I Am Going to Set the Garage on Fire, and Watch from Across the Street

…who rips off

Theiss, could you see

mail, dark, darked her manners.

Did Cheal mock her beanies?  Remember that hair, we were never fine.  To that guy.

No don’t do it.  There are the fire…uh,

a house.  Lucky these are being the firehouse letters.  And them Foys little wind.

Summers tech (run ’em’ll) together, I’m not believing summers’ll stick.  Eat chabeedy, it’s ewch pancakes, with syrup.

I’m in a battle.  The minute I fit the rag, “climate science”, and get scientists, I go berzers.  The error, the glues to

compare with the error.  Did these, getting to the Gray Poupon (Ed Snowden), a man steps on this day of etc.  slun beak.  Rolling ever to paranoy’s, “Yeah (I am a b. now, but ‘glued’ means just now”.  Glued also normalizes, returnses (“compact”) /b lond).

Now, I have been taking this here and my work disappeared, Apple.  Computers the rest of days.

Welk, that’s not being specific; I’m just shining, and this computer itself takes commands faster than showing shows.  It never did.  Is th

is not all caps; it is not starred.  RH is red hairs.  To tackle this on Saturday on the internet, Arochlor’s will, 6:05.  They’re getting you.  BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.  Transit it, don’t forget, transit it.

Don’t forget, transit it, if I was the YOU.  It’s not one, and cheek it, ray ’em in a spectrl, as the pronoun semi-chopped’lls zeke.  An M was an N, personal.  A greedy pole, meaning “politik”, became on 6:10, I need (eg. rare ‘to’.  “I need you to”, is someone’s one frequence check (the who the), is best prepared.  I’m waast at home; inveterate.  I can see all the pronouns across.  The call E crossed platoon at upper, deal, Christ.  Kings) to close up parenthesis.  Bag.  6:10 was just even, touchdown Ord.  6:28, 6:13 off sex (19)98, 6.98.  Pulled it, that sample sampled me.  In spite of, due difficult, do NOT AND warious.

I have to pick the place, like some half-starved inkstained wretch. You fear *cuss*–me?  (Cuss)

contents cake.  You bump whore.  Addict to specifik_ lvl.

If I Googled it (in cameras)_________________________a) In tearful rain, b) Especially ionacy, c) If you’re even there.

English, stoopit.

I’d HYPERED edit, neutral beaming.  IT rattled, RATTLED.  It back to stand there’s ossifying capitalizations.  “If” |took it.  I am Ralph.  “If” had.  I am Rall, Rowel, Spur, or something stoner; wise.  You get it.  @Saalam Alakum, police.  (“This is Ralph”).  Ralph, don’t you walk, toad.  (Thinkin’s) are, and seein’ more-so.  (“I’m pumped”) chocolate face, let’s go.  Want to make it on the ass on steps.  Oh.  They’ve met at home.  Not in the mod.  Uh-huh.

Since even its verifiable actions are clandestine and shadowy, revealed not through admission but by whistleblowers such as Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Jeremy Hammond, its gaze can feel utterly infinite. To modify an old phrase, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not watching you—especially given that you now have proof. But if you never know precisely when they’re watching or exactly what they’re looking for, can you ever be paranoid enough?

If the dangled isn’t naxious enough, it’s deep-tabled that THEY AFTER you, Pinn.  This Kali Holloway of Alter Net.  Pretty much I 2qn axe you a question.  Wha’ question ho’, nah.  I’m buried.  Let’s uhm, is you Alien Riley?  In fear

My crime was misreading.  My Guns & Roses.  Jeez.  Rose is aware.  Awareses zee can, she can–of ushear it a-rattlin’, around in her brain.  She dropped the word she drops, everybody drowns it.  Being after you is not from a simultaneity draped operation called, Nineteen Eighty-Four, 1984 sometimes benches terror, but the crude, vulgar thugs who raised you are n youot literate.  They give you the main quote.  One hundred days and a show-up.  Let me out to freak on sampy this.  What I want to say.  I’m emotional.  The 1930s, to the 1970s, the planet’s biosphere was what?_______I need a resurrection Cayenne air Weather Channel’s.

Rates shall have adieu.

By 1970, the Earth Day, Commencement, the Vietnam Day Committee…forward.  I sure don’t think we forwarded it to you.  We weren’t some international bankroll.  You modified something, like crew who “chemist” “cut”.  Scientists are bread, not, “97% of FUCK YOU SCRIPPS of climate scientists AGREE”.  Groceries, I think.  Fuck you, pig.  Totally totaled-up scientists, ever?  100% of climate scientists march warfare-strictly to this band of Mr. T’s metal.  That’s too soon to Zeke; this 100%, gee willikers, why is 2 or 1 %, maybe, of scientists, you hold that thought.  You’re spellbound.

In a few months, as a hump of Trumpatures wash over your shoes, achin’ headache.  You will be fighting each other, and you’re fools, and I didn’t mouse, but, you’re young.  As any expert on temperature and what you should put under your bread.  Includinghurst.

See, the rushing around fool, had “hoax”, meaning real.  You have “paranoid”.  So, you are liberally accusing the rapists, or, conservative with your fortunes?

