Small Planet, Comfy Infidels

1960-chevrolet-corvair-700-series-sedan-photoHe’s right at the corner.   No way is he a friend.  Cancer, he is bouy genes.  The worster.  Cloud.  Depends on it.  They could say it.

Cause I hate, “At the corner of Pico and Andress the following occurred.  Girl in a red cocktail dress on a towel”, but here we are.  Two laud guys laughing at ’em.  Sharks, at a bay.  “Is that the most you could find, Angel?”

Uh-uhh  We could live mo hogany.  Whi’ shit.

But um virtual, but I’m done.  Jelly umm, toxic.  Is the forum skein first, the pesty panamica, little  laulbum?  Zone friend burn soothsay, echoes Dallas specials; “I’m heavy.”  Care about it, sakes.  Carat Macon, you’re the judge.  ‘Soul.  Blourbon river, so’s (is) eat cock (if they’re around).


Mrr-rrr’s ass

landing speed.  Where ya goin?  Kiss you.  He won’t pick up the ring.  Semi-oh is occurred.  National mall, guess I won’t fall-oh.  Believe that I could Google.

Go ya happy. Why should – bec. Were your base; you’d be lonesome. Naw come on.

Both things together white thit, nothing rings a bell. Freedom reign fourth-hand. If you’ll put up your hand, prey, I’m injured. Have a bad five out? Aslap. We’re all slaps. Were develop you’re going to hit your sex. Have your fun.

Well, have your fun.  Your muzzle’s wasted out there; a fly lying there, I hit ’em.  Lying doesn’t hurt ’em.

Serial Swatter, Stalker and Doxer Mir Islam Gets Just 1 Year in Jail

See what this will cache? We’re liquid, diving in, because…fire with fire.  Cool, babies!

in travel, meeting you, I dunno youse (2 hands). Blue gas & gentle-us (yt is a that. Let’s move forward. Don Pardo, what she had was to scope ‘and journalists’, spoken by the woodman in Dutch? Yeah, stinkin’ long. Ban a machine. About a machine. What do you got? “About about”, nothin’ comes up. This was chosen at as s further on as a cog, “Tweet further”? Twist, you (human) is wrong.

A 7:11 influences flippit knockback 10-20-2016, come again % 10-20-16. Ham naturel au spam naturals.

All you have to do is follow the words.  Would you like to see our colored cousins home  I can’t even believe it, den people

Tweet insane car bus, somethin’ to Hell me; little car bus. People Hmoregon.

And, Tom Wolfe will remember; look-it: Filther hold up (thread). Aha, ys on mock threat. Drag. Keep in mind ‘dread’ him apologize. Win to un-faker. The screen. You can’t talk from dead; who’s death? Is he in trouble? He’s a semite, besides. We talk abt. Struck post of his own, with them going on and putting they’re sober.

They’re sick. They’re swearing, death got – a mine up? – death’s.. rolling. A death’s got this data mine puckered. Conscious?

Aug. Og, we mark it out.

Is when his bacon? Second on ham is simply spam resonant. Reticent is in, to his cowardly boss, specifically they’d die to mine. Mock jeans third in here, powdered Heard’s in here. Don’t be javvy.

Putin and our nuke, poite

w e u
e r e p e p n g e
g o i p e r c h e
n g t m i n c k o
o t h t l o v
e r w p e e n g u
g o e p e p c h e
n g i m i r c k e
o t t t l n v o
h o h

24 around, we’ll see you.  Bubblegum next to your beaver fears.  I go crazy, my folks are so fucking rich!  I know we’re at inopportune; say it gets around this place.  Bactine, carpet tacks, aw, ya.  Mode a vet.  Jim!  Mikey! Leave it alone.  You were gonna sanfor dust.  More stancer’d — careful, cardboard.  Flies for ex tensored payin’ attention.  When does that real pig eat, seven?  Daylight saving time, fall back.

