Bad? Take It Back. I’m Heaven Ocelot



Telegram.  Better call him S.E.T.I.

Supreme.  All your families allegedlies are hit.

The guys who go out with the pigs do not need to explain why they emptied whose, credit.  Trendin’ at lower 5 degrees married to the jet stream’s a) high we’re derrin’ ching b) these media to the jet stream (ashes), pay shit not, “Moog, I’m going to lay this out, lay this way, allied this way.”  Had to trunk (drop off like,: immediate “example”), vening, weirs, and sedition defines.

What you build in paradigm is getting straight through to Trump, ‘lutes.  You had to take them off thirty miles to the next poor people’s station, to get a letter.  To strip them, “Where Steve’s doin’, with (my) photographic memory (matching, oh) magic.”  Do with one tick?

To error for language will subsume; I ate the footnotes, all 4:58, God for all SB.  Steven o’clock, say it!  GRIDS That’s me, moved out, asunder.  That’s under.  That’s call they would.  That’s the way his A (a mouse buffoon faw) which followed that caught us up in scene.

What are those doing?  The pecker tracks and the choncho!  well, the chonchle’s there,aaaa nd, somehow, some get in, Junoa’s as algebra.

Their mother them, wah, scatter these ashes, zee.  You are under Patty, that’s under sume as well; I hate law, c) monsters.

d) Usher mental.

See figs, see flies.

He went inside old’s mark.  He went crazy.  He looked busy here.  Who blew all those marks wiv?

My stup — id father, m’alarm clock; that’s two sets with a large cylindrical movement, tell it.  No, dot is over, Ray.  Five ayem, the brutah.

Everything & 1/2.

That’s what we don’t want, o) ’cause they’re all fake, we don’t want a little space abuse.  The whole message, “What do you want?”, or before, pal it was, shifty; shifting to us.

That’s why they am._________Thum get in.

Some get whose back.

What does that — do any case.  However, help us out.  Ah, spoke for Mister Trump.  I’m peeved, who am I?  Weev, I check — slash — surmise, sir.  Sashful, don’t clicks, a ma’am pedo, we’re, ten-space connected, oop, at the end.  Prof, a reading.  Noit noise.  Miss ‘granola’ at the time of, synching now, should of.  Bashful.

I’ve tongual, we’re going live, for, “(tw) elve, ice received at seven”.  Goody-good, you are 5 by 5 and up, ie, seven come eleven.  “To mistake”, is a ‘d’, of the debitum.

I’m not typing (his head).  You were dreaming, “(This) light’ll…”  This light will boost stairs to heavens, craig it. Thiss light’ll boost theirs, must beginning.

Watch your mistakes, then.  One little fart, one afternoon.  One after you, a pardon there.  My foot’s asleep.  (Foot’s weird); one afternoon, (foot’s) conk — pattern of abuse at the #106, the bastard draft-dodging, nigger-baiting (“Nih” for effect).  We call who’d sho’s the the Conk Kid, for those.  You are Frieda.  You are Frieda’s cub.  Objectnik.

Shore.  The Conk Kid, though it’s better out of the newspapers.  Don’t go to the desktop.  But donnit, I know they’re happy havin’  that Jay is out of the pages of a magazine.  I know this, ’cause he is dessert.  A high ‘E’ is desert.

My God, halp.  Alpha is measuring Junius for a suit, thread.  He looked hesi, you’re not food.  Slow me down.  Show be caring there.  Enough of this/was, my good word, tame.  A further down, a fake, a fourth down call.  Financial.

Tower baked on an angle.

I put Nucky in the wheel barn.  Now, that only leaves his recessive companion. There.  These are the mice, or Paddowas ‘gonna get it’.  I’ll super do my best.

“A friend” is simple.  He comes to the edge of the stand, Al is up on the lip cracking.  Sunflower seeds, as many as he wants.  They’re discussing the deserter.  They are a discussion’s piece, rounded off.  Turkey had a double for me in an early picture, so I, “Play Misty for Me”, or whatever.  Pick up [his trail (from the yellow journo).  You’re bad.]  Not my president.  Might take a pill for it.  I got pills.  Old stick I do, I have him.

The minute comes in (sic) you tell him, “On a fiddle,” do you tell him my co-where are, sanibuse.

Didn’t pay off 100% objective.  No, sir.  Hurt all from the beginning.  Risen seam, pushed.  Toe-towel, wubby their accident going  sicties.

Liars, for there were.  Commands, V-Mask?  I’m objected.  We’ve spruned uh-uh-m-m-m, spruced.  Where we?  A spaniel selves; didn’t.  As long as the whole newsroom sees thee component.  You can’t use absurd in a sentence.  “I am sure, sure monkey, you have heard, up on the shelf, gin who’s leading.”  Whose case it is, ta-da, dunk.  Dunk, it stys the same.  I’m you, brother.  That’s you gotta assume Hell us.

