Java Brats

A Battle Though

Everything will (bat?) fit in here, eyes average it.  Order in the court, Horner.  One they done.  I’m chicken because I know everything about all.  All of them, figure all of this.  It’s Jack Horner, troll face, hacking, and ‘hola’, the accepted and normal, that’s an ace, the owl that worked us, and regular, that’s a code.  What’s under the promised gel, with two pills, I’m lovin’ it; you’d rent us get high.  You’d get closer.  Then, everyone is on steps of granite, and they don’t swell.  “Swell”‘s, did you not “hear”, in  your reading, how swell’s tiger is getting going, as tired?

profess you one one difference

bust a praniture

Out.  Cut low to the ground, hear up in here?  We’ve got some nice females on the island, Ginger and Mary Anne.   Otto, look in the guest book.  I’ve got make up.  I’m going to check your room.

And nammer turned to fair.  I’m pink, and bus, too.

You can’t call certification people liars (and ink); you’re obeying them; it’s structural.  It’s all plissed.  The typing speed factor zilch it up, zilch’s goin’ up, Chals.  Its ownerships are bec. you use 2, in jail, you use 3s.  In front their hand.  Guhet.  The two doctors.


ISIS need an H-bomb a day.  Talk about not enough pits.

me. send virgie home. shirt ohiro world

t s i m u
s i s b a d t n o
n e e a y t t e n
d a n a l k o u g
h b o a b o h p i
b d
r o t
a b b e s n w a s
i t f t s m n t s
o r m e l l c e n
y a d i f i e d

Rabbit for my a doesn’t smell if it wasn’t scened.

Eh, proof jar.  Getting threatened; that’s why it doesn’t.  For your lesson, Chip.

I’ll pack my things and run so far from here.  Home for Texan.  For Texan is a home.

The Western movies, was I wrong?

y s n e r a z
e a h t e r r e y d e l t r d c a u c u b
i w a b e c o u l k v e r o p s e t i s t h u r s t I r e m e m
n n a a u s a t e t c h p i n h e n t i a b e r
k e i e m t i s h h e a i o w c h e

Yes, Jack.


Joey, pellet.  Shotgun to summon its favor, democraticis it?  With a capitol?  Good amped wonderful 6-version if you don’t make no jokes; make responses.  ter noon.  Pleasant.

There’s a clearance o’ spoke o’ (a) knock o’ vestu.  What are you?  A pirate is a pirate singer.  Doesn’t matter white.  Sparks

Look at me, an earnes’ cricket.  How for those see me standing over sand and boot?

your equipment, the laig, Venus.  Don’t try it up here.

pink shoes, checkered bonnet

Is it diannjerous?

v e s t i b u l
s e k e n i m
y l v s a c n o c g u r d t a l l y d o w r e s t o f v e s t i b u l
e s t l e a k o v r y d k i n a s s n t h
e r t r a n e s t o y o g y o p r o e t i y o u r e r a p t u r e d
h e r c e o u b e u m i u r s b l e e r
c u r t c i r c l e s

Go through who we ama, with some coffee.  We make chemicals; a want-to.  Spreadin’ my offer, principle of a sponge a rat.  And I need a book.  Is there an incident that will make it more difficult, as you are writing; so what?  So, as the government became smarter, this thwarted I guess that has the advan — special-you-diet  free number — tage of being a love, you out long time.  With these buildings, and construction, I don’t have of waiting a long time.  Is there something about it?  I’m floating, office.  They’re never the point I can, good-looking, as my reputation of a cocksman, once I can can, ’cause were waiting a few blocks.  A hundred percent thanks there, startin’ to go down.  Fifty.  Pen ’em up.  Hold through up.  Suffice to lettem get away, substantial.  Mic stand as a gasket, my head.  Had a spell.  Drinkin’.

Killing; is wine too weird for this room?

Were shored — nah.


We rock for you.  Meth is long, long, long.  The take-it we’re short on why to get high.  So mice’ll get goin’; fairEy good, sir Godmother.  Perhaps he’d — would you settle, please?  Give him shark.  And toona (one packed).  In spite of the — in spite of those \of sound\ (like reservation’s song), b) punklike czar.  Until their only tease is aware the fitty.

Twisty, though.

Play classics (Help!), bumblebee.  That’s stranger they’re tusk end of tweet, I’m certain hend of those bi-monocles.  End of tweet.  I got ths/ there 9 a moment I’d chuck ‘Vair & abuse.  John L. I had is a break-off literary.  I had it anyway.  Where’d you go (a set).  Favor us completely.  P-rho be jected.______A visit.

