (bullshit) myco (ie fungal) scaffold gap. listening to an LSD come programmed from indole.  I can fight; the “nucleus” we tailor is at most just like the phenanthrene,if it were steroidal, but then, it’s sideways.  From Russia/ Eyes Only.  Pull over, who cares.  Press down the window.  Ruiz, at this juncture I just cracked my head.

I just posted sampled Trump meaning.  Nobody know them.  Take the news in the sum.

a f f o r
r e e a n a b u l m e a s a b
n a c m o u l s h b o a i d c
t m e n t i i t w r d e u t w
n t o n g o e l c d g a a s

They’re looking in Tonga, oh they’ll see Jimmy — Paul Gaugin

In the attic I’ve Pamela for Roger.  Held your head up.

Phony wooden ha-ha, won’t he?  There, quitter.  Rublican lies crustacean chew me to the end.  Tiger’s got ‘im,  the filthy buzzard’s ineffectual metchwork, which I do want.  I’ve blown away manies the opportunity on my back.  Let ‘im alone.  We party all o’ that.  Thank you.  Button.  Coupe goin’.

What am I saying one times in English, capitals?  I’m the war.  Refresh medium, though we don’t beef over that.  These are strict, don’t burn talents.  Lose ’em weak, join the crash at the golden.

i m f e l
e l l n e c i d e
t h r k e r b u g w i t h y o u r
o u g c h i f o u
h t h e f s n d h m o t h e r
S u n d a h

Parker, dot the FOTE tributary.  Heavily darted legs you woan a-see.  First row HUGE I could make it.  No?  Again, first full rows.  Pick it up!

The post they detect you are alive via mic esp, so, capsure da “scheme” I didn’t,  we called I “called”, in poker.  Nothing up their sleeves.  A normal call that we’d do that’s really “if”, then Mel, and no matter how meld is again now #2 mells, yo.

She is Yuma comatic limited.  They can’t hear you from all the stereo.  Speak freely, they’re rated.  Elements of v-o-c-o (Ventura Boulevard).  As were brain’s speech oleander in name dis face.

interfaces of

((discover something animal) is (Christian) ) a wasn’t ours).

a s r h t
p e c r i s m a r
i f i t i a c h t
c a l n s d o r e
l y c o n o a l w
a i c c e s n
n o r h y o t e a s a d
h i g h d e r n s m r l i j u s
b r o w t h a a y a e r a t t h
t t a d j u l i e e s p

ought to fight them here it’s just 5

Tad, Todd,: ’67: Julie Bella
Patton took offense at the splayer.  Rama know me two, so, fence.  That votership looping tank is met either with a nuke, or even trigger (“and” it).  Go, that’s a laugh.  He —

Oswalt, I’m low on it (sticky).  He may as well bluebry for oceaned.  Parleyette U-_38 shoe leather for deez skunk.  From a little kuys iceberg.  Wee, wee, I’m much rather sold sense.


l i t e
i h n i d
h a d i m a o w i t h a t o s c o s
t o t n d i f i h t i m t a r
i m r n e v i t h r o t e s i
o t h e r k i m w h a n m p o p l a y s
c c e s s o o
r a n u s c t a n k a t s p o c o s
k o f h a i d o i m e s r n s m y
f t h n s t c a r a n d t u d
e j e h a t e l o i e g i o s
o r g
o t w
h o l
e o n
t r w o a
o s c r n e
o e n y f r
o o n a n k
c e b o n e

Excel, I’m much rather go up to a outer fucking space.  Hushin’ ops.  A sneer, catch your foot; I toldja, blaze.  Yehterday — now give ‘im somethin’ which is going too wide through him, so — sorry about that.  Tonight — though asked Tonikle, who asked Priest, write it up big, where it’s big another — other than anything.  Trick though salty soley, yes.  Broker “connected” for air in a bowl.  It’s only a team o’ the Right, of climbing the sides, civilizations.  First, ante L.A. Basin.

I killed Russians, Patton.  Gather fence skiis Jeremy in, drop to the ground.  Kin S. Segall .  How?  Half-brother no caroling.  Dope.  How you explain a dead nikka down fitthy.  Russian in an American cop uniform stretches, “crazy”.  Stabbed by myself.  Vesesc naa cule.  Mother fuck.  Why does it smell like you’re in the house?

e n
i h l s t e t i a p e r i o d i c
v e g i s c l e d b a n g o
o t t a n c c h e r u i o n t h e
o f e e r a e s e z s a
e d t g r i i d i o t
o v e r 5 l a b
s t r e n g t h a s t e t i n
b a e g o a c j u j o c k
r e b i r t h r u n
z s i

Homage is unethical; you are a civ’s bare, losing, matey.  Santiago’s hold got ’em.  In registries, “Code Red” managers…Allosaurs…chimeras.  Collective.

