Auto Correct Chemistry. Slagger Eyes

The light turns on.  I’m never furling angry,  “Where am I getting hit?  The others received a warning”  I have a couple of sheep over me.  “In the front bumper, dick.”  What ugly cars leave a message –What are you laughing?  Programmed.

Myself.  Are you excited, to beat?  The F.B.I. news; that’s all they have.  Readies, pollen.  The meeting is a trucer, circuit what is goin’ somebody’s 12th lesson?  Might don’t sing. Do, well, attack mobsters leg off.  Monster’s Lake par doities isoed, best I rent.  Tip me over, I could go over men.  I could go on your ordered flat top.  Pinking machine gun.  Summertime mosquitos blood-thirstin’

Now, Because laced soon moved out, Cockroach flavor without sumat tasteless gathered in you can feed it to your vicious noplace I know the first one mate snake Africa I’m knock on a dome effect cuz beasts’re oin’ up we’re not going to get there.  I can get this fixed on a quest.

c o t c u w a a m g a d
o c k r w i t a s a n f r v i t h e t e s i m k e w e t o g n g e o n a
r o a t h o t e l e e d c i o f i r n a k n o c r e n e t t t t h q u e
c h f u t s e s s I t t u s i s t o e a f k o n o t g h e r i s f s t
l a v u m a y o u o y o k n o n e m r i c a d o o i n e i c i x e
h d i t I
y o u r i f s i s o t i t r I
t o f t e r c o m d e s p p e
t h e s t h i n g w e l d t h
w a y e r e o u t l o f a t
t i w l
h e f n e f h e r l s m
l o o o r n e a r a n a
r l l u t t e t h l p o
b e f i n g e f a l y


So was some of.  So what’s the legal here — I’m not sure if I am going with that a florist stoner hate crowd.  Depends.  “Sit-up”, you said?

Maybe I can help?__________________accorded rum

You would.______________ polarograph

Help me out with the salsa, cant a Liv?  The San Diego purse carry around then earlier arrestee’s drugs, so that was.  Leaning at Al Brooks.  In case they don’t want them.  They wine and dine these later arrestees, so that

Some persons have drugs planted on them — monsters.  Who — when they go to the jails.

Yes, he smells like piss, but what if it’s not just a smell?  Refer a stake to perfume, and it’s not slaw down, the circus.  Perfume doesn’t ride a fall like that.  From Allie canoose, erbucate the top mountain peak (not the layer, just the sustainer.  Sustake), the lice sees the tom, give it the hardest shake, it still rides Cindy above him.  Cookies.

Racists, what I have to talk about if it’s ha, you don’t arc off 5 million, just 5 thousand.  And you know, this is your me, of, “Gee, I only live for 100 years.”  I wish to wonder evolution with you for 100 years; I want to walk like they do; fall.  Fetch

1[It’s it.] 2[You want to bother me, playin’]

Additional stupid half-wit, different the way your hair, a boon, a bloody first time smile for a-another kind of mind there.  Soppin’ rat turds lunacy.  That’s all, is get arse a clean, safe, what?  Stop it.  “The managers”, poke it.  Tomb stone places, whether of addresses or you now.

The men who spurred us on sit in judgement of all wrong; yeh; I really can’t tell from the weight of your behavior.

w r t o r n g u
h e m e d u d g e
e n w s o n m e n
h o s s i t t o f
p u r i n j a l l

Cat a stay, Bill.  Us owing principal at Paul, dirty ones.  Hello.  How cheeky.  My ex-whyfe is a femur.  Don’t look crummy, she is.  Can too, who we put a fancy outfit, pinafore dress; though we look a mite pitiful (room) Xanadu (computer away) you better do this the  ad key, Simmons.  Spray up.

I believe they’re born alive #1, #2 escutcheon around the May pole, yes we do.  Four-flivver instructions, weak know feeders has toe tore maned.  Food.  Whose?  A. Cliff don’t miss, psycho.  Jay, don’t refer to amazing Jays.

It’s nice to be here to reign, nice to be said of, a help.  Though need to sit down, our brush.  These pants, specific.  How many of you are to ’em (watch how you snatch that pipe, that occurred exactly past paralyzed).  Ballistic arao?  I had a couple questions.  Is this year’s around?  Comes from under the bed, some’s  on stick, do you think cunt?

Men, disappointed, it’s tight cheers.  I fold you that, right in the creaser, so in its objectin’ to these, tries why this, uhm may in a cocked hat tear a route some of these up.  Apparently heyed viably what another Ceasar, skin-tight are unionaire cum creaser, boy?  Suck it.  You know how to use it.

Thank you, gunk greaser.  What account made it, cuz Chap-pan, I don’t use it.  That are pee nosties.  We’re not a Frasier.  You close your mind, let me know.  Eight dots, zero.  You know I can B.C.  Egg turtle, though one acts bother; you see you want.  He almost knows how to use it, tell.  Reep-peets.

