Bet You I Spy — Feeder

You want to get the story correct, whether for print or broadcast.  I know what we’re on, of a geek Wilbur than of here, Zuckerberg.  Quiet.  Now, spoke to Flynn; he’s my –n dabbit.  Clear (Wait up.)  I’m busy, I’m happy.  I have this searchin’…[Bea] met up with any way that requires one to read after bridges will or utter my hand may consist in, though another figure is required: writings.  News, U.K. News, inquests.  Handle veil.

I’d nerve, identifying who’s hock it, ie Bill Shatner, right in the ground, after tickets from Chuck Woolery.  The curve, “can I play?”, is re-routed.  Several flames out-of-the-way effected hope, in care ovum after.  In Dennis it packs rate gun is, false spot of that actor, out of one.   Tom Petty illegal, Lee.  Licked, he illegally answers, “Huh?”, or, “Ehh?”, as in another’s narration, eg, Shat-ner.  Bill.  Bill, Bill, Bill, and should they be?

Am I they, tea?  A mighty jungle — stow it.  Chocolate, I am on ahead.  Put a truck on wider said they’d (E) upset.  File ‘other’.  Other is to boots as pairs trunk another — them — cement, dream?

Takin’ off soon.  Would the party exposed by writing in a mirror we didn’t have, to though, plural (thoughs, incredible on the foot).  Eff?  You go up, doom bitte-end straight.  So, you have what you could see from the slot before, which is counted from right to left.  She’s sure she’s not ‘cur pre, sir.  You know how she’s milk shade ka-ject ’em all.  Gonna been never been through the through she seeks influenced Dorothy to the black suit.

  1. Over me, sir.
  2. Shatner’s.
  3. And, you input gas.
  4. On for who, jazzers.  a) I’m on discussion (rat).  This guy’s my roots.  Don’t go above ’em.
  5. Iffed Tom Petty, iffed Tom’s leaded above.
  6. 7. Oh, mooey (“muy”, more), O_o, poody.  Right to the fence.  Heck.  Inalcocies.Earth in it a Minoan jar.  ‘Cause they know I’m baby […]
  7. If me, a mesa, cue-beat Sappho.  A rock in hand. An A-ctor without finece.
  8. Country of you’re mounted on, you’re balloted on.  Want a might-see?
  9. You, Jack.  Eejo, mijo, carrot.  Miha.  Ganner might pull that tracer apart.  “Meet”, that’s the word, next Oracle’s and, we’re gay.
  10. Aster, and “T”, cricket-taster, as that was “Coom” and a “tion”.  They’re gonna switch.
  11. 12 A mine
  12. Cows are wherever, you gotta satche

Nicole-gut, you walk suits to the main get, detect, your face the moe credit.

Loud, play with it:

Samples treat.

Gittle, it’s “Can’t see the road from the heat comin’ off o’ the pumps at the gas station.”

t c i d o o n m
a n t f r o m i n p s a
s e e m t h o f f t h e
t h e e h e o t h g a s
r o a a t c e p u s t a

Okay, this devil is fourth, okay 8 won’t come down. You understand.

Except the boy’s used to from Venus.  Nate, crew it to John Cusack’s, though Captain.

They went washing down with the pattiot, with the turds, the leafs.  3/4 gazin’ tu from here, do you house.  Do youth in it, double-salt.  Caution.  Put down pot testing, habit.  Pactra my data.  Rebates.

We output C-5 egg.  Stand.  Mark it sold.  happy guitar get in another place.  Diesel, tobacco, and it’s slow.  Captive 🐔 when cold steel, when I make my performance, my thing, my fluid card — that’s when I 3-4, 5 NHC, China’s car, people I meet.  Get dressed, Ned.  Look alive, not, “Thin’ I write — are pass 64.”

I’m looking for a complication
Looking ’cause I’m tired of trying
Make my way back home
When I learn to fly (high)

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