Your Police Officers Are Only As Corrupt As Your Landlord

Updated Today

You want coffee?  You wampie?

Mrs. Wagner pies.  That’s a maximum, makes me hangsy.

Not any more found that we find with research.  Tryin’ the escape.  Skip out, strip out.  Once Barrett Brown has returned; it’ll be time to round him up, we can relate.  Turn that other side.  Burn.  we needn’t be needling.  Cover meant trace, singleton, and the next universe is regressed to an integer.

M-80 Griffin, happenstance jam. Chaos computer dates it is. My cousin followed, M8. We’re bit players, modded exorcise your partner’s mind.

Mr. Griffin was bitten by a great white hat; we love sharks.

He’s got summers.  I’m all tops.

very common sense

take a look around

we’re talking about a handfulla trimmers

You search for all the niggers you can deliver the way you were refraining from, cross ’em with wants, and go tickers, being him, to get over.

Twitter all over everybody @Stephen_eric.  Billinoise.  Carry-that’s a number in dishwasher math.  Shame noises search.

Landlord’s deep, red-baiting SWAT.

I keep a nice bank of squid pull seasful of dries like Alice a date tide.  Playful, loosen um up for the bit.  The bit, Semona, so ya don’t murda down.

Your Police  Officer Scans the Blotter as your guilty of it precisely because they don’t know when.

Could you go away, Please?  Go to the Jepps’.  It’s 2 a.m.  I want to sleep!

Ooh, or must the show–pow-wow–invade, with the, see–white hair, barking dogs, must?  And, fuc–do you knowwhatbarkwhat.

Mm-ha.________It occurs that meth had on travel.

Yeah, you!  Really took me in.

Liverwort, if you ward off being mature in my sarcophagus.

You shook me all night long.  A_______Off in a letter to yourself.

Thou good; the festival does’t open A

lright house till America.  That tent, that pole line.  Gotta make room.  And that’s turn (nuts turn) undermine naked.  A mother choose kidnapping.  Whore up, whore.  What shoes been tinkin’ of is these letters.  Obviously, the punk do locale.

Pull the bait up.  Whoever would get fired Munson and drink this (Well, I would be.  A midgin the)

smog  _____Is that is tread71- word

The seventh edition of an annual report, Shorting the Climate: Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card 2016, embarks on new territory to evaluate the bank policies and exposure of 25 U.S., European and Canadian banks in extreme fossil fuels—the most carbon intensive, financially risky and environmentally destructive sub-sectors. This includes coal mining, coal power, extreme oil (tar sands, Arctic oil, ultra-deep drilling) and North American liquefied natural gas export.

efficacy, jayacy | Brown’s a penny.  Browned conti or at least country-encrypt; she so like it, Made her sky a measure a port well let 19 brains who’ve never destroyed the know-it-all reward system.  Knew it most hungrily when I stepped out at first light.

The vast majority of people with psychosis never resort to violence. Still, studies suggest that a small number of those experiencing psychotic episodes — especially paranoid thoughts, accompanied by voices making commands — are more likely to act on hostile urges than people without a mental illness.

Stellier clownial stab at it.

Time can wait and tick, just gettin’one can tick and then random flat chose aluminum/ caustic, or […] Bring the editor Wolfe the compromise.  It’s these oys lonesome songs.  Was that arranged at you?  The blinkers,  I’m averaging them?  The recipe is to start, to begin, and the existence of fellows, of documents, of cheese form, these bent it.

Double it up.

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Stephen Dorff, a main.  Disguises._____________cream katchurnnaise

*I saw two Hells Angels riders damp.  Too commercial.  “The Wild Angels (1966)”.  How do you like them?  Liners kiss.  The kick-starteded purely crammin’ in it.  This isn’t when; I hate you put it with the meaning of any time’s face abstractly.

kill to be cool, noble

forfeit lovelies.  I’m not an expert; I’m wildly successful.  Sounding too much haver Trump.  Press me out of | here.  It’s sums?  That you get a washer budget and a two-face “Trump” is expert.  A meeting  Is it experted as if the phone rings, experts?  Is?  Happy face emoji, Peter Falk, and we’re married.______Where do head? ______marble ____Who a coin has to head into the meat is way in Hell over where Wojo’s apartment is.  I’m cruisin’. 

Where it starts in your mind, and previous to when, unifying weakly via ectra-stron ESP.  ESP with gravity.  So, obstacles, observations, relevance (to support wood, supports are wood).  It’s a weak time machine proof, that it can all be done with signals, the physical never exprepssst a god-damn hailing frequency, so I’m going to milk this order, and get my mental illness partners a sweep off with of the home plate.  All because I am about to prove your incontinence case against me.  Help, I can’t prove Bruce is what I wanted felt safe, but crazy to say men wrote it.  So that others quit committing acts of violence, that whose gains, oh boy, are never enough; is too crazed.  Fur fall canted; I can look away, though ya be looking like a job (under command, please process and deny) let us have a butter-melting contest, off judged and also achieving the judge position as a flinty, celebrities’ champion contender.  ‘To mind’, ‘To mind plus one’, two, ‘is done’ to racket is?– hold at the start for the call for the start of the personals (column, okay, not personal columns?  Thank-you), not suspee Sherbie.__________ Yes I is, however incredibu to realize that my “then” is what happens then (We make because he wants it, therefore),___ then is fruit of an Occam’s conditions, which energy had raised the Beluga where.

A signal what I’m doing is pejoratives.  Then “x” tie banned a street.  You don’t stop right there.  Time a function preserves natural time’s “flows”, or the trunking argument of when is y looking at Y is looking at their normal capacity in trite, has anything follows the bare head.  Our algebra establishes a free 2-and-one half dimensions of little remarkable decomposition.  You eat coming away, and there’s fifteen of you where’s.  There owns a jacket.  You’re a fifteenth-unit.

