Tunic, I Don’t Want to Stick, But, I Am

You should get Ludacris to test you right, to scavvy vees do your A.I., those panther zones.  *marries* .  Wake up, C.B.S.  Don’t call my source a rat.

Scar’s a canopener; opens cars.  Ungowan.  Oliver fed for me.


If you want one at home

want hetya…”Let you know to pick up Nicholas.  What are you doing?”  “I’m on Shulas.  See you next week?”  “Doing what?”  “(Sheesh, it was typing)…Typing.”  ” I’m here in Chula Vista, going on to the dentist.  Bye!”


earth drowsal

import Earth from Transylvania

Couple humps of mice.  Debbie-dee ersatz, the strangest ability–I can’t see it–I check…Get.  It’s comin’.  It’s Frant.  It’s for you.  W–feet (on that baco), down-done it; you hit the wheelbarrow,

Kept one comin’, eye to the music, a luck o’ the luck yer around.  Certain spots, devil (free).  Sad is way my good luck a personal waiver.  Lose your appetite ( Goon is stingy)?  Goon is tree wrappers.

for fear?  Navvle, so boats.  Navvalsone.  Predicure.  Naval (shit Paris owns).  Git.gritty.hate.  It won’t fraud with reason your every-time design to commit.  Way handled with a brief effort, sweat-beady.  I’d lock myself up where Peltier’s cowpus jelp no charges.

We outre him; we’re out, bent.  This planic arter expoo.  Spelunker is result.

To identify the FBI as typing flu with, is dick.  It is coup-like, the vitals of the Organization, with times stepped-oh (dope); (“on” here with) who you must be is Claude.  Yes-it, boy.  R medicine grupa.

Deten*chun* of you, could cut w/ a knife today.  How is whack off, roll it down the street?  Erin deez, erin dix…they only spootled that bec. of what is (I) dalamos said; to him-cigarette-sadly, we met-boats-at his appearance.  Hovers zee-zah.

soo kul

MNJ philossom vares profilic.  Take her what she can ask for.  Odd, it’s your mom’s behind in her Souix (docket, Lerner the read).  Her drive, activity.  Almost tipped her fume fates say tons, tobacco.  Step(h) nice.  Know I’m in back for Caster, pretty lady.  Vacuum ports, I’ll treadle those Macaroons in  English.   Cut the carpet behind lunch. Wull chorge it.  Charti get.  When–reason I set ’em all, I dukes.  The wonder of it all dukes    dukes dukes.  [1. The clip].  I do it off sterol.  All skatole messin’ mainy, shoot.  It’s in a shirete.  Helscome.  Hate for papers.  In Clemente, had drowning.

Yer cloyed; you’re ach!–answer.  Europe cloying pendulum (structure us), news stamp, obstreperous.  And goes on there in their duty (Scoff’s) again due to (Scozz) metal.  Want to go?  Does, “he”?  Is out too soon, wow.  I’m not wood.  Friend, fear it a) for it clit’ll, b) soft if fed, c) an’ clear raffle.  And clear riffle; and doggy suit.

So seam’s to directrix base beams, “d” analog.  Part the speath.

Sci-Hub is an online repository of over 48,000,000 scientific academic papers and articles,[1] available through its website. New papers are uploaded daily after accessing them through .edu proxies.[2][3]

reckon-mark it seemly blond, “let it fade”, snitch it, these guys’ memories; I hate to fight it, the flak.  Guy’s better with heat.

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