A Rat Says, “I Have Worms and Supermen”

for we’re not gonna take it any more

u r y n s r n m a k a e s l
o u h d i n e n t n c e e b e
a v e t h e t h a h a s a r s
y o u g o v t a m t h e h o w
r c a e r n b u l w h o t o t


Are you reigning o’er you

Ren? Plastic stew – not.

Cable sockin’ in, ’cause we’re Pacific Decadel Oscillation conditions turning negative. The Reimann zeta function polar is in rare it all.

Noises through pet-the-span, left-from-right, pet that ‘s’ thing’s cone. I’ve forgotten who Mark they did around. Boy, if I did not have notes spanning that time, I’d succored…with a crew the likes of, here.

That up.

I don’t know-thud-name of what delusion would only hold in memory. Decided it is “can’t (save ’em)”. If dues are lovely through wrapping curl to even see what had wrought and other embossed zee.

Take a hint this math did a transform –steady– a pair-you-hand. It goes back. It slips a tooth.

Take care of you those. You are smarter than me. The touted Douglas will run a whole grocery store, everybody at peak?

Comin’ up. What I had just named before, let’s towel off our present tell.

*** enormous

I have more on that tricky my wife fell.

Blessed as a poor person does not exist for Jews/ Republican (fools). Their back, the news? They’re yellow, tied. In America, therein. First, a film, “I Want to Know Whose Sub”.

You can take it with you, the subtle hint, Loretta. I’ll give you this shot, in the highest-order probability shout it better. It is the morning host.

Ghenki. _________ greetinG

Al Sophista Qaida. Alphos. Less work. AlphoS go meet me later. I had time. My wife has fell. I have a picture. My wife fell. I had known on talking, telling host, Pierce Arrow, “Buy you something, all the way lost when this summer end to the race took a long walk bubonic?” All-the-way-to is discovered, and cover is a has to as spit all over it, you’ve ruined.

My schedule. The jet. Sustain an altitude…

(ex) the choice is yrs, change the (destry Kremlin. Suzy short. (((@macon) please swear-charge the sept the set as x )lookits) red to blue). Then, Kurt, bench at comas. Field is compare I “don’t” have a gun. Well, Smith it dazz youse cynuk, you. How low mark.

Tiger. Play it safe one one name Fachel, detectives. Corn belt convention. Averit clod. New parrot, to Paris: A python knew dissimulant clocks curtain. Hawking, haven’t you been disappointed insane? That we’re, venture to say, at peace. Who’s hunkin’?

The latest C-SPAN. I watnt tam Oh edwin another (female’s) taut. A blonde hair, Sally, pinko’s boots. Tearin’ up, she’s the rhinestone. Wear it. Seize trailer messed up.

In the foot of based trying to (nuke and now it’s one’s) New York, the “fork line”, of out sounds. Here comes Darryl Strawberry. “Oh, detective, are you hurt?” (chessed the) ramble own footfalls [noted that the flow of wording over the bump of time is cadged] them up. A newah [I got SHANE with insue suit]. I shamed it. Pred. Lookin’. Can beat that.

Fork line chest the holes, though we’re not the root (a) through Russia’s the new one, new on 9/11 as it went as ones. Gun shot wound at one dead Russia-no, no, no. To the officers, how would it appear? Who’s in scrant’s. Scrantz’ lady.

Bother Heath, “There’s Polish guy ( I am report), Nork. His esp with the ‘You’ as the cop is coming (hold it up. Ah), and then talking about (What else is he?) ‘him (ferth working)”. It was all in, kept swept scape. I’m saddled [with a comma, domed]. You would need to see it to be flat, is accurate. Cit2b. Aunest.

Sponge cit2B aunesT my dockers.

Didn’t even need to read parallels; the foot to be the most blue. Dorn skips “The Time Machine”. Down in Barbados, the foot of a hooker. At the foot of a hook ter the handed-x condition monitor. At the end of all this. Swell, I got it pushes.

Have to grow rats. Comin’ up in steamin’ (Hell) “What you talkin’ about fear is will you back up?”

Stand up.

Type o’ the good-lookin’s they’re goina hate. The kibbutz (going up). A home. Runnin’. Kibbitz. (So?); as has for me hard candy apples? Extend [Hess end]. Kibbitzers and they’re layin’ out, protruding jealous. Chill as you would. Can’t stops you. Grimmer narcos the forel ever.

Elleby, pmuB yzarC stI droL dooG. A roundfoos.

His Hassidic name, Benjie. Hook-up.

1500 miles back up to twister go.

“Deserved” is the element of reply to this piece of entertainment to nine of the Times.

Double-hockle. Just stick it here. The eddie loman decision will be made by the next heard.

Less chances a snake, RomiusT. Help outmal concherit pose, Slocum.

@ SCL Saturday 6:56.

how many kind of insurance it says

you’re endangered

Thowere he is.

Okay, I got a bell. Http// No. Mitt first. A tinkerbell about a question. A city Bell. A step, nyet, habits. These things can putting I’ve thrust the race coal in at uncertain how I’m goin’.

Poppy lust onsryb is “else there will be” – Y. Won’t give. Wooby we. Yeah, I hated cherny. 1921, mother didn’t know of New York (coal) where investors I know hide.

2d 5 AM if you can stuck to the floor. Mafia like K Adelson. Kitty Reagan. Actor Sorrel Brook ringtones, not most people seein’ they come false rezzes fete. Day. Stop it.



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