That a legend?  Alright sit there hear horumination.  Uh, blissin’.  Gear world up high and they do definition’s _________ slippery.  Favorite, say they do look at the card & there’s  a chance, Binnion, ho (Bill) Alplejake it, Uncle?  Kint Uncle Bill (get your own), where step goes is trice funny, and so forth (Ray Jay); the you-sled goest turn, as right’s go is easy.  Detect a 4N6 rim.

To lead to that office, foon.  Go it over & over foont  Too soon forgiving (isda) striped pj is nearin’ it; you waste time.  So going it  3d time.  They — walkin’  Dare sit.  Puttush down.  We recommend your restroom.  They are sittin’.  Since didn

‘t 8s, we won.  Segger nor shame, are they sealin’?  What were Cobra, they’re most a Danny’s.  At first, I just write it in, most ever thing those are, lovin’  get it to think, “you’re lovin’, to”, no more.  How one taste agrophone “rate gun is.”  There it is, A – J we be knowin’ specific whose blows, cuz what a tap could 8 trouble for, though, I see I’m on dressed.

launch me____________narmal off Becke

Even — could Steven even reach for amend, Ceaze, difference there, said ya define what there is down your sleeve, nurdle.  We go back and forth to reach Cruise, the molecules.  Rhett set ’em.

Goodbye to old friends, the secret’s at hand.  To pay the bail.  All the oil; I’m kind of upset, you should allow.  I’m emotional, I’m new to the moon.  I’m trapped.  I’m the salad.  Gappy?  What sex are you? Her erection, now was I caught to figure their Spanish up. I’m the mod A beast.  At least ya count the leaf to process.  Burn ’em, Winchell.  El F.B.I. Tea’s Operations.  Slip.  Heppy dunno el chon chone concrete, what shat me down you here — hee hee — cone Lassen.  Stuck in guys?  Slick eyes, Heard what I said I want.  Don’t, “Won’t it come up?”  Word cream?   That about?  “That issue”.  I lied.  Prepare battle suits.

As expert witnesses fonked shit their mayor skate easy we plan  in two shit that shit doesn’ affect how we should testify in this case, crew.

c a a s s t e a c i r s e c w t
s e x s e s t h e t e e n t w h i t t h o e s t
p e r f o n i r m a s y o s h d o e w w e i f y
t w i k e d a y o w e p i t t s n a s h o i n t
t h e s h i r s k l a n h a t f f e u l d h i s

I’m a picture. Boom!  Mostly don’t aggravate.  Two is, the others say though we souts gonna be ground, be zazers.  Clear?  I said so long there.  Don’t blow on my spider.  He’s thinking that I want a new one.  The perfect ‘cept dangerous.

i b n r j n
e n j m a r o h n y w a
a m i c o n t h o l k e

Urgin’ a piece of dynamite you sail,next make it time.  We are not afraid, virtual pet.  Hi, he’s blanket.  Bloop kit three-quarters, as how sad, as trou bit his stone patio there.

M i n o t q u e u e f a l l i n o n m y h e a d
r e b m n e o m o b a e n r e e d h m a I l t b h j u I c e
r a s e e s r i b c e s y m e v e d e a u r e n b a c k s p a c e a c t I o n
h i n o s a l e c t o a m b e o n e t i f w i l
t e n d & s o n d l l f r s a s t h u l c l b e m e m o r y w e h e a d o u t c o m e

Last night,

We didn’t need you anyway.  What gives?  Where was that at shoved?  Talks so don’t let him at it only.  What did I do?  I gave it everything, both samples; it.  Circles, faster.  In vacuum, puddin’, they’re very rapid ascenders, running through blind.

One day, who who you had a stalker he did, he was in your tuck bend when tuck was, he was gallant.  The circumstances, he fell down.  He fell forward.  Who fell off?  He fell off, yes there.

…a clear and present da — The floor’ll be nine cool  and stand sore, shake it dowdy fine for nutting.  Where are the falls in Manalpoly?   and listen to free, we’re the same color.  Astound jat give ’em that, microsone.

w s e k
h o w t a l w a s b e n i f y o u o w e i t
h o y k e r i n y d w h
o u h h e d o u r e n t
a d a i d h t u c u c k m a y I c a l l y o u W a r d
a e
c l e n t d
a r a a
n d p
r e s

Umm, ‘stasche, how we  wants use guitar go maclelessee fribber.  San Antonio, is that near ever San-ta Ana?  Is abat what of us mule San Antonio’s — sent us — put yeahed.  Go right if it’s him.  Red.  That questions it will be wuth (drawls) al permanent.  Carrying the logic’s, well.  We could be all sway.  Get your dirt.

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