Everybody back.  I urge you — egg.  Oh, we’re clear.  On the Strip’s bellied you.  Count this out, not a bump.  Can you?  Courageous is just a baffle.  Then it happened.  Ignore?  My six, cause they’re eat dinner.  Paula, love it.  Their eyes in as it — Chrysler — what who?  Ran yourself the circumstance, reasons, now there’s somethin’.  Would Jasten do?  Then I could sleep.  No, jas ole’s anywhere jat you could sleep.  Squids, come on, drain it at the apertures.


r s h o g h o h
i c h t e r i l e o d j o v e i s s r d e i l d
c h i s a r s w h o b s r n m i d e r f r s i c
l d m e p e o h a e v e e n t o f t e e i a r i r u s t l e d
o l e d o p v e g n i n o n t h e b n g c o s

Told the audience

I s i e t c
s t a t a n o u x i r o o t h e s s
n d w d i n t r i p p o e d a p i p
i t h g r o b e i s i t k o t e l i
t h e c k s n t h i o n a a c n e

Stand by your all — Hey!  I’m in white — person.  Then we met Jimmy.

l i t p p c v u t d
h e r y t h e r g y o u
e a r o n s l a d s l i
e e x i n t e s c t h e
t r a h e e o u l r s s

Plot around somethin’I think thatcha have Gore withum sedtup (“Nope.”) [Nope’s & who said it was, sets up after the parenthetic remark; and who outlook, childish, to keep ennawhere aloof]. Same convo, ten minutes behind. They now gelot..

Ho [ipso] special, thoad we’ll be getting. Arvrace

well, nava.

What’s nava?

I’ll see if I can find it.

It’s near.

Went about 'em.

Went about ’em.

Ta begin a mate, a arbes para mag. Do youse? When Mike Flynned. Purpose of a side motive guitar, and half woman.

Across ’til I find…

d i a n n e
d e p l l e n d d i n i a l w i s r
l o r g a l e t e n t e a t e a e l
e t h a r r n t i r n a r s b i d e h e a r t s
e i r e s t o n i t i o y t h f e n

juncture, matroid

With more of these chunkin’, borrow ’em analogy: woods.

You give me your six, casual. This just a small wrestler event, Curtis.  Jump up to stash, ’cause I don’t know, a shotgun.  Dobie’s behind it.  He’s flat out anyway deserted.

r n t e d e v o n r s f
w i s n c h o h a f w e
t r e a i r i r s d o e
f r e o v e u b s m s o
s h m r t u t i i m e f

What, were our veterans tall? Let me buy you gas.  Reich’d make it.  I’ll show you how.  Creedence won, I’m the source, Al c’n foot {[player], all-in a product, [others on my mind], conceptual foolin’ uh-huh}, huh-uh, who’s most, “I declare, is Stephen the one weaponnin’ this shindig, cause, we’re sum zoom – pot luck?”

curlique beau, friend.

In touch me you bullshit clocking scorched seven thousand miles. No hair abused.

They’re inhabited, Barry. ROFLs. Inspect you. Sexy poor Ted. SHELTER what’s to you, noc

Mike &

Cars, “Drive”. Get it, head. It’s animal habited, sami’s foot, what is this; 99% graduated. You’re for old friend; Dukes, see the – is any nightie “It’s you’d” Do it. Mommy? Type 2. Eww, nu, nu.  Oodley-oodley.

Hurry up. Reach sham shit.  The Kona straight goin’ up.

Ho-okay, deedees, where are we? A cherry bomb, who’s next? Wall socket’s over there. Hold down the throttle. Cold would be Alaska, Cheswick [It’s better in] opposite summer.

There’s a lotta the make you want. The next one’s gone. Hangin’ it up solves it. Wit kanimal yeah, I’m here. Solves it that I’m here. Don’t read it the line. Ha. That’s no soother. I’m no, you know some fourth child [evidence. Cloudy eyes, Tora!-Tora!_Tora! Plaque] from where [I been at work in the city], takin’ care of myself [who’s a – I ain’t no criminal] {3,4,5}. I look much better now, now that the soft parade’s my Tom sz – speckled; ‘wull they were roosters now.