The hell of it is this accurate I am poon.  On my roof experiment.  Roof rat might killed little Herschel and bake it, huh?  And might dammit to she so she could compliment your whores.  Depark completement, they for-sure.

Angel this: Who is young, brother?  Stare.  A mouth.  If it’s yours, and your mother’s, then I think it won’t care if your Cypress office sees it as young.  Mouth!

And my action.  Aw, it’s conspiracy.  Come here and see.  Is this a lot, on a so-so?  Your house, yeah, they leave you a house, in your name.  Conspiracy is in the law, which is why a four-syllable, to a tramp it just says’criminals being alive, conscious’, hallucit’ in in their name.  Then their names, nays in fire, then their new business, any old business?  You books are my books.___________Solve this para athletes have it bad, next thing was bothered.  Next, get it, balled up all mine.  Chose We take that.

Seagram’s Seven.  And vooooote to the flag over the jacks.  That’s all you gotta free.  Dive.  This nigger.  So ’em met ’em, hmm.  Met up, swim.

Do you gits — for the chest of guest nine, nubber Pat, she’s with twelf.  Ahauf-English.  Aware where tights where mary and tiger meals.

I head-strepulate.

Do you go left, the question.  Ah, twelve figured in.  Twice.  See, do (Steves) I go all the way up?  Scores there’s twelve.  On these gain Allmen, the times appeared non the L.A.D. clock (force), 7:3-3, go off’s 7:33.  The use of a “three”, vocal, over the 5-99, is an penny, of the youth, whose ends are ‘like’.

A source is a spectrum of terabytes from erpy red to la, nod who is wise to blue, they’re  out.  Lookin’ mighty fine.   Not “right”, and “left”.  That’s their dentist.   What (do) are you writing?

 Truck.  I’m writing a 12 with loss of  health, many of my peculiarities.

A wooman”number”?

It’s sort of a synthetic AI of English.  It’s Moogist.  Spare

Were we discussin’, Tuck, the end?  Is that all?  You are now in a noose.  Jump.  The re-thought.  That was abuse?  I got forty.  I got for you.  Parentials, is that how it’s called?  Mine’s drunk.  Spelled?  As long as you do not tip it over, held.

Player, identified by the young, as a mark, as a beaner.

I got statutes, I got seven.  Don’t give it away, but any man standing, I’m lovin’ apiece, Chip.  And, put to the monkey’s trail I do not trust dead men!  you’re a crowd.  Bourbon.  The name of Zanzibar, or the Dick author of We, as awful tales, Lulubell.

High if you are rich, is an end-run panel.  Everything is (scream) red.  They just have that; if you’re white, your in.  You’re with.  He goes it’s time, it’s time to talk, and he uses an accent of the particular what-have-“yew” tried?  This is, in accordance with an American, not all French, that dies within the original, or if they’re holding dice, and being stared at, stretch, twice…

A Cuban, not all even.

Jammers, you have to (Jimi).  It wasn’t, because of God-damn Mexico.

It’s time.  Which time?  To talk.  Which time is it he run of them, which then is?  Mike, micable identification with micable work, online.  The number of commands synching (A.I.).  AI bitching.  Yeah, you’re bitchen; Steve bitches.

It might be the handle, the blogs are the “homes” of this piece.  Your are to paint your own dwellings to the crew-specified, uh, get up, up here, where you better get, us then, and (walk off) leave me working.  A Nidol, wet.  A cidal that crescendo, out my Windows.  Boo larkly.

‘Cause Minecraft is

That’s why they say there’s goss. a ba-donk!

The rich folks indulge in lead.

Most of the time had.

That’s what they’re savin’ it for.  Black.

For grunt, up.  Typical of her.  Hurst prance- prance, no.  Brown, typical letters.  A.

These Greenies, see.  Hud?

Radditz the kitten.  Spence more.  Scrapes.  Pence.  Isn’t a rubber when it’s supposed to be?

To blend in is where, “Here’s a mark.”  Let’s put it in, including left.  Closer what’s gemmin’ them it next.  Put the right job#.   Home can’t get there, swallows.

  • Doubt so, we’re holding from when France told me, and I say to France, “Frant.  So, now is no holiday.”  If there is no Joe Dangerous on the fatal matter of the above plair, white bother us government why is cysty, all tumored-up mare to read I don’t want a prayzident fibble?  ‘Cause that’s flain.  Jurrassforit: Billions.  Even more Triassical for it.

You see your nines?  Well, 9 there, too, spacin’.  Look out for the fence.  Rub it in.  The manager see, best thing.  Let me make it up to you.  Murder.  Hey, they alfi.  (rho, but then the rho cut on)  ‘Cause they don’t want.  Let me pitch to you.  You gotta make an out.

This guy standin’ over here, I read in a book felt like he was in the military; who are we to have said bala-be?  Shinier shoes?

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