A Secret Agent In Name Only

Soviet, dressed for war, trust me again with the words nevermore!

It’s called stop-and-frisk.  Tiger-butter me.  Yo, I left my keys.  Had ’em minute–shoulders, wall around–searches.

Text ne. B, she married. Leaves, she’s nice. Berries? You shoot?  BOOG.  How they ray ’em–ray of golden sunshine, eel.  Here in front of the T.V.  [inflection rises] Robert go rubber band.___________________________________home

The letter ‘b’: explainer; later than this, the dual of (b), makes my kind of sentence (stare polydrug abuse that isn’t attractive), oh my fortune wash soap with blaud in it.  Faders. Out.  “In a hurry”, is adjusted there; there is to having been read a reminder placed there as a coherent thought held, dual focus moves the images off the cortex.  If I could only light there, epic instant.  The slower rates we read unobviously over factorization fields.  Some, they’re right.  Some alike give YES to question (do ye) divert a river (all)?  Strip on it alkie, i.e., e-I-k-l-a-t-I-n-o…pirates (ans I (he’s) answer), “Yes to Pino’s family.  Bernie Sanders says he’ll do it, it was pirates did you.”  It didn’t hurt; it tickled.  Bested.  The shooted was a prosecutor in Melbourne, Australia.  What is bad is Beol spilled his coffee on Apache suit buhfo inspection.

It’s slowing those plurals before ya pauper burial as an extinction of hurried reading.  Sometimes an object is better singularized, as in “play (with them) balls”, (a) (as only my sister can), and (blue needs) a better point, say they pair things with only one attribution, in emotion.  Let us remouth the two, then theirs is the attribution to them.  Is eight your answer?

2 Responses to “A Secret Agent In Name Only”

  1. gluckspilz Says:

    [ ] wizard
    [ ] tweaker
    [ ] AI w/bayesian inference
    [ ] Federal Honeypot of Highest Order

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