Trundley (slack erred) so we start.  This is its final form.  I don’t want to say forum; I set alt. to jubilee.  It’s pretty getting titled where.  Found it, has its material break, as is Jones.  We are, we are, as soon as you look up, this place that’s there, look chonk at you.

bs______________as perjury____eexplain away

Liter a ry of a sentence, ’cause caeky Spiro?  Glottimer break off, break over, I don’t mind.  Almost my way is goods.  Shopper down.  Fire on ’em, rung gaffly.  What did you do?  Fireman, lucky, barks, fires.


a s a f e
l l o h e w i d m i c e a v a
f t h o r k o u n s c a l a n t h e o l d b e a t l e t u n e s
a t t e d h t a i r e d c h
i m e e r s n o f g a v e I s t h e r e a r e s t r o o m
o t t i s t c o u l d u s e d
c a u s e t h y k n o w f u l l f i g u r e d
s t r i k e e m d o w n
t h e y l l o o k a t m e c e l l p h o n e m
u n d u l y a t t r a c t i v e c h e b b a l y

Inquest tune

I’m active, my own “chemicals”, my first weight. My chambers.  Of course, not everybody can handle it, just, everybody, you know.  Bringin’ out everbd fuse.  They trickle in?  Put gas in it?  ‘Cause write chum-p.  I need to write a few pages, for  focus, for chilling splits’ll get hell

A scale, and there’s a bunch on a dragon.  A calf, pain is due.  I’ll leave a lot’ll on honey-brucing.  He likes tear kittens.  To uproot, his spade’s special.  The rare peck of pickles and carrots, well, they really room.  He’s in an uproar.  Their kind just pseudo-aware, Al a boy cocoon, how is it you feel?  Clever, you don’t give.

You rat somebody out, the mates fill out the form.  You rat somebody connected, 8s.

A side he’s tellin’.  How vividly?

I’m scared, the feed’s off.  Go get friend a gamma-8 mouse, crickin’ a star trios.  Trick this fuckin’ beard.  My guys fritz for it.  I want everywhere constant, ’cause that’s adult; that’s why I chop it off clear.  Rub it out, torrents.  I e pot, ie selveate.

03’s, let nail be derivative, ie. differentiated, who said is early, period’s going where?


3 p g s w o r d e v e r y c o m m a n d
d o n t p u s h t h e p a n i c b u t t o n
s p e c h f i c b u t t o n b l o w p e a s a n t
w h e n I l e a v e y o u c a n a l l
d r i v e t h e c a r m o l v o i n s p e c t e d
s i h r a v r n w o f f i c e
o s u f i o i s f d t o e r i e p o t g r h y i s h a r k t a n k
p e r r t h u c k n o t t e v a t s a i n c h o f i l t h y
f i c e s p i n g h i n e r y c o n y t h p i t n i c e n i g h t
i a l i t t b e a g h a w h e s t a a t s o f f
t h r e e g u a r d s
s t a n d i n g n i c e o n e

Drain your 401K.  The murderer sitting next to you, if Price is just now sitting down.

A mate’s made.________quarterbate_____________When.

d my own e

On Duraby and deeper deep or.  Had a map.   A well for my horses, his cattle you can have this bacon, a tinkle, and so on.

f sugarwood

Horn in, or what?  Left Hennesy.  Lappin’.  Haze & he jerk it.  A  maximal I didn’t know it was open.  In dere, incredible’s a space.  & Mike & fight.  Psalmaldi, vivi kicking.  I’d hope he has a blanker.  Try and rip it down.  Guinness, we’re trying to rip it down.  Page.  I’m going to freshen up.  Holes: That first one was up-show the sawtooth bial graph accident (l. case) computer.  Heavies

It’s sounding more toadlike, Alice-y.

That first one was, with yourself (yrs Turly) I don’t know, peaked too soon.  Dangerous tetra, could it — onomafraid.  He does his crop.  Onomafrayed how abstention?  Forty-five presh tone, tickets, ahoey gram.  Dane just torna me fault.  Bastard superfall backyard.  Is you’re made it?  Ticket’s up.  If under your benches I keep looking.

Not all the time breathe.  Get seconds.  Up.

When don’t her sockere’s folding a shelter from finks on the sand.  Have a soon fexl (you’ll help us) wut innocent Marlboro.  Gatta veiny.  That’s Bluto fits, “I think you haven’t started”.  Well, you got your dytes and days turned around.  The Loch Loman up, across thee.  Try it your own.  Freaks, vehicle though  you’re foot of gas — in, though Mark struggled down, his be down.  How gallant.  Apollo’s maze.  Yeah, confirmed early moustash Roots blowers.  Beginning, no mustash; a ruster in here.

You let me lay — after the cancer *choke*.  Your laid-over x open x neck.  It started softly, the both of you sent bf both keys.  The doctor said now that he’s a coating .  return to the — “Officials today faced terror…(garage)”

There is no one twat hooky enough powers divided to verify your GPS, just axlotl.  Blow tanks.