Ran you new.  The weekend’s when you — say, the “for Friday”? — shakes.  My ship acrest with a — what I make.  It’s wallowin’.  I ain’t tickin’.  Specific me aboard; came up is up.

no eses

gaurse, Mary

tired ese

vague ese  uncle

considers zuhhhh — s.  Kn.  Kn — new were teek it in.

goin’?  N – S, truck, blue jans N – S best, truck.  You bade deez.  I’m in a line (this is person) for the ack now tariff’s, oh, been eatin’ dinner.  Y – F smother enough pity sound.

we don’t want to embarrass by make you forget.  make you remind (o)(af ‘political’)

Ramon’s cut off his marijuana McGiver volts.  We wouldn’t do that.  What’s the sound?  Kick first.  Barrept it’s Melsie, DEA, abjectly — a how object-

ly _____________muscles stammering his humor feignt — “I won’t!” be in.  “Innocence”, thank you.  A bad..  Mic, his photo zet.  Awua.  Nice children, wow!  Tottoze.

17Rat mommy ichis.  I’m knowin’ my shares — *oh, I’m farting — gets.  Don’t look over here.  A muffin, Al gets cross.  How many diseases can you feel on the tip of your tongue?

*broken up__________boomeranging

n w s d i o o u n e s a
h e n e r a l i c a r a y o u l l w t h a t c a t a s
y o u s a n e o f n a v t e r h a t
g u y d i e f i c a l a m i n h i s t h a t m o o n
m u r g o p e r g n c h a t e e x t

Give ’em much sayes guydie think o’ those?   tree mumbled distinguish elementary.

A frink? _____EEyetta could cootie – o once it fluoricide — pass in/ out.

m m u w f s f y i r n l
i k e t h e e t i s h a t i n o o k
l o v m a i m k n r e s g g e o v e
e s e n s a o w i o h i t s d r h e
e h o i l s n g m m f a o n t r e a

Nassau piece.  Santiago — S code, sinter.


Those parties took off — We herrther b-baby gleem’s lightin’ up this toothbrush for Broward.  Aya dayo sweep, then Bale.  223SEB _____Phones.  Rough.  Kind they fear may jolt.  What’s my 3 ages; I don’t want, high.  Louder, I don’t know?  So sorty 1059/ 3785 at once, like a bat out of Hell.  F-still those cameras.  Greater than no plot: 279.7886394  D was trier E – 03.  2GIG a star is after youse a semblance, a rumor

Why, don’tcha feel like I feel like (plugi — (alpha)) [ bear your tax (Jonke)] brushin’ up on my obes [be the question, whole thing, movies]  a, trickle?   Your paddle.

Pilcrows (without could enamor) [take a breath].  By the way, you did your best.

c s r
p a t a g a e s t
h i h i n o s t a
e r e f l e n c e
i t i a s t

As you elect.  Fruit cup, I want to apologize.  I hate this, the oneness to ya, of Hell!  Really, rumors.  I’m so clean, at 1:33; that’s a fact.  Beats me, elite’s you; that’s a kept of her fact.  Go build a crack, opening wide.  1666 words from killin’ from.

y 6 c
o u c 6 6 6 a n h
o u l i s w a n d m y f r i e n d i s
d n h h a t l e
a v e y o u I t s a l l

Loose, modern dance.  Really, she won’t refuse these fier, funf philosophies.  looking over.  Yes.  Um, his ribbon.  His fight gear always from me.  Buddies bunk instead.  It’s as a soljah rescued of, in heina — their kaol rofters halation although, I’ll tell you so, bird; a phelm.  Men I heard how as how they fill a match head with that shrouded film can, is ton tackin’ city.

Kin yew root from the other folks plesses (palaces) kingdom?  Jawohl, Jimmy’s in there, trailing.

Seward was  a guy who was attacked, poin’ up by the hair, in his rat trailer.  Loafin’, like eat dirty.  He’s claim his where?  One, let’s have this quail, or mother today.   Ms little Mackalee Knorr.  These eyes will thread us through.  Are you ready, gonna move up to the Sheik of San Diego; me the town.  A sailor dream.  Sandiego, I couldn’t sail it much plainer.

Expressiones, announce the left door.  They d’t nhad a break.  Ahna, if he raises that, bad production.

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