Central 6-Degree San Diego? Not For Nothing, Calomine

The insurgent union members contend they are trying to protect not just their middle-class jobs, but also trust funds that pay for their training, healthcare and pensions. Local 12 represents heavy-equipment operators who work in construction; Local 501 includes “stationary” engineers who tend to air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems in buildings. Members can earn more than $40 an hour.

“I could just retire, but I have gotten a lot from the union, and I want to give something back,” said Patrick Adams, 61, a high-rise engineer and plaintiff in the lawsuit against Local 501. “These jobs can and should go on forever, but they won’t if the union is corrupt.”


How was this case won? Well certainly it helps to have science on your side. Without that, even the most expensive expert witnesses struggle. But Peabody’s scientists made errors that were easy to identify and point out to the Judge. Furthermore, the Judge was smart, quickly able to see through nonsense non-science.


For those of you that read the report, you’ll notice that the Peabody side made claims about the natural variability of Earth’s climate, about Earth temperature changes, and about extreme weather events. The environmental group’s side rebutted these viewpoints (see pages 15-19).

We also showed that the experts for Peabody relied extensively on non-peer-reviewed reports, blog sites, and think tanks to support their conclusions (paragraph 359 in the report). The peer-reviewed scientific literature is the best source for accurate climate science information. In other areas, the Peabody experts used scientific papers that we showed were incorrect (paragraph 360 in the report, for example).

2/27/2014.  How close now?  26 months ago.

Former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis readily admits it: She’s a union woman. But her affinity with organized labor is more than just a matter of shared views. On February 10, the Cerritos, Calif.-based Hews Media Group revealed that Solis, now campaigning for a seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, had accepted thousands of dollars worth of free private jet travel more than five years ago, while still serving in Congress, from International Union of Operating Engineers Local 12, but without disclosing these trips, as required by federal law. This finding is cited as a material fact in a federal civil racketeering suit filed in January by four members of the Pasadena-based local against some two dozen people.  While Solis is not listed as a defendant, the details suggest her tenure as labor secretary during President Obama’s first term was seriously ethically challenged.

“…(another case)


Where, as here, in a closely balanced criminal case, misconduct is repeated and persisted in, . . . and is so pronounced and pernicious that it is not in human nature to forget or disregard its prejudicial effect, then . . . the only remedy remaining is to be found in a reversal of the judgment.

San Diego PD stole (a).  Loots.  Peabody took that money.  You’re internet snake bit!  Y’know, deluded?

Peabodies hunker.  With a little–not so good–Doctor Phil help.  Smelling.  I mean, when you’d barter rates, tax fraud is just around the corner.  You are all useless half the year.  Shoot for a year with quarters.  Rekt that’d suck it all.

Don’t murder me (or my child, male, 11).  Charged with  the crime of slander against the police, I’d sho’ be fucking them, and, I’m fuckin’ ’em now.

The shit bragged his people hadn’t been killed.

Don’t murder me.  Did I just ruin this computer?  I banged on it.  Gave the notes.  The confusion is from the ESP, and, wild cards.  I mean, you do it your way.

I’d be a perverted killer, so don’t come back.

We’re not going to converted.

The detectives accept this.

Well, let’s all-clear.  2,000 words, two posts, gotta pick Nicholas up.  People disabled me.  No, her.  Oh, fuck no.  A Columbiana, and that’s her fault.  Sufferring’s always somebody’s fall.

Aw.  These are just “books”.  They can’t do anything.  What?  A cool, good thing, a …fine troops.  A trailor full of dead natures Eu Claire, your letter of the fifteenth etc. Ah-so the most…

ESP, what it oes, x, ix, cue it up.  Oh, you were filling, filling, what you said.  Was I supposed to save the Isles by collateral, or, was it holding aisles in His hands?

You can always tell, where in hell a guy’s been writin’, ner chopped-up, you may tell, a rule of thumb is the unlikeliness a frag will mimic and be (calling) Webster (for the right spelling).

Dabble in it.  Like I say, other than that, you’re just high, Putin.  We are never going to nuke you.  We don’t want to.

I’m doggy.

Toy piano they don’t confute.  Still says what it said.  These forties does…send me fwo the.

Ummagumma, are these right?  These, are they related…(?).  Violins.  All right.  Right.  Mexicum.

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