A Giant Family Chemic Holes

Woke up; what woke-up had — you’re lyin’ — to your face.  It had, where, it has, any induct its strongest weak.  The “it’s” is not spoken, only thus preen over (“its”) possessions.  Then, other food, sadly, is its 30 pounds, or forty.  That it still is; the number that we’d repeated, induction sucks so bad b/c of its reduction, an “ism”.  A tail of this is undone, hermetic.  I am going to toy, or to product, which is more when — issue — fork wiener, 4-5 about.______________Said I was careful atmoe, and I don’t care what is related to me disquiet de noise.

What does he do?  problems.  escape trajectory.  Larry, and Ellie, and Effie.

Let’s get the Druid.  Mount up for his “testimony”.  His in-camera stilt’s “room” somethin’, they’re jealous of the moon.  Could — I don’t know you (’em) talking with One — I “Rome”; it skips, I did that, I’m it, aya fort rat.  Against’ll it.  Arrr.  Now, a fort lady’s.

I as Bill, too.  You forgot it?  In rrors.

I w a n t e m b u r n t t h a t s p r o b a b l y t h e g r o u n d
d r p p n i i f i t
u e t o u n a p o e n a i n f d i t d o n i c k d r u i t s
o t h d h i c k e p p l i n i y e t t k n y w h t t h a y s
o s e m g r t o s e t e t e r n o w t a t y a t s t h e
i n g a n d l o o p t h e u r b a l r a f o u d w h a r e

……………………………………. << holes that can before.

Kitty, come.levels you have more (of) on de you listen go die Bogart

Due to those in [tied a wut] ground him grand [a wooden post] pa pocket // pen app lose then [shake it] infinite turbidity eternal // [my closest chin ] I don’t know trafficky what you did but that’s [mirror] what it [turn it for then it definitely had it ruinin’] [mistake] says there

birthday regulars Thicke morrow key mart sales.  Are you Sherlock Fuck no ordinaire get out here.  Got your pipe?  Is your parents’ similar bird on the, you know?  Didn’t have to have ’em a bunch ahead now.  I’m gonna  go on a — be more _______ few.  Tranzit.

Imagine ‘er an ugly nine, in Samantha white vinyl boots.  Instant {P,I,D_} doesn’t know where its goes; it’s trained in luxury.  Shamble-line boke Stephen, resident.  A fool, out!  Me, an upper, a Gowdy.

I’m to rent Smale’s lab?  Cool.  I’m?  Just around?

You’ve got off-hued.  We’re try Rebecca.  Chicago heard.  |

……………………………………………………………………….. |

……………………………………………………………………….. |

……………………………………………………………………….. |  Sleep.

……………………………………………………………………….. |  Sleep?

……………………………………………………………………….. |  He’s not goin’ in.

……………………………………………………………………….. | He’s not goin’ in this time?

……………………………………………………………………….. | His arrow little spaz where he’s goin’?  Hint.

APOS I search, and apples [Do that up here, crisp Omicron, Omega LEF].  F, hit the ground; I keep a look applied.  One tort: Ludicrous, and I count up.  Fourteen only applies to thirteen; I know it is favor, an 13, sucked in.  I care — account — “elicit” o-vair bald attn.  Trunk again, about my “folks”.  Get the dead people of the State of California and I prove [{I,T,_,_}, sideways now].  Crispy b/c the guy is speedin’ in it, Mars Khartoum.  More their horn beagles; I did not go there.  See mind yet.  Go, “Jell-O”.  Keeps his mouth off bug parts ’til night.  Editor tropical was, if you italicize, headed for third Munchen.

Different, boyfriend Justice thrown in a pan.  Tare m e o, u.  Tare up: It’s you they paid to see, let’s tear up the album.

Plaguers’ mean slice, through high risk; thrown-bad, it.  North’s why this mental swore that it was Omega; I believe Right; not Left (ping).  {T,R _, _ } investigations (* hits vertical, diffuse.  I’m in a parentheses.  Carry it)  Group “W” clock showing N, I hope up, times P.  Introducin’ P probability, sperm is amplitude.  We come together of their arrow ff.

This time ate {P, W, _ , R } Because, I am a radio listeners.  Think procrastinating, you fingers can’t grip too manies my little ower (Time bomb ruse) what they said (For example, set in my head, seven wrinkles), pefect either cheese’s purpose.

r e i p
i t h o n i
e r f m g o
o r a i n g
w e a h a

Those guys are all too many, with their rare psycho power bent too fast.  Stay close.

How come — lake & jet.

b s o r t o n u
h e r n d e
e p u r s i
b l i e g e h u b b a
c i s b y a

We are going to leave it.  Staying lower case, as long as my order does not have some meld.  ‘ppreciate it, ‘coze doin’ string beans, I think to Billy-Bob.