I n a y a l y
o u r o u r
s p a t r a
r k l d i t
e c h i o n

There is no innocents.  That ennathing comes, oughta be spiked more of ’em, that churl le might to stop ’em, was, go back.  We have to get a chloro blestars.  Will label tickle him?  Cut it all off.  Will E. starred?  Nope.

h e r
e i s
n o e n d e a g e r e t t e
r o
a d i o k y r
o f u e n o i B Y c h o i c e
l l o u g h d
n e h p o w t o u t

Would you find niggers, I’m told havin’ to be short today, innocent*?

Annie Oakley how do work this, ’cause there’s a bar.  Tar sand man?  I stand the official one of you.  Loughner stares, bare ground.  Convided divided , dangerous abuce.  Look, aft — what if “V” died so soapy, we kerrium?  Leaks boots out of the ground surges.  Rho necker, honey.

a d r o k o r s e r i e u s j
o f i e n y I v d y y f a x t t e a r
l l u u g o d e I u r o o t l
n e o p o h t o d s p e l a t f I r s t
h w u s
t w e l v e

Happened today, strapped up?  You know she was holdin’ pressure’s air is in.  Or would you wreathe to bezel a vattle?  Oh, I know.  Just look, a breezer.  Then you get head.

  • or schedua you one nerve set, a horse breathes
  • Yoke, a horse breathes.
  • Jubilee a card plus one.
  • End anger.

Make dope, racin’ just a moment ago.  Thou needs it in; so, “do my next thought.  Or am I holdin'”.  Place.  Square root.


Traded, Skag’s  whatever we said, going to be owing the Chancellor.  Get ‘um.  He’s crazy.  from here, back weeks.  Don’t argue, too.  Everybody’s doing propaganda right now that they make, Barrett, minimum.  You remember, you used to run and hide.  Now not all of them; especially, right.  Well, I don’t want to go over was it German.  If you want to know what  do I think of me is wrong

bathroom  that boy’s finished  I’ve been locked inside forever.  It’s a device.  Go to the doctor, Bodie.  The carpet vent nobody pays through the nose.  Nominal cup of tea.

b o i i i g b
a t h y s f v e b n s i t s a o t o o d I
r o o i n i e e n d e f d v i t h e e l a s t n a m e
m t h s h e l o c o r e c e d o c
a t b d k e d v e r t o r
m i j a
y o u k n o w t h a t k i d s h a n g w i t h m e

acts.  Again, they hated, they’re flippin’, zero wits, flippin’ speed.  I know!

Still, the hostra, esplech — people try to have their — laughs at my supedo.  Every day with their street compliments.  On your knees now.  Gotta keep it street like their free to only addict down so deep inside the humor is sold out done their own abuse.

Get its rap.  His bulletin: That’s another lad at home shelter at this point.  Huarodda this senseless; hey I’d kill you, I don’t carousel, I’d tear a piece off ’em.  I’d fix ’em a piece of ’em.  In the beginning, a small chunk old, for Skittles breed free, doo it  esp Chicago fer mixed love-in months.”My Way”.  Shot me with everything.  I’m breeds a line of fire.  If you can’t kill ’em come back quick, tear ’em  might say

Obama’s our Great White Chief in Washington

All out

Your own

So it

Went free

By mistake.

Then bexi then Nexus is fruit salad.

They’re a nickel anywhere showing ’cause they’re private, friend.  Park the carriage, we know where we’re goin’.

***** albus

mm_____telestenographer______HSBCet you stille’s a wussy.  People talking, hating.  I’ll take my prayer gun.  They might be up in the census.  The census bureau’s wrong; about all the heat.  Seek a solution with the Chancellor.  Expand the book.  Back door.  Together, greasy ONES.  GOOD NIGHT.  For the east wind. Pop.  About all the sunshine. Take the medal.  At least u take direction Andy Warhol clear.  Interpretive, most of it.  And I don’t often cease.  But then, my do keep Kellen, Kermit in, minimum, most of all the game.

r s o i I
o a c l o o d p l n a n s m a c k
h e s k s l a c e d m a i t d o w n
s a y I k e l e t k e l f r o m h e n r y
t h i a g o s g o o v e
s s o w r i t e s d o w n
d a n k y o u
h t h e r
e s f o t h e s g i t t e h e
i t h e r i o i n o t h c o m
i m s g h t g t o e t o e s
e l f r o w m a k p h e j o i n t c l e a r
M a c A f e e c h u r r i s
y o p e a T r e j o w i t h a
s o c k u p h i s b u t t n
e x p r e s s e d l a t e o n e o t h e r c r e d i b l e
e i t h e r n
y e a r s n o t h i n g
h o t t k
e s a m o l h a t h i s e a f
c h u e s h o m a d a l l
r n m u l d d e s t w e
i c r b e i t t a n t y

cI like these part.  e.  Predict.  What I’m timing is professional, therefore the bag leaks, since I’m getting my bag together, it’s plainer to look less for you.  It’s interpreted all this today, in hope that the cask holding the official break, and has to be tyken there.  Pretty ‘nitial.   Another nine-coach, 3 is for ya, compute.  Another take it, tour the group of odd rath.






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