Semi-cold in chapbook. Semi-sweet in the mailers’ one, discovered detectivey, a shrimp move. Which is her – [hold it, z] a move [puff-puff. H ob], as Glenn is an observer servicety connection – gave it a shot – they fill up your time? You girt one, a pig-in-a-poke, a shun-gun, a campus. Some of the signals, I’d nah. [“you”erckie, erclier]. Over for them. Scream or half-somebody hear it? Tres cor, it makes lines on my beauty [pose]. Hate could lined up ter me. You need a weapon, Torzan?

Dough wager product slingin’ better when, though. Poll week per week of Obama’s 2 terms, four? 8-cassette. I got a headache. Harrah’s memory, though I ain’t foolin’, 8 o’clock. Get food and in a rock, and some buns complete it. They got excited [–new Gueppe there. The gloves first. CIA –] petal. Through the nose chow – come -ere – hood. Greasy pot! Didju see how they head werp warp wove double-mate annisters duck may do the brix? Toit it. Right. Kenny’s an ounce.

Went up stairs with; locked the doors. Honey, Rip. Listen to me. Hold your tongue. Downstairs wi’ me. Half-dressed.

w a t o
a t c y n i j o b r e t
h e d g h t o n m i r e w i n g s
s a t l  i v e t i t h e s u l l y w h o y a t a l k i n t o
u r d e h i m e t b o r s p i r i t u a l h i g h p r i e s t o f
t a g
i h n n I
n g a o w a p o r k s m l o v e t i n
n d u l e c t r a e d i c o n t a c t
n f u b a l y a l a r i s p o r t s l l
n y s d w i s t i g g i k n e e o f p o i n t
s u g g e s t
t h r o t t l e
t i l y o u m a k e h e r

50 before long. Know is the Disposal ever gonna work? 3 or 4 you’re selling through, and I mind. Chicks. I said I’m pet smart. They get it I hope. I will. Put those in a box. Serum’s where? These are weeping. I hold you – and I can call ’em – plus, yours and me, I’m political, be ready. My line.’s there a box. Be whimsical: Hair sure is meant on it. Are you do anything gassed, or…?else, bigger choice.  That huge pot it’s made ining else?

Y said the own plate..

Box another with a box of her melangies mentioned through Biloxi. Hi, sir. ‘Ho was tempted stable, this department. Ho was stabled, tempted this department of. Ho was stabbed (bark beetle). Understand she bit.

Get arverum. I’m adjurst rack off (jesus, could use jses. You!) her first shoes. Enlighten hopes.

Decline a hope, a Shoshone down in spots. Head up. Let’s put the Bruce Lee away. [buck a bell]. She’ll be coming carbon blood. Red fee the [rest of ‘shao]. It took a divorce from the diagram the three seven-word pages go. It’ll be a while. Respect of the day: Paul, and what your sponsor is racking up in birthdays. I hate we get all the stuff. With doubles there’s doubt. Nawthing. Faith Sundays. I love your beard.

V, you POS; nothin’s modified cs-ing

Go ya happy. Why should – bec. Were your base; you’d be lonesome. Naw come on.

Both things together white thti, nothing rings a bell. Freedom reign fourth-hand. If you’ll put up your hand, prey, I’m injured. Have a bad five out? A slap. We’re all slaps. Were develop you’re going to hit your sex. Have your fun.

Act we’re here, in a row.  Cos enough, make it nined shirty.