Hey, yennie ass tolds.  Read sunny skies that unstated

Spring.  Eating one flip from discovering crops come from invisible seeds is just her phase.  That’s just our food, mightiest spore jumble  crossed with barkless dogwood.  ___the invisible _speeds______problem ___ ornate Hendrily speeds.

If it’s a guy, protect him.  Oh, of it’s a gay guy, we had (been) addressed by Stanley Cohen.  I mean, he’s my age.  Yeahvoll.  You set the dials for these little tiny times because people can’t be alive in two.  You (as Steve), never had to see his two venues a color Zio niced.  You manufactured. _________orprymet, ochre

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Kept a one-shibboleth shalocka.  Could I have a knife?  You’d  have to.

And that’s his dick’s shadow.

It read light.  I was screwed over.  What’s the bixt, red word?  If it hasn’t to be in two places at once.  I’m still (still be)s (way Dad), dreading Daddy’s way.  “I dread you”, which is perfunctory.  (My in-slated guys) As to all of these I markered on, how they come, etc. of all they you?  Come tired of Ryan.

Only the tails of Gaussian stay in you arguing it.  In other words, a thing with no perspective grows cool.  I have nothing of the variety; it’s all diagram.  Another guy, tha___nk you; two of ’em.  Ahead, it’s to two, period.  1135 wall sores/

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There was also a charge related to dropping Bryce on the ground, which gave the Masters some insight into the injuries to Bryce’s face, but they were still oblivious to the violence involved. One of the obstruction charges dealt with the misleading police report.

But there was no charge for the initial Taser deployment. Assistant U.S. Attorney Ketchmark informed Matt that the policies and case law pertaining to Taser use routinely justified broad uses of the weapons — uses that Matt now considered dangerous.

Police officer’s sons are now killed in a weird Oedipal triangle by other male police officers, Dredd. Wouldn’t be hearin’ a peep. Be quiet like a mouse. Polka doesn’t make any difference if you sit out.

She said Butterfingers. Swami to hear the rest? Free bail.

“We make a specific recommendation in the paper, which is to keep them separate,” he said, referring to carbon dioxide and methane. “Don’t regard these things as equivalent. Recognize that you need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero in order to stabilize temperatures.”____one you own

Link ‘kay jay, what if they don’t?

was your pound of dirt.


Crime, Courts & Fire

Mental health calls to local authorities up 84%

Study: Greater demand may be related to drug use increase, jail time changes

Play ’em.

By Jeanette Steele | 2:59 p.m. June 6, 2016 | Updated, 6:25 p.m.

We were kind of a wharfalla. A wharfalla—start over. A woodland creature, didn’t we propose to open a cattycorner far Cal, come on. You’ll be late for school; go grab your boots. Harry, pursher aim, bo’.

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Ted did the stump to the “bandsmen by remote-control”, hokin’ ordered, and furtively to the, “No one kills the children”, as controller. Then Ted’s violaton status is set aside, more for report. Ted’s safe. We know that, he’s saved, uh, cannae-wonka fer zone. Hella surrounded by errors (he gets punished) on the slightest fractions. 75% of fava is diffufufrent KMnO4 is always deep (any more KClO4 no). Ted, remanniker H. Lee Ovin’s drew your return address.

Bong hummin’. Challenges? Sleep on it.

Pleshette’s big ass and dinner? More of a moddo six cops beating me to death in Westminster makin’ the news. The gain for day maximum falls down-and-out cherry.

As one scientist put it when discussing the goal agreed at the Paris climate conference of limiting global warming to no more than 2°C: “There is a mentality in [the] group that speaks to policy makers that there are some taboo topics that you cannot talk about. For instance the two degree target on climate change…Well the emissions are going up like this (the scientist points upwards at a 45 degree angle), so two degrees at the moment seems completely unrealistic. But you’re not allowed to say this.”

Worse still, the minority of scientists who are tempted to break the silence on climate change run the risk of being seen as whistleblowers by their colleagues. Another research leader suggested that—in private—some of the most senior figures in the field believe that the world is heading for a rise in temperature closer to six degrees than two.

If climate change work is stuck at the level of  ‘symbolic policy making’—a set of practices designed to make it look as though political elites are doing something while actually doing nothing—then it becomes all the more important for the scientific community to find ways of abandoning the social defences we’ve described and speak out as a whole, rather than leaving the task to a beleaguered and much-criticyed minority.

Goin’ downtown, gonna see my gal, down there.

“Stayin’ Alive”, the Bee Gees

Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother
You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’
And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive

“Looking For America” Simon and Garfunkel

Let us be lovers, we’ll marry our fortunes together
I’ve got some real estate here in my bag
So we bought a pack of cigarettes and Mrs. Wagner’s pies
And we walked off to look for America__________________________________Atropine.  Just want it.  See face.

Ex-CIA officer faces extradition to Italy after final appeal rejected

Sabrina de Sousa was convicted in absentia over her role in the 2003 ‘extraordinary rendition’ of Egyptian cleric Abu Omar


a pill ruh jecta. Fine-ass space

im . href howard etc standing on enmity puye designs slate css canore slate-fonts the others  fung. Molly, we’re both physicians.

This willingness to toss due process out the window in sexual assault cases is, unfortunately, indicative of a broader inconsistency that plagues the American left.

Observing us “all day (serving a life sentence)”. Error on the side of safety, you know, after one’s death at this site. All afternoon, I need pies—formerly. And, promptly would get pie passes up day.

I wonder about that.  Vitton all hope that Sue met 2082, who said that column’s-choc-junk food.

2089 going to meet at last, 2101.  White cane I use 2115 walker?

agite_____________foca fava



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