I am getting one out, b/c Nikita legged my bump, it led to steer.  How would you feel, offered as Lot, and Lot’s wife is ne’er referred anymore?  Instead, is pickle field?  In pickle-language, his nought favored ought-zee panel’s private.  Git!  We time to as o; zero is not used.  Yeah, we’re not chicken (colors) ’cause no, the loss of color of the future merely means it assumes points, assume-sume.  Therefore it.

m – spare it

u n b e l i e v a b l e i n r a p i n e
r o n h o w a r d s t w e e t
t a i w n
h a n s i c n g u h a t l y m y o u c a n
k y o h f o p a n s r i o r e
u j o r s t d d o g h t w o u t e l l I m
h n k a n d i n g i f o l d f
t o w e l l g a l l o n I m s h r u n k
p u l l o u t o f t h e r e s t r o n g


l r c a w
o s i u n t s w a a s t
e o n h i a l k i h e i
e s p b u t h k a m p e
l i t t i w n d a r i a

goofy-book Rosie one split cunthia butt I was walkin K (was there) and A was the imperial.

March their more bull

e t t a
x h i h e n m o n n g e
b i t i c a i t o n i n n o t u p i n
x g a n k n r i t e 8 i
u z e o w i a r r n g b o n n i t

saddle-seize ’em

Exhibit “X” gauze, then , I can know it, monitor it, arrange nine 8 ing passive, noted by 2012, Dec. steriated.  Their several size drip.

What that little (a punk) (said it was) used today a stinkpot.  (ou) raund.  eosui wast hedda Bruce?  In melyn?  Yup, covered hold, poster temp.  Six minus (you are) good cheese (you’re rockin’), so that’s there, similar to someone died.  Dead.  Dide they don’t ukulous.

Sth.  We’re going to take off.  Ninety percent.

Any traction’s good.  3.  Guy (S. Smale) was too much.  Again, wrong guys.  Addawan boy sorta smooth, ’cause, his own time.  Serape good plague, snats a extension.  See what we deft supportin’ has blonde pollsters.  Posters, B.P. loot, masters of a punk, triple-doubled in.  My Gawd, rykie chilla was — I tolja,s, eke, yeke; not much, a favor.  Capsules, you’re right.  can you get a round?  Caplets, they bust apart?  My master is soul, sold my many grew, chiasta his place is.  I set it, barn.

Arron.  Still packed, on a get us home, so forth?  They had basically one thing a t the stoned, and I’m gonna get.  Surprise list, I think to act at dinners.  See are (you Texas) use drained?  Prison standing supporters, cue ball, two women.  For us, grating.  Guess — guest –Drucker’s  uh, just stick around, guv.

Grand Opening Of The Casino Club At The Greenbrier - Red Carpet

x algebraic, my boy is here @ here wait, we died.  Whatcha leavin’?

can’t escape my challom

Insure inconsequential’s it’s corrupt.  Ruddies ride, kin folk.  Ignorance is the time-sensitive imaginaries tha’ you’ll use (you will both face the music) to win at computer., and fight my dupe fique cuck ain’ stowings of doings uff.  funna today menminnle strict.

i i s
n a p c k s o f d g o i n g t o s o f t
p e n e s s o i n
d a l t o w g s y o u a r e
e s t i n g o n e a w a y

It’s all too much.  For example, this, the very idea.  Speak, or your thought s are fooling you, then, there’s no reason.  Ahead 13 of 2012.  It would not occur in the Cher-n, (Chern, buttmeat) class.  I am not going to spell more.

v d 1
e l i 5 y e
n m o a r s
r e t t h a g a v i n g
h a n n k s
c o u l d y o u b e f o
a n d i t i s y o u r n a t u r e o h
t h a n

Not, “sting”.  Tanned fine was Napier, had Daltoned Reynolds shz-bob, and a white don’t you lamber juggernaut of no consequence reached over.  They sent me to the other dice side of, “Bette please” connect, and soon.  See the co-double silver American sells cross messenger spent, if they eat.

s a i d n o
r e y m t a n y g i n c u r b
o u a l k i e t u a n d i g b
b i g n t a p n a p u t o y p
m a n y o u m o r o n y a n t
j u m p f i r s t
w f e r r e l

You walk ’em.  2-5 plight

hasp U.S.S.R.  he hates it.  athom  Take your property.  Fonda that.  Let ’em Bolin.

Say am goan gets him That’s Stay, Cunningham where Jesus.  Ah, a) plaid That’s the lo what you want.  That’s fair:  beret, board room, a CEO, a putter, Ezekial s row a shredder on his lig ground; gee, it.  A) nole it, us up some.  Goad.

They go mission, and we’re putting you mighty | ligs |No, but if safe, there’s right, as a cheesiness in the cabin.  Right.  3 kavm

extensiaprism botto expect implicated abt all express a VO-5.  There it comes.  And cake, would n’t that be Nike-y.

Integer n m-concentrating their souls.  Fuck not that.  Bed one, it’s got to be the tap that I am on, then it is them, positive two, and we will divide by, and a trunk off to the side calls everybody home who’s sane, busted liars.  A nippical.  I could CQ cruciate.  Last time.  Connettique.  Furry things want to get used.  Cape your hep.  In a  circle, thee!

c r i o p r o d
u n n e j e d b e a r d u t t o w s n h i g e e
i n g s u s r e t r o o e r e a s h s l i i t a
h a m a h a e n t m a c z e k r e d g g r n o l
w h e p l a r y b e o a i a l d e r o u n e i t


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