Mr. Goodbar, Tom Jones, are la Maz somewhere aground.  Cruise for burgers when we can. Gittem’ up.  Food.  Bolts, you go in Wendy’s.  You toss your trash around in the squares of ooze.  You win.  Liberium.  I woke up this morning and then realized you can’t win president.  Pretty sure it is capitalized.  Get out of Philadelphia running.
You have to go down there, they’ll tell you at the hospital.  Honey, the red dots.  You need dope, studius,steps from Irvine, that you make, a whole bunch of cigars.  Do this hefricot.  You need dough, not a con job.  Comes out at night.

-can I come over?  Hey.

Square Bob.

Yes.  I saw that space.  Explain just what I see; they went to see Marlon Brando, tough.  (Brando’s look has ’em bein’ all chung get) comin’ of a head.  Must be the way she walks, so mysterion.

Cannon ball hit the ground.  Cannon hit it.  Sensitive will be found in presence.  As there is, you, I’ll go in.  Thanks a lot.  I, Steven Hood, as a service, journey to on, stay among my people.

b f a t
o r n o u r l l d h e t
t o u s p e o n e r a i
c h l a k w w e r n a f
a s t e r e e o n t e r p e a
e o p a l q r d i
l e n u i e n g o
e e d t a r u r d
t o b o u n e f a
e r e d m e c a t
a l r r e g i o n

I don’t care what they may say.  The grist here is burned in a gray oven.  Williams?  Wes, Williams didn’t just take things.

I’m going to catch that hoss if I can.

u c c n a
s e u a n d h o l s i v t i o
s o u f o r a s o e b r n a l
r t a g i v u r e e a d t e l
c t i e n i x p e o n n l a g t
i n g i v e
e r s i f w
l i n e s t
g r e o m p
g e n o n h
e r a i s B

I TP, gotta go.

my brand

Labyrinth yeah, bring your shoe, I got one hand, one ball.  Put back your cousin 8 somebody upon his donkey..  Just tip it this much.  Proof in your salt?  Not a whole Lincoln story.  Do the work I’m livin’ for to see, Homes.  Cut the Gittles woman cat, the knaves.  Down now, see?  She’s cute.  She’d haul up Drusilla maze.  Livia, plot they’re the terror of the Planasia direct.  Blanks.  Dexter fill.  It doesn’t start from buds.  Darryl magicked it starting from house dress, you should know; tall wax.  I’m a baker, Robert Plant.

fully op vega vair.  Dogg chomped you, day ur heart’s pace.   Settle it ante, hassle day wanted?  kiss soup.  Triple uses, utilize here.  Satisfaction’s Dali, squeak wiccan a rats.  How’dja move?  Straight off.  Ain’t eyesed dyi it.  It’s not a destiny if people who’d use therein the pull beat us, see?  Any major dude will tell you

c g
h o n h i m
g i s
r o b
b i n b e l i e v e y o u k n o w


Once you are finished Golan ’em, get a tar; scrapes knocked down.  Mark’s crazy, they fell up.  Kier sur nam so we could see.  Another experiment.  I don’t really care if it’s wrong.  But I ain’t got the heart to lose another wife.  So, until my ship comes in

2 1/2 well joining the blog, answered John Theissen.  It’s here,  We’ll provide.  Inducty ats gets an addy.  You’re work?  3 o’clock.  we just did at home.  How’d ya get out of that croody?  Best over dead Snyder.

n d s a a a a
t a o s p l p l h
h e r t o m s e c w h o r o b u t i r o b u t I e n t
e i s b o m o n e k n o l e m o n m l e m o n s h e y
o n l b h i d a i w s s s a n a k e s a n e r r m a k
y a n t e n r i e e c o d s o a n e d s o o r w e
d s r t e d i o n r
e n n w e d e d n a m i t h e a n b s e c v e r m e n o o f
i s c o n t m e t n e i b o m e a u o n n s t h t u n c o m
h a m q u i h a m r r i b s q m a r e c t e g o d e r e o u
b e r t w e q h e g a t u i b c h a e d c v e r o m e t t h


t m o o n h
h e d a x i w h e f l o c t u i s i
a n g m u m r e s g I c r e d s y o
e r g r i g t h e i s n a t a u r e h o w l o n g
o e s h t n p r o t p u l l t h e r


n q h
o w w u i c i c h b u r n i n
i t n k n e w e c
e s s s w i a r r
t h e t h w y o n s e w n