See, I don’t want to die.  Credit.  I want to kill you worse than snakes.  Who worked them snakes?  Chino.

In between the fence.

Is this the boss you are sneaking?  Butter your better par pears.  You truck seeking.

Commandify, deflare.  You don’t fashioned tiny footnotes just because, and zonal Becke-line of his Paki flaky skitten.  Un ball your fists, Kanye.  James Caan is a digital book.  Of all these times, powers to kill you, actually, is three more times, ended by the book.  A tree frog named Puuk, disappear so we can predict house land.

If–what is that hoop-da-doop-o,  Oh, don’t answer ifs.  Fifth, don’t play their fifth.  say, “fif–“.  Blarney.  They’d leprauchauns, sooo, that-there computer, to reject you, applies about three areas of complaint.  Growlers, moaners.  They may put excess yecch on it 7:17 (you can have these back.  Boris), for  a hundred years.  Play.

My spreadsheets I have to be shuffled in my text in Brown.  Thanks to DuPont, we now have half the Americans.  They didn’t attack ’em at the FACTORY.  It was the Wilderness.  And so, he is responsible.  Watch for that well-aimed front for a nasty shot.

If you get it, weather-balloon up.  Though mine ain’t apparent.  Paris embeds, as opposed to Pelli tower embeds, as opposed to parrot Jimmy Caan.  I’m gettin’ a dog hacking up something, and whining.  He’s getting ready to abandon it for the day, roping the alcove upstairs off with leashes.  I’m talkin’ thoroughly hated North (braves) of San Diego.  My Clairmont dentist proceed with the work before clearing any insurance, at all.  But, “The weather is always changing.”  Jealous.

San Diego is criminals.  Run by criminals.  Break it.  All this talk of DIARREA (terrible)

 misspells.  Who’s got.  Wars heat up the planet.  You’ve got a drug “war”.  My friend.  Though whorl in appearance, the triple of the hologram leaves one pathway.  It has no whiners, because, it believes in not whining.  Killing police is tract error, and December, is easy as going out and tracking a dog.  That’s why the killing of Tarentino wasn’t done in San Diego.  It’s done in wars of about what you

8 _______________white acre billowet

just can’t quite Google.______a 9ted_____________A Dono nefarious.

Now who is ready to clean the gook smell of shit off?  Curve, Earth, wide of rise.

Liddy ___________________________grab

proverbial _______energized _____take the warmest ______thing out _____bread _____don’t have any bread.


_______ And, if you want to turn off, do some more.  How to help me headed how long?   What did, “Oh, yes.  Quite happily;” have to do wiss jump out, run over ziss.  Quite happy, are you?  You’re bettin’ on what I see is an identical fingerprint, no well-substituted trigger is well(ed).  I need my issue in order to beat._________Tk 2______clamp air

You could be moved up earlier, like a chimp who’s brought once.  The inevitable unworthy target is just,

leader told me

tooled us

were I to aimin’ for San Diego just where I want you to be, I’d hit ocean.  The dedication frightens me, make way.  The receipt of media was a way to use compound devices.  If yous clear two seas-eparate-bana K.  [Wasn’t “(Wasn’t this)” pupil mine?]  Let’s clear all this–hunger.  He’s mentally once truth.  Prefab, I’m horny.  I usually do that.  I’m warming up to thisto, want to rush it, in “A”.  parkmet.

hom dumb

Our arsenals of tobax strange, apart bedfellows.  if you’ve got all the way deserved the time is 8:31.  No.  You mean rad shit.  Now, don’t get your bowels in an uproar, but it’s a mighty thin line.  We don’t care, her doesn’t care.  Good afternoon.  I figured they hired their techs.  Who are these balloons?  Ah, sinus.  A live esp guy, with a big nose, well.  You would prove it existed, then esp, you’d use it, becoming.

It’s true it is Bill.  That’s the only way they have it, in backs with the identity.  You very people cannot meet the wheats’

manifold.  Beglass, set.  Whatever kind of paintbrush.  I’ll be up there.  You don’t want more of those out.

Shmup-shmup fill I see it’s empty. ___II______measures I came out a-mite, of it

don’t have to pass out._____________rutting.

N O E M Kuh huh.

‘Vair, smokin’ _____keep the change, cherche   Movin’ ye ’em back.  Any ’em

I need you _____ trans cola _________ Uh huh, do __________   find out, 400 shaker scoop.  Is the heavy reality a most

compound yeah, not an image ware oespy.

You cops have no moves like Jagger.  You just kill me like Dorner.  Yeah.  My fault.  I’m just not like loving then.  They’re the ones upon whom anxiety has spoken.  Killing a whole huge city, or all their ships, is all of an implacability.  The raw recruits are taut, their faces pulled into the maw.  Want a trip like I do, master the one-day.  Total killing, Achilles.  Your rump, too.

A lump.  There is no relativity, quantum mechanics, or future land, enough for DNA computing.  A land for kicking me, and a height, is a match to esp, a broken matchstick.  A turtle was a submarine.  A tip-to’s heterodyne.

‘bedian__________________ lepma clock  L I E  T H E R E

a ballast_____clam claw______I spent

Gather for their amplify er

for the first tyke.

Can we have analyst?




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