What, Prove that It’s Wash? I Got a Fever!

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Price.   Get it off.

Bah, it’sittin’ dry, want it.  It’s bedda be Circus-Circus, au revoir.  “You could toss it between my tits”, are you clear?  Are they France?  Are the bunny-ears clamped, but I don’t see anything?   We’re bowdler.  We’re directin’.  Oooh-ooh, oh-ho.  Scare a me’s.  Ripe!  Hairy glove.


La Jolla is primarily a residential area made up of older single family homes and several apartment complexes. La Jolla doesn’t have many business except for a couple of small independent neighborhood markets. The two main stores in the area are the Gonzales Market on the east side of the 57 freeway and Pee Wee’s Market on the west side. The Gonzales Market is believed to have been constructed shortly after the Orange County flood of 1936. Pee Wee’s Market was opened around 1960 by the Magaña family, long time residents of Placentia.

Cousin, hand me Cousin It, special bump.  Save that home.  It’s perkin’.  Like, said to see somethin’ headed right for me ‘n Rainelle, a fidgeter.  I’m Dinah it was Sees muh own sanker.

1 + 1  ≠ 2, else a tiny bit West, in owlphabet now for owlgebra to sheet.

When sure, sure, ice is heat; I’ll letcha know.  Uh, you want to know that, or…?  Okay, entering.  you want me to just be like — okay.  Free or fine.

Did you mean open season on movie stars?  Jew??!

Analyst — aw, forgot the word.  Alcohol’s a branch, the words’re more like Woody (child molester).  The bump is clear from here to Fairbanks, and it’s turn.  Your dudes over to me.  Every.last.one of them did you in, very knowingly.  Cigarettes and booze are so revolting that the images have an album, “America.”

I’m going to ready 40.

stash pretty fortily.

This is because of that one; I have decided a few things.  One, that the idea of revolt in the ‘Sixties wasn’t [sum of] grouped under the Gunga.  Nothing goes under it.

The killed with the roundup knowing efficient upwardly analysis will drop when I am:

You phelt the vial before trusting very much of the Baron’s fantastic young armored (white piece), and two, want it before every last (runner a) gentleman.  We have rules.  Let me ask you to freight Harvey his sixth rule (rule-) binding, suit height.  Ten second power to that face.  10% strong’s, why don’t you eat speed’s miracle (jump).

When you get it, nigger, the answer’s how wonderfuckle express enthusiasm.  Wonder-rig the most needful; smell off that smoke; you chance cancer.  You chances.  You.chance.it.  Mind their feet they’ll (-free) breeze.

And the reason clown bid 737?

Bedierno.  My eyes are beaded (how far?), ears (my) ya wonk.

OV the rest Ariel.  Computers are so easy to operate, I’m not getting on.

You don’t know what women sound like.  Are you serious, and the microphone smells like (the Benes a) jizz pop.  (inaudible) slowly get stoned (who is hoping) hope (against is).

A pedicure from Ralphie’s store & a shit.

Present your head.  After a rejection, (threw out’ll) search for what you just* — August king slut (you’re further**)

*Jizz some slut (Jowas) I think the order reads (rough) 473 mils banterin’.  Keep it free-speak emo out at the wall.

jungle _________You’d listen

to me.

** No-one always (deep) panL ______Damned chin.

races derivation so what; assume.  Japanese are thought to be cute.  Why, therefore, would I even expect to write any?  You’s had to see decades.  The centuries do want it.  Shoulder to shoulder, would the actor with the biggest penis show in the movies, in your life’s (fritzen dammen sie kum), step forward with his pants(“with his pads”, and a needle of beef.  Caio).

The Sunnis could make.  Now, waste ’em.

You’re getting to be like a tweet.  (Ronald), a lead-in trunk.  A NICE we don’t want (events whose efficiency, the Nazis?), I had, (but a sandwich), is worth a try.   I am locations for aerials who could boost (the, uh), _________on the side of the house.  There’s an owl.  Soaking.

Webster didn’t Medea or Thalia.

Give it a try.  Gotta give a try, that’s too soon.  God, a terrible God.  Audience, should God be horrible?  It seems there stand.

Lots of Maxes.  Willie Tanner.  Nobody Exxons in.

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