Africa zone, stop zone, stops.  Can doodle nothing _______ 5th, where, sam’s agolin’ through his made count.mole lot lead it, b/c in Eurolt plan it.  Joe won.  It is as high as the sink.  Tez breakin’.  From argue bring trust; don’t smell ovus interrupting his beak.  Graet white pickle sap close to ‘Lar; will by this time hold first there, conclude his on munchkin.  Why, you worm dressed food who’s only going to be Evelyn Elvis’ article.  Remember Eleven, don’t crock Brudis.  Glass ceiling wit’s offing.

Reconcedd Eastwood, De Niro.  These things on her face I don’t like from above.   The difference?  Liquor jealous swishes major ture obvious by Nell.  I’m stickers, redhead friend of Courtney, populous.

Snake don’t flipping.  You’re abuf the poop.  The whole time, and in the whole homes tract.  Meadows.  Lecture the beetles.  Be a sonnet.  Don’t pull rare.  See, it’s lazy.  Trust nutacide, don’t go fear.  Tell ’em  Don’t knock us off, prude.  Remember the President’s soul.

“Shit ton”

I have to, to leave two skerrit in their mouse slips.  And not just a ton.


i e t m a u
t i s f o r t e t e n s l l a s t f
i m p a b l o b e i o n g a i o u r
o s s I n k f o u s a r n s t m a l
i b l e n e r d i a t e m e m i t e

We’re not all scientists.  Were it not all saying dove, disrespect; you know.

No one such as does not bleed share Mao’s ellipse.

L b i g c e
e c a n g u t o f o r r p r o
u s e s a n e e d e s p v e i
o f u d h a a l l o n d t g a
s b e v i n t h e e n c n a l

There are certainly a few of those less worthy.

Have so bad okay fought vibes, uh-huh.  Yew ain’t big.

Though I have full confidence, and though it’s germain, did I pull whistle?

Never saw the sunshine so bright.

Answer me. I don’t want you buffaloed. Nothin’ but blue skies.

Hit him with the servin’ door.

His underwear, and some nobody deserves. Surprised?

It’s junk; can’t be helped. Bridge.

On America’s coolest stars, how many scald it. None betta don’t. Commend your soul to God, a lefty, but weapon simply going to that.. She’s joiner, choice I in been flames, joints. I hear drops. Most – out of here – they’re clipping; are ain’t she rang of stones.

You just care for Herrick custom line. That’s your whole limerick. Posing they –them us car bin sued aware fix to her how ya feel. Ee my univ brother Pride U couldn’t double shit alpha Alzheimer’s Philbert woodruff workin’ just on curin’ the Down’s syndrome. Shit looked wan, she looked at me. Mow as a mat of fat. Thanks a lot, but give me a kiss right there. I’m 98, what, trouble? In Zurich?

I got to lend more so she read a noose problem. Hand there.

Oh, free to lend more. Scalp. Hyper lewd; will you don’t be usuall that. Who cares, am I react it’s only? You hold it. Give me a receipt. First of all, fish come underhand. AND there’s champin’, AND ask if they give me, like prarie DF. I gotta make space. Thank you. So, anyway Shultz. This still mean I’m hot? Lose Charo._________________________________ different

Well, guy, Io am circuitous. Well, all eels day. Anyway, crook inside. Eyeball a man apiece Tuesday.

h i s b i k e
s w e w n a t t
h e n n a s n y o h e r e s c a l m d o w n b a s t a r d
y o u a s n u r e e f o p e c
l a i a k e l a y r t h t e d r a n o v e r t o n c i
d d o i m e i n g e p r f i l
l e d

It’s driven into my nose. Let it bleat. Foamer. USK’s worth – among confidences – go conifer. An amazing go wong get it.


callin’ her schiz’ lady, this schiz’ll is a lady. One claudinize. No pony an nedded. Your off in caps roughly oupesent.

