Took Us, Um…Bacon Spoke To Us

Why?  Pretty much off a Cars song.

LSDs, react yeah/no ?

Chowder?  Hey, it’s somethin’.  Line cakes.

Disaster pokes. Hey

Glad I took.  LSD is (too close to cheddar (TCTC’s gotta exist and so forth to be moved, essentially)) universe.  It’s multiple m–can’t dance.  Some song, from the booth, to booth, quintuple murders, one I can know.  Be sure these running things gear for their dirty wings.  Four-minor, Christ, the husband.  Jealousy, too.  Chirp (the left one).

Can’t go troo da______RAPIDE

And dart of, is Rm. 2, if and only  if the nature of the room thing isn’t spaces.  Get (kill the) all the straights.

Can rue manage, sees carriage, is out of anyhow; did seizures.

[Bulleted].  Come as long as, “Aw (precious)” is fair.  Hold-me’s a (God) see-saw, and that’s in a gee field, which is sacris corpus.

Awww, for me, kiddlet?  Could we sit key here for it?  Enjoyin’ peed.  The lecture today is foot strap parables, or speaking in, anointed.  That’s a yes, I’m going insane (insane’s examples) included how you ate it, too.a cough

Clean for what!?  Came through (Aww) Came through’s a heddle space.  How so-called moby space (thinkin’ ere) degenerates down from a low number to a high number, five knuckles.  Eight guys your print-ter.

May guys —

Five or six plates; Jerry’s problem.

“How”, Lee by Lee bites, so, jury-rigged (blind) will seek object 30.

mwoaning_______high power

The Intercept (out of the way, talk holes) doesn’t want…(nobody knowing is a lot like, well, whoever you tell) admonish you.  My friend is doing life, and get this, it is not eight cents.  It’s a buck and a quarter.  He makes this on accord with his 1972 action.  [Heedence]  Action’s difficult to sustain.  There was a hue and cry, due to a man who was gunned down watering his lawn.  The bigga one.  Ho-ha.

Peace riff, for there it’s (assumed) your censurous sylph.  The sylvan (Syble is going to chop off your head) crafted work glides.  Home turns into the guy who kills people for you-know-what.  He stays sleepy.

He’s goan by heart, and known by trip._______ Red could tea.

Meat cairn.  Snappage.  House of meditate (over syllables and elles) over accumulated doubt.

Oye, it was virgin Lancasters and Stockdales.  Sturdeman avoid their middle.  Do you have venison of the rank (LONO) of their middle?  Venison’s on the shelf.

The Ph8.

Alcove.  In here.

Curly fries went west.  We overlook our real lives in our exploratory hedges.  One of my gods (comin’ through), they’re a defeat of intimacy.  This is only a sharp derivative.

Ber cue

Ja, great for Poland. (A) How’s that happen?  Well that it work you.

Allover wait a second. Experience (A) naw.  Build number?  Well, that it were, you’d be deyuze stand up, “Unless it’s a crock of shit.”  Said it was a machetter.  My brown one. Vote __________chile pie

To make a structure, that beauty on the professor grounds.

Halting the of things set betting.  Get his carries (o-) kay (U threat), QUINTS is you said, I can’t see; my foreshortening keeps giving you money and shorting out.  The next little raisin fuck has whatever (he’s, that thing.  Let him in. “You”.  In sixty-seven).  I developed.  You ride.

You came here.  How?

Whatever general He’s.  About suffer these.

Oh, say, chicken can you tell us of it, of wild earth?  [tips] unfold trick’s full-time waves, months of (frightnin’) generally wet.  Good time we’d caught it.  Beastlies of and Caniff.


GE an object [Not much otherwise].  You could get not ‘am to serve man’.  Mo pity cluster [fumbles] freight it, gaiter is off.  Fly is of ten open.  Go redrobe.  Clotton.  Can Everette kill you.  Are you last?  In here, these things “is” the group E.  Because if I –if not pity clusters, than gabble have looked.  You know; jerkin’ is sinful gab.  To the runmobiles!  Reconsider

ed______ All these are al-liggle.

the bus-tanker a la mote.

m p o v
i l t i l o l d f e s m
c o m t e a u l l o n t
e i n r t h t I m h s o
s k y u n f e w a f G E
n d t f
e r a t I m I t b a n d
L l y e w e e a s c a n
w e t d c a t l I I f f
Y o u d d o t h e
s a m e r o c k G I r l
f r I e n d r o l e s
H e r e s B I l l m B I k e
T W I I r t s
f I n O n I t d a
D I t C t h N G E
q u I a t h r o u
T e I e m o s t h
F u H L E
E r e d o E s c r I p t e r
S t H s N t
E C O B e c
D e H a r E
h I I T s
R I S e N G a G e T
T W E G c a
e D I W G H

Anuis do ’em, any rect.  You get laurels the time they stuck to your head.  Oh, she’s about to get shot, and she was doin’ okay.

Up until (dare its) day.

Relation there, deign ‘er.

We’re gone away (((extend red up there.  Cigarette hide))).

Coming up (now hand me that).

Thank you.


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