The Greatest Smallpox Herder the World had ever Known

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Steve, you better watch it!  I can go home.

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Muad-deeb  Patches.  Look in the book,  Counter.  Finish with a slurp of your chow mein #35.  Vurrito expression we threw it away, its a chorizo but they don’t want a “hot dog”.  Tompanco.  Hold on, bidi Jew — horseshit.  Could I have the pack?  Petal-loo,

who am I to face

palm, turn.  Now welt Zelt

and say lookit this

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gulp.  Alert one of an aura of light tags on the scoop.

Carlos Amezcua on the news ranted about ’em.  “Worthless”, he called hi_ s.  Lovey-dove.  Thing is trying to tell me to remove.  Remotes are saved, to they don’t go anywhere, and are safe.  They don’t “go” anything.  Do it again, Niko.  On a cycle.  (Woody, I wouldn’t take any out.  C’mons)

Indeed, terms like “preference” and “choice” still dominate media coverage of millennials. But if anything holds this tenuously defined generation together, it is a lack of options. Americans who have lived much of their adult lives in the aftermath of the Great Recession have lower incomes, less mobility, and greater financial dependence on older relatives than any other generation in modern history. Many millennials do not have a lot of choice. They are merely reacting to lost opportunity.

Hand-hoppin’dy.  Returning to these tax on a luau (Capistrano fuck).  Denude them of crystals.  Leave it on, mega own big will maybe make its own novel cliff.  Power.

Gurley, nepotism, child molesting, and freedom, thy do not caew ine whit about.  The very tomatoes thrown to-day (let it drip down).  Respond, Julie.  Thee Bobby sent.

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San Diego free speech fight

The free speech fight in San Diego from 1912 to 1913 was among the most prominent free speech fights of the IWW. An ordinance had been passed by the San Diego Common Council which made it much more difficult for the Wobblies to engage in their soapbox orations without being swiftly arrested. The San Diego jails were soon teeming with Wobblies and others who used civil disobedience in the fight for free speech, and, even more alarmingly, contingents of vigilantes arose to fight against those in favor of free speech. The Free Speech League worked in concert with the IWW in San Diego, but, when the fight became judicial, the ordinance was upheld.

For me, it’s the arrest of those I cannot count on one hand, like Florida, when you get a pennant.  They’re criminals from a foreign place within the US, so this is going down as a blot.  Who am I to make ’em run?  Semi how related

Fact Checker

Yes, U.S. locks people up at a higher rate than any other country

Michelle Ye Hee Lee reports for The Fact Checker. Send her statements to dig into via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

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