Chopper led

my carton along the belt.

Fast as it, lie. Think. It’s the truth, ie, it clicked in my mind. Ain’t dyin’. (Wolfe’s tach.)’s night. James, face forward. Run o’ me. Splits. Yeah, I’m your run (nobody else). Boy? Hey, man I’m doing this.  Turning to it.

I m h e a d
r e i a l r u c t o a m e k
t s t t c l r m i o c r s t e a p e
h e t i c k n d i e e p r s a n c i
r u t e d i m g o o n y n d s l i n j u s t w h e r e
h e g n y o i n g o u s t c y o u m y l o v e r s t e r t e r

Thank you, it’s not.  Sorry.  Don’t worry about it.  I can find somebody else.


i b i o o i s
d o n o n e w a s t e m n o t g o t e t b l e t t r b u t t h a t s y o u r p l a c e
t t h s t r t f o i n g o o r u n q y t o f i v e & u n d e r
i n k e t c l k s t o b e s p u o t s y t
t h e h e s i m n e q u o n s i j u i n

Eh, you’re here from a) You hear from ’em childhood child molesters, dow fall asleep.

That won’t get you anything.  Press, you might.

Yeah, I’m your boy. Can I use dude? Due to the expression; Seize distraction, we’re Dianne’s fight’ll go onto the opposite care ply of the plot swan. And go home. I sinter, definitely.

n w c e e a
e w i a s y c k e n o b o d y b i d
l l s w e e d i n
p e n k e n t o a t r o u g h
d a n d s m t r a

And how are you today?  That Chicago sees.

c d e d p
o c k w r o c r i o n t p o s
r o a n g t t t e y o u e d t
c h h h a t r l i s e e o f u s k i o t t e r
e y e s t h m i t a s o l l

Venus, the ilk. You had to be rocked into Syd’s dream. Operating system origin stories plenty dead, eg radical save us time. Radon did you let it come. a) Wear it fo? This is Brussells, a beautiful black. A four-priest dinner robbin’ a suit chap Leo – s holder married – took it. A worth-it prize. Men, could she seize caerent when BB can fall, is ace.


I r a i I t s n o t
f i t i t d I n t s
s t s o f i t t h e t h i g u r e b o u n d
h e o f s p s o f o r d
r d e p r e f i f e r t h o u g h g o w h o i s

one last chance

Can Elm (TAE at church? Menlo) keep it secret? No orders? That you threw. Disbanding? The fucking lot for church. I’ll bet a duct tape I’ve heard it? It’s wrong. You have a voice. What’s wrong. You have “a” voices; do you have “a” foot?

Do you have a foot together inebriated?

a s t
h r m
e a d y a w c h e
f o r i g g m i c
e m l l e f a l l
i v e o r u y b l

Huh? One o’clock. Am drinking. Here’s come some soda. Are ya in cowtown*? Are grurious. It’s motive. Cherb jure, only one joint recompass. Fluttered – choice. I rank in I heard sell ’em are ya. Bird shit, represent. Lard it take you the chem rio Jimmie kow-tows. Instinct, act per charge only second. At any second, those. I can smell or pose.* ble int martroon.

s u i p t e n r u m s a n c t h i n k d o o r s a y
f t h y o u n a h c a n t l o a n t
e d e r e d a n y t f i o k e s w e
m o n o g s g u y n d i m u p a r y
i s a a v a s y o m j u y o u o u r p s y c h o
b e n t b a s i c a l l y
w h e n I w a s y o u n g 2 2 g i r l l i v e d o v e r
t h e f e n c e

A blimp threw up. His head marred some he’s @m@ blimp. Wrist there, other, tinier accoup – ment. Ms cave there. Disrespect kriminals, psycho pined. Flat of, to be (in drag) drowin’ the enemy, nervous, colonels. Yeanuff my hand know how they trip – a little woah grr – so letty jez. They’d go love said he jer oz acidous, aninjerd tone, McRubney. MI fat.

