No Police Involved In Something Like This

Friend of nothin’, but full of pride.

“The Devil Inside”.  Not talking about the bulk.

I’m bound to make complete sentences.  I should also change what effect the time put it has had annals, at least by the end.  Kroostin, that is to let this go in its, say peristalsis.  One is quitting; next readings will be due Friday, when I am, which is good thinking.  I need three jokes to be left, and count (I need you to), not with a pen and pencil; I wantcha just frightened, am I a ring on your phone, or eyes to the floor, I sulk?  Can you bear me?  I steal powers to whut–fly airplanes into the buildings, eh?  Can you beat them, because they made a gem.

Digby has a souped-up it, heh.  Rosie’s in; a point.  That 8-a-day.  Rosie is an appoint–took a piss–land clear. No, it’s us.  Rose ain’t afraid of high-def.  Truly ridiculous, is I know this riveting of aluminum job.  I have been to where?  Aerochem on Batavia, exsoome the buck is missing, and the hole breaks the drill easily.  Utterly by plan, the masking and the stripping do dullers to your polish.  The sparking, honking.  Yeah, I could match you for these laser pencils.  Tongue Henry his place-hole; his space heater, niggum.  Mine cuppy, Ham be friend, ye Marriette.

Legendary art on the R. Crumb, champs alloises.  On the Jan. 15, 2015 Hebdo Paris cartoons massacre.

No other journalists have called you? Really?

No, you’re the only one. You don’t have journalists over there anymore, what they have is public relations people. That’s what they have over in America now. Two-hundred and fifty thousand people in public relations. And a dwindling number of actual reporters and journalists.

the time is and is-was had registered.  It could be yours.  It is missing in the future.  It's forever.

How’d it go through? It could be yours. It is missing in the future. It’s forever.

And Brunei and deny in there  jacket Jeb, ebecause I will look behind your ass, and wear it. The next thing I do is what is read is anti-toxin from Glenn Greenwald, who left others there at the street and, remind me.

That’s by design. It’s because U.S. media outlets love to dramatize and endlessly highlight Western victims of violence, while rendering almost completely invisible the victims of their own side’s violence.

And where could raft of siccum moves out the previous treacherous generation?  We’re ready.  I WAS A DISSENTER WHO WAS ATTACKED at 18-19, at 35-6, and at 61, and am threee, and am  The Worst.  You want to marry my HAT.  You did full Z, the whole raft.  You scrubbed, ya yella!  Finish me!

Insert valid link.  Eat six betters, Crumb!  All you can do is kill ’em.  Hoard a key.  Yeah, you can’t sue ’em there.  Your bowin’ dere.  This link shows how Red October shoals rievers’ airs. Police stations well-mortared would be an old puff of smoke, looking good from my house, which figured in  police one-shot stop.  You dinner.  Hide in your Mexican-American dimple.  Voice.  Polish Army my helmet.  Fellows, are you white? Chop is it 2 billion explorers became 7 billion in my lifetime.   Find out I don’t need ’em.  Crease yours!  Now ya art.





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