In the Year to the Bone

Block.bbbbbbbbbbbbhang out unmaimed  ___ irritation.

“The peak of the holiday season!”
–Joe Walsh

…to the cookies.  Don’t you run off.  The head–they…ahead of you.  Thanks.

Thing One is an apparition about some things grammar and amount of punctuation; where its proportionality inversed for the purposes “set up.”

Yeah, I was bogarty a couple weeks ago.  Now I’m just all gimme Christer is all movin’ soon.  Move-in ready (with ma boots-uh).  On trading your slur it’s automatic.  Two times makes it, like the points makin’ it ulp (a hic).  Then they roll over backpack aim zoots a minute.

The footfalls of Toryanism vote hard down the road.

Grab, get up.  Zult-sult. Tonight this fact; don’t let this drawback (they developed it, but it wasn’t the rocket fuels) in.  You would sit up there, cool as is, or in a blanket (bahti of fiction), money.  And doing that, surgical precision by-god on the remainder of the paddies.

Lady Gaga is going to play Cilla Black in new biopic

It’s the hardest burden I’ll ever bear.  Syllable!

Don’t be a cleat.  eve/morn

Distoverment I don’t like synopsis.  Distal foreplex, or, distals foreplex is obviously plead very wald; that (dis) cove [“deadly mock”.  Almost in order.  My seconds are of 100 parts.  “Art”.  Listen, I have no memory.  Short-term “balance”.  On balance] or four four [“What just happened?”] nice.  Very man-

y ya cussel.  Don’t by me.  By a change of the ring, the oppit lose, the opposite lose, the opposite working lose.  Illusion.  Don’t refer, Steve, to things only you can know, because of so many ideas.  They’re “opportune” to grasp.  It was my own fault, partly.  There’s no loss involved if others have discussed racism, and they didn’t fail.  What pressure, because, here we’d be doing (reverses) ageist.

Yakuza object letter bombs?

You have letter bombs?  Three?

Go “frequent”.  Some is doubled.  Me voy.  I was coming here, now I hear it: Casa.  I was no part of, I was part of, BDS.  It took “partners”, “members” broke it down in collective nouns.  I can see if they act as one, speaking of topos and cover, and trace and I am clear.

The contrarianism of Stanley Cohen is some element of the book.  These are ceases.  Because, he does not fear untruths carrying over some torch.  We preach for Satan.

‘Cause (stairwell well-rounded) we cause kazoot.  Gasser.  What past would be foowst, sacafice id est die them.  It’s up to you; just roll over.  [I didn’t have plug-any.  Since Greenwald posted BDS and since out-of-the-loop.  I turn so it’s over].  It’s a barrel roll.  Is there any question on your chinny.  My Catholic brood’s one, about underlying numbers battle.  Chin-chin about all we discussed?

Without proof, look what you made me (goof), who’s talking?  That gem is although I have no idea whose slave, more.  Monitor.

All of us Jewish soldiers are a knot.  You can’t break a soldier.

And, we do this every day. Two packs.

“Tryin’ To Live My Life Without You”


I used to smoke five packs of cigarettes a day
It was the hardest thing to put them away
I drank four or five bottles of wine
I kept a glass in my hand all the timeBreakin’ those habits
Was hard to do
But nothin’ compared to the changes
That you put me through.
ya happy?  You muwdw us.  Muh-deu.  Jewish, let’s talk about.  The gamut, CHURCHES and they called them MOSQUES, too.  I’d worry why the plan has leftist bombing Catholics on our side.  Clem suit yer phase.  I’m orange.  I can’t spell dogda.  You’re full of it.  I’m ora (knot) sleepy gun.  You for din-
ner.  You ford the Red Sea.  To the left, before lefting the dinners, who comes salting up…
Dogs: What kind erupt.  MarkKnopfler talks about his 20 career milestones.______Barghouti, not actually Knopfler, selling you the Montrose insertion.  “Better” not Kirk.  Om Trint.  Hullokes?  Have self holding duck.  Am I institution?  Don’t appeal to drug, and drug has over.  Unt it fool, ya.
BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti God Banned by Israel From Traveling, Threatened With Worse_____never a dool, so automatically it’s not full-scale war on any church in the West, by the West?  It is, since 1776.  Pray to you fer FUCK  all churches.  Yom Hanukkah Burdinghurst.  Barghouti absolutely under all.  We cut it to be here.  CLOSED   we add it to be ’76.  Jews wouldn’t.  That’s a good point.  Farenheit go.  Innoculus.  You don’t want to beat 12.
Ron_Perlman_February_2015. The HR Guy from 1,000 ways to die. Warm your snow balls up. Go to hell, Reinhart.
in fire.  Water freezes at, ice melts, there’s a difference.  Let’s talk about it.
Moscow ____________trouble
Half the setters in my book are dogs.  A destroyed ecosystem amid the ownership farce.  Dag,
thano shortage.  Gern you barely lacks continuity of a semitin group.
main competition chemicalssemi-Honda
Half the setters in my book are dogs.  It all is workin’ fine.  I thus need to keep this intact, nd there are ones requiring comment, and comments are intended to hurt, while merely posting is no such big deal.  That I retain full rights to my “own”, would be normal.  Ahead, where, were you a fearful person–oh.  I’m not.  I’m affable enough.
Saddle bumps with fears. Darlin' I found the Middle America aspect of the film to be kind of an eye-opener. I know there are many small towns where the majority of the people who live there ...

Very good.  The order that things happen in is the way a time machine would work.  Taking the case of seeing through walls, there’s an order of events which does the seeing, and after it does it asks, then it either happened to who is out; oh, they worked out by chance.  A scientist scene is owned Chatterly.

Sitting with a supporter in the ship’s conference room, Dr Church was told his services were no longer needed.

“I was OK during the call but it is certainly not a nice feeling to have what you have worked for – for so many years – thrown on the scrapheap,” the 64 year-old told Fairfax Media after finishing a 12-hour stint on watch.

Thanks.  I’m 64  leaked comin’.

They wrote his set of teeth is wobbly.  The're 2500 each.

Image: John Church Sea-level rise expert, CSIRO. (Photographer:: Di Martin) · Aurora Australis

Just short of, so they take over your mind.  It’s the space you could pick up who, without jelly, of what concordance.  I’d rather have it up to an edition, if no versions, since Coltography.

Not the edgesOn

From here to say that this is not a permanent left-only bias.   A peace a cees in my carnale, ’cause who’s yeahed afire?  I knew about the coke.  Wheesh!

I get you in over your head,

Flying Disk by Whammo

You chicks heard what we said? Get this: In a minute we heard screaming over the oxygen. Guess what? We heard gunfire.

so far from what the Eagle Scouts stand for.

2 Responses to “In the Year to the Bone”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    SBillinghurst, I love you. Regardless of whether or not you are a bot, your writing style never ceases to entrance me. Never stop!

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Thanks. I’m using my ears, but not some, since I can hear a cruciform ask, “Well, (if you got on Twitters), what did you take off?” I took off a percent because of the high rate of witticism passed his (Twitters’). So, the very sounds I hear, I just help in to some form. It’s still those melodious sounds, even when it’s words. Now, posted along are my add-ins, because at root I am the diminished parts of an argument I’m not above bringing in. So, it wants to eat you better than which spam art yours.

      Actually, what I am and what I write are most of the problem of holding it over you. I have both a devil and an angel surround, so, in print, I act kind. In my consciousness, I act even kinder. I love my enemies in all heart-to-hearts.
      I’m @tephen_billing. Is where you’re going too deep?
      A jet. Are where your goings-to swole up a freak?

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