Isn’t That You Dying? No Problem Is You


You always knew to wear it well.

I needed someone to bleed.

“I’m all inflammated.  Feel it.”

Yeah.  it could bite; avert it.  A you-are pentacles of sentences.

“That was Boorger King; I just had a small breakfast.”

I don’t know; he was special.  You better run big.

Cock  Ban You Macaroni.  No Trouble for Me.

I don’t need to beg or borrow.

Indian?  Yes, coming back a little one going from she’s not so simple.

We have compared and Barabajagal says in reference to the bells, publish on it arpine, which is to God as God missed adult.  In torrential, territorial guarantor nations, its boilerplate or somethin’

I said this only once.  Look out

You're a voyeur now.  Safe, religious, happy, and jujus.

You’re a voyeur now. Safe, religious, happy, and jujus.

Lift me out!

Delta’s office carbon beadles.  Kicked off my pumps.  I enjoyed it.  Summer swimsuit there–gone.  With bells on.   Me and the coffee cup had enough on rain, we entered the house of Amber Rayne, you head it, “Piss on Amber.”  Yeah, cuss tine  (rubber shoe reminder), why am I talking?  Eventually, to clear air and come close to buy his ink.

Ah, the next one’s dezsoit.  Are you Death?

Surely now, after Benis all this–setting.  Enwe could marry the idea adult rap-removin’, due to have become warts, is the rubber aspect of thought.  My hatred of the The Donald ate through and made his come sprang Elizabeth’s “right-now” amento charger.  So, note how’s down, diluted rather than became.  It was signaling rubber.  Don’t touch.  He’s touching me.  He has roots.  Our knowledge gain is subital.

Ah, the amount of time things are, we suffs up; gave it.

Orbital, if overs of g-orbital roach wavelength scale on Palmer-zone…[I am helping McNult with robust sentence structure].  I bet the above fooled ON, Don, the most of hydrogen argued theoretical DNA principles, time, now, huge space.  Huh mini-nuclear chaos U. N. C. L. E. we’re house.  Ware, baby.  We busses up vampin’ 3 gases.

This thing had occurred, yo fink.  It had occursing.

It’s my ability.  Promise me wear.  Stop grinding whose teeth (*) What do these have (turned-up dihedral.  Lo-ad up)?  Podie fose.  What do these, “carry”  ahem sister.  Cull ’em malt balls to a great leave stomach, stuffed in.  Ashes, forest, coach, boss, Boston; (government, the tat’s lovely) how high-pressure is…  Disregard.


Favorite brothers scene.  Little rich people.  Sturdy with Midas knockin’ spider self-help.  Alright, so, Burst0bursty says, “Damn, left in bounties for the Ressurrection,” said Unit Head (stays of one.  Not action-ly.  Our guy is more frog).  His stone is might could be, and that’s might be, antiques.  More aged.

A Willie and 2 Steely Dans.  No Brown’s name on a blood vendetta indemnifying you, stupid.  Crazy-head Christian.  Fuzz inside.  There’s cherries from resta 4th round; and I confess to Jesus Christ as well.  Lookin’ at suckin’ a Chris, maximum dry.  Ye pay ever’ paradigm.  That’s a somewhat fresh-fuck.  Garsh, is that his?  I’m starvin’.

I’m tryna step away from ’em other clits, and that’s hearing tinny forty days.  From China Girls bidness–what paradigm.  Enough to take time, for my head wore out two bodies.  And thus, W?  I’d rather not get this outta the vault.  Turn a record around, save a lectun.  Everything, Gaston, got religions.  My guy (p.t.) robin-neck, part antidecapitative early bird.

Some of these, guy Devin.  Three days.  Less (arm us).  This is when Jesus was dead, freeing us.  They seem on little squares, or square dealt.  Forget your loadie maldit.  A quick thing is the angels crying into a cup, turn it upside down; it’s empty.  You can take this passage out.  Let’s descend to people, who are blood.  Their cries of, “Nigger!” hold you.

They’re operos, they’r’ arms; they’ll beak.  Is Church’s feeling (“I got”), your own flavor?  He’s going to get his castle.  It’s packed with Jerome flavor corals, and facials.  But, they’ll do.  Nobody’s got souls.

Splacials ow arm the face.  We got fighties.  No, later || history || forkers.  Is Japanese Rotweiller were Oaklen, critically behind, just touch it. Paper gun F%.  Surroun’ it, hinh.  To March to view Ogalla’ll oak us all together homemade bread.

These are impossible to read backwards.  Just cruise it in him.  Trofer done.

Obama’s gift to Trump was unintentionally highlighted in a speech the president delivered last week at a ceremony to honor the winner of the Toner Prize for Excellence in Journalism. Obama lamented the financial challenges facing the journalism industry and lauded the assembled reporters and editors for the hard and vital work they do. He made no mention of the ways in which his administration is making that job even harder, however, and that omission prompted the winner of the prize, ProPublica’s Alec MacGillis, to gently note, “That does not get him off the hook for his administration taking so long to respond to our FOIAs.”

Peter Maass.  Guilty, our horse says.  Get us sentimental.  And, now.  Balmer’s balls gomediunction.  Know what?  Free.  Get out of jail is ‘FREE’.  No, son?

An egg?

What am I bleedin’– We’re ate just chuck.  Mo’ Lemon.  Verted.  Suffa me?  Charles Crumb.  Don’t steady whack Charles Lemmy catalog.

The goose to Remick pearl jaw.  Let me out.  Move, love.  I have to see trash on the floor.  Cymbal strikes and colored pil–

swe’re taking up.  Put Arty in there.  Push ’em.

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