San Diego Forces Homeless Out of All-Star Downtown to Allow their Immolation Murders; No Suspects

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Faulkner, criminal.  Nobody was in a line of succession.  The administrations of each crook squash indictments from the ones they usurp.  The chief of police quit suddenly rather than face the murder  charges for murders regularly committed in San Diego, by the police, often with vigilantes’ assistance.  They battered the victim, thus the police arrest someone unconscious.  That’s San Diego.  It has not been excised for its murder pattern for 100 years of the past.  It will be inundated very soon.  Choking.

It’s seeing its chest.

Oh, updated,

snared a suspect.
Suspect in homeless killing of three men and injury to two others is detained at Laurel and Horton early Friday morning…San Diego News Video — San Diego News Vide
Suspect in homeless killing of three men and injury to two others is detained at Laurel and Horton early Friday …

The latest victim, a 55-year-old man who was sleeping near an Interstate 5 overpass at C Street, is expected to survive, police said.
San Diego police arrested Jon David Guerrero, 39, about three miles away on Laurel Street near Union Street, police Capt. David Nisleit said at an afternoon press conference. Guerrero faces three counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder and two counts of arson.

Zimmernman, criminal, lying police chief.  Well, for one thing, my rights are a birthright; I’m excited.

The former mayor supported Turkey’s arms buys (Dem.).  Are those Cyprus guys, terrorists, still going?

Filner was forced out because the military runs San Diego, and a big bull-dagger* Rear Admiral claimed he groped her.  She was fifty.  See the face?  *Forks.

Yes, the bastard took 38 free trips to Turkey.  Was like that to arm them.  You saw their tracers hitting demonstrators in the street last night.

San Diego’s citizen commitees of old featured disemboweling prisoners handed over to them by jailers.  How nice.

Jun 16, 2016 – He said the AllStar Game “was a convenient deadline to get the process moving with a completion …. My husband and I were homeless in San Diego for ten years. …. Animals cordoned off by constructs to cruelly deter them.

Yelp!  San Diego’s nothing but murderers, with twisted ideas and abandoned responsibility.  Some rich denizens of La Jolla make it their verve to educate the homeless to prevent begging.

Hey a nigger which may have a mullatto child, now, Australian for it is, they “throw” a (unit.  A squid, right Tommy Lee Jewnes?), that, as an Australian white, one must come to an understanding about being exposed as someone who had sex with an Aborigine, which amounts to sex with an animal.  Look.  Sheep actually throw (“kids”).  We are not anxious to know Austalians or South Africans.  They’re virulent racists.

The following entry has the context, although the internet is molded free of a lot of truths:

Dec 23, 2014 – “Both heavy and light (compared to normal) newborn calves are more likely …. Even if you use a low-birthweight bull, if the calf throws back to the … PHOTO 1: If calves are large at birth, the cow or heifer may need assistance.

You see that I did hear it from an Australian, whom are universally low society, lower than us.  They are white trash with denialist/ scientific (eugenics, actually), where they rough in a girl’s future, like in, “Oh, if you fuck an Abbo, even your grandchildren won’t throw back to a black, so are color.”That’s alright. I’m  aster minnow, a tout cynic. I don’t need it bold, even when th night is cold. This inside of me here.

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