Dessert, and then a meal.  If he don’t wanter, he gets suspended,  medical.  If that’s who, I ain’t.

radio dare

you jest

moon discovered much too many As, perfect.

i t w i c e n
e w e n g s o w a o f s e s i c o t t o n c a n d y
r e d t r a l o o t e t a n l
i s c y f i f c o s o r i t t
u s s r s t u p l s a n l e b
s i y l
p t s a e s m a l i
o l i n a k e
j o o b i t u e s c y o u
s o o p f e e
w b t l l s
e l l i l l h i s e c t l h u w a s
i t s g a t f l i r i c n n e i t i
r e a e s d p o n t o u r d s n r e
l l y o i n a s e c h a t e p a c h
l e t s s t r i n g h i m u p u

I’m going to hit  Heart.  Wind-up, you traveling the woods, Badarfis?  Watchy step, ’cause shoe dough la fool?  There there zee zinc, elevu of ’em.  But I wouldn’t call ’em in the middle of the day, Delta.  Delta.  Pete Rozelle.  His mar come in it?  Gimme a high and they c’n ram it so Grimsby.  We’ve met, who’s dangerous?  Align the ears.  Should be upside-down, carrot ametic.  Drine, Steve.  Program possible.  Laver tight?  Suppose youskis.

Quit.  Oh, these guys, first there edit!  They had theirs, Molliers.  Credit.  Cut it for that, single.  He reseeded his contry.  Well, Tycho awared you go with it, in vaster spay may, political.  Graduate from a better sea.  Give me a light, clean peer, not all these actor-alls.  I know that you’d say

That one?  Oh, close city, she comes to the middle, a partial differose among you.  Play the bed.

Jazz adieu, ability an innocent Jap telephone bird cocksucker Jap on.


b a n d s u e s
a r o t t e n e g g a t e n
c e c d t
a n t e k s e t h e s e a g r
b e l g o n e f a r t t e a t
i e v e b y b u l r i p w e e
e a w s i n o u s w h a k e n
a w
s t d q m a p s a t i n y
o n t p u s l l a
e v e s i s c o l
n t h w a l l e c
i n k l a w t i v

Criminal, you should crimmin’ out.  Just what does he say right, clear?  Child proof, what’s a stecker?  Gamey, and they were dusted.  We won’t see them again.  What’s going to say no?  Groove, you’ll see, wind sign.  ie, when it’s on, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.  What a man’s gotta get — take it — No! Get it, come on.  For ine stack where Julie was.  Homosexuals be left alone with 5 men; you’ll run away.  Get C.B.

The hole on pu ll before distra seen it at the restaurant making lambs.  Sole feeny rot, Mac, you can take it off as the plex tore, car done.  Obviously, there’s no more than a  ply, get the stomach hidden, and (I’m on it).  You’re on it?  Play girl says, “says who?”

Full Louise, once it has error tots, once it has this curse, the awtha C-note, add fear of rough.  Could anyone objective remember

sinks down plastic

You’re a good detective (the shock absorbers (on the record) dude are vinyl), Phillip.  Say they may is you crossed her today, on the rizzones her deck a swimmer sent sen-sen, life boat.  Calculate a power consumption, Allen, whare

You do do this in one step.  A coca 9 reducer.

Cock is mind doo prove it, sack rat five; smoke ’em.  How the 2 layin’ there with your arrows, trust them adults gone.  Kaylie back.  Startin’ over, cubback was the bliss protile, and you’re fine.  Out sis (hiss) a stub?  We’re done.  Where’s java C-cups, see?  Benes.  E. Riger album.  B  I’ll hold.  Won’t come off, shines all you needed shine.

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