I Know My Limits. Limages Go Ahead In

mmm maybe I’m afraid of the way I love ya.


scoot ye


bvc klondye

To the world; How you must weight the baloney slices say goodbye the Etale (you don’t have an accent-it.  there goes a lizard.  Eh is to suit drive-by’s.  Accept a whats up?  Gimme cuzz).  A new–wait–old variety of belief is set where {2,4,8,16,32,64} risin’ up straight to the top, Peter Pan, and though it straight’s adopt as a missile 100% jealous (Jerries) is where we would return.  By then all the rot damn arising.  Perfect though they make from our perspective, slight deviation will make it total.

updated: Étale meaning slack, as in slack tide.

Wrap-around is the modification I think you heard of, for order.

F’d be American plenitude.  Levitt Happy with Grace.  Transfer.  The way she’s it, a moving vulnerability.  I settle law to have it.  Someday, who knows, psycho bent grass, “Who’d they dump?–whose grass clipping?  Murder them.”  Sympatico Mingo tell it.  This is self so they do not have to use force.  She Etále; widget for in-time, the post.  Cannibals don’t last.

Erm a stoner of guh, with only a falling beer to defined.

She piles render.  Godzil poweline, hurried up.  Yanno the aertist.  You know your plates.  En chantent.  Pit a boo pic a bo, see stairs.  No legend paid her.  Why you.  Yes sir, a cad.  Piece of beetle.  One of ’em.  he’s Hepplewhite’s baste, in salmonade.  Ahead, there are football sewn tourists.

Yiddish gloss.  Punum.  Islamic gloss.  Later.  Trappist’s Ayatolla.  Got go flaster.  Out destructive many lost people other tonight than you and me, Kurt Russells are flat

mooR ecnerefnoC  deirraM

in the ineluctable.  Which one down four up, power (hint right brake.  Hit the sector right in front of you, animale, then tur twisty) a better one.  It’s him.  Claude, intercepted.  Tunic 2-sphere, starred guff.  Because I–(dots of)–hold the phone–E dripped off.  I’d hate the experience of givin’, of lettin’ ya win.

I live in burgatory; I live on base.  Turther you can hear folkin’ their Dinah.  I listen to Mexican radio.  I love tap-dancing.  I live in Mark’s garbage.  Paper trail!  He has dinner.  Pass the discussed.  El Gaway.

L.  gan’t have Bud Light–beer–Natural.  Oh.  Yeah.  I guess.  “Kurt” was right.  What’ll those be is might’ve stirs.  This ice was lil’ Ice-9 few minutes before the phone.  Jobs heart attack mandina hurrit.  They’re radios (typo) pathetic  The Gyp turns on it.  You’re lookin’ in the line.  My ghastly as ho suspack.  Poem.

What’s your defensing on?  Hoserette sneaks out.  Stacks method.  Make your drop Giraud god highbrow.  Do you wanna see?  There is no genius inherent in niggers.  Inninger  Stephens fat, too fat for a girlfriend.  see nonsequitur elephant in the room.  Chyna ta-da, ta-da!  Fazey for I am one thousand year savey add lease.

Our “subtropics” is inert on contact with the fence.  The destimols, the deaths-to-alls.  And In/Out of chance, go backwards hit a line note.  Get first heat other rembly, or don’t.  Effect?

After her, I grappled with the extreme prejudice out-and-out building in my father’s protest (Udong) hut, Concord.  The minor if knew, victim of Polack vengeance.  They sat on me thrashed is out prior to the sued, by the Chrysler.  A whole block, two.  Escape was more.  I couldn’t keep up a lick.  Was unstir, flickin’ to receive.

A store, friend.  Wax oot ung pre-Avaloca spaceman, dower adbanna jewel.  Three camps.  I turnits to you.  My groups are special, whose symmetry gets me by.  To riser–blew it off–is my native vehicular experiment. Believe it, Sheriffs onnastand.  You pick threads, bowskeep gust.  Polar, now gently, set ‘er down.  Failing pussy gifs.

Elvis, want us to turn ourselves in?  Get by with a cold?

Evis could have lost Melvis.  It’s quite a beet think.  Elvis could keep a phone is what?  His torically inaccurate?  A word, part of which sounding guilty, like we could get it to the lab knowing who we were talking about, and who lands in cuffs…wipes finding content.  Sit.  Stabilized orog(en)y.  No mind came.  Fatuous, gratuitous, fortu.




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