Red Bud Tree, Rancho Nacional

We’re going in strength.  It’s danerous.  it takes breeding what see today.  Starting’s too pit.

The principle of having them rinsed, then have to have looked if they are full.  Haven’t had a migraine.  Guy, Congress I’m muning cowboys.  Okay, of average, say fitting how men know, etc.

The FBI indictment detailing their misdeeds was a catalogue of espionage cliches: dead drops, brush-pasts, coded messages and plastic bags stuffed with crisp dollar bills. The footage of a plane carrying the 10 touching down at Vienna airport, to be swapped for four Russians who had been held in Russian prisons on charges of spying for the west, brought back memories of the cold war. The media had a field day with the Bond-girl looks of 28-year-old Anna Chapman, one of two Russians arrested not to have pretended to be of western origin; she worked as an international estate agent in Manhattan. Russia didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or emboldened: its agents had been busted, but what other country would think of mounting such a complex, slow-drip espionage operation in the first place?

I think the deal is friendsy wet.  The mater curfew in Manhasset is rinsed above the bar, by the Dingle, opportune.   Ship?   Didnget Orient Express, da.  Loaded, da (another one.)  Weldal never wrong.  Get on.  The legend “er”, da.

They came from the Jewish shetls and pogroms of Europe, from the off-beat world of art and theater, from the pews of Catholic churches, from anarchist and communist meeting halls, from refugee camps of stateless gypsies and from the beds shared by women and men who found comfort and intimacy of their own choosing. In country after country, city after city the largely passive, but still hopeful, surrendered their homes and liberty; although at times many fought, it was not for freedom but, it is said, better seats in the box cars that were to become very much a one way ride. In death camps that dotted the European landscape like yester-years rest stops, millions were slaughtered as little more than convenient excuses for broken political promises, failed social policies and economic downturns. How often today have you heard the phrase “them” or “those people? ” Some things just don’t change.

The Guardian, and Stanley Cohen’s blog.

Am I the burn the woments?

Not in danger.  Being cheated.  It’s dues or spies.  It’s getting railroaded, as soon as they rapproachment, you they reproach, and, I understand.  Stand up.  I reproach scads.  Omm, Army B.  Woah there, bigger S (I’m cheating.  Spize).  Oaf white jop of it. Corders.  Daddy Zeke.  Corn’

s up. O. P. chart.  Do that fire, dude.  You marry you from the top chocolate what bain, or…what where do we go now.  Get what I could be due in straight now.  You be the shine gals.

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